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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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sierra-nevada. good afternoon, everyone. >> the normally quiet upscale east bay neighborhood is reeling after shots were fired leaving a 21-year-old man dead. >> this happened this morning on scotia street near noland park in the oakland hills. abc 7's wayne freedman joins us live in the area with the story. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon. it is the 18th homicide in oakland this year. 18 homicides now. we're only into the month of march. every homicide is surprising. every homicide is a disappointment and a tragedy to a family. but in this neighborhood it is also a major surprise. in a neighborhood of nice homes and pride of ownership, the police tape the evidence markers, the grieving family hardly seem to fit. in oakland's grass valley they
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own this too now, and the grandmother of 21-year-old marcus west jr. weeps. >> one and that's it. my daughter says it was four gunshots, but the policeman said it was many more. >> sounded like little pop, pop, pop, pop, pop shots about seven of them. then the young man of laying in the street. he bled out on the street. he was shot in the head just bled out. >> reporter: marcus west jr. had a 2-month-old son and plans to work in construction. he died outside the house he grew up in, the victim of what neighbors describe as a drive-by shooting around 7:00 a.m. she the 18th homicide victim in oakland this year though his sister remembers that number 18 as a brother. >> the only person that gets like me. we just laugh at the same things. >> reporter: his cousin sees the number 18 as an ongoing tragedy. >> i would say why another life. you know what i mean? black people get killed out here
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every day. >> reporter: in a city riddled with crime, even this part of it above highway 580 has had seven car thefts ten burglaries, two armed robberies and one assault since the 1st of the year. no wonder so many of these homes have cameras pointed outside their doors. police are looking at the cameras hoping to find something. it won't bring back marcus west jr. >> i saw his body. i covered him with a blanket and put a towel over his head. i saw him take his last breath. i prayed with him. >> reporter: from oakland near noland park, wayne friedman abc7 news. jahi mcmath's family is suing ucsf's children's hospital oakland and the doctor who treated her more than a year ago. that's when the then-13-year-old girl was of pronounced brain-dead after suffering severe complications from surgery to treat sleep apnea. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, specifically naming dr.
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frederick rosen for lagging when jahi showed signs of distress following the operation. >> thinking she had a medialized carotid artery in her throat. had to be on high alert for post-operative complications. >> jahi began bleeding in her throat after the surgery went into cardiac arrest, and was pronounced brain-dead. her parents refused to take her off life and moved her to a new jersey facility. the hospital released a statement saying their hearts go out to the mcmath family, but that they cannot comment on the pending litigation. residents in a hercules neighborhood were ordered out of their homes temporarily this morning because of a major gas leak. sky 7 h.d. was over the riverview terrace neighborhood, near the north side of interstate 80 between john muir parkway and san pablo avenue. officials say an eight-inch line was punctured. utility crews capped the line quickly. nobody was hurt. the evacuation order was done as a precaution. san francisco's hall of justice was evacuated for more
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than an hour today after workers in the mailroom found several suspicious envelopes. police say the brown envelopes were wrapped with a lot of masking tape and simply addressed to sfpd. the bomb squad of called in and part of the building was evacuated. everyone was allowed back in after it was determined the envelopes did not contain explosives. police in antioch attempting to piece together the pieces in connection with a murder case last night. this happened in a quiet residential neighborhood. >> investigators say the people believed to be responsible for the death crashed a getaway car into a house. abc 7's amy holly feel with details from antioch. >> reporter: when the car crashed into this antioch garage last night around 11:30 the woman inside said it sounded like an explosion. inside her garage two cars were damaged, and supplies for her event planning company were thrown to the ground. she welcomed us in to take pictures but did not want her own picture taken. >> i was just afraid to look out the window because i didn't know whoever was involved had jumped
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or what. i was afraid. >> reporter: when she finally did look, she said she almost passed out in shock. a car wedged in to her garage and three people being hauled off by police. she lives here alone along with her dog pepper. >> thank god that i'm still alive because it could have very well came through that gate and came in here. i'm just blessed to be alive. >> reporter: the three people inside the car may have been trying to get away from the scene of a murder. >> i was sitting on the couch, it was a sim shot. >> reporter: the -- sim shot. >> reporter: the more happened in front of cheryl white's house on hudson court. a police officer heard the shot and saw lights off driving away. the officer pursued it until it crashed into the garage. police found the man who had been shot to death lying on hudson court. >> crazy, you know. i be trying to have my son here and can't have him over here. >> too much balance around here
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in -- too much violence around here in our community. it's going to continue to go on. >> reporter: antioch police have not announced a motive or any arrests. while they continue to investigate, some resigns tell us they are so fed up with the violence, they're thinking about moving away. in antioch, amy hallollyfield. police have identified two men who were shot and killed following an argument. ryan wrathneck and brandon lowell. investigators say they were shot on altamont creek drive during a deal involving illegal contraband. police won't swha the contraband is. hours later, police arrested james wehrs. at this point they've only charged him with illegal gun possession as they continue investigating. this was livermore's first murder in more than two years. the snow pack is well below normal. how bad is it exactly?
