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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  March 22, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks nor joining us on this sunday march 22nd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen >> hi carolyn, good morning. hi everyone. starting in the north bay with live doppler 7hd. we saw almost a tenth of an inch of rain earlier this morning around santa rosa. right now some returns up toward cloverdale. you may notice the cloud cover. in san jose it's 57 degrees. temperatures have been flat all around the bay, meaning just within a few degrees of each other. it's a warmer start with the cloud cover. we still have moisture in the atmosphere and a front is on the way. it will sweep through the area later on tonight. this is some of the moisture throughout the morning hours. could see a spotty shower.
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we will see partly sunny conditions with cooler temperatures around the bay today. plenty of 60s. i'll line them up and talk about where the rain will fall tonight coming up. carolyn. >> lisa thank you. >> break news in santa clara where an armed robbery suspect was shot and killed by police officers. it happened 2:00 this morning on scott boulevard. two pulled into a parking lot when they witnessed the robbery in progress. they said the person fired a shot at the clerk and stepped outside. the man refused their commands and fearing for their lives the officers shot him. a loaded firearm and money was found next to the man. >> and vallejo officers are investigating a deadly shooting at a shopping center. it happened at the vallejo corners shopping center last night. according to police, an officer
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responded to a call about a man throwing beer bottles and carrying a large hunting knife. an officer found the suspect noticed a firearm in his waistband. police say he refuse today drop the knife and advanced on the officer. here is audio of the radio calls leading up to that shooting. >> he has a knife. looks like he has a gun in his waistband. >> a gun in his waistband? >> two shots fired. shots fired! i'm okay. suspect is down. >> shots fired at sleep train. starting medical. >> the man died at the hospital. the gun turned out to be a replica firearm. in richmond police shot a suspect following a traffic stop and chase. it happened at 25th street and roosevelt avenue shortly after 7:00 last night. police say the driver refused to stop for the officer, driving off and then ditching the car and running. the officer noticed he was armed and the two exchanged gunfire.
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the suspect was taken into custody and injuries are not life-threatening. the officer was not hit. >> developing news in the east bay. concord police are investigating after at least three people were stabbed at a nightclub. police say they were called just before 2:00 this morning to the los tores nightclub on meadow lane. all three are listed in stable condition. investigators are still trying to piece together how a murder victim and suspect knew each other and what led to a gruesome killing. sonoma police have arrested 40-year-old christopher mcnatt. they believe he killed ronald sauvageau, stuffed his body into a plastic barrel and left the barrel on the steps of sonoma city hall friday night. abc7 news talked to a woman who said she used to date the suspected killer. >> i'm just shocked. there's no reason for this.
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this is not a violent person. i mean, i'm just trying to catch my breath. really, it seems so surreal right now. >> the investigation led authorities to the acacia grove mobile home park on highway 12 in sonoma valley. deputies have determined sauvageau was killed in one of the mobile homes. mcnatt is being held in county jail without bail. he's expected to make his first court appearance on tuesday. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire in oakland that killed two people and left dozens homeless. it began at an apartment on 24th street just before 3:00 a.m. yesterday. quickly spreading to an adjoin building with 35 units. firefighters said everybody was able to get out except for the two men who died in the unit where the fire started. they believe the victims were local artists.
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no one else was hurt. this morning arch rock trail and the port ray national seashore remains closed after a hiker died and another was seriously hurt, falling off a cliff yesterday. the helicopter airlifted the survivor to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. there are danger signs in the area and witnesses say the hikers were warned. >> we heard something collapse. and we saw it was really dusty and stuff. and two women said be careful, there's rocks falling from the arch. we didn't think much about it at the time. >> this isn't the first time someone has fallen at arch rock. last month a man from gilroy plunged 60 feet on to the rocks. chp officers rescued him and he survived, but has major injuries. a reminder from the san francisco fire department for people walking along the
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cliffs at fort funstun. heed the warning signs. this, after rescuing two 22-year-old hikers and their puppy who got stuck around 6:00 last night in the lakeshore neighborhood. >> you come out to the beach areas, heed the signs to property, don't go on cliffs watch your footing and keep your dog on a leash. firefighters said the woman had a few scrapes but neither hiker suffered serious injuries. >> defendants in the gender bias case rocking the silicon valley. they ruled she could seek punitive damages against her former venture capital firm. she's suing the firm for $16 million. punitive damages could significantly add to an award. she's claiming gender discrimination for failed promotions and retaliation after having an affair with a senior colleague. kliner-perkins denies wrongdoing sag she did not work well with colleagues.
