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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley in for larry beall. a family of five seriously hurt in a fire are at the hospital. >> they were rescued by firefighters early this morning. >> abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is at the hospital where the family is being taken care of. >> reporter: yeah the mother and one child are here at st. francis hospital recovering from inhalation injuries. the other three family members are at san francisco general hospital. the dad, a daughter and a son also recovering. now this is what happened today. firefighters quickly rescued two of the boys pulled them out from a top window.
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they were able to bring the girl down the stairs and out the entrance and then they brought mom and dad out the back door. now, cpr was performed on three of the family members. this family is from yemen. the father's name is mohammed shi shiebi. he also owns a liquor store before. >> they have had this store for like 20 years, so they brought their family. they have more family. i'm glad they're not there, all of them, you know. >> reporter: now the department of building inspections has visited the store in october, 2014 because there was a complaint filed for using that commercial space for residential use. now, documents prove that inspectors tried to enter the premises three times and were denied access. this morning when firefighters
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arrived, they confirmed those reports. >> we discovered multiple beds and makeshift beds in there, but there were two people that were actually in a room. >> reporter: now after cutting through two pad locks, they found two people inside. they were not injured and they ran. now, the owner of that entire building, his name is maurice pinto. he's owned it several years. he told me over the phone he hasn't been to that location in a while. >> this fire just half a mile from another devastating fire. on january 28th a fire broke out at mission and 22nd six weeks ago today. it was a spectacular blaze. one man died in that fire,
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dozens lost their homes and businesses. members of the community have stemmed up to raise funds and donate goods to help those affected by this terrible fire many of whom are of course still recovering. >> prosecutors are changing course and will charge a woodland woman with murder in the death of her infant son. authorities arrested 23-year-old samantha lee green days after searchers found the body of her 20-day-old son. she was charged with involuntary manslaughter but prosecutors have decided to upgrade those charges. green and the baby were first reported missing february 23rd. she was found the next day screaming for help. autopsy results suggest the baby drowned or died from hypothermia. >> a group of clergy is calling for an investigation into a deadly shooting by the police department. they say the shooting death of amu carr perez last month was
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not justified. perez was shot after he did not follow orders to drop a knife. perez, who did not speak english, may not have understood the undercover officers who were in street clothes at the time. >> the facts are all subject to a variety of interpretations. it would be great if some of these cases could actually go to trial when all of the various facts and all the various interpretations could be weighed on all sides. >> san francisco police maintain the shooting was justified and that perez was trying to rob a bicyclist with a knife. there is relief this afternoon in san jose where police raided 11 cafes in connection with a gambling bust. last night's crackdown was the largest ever in san jose. abc 7 news reporter janet oaks spoke to people in neighboring businesses who hope these raids make a lasting difference. janet. >> reporter: yeah, but they're not so sure they will. golden king cafe was raided in a major unldsdertaking that involved
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the dea, fbi and local police. you can see it's now closed today, but business owners say it won't be long before it opens back up. we spoke to the manager of a nearby auto body shop behind the cafe who says it has been raided in the past and a police force tells us there was also a homicide near golden king cafe last december. up to 100 gaming machines were confiscated confiscated. authorities have yet to confirm if any arrests have been made. sing sing cafe is one of the places we did see that was open and nearby business owners there say they hope this will be the last of the raids. >> because, you know, when they do that and my customers come then the customer when -- they cannot go out. >> it can definitely put a mar on the name of the business