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surveyors measured only 6.7 inches of snow. that could make it the lowest snow pack total in a quarter century. and besides facing a fourth straight year of drought state officials say they're worried that conservation efforts dropped in january. the bay area residents scaled back their water use by only 4%. a little bit of rain that we had the past few days, it's gone. and it's about to heat up. >> spencer christian is here with the first look at the accu-weather forecast. hey. it is definitely going warm up. we've got a string of dry days ahead before our next chance for rain. here's live doppler 7 h.d. mainly sunny skies, a few high clouds around. here's a lovely view from emeryville looking westward across the bay. currently 58 in san francisco. low 60s in oakland, san carlos, san jose gilroy. 55 at half moon bay. looking southeastward, see a few soft clouds in the sky there. temperatures in the low to mid 60s at santa rosa, napa, petaluma fairfield, concord, livermore. looking at clouds over sfo
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here's the first forecast we'll see high clouds this evening, cool, chilly in the early morning hours. lows dropping into the 30s again in our inland valleys. tomorrow afternoon will be sunny and mild highs ranging from mid 60s at the coast to near 70 inland. and it's going to get even warmer as the week goes. on we'll have the seven-day forecast shortly. >> all right. see you in a few minutes. information is leaking out regarding the justice department investigation sparked by the august shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. a law enforcement official says investigators found pattern of racial bias in the ferguson police department, as well as the municipal jail and court there. it also says that officers disproportionately used excessive force against black suspects, and too often charged them with petty offenses. the official was speaking on condition of anonymity. the complete report could be released as soon as tomorrow. hillary clinton is under fire today for using a personal e-mail account to conduct business while she was secretary of state instead of using a government-issued address.
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clinton's aides dispute the notion she did anything illegal or improper since she e-mailed department officials on their government-issued accounts expecting they amy be retained. >> there was no prohibition on using a non-state account for official business as long as's preserved. >> only she has a complete record, and the committee will have to go to her and her attorney and her e-mail providers to ensure we have access to everything the american people are entitled to know. >> clinton's emails first came to light during the investigation by representative gaudy who chairs the special congressional committee looking into the 2012 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the house today passed funding for the department of the homeland security without any of the immigration-related concessions that members have been demanding for months. the passage brings an end to a nearly seven-week impasse. immigration hardliners were upset the bill did not contain provisions that banned funding of president obama's executive orders to shield about four million undocumented immigrants
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from deportation. democrats called today's passage a victory. mr. obama's expected to sign the bill promptly which guarantees funding for the department through the end of september. a new government report is raising big concerns about the susceptiblity of a commercial aircraft to a cyberattack. the government accountability office warns the faimpta need to do more to shore up defenses against hackers. the hackers account compromise computer systems and take control of the air traffic control network. recommendations include encrypting data and regularly changing passwords. the gao report made 17 of the nearly 170 recommendations public saying the rest are to be kept secret out of interest for public safety. university of california president janet nepal tan oh said today she will cap the number of out-of-state students to cal and ucla next year. they've come under scrutiny for recruiting a record high number
