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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everyone. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. >> one terrible crash here in the bay air extra and one down in southern california. both involving drivers who got stuck on the tracks. >> live details on the crash that killed a 30-year-old woman are just ahead. first, the crash in valving a produce truck. >> there are dozens of injuries. ted rollins is there with the latest. >> six ambulances requested at this time. rescue report of a metrolink carver sustained vehicle. >> reporter: the collision just before 6:00 a.m. between a metrolink commuter train and a truck was so intense, it sent three of the rail cars on to
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their sides while igniting the truck into flames. >> you can see that truck is completely demolished. >> reporter: firefighters and first responders pulled the injured from the train in all 28 injuries, four of them critical. >> sort of flipping on the pole like a flag. >> everybody in shock a lot of shock. >> reporter: the driver of the truck fled the scene on foot. >> we don't know why but he was found a little while later. >> one of our patrol officers saw what he believed to be a disoriented male walking approximately one to two miles south. this individual was a produce truck driver. >> reporter: the conductor according to metrolink, was able to see the truck on the tracks slowing down before impact possibly avoiding a more worse outcome. they are sending a team to lead the accident investigation. the biggest question, why did that truck end up on the tracks?
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several tragedies involving passenger trains have happened recently in the bay area. the latest one today in palo alto. >> vic lee is live where officials are discussing safety on the rails in light of the recent accidents. vic? >> reporter: ama the north and sound bound trains running on schedule but as you can see the crossing is closed to all traffic. that's because caltrain crews are trying to repair the gate. the car smashed into it last night after it was hit by a train and the crews here have a self-imposed deadline to meet. caltrain crews worked non-stop to fix the crossing gate before the evening rush. last night thousands of commuters were stuck for hours because of the fatal collision here at the crossing in the park. just before 5:00 a train smashed into a car and just before noon today, another tragedy on the tracks. this one involving a train and
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pedestrian just over a mile away at the palo alto station. the adult female victim was taken to stanford medical center still conscious. >> initial reports indicate that it appeared to be an intentional act. >> reporter: every year on average 12 pedestrians die on the tracks according to caltrain. almost all ruled as suicides. car versus train accidents average about once a month. six of them resulted in deaths. >> i think the one in menlow park is an accident waiting to happen. >> reporter: she lives near the raven wood crossing though it's said last night was the first fateful car collision. people use that as a commute route say it's dangerous. busy el camino is one block away and it's a pedestrian crossing. >> right when you get across the tracks, the car haves to stop for a pedestrian so on a green
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light you can be caught. >> reporter: cal tran says the answer is to build grade separations at crossings. >> elevate them or trench them whichever way allows vehicle traffic to move unimpeded. >> reporter: but grade separations are costly from several hundred million dollars to a billion or more. in the meantime, pedestrians and drivers stop look and listen. vic lee, abc 7 news. george zimmerman will not face federal civil rights charges in the 2012 shooting death of trayvon martin. the u.s. justice department says there was not enough evidence to bring charges that would require proof the killing was motivated by racial animosity. zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder in july of 2013. in a statement martin's parents say they are disappointed by the decision quote we will never ever forget what happened to our son and honor his memory by
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working tirelessly to make the world a better place. a crackdown on illegal gambling today leads to several arrests in san jose. >> abc 7 news was first on the scene this morning and chris nguyen joins us live with more, chris? >> reporter: good afternoon larry and ama. we're off capital expressway here in san jose. if you look behind me you can see the door is boarded up. the sign above says they sell music, phone cards and groceries but law enforcement sources say this was the scene of other illegal activity that needed to be stopped. it's been a busy day for local law enforcement. after 10:00 this morning the special operations unit raided an illegal gambling operation and took at least ten dig gill gaming machines inside. >> we believe there was an on going criminal enterprise involving illegal gaming as well as other crimes like stolen