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community. >> reporter: now, most of the businesses that were busted were located in east san jose. the gaming machines were set to be pulling in thousands of dollars a week and law enforcement say it's not just illegal gambling that was taking place at these cafes, but they said it's directly linked to other violent crime, drugs and prostitution. in san jose now back to you. apple has restored service to its itunes and app store after a nearly 12-hour global outage. the store was back up and running just after 2:30 this afternoon. the outage frustrated millions of music lovers and mobile device owners all over the world and many took to social media to vent their frustration. apple blamed the outage on an internal technical error that also affected the mac app store and the ibooks store. a warning today about possible rabies exposure at a fremont park after a dead bat there tested positive for the disease. the bat was noticed last friday
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near the entrance of the irvington community center. police removed it the next day. any person or pet that touched the bat may have been exposed to rabies. anyone with concerns should contact alameda county veterinary control. waterfowl are back on the site in redwood shores. last year's cholera outbreak killed more than 200 ducks. officials drained the lagoon and planned to keep it that way for a while, but december's heavy rain brought the birds back. >> we observed that the birds were doing fine from a health standpoint and decided to go ahead and refill the lagoon so that the birds can have a place to come and nest hopefully again this year and return to their normal status. >> the lagoon was originally established as a means of dust control. it was filled with reclaimed water and soon became a popular site for birds and then bird watchers too. a welcome sight for many of
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people in the south bay who woke up early today. rain showers. taking a live look from our san jose cam right now you can still see some clouds but it's pretty dry right now. it was a much different story early this morning, though. matt keller reports from san jose where morning commuters were happy to turn on their windshield wipers. >> reporter: dust off the umbrellas, rain made an appearance in san jose this morning. the wet weather dampened the morning commute with consistent showers lasting through 8:00 this morning. but don't expect people to be bummed out especially after a long stretch of dry weather. >> i love the rain. >> you forget your umbrella or are you basking in the water? >> hey this is how i was born. loving the weather walking like that with my umbrella. >> reporter: this won't have much of an impact on the drought conditions here in the bay area. the santa clara valley water district extended its resolution calling for a 20% water use reduction through june of this year. people are conserving, especially when you compare this year to last year. time will tell if it will be
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enough. when the rain came down this morning, it was figuratively a ray of sunshine even if you got a little wet on the way to work. >> yes, california needs rain. >> we need the rain. coming into santa cruz i see the lexington reservoir has decreased and now it's going back up and that's a really good thing, positive. >> reporter: speaking of reservoirs, the latest water report shows the local storage is at 75% of normal for this time of year. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> that is likely the last rain we're going to see in the bay area for some time. >> which we hate to tell you, but it's true. spencer christian has an accuweather update. >> you're probably right. here's live doppler 7 hd. we have had clouds throughout much of the day but they are thinning out and we're beginning to see a little more sunshine and those showers have departed. but the rainfall totals in the south bay especially look pretty good. we had up to a 10th of an inch in san jose. fairfield had 0.12 but most other locations just had 0.02
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or 0.03 of an inch. mid-60s right now in san francisco, oakland, san carlos 69 at gilroy 59 at half moon bay. a lovely view of the western sky from emeryville. we have current readings of 63 to 64 at santa rosa napa, petaluma and fairfield. 66 concord, 67 livermore. our first forecast as we look out over the bay from our rooftop camera shows partly cloudy skies this evening. a few clouds will linger in the early morning hours. it will be sunny and mild tomorrow. tomorrow marks the beginning of a warming trending. i'll show you how warm it's going to get a little later. the chp reopened 280 near los altos after a deadly crash this morning. it happened around 1:45 a.m. one car drifted into the center divider and a second car hit the first car. one person was ejected and, sadly, died at the scene. it's a last shot for a historic gun club in san francisco.
