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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 27, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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son. my little girl she's not quite old enough yet. >> there you have it. "world news now" is next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. we pressure your time. on this tuesday night, the breaking news. the monster storm slamming the coast at this hour. states of emergency. new england, buried. nearly three feet of snow in some parts. whiteouts. cars under water, homes flooded. and coast to coast now, the travel nightmare. more than 8,000 flights canceled. and this evening, the new storm on the way. surrounded. star quarterback tom brady at the center of a different storm tonight. and the owner of the patriots now saying that the nfl could owe the patriots an apology. breaking developments now in the craigslist case. the grandparents going to look at their dream car and their disappearance. tonight, the stunning turn of events. and the super bowl scene stealer. but how many puppies does it really take to pull this off?
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tonight, we take you there. good evening. and we begin tonight with that monster storm. this is the view from space this evening. and at this hour, burying much of new england. tonight, millions still under blizzard warnings. a state of emergency in seven states. and just look along the massachusetts coastline tonight. the storm still hitting, blinding snow, flooding. you saw that car under water there. in winthrop massachusetts, cars frozen in ice. one man salvaging what he can with power out. this woman, a soldier in tears as she leaves her home. there is word tonight of a nuclear plant in massachusetts, shut down as the blizzard moves through. we have team coverage again tonight. meteorologist ginger zee with the next storm now moving in. but we begin with abc's david wright, on the coastline tonight. >> reporter: as if blinding snow weren't enough, today, flooding, too.
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seawater filling the streets of coastal massachusetts. home upon home, blanketed in ice. in marshfield, an 80-foot stretch of seawall crumbled at high tide. pounding waves just poured over the top. >> this is horrible. we walked this wall yesterday and it's gone. >> reporter: jennifer bruno, a soldier forced to abandon her home, in tears. and you can see how ocean street now is a river. some of the power lines are down as well. other ones swaying precariously. we can't stay out here very long. up the coast in scituate, beachfront homes now have backyard lagoons. these cars completely submerged. whole neighborhoods cut off by the flooding. steve berlow tried to wade through the water to get back to his home, but couldn't make it. since 10:00 last night, barely any letup. the roads, a solid wall of white. you can feel how intense it is already. it went from bad to worse. the ocean churning. cars buried. three to four inches of snow falling here every hour.
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tonight, utility trucks lining up to help more than 28,000 people in eastern massachusetts now without electricity. and this storm is still blowing. this lighthouse? now you see it. now you don't. the winds there clocked in at nearly 80 miles an hour. the fiercest of this storm so far. the wind now kicking up again something fierce. and where i'm standing here is basically newly fallen snow on a puddle of slush. the tide coming in again. police are telling us, we need to leave now. and the homeowners have no idea when they'll be allowed to come back. david? >> it is going to be another long night ahead. david wright, thank you. and get safe with the crew there. mean tile new york city getting nearly ten inches of snow but that was nothing, because from long island new york up through connecticut, straight into boston all digging out tonight. nearly three feet of snow in some places. a firefighter helping to pull out that ambulance in new bedford, massachusetts. a patient inside.
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this man and his snowplow cutting a path through waist-high snow there. and in boston tonight, this nurse, brought to work at brigham and women's hospital by that police officer. meteorologist rob marciano riding out the storm for us from boston. >> reporter: tonight, the blizzard of 2015 crushing the east coast. massachusetts pummeled with over 30 inches of snow. in hudson, even too much for the plows to handle. >> this is a very significant storm and in many parts of massachusetts, i think you could call it, in fact, an historic event. >> reporter: the last 24 hours, a blowing, blinding mess. painful to be outside. the wind is blowing the snow sideways. visibility at times dropping down to zero. the wind and snow not letting up, even through the morning.anything this morning. this blizzard is dropping visibilities down to near zero at times. and it shows no signs of letting up. the boston fire department digging out the stranded. even shuttling hospital workers. some doctors skiing to work.
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tens of thousands without power across the region. in connecticut, 30-plus inches of snow in spots. burying cars. in rhode island, winds toppling the massive wooden "uss providence." overnight, travel banned in five states. over two feet of snow in long island. on the long island expressway, an army of snowplows. the storm's track saving new york city from the worst of it. tonight, the travel ban is lifted on the roads and the subways. >> tonight, the trains are slowly getting back up to speed after that unprecedented shutdown overnight. but tonight, many asking, was it all necessary? the mayor saying loud and clear, better be safe than sorry. >> reporter: everyone chronicling the storm on social media. over 32,000 images on instagram, tagged #blizzardof2015. and in boston, a surreal sight. a commuter braving the blizzard in just a suit. >> i'm from buffalo. i'm used to this. >> without the coat. only in new england.