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of students from out of state to bring in additional revenue. out-of-state students pay more in tuition. californians protested saying they were being squeezed out by the u.c. system. a big start to the as in their sprang training opener with the giants today. that is the newcomer and cal alum marcus simeon. the world series here no his first outing since the giants's world championship run. he gave up three runs in the first inning again the as. the new shortstop one of the many new faces on the green and gold squad as the as won their opener, going away 9-4. lots more miles coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. still ahead at 4:00, new video and a new vantage point of the fatal police killing of a homeless man in downtown los angeles. a pivotal witness takes the stand in a high-profile silicon valley en-- jenner
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discrimination lawsuit. and the response to benjamin netanyahu's congressional address. as we come up on 4:12 this tuesday afternoon, this is our first look at the afternoon commute. a live shot of the skyway in downtown san francisco. all backed up, bumper to bumper as it normally is this hour for folk heading eastbound on the lower deck of the bay bridge. a little better on the right-hand side heading toward 101 south. ooooh... i can hear that sizzle. getting louder! and louder! philly cheesesteak and egg sizzling with prime rib and gooey cheese. i better (just) silence this sizzle! the new philly cheesesteak and egg skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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a fiery eruption in chile is forcing thousands from their homes. beautiful pictures but it is dangerous. the volcano began spewing lava and ash overnight. the eruption went on for a few hours before it calmed down. the volcano is among most active, but that's not stopped adventurous climbers from trekking up the sleep every summer. the train engineer driving the metro link train outside of l.a. that crashed into a pickup on the tracks last week died today from his injuries. glen steele of critically injured after crash last tuesday in oxnard. the five-car metro link of bound for downtown l.a. when it crashed into a pickup truck on the tracks and derailed. the impact of the crash sent the truck flying 300 feet. 28 people were hospitalized. the engineer is the only fatality. authorities have not decided whether to charge the driver of the pickup. federal agents are moving to put an end to so-called maternity tourism schemes in california. agents searched dozens of homes
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in the los angeles area today. authorities say the businesses provided travel and lodging service services to pregnant foreign nationals coming to the u.s. to give birth. that way the child is automatically a citizen. the women are allowed to travel to the u.s. while pregnant but they cannot lie about the purpose of their trip when seeking aviews amp authorities were gathering evidence today and did not make any arrests. a new video has emerged in the fatal police shooting of a homeless man in downtown los angeles. this as community outcry over the killing grows louder. abc news' ted rowlands with the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: more than 100 people marching from l.a.'s skid row to police headquarters protesting is not's fatal police shooting of charlie robinay, a homeless man. >> tragic, sad. happening too often. >> reporter: new video obtained by abc shows robinay before he was shot and killed arguing with a person inside an orange tent.
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surveillance video shows him being questioned boy police. he ducks into a tent. which police pull him out he starts swinging eventually as the now-viral video shows officers shoot and kill him. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: while police and the city of los angeles are vowing full investigations critic are speaking out. >> we've got to fix this! this is too much. >> reporter: l.a.'s police chiefs the photos taken of the officer's gun after the shooting showed robinay with his hand on the gun. >> a round was partially ejected, indicative of a struggle over the weapon. >> reporter: two of the officers were wearing body cameras which l.a.'s mayor is hoping will provide clarity. >> the murky not that we've had in the past should be cleared up by body cameras more often than not, but nobody should doped cameras by themselves. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, three officers remind administrative leave. there's another protest scheduled for later tonight.