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closing arguments in the jury trial are set for tuesday. >> and an unlikely partnership is helping make san francisco streets a little safer this morning. san francisco cannabis clubs donated money for a city-sponsored gun buyback event. police officers collected nearly 100 guns at the community center in the western addition yesterday. from handguns to large assault rifles, no questions asked. people who gave up guns got up to $200. community leaders say the goal is to cut down on gun violence in the city. >> one less gun on the street, one less gun in the home is one potential life saved. that's the message we are trying to get across today. >> if you missed yesterday's event, but you have a gun that you want to get out of your home, you can bring it to your local police station anytime. >> san francisco is the site this morning for the beginning of a road trip for a driver less car. starting at the golden gate
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bridge the self-driving audie will maneuver itself all the way to new york city. that's scary for some and consulting edge technology for others. we have the details. >> a futuristic movies self driving cars are everywhere! now autos on autopilot are revved up and getting ready for our driveways. this looks like any normal car. >> pretty much is. >> engineers and cutting edge scientists from delphi motors checking out a fleet of audie s.u.v.s with cameras, lasers and radar. nearly $53,000 luxury car will drive itself. and this morning it's taking off on a history-making cross-country trip from
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san francisco to new york, covering 3500 miles in about ten days. while there will be an operator in the driver's seat at all times in case of trouble the delphi technology will do the driving, navigating highways, twists and turns and even traffic, all with no human hands on the wheel. >> if someone comes into your lane really fast, can the lasers pick it up? >> much faster than a human really. >> really? >> absolutely. >> we took a car on a test drive. >> here we are about a merge. and it's okay? >> it's turns were textbook perfect and so was the rest of our 8-mile 36-minute drive through mountain view, california. the car stopped at lights and changed lanes. the only time the operator had to take over the wheel was when road trucks forced us to merge into the next lane. >> pretty amazing. >> the car is set up to drive very conservatively and that's to make us all feel safe.
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>> this was a lot of fun. >> another cool feature? this car can actually valet itself. it will drive right up and pick you up. abc news, mountain view, california. >> well, the future is now. our present day is one without much rain. >> you are absolutely right. a lot of clouds. we are waking up to a mild start. here's the exploratorium. 60 at the airport, 45 minute delays here. upper 60s here. you see sunshine. a partly sunny afternoon and a few showers on the horizon with a weak front headed our way. i'll detail it out coming up. >> new details about the arsenal of weapons a machete-wielding suspect was carrying at the new orleans airport. and a bay area family is asking for your help in an effort to save a loved one's
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>> welcome back everyone. it is 9:14 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up and watching the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from our mt. tam cam showing you the clouds. you see the wind blowing those clouds around. but that type of weather is going to give way to a major warmup midweek. lisa has all the details coming up in a few.
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>> new details are emerging about the machete attack at the new orleans airport. we learned the suspect who was shot and has now died was also carrying a deadly arsenal of explosives, including smoke bombs and chemical tanks. abc news reporter candace gibson has the latest. >> this morning new disturbing details about the arsenal the man was carrying as he attacked the airport. >> sometimes the saying you rather be lucky than good and i think we were both last night. >> it was caught on cameraly passengers. he stormed the security checkpoint, we'll ago machete and a can of toxic spray friday night. >> he sprayed her in the face, she went down and went to the next officers and pulled out the machete and started swinging it at people. >> investigators revealing moments before the ram paneling why he dropped the bag lowed with molotov cocktails.
