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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> this is abc7 news. >> good morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday march 22nd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there carolyn. good morning. here's a look at live doppler 7hd where there are going to be a few returns throughout the day today. mainly tonight. right now this is really nothing to worry about. but we are looking at the possibility of the north bay picking up a few showers today. right now temperatures with the cloud cover are mild with mid-and upper 50s. 54 in santa rosa. 58 in hayward. 57 in san carlos with mid-50s out toward livermore. here's the plan for the rest of the day. a weak front a couple, will be moving through the bay area.
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things will begin to break up. could see a few showers on the peninsula. then partly cloudy the rest of the day. another system will bring lighter rain to the north bay. i'll tell you how much and what to expect for the next week, which is going to feature much warmer weather that's coming up. >> good deal, lisa. we begin with developing news from vallejo. police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting at a busy shopping center. it happened around 6:00 last night at the vallejo corner shoppingter. according to police officers responded to a call about a man throwing beer bottles and carrying a large hunting knife. an officer found the suspect, noticed a firearm was in his waistband. police say he refused to drop the knife. here's audio of the radio calls leading up to the shoot . >> he has a knife. there is a gun in the waistband. >> a gun in the waistband?
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>> shots fired! shots fired! suspect is down. >> multiple shots fired in front of sleep train. sending medical. >> the man died at the hospital. the gun turned out to be a replica firearm. in richmond police shot a man following a traffic stop and chase. it happened at 25th street and roosevelt avenue shortly after 7:00 last night. police say the driver refused to stop for the officer driver off and then ditching the car and running. the officer noticed he was armed and the two exchanged gunfire. suspect was taken into custody and injuries are not life-threatening. the officer was not hit. investigators are still trying to piece together how a murder victim and suspect new each other and what led to a gruesome killing. sonoma police have arrested 40-year-old christopher mcnatt. they believe he killed ronald
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sauvageau, stuffed his body into a plastic barrel and left the barrel on the steps of sonoma city hall friday night. a man said she used to date the suspected killer. >> i'm just shocked. there's no reason for this. he is not a violent person. i mean, i'm just trying to catch my breath. really it seems so surreal right now. >> the investigation led authorities to the acacia grove mobile home park on highway 12 in sonoma valley. deputies have determined sauvageau was killed in one of the mobile homes. mac national is expected to make his first court appearance tuesday. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire in oakland that killed two people and left six homeless. it began before 3:00 a.m. yesterday, quickly spreading to
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an adjoining unit with 35 units. everybody was able to get out except for the two men who died in the unit where the fire started. neighbors believe the victims were local artists. no one else was hurt. this morning arc rock trail and the port ray national seashore died after a hiker died and another was seriously hurt falling off a cliff yesterday afternoon. the helicopter airlifted the survivor to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. there are danger signs you just saw there in the area and the hikers were warned. >> we heard something collapse. and we saw it was really dusty and stuff. and they said, oh be careful, there's rocks falling. we didn't think much of it at the time. >> this isn't the first time someone has fallen at arch rock. last month a man from gilroy plunged 60 feet on to the rocks.
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chp officers rescued him and he survived but has major injuries. a reminder from the san francisco fire department for people walking along the cliff at fort -- heed the warning signs. this after rescuing two 22-year-old hikers and their puppy who got stuck around 6:00 last night in the lakeshore neighborhood. >> you come out to the beach areas, heed the signs to property don't go on cliffs keep your dog on a leash. >> they had scrapes but neither suffered serious injuries. officials said security procedures at the airport will be reviewed after friday night's attack. a man wielding a machete terrorized passengers and security personnel before being shot to death. abc news reporter gibson has more on the terrifying moments inside the airport terminal.