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rob, i covered those storms in boston for years there, this one was huge and dangerous. what kind of cleanup are they facing tonight? >> reporter: it's going to take some time. look at this. buried. and this is just one day it was coming down so far and so fast today, it was difficult for road crews to keep up. i suspect the main roads should be okay in a day or two. but boston's an old city with a lot of tight streets like this one. in some cases, you just have to dig it out by hand. this has lived up to its billing as a storm of historic proportions. two feet of snow. that's a record here. and it's still coming down tonight, david. >> we can see it right there, rob. we know you haven't slept in hours, so we thank you. tonight, the blizzard setting off a ripple effect from coast to coast. 8,000 flights canceled in three days. 400,000 passengers effected. one flight stranded on the tarmac for hours. look at this in atlanta. passengers asleep on the floor. a line of cots at laguardia airport in new york. and as far south in florida tonight, these women using their bags as foot rests. abc's david kerley on that part of the story tonight.
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>> reporter: it's a race to reopen new york's airports. and it wasn't an easy day nor night for stranded passengers. >> i'm stuck in jfk airport. >> reporter: a late virgin atlantic flight didn't take off from jfk. six hours on the tarmac, say passengers, then back to the gate. but the road travel restrictions were already in place. >> as you can see, i'm a little tired, from the bags under my eyes. we've been in the airport for around 20 hours now. there was no contingency of any sort, nowhere comfortable to sleep. >> reporter: at laguardia, at least they had cots. but stuck all the same. >> it's been exhausting. it's so emotionally exhausting to be in the airport and not have anywhere to go. >> reporter: look at the flight map. 2:00 yesterday, over the northeast. to a nearly empty sky at 2:00 today. and it rippled across the country. chicago -- >> i'm stuck. i'm stranded. nowhere to go. >> reporter: 400,000 passengers touched by the cancellations, costing them and the economy $235 million, which is why tonight, the airlines are speeding up the recovery. and this afternoon, at laguardia, the tower welcomes the first flight.
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>> spirit 180 tower, you're number one on the first runway 31. you're the first arrival. >> reporter: and good news inside, too. >> when we found out we could get our boarding passes, it was like, yes. >> what a mess for all of those passengers. david, you've been at the airport for hours now. what is the timeline getting back to normal here? >> reporter: well, the airlines don't want to see the empty terminals. they are repositioning planes into new york tonight to try to get rid of these, the canceled and more of the on time. with the exception of boston, by late tomorrow, should be close to the normal schedule. >> david kerley with us tonight. david, thank you. and let's get right to meteorologist ginger zee. she's been tracking this from the very start. you told me, this all came down to the shifting track in those final hours. >> reporter: just slightly east. we stayed conservative here. you've got to see the numbers here. new york city, you just heard, close to ten. only 40 miles away in long island, more than two feet. so it's always about that shift. and that's why you saw that hard edge the heavy snow shield leaving so many out to the south and west. still going on though. we saw rob's live shot.
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those bands of snow will keep going. three to six additional coastal maine. i want everyone to know that blizzard warning goes through tomorrow morning there. it drops off for most others in new england in the next couple hours. and then that next storm, david. we promised you, looking at it thursday is the storm. it goes through pittsburgh as rain. comes through just north of new york. this is a light one, though. that's the good news. >> all right, ginger. another storm. thanks. we're going to turn now to the scandal before the super bowl in the meantime, and that reported person of interest in the mystery of those deflated footballs. tonight, what the nfl is now saying, and now the owner of the new england patriots saying that someone could soon owe the patriots an apology. abc's cecilia vega from phoenix. >> heads up! heads up! i'm coming. >> reporter: even in the crush of super bowl media day, there is one question the new england patriot s patriots can't seem to escape. >> if i say to you "deflategate," you say what? >> no comment. >> reporter: but a day after reports that the nfl named a locker room attendant as a person of interest, most players had little to say about the
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lingering controversy. >> i have no idea how that works, honestly. i mean, i just -- i just go out there and catch the ones that tom throws at me. >> reporter: but patriots owner robert kraft spoke out for them. >> i think they think it's a bunch of hogwash. >> reporter: saying his team might deserve an apology from the nfl. this is the craziness that is media day. there are thousands of people down here on this field. fan, journalists. but guess what? the one player you can't get anywhere near -- tom brady. >> well, i'm focusing on the game. >> reporter: today, the nfl also declining to comment on that fox sports report claiming the league has video of a patriots locker room attendant taking footballs into another room before the playoff game. do you think a locker room attendant would have done that without being told to do it, if that happened? >> i don't think our locker room attendants would do it, period. >> reporter: the nfl saying super bowl xlix will be played before the investigation is over. for players and fans -- deflategate? >> sham. total sham.
