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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 9, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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heryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us we appreciate your time. we will see you again at 6:00. >> bye bye. breaking news this monday night. we're on the scene right now. yet another collision on the tracks. the amtrak train colliding with a truck. the moment of impact caught on camera. witnesses screaming. >> oh! >> passengers on board that train to new york rescued. swift action tonight after this fraternity video, the racist chant caught on tape. students given hours to get out of their frat house. breaking news. the family speaks after an unarmed teenager is shot and killed in madison, wisconsin. tonight, you will hear the radio calls. piecing together the scene inside that home. bill cosby releasing his own video. tonight, his message. and the poison plot at the world's biggest dog show. one of the champion dogs, a stunning irish setter, gone. the autopsy results are in.
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good evening on this monday night. and we begin with the frightening scene playing out while drivers were watching the whole thing. an amtrak train from charlotte to new york city colliding with a tractor trailer on the tracks. this is the third major train accident in just six weeks and take a look at the aftermath tonight. two cars derailed. the tractor trailer there hauling something under that blue cover, shattered. all of it was being recorded by a woman watching by her car. she reported seeing the driver trying to back up off the tracks. >> oh! oh! >> you can hear her stunned by what she witnessed on the tracks. afterward, dozens of injured passengers rushed to the hospital. the accident tonight raising questions yet again over the safety of those crossings. abc's david kerley on the scene tonight. >> reporter: eyewitnesses saw it coming. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> reporter: the amtrak train slamming into a tractor trailer stuck on the tracks. >> oh! >> we need ems up here fast. we got passengers hurt.
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>> reporter: the engine and two of the seven cars derail. >> engine on the side tore to pieces. back car and the first coach on the ground. >> reporter: more than 60 of the 220 people on board were injured. more than half taken by ambulance. the rest on buses to the halifax, north carolina, hospital. >> it was horrific. i mean, the ground shook. our vehicle shook. >> reporter: the truck, carrying what appeared to be a prefabricated structure, was actually being escorted by a state patrolman. a witness says the truck was trying to make a right turn, just after the tracks and backed up several times, trying to negotiate that turn. >> we see the lights blinking and the arms come down to the railroad tracks and, you know, they were trying to move and it just couldn't move and it collided. >> reporter: as the train approached in an area with a 70-mile-an-hour rail speed limit, the truck driver jumps to safety. but did anyone warn the train? >> that's still part of the ongoing investigation. that's something we will look into. >> reporter: this is the third serious passenger rail accident recently. two weeks ago, it was a truck on
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the tracks in california. an suv last month in new york struck by a commuter train. there are about 2,000 accidents at american rail crossings every year. as they are working to remove the tractor trailer, we are told that none of the injuries is life threatening. but still tonight, no answers. did the rail line or amtrak get a warning that this truck was stuck on the tracks? david? >> david kerley leading us off tonight. david, thank you. and we have new information after the plane scare we reported on last week here. you'll remember the delta jet that skidded off a snowy runway at new york's laguardia airport, crashing through that fence, stopping just feet before the river. the pilots now telling investigators the brakes were at maximum, but they did not sense they were slowing the plane down. we turn now to growing outrage after an explosive piece of video. orn a college bus. anger on the campus of the university of oklahoma after frat members were heard singing racist chants. the video shows frat brothers smiling and laughing, clapping along. tonight, they're packing.