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[siren] >> chaos and panic at airport security. this guy said he had a machete. >> passengers running and injured victims waiting for help and a bloody machete lying on the ground in the middle of it all. >> people screaming and running. >> this is the suspect, a 62-year-old man, loui white. he ran in and tacked tsa agents with a can of wasp spray and then with the 52-inch blade. that's when a deputy opened fire. >> i heard it and smelled it. >> one bullet struck an agent who was running ahead of him yelling at passengers to get to safety. she showed off her wound and talked about the deputy who took action. >> she saved my life. he was inches of whacking me
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with the machete and she saved my life. >> the attack could have been worse. in his cars tanks of bombs and free on glass. a bag was dropped at security leaking a misterious liquid. >> half pint jars with a liquid and wicks which you would commonly refer to as a molotov cocktail. >> his family confirms mental illness is a factor. >> in brooklyn new york, funerals planned today for seven siblings, ages 5 to 15 from an orthodox jewish family who died in a house fire. the mother and teenage sister survived by jumping from the second floor. both suffered smoke inhalation. investigators believe a warming plate was to blame.
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many use hot plates during the sabbath when they are forbidden from using electric items. ellen is suing carfield and buyers for $16 million. she's claiming discrimination and retaliation after having an affair with a senior colleague. her husband runs a hedge fund that she says went bankrupt about the time she filed suit. closing arguments are set for tuesday. >> and a partnership is making san francisco streets a little safer. san francisco cannabis clubs donated money for a city-sponsored gun buyback event. police officers collected nearly 100 guns at the community center yesterday. from handguns to large assault
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rifles, no questions asked. people who gave up their guns got up to $200. community leaders say the goal is to cut down on gun violence in the city. >> one less gun on the street one less gun in the home is one potential life saved and that's the message we are trying to get across today. >> by the way, if you missed yesterday's event but you have a gun this you want to get out of your home, you can bring it to your local police station anytime. well, the lack of snow is forcing another ski resort to shut down earlier than usual. sugar bowl said they will close after today due to the ultradry conditions this winter. you are looking at video in snowier times of the resort just off i-80. sugar bowl becomes the second resort to shut down this past week. one at tahoe shut down monday. if it doesn't open this year it will be earliest closing since
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the 1970s. lisa, this is a sign of the times. >> it sure is. and 54 today in the sierra nevada. very mild. we have 57. you see the clouds from the sutro shower camera. we're looking at the possibility of cloudy showers throughout the day. everyone cools off. but we will go way in the other direction and we will talk about all of this when we return. >> also ahead, a bay area family asking for your help in an effort to save a loved one's life. and the trip of a lifetime. one man's race to take in some of the world's best views before it's too late.
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welcome back. thank for joining us on the abc7 news. we have a live look from our san mateo bridge. cooler today. perhaps a flash of rain in the north bay. lisa argen will be along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. a bay area community is coming together to help save our san francisco man's life. 47-year-old chris carpenter has stage 4t-cell lymphoma cancer. his family said chemotherapy treatments caused his health to decline and doctors told them chris needs a bone marrow transplant within a year to be in full remission. the problem is finding a donor. >> african americans are not donateing. so it will be up to me to find a man. the bone marrow will save my
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life and keep me around. >> chris' twin brother carl was not a match. his family said insurance only covers siblings so they hosted this fundraising dinner last night to help pay for more potential donors to get tested. when we look at the views of the grand canyon we may assume those views will always be there. but for one man they won't, and time is running out. abc news reporter steve olson has the story. >> 27-year-old james maccula more is going blind. he's here at the grand canyon with his girlfriend and seeing eye dog on the trip of a lifetime to see as much as he can before genetic retinal disease steals his sight. >> if you take both your hands and kind of cuff it around the sides, that's what it's like. >> it's like looking through a broken window at then of the
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rainy hallway. just 15% vision. >> the fact i get to see this i'll never take it for granted. a lot of people take it for granted and you can't could that. >> the group brought him to see niagara falls. and a helicopter ride through the canyon on a glorious sunny day. going are already legally blind. they said they are teaching him to burn the images in his mind. he too is losing his vision. >> i'm not in denial. i have advanced glaucoma. >> how do you burn it into your mind? >> i'm going to sit here and look at everything and take a moment and be quiet and take it all in. >> james took a number of moments, and years from now when the last of his sight is gone, he said his imagination will bring him here. abc news, the grand canyon. happening today, the san jose earthquakes will break the seal on their new stadium. but the game against the chicago
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fire. the stadium has a number of firsts. it's the first-ever bay area soccer specific area. it's the first cloud-unabled sports venue and has the largest outdoor bar in the u.s. and the deepest seats in the league. you can feel like you are on top of the action. fans are already excited about those new digs. today's game is a sellout. the oakland raiders and san diego chargers are one step closer to getting a new shared stadium bill south of l.a. a group of supporters has selected more than 14,000 signatures in the city. that's twice the number needed to put the plan before the local voters. organizers of the proposed stadium say it's an important benchmark on the path to constructing a new home for both teams. if either fails to get one ones in their current hometowns.