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vehicles and prostitution to narcotics and we believe some suspects may have been armed. >> reporter: san jose police arrested people at this home. two men, two women, one of them the owner of the filipino convenience store. this home was at the center of multiple noise and crime complaints. >> patrol officers followed up on that information and developed a pretty significant case involving multiple locations, multiple identified suspects and that led us to this location. >> reporter: at this scene, abc 7 news was there as about a dozen people were led out in handcuff sboos a police van. a law enforcement source saying gambling machines were found here. neighbors were frustrated day after day, not surprised by what they saw. >> their friends would come make a lot of noise, wake up my baby and their dogs would come to the house bark at my kids. i didn't like that. >> reporter: police have not released the names of the four people they placed under arrest but other business owners that
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didn't want to go on camera for fear of safety are glad to see police are taking action. we're learning this afternoon an early morning fire in sunnyvale was fatal. the flames caused the roof of the house to cave in. the cause remains under investigation. >> it's also over san jose international airport after a small plane's landing gear broke during landing. two brothers both attorneys, were on board with a paralegal. the pilot indicated a problem. sunshine all around the bay area today. >> yes and the winds died down a bit. spencer christian with the first look at the forecast. >> larry and ama winds have diminished quite significantly. the skies are nice and blue but we had really cold weather. here is live doppler 7 hd showing clear skies at the
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moment and just a few patches of low clouds off in the distance. check out morning lows down to 29 at napa early this morning and 30 at santa rosa. we had several locations with temperatures at or below freezing and numerous low to mid 30s in other inland locations, so quite a chilly morning. right now looking out of san francisco on to blue skies, 60 at san francisco and mid 60s at palo alto. here is a nice view from the east view hills camera. it's 69 in santa rosa and fairfield and concord and livermore. looking live at the golden gate with mainly blue skies above, first forecast mostly clear this evening and cold. tomorrow morning few patches of fog here and there but mainly sunny skies. chilly inland again but not subfreezing by afternoon sunny and mild with highs from low 60s
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to the costa upaststaast to upper 60s. i'll tell you when to expect the next rain coming up. a controversial cell phone tracking system, today supervisors voted 4-1 to allow the sheriff's department to apply for a $500,000 federal grant to purchase it. the stingray system helps get cell phone data for tracking. some fear the system could be abused. the sheriff's department thinks it could help find missing people or track down suspects. the county will hold at least two committee meetings to learn more and how the public feels about it. today in santa clara, hillary clinton did not say whether she'll run for president next year. abc 7 news was there as she gave the keynote speech. she talked about women's roles in the tech industry saying they should not go backward in an industry focused on moving forward. david louie will have more about mrs. clinton's views on income equality, tech and political issues coming up on abc 7 news
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at 5:00. sky 7 hd was over the coliseum in morning showing us huge cranes in place. they will be used in the coming weeks to lift brand-new scoreboards into place. they will be installed well before the first exhibition home game between the a's and giants in early april. the old outdated scoreboards have been taken down, still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, big plans for a little known piece of property in the east bay. could this land be the solution to student overcrowding in berkeley. the big chill back east, subzero temperatures won't go away and neither will the problem. we'll show you some. the napa earthquake six months later. the slow pace of rebuilding and resiliency of property owners still waiting for relief. at 4:10 taking a live look at your traffic on 101 in the north bay. this is through san raffphel.