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the lease ends april 8th for the pacific rod and gun club. the public utilities commission told the gun club it must vacate so a $22 million anti-contamination project can begin. the club has been open for 80 years. it disputes the scope of the environmental cleanup of land contaminated with decades worth of lead shot and clay targets. the gun club will be holding its final club shoot this saturday. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 nasa tests the biggest rocket ever made. how today's booster blast will help the agency prepare for future missions for space. coming up medical experts weigh in on a discussion that's gone viral. why they say concerns a pregnant woman may be too fit may be unfounded. and later at 4:30, the vote today that could spell the end of those cash-only toll lanes on every bay area bridge. and taking a look at your live traffic right now it is
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4:11 on your wednesday. this is the skyway in san francisco on the right-hand side, your traffic heading toward 101 south to the peninsula and beyond. at this hour not moving very well on the other side your traffic approaching the lower
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works. 3, 2, 1 fire. >> we have ignition of nasa's space launch system five segment solid rocket booster. >> a successful nasa test today of the biggest rocket in history. the booster fired for a full two
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minutes on the ground, the same duration that it would actually fire during flight. the rocket eventually could be used in a program that could one day in theory be used to sending people to mars. however, there's no concrete plan that mission will take place because of limited funding from congress. a california man arrested on suspicion of dui decided to go on a joyride in a police car. authorities in san diego put the 25-year-old in the back of the cruiser and that's when he decided to drove off with it, handcuffed. he crashed in the woods and hid for an hour and a half. he was very honest when asked about why he did it. >> yeah i was just being stupid and didn't really want to go to jail. >> what were you thinking while they were searching for you? >> well i'm scared and i didn't want to go to jail. that's pretty much it. >> well officers say the chp car was a newer model and didn't have that cage keeping the man from the driver's seat.
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he faces several charges, including now vehicle theft. catching a bus on the weekend in the east bay will soon get a little easier. starting on sunday, ac transit will provide more weekend service. the popular 72r san pablo rammed line will expand trips saturdays and sundays. several lines will stay in service later on saturday nights. they are just the first of several proposed service improvements for riders. we should learn more about a plan to keep the raiders in oakland. the city's planning commission is holding a special meeting to talk about the environmental impact of building a new stadium at the coliseum site. alameda county supervisor and coliseum joint powers authority member nate miley believes the existing coliseum should be retrofitted and made into a football-only stadium. his plan would have the a's build a ballpark next to the complex. he pitched the idea to the raiders and the nfl a few weeks
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ago but it was shot down. the problem of homelessness in san francisco is getting a lot of attention at city hall. this morning mayor ed lee toured the monthly homeless connects event. that's where homeless people can get medical help, government services and even massages. the mayor says the goal is not to push the homeless out with all the development around market street. >> development is activity of success and we support that but we're using the revenue to find long-term housing and supportive services. >> tonight city leaders will host a town hall meeting to look for creative solutions to ending homelessness. a fitness fanatic and mom-to-be is defending herself. the southern california model is facing big backlash for being in such incredible shape even though she's eight and a half months pregnant. many are questioning whether it's safe. >> reporter: it's the baby bump making a big uproar.
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like many moms sto-to-be, 30-year-old sara stage has been documenting her pregnancy on instagram. >> i really wanted to have a baby. you don't really know how your body is going to be when you're pregnant or after the pregnancy. you just hope for the best. >> reporter: but it's these photos showing off her growing stomach and defined abs at eight and a half months pregnant that are setting the internet on fire. one person writing online where's this baby hiding at? deskt definitely not her tummy. another, she needs to feed that baby instead of worrying about her figure. others posting you are look stunning and are an nin inspiration. >> my baby is healthy and we're happy. a lot of women have been supportive. >> reporter: now nearly 35 weeks pregnant says she works out twice a week and admits while
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it's hard to see in pictures, she's definitely growing. >> my body has changed a lot, i've gained 20 pounds. >> reporter: doctors say there's no one size fits all formula as far as pregnancy is concerned. >> the fact that she looks skinny on instagram does not mean that her baby is growth restricted. if her uterus is the appropriate size, if her baby is measuring appropriately and she has gained an average amount of weight that is medically acceptable. >> reporter: as for stage, she's just focusing on her future little bundle of joy. >> as long as the baby is healthy, i really don't think that anything else matters. so if you gain 60 pounds 20 pounds, 80 pounds, as long as you're healthy and your baby is healthy, that's all that matters. >> that's a good point, the health of the baby is critical. >> right. let's talk about the weather. >> that's right. we got some rain today. not much, but it was rain, spencer. >> we need so much more but we're happy to get the little bit that we got.