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election officials have to verify the signature to qualify the plan for the ballot. oakland's big running festival starts this morning. the marathon will take runners from downtown to the oakland hills. it starts at 7:30 at snow park on 19th and harrison streets on the west side of lake merritt. there's also a half-marathon. you can expect road closures all morning. bands and djs will be along the racecourse, as well as cheer stations. nearly 10,000 people will be running today. this is just a fantastic thing, lisa. they get to see owl parts of the city. and the weather should be perfect. >> yeah advertised 63. we will be in the mid-60s. yesterday you were in the mid-60s. feeling a little more seasonal as we get into spring the first full weekend of spring. we will have some spring like showers on the way. live doppler hd shows there's a little bit on the radar up to the north.
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we are looking at returns. that's where the focus will be. sunrise 7:10 and sets at 7:23 and the rest of the bay will be much cooler today. there will be more clouds in the morning hours and then they will thin out. then we will see a reinforced shots of some rain late tonight into tomorrow. so once again, the north bay should see maybe a few hundreds up around the bay. 56 in san jose. good morning. mid-50s, as well in san carlos and oakland half moon bay 54. we are looking at all the clouds along the coast and around the bay this morning. 56 in napa, 55 fairfield. there could be some mist and drizzle in santa rosa and napa and a light shower throughout the morning hours. sutro showing we have a cloud deck that will slowly thin out lout the day. coastal fog, spotty sprinkles and an unsettled weather pattern through monday. looks like even tuesday we could see more clouds in the north bay. then an offshore wind gets set
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for wednesday thursday and even friday the. 70s coast, 60s inland. that's been a familiar scene. but let's start with right now 6:00. notice we have some moisture in the atmosphere but none will really reach the ground across the bay. maybe in the north bay if you like showers. the clouds will thin out. partly cloudy throughout the day. this is the actual front that will push on through later on throughout the day. 11:00 tonight. more likely to see spotty showers. and by 4:00 in the morning you notice still looking at the possibility of some spotty rain. so with that we are looking at that warm front. another warm front tuesday. still take a couple days to get back to the bridge of high pressure. not that we miss it, right? looking at .06 in san francisco through monday. a couple hundreds through hayward, livermore. look at san jose. barely anything. more like marijuana up through santa rosa. looking at perhaps maybe even .2 up to the north. could see a quick shot of snow
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in the sierra nevada. the temperatures today held down, the in the upper 60s for san jose, even cooler monday. then look what happens. we are looking at an offshore flow. temperatures in the mid-70s on wednesday. we won't stop there. mid-80s for thursday and almost as warm friday. highs to the with the cloud cover and spotty like showers will be in the 60s. 68 san jose, 64 richmond with 63 downtown. 61 in santa rosa. we haven't seen that in a while. accuweather seven-day forecast spotty shower maybe this morning and then partly cloudy then a better chance of rain tonight. getting sunny by tuesday. look at the 80s inland 70s at our coast. you see what's showing up anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple app's store or google play. right now it's just a lot of cloud cover and that's probably the way it will be but maybe
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some showers. >> okay. and temperatures just climbing during the week? >> yes. you are in the surprised, are you? i know. >> thank you lisa. we all know appliances can be really expensive. now can you make them last longer? consumer reports has partnered exclusively with "7 on your side" to reveal some money-saving tips. here's michael finney. >> good morning. a nice refrigerator, dishwasher or range can cost around $2,000 all together. stainless steel can be up to $7,000. you want to kep them running as long as possible. here's how. the appliances in your home are a big investment. you can avoid repairs, keep them running efficiently and get them to last as long as possible using these tips from consumer reports. first, your refrigerator. it will stay colder, run better and last longer if the cold air can circulate easy so don't overstuff it with food.