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abc, los angeles. a prominent silicon valley venture capitalist testified today in a high-profile sex discrimination lawsuit saying his firm is not run by men. john doer a partner at cliner perkins, caulfield, and buyers, was the mentor and boss of the plaintiffs ellen powell. powell claims she was subjected to harassment after ending an affair with a colleague. she says she was denied a promotion and was forced out because of her discrimination complaint. toer gave powell glowing reviews and didn't say why female colleagues were included in an all-male dinner. the current interim ceo of redit is asking for $14 million. now an iconic building will be lit up like it was when the world fair opened in 1915. workers were atop the clock tower making the final preparations for tonight's lighting ceremony. nearly 1,100 l.e.d. lights will
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be used to light beacons that will glow with a 1915 -- 1 million people passed through the ferry building on their way to the world's fair 100 years ago. it was such a nice day out today. >> yes i was going to make a spencer christian joke. spencer was there. no. i tried to resist. >> okay. but you couldn't resist. >> no. not totally. >> actually i was covering the event. the skies were blue then, too. here's a look at live doppler 7 h.d. a few high clouds around. and then otherwise, blue sky. lovely day around the bay area. here's a live view at the golden gate bridge. a if you clouds above. traffic flowing nicely clear and cool like last night. mile to warm days lie ahead. and clocks spring forward on sunday. we hope they do. daylight saving time starts then. here's a look at the satellite image. the low-pressure system that brought us unusual weather yesterday. it's long gone now. high pressure continuing to build in. this ridge of high pressure will bring us a dry and mild pattern
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for the next several days through the weekend. in fact, here's a look at our projected high temperature trend for oakland over the week ahead. notice the high temperatures climbing into the low 70s thursday and friday. mid 70s by saturday. low 70s sunday and monday. that's the pattern over the next several days as we have a nice warmup coming our way. here's the long range look, chances for rain starting next tuesday, march 10th. clouds thickening and rain will approach the bay area next tuesday and wednesday. so our next chance of rain is about eight to ten days away. and it's difficult to tell, of course, at this point how great a chance it is and how much rain might fall if any. but at least we know when we can expect our next chance to arrive. that will be early to midweek next week. on we go to overnight lows under mainly clear skies tonight. and a little fog near the coast. we'll see lows in the inland valleys and the mid to upper 30s. chilly in the inland valleys once again. home 40s around the bay.
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and on the coast. then tomorrow, we'll see sunny skies and mild conditions once again. even a bit miler than today perhaps with highs in the mid 60s at the coast. we'll see mid to upper 60s near the bay and inland, and maybe a couple of locations will approach 70 degrees tomorrow. we'll certainly see 70 later in the forecast. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast, thursday friday, and the weekend into early next week we'll see low to mid 70s inland and around the bay. upper 60s to near 70 on the coast. and again, we'll remind you that daylight saving time begins on sunday. so you may want to set your clocks ahead saturday night or sunday morning, whatever's convenient for you. we get an extra hour of evening daylight beginning on sunday. >> all right. thank you very much. up next need to confess? apparently there's an app for that. >> good. >> the big debate one priest has ignited. should the church allow confessions by way of snapchat? >> oh, my. new after 4:30 there's a new way of quizzing california's
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students. get a look at
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prince william and china's president talked soccer today during the prince's historic visit. the pair discussed twice link the countries by teaching kids soccer. the duke of cambridge also hand delivered an invitation from his grandmother to president xi jinping. he's looking forward to visiting queen elizabeth this year, later in the year. william is on a -- a solo diplomatic trip to improve previously strained relations in the far east. the first member of the royal family to visit china since 1986. new episodes of marvel's "agents of shield" return tonight on abc w7 more of the on-screen chemistry and tension between mockingbird and hunter played by adrian policki and nick blood. we have more on the co-stars. >> reporter: the way you have been teasing each other i would have thought you were real-life
4:25 pm
exes. how will that play out? >> yeah it's a real human almost of it. it was nice. i loved the scene when bobby first appeared, and we revealed the ex-husband. it's the one time that you see him suddenly lose it. >> reporter: not know what to say for the first time ever. >> freaked out a bit. we've got lots of fun stuff as it goes on. there's a big sdlet bobby and mac are keep -- secret that bobby and mac are keeping from lance. >> you can catch "marvel agents of shield" tonight at 9:00 on abc 7. controversy this afternoon after one priest's new method of offering an instant confession using your smartphone. a texas priest is letting people send him digital confessions over snapchat. the anonymous priest's move is angering some catholics. >> ridiculous absurd. that's what the catholic church is for. the internet is not reality.
4:26 pm
you want confession, go see a priest. >> the only real confession you could make, it's through a priest. >> you can reach the anonymous priest@priestdavid through snapchat through march 16th. we should point out it's not really clear what church if any priest david is attached to or if he's even a priest at all. could be just some dude in his grandmother's basement. we have no idea. >> nice. still to come our next half-hour, spirited reaction to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's controversial speech to congress. hear from both sides. and accused nsa lyric edward snowden's offer to the u.s. what would it take for him to come back to the u.s.? . and later, the bankrupt "skymall" magazine you may have browsed during a flight is about to make a triumphant return. the travel guru bringing it back with some changes.