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we have a few lingering clouds right now. not as cloudy as it was an hour ago, though. the sun is breaking through a bit more, with each passing midget it seems. you can see some lingering clouds there. these are the forecast features. it will be partly cloudy overnight. a warmer pattern begins tomorrow. we'll see 80 degrees or higher inland by saturday. here's a look at the satellite image and there goes the weak front that brought us our little taste of rain this morning. it's gone now and the shower threat is ending as the front continues its eastward path. a warming trend starts tomorrow and a string of sunny days as well. so let's take a look at our forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening, at which point it will be partly cloudy. notice how the clouds scatter overnight. early tomorrow morning, 5:00 we'll see low clouds and fog lingering, especially into the coast and into the south bay but they'll disappear pretty much all over the bay area. by mid-morning we'll be left with sunny skies and that
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warming trending will kick in. let's take a look at the projected high temperature trend the next seven days. notice for the entire seven-day period highs will be well above the average of 66 this time of the year in san jose. saturday we're projecting a high of 81 degrees in san jose which would tie the record high for that date, march 14th in san jose and that's pretty much the pattern we can expect all arjd the bay area. tonight a little fog near the coast. low temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow south bay sunny and mild. highs in the mid-70s. 75 at cupertino. on the peninsula we'll see low to mid-70s. 73 redwood city. on the coast mid-60s at pacifica and half moon bay. 69 is the high in downtown san francisco tomorrow. up in the north bay look for 76 santa rosa 75 sonoma, 74 san rafael. east bay highs 73 at oakland and hayward, 74 castro valley. 77 at fairfield and antioch 75
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at walnut creek. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. by saturday we'll see low 80s inland. 80 degrees along the bay shoreline. low 70s along the coast. beach weather indeed. it will remain mild to warm for the next couple of days. we'll see a cooler pattern developing by wednesday of next week. but i'm sorry to say there's no rain in sight. >> hate to hear that, spencer thank you. up next suspicious supplements. why prosecutors are launching an investigation into herbal over-the-counter pills. and what the two fraternity brothers expelled from the university of oklahoma have to say about that
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retailers may not be doing enough to protect your credit card data from hackers. a new report found companies tend to beef up their security just before security tests stores have to pass in order to accept credit cards but the
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report suggests just 29% of those companies keep up the same security after passing the tests. only a third of all companies regularly test their network for holes. more states join the list of those questioning the nutritional supplement industry and the risk of car accidents is higher among people with sleep apnea. jane king is in new york with those stories and more in today's wellness report. >> prosecutors from connecticut, indiana and puerto rico have joined new york state in investigating the nutritional supplement industry. new york's attorney general said during a check of herbal supplements they founding some store brands had contaminants and none of them had the herbs advertised. gnc says outside testing irtheir supplements found no irregular labeling. a study found people who were undergoing people to treat apnea greatly reduce risk of an accident. daytime sleepy ngs andiness and sleeping
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pills were predictors. the journal of circulation says patients with both conditions are 50% more likely to die or experience a heart attack as a result of heart disease than those with low stress or no depression. do dumber guys drink more? researchers in sweden found that as a man's iq drops, the risk of both heavy drinking and binge drinking rose. however, previous studies have shown a link between high iq and heavier drinking. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. just ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00 what's believed to be the key factor in today's deadly crash of a military helicopter off the florida coast. also the less-than-stellar driving record of the trucker involved in monday's amtrak derailment. he has a criminal record too. and the damaging report on the ferguson police department cost female announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress
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r here are today's headlines where you live at 4:30. five family members, including three children are in the hospital after firefighters rescued them from an early morning fire. the fire happened in an apartment above a liquor store at 24th street and treat avenue in san francisco's mission district. the father and two kids are in
4:30 pm