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a gas explosion levelled a home in stafford township, new jersey today injuring five gas company workers. witnesses say this blast was so strong it essentially dissent grated the home. authorities evacuated some 75 homes. stafford township is located on the jersey shore. it may soon be difficult to
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build monster homes in parts of san francisco. supervisor scott weaniner introduced legislation. recently resident haves complained about the large residential projects impacting the nay borleighborhoods. anyone that wants to construction a home larger than 3,000 square feet must get authorization. the chancellor is thinking pick he's promoting a 40-year plan to build a satellite campus on university-owned land. uc berkeley global campus at richmond bay would operate in coordination with universities from around the world to conduct research on climate change world health, big data and urban studies. uc money would not be used and that partnerships with international schools and corporations are likely sources of funding. well winter just will not
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quit across much of the nation. tens of millions are people are freezing enduring yet another round of record-breaking subzero temperatures in several states including new york, pennsylvania and ohio. how people are trying to cope. >> reporter: this frozen february. >> it's been cold all winter. very cold. >> does it feel worse than last year? >> way worse. last year was beautiful. >> reporter: while there is plenty of beauty to be found. >> here is the thing. >> reporter: most of what the latest winter storm is bringing is down right ugly in mississippi accidents on icy roads. >> this ice. >> reporter: this plane in dallas sliding off the runway and in tennessee thousands of people still without power. huge chunks of ice in the northeast smooshing through windshields. >> a foot long, probably half a foot. >> reporter: and in lake huron this freight ship frozing in
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place. a coast guard cutter sent in to help. >> helping create a channel so the ship can get through. >> reporter: in the bitter cold, some signs of warmth with strangers stepping in to make this winter a little easier. >> we freed the highway. that's a good accomplishment. >> reporter: in whenever ways they can. >> i looked back and saw a clear path and i was like oh i could clear the sidewalks for everybody. >> reporter: in a lot of places where they are not clearing away snow, it's dangerously cold. a record low at negative six degrees and another arctic blast of air in the forecast later this week for parts of the midwest and northeast. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> i can't believe -- i got back from the nba all star game a week ago and it was below three degrees then. you lived in new york for many years. can you ever remember a winter like they are experiencing now? >> no. i remember cold spells for less than a few days with
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temperatures in the single digits but not an extended cold spell with blizzard after blizzard. no never seen it. >> nice to be in california. >> lovely to be here. great place to be especially here. the blue skies, here is live doppler 7 hd showing sunny skies. right now, this is the picture all day long and here is a lovely view of the western sky from our emeryville camera as we look at the forecast futures. chilly tonight and perhaps not quite as cold as last night but cold. dry and mild the next two days with a slight chance of showers friday and saturday. now, here is the satellite radar image showing a big ridge of high pressure. that's the dominant factor in the weather picture keeping conditions dry and bringing chilly nights and mild afternoons for now. to thursday evening as we start the forecast thursday 7:00 p.m. low pressure system will be centered over british colombia and friday saturday it will drop southward bringing a chance of some light showers
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into the bay area on friday and saturday. it's pretty slight chance the system will not contain a lot of moisture as it moves in our direction and late saturday night, early sunday it will take a slight chance. overnight, look for mainly clear skies here in the bay area with just a few little patches of low clouds and cold again in the inland valleys with a low temperature there in the mid to upper 30s and tomorrow, mainly sunny afternoon and highs in the mid to upper 60s 67 in san jose and 68 palo alto and low to mid 60s in the coast and downtown san francisco a high of 65. upper 60s to near 70 in the north bay and santa rosa to napa. on the east bay highs mainly in the upper 60s, about 68 hayward and our inland east bay readings will be in the upper 60s for the most part. fairfield, concourtrd and livermore. mostly sunny tomorrow mild afternoon on thursday with highs up around 70 near the coast and
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bay and temperatures drop off a little bit on friday as clouds thicken with the slight chance of rain and lingering slight chance into saturday and mostly sunny and dry and relatively mild on sunday monday and tuesday. so not much of a chance of any significant rain coming our way in the foreseeable forecast future. larry and ama? >> all right. thank you so much spencer. all right. up next, let the show begin. we'll introduce you to the tenth anniversary cast of "dancing with the stars" and our expert picks on who we think will dance into the victory circle this season. >> well, some of us are experts. >> yeah, right. >> new after 4:30 an apology from the head of the v.a. when he said about his military record turned out to be only half true. and taking a live look at the traffic in san jose at 419. this is 101 on the right-hand side that is southbound that is where it is all backed up. northbound much better and 880