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here are today's headlines where you live. a well-known venture capitalist testified today in a silicon valley gender discrimination lawsuit. a partner at cliner, perkins caulfield, and buyers was the mentor and boss to ellen powell. powell claims she was subjected to harassment after ending an affair with a colleague and is asking for $15 million. oakland police are
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investigating the death of marcus west. he was shot and killed on his way to work this morning near noland park. abc 7's wayne friedman talked to neighbors who heard seven shots and said the victim of left to die in the street. the family of jahi mcmath is suing children's hospital oakland. abc 7 talked to the family attorney who called the hospital's errors while treating the oakland teenager inexcusable. and on capitol hill today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu told congress that entering into u.s. nuclear talks with iran is a "very bad deal." his appearance was arranged solely by republican leaders. house democratic leader nancy pelosi says his speech was condescending condescending. abc's karen travers has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: congress rolled out the welcome mat for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> his excellency, benjamin netanyahu. [ applause ] >> reporter: underneath the applause there's controversy. the visit comes as the u.s. and
4:31 pm
international allies work toward a nuclear agreement with iran. and netanyahu has not held back his criticism of the obama administration for the potential deal. >> we must also stand together to stop iran's march. conquest conquest, subjugz, and terror. >> reporter: the speech has been marked by controversy since day one. republican house speaker john boehner ex-extended the invitation to netanyahu but didn't include the white house in his planning. >> we not only tarnished the grand tradition of the joint session, we also run the risk of politicizing diplomatic relationship, in this case a special relationship. >> reporter: president obama said today he didn't watch the speech but thought it contained "nothing new." >> on the core issue which is how do we prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. >> reporter: in geneva today, secretary of state john kerry met with his iranian counterparts in the latest round of the nuclear talks.
4:32 pm
the obama administration has said they want an agreement that lasts at least ten years. but -- >> i want to be very clear. a bad deal is worse than no deal. [ applause ] >> reporter: this is the third time prime minister netanyahu has addressed the u.s. congress. there's only one other person in history to do that. british prime minister winston churchill back in the 1940s and '50s. karen travers, abc news, capitol hill. opening statements schedule to begin tomorrow in the federal death penalty trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the 21-year-old is facing 30 charges in connection with twin bombing at the finish line of the marathon on april 15th of 2013. three people were killed and more than 260 were injured. tsarnaev is also charged with
4:33 pm
the killing of an mit police officer days after the bombings. former cia director david petraeus agreed to plead guilty today to mishandling classified materials. the former cia director of accuse -- was accused of providing classified information to his mistress and biographer paula broadwell. the plea grammy of filed in district court in charlotte, north carolina. petraeus could be sentenced to a year in prison. the lawyer for edward snowden says the fugitive former spy agency contractor is working with american and german lawyers to return home from russia. the united states wants snowden to stand trial for leaking extensive secrets of electronic surveillance programs operated by the national security agency. russia granted snowden asylum and has repeatedly refused to extradite him. snowden has said he would like to return home if he were assured he would be given a fair trial. back in the bay area schools in california will begin administering the common core test next week. last year schools had a practice
4:34 pm
run. now it really counts. while school districts say the new curriculum is preparing students to be critical thinkers, some are having a hard time adjusting. we have more live from cesar chavez elementary in san francisco's mission district with the details. >> reporter: larry, you know, schools in california are taking what i call the missouri approach -- show me right secret that show me prove that you really know. the common core has been a little difficult for a few teachers, not very popular with parents, and today we heard from a few students. many of us learned that for the most part, school work must be memorized. that's true to a certain extent. but as part of the common core curriculum, student are being asked to thoroughly understand concepts. >> and most personally be able to demonstrate that they know when they can to.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: today san francisco's school district officials sat down to work on examples. in this math question, a student is asked if all the figures on the computer are parallel grams. in the past, the answer would have been yes or no. now the student must explain his or her answer. getting here hasn't been easy. teachers have been retrained in the common core curriculum. >> a lot of the math problems that are on the computer you might not know. in class, they'll teach you ways to do it. >> reporter: in some schools the use of computers is limited, and not every chile has one at home. >> writing -- every child has one at home. >> writing on computers is difficult for me because i'm new at typing. and writing on paper is like normal for me. >> reporter: still next week, students in california will begin taking the common core exam. unlike the old star program which took several days of testing, a school will have some large tent through the end of may to to conduct testing without disrupting learning. >> the window for the testing is
4:36 pm
pretty long. it's like six to eight weeks. >> reporter: because it's so spread out, san francisco unified will be able to assign one computer to ten students. >> it is a different way of teaching. it is a different way of learning. but it is i think, a better preparation for our children for the 21st century. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc7 news. and we have a link to some of the sample questions that students will be tested on. it's posted on our website, still to come forced to forefit. outrage after a girls' basketball game after what they did to raise breast cancer awareness. check out the lovely view of the western sky. sunlight reflecting off the bay from the emery camera. the east bay camera. doesn't matter the view is still the same. i've got a look at our seven-day forecast coming up.