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six glass jars filled with gas lean and in his car abandoned on the terminal's upper ramp explosive chemical tanks and smoke bombs were recovered. >> he had a barbecue lighter in the bag, and there was some crushed proudry material found near his body with green fuses or wicks. >> while six tsa officers and bystanders were injured the only casualty is white himself from injuries sustained when sheriff's deputies opened fire stopping his blade just inches before it connected with tsa agent carroll rochelle. >> i really thought he hit me with the machete, he was that lacrosse. >> she was running and clearing and telling people to leave the checkpoint. and an officer firing striking three times and one ball let piercing the agent. >> the bullet went through here and here. i was fortunate it went through the tricep but didn't hit
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tendons. i'm fine. >> law enforcement said whiteside had mental health issues. while everything worked out for the best for the most part, they continue to review their security procedures. abc news, new orleans. >> a bay area community is coming together to try to save a san francisco man's life. 47-year-old chris carpenter has stage four t-cell cancer. chemotherapy has caused his health to decline. doctors told them chris needs a bone marrow transplant within a year to be in full remission. the problem is finding a matching donor. >> african americans are not donating. so it's a little hard for me to find a match. the bone marrow will be the only thing that will save my life keep me around. >> chris' twin brother, carl
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was not a match. his family said insurance only covers siblings, so they hosted this fundraising dinner last night to help pay for more potential donors to get tested. >> oakland's big running festival is underway. the marathon is taking runners from downtown to the oakland hills. it started at 7:30 at snow park on the west side of lake merritt. there is a half-marathon 5k run and the kids fun run. you can expect road and street closers all morning. bands and djs will be along the racecourse, as wcecourse, as well as 12 cheer stations. nearly 10,000 people from more than 30 states and 8 foreign countries will be running today. the lack of snow is forcing another sierra ski resort to shut down earlier than usual. sugar bowl said it will close for the season after today due to the ultra-dry conditions this winter. this is how it is supposed to look like in snowy times from the resort just off interstate 80. sugar bowl becomes the second resort to shut down in the past week. sierra at tahoe suspended operations temporarily last
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monday. if it doesn't reopen this year it will be the earliest seasonal closing since the 1970s. lisa no real surprise there. >> no, not at all. we could see a quick inch or so at the crest and some rain by late tonight in the mountains. live doppler 7hd we had a little bit of rain up through santa rosa petaluma earlier and along the coast. even oakland got a brief little shower. we still are looking at spotty showers throughout the afternoon. but more likely some of you my see more organized rain tonight. mainly north of the golden gate. it's going to be very, very light, if you see anything at all, and you may just miss it. here's emeryville with hazy conditions. partly sunny with numbers mild. 65 on the coast with 4-mile visibility. 57 at the san carlos airport. san francisco reporting 58, as well as oakland this morning. we will look for clouds throughout much of the north bay. this is mt. tam. we have the mist the drizzle, the fog, the on shore push
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keeping temperatures into the 60s today. pretty mild toward concord and livermore with 61 in concord. fairfield at 61. and the golden gate bridge featuring more clouds with that onshore flow, keeping the coast in the upper 50s today. coastal fog, spotty showers for a few. more than likely you will notice just the cloud cover the unsettled pattern through tonight and tomorrow, meaning you might wake up to a wet car, some wet pavement and then march warmth heads our way with 80s in the forecast. an offshore flow by wednesday thursday. and even friday we could see some mid-80s in san jose. so cooler the next couple of days. a couple weak disturbances push on through. one has already done that. a little break throughout the afternoon. then here comes the next one. now rainfall amounts are measurable but on the light side. as we go through 11:00 notice the atmosphere is still pretty moist. doesn't mean it's going to be raining right there. 3:00 in the afternoon you will see some more pockets more
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breaks of sun. and we will look for the front to limp along through the overnight hours, providing perhaps a few showers into fremont, hayward and on the peninsula. and by 3:00 in the morning, 7:00 the morning commute still could see light rain out there. mainly in the north bay. but by the afternoon its pretty much done. rainfall amounts a cup he hundredths south of the golden gate. north of the golden gate we are looking at a little over a tenth and that's about it. a few flakes at lake level. should see a mix of rain and snow tomorrow. temperatures in san jose kind of average. upper 60s the next few days. mid-70s wednesday. can't see the highs into the mid-80s for thursday and friday. temperatures held down today with the clouds and an isolated shower. numbers in the upper 60s down toward san jose. out towards livermore i look for 63 in the city, 66 oakland. low 60s up through ran rafael. the forecast look for perhaps