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(vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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the u.s. state department is ramping up effort to give gays and lesbians representation. the department appointed a special envoy for lgbt rights. it goes to a gay senior diplomat that served as counsel general. he'll work to curve violence and discrimination particularly in 75 countries where same-sex relationships are considered criminal. the upcoming season is a big one for chancing with the stars, not only is it the showest 20th season but celebrating ten years on the air. >> more on the celebrities putting on their dancing shoes. >> reporter: what will be special about this season that we have not had before? >> a celebrity ballroom show got to 20 seasons, i think it's pretty special. don't bury the lead. >> the season 20 cast of dancing
4:23 pm
with the stars unveiled today on "good morning america." there are 12 stars taking part but whitney carson's partner is still a mystery. sounds like a bachelor to me. >> i'm not going to say anything but i can tell you that he's super nice. everyone is going to love him and i'm just really excited. i'm ready to get started. >> reporter: the new cast will feature the youngest competitor ever 14-year-old willow shields best known for "the hunger games" a cousin of judge julian huff and her brother derrick and red fo and the legendary patty labelle. >> if they like it, fine. if they don't, fine. >> reporter: lebelle said yes at 70. >> i have a great partner. he's just the right height. i don't want him too tall or too
4:24 pm
short and he moves me where i want to go and also i need good direction. >> reporter: also dancing, charlotte mckinney and actors rumor willis, football player michael sam iraqi war vet and motivational speaker noah galloway and tv shark robert -- >> peshavac. >> season to 20 of "dancing with the stars" kicks off monday, march 16th. that's funny trying to get the last name. the first dance starring the new cast on monday march 16th at 8:00 p.m. here. considering he's worth hundreds of millions of billions of dollars we should know how to say his name. it's a tall gettedented group of cancerhance dancers. do you have a favorite? >> i was looking at all the people. i'm an expert in field, but i was thinking the gymnast because
4:25 pm
i figure she can, you know she already has rhythm used to doing that so i think she'll be a good dancer. >> i thought derrick huff would do other projects. great to see he's back on the show. i wanted to pick you know red fu from lmfao but he's clearly there as sort of a side show. the hair alone is worth tune income for. i'm going with the gymnast as well. if you remember sean johnson from a couple years ago, if you can do floor excises, you can dance and with derrick, it's hard to go wrong. again, the show premieres on march the 16th. one company jumps to extraordinary lengths to fostenr creativity. [ laughter ] >> the british creative agency proficient converted its office into a giant plastic playground. >> they are getting a lot of
4:26 pm
protective work done there. they have 81,000 white balls assuming they can still breathe. they abandoned the traditional multi-colored balls that maybe you played with as a little kid. >> a nice calming white. it's open to the public briefly. the ceo says it's a transformative experience. people go in as adults and come out as children. >> if they come out at all. >> right. get lost in there. >> a lot of stuff done in there. much more ahead in the next half hour. the napa earthquake six months later, the resiliency of the victims, some are waiting to rebuild. we'll introduce you. the white house takes a firm stance against the controversial keystone pipeline. will a presidential veto be enough to keep it from being built? rally against a new way to clock in and out. a hands off call from san fr
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ooooh... i can hear that sizzle. getting louder! and louder! philly cheesesteak and egg sizzling with prime rib and gooey cheese. i better (just) silence this sizzle! the new philly cheesesteak and egg skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner. here are the headlines where you live as we approach 4:30. a train derailed after it slammed into a stalled truck. it happened northwest of los angeles. 28 people were injured, four of them credit tick lyitically.
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the truck driver took a wrong turn and got stuck. caltrain hit a woman just before noon today. riders were delayed into the early afternoon. the trains are running on time but just last night, caltrain vehicles struck and killed one person and another in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter david hughie tweeted from the conference for women in santa clara saying the stage is set for hillary clinton's keynote speech. will she declare? she did not but talking more about mrs. clinton's day at 5:00. there is still a lot of work to recover from a 6:.0 earthquake that damaged parts of napa six months ago today. wayne freedman tweeted this picture shows an outpouring of support to preserve the post office and a look at the long road to recovery. wayne? >> larry, sit a long road. we were looking at numbers today initially there were 1500 homes
4:31 pm
and structures red tagged. 150 of them remain red tagged. the city issued more than 1,000 building permits for earthquake repairs, 440 are complete. it's been six months but will be a long, long road here in napa. napa today is a matter of recovery in stages. not unlike its flooring the rings of a tree. on first street they are separated by less than a city block in some cases with big plans. >> 40 shops and restaurants and 183 key luxury boutique and hotels. >> reporter: six months after the quake, napa isn't rising as a community banding together against difficult odds. consider the cafe surrounded by ruins on a street that remains closed. >> people think since you can't drive you can't walk. >> reporter: and yet, it survives. loyalty has plenty to do with that. >> it's not a chain.