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female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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a high school girls' keeptime in california. a court reversed the decision that stripped the team of a playoff victory last sudden because they wore jersey wes pink letters and numbers in honor of breast cancer awareness. california interscholastic federation rules prohibit teens from wearing any unofficial school colors without permission. players could not believe it. >> the punishment didn't fit the crime, you know. we feel like we didn't know. we had no idea.
4:40 pm
and if we'd had a warning, we would have never came on the court with those uniform. >> the reversal means the girls will be able to play in the section finals on saturday but they'll be doing it without their coach who was suspended for the jersey infraction. time to check on our weather which is heating up the beginning of march. >> spencer christian is here. no rain anywhere in sight at this point. >> i'm afraid not. not for the next seven days. it's going to be a spring preview. here we go. looking by way of time lapse actually from our exploratorium camera over the bay to. nice puffs of cumulus drifting and rolling over the bay under an otherwise blue sky. live doppler 7 h.d., mainly sunny. a few clouds high clouds, mid level clouds across the 48 contingency stays tomorrow. look for another -- contiguous states tomorrow. look for highs tomorrow of 4 at fargo. 11 at minneapolis. 21 chicago. warmer down south but also rainy in much of the south
4:41 pm
tomorrow. across california, sunny and mild, just about everywhere. highs mainly in the 60s to 70s. here in the bay area, another mild day, as well, with highs in the mid 60s at the coast. upper 60s inland and around the bay. beginning thursday a string of days in which highs will rise into the mid 70s inland. right through the weekend and into early next week. maybe we can hope for rain next week. >> meantime, we'll work on our tan. >> exactly. ahead on abc 7 news, for the shocking amounts of coffee parents are giving their toddlers, we'll have details in today's "wellness report." and former mlv pitcher curl schilling swings back. find out what he did when
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity.
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they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. earlier, we reported that the state snowpakistan at only 19% of average creating more concerns with the drought. and now scientists at spanford are warning to expect a pattern of more frequent drought. wee more from stanford. >> reporter: stanford climate
4:45 pm
researchers believe the change is a result of global warming. a study of 120 years of weather data indicates warm winter vs. been occurring more frequently in the past 20 years. that along with low rainfall will likely make droughts more common. >> we're seeing that the high temperatures are making it more difficult to break the drought. we have persistent low soil moisture, we're having a hard time accumulating snowfall in the high elevations. >> reporter: less snow melt will impact the flow of water to rivers and reservoirs, and the implication is that conservation measures thought to be short term may be with us as a more permanent way of life. >> the risk that when there is low precipitation that that low precipitation lead to drought has already increased from the global warming that happened and it's likely to increase further as global warming continues in the future. >> reporter: that means water customers will be facing shorter showers and brown lawns, perhaps on an ongoing basis. >> considering how bad it is now, i'm thinking it's going to be a pretty long-term effect on all of us. >> i don't think we're going to have to get rid of our lawns.