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told they have hours to get their things out of the frat house. and this evening, protests and vigils on campus. students hand in hand. the frat house now covered in graffiti. the message? tear it down. abc's ryan owens in oklahoma with the tape. >> reporter: it's more than just moving day at the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity house at the university of oklahoma. tonight, the greek letters have come down. the fraternity is kicked off campus. >> you can hang them from a tree but they'll never sign with me, there will never be [ bleep ] in sae. >> reporter: all after the nine-second video showing sae members in tuxedos chanting the n-word and implying blacks should be lynched rather than be in their fraternity. the video went viral sunday night after it was texted anonymously to a group of african-american students on campus. >> this is not something that's happened overnight, this is something that's been rehearsed, this is something that is well-known. everybody on that bus was singing this chant proudly and
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confidently. >> reporter: the outrage was immediate. so was the action. by noon today, the university president shut down the fraternity and said the students on the tape could be expelled. >> we don't have any room for racists and bigots at this university and i'd be glad if they left. >> reporter: sae is one of the country's largest fraternities, and they, too, moved quickly to dissolve this chapter. >> this dark cloud is hanging over the organization and it's sad because this is absolutely not what sae is about. >> reporter: no comment tonight from the former members of the now former chapter that's behind me. but in fairness, david, these young men have been busy moving out today. the president says they must be out of that house by midnight tomorrow. >> ryan owens live in oklahoma tonight. ryan, thank you. we move on now, to another flash point this evening, and this one involves growing fallout after a police shooting in madison, wisconsin. it happened friday night, an unarmed black teenager shot by a white police officer. protesters taking their anger to the state capital, as tonight,
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we learn new details about what led up to the deadly shooting. it left this young man dead, and a veteran police officer on the force for more than a decade on paid leave tonight. abc's linzie janis with the radio calls. what played out that night. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> reporter: hundreds of students today marching on the wisconsin state capital, calling the name of the unarmed 19-year-old, killed by a police officer. >> what's his name? >> tony robinson! >> what's his name? >> tony robinson! >> reporter: this peaceful protest inside the capital building here in madison, made up mostly of high school students. demanding answers to just what happened friday night, when officer matt kenny responded to these complaints about tony robinson, on probation for taking part in a home invasion robbery last year. >> yelling and jumping in front of cars, 19 years of age, name is tony robinson. apparently tony hit one of his
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friends. no weapons seen. >> reporter: officer kenny arriving at the home robinson was visiting. upon hearing a disturbance inside, forcing his way in. >> we have to enter. >> reporter: then, seconds later, shots. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: police say there was a struggle, and the officer fired several times, killing the unarmed teenager. >> 19 years old is too young. >> reporter: madison's police chief apologetic. what do you want to say to the family? what's your message to them? >> i don't have a good answer except to say i'm sorry. i apologize for what has happened to their son, their grandson, their nephew, their friend. >> reporter: david, we just heard from tony robinson's family. they are urging calm tonight and respect for police. officer kenny is on paid leave while the investigation continues. david? >> linzie, thank you. now, to the dramatic new
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images revealed in the boston bombing trial. today, chilling new video prosecutors say shows dzhokhar tsarnaev placing the bombs and minutes later, as chaos was evolving, calmly buying milk at the store. abc's tom llamas in boston this evening. >> reporter: watch closely. prosecutors say, for the first time, we're seeing dzhokhar tsarnaev committing his act of terror. he's the one in the white cap picking a spot in the crowd and slipping off the backpack holding that pressure cooker bomb. he uses his cell phone, allegedly to call his brother. and seconds later, the first explosion. as the crowd suddenly looks left, tsarnaev slips away and then the bomb prosecutors say he planted goes off. a fireball erupting into the camera. just about 20 minutes later, as chaos was erupting at the finish line, surveillance tape at a nearby whole foods shows the then 19-year-old casually strolling in, heading to the dairy section to buy milk. prosecutors using this tape to paint a picture of callus indifference to human suffering. the kind of suffering the jury saw in these images and heard about from witness after
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witness, including one of the heroes of that day, paramedic matthew patterson, who was offduty, but jumped into action. >> when the second one went off, there was no mistaking that feeling in that blast. i knew it was not an accident. it was on purpose. and, you know, sadly enough, we were under attack. >> reporter: and david, throughout all that impactful testimony, inside of the courtroom, dzhokhar tsarnaev just sat slouched in his chair, looking indifferent, and avoiding eye contact with his alleged victims. david? >> tom llamas from boston tonight. tom, thank you. and next, to the stunning e-mails uncovered at a v.a. hospital in indianapolis. a manager now accused of making fun of the very veterans she and her team were supposed to be helping when they returned from war. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: in a december e-mail obtained by the "indianapolis star," robin paul, a manager at the v.a.'s transitional clinic for returning veterans, sent her staff these pictures. in this one, a toy elf pleads for xanax, used to treat anxiety
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and panic. the caption says the elf is "self-medicating for mental health issues" because he couldn't get a prescription. then there is this. the elf appears to hang himself in an electrical cord. "caught in the act of suicidal behavior," says the caption. the photos surface as the v.a. itself estimates 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. critics say it's another black mark on an agency mired in scandal, accused of hiding unacceptably long wait times for patient care. that cost the v.a. secretary his job. >> all we want is for the v.a. to fix what's broken, to hold employees appropriately accountable and help restore the faith of veterans in their v.a. health care system, and this one employee, this one supervisor, violated all three of those. >> reporter: paul said, "i take full responsibility for this poor judgment. i have put my heart and soul into my work with veterans for many years." the v.a. won't say if paul has been fired, only saying the