9:22 am
more showers overnight tonight into your monday morning. clouds in the north bay on tuesday. brighter elsewhere. that begins our warmup. then wednesday through the weekend it's like summer around here with 70s on the coast. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play and more information on >> definitely heating up midweek. hot, not warm. >> you are right. >> thanks, lisa. next the official debut for the south bay's newest
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happening today, the san jose earthquakes will break the seal on their new stadium. they have a game against the chicago fire. the stadium has a number of firsts. it's the bay area's first-ever soccer-specific stadium. it's the first cloud-enabled sports venue and has the largest outdoor bar in the u.s. and the deepest seats in the league. you can feel like you are on top of the action. fans are already excited about the new digs. today's game is a sellout. >> the oakland raiders and other
9:26 am
groups are one step closing to get a new stadium built. they have nearly twice the number of signature on a petition to put the plan before the voters. they say it's an important benchmark on the path to construct ago new home for both teams. if either fails to get new ones in their current hometowns. election officials must verify the signatures to qualify the plan for the ballot. on the 12th anniversary of the start of the iraq war, an iraqi refugee family finally has a save place to live in northern california. habitat for humanity remodeled a once foreclosed home for the family. the father was kidnapped when paying in iraq and had to pay a ransom for his release.
9:27 am
shortly after, he fled with his family, carrying his son, who has severe brain damage, on his back. they traveled through egypt and sierra, searching for safety. and finally found it in the united states when they moved here two years ago. >> he said it's the first time in his life he feels safe and that he's accomplished something for his family. >> when habitat for humanity remodeled the home they built in special features for his son, including wide doorways for the wheelchair and a shower he can use comfortably. still ahead the new terror threat calling for attacks against u.s. servicemen and women. also some changes for a down-and-out san francisco neighborhood. how the past is helping shape the future of the tenderloin and the man behind it all.
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour
9:30 am
with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. we are looking at some cloud cover. but despite that, look how nicely the sunshine is lighting up the bay outside with temperatures in the upper 50s. it is mild. we have airport delays. numbers this afternoon will be held down due to the cloud cover. it's 58 in oakland. san jose in the upper 50s. this is the airport. clouds are scattering out. we are in the low 60s by the delta and concord. finally, from our golden gate bridge camera the onshore flow keeping numbers where they should be for mid-march. upper others coastside. low to mid-60s around the bay and inland in the upper 60s. the warmth tempered by all the cloud cover and the marine layer. we will talk about the better chance of showers coming in tonight and where in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank. this morning american military commanders are issuing a warning
9:31 am
after a group claiming to represent isis posts what amounts to an online hit list. it includes photos, names and addresses. here's chief foreign affairs correspondent martha raditz with more. >> this morning the military is warning service members to use caution when posting on social media after an online group calling itself the islamic state hacking division released personal information for over 100 military members. calling for isis sympathizers to kill those listed. >> it's the kind of activity they have engaged in the last couple months, specifically asking their followers and supporters to carry out attacks. >> while it's being taken very seriously, the information doesn't appear to have been hacked from government servers. >> it doesn't look lick it is the result of hacking. this information is largely
9:32 am
publicly available. >> still defense officials are not taking any chances. contacting the families of those on the list, largely made up of air force and navy personnel. a department of defense spokesperson telling abc news that even though they won't confirm the validity of the claim, the safety of our service members is always a serve. martha raditz, abc news washington. >> this morning u.s. troops and personnel have evacuated yemen because of the increasing turmoil there. on friday 142 people were killed in yemen from suicide attacks carried out by isis. today shi'ite rebels captured the most populated province. the u.s. withdrawal they say leaves americans vulnerable to attack. >> we are withdrawing completely and we will have no intelligence footprint or capabilities to