4:46 pm
i think that once it becomes price prohibitive, people will naturally get rid of their lawns. >> reporter: some scientists don't agree with the doctor and his findings. they argue this a high-procedure ridge is blocking pacific storms from reaching california. improved water management may also be needed such as creating more underground water storage to complement reservoirs and treating wall streetwater into sbraurt. this man is convinced people will adapt to long-range conservation. >> i think it has to be in built as a habit. human beings can adopt to anything. >> reporter: in san jose, abc7 news. two men are facing the consequences for making vulgar online comments about the daughter of former major league pitcher curt schilling. this began last week when schilling sent out a tweet congratulating his daughter gabby for being accepted to a university in rhode island. after that, the outspoken former all-star received numerous inappropriate comments directed
4:47 pm
at gabby including some mentioning rape. if you read these things, it is truly disgusting. the lowest form of social media out there. schilling took to his blog to not only discuss the vulgarity but to out two of the men who made the comments. >> i grew up in a locker room. i grew up playing sports. i know what it means to be a guy. never in my life have ever uttered half of the words that these guys were posting. it wasn't a mistake. this was a conscious decision to be -- to be an idiot and to say some pretty evil stuff. >> the consequences have been swift for the two men. both of them are college students in new jersey. one of fired from his part-time job as a ticket taker with the new york yankees. the other has been suspended from brookdale community college in new jersey and faces further disciplinary action. a texas woman plans to sue a health care company for putting her at risk for ebola. elaine gold flew on the same frontier airlines flight last
4:48 pm
year as an infected nurse. she says the nurse's employer, texas health resources should have never let her on the flight after she reported having a low-grade fever. >> no one told me what i needed to do or where to go. no one knew what to do. >> simply put, they shouldn't have put her on the flight. they should have had better protocols in she was quarantined for three weeks at her home. the nurse made a full recovery. texas health resources has not commented on gold's claims. she also works in health care for texas health resources. in today's "health and wellness report," hot saunas may be good for more than just the soul. and pain is robbing many americans of sleep. here's jane king. >> reporter: more than half of americans are in so much pain they can't sleep a new poll shows. pain robs us of sleep setting off a vicious cycle in which sleep deprivation leads to more pain. the national sleep foundation says people with pain get 42 minutes less sleep than average every night. a study finds that toddlers
4:49 pm
are getting coffee from their parents. 15% of parents say their toddlers are coffee drinkers. the american academy of pediatrics recommends against giving any children coffee. sex in an older age may lead to a sharper mind. a study in the journal of "jerriate rick psychiatry" says that people who are satisfy with their sexual relationships performed better on cognitive tests. those who didn't see the importance for intimacy had lower scores. hot saunas are linked to better health. a study published on line in jama said taking frequent hot saunas can be good for your heart. the risk of dying from cardiac arrest, heart disease and cardiovascular disease was up to 63% lower in middle aged men who tooka many as seven saunas a week. now sitting in a hot sauna increases heart rate and blood flow, and that may be behind the study's results. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> all right. a special honor for a little guy who saved his very large
4:50 pm
friend. >> yeah. the new mexico fire department presented its medal of valor to razor, the daschund for his life-saving acts last month. >> she was running around with jazzy, the st. bernard, when jazzy got trapped in a muddy ditch. razor barked and barked drawing the attention of a passerby who call 911. jazzy was pulled to safety. tom chavez is proud of his dogs. >> pretty neat. couldn't have had the story end any better. >> everybody -- if everybody gives a little, it's going to make this world a better place. >> by the way jazzy wasn't seriously hurt and is doing well. >> all right, razor and jazzy. more than a month after publisher pulled the plug a new savior has put a timeline on relaunching the "skymall" in-flight magazine. >> former "shank tank" contestant scott jordan hopes to
4:51 pm
bring back the quirky catalog in june. this time it will include items that travelers may want to buy. >> kind of takes some of the fun out of it. >> it does. >> don't you need the toothbrush that talks to you secret that "skymall" is known for selling some of the strangest products out there like mail-order cat toilets. yes. that's maybe why they went out of business. but jordan wants to relaunch "skymall" as a magazine that sells travel products and travel experiences that will be available to shoppers within a few hours of their flight. next, a big funding decision in silicon valley. should the feds help pay for badly needed firefighters secret that the details coming up. >> reporter: i'm in the newsroom, coming up new at 5:00 the redesign of a bay area business district? why it's sparking a lot of interest and an equal amount of conflicts. and not all smoke detectors are created equal. 7 on your side finds out which is best for keeping your home safe. that's next.