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do the doors seal properly and keep the chill in? close the door on a slip of paper and tug on the paper. if it slides out it's time to replace the gasket foe the fridge doesn't work with hard. coils clogged with dust can't release eat efficiently and makes the fridge work harder and wears it down. cleaning it once a year will last years to the refrigerator. for the dishwasher remove food debris regularly from the filter. >> much of the energy to the dishwasher is from heating the water. before you do a load, run the water in the sink before you start it and it makes it last longer. >> and the range, keep the burner clear. >> don't overwork four dryer. clean the filter before every use and use the auto drive setting. it will save energy and wear and
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tear on your clothes. and clean it annually to help the dryer run efficiently and prevene a fire hazard. >> overstuffing your washing much strains the motor and transmission and other parts. you can fill it but loosely. your laundry comes out cleaner and it lasts longer. to take good care of your vacuum cleaner, change the filters and check the brush rollers before you start to vacuum. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> up next, the unprecedented cross-country road trip that kicks off today from a bay area city.
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>> on the twelfth anniversary of the iraqi war a refugee family finally has a place to live in california. a home was remodeled for this family. he was kidnapped and paid a ransom for his release. he fled after he was released carries his brain damaged son on his back. they arrived here two years ago. >> having a home is the first time in his life he feels safe and he's accomplished something for his family. >> when habitat for humanity remodeled the home they built in special features that fit the needs of his son including wide
5:27 am
door ways for his wheelchair and a shower he can use comfortably. a self-driving car is set to start a road trip across the country today. the delphi audi will believe the golden gate bridge and drive itself 3500 miles to new york city. the car is able to navigate four way stops, merge on to hi ways and maneuver around bicyclists, all without a driver. there will be human engineers inside that car ready to take the wheel if anything goes wrong. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. the new terror threat calling for attacks against u.s. servicemen and women. also, changes for a down-and-out san francisco neighborhood. how the past is helping shape the future of the tenderloin. and the man behind it all.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour as we always do, with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning to you. from our roof camera cloudy skies in san francisco. temperatures all across the bay area are mild. in the low 50s in the north bay, 54 half moon bay upper 50s oakland and san francisco. some mist and drizzle north of the golden gate and the chance of showers remains north of the golden gate this morning. then everyone might have a shot at it. 52 in danville, 56 in fremont and mid-50s in san jose. so a couple opportunities starting out with this morning maybe some spotty, light showers. more than likely just the cloud cover. we will look for this to thin out during the afternoon. it will be partly cloudy. then we will look for another system to push on through overnight. that gives everyone the chance of rain. cooler 60s today. we talk in detail about the rain
5:31 am
chance and a warmer week ahead in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you. a new terror threat a lift and a demand appearing online calling for attacks on u.s. troops. pentagon and the fbi are investigating. abc news reporter alex marquart has the story. >> it appears to be nothing short of a hit list. a group calling itself the islamic state hack division posting photos and addresses of 100 american servicemen and women online. calling on eye sis supporters in the u.s. to kill them. most of the information publicly available. but collected to inspire attack. >> it only takes one person motivated to attack. >> they can't confirm the validity of the messages but are contacting the families of those on the list. the fbi said they are aware of the post, which comes after previous warnings to service members about keeping
5:32 am
identifying information off of social media. this latest threat high lighting the growth of isis around the world. after unprecedented attacks in tunisia and yemen this week claimed by the group. >> the number of foreign fighters joining isis has grown over the past several months. so it's message is getting out and it's having an impact. >> in yemen's capital on friday four suicide bombings, leaving more than 130 people dead. fueling the chaos there that it had reportedly led to the evacuation of u.s. troops serving in yemen. >> that was alex marquart reporting. new security camera video has been released showing two isis gunmen roaming through the museum in tunisia. this footage was taken as they opened fire on tourists wednesday. you can see them coming face-to-face with a man but they let him go. 21 people died in wednesday's
5:33 am
attacks. security forces later shot and killed the attackers. survivors are saying that despite the scary experience they feel tunisia is a safe place to visit. >> hundreds and hundreds of tunesians saying i support you and this is not what tunisia is. i feel safe there and i love it there and cancelling our trips or vacation plans is just giving the bad guys letting them win. >> prosecutors have detained 20 people linked to that deadly attack. the deadly terror attacks overseas will be discussed on "this week." homeland security committee chairman michael mccall of texas will talk about the threat from isis with george stephanopoulos. you can see "this week" on abc7 at 8:00 this morning right after good morning america. a san jose football player has completed a remarkable comeback
