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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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rotest that turned violent
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abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> and that breaking news is out of ferguson, missouri. two police officers were shot just minutes ago. >> this is a live look at the scene. demmon -- demonstrators gathered when things suddenly turned very violent. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. a local reporter on the scene said the first officer was screaming while the other officers carried him down the hill. >> one of the officers was shot in the face. there is a large police presence with law enforcement from several agencies on the scene and a large crowd gathered at the hospital. >> it has been a tense night following the resignation of police chief tom jackson. both supporters of the police chief and those who wanted jack sopa to resign were -- jackson to resign were outside the department. >> he resigned following the justice department's resort showed there was a pattern of discrimination profiling and
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ticketing of african-americans. >> and it stems from the police shooting of an unarmed black man, michael brown. he was killed last august. >> we will continue to bring you updates on the shootings. our breaking news continues on twitter as well at abc7 news bay area. now to our other top story. bullied beaten and finally back in school. >> a local boy reunited with his fifth grade class after a nearly two-month struggle to remove his attacker. >> it is a problem affecting so many schools and so many students. leslie brinkley is live in the newsroom with the story. lesley? >> the boy we are talking about who sent nathan to the hospital with a severe concussion has been moved to another unnamed school in the contra costa school district. the teachers have been notified he is getting counseling. but they can't believe it took two months to resolve this. >> she nervously you can whatted foo -- nervously
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walked into san pablo. there was a severe beating in january. >> the boy dwrabbed my -- grabbed my son and kneed him until he was unconscious. it was classified as assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. >> the boy who attacked her son was suspended for five days and then returned to school. they pulled nathan out. >> the last month or two i felt kind of -- well if i went back to school i would feel really scared. now since the bully is gone, i am just really excited to be back here. >> last week a confrontation with the school board finally lead to a transfer for the boy accused of the bullying. >> their kid was beat up. they want him to go back to school. they fear for his safety. how does it take two months to figure that out? >> if i had the answer to that it wouldn't happen. what we learn from this is we have to be more attentive and in a manner that resolves
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situations. i don't think we can just sit there and go oh okay. >> and like i said be a buddy and not a bully. >> for nathan it is getting back to normal. for the boy accused of bullying he is getting counseling at a new school. abc7 news. >> oakland police have people in custody in connection with a shootout that killed a mother shielding her two children from gunfire. she was walking her 7-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter home from school on monday when the gunfire erupted. her children were not hurt. police say they are questioning several people who are in custody. a police spokesperson tells abc7 news no arrests have been made and investigators are conducting follow-up interviews. police in albany are looking into several leads in the murder of a ucsf dental student including her on-line activity which may provide clues. the victim may have recently met someone on-line.
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it is not clear if police believe that played a role in her murder. they found her body in the apartment. neighbors are still trying to come to terms with this terrible crime. albany hasn't had a homicide in more than a decade. >> it is shocking news to me. i am devastated to hear it on behalf of those who were related to the friends of this young woman. it is surprising. >> the other day i came home and there was police and everybody here. >> paul was in her final semester at ucsf in the international dental program. >> a san jose police officer already charged with rape could face more charges. a judge sent jeffrey graves to jail today. graves is charged with raping a woman he met while responding to a domestic dispute call. he tried to change his plea to no contest. and instead prosecutors filed five new enhancements. they include use of a gun and being armed with a gun and unlawful entry.
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graves has been on paid administrative leave since his arrest last march. in developing news, a big decision is expected tomorrow in a sexual bias case against a silicon valley venture capital firm. today a second day of cross-examination of ellen powell by the firm's attorney who was trying to prove that money is the real motive for the lawsuit. the judge is set to decide tomorrow on a request by kleiner perkins attorney to submit documents to talk about the financial troubles. her husband's hedge fund went bankrupt about the time she filed suit. her lawsuit is aimed at creating equal opportunities for women. just add water. a new alcoholic product could be here in california come summertime. it is called palcohol and it is designed for backpackers and hikers and it is a powder that just new orleans water to turn it into an alcoholic drink. it it has some people very concerned.