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>> cheaters. >> reporter: the pressure is still on. cecilia vega, abc news, phoenix. >> cecilia, thank you. overseas tonight, the state department now confirming an american killed in a deadly attack in libya. a car bomb detonated outside a luxury hotel in the capital, tripoli. at least eight people killed as gunmen burst into the lobby. one of the worst assaults in that city since the conflict that ousted muammar gadhafi began four years ago now. we're going to turn this evening to the chilling new video video from isis tonight. the hostage delivering what could be his final message, given just 24 hours to live unless new demands are met. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> i've been told this is my last message. >> reporter: wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles, the japanese journalist kenji goto was forced to read his own death sentence today in a stark video without the usual isis flourishes, holding a photo of a captured jordanian pilot who he said was also facing execution.
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>> i only have 24 hours left to live and the pilot has even less. >> reporter: in tokyo, the journalist's mother pleaded with the japanese government to do whatever it takes. what isis says it wants is for this failed female suicide bomber an iraqi woman by the name of sajida al death row in jordan. isis initially demanded a $200 million ransom for goto and a second japanese citizen, a self-described war adventurer haruna yakawa. when the ransom demand was rejected, isis killed the adventurer and forced goto to read the new demands for the prisoner swap. >> it is me for her. what seems to be so difficult to understand? >> reporter: and no word at this hour from jordan, or japan, and tonight, david, time is running out for these isis hostages.
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>> brian ross tracking this tonight. brian, thank you. we're going to turn now to the economy, and to a blow for american 401(k)s. the dow taking a nose dive today, closing down more than 290 points after some lackluster earnings reports from microsoft, caterpillar, procter & gamble. there was one standout, apple, earning $18 billion last quarter. the best quarter of any public company in history, thanks to nose iphone 6s. at one point, apple selling 34,000 of them every hour. nearly $75 million last quarter alone. more than google and mic combined. tim cook tonight announcing those new apple watches on sale in april. we turn now to new developments from washington, new details on that drone crashing in the shadow of the white house. we saw that image here, a line of secret service combing the lawn for clues. we later learned it was an accident, a government worker. and now word tonight of something else. let's get right to our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. jon? >> reporter: david, you can call it drinking and droning. the man who crashed that drone onto the white house lawn setting off a security scare and
5:44 pm
putting the secret service on high alert was a government employee who officials now say they believe was drinking at the time he was playing with a friend's drone, a drone just like this. and get this. he works for the national geospatial intelligence agency. one of the government's most important spy agencies. it appears he was trying to have a little fun with his friend's drone when this whole thing happened. >> all right, the plot only thickens. jon karl live house. jon, thank you. meantime, the president in saudi arabia. the president there offering his condolences for the death of king abdullah. later shaking hands with his successor, king salman. first lady michelle obama making headlines, as well. in keeping with cultural norms for saudi women, her arms and legs fully covered, but breaking with tradition by not wearing a head scarf. many of the dignitaries bowing, some of them shaking her hand. we move on now to breaking news. and the verdict tonight in an emotional trial in tennessee. a jury tonight finding two former football players from vanderbilt university guilty of raping a female student.
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the attack taking place inside a dorm room. one of the defendants taking photos. the 21-year-old victim testifying she was drunk, unconscious and did not remember the assault. the jury deliberating for three hours before announcing its decision. and overseas tonight, and to a powerful moment remembered that happened 70 years ago. the images of auschwitz from above are haunting. showing just how sprawling the camps were. so many prisoners freed by soviet troops 70 years ago today. but not before more than a million lost their lives. on this somber anniversary, many came back. survivors with their families. ten years ago, 1,500 survivors came. now, fewer than 300. their advancing age. one survivor saying the greatest debt we have today is to pass on the memory of their lives to others. their will to live. four of those survivors and a photograph of those young faces, their own. children who witnessed and survived.