5:34 am
after being seriously burned in an apartment fire. jerry leaf played in a spring game yesterday at spartan stadium. he was sleeping in his apartment last april when fire broke out. he suffered second degrees burns over 20% of his body. he had to sit out all of last season because of his injuries. but never gave up. with hard work and perseverance, jared leaf is back on the field as a starting linebacker. in palo alto this morning, former intel executive shawn maloney will lead this year's heart across america cycling tour. maloney suffered a career-ending stroke four years ago and after recovering found money to raise for the heart association. the ride begins at noon at the palo alto city hall plaza. happening today an east bay
5:35 am
k costco employee with cancer is holding a fundraiser for those he believes are less fortunate. children with life-threatening diseases. abc7 news brought you the story of arly smith two weeks ago. already shackled with multiple sclerosis, he was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. despite his troubles he told us he really wants to raise money for children's hospital. his fundraiser is this afternoon at tiffany's dance academy in san ramon. the hours are from noon to 2:30. one of san francisco's no tore russ neighborhoods is looking to change and looking to the past to reshape the future. there will be a new way to celebrate their history. >> mohamed ali, joe for man they all boxed in the
5:36 am
san francisco hotel. >> randy shaw walks around the tenderloin like it's other museum. nearly every story has a story to tell and he knows most of them. >> president taft in 1910 was there for the groundbreaking. >> it is wedged between city hall and union square in downtown san francisco. it's one of the city's most densely populated neighboring. the tenderloin was leveled by the 1906 earthquake and fire. almost immediately residents returned and started to rebuild. >> the vast majority of buildings when it was built in 1907 to 1920 are still here. >> little hats changed since then. there are now 409 buildings designated as part of the uptown tenderloin historic district. >> just one single-family home in the tenderloin was built in the 50s. there's no two-unit places and there are very few flats.
5:37 am
we are in an entire hotel and apartment district which is rare in the united states. >> it has a reputation of being a bit rough but it wasn't always that way. until the 1950s it was the center of the nightlife theaters, restaurants, fancy hotels and casinos. >> when the ability of gambling was stopped in the mid-50s the tenderloin has never really recovered. >> they hope they will find a reason to celebrate at the corner of eddie and leavenworth streets. the cadillac hotel was the first building in the neighborhood completed after the 1906 quake. now it will be home to the first mu see i am about the tenderloin work is well underway on the museum. shaw said it will be the starting point for community-led tours and serve as an argue kind of for its history. >> this is where the guy and
5:38 am
lesbian movement started. mohamed ali, the boxing history, and the great rock stores who jerry garcia and all of them recorded in the tenderloin and nobody knows that. >> i've sown randy shaw for years. he's such a passionate advocate and he and other organizers are hoping the new museum will give people a reason to stop and appreciate the neighborhood. doors open to the public on june 10th. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news doubling up auction rates at a bay area animal shelter. how a simple dna test helps nearly a dozen dogs find their forever home twice as fast as they usually do. and here's a live look from our roof cam. cooler temps today. i guess you could call it mild. maybe a sprinkle or two in your neck of the woods if you are in the north bay. rapidly heating up midweek. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a
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. >> dna he tests are driving up dog adoptions at a bay area animal shelters. the peninsula humane society and sbca are offering free dna tests on the mixes. owners can find out what breeds make up their dogs. the shelter even gives them a cute name. new york city, a dog that was part miniature pin summer and part yorkie terrier and part chihuahua has been dubbed a chorky. dogs it tested and given a silly
5:42 am
breed name were adopted twice as fast of other dogs that looked similar but did not have the dna tests. and tomorrow is national puppy day. abc7 is having a big adoption event tomorrow morning. we are getting into the spirit with photos sent in by many of you. tweet or instagram them it the #puppies on 7. and join us tomorrow morning. starting at 4:30 we will be live streaming our puppy cam all morning on and tell you how you can take a puppy home. lisa, you want another puppy don't you? >> maybe -- you need a puppy! >> my son wants a puppy. >> hope he's not watching. good morning. looking at a few drops in san francisco on the lens. mostly low clouds and mist and drizzle. 57 right now. looking at 58 at the airport. likely some delays there and perhaps some more showers before the weekend is out. i'll let you know where and how
5:43 am
much coming up. >> thank you lisa. also ahead a big bracketbuster in the naac tournament. the first number one seed falls. collin resch has the highlights coming up packing should be simple like new nature valley nut crisp bars. let's see if hikers are keeping it simple too.