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>> there is a powdered form of alcohol. >> it is easy for these kids to sneak into these games to have the desired effect. >> the powdered rum vodka and cocktails will only be sold at licensed establishments to people 21 and older. but some fear the minors will gain access to it and conceal it at school functions and mix it with bottled water. >> the big concern is that powdered alcohol can be easily abused. >> they can be abused by adding too much and by thought adding the recommended amount of liquid . >> first thing i think is a kid will line it up in a little row and have a straw. >> the founder of palcohol was unavailable for an interview. instead he released this youtube video calling the concerns unfounded speculations that they would snort palcohol. >> why would anyone choose to spend an hour of pain and misery snorting all of this
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powder to get one drink in their system? >> several states adopted preemptive bans on palcohol. california has thought so they could see the product by the beginning of the summer. alan wang abc7 news. a warning tonight about possible rabies exposure at a fremont park after a dead bat tested positive for the disease. it was first noticed near the entrance of the irvington community center. any person or pet that touched the bat may have been exposed to rabies. anyone with earn concern should contact alameda county vector control immediately. take no chances with rabies. a san francisco man is hoping for the return of his mother's ashes taken during a home burglary. they were inside a tear-dropped shaped urn but it was red in color. police are asking for help locate willing -- locating the urn.
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a new controversy for the secret service. two agents who protect the president are now under investigation accused of being drunk and crashing into a white house barricade. abc news reporter has the latest. >> the latest embarrassment for the embattled secret service, two agents allegedly drove into a barricade near the white house. according to the "washington post" they were drunk and in a government vehicle after attending a retirement party for a fellow secret service agent. a supervisor let them go home. the incident comes as a new director leads the secret service. >> when you fail we have failed. >> strong words just weeks ago from joseph clansey. before this incident there was the prostitution agency. agents drunk on presidential detail in 2014 and just months after that perhaps the most
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embarrassing a man who scaled the white house fence is making it to a stairway leading to the first family's living quarters. >> the president and the first family and the white house are going to be secure. >> the white house will only say that president obama has been informed of the allegations. the secret service and the inspector general and top members of the president's detail will investigate the two agents of driving drunk in a government car. abc news washington. >> giving the gift of life. they worked together before, but now their bond is much, much closer. he risked his life to save his friends. >> and the most depressing starbucks in the country. why customers said it felt like a jail and what the company did about it. >> is this a fairway freak or a photoshop gape? the gator who loves golf courses. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. rain this morning? record warmth may be coming as we hit the weekend.
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we continue to follow breaking news in ferguson mow poe where two -- missouri where two police officers were shot during a night of protests. >> it happened about a half hour ago. demonstrators gathered following the resignation of tom jackson. they complained that outside law enforcement agencies were on the scene and it is not clear which department the officer shot belong to. >> now following the justice department's report saying the ferguson police department showed a pattern of discrimination, pro tiling and ticketing of african-americans. it stems from the police shooting of an unarmed black man, michael brown last august in ferguson.
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our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> oprah winfrey will deliver the annual stanford lecture on a meaningful life. she will offer reflections on life during the speech at stanford memorial church on april 20th. the lecture honors the late professor who delivered his renouned last lecture each year. students faculty and staff have to enter a lottery to land a spot. the most depressing starbucks in the country just got a make over. starbucks customers spoke out about this los angeles store and the java giant listened and reacted. before the renovations they said it reminded them of a jail. now they say it is the best they have ever seen. customers commented on the lighting, the wood mural on the patio and the bigger windows which are now a lot less jail like. the coffee is pretty much the same. two families consider themselves one big family
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after a san mateo county office correctional officer donated a kidney to a colleague's son. >> katie is live at ucsf medical center with the report. katie? >> the surgeries went perfectly. in fact both men are upstairs and could be home by the end of the week. they are bonded for life and for garrett life is just beginning. >> he was starting to get sick since he was 14 years old. >> it was a kidney disease. >> he was waiting for a kidney ever since and has been on dialysis for the last year. neither of his parents was able to donate, but someone close to the family was. >> in that moment i knew there was something i wanted to do and i felt deep down inside i was going to be a match. >> and on tuesday he gave his kidney to garrett. >> -- he is a correctional officer and he works with garrett's dad. they were friends first.
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>> i have no idea what to say to him. i tell him i love him all the time and thank you so much. he gave me my son back. >> they are in the truest sense of the word really family now. and so i am overwhelmed by not just what i have done, but i think it has shown me that there is a lot of people out there that are willing to do stuff that is extraordinary. >> he won't admit it, but he is one of those people. >> he has reel -- he has really stepped up and he is doing something he believes in. yeah it makes us incredibly proud he has that kind of courage. >> and no one is more grateful than garrett. >> i keep thanking him and i am really blessed that he wanted to do that and he was able to do this. >> garrett plans to go back to junior college in the fall. he is studying to become a history teacher. in san francisco abc7 news. >> fantastic. >> remarkable story.