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tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, fresh off the boat. at 8:30, repeat after me. at 9:00, "marvels agents of shield" followed by "forever" and abc7 news at 11:00. customers of comcast, dish and directv can watch abc to watch abc live with new episodes of your favorite shows on your smartphone tablet, or computer. to get started, visit or download the free app by searching watch nabs your app store. the san jose city council unanimously approve an official application for a federal grant that they badly need. >> why it may not be a permanent solution. >> reporter: firefighters are the classic american hero. the first responders when you're in need. but despite what the job title says when the economy tanks and the budget axe falls, you're vulnerable like any other employee. the great recession was bad for
4:56 pm
city jobs. even heroes got pink slips. according to a recent memo by interim fire chief curtis jacob jacobson jacobson, the san jose fire department had 198 total daily staffing on july 1st, 2010. today it's at 172. that could change. jacobson is recommending the council approve a continuing resolution apply for a two-year federal grant worth more than $3.3 million that will restore 14 positions in the fire department that were lost over the recent years. >> so it might allow us to restore service at a fire station that has been closed for several years. the exact deployment however, will depend on the fire department's strategic plan, where we can best use firefighters. >> reporter: even if san jose is awarded the money, it's not a foregone conclusion the council would accept it although it's likely. the grant is only for two years. once that money goes away, the city has to pay the full cost for the firefighters and their resources. that's more than $3 million annually. the mayor says federal grants are helpful, but the city needs to make sure it has the money in the longtorium make this work.
4:57 pm
>> it's important that we do this in ways that are sustainable. we don't want to simply hire somebody for a year or two and watch them walk out the door. we've got to do this in a way that's responsible. i'm confidence we can to that. >> reporter: the -- i'm confident we can to. that. >> reporter: the city will fine out in september if it's awarded the grant. in the meantime, the council will decide whether or not to accept the money. abc7 news. >> a terrier mix from the sacramento area is getting a helping hand from some clever ump c. davis students. -- u.c. davis students. >> hobbs can manage well for a dog with only three legs. the vet amputated his front left leg after it didn't heal correctly following a break. >> hobbs getting around there. fortunately, his owner knows pretty smart and crafty people who are material science students at u.c. davis. had the help of a 3d printer they print a fourth leg for hobbs. >> hobbs is getting used to
4:58 pm
having four legs again. >> unbelievable what you can to with a 3d printer. thank you very much for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins now. it seems frightening to me to go back to school with him there. >> a young boy afraid of a bully who knocked him unconscious. the family is angry and says the district seems to be taking sides. pop, pop, pop pop shots. about seven of them. >> a young father is killed on his way to work. new information this evening on what happened, and -- >> i think it's a really good idea. it keep getting more expensive to do business. >> downtown dilemma. what is sparking the reaction in palo alto. i'm abc 7 meteorologist, sunshine and seasonal temperatures, now a warming trend begins. the details in the accu-weather forecast. i'm super happy to go back
4:59 pm
to school. once in there, i don't feel safe. >> this fifth grader's parents are outraged tonight. they say a bully send their son to the hospital. now he's too afraid to go back to school. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. thanks for joining us. that victim suffered a concussion. i checked website. it says the school provides a positive school climate. that's not how the parent and their son feel after the incident. the elementary school is on 18th street in san pablo. the reporter has more on the story you'll see only on abc 7. laura secret that. >> reporter: hi, this boy's family told us he's actually been bullied twice by the same kid. in december, it was a choking incident. in january, the concussion. and despite assurances from the school district that the bully would be transferred, he's still here. >> he pushed me so i pushed back. then he pushed me to the ground. >> 11-year-old nathan doesn't remember everything that happened that january day on the
5:00 pm
playground. he knows how it started, with a shoving match. >> i got back up, pushed me to the ground. hit the back of my head got up halfway, kneed me straight in the head. and i fell on the side of my head. i remember then black and waking up sitting up. >> the boy held my son by his hair, kneed him repeatedly in the forehead. even after knowing he was unconscious, he held him up and continued to strike him. >> reporter: his parents say nathan was you unconscious for sick minutes and had a severe concussion. he hasn't been back to elementary school since because his alleged bill, another fifth grader is still there. >> we were told that the boy would be removed. and somehow he wasn't. >> when i showed up the principal told me they had had a meeting the week before, that they didn't inform us about, and decided that the other child would stay at the school. >> reporter: a school district spokesman cited privacy concerns


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