critical condition. lyanne melendez tells us a complaint has been filed against the liquor store. she will join us live at 5:00 with what firefighters discovered. we saw some showers in the south bay this morning. matt keller tweets wet in san jose. don't forget the umbrella. it was a welcome sight certainly, but it's not going to have any real impact on our drought at all. it wasn't enough. and weather may have played a factor in an accident involving a military helicopter in florida. seven marines and four soldiers on board are presumed dead. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: all 11 troops who were on board the black hawk helicopter when it crashed are presumed dead, but search teams are not giving up hope spending the day fighting the fog scouring get waters along the coastline of the florida panhandle. >> we have found some remains and also aircraft parts, but we are still in search and rescue mode. >> reporter: the seven marines and four soldiers took off in the darkness from edwin air
4:31 pm
force base near pensacola last night, taking part in a special ops training exercise when their helicopter disappeared around 8:30 p.m. it wasn't until hours later that search teams foujdnd the first pieces of debris. >> a reminder to us that those who serve put themselves at risk both in training and in calm ballot. >> reporter: the marines on board were from camp lejeune in north carolina the army and crew from hammond, louisiana. >> the entire crew had several thousand hours of operation flying a black hawk. >> reporter: the military still not releasing their names. >> the president expressed his support to the families. also that there to be a detailed and thorough investigation into this incident and what caused it. >> reporter: pentagon officials say last night's dense fog may have played a role. it was so bad a military spokesperson said before the crash a second black hawk backed out of the training exercise and
4:32 pm
returned to base. marcy gonzalez, abc news, washington. a major freeway is back open in michigan after a spectacular tanker fire earlier today. look at that. authorities shut down interstate 94 in both directions near the dearborn/detroit border for more than four hours. the tanker caught fire after a crash involving two other cars. no one was seriously hurt. the fire burned for nearly three hours until a special foam truck made it to the scene to douse those flames. no word on the cause of that crash. >> a former ambassador to the united nations says if president obama reaches a nuclear deal with iran, it will leave us in, quote, great peril. john bolton talked with abc 7 news during his trip to san francisco today for a policy briefing with the advocacy group, the bay area council. he commented on a letter this week from 47 republican senators warning tehran that any nuclear accord with president obama's team could expire the day he leaves office. >> the president is worried that
4:33 pm
the involvement of these 47 senators jeopardizes the deal he's negotiating what that tells you is this is a very fragile deal indeed. >> i think you have to ask what people are trying to accomplish. the author says he doesn't want these agreements to be made and he thinks before the judgment is even made that it's a mistake. >> secretary of state john kerry says the president has made it absolutely clear iran will not get a nuclear weapon. negotiators from the u.s. and five other nations hope to reach a framework agreement by month's end. court records show the truck driver whose oversize rig derailed an amtrak rig is a convicted felon. john black was behind the wheel of the big rig that stalled on the tracks before getting hit by the train. 55 people were injured. records show black had been cited for at least a dozen traffic violations, including speeding and driving with a revoked license. he served prison time in 1997
4:34 pm
after being convicted of felony child abuse. the police chief of ferguson, missouri became the latest city official to step down following that scathing justice department report. the city this afternoon said it reached a mutual separation agreement with chief thomas jackson. city manager john shaw stepped down yesterday. the justice department report detailed alleged racial bias in the police department and court system. the report follows the shooting death of an unarmed black man by a white officer. apologies today from the two university of oklahoma fraternity brothers expelled for leading a racist chant. parker rice and levi pettit issued separate statements saying they're sorry for participating in the chant videotaped during a bus trip. they called it a horrible mistake. the apologies come as students, faculty and community members staged a rally on campus. each dipped their fingers in paint to symbolize the colors of
4:35 pm
the rainbow and the diversity on campus. >> i'm here to stand in support of all of those true sooners at the university of oklahoma. standing in support of what we believe in which is unity and solidarity. >> the university issued a statement it doesn't teach the chant to members but the president at the university of texas is looking into reports that the sae chapter there has recited it as well. a shooting report today at lil wayne's house turned out to be another incident of swatting. they did not find any gun or victims at lil wayne's home this afternoon. someone called into a nonemergency police line saying four people had been shot. selects including justin timberlake, tom cruise and miley cyrus have all been targeted by this. san francisco's newest residents are making themselves at home tonight.