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>> let's talk about the weather forecast. we were hoping for more rain, but we didn't get as much as we wanted. >> sandhya patel has more on what is ahead. >> the rain was just enough to dampen the grounds this morning and to say nice to see you. it moved out pretty quick and now we see the lack of moisture. the rainfall, well we got about .12 in fare feed and moffett field and oakland and santa rosa and the livermore valley. temperatures are in the 50s. visibility is terrific as we look clearly across the bay toward san fransisco. warmer days into the weekend as we head toward saturday. here is the cold front that weakened considerably. it did bring a little snow to the sierra. pattern changes ahead for us in the bay area. the high pressure will start
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to take over. warming trend begins tomorrow and really that ridge is going to dominate right on through the weekend. get ready for some real warmth around here that could put us at record levels. we could see a few clouds and patches of fog for the morning rush. the fog will disappear and the sun will be out pretty early on with the temperatures rising quickly for your thursday. speaking of rising look at the temperature trend for san jose. the average high is 66 degrees. 74 tomorrow. a good 10 degrees above normal for friday and if it hits 81 which right now it looks like it could that would tie a record for san jose. temperatures will slip for the second half of the weekend. tomorrow morning do bundle up. it will start out cooler than today. lack of cloud cover. mid40s to low 50s and watch out for the patches of fog out there. for the afternoon it will be nice in the south bay. 76 in gilroy and 75 morgan hill.
11:20 pm
santa clara, sunnyvale on the peninsula and menlo park 73 degrees. 65 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco 69. we will get you to the mid60s in the sunset district and an occasional high cloud around the north bay. 77 ukiah and napa occasional high clouds. east bay will be a mild, bright, sunny day. 73 oakland and fremont. inland spots will be in the midto upper 70s around antioch and fairfield. sunny skies and if you are headed to the st. patrick's day parade it takes place this saturday. it is in san francisco clear and mild at 11:00 a.m. and warming up quickly. low 70s and then a light breeze in the evening. it should be terrific weather for the st. patty's day parade. the accu-weather seven-day forecast will warm you into the 80s inland for the weekend. 70s at the beaches. let's call it beach weather. cooler next week.
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ now back to our breaking news. we have new videos from ferguson missouri. this is one of the ambulances at the scene where two officers have been shot. there were protests all night outside the police department following the resignation of the police chief. it continues on abc7 news bay area. we have continuing coverage on air and on-line. the creature in the black lagoon. look at this alligator that ininvaded a golf course. some say it is a fake and it is just too big.
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workers are adamant that it is for real and say it happens all the time. it does happen and you see them quite often. >> that's a big guy. i'm not messing with him. >> see you later, alligator. the warriors keep it going against the pistons but the best of the night
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last season golden state finished with 51 wins. tonight it matched the total with 19 games to go. let's go to oracle.
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clay -- klay thompson sets up bogit for the jam. golden state was up by five at half time. detroit hung around for awhile despite the 22 rebounds. the warriors are too deep and too good. he came off the bench to skier 13 points. thompson reached the milestone with the game high 27. curry with 11 assists and finds green for the dunking. 105-98 the final. the warriors now lead 51-12. the pac-12 tournament and stanford took on washington and anthony brown blows an easy dunk. williams connects on the other end. the game could come down to this. roscoe alan misses.
11:30 pm
it puts stanford up by two. one last chance but andrews can't get a shot to fall and stanford pulls it out. >> the first game of the day has cal taking care of washington state. the senior with a little jump hook. he scored 25. jordan matthews had a good game with 19 points. the bears crushed the cougars 84-59, but tomorrow they face top seed arizona. with a need for speed at the wide receiver position the 49ers signed long-time raven tory smith. 22 million is guaranteed and the 26-year-old receiver caught 11 touchdowns last year. another former raven receiver helped him make his decision. >> i talked to anquan. i felt very comfortable being
11:31 pm
here. i know i have a chance. >> cactus league action and tim hudson making his bay due against the brewers. hudson who turns 40 in july did one scoreless inning. the giants lose to milwaukee 6-3. and they fall to 2-7 this spring. the a's are off to a better start. billy butler gets all of this ball and parks it in the parking lot. oakland beats cleveland 3-2 and they are 6-2 this spring. a lot of new faces on the oakland a's. >> that's always the case with the
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we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. up next, >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- liam neeson. from "insurgent," octavia spencer. and music from awolnation. with cleto and the cletones. and now, after all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. very nice.


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