4:32 pm
there is an owner. there is a manager that we know. >> reporter: does the word community come to mind? its everywhere from the napa valley mobile home park where on the day of the quake four homes burned. >> we're very fortunate. the residents helped each other. >> reporter: to patricia trimble that owns a store filled with antiques. >> i'm incredibly strong now. fema turned me down twice. >> reporter: renewal, it's happening in layers stakeges, it's happening a day at a time. >> it seems like it's been longer. >> some days it feels like it's happening again now. some days it feels like it was so long ago. >> in napa, wayne freedman. coming up at 5:00 the road to recovery, amy checks in with one of the people badly hurt during the quake. how he's defying the doctors six months later. the california emergency
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management agency is reminding people statewide to be ready for any type of natural disaster. we are all encourageed to have emergency kits stocked with items including battery operated radios and flashlights and a three-day supply of food and water for everyone in the family and a manuel can opener. guide license for stocking the kid and developing an emergency plan for your family are posted at the veterans administration admitted he over stated his military record. he issued an apology for claiming he was a member of the special forces. mcdonald made that comment while talking to a homeless veteran last month. >> army. >> what unit? >> special forces. >> special forces. >> what years? i was in special forces. >> my whole purpose in this job is to connect with veterans and serve veterans so that's what i was trying to do i made a
4:34 pm
mistake and i apologize for it. >> mcdonald did graduate from west point and although he completed army ranger training before being assigned to the 82nd airborne division he was never actually a member of the special forces. at this point members of congress and the american legion are expressing disappointment but no calls for him to resign at this point. president obama vetoed a bill this afternoon to approve construction of the keystone excel oil pipeline. more on what's next for republicans. >> reporter: president obama sent legislation on the controversial keystone pipeline back to congress. >> the president does intend to veto this legislation and will do it without drama orphan fanfare ordeal lay. >> reporter: it would run from canada to the gulf of mexico and been stalled for more than six years. the $8 billion project could cause devastating environmental damage in the states it runs
4:35 pm
through but supporters say it would boost u.s. energy dependence and the economy. this was president obama's third veto in six years. the first time he's rejected a bill since republicans took full control of congress this year. >> by choosing to veto this piece of legislation, he's choosing washington lobbyist and special interests over the needs and desires of the american people. >> reporter: with the gop pushing forward on legislation immigration reform and financial regulation, it certainly won't be the last veto. republicans can try and over ride president obama's veto but supporters of the bill acre nom acknowledge they don't have the number needed. what to do about the flag on the brooklyn bridge? the stars and stripes have been battered by the season's rough
4:36 pm
weather. it's tattered and ripped at the bottom and getting whipped around the pole. the problem is the ice snow and wind are making it unsafe to access the top of the bridge to replace the flag and officials are not going to allow anybody up there until weather conditions settle down and no sign of that in the foreseeable future. >> right. still ahead, there are good teachers and there are awesome ones. we'll introduce you to one that gave the gift of learning life to one student. i'm spenlser erspencer christian, another bright beautiful western sky as we look at the soon to be setting sun. the forecast coming up in just a moment to show you what's coming our way tomorrow. that was really pretty and this is really ugly. this is the sky way in downtown san francisco recently ranked the number one bottleneck and that's the slow crawl. the east bay and now traffic on 101 going towards southbound 101
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on the right-hand side starting
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what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit a texas teacher is going above and beyond for a student. lindsey painter learned one of her first graders matthew parker desperately needed a kidney transplant so she volunteered to be tested when his hospital made a plea for help. the odds were slim but a match was found and she was right there in matthew's classroom.
4:40 pm
>> it did take awhile to wrap my head around it to think that you know, i can do this i can still live a normal life and i get to make this amazing difference in matthew's life. >> she admits she's nervous but says she knows she's doing the right thing and ready to go. the transplant is scheduled for next month. >> wow imagine the odds on that. >> i know, incredible. >> and her willing to go through with it. remarkable. >> wonderful. ready for another look at the forecast? >> always ready. always ready to talk to spencer christian. >> right now we'll talk about weather. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. this is weather worth discussion. sunny and a few broken high clouds around and some low clouds well offshore but let's take a look at a more significant weather system over in the mid atlanta coast right now producing snow in virginia up to washington maryland.