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>> they are. coming up how you can help name these three penguin chicks at the academy of sciences. i'm spencer christian from the east bay camera in emeryville, we're seeing the skies are beginning to clear and warmer weather is on the way. checking our traffic at 4:36 in san jose. this is 101, southbound on the right-hand side. traffic backed up as usual, but northbound moving freely at this time and 880 is look
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well, three penguins entered their new home today. abc 7 news was there as they got acclimated to their new surroundings. they spent several months bonding behind the scenes before they joined the main colony of 14 african penguins. one of their curators wants to clear up a common misconception. >> chilly willie is kind of a myth. there are only a couple that live in the antarctic year around. >> the academy is holding a naming contest for two of the chicks. they'll take your suggestions for two weeks before announcing the winning namgzes. >> huey dewey and doc. >> well we got a little rain but not too much. >> we have partly sunny skies.
4:40 pm
here's a look at a time lapse image actually from our exploratorium camera this afternoon showing clouds over the bay. you notice as we get later to the afternoon the clouds get a bit thinner. you see a little more blue there and that's what we're seeing right now. we go to live doppler 7 hd and we have a few clouds around. much clearer skies by tomorrow. as we look at the national map it's going to be a fairly quiet weather day with the exception of the southeastern quadrant of the country which will have some showers and maybe even a couple thundershowers. here in the state of california, a quiet day tomorrow from top to bottom. a few clouds around but mainly sunny skies and child. upper 70s at chico, sacramento 75 at fresno, 88 will be the high in los angeles tomorrow 89 in palm springs. here in the bay area, we'll have a day that will be the fist of several sunny and warm days, especially in the inland areas. mid to upper 70s inland low to mid-70s around the bay. by saturday we'll be looking at high temperatures above 80
4:41 pm
degrees in our inland areas, so quite a warmup coming our way. it's going to be a nice weekend of beach weather. dan and ama. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead at 4:00 hillary clinton's handling of her e-mail controversy and why some say it is proof she's getting ready to run for president. plus the direct action the government is takesing against directv over allegations of bad service. i'm michael finney. how cutting costs by cutting able ca
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4:44 pm
just a day after hillary clinton tried to quiet the controversy over her personal e-mail use as secretary of state, a lawsuit is filed demanding the release of those e-mails. meanwhile, political experts say this issue could have real political implications down the road if she runs for president. >> reporter: whether americans buy hillary clinton's answers as to why she used her personal e-mail account as secretary of state, it remains to be seen.
4:45 pm
>> i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously, it hasn't worked out that way. >> reporter: but according to experts, what is certain at this point, the clinton you saw and heard here -- >> i fully complied with every rule that i was governed by. >> reporter: this is a presidential candidate speaking. >> the seal is off in terms of hillary clinton not being a candidate. she is now in the mix. she is asking questions like a candidate. this may push up by a few weeks the timing of an announcement. >> reporter: the former secretary of state insisting no laws were violated and no classified information e-mailed is still facing criticism from republicans, circulating this video from last month using two devices. >> iphone or android? >> iphone. okay, in full disclosure, and a blackberry. >> reporter: with clinton revealing for the first time she
4:46 pm
deleted some 30000 e-mails she described as personal she's now betting on voters to understand and experts say even forget. >> voters will have to make up their own mind. it's essentially the honor system hillary is engaging in right now saying trust us. >> reporter: the associated press is now suing the state department explaining for years their requests for information went unanswered. the government is suing the nation's biggest satellite provider accusing it of misleading consumers. the federal trade commission says directv deceptively advertised a 12-month programming package. the satellite company did not make it clear the package was actually a two-year contract and the price would go up by $45 per month in the second year. the company has paid multiple settlements in the past for telemarketing violations. streaming services like net flick and amazon are growing in popularity with americans.