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matter has been handled. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> clayton, thank you. next, to washington tonight, and outrage over what some are calling an extreme measure by members of congress. others saying the letter was necessary. 47 republican senators have sent a message to the leaders of iran about any negotiations on nuclear arms with the obama administration. they write, "you may not fully understand our constitutional system. we will consider any agreement regarding your nuclear weapons program that is not approved by the congress as nothing more than an executive agreement between president obama and ayatollah khomeni." let's get right to abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. jon, the white house is now reacting? >> reporter: david, the white house is furious. one top official just called that republican letter reckless, saying it threatens to undermine the united states on the world stage. they are accusing the republicans of trying to kill
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the agreement they are trying to reach with iran on its nuclear program and violating a long-standing rule of diplomacy that it is the president who negotiates agreement with foreign leaders. but i spoke to the primary author of that letter, he is a republican senator, tom cotton, he said, all he is trying to do is make sure the iranians know that if that agreement is not ratified by the congress, it can be undone by the next president with a stroke of a pen. >> all right, jon karl tonight on the letter sent straight to iran. jon, thank you. now, to the extreme weather tonight. and the heavy rain in the south triggering flash flood watches in texas today and warming weather, causing troubles elsewhere, too. in victoria, texas, drenching rain, flooding fields, swamping roads. making it impossible for drivers there. and look at this from boston tonight. some of that snow and ice falling from rooftops, damaging parked cars below. that's going to come with a lot of melting in the days ahead. let's get right to ginger zee. you told me, the rain extends from texas to the mid-atlantic. >> reporter: right, along that warm front. the next 24 hours are crucial, david. let me take you straight to the map. it's a stream of pacific moisture that's just been stagnant over east texas. along the gulf, too. that's why we've got flash flood watches, not just from austin to houston, but into louisiana.
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now, that warm front is going to drop extra rain on top of the snow in charleston, west virginia. they have flood watches tonight. people in kentucky and tennessee that have all that fresh snow on the ground, watching for an extra two to four inches. this is going to be a mess in the next couple of days. speaking of snow, friday, we had more than 50% of our nation covered in it. today, less than 25%. that march warmth, the sun is doing its job. look at how warm tomorrow. kansas city, almost 20 degrees above average. >> good riddance to the snow, right? but it brings a danger. be careful out there. thanks, ginger. now, to apple's big gamble tonight, the apple watch. and you'll remember, we took you behind the scenes just a few months back, giving you an exclusive first look at the watch. you can even send a tweet with your voice, we learned. the watch can also track your vital signs, your every heartbeat, as we learned in covering the watch. and tonight, the new details revealed to the country. they also revealed something else, though. the price. here's abc's neal karlinsky. ♪ >> reporter: get ready to start
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looking up from your smartphone and down at your wrist. >> as you raise your wrist, you'll see -- >> reporter: lights up. >> yeah. >> reporter: we got our hands on the yet to be released apple watch today for a test drive. i'm going to swipe across. first impression, it's actually pretty light. 52 and cloudy in san francisco today. apple's ceo tim cook says the apple watch is the most advanced time piece ever. delivering on the promise of dick tracy. >> all set in there, tracy? >> check that. >> i have been wanting to do this since i was 5 years old. >> reporter: david muir got his hands on one backstage with cook for an exclusive look back in september. >> how do you convince america and the world to wear a computer on their wrist? >> this had to be something that people were proud to wear. that said something about them. >> reporter: with a swipe of your wrist, you can use it as a credit card or a plane ticket. even a hotel room key. mine monitored my heart rate. part of apple's entry into health and fitness. notifications of everything from messages to facebook posts. but it doesn't come cheap. the base model is $349. the mid-range starts at $549. and the 18-karat gold edition
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starts at $10,000. one issue is the battery. it's said to last 18 hours. meaning, if you want to use this phone, you'll have to charge it every night. david? >> neal karlinsky, great to have you with us tonight. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the murder mystery at the biggest dog show in the world. the poison plot tonight. the champion dog gone. the autopsy is now in this evening. also, bill cosby releasing his own video tonight. the new message he's hoping fans will hear. and you might remember the scene that outraged so many. the ex-scout leaders laughing as they toppled those ancient rocks in utah. well, tonight, what two american tourists are accused of doing at the coliseum. they were not laughing at this one. sniz
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the hoover floormate deluxe. washes. scrubs. dries. floormate deluxe. starting at one thirty nine. next tonight here, to the mystery at the world's biggest dog show. the champion irish setter fatally poisoned. abc's lama hasan in london. >> very smart looking lineup. >> reporter: the murder mystery
5:48 pm
has stunned and horrified what is billed as the world's largest dog show. this 3-year-old irish settler at the center of it all. >> the autopsy shows very clearly that there were cubes of meat in his tummy that were laced with poison. >> reporter: just a day after competing at crufts, jagger suddenly collapsed and died at home. >> please let us now grieve for the loss of our lovely jagger. >> reporter: the vet's autopsy concluding it was deliberate. with the competition so fierce at dog shows like crufts and westminster, the question is, would someone actually poison a dog to gain the advantage? his owners believe it was foul play, but not from a competitor. >> we can't and we won't think that this was the act of another exhibitor. >> reporter: but tonight, at least one more breeder at the show is complaining her dog was also sickened. just deepening the mystery of what happened here and why. lama hasan, abc news, london. >> lama, thank you.