4:41 pm
this storm will move out tomorrow notice how cold it is not surprisingly over the east north east and upper midwest it's currently 13 in fargo and 20 in detroit and 36 in atlanta but a mild 78 in myiami. tomorrow thunderstorms with highs of 41 in atlanta and 49 in new orleans and snow in the upper midwest but miami a high of 84 unlike the rest the east under the grips of winter is cold. sunny and mild with highs of 70 and 68 at sack phoneramento and here in the bay area after another frosty morning a mild afternoon with highs ranging from low to mid 60s at the coast and inland just another lovely day around the bay. ama and larry? >> thank you so much. still ahead, could early and often exposure to peanuts be the key to preventing a life-long allergy? details in today's wellness
4:42 pm
apart. >> the principal who drew on a student's scalp because of a campus policy he said he was just enforcing. i'm 7 on your side there is in fallout following the trouble at
4:43 pm
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in honor of black history month we're using the abc news in in instagram feed at the school of arts and. >> caller: -- arts in san jose. performances run friday through sunday and we have more information on our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed. recreational marijuana user haves a third state they can smoke in legally. as of today you can smoke pot in alaska. voters approved the move to join colorado and washington. this is the first majority republican state to legalize recreational marijuana. you must be 21 to buy it and can't have more than an ounce on
4:46 pm
you but can grow up to four ounces in your home. a texas mother wants to know why the principal at her child's school drew on her son's head. they fill in a part on kobe's haircut. kobe's monothinkm thinks the principal did it thinking the haircut was gang related. >> he dresses khakis, shirt, not loss pants or nothing just real nice casual not representing a gang or anything. >> the school's district executive director would not comment because of confidentiality rules but did release a statement saying the dress code prohibits designs that are shaved into the scalp including lines. monica believes the haircut does not violate the dress code saying it's a style that happens to be popular right now. married sex gets better in the golden years according to one study and high heels could be the answer to back pain for
4:47 pm
some people. here is jane king with today's wellness report. >> yes there is sex after marriage if you make it past your 50th wedding anniversary after analyzing interviews with americans ages 57 to 85 researchers found couples had sex more frequently as wedding years piled up especially after the 50th year. they say this happens as older people seek more intimacy. experiences that make us be in awe in the wonder of the world like scuba diving or mountain climbing made people healthier and improved relationships and found to make us more humble and generous. health experts are doing a phase on peanut algerlergies. it's in the new england journal of medicine.
4:48 pm
they don't want to start including peanuts in baby's diets but introduce them after consulting with a physician. women say high heels make them look better but some doctors say they can make you feel better. one doctor preskiebcribes women with lower back women to wear them. there is less impact on the spine. here is to your health. emojis will get a diverse colorful upgrade. the cute graphics many use to text on talk online will be available in different skin tones. currently all emojis depicting people or body parts look white. the company is working with a non-profit organizations that sets standards so they will better represent all users. now the asian community reportedly is not happy over the yellow skin tone but apple says the yellow emojis aren't meant to represent skin tone but default ethnically neutral
4:49 pm
option. a debt strike being waged by 15 students. >> yes 7 on your side michael finney has the latest on an increasingly tense stand off. >> 15 students are refusing to pay their federal student loans. so-called debt collective is demanding the government forgive the loans which they call a debt trap. they accuse the school of pressuring them into bad loans and then giving them a bad education. it's the parent company of heel business college biotech and evidencest accused of making claims about job placement for students. they have been selling off schools and keeping others open. the new york attorney general's office is upping the pressure on the manufacturers of dietary supplements. this month had ordered walmart target, gnc and walgreens and new york state to remove the store brand herbal supplements
4:50 pm
testing pound little or none of the ingredients listed on the product were actually in the supplements. now the new york ag is reaching into california. he sent letters to santa barbara county and three other companies. it's the maker of nature made brand. he's asking the companies to send proof of the advertising and product claims. you'll soon have more options for free shipping for your online orders. target is slashing the half the minimum purchase required for free shipping. customers will now qualify for a $25 purchase then you get free shipping. walmart and amazon are expected to follow. some analysts predict target's competitors could cut minimums even further. they say free shipping has simply become an expectation of many consumers including me. how about you guys? >> absolutely. >> i'm the one guy that doesn't buy a lot of stuff online. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> dinosaur. [ laughter ]