4:47 pm
four in ten households with traditional televisions also have an online streaming account. the study found mostly young and middle-aged households along with families log on to watch programming. time warner and via calm are trying to get in by offering video subscriptions to consumers that don't require tv packages. >> consumer reports has partnered exclusively with 7 on your side for a report on cutting cable. >> michael finney joins us with the details. >> reporter: so the cable companies are getting in on cutting cable. it's amazing. more media companies are announcing plans to deliver their tv programs direct to consumers, providing alternatives to traditional paid tv services like cable. consumer reports takes a look at some of those new options for cutting the cable cord. >> three things that have traditionally kept people tied to cable sports kids programming and addictions to shows like "game of thrones"
4:48 pm
that were only available with a pay tv service. but all that is starting to change. nickelodeon and hbo are about to start offering streaming only services. that means you can subscribe to those networks and watch their programming without having a cable subscription. jim wilcox says that's a break-through for tv viewers. >> it's the beginning of an a la carte option. >> reporter: another option sling tv from dish network, which consumer reports just reviewed. the internet-based streaming tv package costs just $20 a month and gives you more than a dozen basic cable channels. these include espn and espn2, cnn, the disney network and soon amc. you can get additional packs with extra news sports or kids shows for $5 apiece per month. consumer reports compared sling tv to cable and says the picture
4:49 pm
quality isn't quite as good and sling tv has a one to two-minute delay. >> these issues may not be enough to keep wannabe cord cutters away especially if they can get free over the air telecasts over an antenna. >> reporter: consumer reports says if you live near a major tv market there's a good chance you'll be able to get many local networks. now, we're all getting in on this too. abc 7 news also has a way for you to tune in any time wherever you are. watch abc as an app that allows viewers in the bay area to watch a live stream of abc 7 programs online and on smartphones, tablets and other devices. go to to get it for free. maybe i just need the 7 on your side channel. >> thank you, michael. an apple store may do wonders for overall business at your local mall. listen to this. a real estate research firm
4:50 pm
found malls with an apple store had 10% higher sales than those without one. the company believes it's possible the release of the apple watch may boost sales even more. another major museum is banning camera extensive poles to make sure artwork isn't damaged. several have forbidden the use of the devices. other places that have banned selfie sticks are the new york museum of modern art and washington, d.c.'s national gallery. with spring right around the corner, more people may be planning to hit the skies. an airline group expects the number of passengers flying this spring will grow by 43000 people per day compared to last year. larger planes should help airlines accommodate the increase in traffic but it's not all good news. the airlines will also squeeze
4:51 pm
in more seats by cutting your leg room. >> oh there's so much now. coming up next, the plan to remove toll takers from all bay area bridges. >> a move today that makes it a step closer to reality. i'm cheryl jennings in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 5:00 too much of a good thing. the new effort to cap the number of bicycles headed north of the golden gate bridge. plus we'll introduce you to an amazing san jose teenager. he took top honors in a contest considered the nobel prize for high school students. that's next when dan ashley and
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tonight two episodes of the goldbergs at 8:00 followed by modern family and blackish. after that it's american crime at 10:00 and abc 7 news at 11:00. watch abc to catch all those shows live on the go with your smartphone, tablet or computer. just visit for details or download the free app by searching watch abc in your
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app store. the sierra could sure use a storm like the one that hit an italian town last week. it's believed the town set an all-time record for the most snow in 24 hours receiving more than eight feet in 18 hours last thursday. the town is about 136 miles east of rome and sits at an altitude of 4,662 feet. the world meteorological organization is working to confirm whether the snowfall actually surpassed the 24-hour snowfall record set in silver lake colorado, back in 1921 with just over six feet of snow. well two adorable little girls and a toy car have some explaining to do after they were pulled over in north carolina. the union county sheriff's office in monroe posted this picture on its facebook page saying, excuse me ma'am do you know how fast you were driving? this precious interaction was posted online after our abc sister station asked the viewers to share their weather photos.