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>> nearly 30 million americans are living with diabetes. it's a disease that can be managed but it takes a lot of effort. general than bloom tells us about a company that's trying to make it easier. they just got a big nod from silicon valley investors. >> as often as six times a day jeff chang checks his blood glucose. he's been doing it since he was diagnosed many years ago and not much has changed.
5:46 am
>> not much as changed. black and white gray scale screen. >> and they use different cables. he would watch a nurse download all of his material. >> you get a stack of papers. and you are 20 minutes into your appointment and you start going over day-by-day when was happening. >> but if there was a row setta stone for diabetes, jeff found one from a company in palo alto. >> we are able to speak the electrical data and protocol. >> it brings it it all together in an app where you can red graphs and share with it your doctor. >> to tell someone the last time you took 6,000 steps, i can see that you went a little low. a little black box is a bridge between old and new technology. but eventually it won't be needed anymore. they have been busy making deals to connect directly with the new generation of wireless meters and pumps and they got a big round of fund to go make that
5:47 am
happen. >> we raised $16.5 million. >> they can include their self management skills k minimize the glucose. >> senior figures howard used glucose to teach patients the signs of low glad sugar. one had a breakthrough. >> once she started using the app, she realized the low blood glucose was affecting her. >> with the monitors they will also seek approval to let doctors give smart prescriptions. >> it promise you at 6:00. today you look 6,000 steps and you will take less insulin. >> the guy seeking it, jeff chang. he went to work for gluco. >> abc7 news. >> we are officially into spring and what will we did about the weather? >> the mountains could see a couple inches of snow. we are looking at a splash
5:48 am
around here. it's springtime showers. we skipped over winter. we will be looking at more summer-like weather, of course in the extended outlook. this too, shall pass. we are looking at what could be a weak frontal band and spreading rain showers throughout the north bay. really it's going to limp along and just bring a chance of showers. it may be just a few hundredth and a few drips here and there south of the golden gate. so this is how it looks right now. live doppler 7hd with returns around santa rosa and cloverdale. that is not main front. there's a couple parts to. this the first part spreading mist and drizzle on the golden gate bridge and also in the north bay. low clouds, allowing for some fog at the coast. 57 san francisco, oakland. the temperatures are mild in the mid-50s. 54 half moon bay. over in oakland we could see some showers also but hers the exploratorium camera where things are looking rather gray with 54 petaluma, 55 livermore.