9:33 am
monitor what isis and the shi'ite militants are doing in the region. without good intelligence, we cannot effective stop plots against the homeland. that's whether or not i'm most concerned about. >> he said without intelligence on the ground in yemen u.s. forces also don't know who where or when to attack even using drones. california governor jerry brown took on the issue of climate change and california's drought this morning saying the two are definitely connected and calling for vigorous action to solve the problem. he appearance on nbc's "meet the press." with. >> we know there's some connection and we know this drought is just the kind of things that are absolutely in he havitiable -- inevitable in the years ahead. it becomes irreversible. you can't sit around and engage in rhetoric because some of your
9:34 am
donors and constituents say we want to make profit. the coal companies are not as important as the people of america and the people of the world. >> the governor added golf courses will more than likely be required to use 100% recycled water. in palo alto this morning former intel executive sean malone in will lead the heart across america cycling tour he suffered an career ending stroke four years ago and after that raised money for the american heart association. the 86-day ride will go across the country and focus on ultrasound technology in detecting strokes. it starts at noon at the palo alto city hall plaza. happening today an east bay costco employee is holding a fundraise are for cancer for those he considers less fortunate, children with the
9:35 am
disease. we brought you his story two weeks ago. already dealing with multiple sclerosis, he was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. despite his troubles he tells us he really wants to raise money for children's hospital. his fundraiser is this afternoon at tiffany's dance academy in san ramon. the hours from noon to 2:30. one of san francisco's more notorious neighborhoods is looking to change and looking to the past to reshape the future. there will be a new way to celebrate their history. >> mohamed ali, joe foreman, they all boxed in the san francisco hotel. -- in the cadillac hotel. >> randy shaw walks around the tenderloin like it's other museum. nearly every story has a story to tell and he knows most of them. >> president taft in 1910 was
9:36 am
there for the groundbreaking. the tenderloin district is wedged between city hall and union scare in downtown san francisco. it's one of the city's most neighborhoods. the tenderloin was leveled by the 1906 earthquake and fire. almost immediately residents returned and started to rebuild. >> the vast majority of buildings when it was built in 1907 to 1920 are still here. >> little has changed since then. there are now 409 buildings designated as part of the uptown tenderloin historic district. >> just one single-family home in the tenderloin was built in the 50s. there's no two-unit places and there are very few flats. we are in an entire hotel and apartment district which is rare in the united states. >> it has a reputation of being a bit rough but it wasn't always that way. until the 1950's it was the
9:37 am
center of san francisco's nightlife. full of restaurants, theaters, fancy hotels and casinos. >> when the ability of gambling was stopped in the mid-50s the tenderloin has never really recovered. >> shaw is hoping the neighborhood will now find a reason to celebrate at the corner of eddie and leavenworth streets. the cadillac hotel was the first building in the neighborhood completed after the 1906 quake. now it will be home to the first museum about the tenderloin. work is well underway. it will be the starting point for community-led tours and serve as an archive for its history. >> this is where the gay and lesbian movement in the city started. miles davis, the jazz history, mohamed ali, the boxing history, jerry garcia and all the great rock stars who recorded in the tenderloin, and nobody knows that. >> for years randy shaw has been a neighborhood booster. he and other organizers are
9:38 am
hoping this new museum will give people a reason to stop and appreciate the tenderloin. doors open to the public on june june 10th. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. doubling adoption rates at a bay area animal shelter. how a simple dna test helped nearly a dozen dogs find their forever home twice as fast as they usually do. and take a live look from our sutro cam. temperatures now in the upper 50s. the cloud cover is keeping things mild. but that will change. why and when? lisa argen along shortly with the
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dna tests are driving up dog
9:41 am
adoptions at a bay area animal shelters. the peninsula humane society and spca are offering free dna tests on all of their chihuahua mixes. the tests usually cost $50. owners can find out what breeds make up their dogs. the shelter even gives them a cute name. for example, a dog that was part miniature pinscher and part yorkie terrier and part chihuahua has been dubbed a chorky. the shelter said dogs tested and given a silly breed name were adopted twice as fast of other dogs that looked similar, but did not have the dna tests. and tomorrow is national puppy day. abc7 is having a big adoption event tomorrow morning. we are getting into the spirit with photos sent in by many of you. tweet or instagram them to #puppieson7. and join us tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. we will be live streaming our