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children back then, 70 years later, still remembering tonight. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. breaking news in the craigslist mystery. the missing grandparents. and what we've just learned late today. vanishing after going on craigslist to buy their dream car. tonight, news about the suspect and now the charges. get down. get down. everybody get down. >> also tonight, that scene at a city hall. council members ducking for cover. one of them grabbing his own gun to defend them. we'll have the latest. and later tonight, the super bowl scene stealer. behind the scenes this evening of one of the most popular ads expected on super bowl sunday. and here's the quiz. how many puppies did it take to get that scene right? do you have nutritional gaps in your diet? try the improved formula of boost® original nutritional drink. each delicious serving provides... 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle and 26 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support bone health. plus, boost contains 3 grams of fiber which helps support digestive health. try boost
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5:49 pm
late today. >> you do understand the charges against you? >> i understand. >> reporter: he's charged with killing and robbing these two grandparents who were trying to buy a vintage car off craigslist and drove three hours to meet him. the judge denied him bond. >> it's a sad ending for us here in this community. >> reporter: 69-year-old bud runion posted this ad online, looking for a 1966 mustang convertible, like the one he owned after returning from vietnam. his family says someone responded with a picture of the car for sale. police discovered the bodies of he and his wife in woods near mcrae, georgia. both shot in the head and their suv in a lake about a mile from the 28-year-old's home. people across the country, using online classifieds, risk becoming crime victims. craigslist reminds users to insist on a "public meeting place" and to "tell a friend or family where you're going." michael smith, a former sergeant and security expert, showed us what he says is the best tip of all -- meet at a police station. why the police department?
5:50 pm
>> because, somebody that's trying to commit a crime is looking for anonymity. they don't want to be in public, they don't want to be around police. >> reporter: he says you should even consider going inside and telling police what you're doing, and if the person you're dealing with doesn't want to meet you here, you should stay home. david? >> all right, steve osunsami tonight. thank you. there is still much more news ahead. look at this. a car swallowed by a sinkhole. a family inside. and we've got new details on the rescue. and then, breaking news out of california tonight. new images coming in at this hour. the body cam, the children being rescued from this home. we'll be right back. i've always loved exploring and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the
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5:54 pm
get down. everybody get down. >> the sounds of the shooting caught on tape. screams for everyone to get down there. the council members ducking for cover. one drawing his own gun. two police officers were wounded but returned fire, killing the gunman. no one else was hurt. thankfully a happy ending now after a narrow escape for a family in maryland. look at this. the father and three children trying to get out of their home after a water main break flooded the neighborhood. the hole hidden by water, swallowed their car with them inside. the back end of the car barely visible. but they all climbed out of the car before it was submerged. when we come back, and we need this story tonight. a quiz for you at home. how many puppies did it really take to shoot that scene? how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge
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working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at finally tonight, the star off the field at this super bowl. you've seen him before, but now he's missing. he was the super bowl scene stealer. this puppy, crawling under the fence, sneaking through the barn door to find his friend. and this year, could it be true? >> we're sad to announce that the budweiser puppy has gone missing. >> reporter: putting up those missing posters, and they're hoping millions will be invested
5:58 pm
in their search. one woman already is. the dog trainer, who trained the puppy. or should we say, puppies. a lot of people think there's just one puppy, but how many puppies were on the set? >> there were actually eight puppies that we worked with. we had a lot of puppy talent on hand. >> reporter: i hear a lot of that puppy talent they have big demands. >> they do. we had a special groomer on set. >> reporter: she won't reveal what happens in the end, but she did reveal something else. how she got the puppy to look this sad. it's apparently all about the little rug you can't see inside that box. >> he was actually trained, go into his mark and lay his head down. >> reporter: so he gets the oscar. >> he gets the puppy oscar. definitely. >> tonight a san francisco teenager accused of murder is allowed to go free >> and a patrol officer changes his plea. what he has to say about sharing
5:59 pm
topless pictures of two women he arrested. >> tonight historic artifacts that they got away with. and what police have shown little interest of a video evidence of a common crime. here is the surveillance video that concluded a teenager arrested for murder wasn't the one that committed the crime. >> prosecutors believe he was not the killer the person that stabbed a young teenager to death. they're not convinced he wasn't involved in some way, he's no longer facing charges. >> this is where 14-year-old rayshawn williams was stabbed to death public defenders say
6:00 pm
police arrested the wrong person but that teenager is home now investigators are looking into whether he was connected in some way. it's been nearly five months since rayshawn williams was stabbed to death in the mission district. now, the main suspect has been released from a juvenile detention center the district attorney dropped charges against the teenager and former class mate of the victim today. >> have you to look at every piece of evidence. what people will be able to testify in court, forensic evidence you have to see what occurred in a case. >> but the public defender says surveillance video was the key the victim is in a yellow circle. a male in dark clothing in a red one. another seen running from a corner store. this shot gives a clearer


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