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work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain. to the index tonight, and bill cosby releasing his own video, appearing upbeat in a message he put out today. promoting his comedy show. >> 8:00 show. that's right. and you know i'll be hilarious. >> talking on a rotary phone. no mention of the scandal in his video. we have a passing to note tonight. sam simon, co-creator of "the simpsons" has died. after a long battle with cancer. he was planning to give his $100 million fortune to various charities. he won seven emmy awards. two american women arrested in rome, accused of carving their initials into a wall inside the coliseum. police say they snapped a selfie next to their initials before being arrested. you'll remember the two scout leaders fined after knocking over an ancient rock formation in utah and then cheering about it. they're ex-scout leaders now. and they're ordering up a coverup in college football.
5:53 pm
ncaa announcing crop top jerseys are now banned. players such as ohio state's ezekiel elliott no longer allowed to expose that six-pack. prompting many responses online. his own father tweeting, "in protest, i will wear a crop top jersey all next season." when we come back this monday, the first grader forced to eat alone in the cafeteria, until an entire community heard about it. stay tuned for this. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. when the moment's spontaneous,
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shop in town. his mom nicole stays at home to watch over his little sister and their cousins. hunter goes to school every day, like any first grader. but there were a few times when he was late. mom driving to school, but their car, and old dodge durango, was acting up. they kept putting off repairs because they couldn't afford them. their backup car in trouble, too. one morning, they were late again. and little hunter knew he was going to get in trouble at school. and he did. images of him in the cafeteria by himself. alone at a table, a piece of cardboard set up to block his view of the other children. eating alone. >> my heart just broke, because he was sitting there and he just was kind of peeking around the side. i just felt terrible for him. >> reporter: the school taking heat for their detention policy, which they've now amended. and it turns out when the family posted the image of facebook, an entire community began to weigh in. the local radio host, bill meyer. >> we talked about it on the radio show and things kind of
5:58 pm
went nuts from that point forward. one shop calls another shop calls another shop. people just started volunteering from the heart. >> reporter: the family was called to what they thought was the repair shop. instead, what was waiting for them was this chrysler minivan. and today, take a look. hunter getting out of school and hopping into that minivan with mom. >> oh, they love it. they can't believe, like, there are people that want to help us and come together to get a car that's so reliable and it's such a great van. >> we loved this. and hunter, you can come have lunch with us in the news room any time. tonight, how women are treated in silicon valley. >> distraught relatives arrived in a san francisco murder scene. a shooting that left two men dead. >> use less water, spend more
5:59 pm
money. why your water bill could go way up. >> and apple takes a wrap off it's new watch. >> we begin with criminal accusations against a member of the san francisco 49ers, good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. there are new allegations of domestic abuse against fullback bruce miller. we don't know what happened or where the alleged crime occurred but miller was arrested just before midnight for spousal battery. miller has been a 49er four seasons now. he's 27 years old the team issued a statement, saying quote the organization is aware of the matter and we'll do our due diligence in
6:00 pm
collecting all relevant information. you'll recall ray mcdonald was dismissed after two assault arrests. prosecutors tell abc7 news the investigation is open with no decision on charges in the second arrest. >> more breaking news the search underway now for a man suspected of kidnapping his 1-year-old son in southern california and he could be in the bay area. police have activated amber alerts and put up pictures throughout the state this evening. this is one near east oakland. here is the man they're looking for and his son, jaden two feet tall and 26 pounds. he was abducted from his home in san pedro where his mother's boyfriend was stabbed this morning. his father was last seen


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