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puppy cam all morning on and tell you how you can take a puppy home. >> lisa, just a little bit of a breaking news here. a multi--vehicle accident has closed highway 92. that's the main road into half moon bay. a big alert was issued just a few minutes ago about 9 castro valley 21. that is definitely going to cause some problems. you think fog might have been a factor? >> fog, and there was a little bit. light rain along the coast. i had a couple tweets about the rain around menlo park and half moon bay. certainly slick. a live look from emeryville where it's 58 degrees partly sunny conditions. out of the 60s today just by a couple degrees. a little muggy a little hazy and just maybe a few raindrops. we will talk about it coming up. >> also ahead a big blockbuster in the
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nearly 30 million americans are living with diabetes. it's a disease that can be managed, but it takes a lot of effort. abc johnathan bloom tells us about a company that's trying to make it easier. they just got a big nod from silicon valley investors. >> as often as six times a day
9:46 am
jeff chang checks his blood glucose. he's been doing it since he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 20 years ago and not much as changed. >> the technology is really, really old. if you see some, black and white, gray scale screen. >> and they use different software and cables. he would watch a nurse painstakingly download all of his data from each of his meters. >> you get a stack of papers. and you are 20 minutes into your appointment and you start going over day-by-day what was happening. >> but if there was a rosetta stone for diabetes, jeff found one from a company in palo alto. >> we are able to speak the different languages and the electrical protocols and put the data into the smartphone. gluco brings it all tied together in an app where you can read graphs and share it with your doctor. it also works with platforms like fitbit to show you how food and exercise affects your blood sugar. >> to tell someone the last time you took 6,000 steps, i can see that you went a little low. a little black box is a bridge between old and new technology. but eventually it won't be needed anymore. gluco has been busy making deals to connect directly with the new generation of wireless meters
9:47 am
and pumps and they got a big round of fund to go make that happen. >> we raised $16.5 million. it's a testament to some of the early outcomes. >> like some from the diabetes center in boston. >> it can improve their self- management skills and minimize the operation. >> he teaches patients the signs of low blood sugar. one had a breakthrough. >> once she started using the app, she realized the low blood glucose was affecting her. that's when i she was feeling cold. >> with the monitors they will also seek approval to let doctors give smart prescriptions. >> it prompts them at 6:00. today you look 6,000 steps and you will take less insulin. >> the guy seeking it, jeff chang. he went to work in regulatory affairs for gluco. in palo alto, abc7 news. >> lisa, we are winding down the month much like we started it. >> that's right. it will feel more like spring.
9:48 am
no 80s today. we see more 60s and the 70s will be gone for a couple days as well. in fact, we are locking at a couple weak weather systems to pass by extreme northern california. we be on the tail end of all of them. we've picked up a little bit of light rain in the north bay earlier. right now we are looking at mist and drizzle and cloud cover. cooler temperatures for everyone. the main frontal band is going to wash out and moves through tonight. it looks hazy over san francisco, muggy as well. numbers in the mid-and upper 50s. san francisco still looking at a few delays but betting brighter around south city. rain as far south at menlo park and half moon bay this morning. 56 in morgan hill. looking at a cloudy san jose where temperatures today will be one of the warmer spots in the upper 60s. also toward the delta and the livermore valley with mild numbers. right now it's mild. 61 in concord. 57 napa, and a final look at the
9:49 am
golden gate bridge where you can see all the cloud cover. upper 50s coastside. a cooler day today for most of you. we will look for the fog some spotty sprinkles unsettled with a couple weak systems rotating through allowing for maybe a tenth inch of rain north of the golden gate. the rest of you may not see anything at all. but it take place through monday. lesser clouds on tuesday. wednesday it's all about high pressure and offshore winds that take over. so for the next couple days we will be cooler. more like average in the 60s. low to mid-60s. here's the front. it will push through. might get rain in mount shasta and redding and the bay area sonoma county. marin, maybe a few returns into the east bay, but you may miss it. 11:00 has moisture in the atmosphere. doesn't mean it's raining but you could get a shower. then by the afternoon we get a little bit of a break and we will see some sun and temperatures in the 60s to near 70.