4:56 pm
the person who submitted it said it was a way for the deputy to have some fun on a gorgeous day. all right from those cars to the real cars. changes are likely on the way for six bay area bridges. caltrans may put an automated toll collection system in place, doing away for drivers digging for cash at the toll plaza, as well as the many toll takers who work there. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom joins us live from the bay bridge. jonathan? >> reporter: well, you know they have already said good-bye to the toll takers at the golden gate bridge. but today the board that oversees this bridge and all the others voted to study how it would work to make all of these toll booths go away. to cross the bay bridge you can pay with fastrak or the old-fashioned way. >> we pay with cash and it's horrible. >> reporter: even drivers who aren't paying cash can get stuck behind drivers who are. >> those are the people who are slowing us down. i think everyone needs a toll tag. is that even an option?
4:57 pm
>> reporter: well, sort of. >> the golden gate bridge, as you know, transferred to all electronic tolling in march of 2013. >> reporter: now officials want to do that with the bay area's other bridges. the golden gate bridge uses a combination of fastrak and license plate readers to send a bill in the mail to people that don't have an account. they unanimously agreed to spending money on a study. >> $450,000 to analyze the operation status on bridges. >> reporter: it's nothing compared to the millions they'd save. >> the future of toll collection is all electronic, but the question is how do you -- how do you build that bridge to the future. >> reporter: first, the growing pains. when the golden gate bridge switched over, fastrak's customer service took a nosedive. >> we've had a challenge dealing with the billing system. >> reporter: an investigation showed some drivers being fined for toll evasion before the bill even showed up. there's even a class action suit in the works. if you called to complain? >> it takes a long time to get through to a human being to
4:58 pm
solve the problem. it's capacity problems on the website. >> reporter: what about the toll takers? the golden gate bridge found new jobs for most of them. but at other bridges, neither caltrans nor the union wanted to comment. >> at the same time, you've got to look at people getting to their jobs as well and the backups that it creates. >> reporter: nothing will change until the study is finished next february. in oakland, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> that will do it for abc 7 news at 4:00. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. akz abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. a uc stumtdent is the first homicide in years. could it have been somebody she met online. heroes and heart ache. the rescue of a family after their home goes up in flames. and too many bikes. the tourist attraction that is threatening to take over a city. >> then sunny warm sausalito. >> a little rain this morning,
4:59 pm
big changes ahead. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll have all the details coming up. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. albany police are being tight-lipped, not saying very much about a rare murder in their city tonight. but abc 7 news has learned that the victim may have recently met someone online. laura anthony is live at albany police headquarters tonight with new information on this crime. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. that information came from family members not from albany police. they say they will have an update sometime this afternoon. we have yet to hear from them. >> and i heard like somebody was crying. >> reporter: anwaur hussein lives just a few yards from where his neighbor was found dead monday afternoon inside her apartment, discovered by her cousin. >> i heard a young man on the phone calling the police or you
5:00 pm
know he was saying that you know can somebody come and help, my cousin has been killed in her apartment. >> so when he opened the door basically that's what he said he found the body on the floor. >> reporter: that cousin told us by phone that the apartment door was closed when he arrived but not locked and she was laying in a pool of blood, a bullet casing on the floor. sing told us, quote, the family is devastated right now. each one of us is crying night and day. we can't put a finger on why anyone would do this. there is some indication she recently met a man on the internet, though it's not clear whether police believe that played a role in her murder. this neighbor lives in the apartment building next door. >> the other day i came home and there was police and everybody here. i just was shocked. >> reporter: the 37-year-old was in her final semester at ucsf in the international dental program. her cousin told us she was a practicing dentist in her native india. now he says that's where they


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