4:51 pm
>> go out in the world. >> i'm afraid of the world. [ laughter ] >> thank you michael. up next, invasion or intrusion. the loud out cry from city workers on the use of bio met tricks to clock in and out. i'm dan ashley in the abc 7 newsroom, new at 5:00. >> it's not easy to kick that habit. >> snuffing out the snuff. the health curve being thrown to baseball stadiums here and across the state. a live report plus why hundreds of bay area little leaguers are locked out of the home fields. that's when cheryl jennings
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>> tonight on abc 7 fresh off the boat at 8:30 repeat after me and at 9:00 marvel's agent carter. customers of comcast, dish and direct tv can use watch abc to see abc 7 news live and new
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episodes of your favorite shows on your smart phone tablet or computer. download the free app by searching watch abc. employees who work at the fine arts museums in san francisco stormed city hall today protesting a bio met trick clock that will keep track when they come in and out. >> there are two issues employees are concerned about trust and privacy. >> reporter: city employees who work at the fine arts museums were demanding an end to this a bio met trick clock that uses a person's thumbprint to record when they come in and leave work. the legion of honor had the system in place for non-city employees since 2012 and suspended it for those city employees who were union members but want to reinstate it for all. >> they can't trust us and we're security. we make sure we take care of that building, arts and patrons in the building and the staff.
4:56 pm
>> at city hall today workers took the petition to the mayor's office. outside, supervisor eric promised to introduce the revolution to halt any other city agency. >> the board of superevisors hah have concerns about privacy. >> reporter: iconically,ed boort the board of supperervisors said they need to keep better track. after doing our due diligence we decided to use a time clock the best most secure time keeping system available. many employees are still concerned about hackers getting into the system and stealing other personal information once they have that fingerprint. >> certainly has happened. >> reporter: jill is with the institute for invasion law. >> could actually recreate
4:57 pm
someone's identity and access their place of employment, their bank records, anything that's using their laptop anything that's using fingerprint identification for the person. >> reporter: in san francisco, leeann melendez. the nike shoes made famous by tom hanks in his 1994 role of "forest gump" are making a come back. >> nike will sell the cortez running shoes around the world and online for $100 a pair. >> the shoes were invented by the co-founder of nike and they were made famous by the movie "forest gump." they may be a faxshion accessory now but they will be one of the best running shoes of all time. nbc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with dan and cheryl. >> let's do more to help all
4:58 pm
women lead on. >> that could be a cry for her campaign. why some say she should clean up her own house first. >> why is my male colleague being paid more? >> to make sure women get paid equally across california. >> fields of shatters dreams. why some local baseball fields are locked tight as the season is getting underway. >> i'm sandy patel. the chill, when might you see the second sign? showers? i'll let you know coming up. >> hello? >> hillary clinton talks tech in the heart of silicon valley 622 days away from the next presidential election. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. thanks for joining us. hillary clinton talked about equal pay for equal work as she
4:59 pm
continues raising her profile. in april she spoke at a software conference in san francisco. in july she made the rounds to facebook twitter and google. in october she headlined a conference sponsored by sales force and today in the south bay, so many women came to hear hilary speak, the men's rooms were relabeled as women's rooms. david louie tweeted this picture and video and joins us from santa clara. >> cheryl and dan, mrs. clinton based on the applause from today is in tune with silicon valley on the issue of bay and getter. she could be testing waters to see whether those issues might resonate as she prepares for a yet undeclared candidacy. the women that came to hear her were hungry for inspiration and insight into how they can advance careers while balancing family life and one of the first issues was the gender and pay
5:00 pm
gap. >> a woman with a bachelor's degree makes 60% less than a man with the same degree. >> reporter: as she made that point the republican party was accusing her of paying women on the senate staff less than women and having a predominantly male staff ready to shift into campaign mode. >> everybody will use anything they can, right? i would hope not. i would think that hopefully she'll be judged on marcherits and what she's achieved. >> i think there are probably different levels and organizations of pay and if you get in early on or you bring in and come in a certain salary and there is only so much they can raise you, i think that's an issue all women run into. >> reporter: the 5,000 women attending the conference were hoping to hear mrs. clinton declare canadense declare


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