5:49 am
cooler day with lots of cloud cover and we will look for temperatures to be rather seasonal today and tomorrow. that's 60s, no 70s. we are looking for the 60s to come back throughout the middle of the week. but throughout today, tonight, tomorrow, we will call it unsettled. a couple systems work through the bay area focusing precip, light rain in the north bay perhaps as much as a quarter inch. but for most of us it's cooler the next few days with plenty of cloud cover to start out. but it will thin out and even into tuesday we will be looking into another system that will keep the temperatures down. might be a little muggy around here. by wednesday an offshore flow kicks in and we are really looking at temperatures soaring. let's go throughout the next couple of hours. there's moisture in the atmosphere. not all of this is going to reach the ground. in fact things will clear on out, for the most part throughout the afternoon and we see partly cloudy skies. with all the cloud cover throughout the morning hours temperatures will be held down. a stronger on shore push. by tonight here comes this
5:50 am
system. could spread some light rain a couple hundredth perhaps a tenth, .2 in the north bay. this is through monday morning. you notice we are still a little bit unsettled with the partly cloudy sky. here's the way the rainfall amounts look through monday morning. we are looking at just .04 around oakland and hayward livermore. a little less than that. around san jose. you notice the focus from marin to sonoma and up through napa a tenth of an inch. we look at temperatures across the state to be still mild even with the cloud cover. 67 yosemite, 72 los angeles and here comes that weak weather system spreading maybe a half-inch of rain throughout mount shasta. 66 in oakland today ask 65 palo alto. we will call it partly to mostly cloudy. maybe an isolated sprinkle. but the main event, if you want to call it that, come through tonight into tomorrow with temperatures in the 60s both days. by tuesday afternoon we're back into the mid-70s and the offshore flow allows temperatures to soar wednesday thursday, each into friday.
5:51 am
but looks like we will cool off into next weekend. still well above average. 70s coast 80s around the bay. this is kind of our only chance. and we can count on one hand the rain we've had all winter long. >> sad. >> very sad. >> thank you lisa. let's check out sports. tonight stanford hosts rhode island at maple pavilion and the second round of the nit. tipoff 6:30. and 8 more teams will punch their tickets to the sweet 16 in this year's ncaa tournament. yesterday there was one big bracketbuster. here's collin resch with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. if thursday's upsets hurt your bracket, what happened saturday night to villanova may have destroyed it. they are the first one seed knocked out of the field of 64. north carolina state the culprit. as it turned out, this three by trevor lacey to end the first half will be the difference in the game. lacey, 17 points, 6 boards, 5 assists.
5:52 am
contact and in. stack up 8. hilliard, 3 of 17. wildcats 9 are 28 from three-point range. but mc state never trailed after halftime. a five-point game, less than two minutes to play. barber slashing and scoring. 71-68 wolfpack and the nova band played on, tears and all. the first turnover of the top-seed since houston was upset in the national championship. >> today, there's some higher purpose in this. we will take the good with the bad. >> it was bad today. and the matt doors. stanford opening play against cal state. the three. gave the cardinals an early 18-5 lead. but ashley gray and the matt doors will take a one-point lead at halftime. second half down 6. the 24-4 run. taylor green 19. paul and amber ahead to thompson.
5:53 am
stanford the winner 73-60. next up for the cardinals oklahoma on monday. it's not a matter of if, but when the warriors will win their first division title in 39 years. 11 games up on the clippers with 14 to play. hosting utah last night. klay thompson from jesse holly. baseline for the dunk. if it isn't a hard shot for steph curry, he really has no interest. look at the degree of difficulty on the reverse. scale of 1 to 10, that would be a 10. this would be 11. this is the pedestrian 9. not bad. 24 in the game for steph. third quarter andrew bogut to harrison barnes. win number 56 for gold sit. 106-91, the final at oracle. why we do not live in montreal.
5:54 am
cold and snowing. sharks need a win over the canadiens. past the stick of braun. thomas. sharks six points back with ten games remaining. congratulations go out to the women's swim team at cal. they are national champions. the program's fourth national title. with a look at the morning sports i'm collin resch. have a great day everyone. >> up next, a rare at any time for disney fans. how much it will cost to buy a
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almost 2500 people are watching that item, which, by the way comes with free delivery. so far no offers. disney is the parent company of abc. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00, vallejo police shoot and kill an armed man. what happened before officers opened fire. and two dramatic cliff rescues. one in san francisco and the other in marin county. we will tell you what happened.
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(announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday march 22nd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey carolyn good morning to you. if you live north of the golden gate you are waking up to a few spotty showers, mist and drizzle not only to san francisco and cloverdale but napa and marin county. temperatures mild, mid-50s. 57 san jose, 54 half moon bay and 59


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