9:50 am
9:00, in advance of the front more showers. there's the possibility, and here comes the north bay tomorrow morning with the possibility of more rain for you. perhaps with the wet pavement slowing down the come mute. overall its nothing significant and you can see the concentration will be from santa rosa to novato with only a couple hundreds regulates from san carlos to mountain view and perhaps nothing around the santa claraa valley. you see the sacramento valley 70 there. cooler day in los angeles. back home looking at numbers in the low 60s today. that's a switch. upper 60s toward livermore today and san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a spotty shower and then the weak frontal band overnight. lingering through your monday morning commute. clouds in the north bay on tuesday with 70s, and then it's all about the 80s and
9:51 am
70s at our beaches throughout the rest of the week. maybe a system next weekend will cool us off. we will see. >> and we can hope for april showers. thanks lisa. let's check out sports. stanford hosts rhode island at maple pavilion in the second round of the n.i.t. tipoff at 1:30. also eight more teams will punch their tickets to the sweet 16 in the ncaa tournament. yesterday there was one big bracketbuster. here's collin resch with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. if thursday's upsets hurt your bracket, what happened saturday night to villanova may have destroyed it. they are the first one seed knocked out of the field of 64. north carolina state the culprit. as it turned out, this three by trevor lacey to end the first half will be the difference in the game. lacey, 17 points, 6 boards, 5 assists. contact and in. wolfpack up 8.
9:52 am
hilliard, 3 of 17. wildcats 9 are 28 from three-point range. but m.c. state never trailed after halftime. hanging and hitting. a five-point game, less than two minutes to play. anthony barber slashing and scoring. 71-68 wolfpack, and the nova band played on, tears and all. the first turnover of the top-seed since houston was upset in the national championship. >> today wasn't our day. there's some higher purpose in this. we will take the good with the bad. >> it was bad today. and dance-off at naples. and the matadors. stanford opening play against cal state. the three. gave the cardinals an early 18-5 lead. but ashley gray and the matadors will take a one-point lead at halftime. second half down 6. the 24-4 run. taylor greenfield had 19. loose ball. amber to thompson. stanford the winner, 73-60.
9:53 am
next up for the cardinals oklahoma on monday. it's not a matter of if, but when the warriors will win their first division title in 39 years. 11 games up on the clippers with 14 to play. hosting utah last night. klay thompson out the third straight game because of the sprained ankle. baseline for the dunk. if it isn't a hard shot for steph curry, he really has no interest. look at the degree of difficulty on the reverse. scale of 1 to 10, that would be a 10. this would be 11. this is the pedestrian 9. not bad. 24 in the game for steph. third quarter andrew bogut to harrison barnes. barbosa. this is why they call him blurbosa. win number 56 for golden state. 106-91, the final at oracle. why we do not live in montreal. 30 and snowing. sharks need a win over the canadiens. they need to gain ground in the playoff race. past the stick of braun.
9:54 am
thomas plekanic. thank you very much. montreal an empty netter. sharks shutout. 2-0. they are six points back with 10 games remaining. congratulations go out to the women's swim team at cal. they are national champions. the program's fourth national title. with a look at the morning sports, i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone. >> up next, a rare opportunity for disney fans. how much it will cost to buy a monorail car.
9:55 am
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9:57 am
the front cab of an original monorail train of the train from walt disney world is on sale. the starting bid $169,000. take a look. you can find it on ebay, courtesy of the disney memorabilia collector. the original trains ran until 1989, when they were replaced by newer models. almost 2500 people are watching that item, which, by the way comes with free delivery. so far no offers. disney is the parent company of abc. >> let's get to final check of the accuweather forecast with lisa. >> there's more clouds around. a little muggy out there. maybe a sprinkle and a light shower. 64 san mateo, 67 fremont. we will call it partly sunny. better chance of rain comes tonight, into tomorrow. very light though, with the numbers still around average. but by tuesday we are warming up. extra clouds in the north bay. and wednesday and thursday everyone is much, much warmer
9:58 am
with an offshore flow. >> that is going to to it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with list arrange. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile device was our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day sunday, everyone, and a great week ahead!
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