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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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silicon valley to a destination never served directly before. >> all eyes are on will have to address deflate-gate. >> there will be a lot of questions in >> you can see how passionate kristen was. she will is looking forward to that. >> >> mike? >> now 15 seconds it show you what is going on with live doppler hd and our thickesting for is around santa rosa at a mile with fog through the inland east bay valley and right now concord and livermore at 6:00 and 7:00 and this afternoon, high clouds are passing through and total sunshine by the end of the afternoon with fog and clouds 61 to 66 and around the bay, up to 67 and breezy at the
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coast and sunny and low-to-mid 60's. >> it is busy in morning. >> it has been. we will look at metering lights turned on 20 minutes ago in the bay bridge so we have plenty of company there as you head in from the may. and looking to the eastern span of the bay bridge with brake heights and traffic is slowing down a bit and a big accident in castro valley is in the clearing stages. >> thanks, leyla gulen. we will get to the news starting in the south bay travelers may have a new opening to get between silicon valley and beijing non-seven. our reporter is at mineta san jose airport to tell us about it. 50 -- it makes sense to connect system valley with the second largest who in the world and it is easier to get in and out of san jose than it is to get in and out of the sfo.
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they land on starting the nonstop flight to beijing if june the largest privately owned airline in china applying to the department of transportation on tuesday asking for expedited approval. it has received approval for the new route from china and the 12 1/2 hour flight is offered five days a week. they estimate that carrying 3,500 passengers a month. this is after a give day a week service from san jose to tokyo in 2013 using the boeing 787 trim liner. though are preparing to use the dream liner in their routes to san jose. though call itself a service-oriented airline and boasted they have received best airline in china award in two different magazines. interesting, the airline estimates they will lose $1.3 million in the first year of operation in san jose. develop news a san mateo woman is recovering this morning
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from being bitten by two pit bulls would went on a rampage that ended only when one of them was killed. the incident happened yesterday morning near san mateo high school and the dogs also attacked a gardner who fended them off with a leaf blower. the animals attacked the police officer trying to bite through the door of their police cruiser. an officer ran the dogs over with the car and killed one. we will have more on this story with news reporter -- with abc news reporter at 6:30. >> a southern california police confident nine is dead after being shot and killed by a man who barricaded himself in a house for nine hours. the german shepherd named sultan tried to pull the suspect out of the crawl space under the home and was shot. we sultan two-year veteran of the force crawled back to his handler but died at a pet hospital. authorities say it hours. >> a sad day for us. a k-9 is part of our family.
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especially for the handler, that is definitely part of his family. when we lose a pen of our department it hits hard. >> the suspect was killed after he emerged great a house with a handgun. >> after years of criticism, federal agency tasked with court ordered reforms is doing a better job after looking at quarterly report showing the department is in full comply abc of 19 of 22 areas. he said the department wall street not yet ready to will merge from a decade of federal oversite. >> new this morning, miss have arrested eight people on many charges after uncovering an illegal government -- gambling separation in a home in san jose. police responded to a reported assault at a him on south capital avenue on tuesday. when officers arrived people ran
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from the house. police looked inside and found video gambling machines drugs and cash all in plain view. police are still investigating. public health officials in the bay area say there are seven confirmed measles cases three of them links to the outbreak at disney. so for, 70 people in the nation have been infected. the majority of the cases are here in california including those bay area cases. alameda county officials say they have reported five cases including three tied to the theme park and san mateo and santa clara counties have reported one each and a disney land spokesman said it is safe to visit if the vaccination is up to date. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> a san francisco group hope telling reduce new cases of h.i.v. by 90 percent in the next five years says it needs $2 million of city money to make it happen. according to the "san francisco examiner" the getting to zero consortium hopes to make san francisco the first city with
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zero infections, san francisco has had success with cutting knowledge new h.i.v. infections dropping from 530 in 2007 to 359 in 2013. >> giants fans multiple reports say giants pitcher may stay in san francisco after all. early this westbound, the 37-year-old flew to houston prompting rumors he was close to signing a deal with the astros. the new report indicates he is in serious discussions with the giants about staying on the team. he has been pitching in san francisco for three seasons now including both world series wins in the next 30 machines or -- minutes a news conference featuring new england head coach belichick is under way holding availability to talking about super bowl but everyone will want to hear about deflate-gate and espn reports that 11 of the 12 footballs used by the
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patriots in the championship game on sunday were underinflated balls which are thought to be easier to catch. mike shumann was eight years in the nfl and here is his take. >> it works both way. i have a regular ball here. we if you have larger hands it is better for a tighter or more inflated ball because it comes out more tighter spiral. with the weather, the advantage is here you can see where you can great britain it and green it easier and you could not call it a fumble, the ball traveler earses and easier to catch the. >> he suspected they are probably been going on since day one in the nfl. managers of the looking say you can deflate a ball if as little as two seconds. did you see that one handed cash? >> and players do not
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nothing, nothing, nothing on mike shumann. >> we will bring the press with bell chick -- with c belichick live. >> temperatures in the south bay are running 39 at mineta san jose international and cupertino is the cool spot at 38 and a last 40's around santa clara and alum rock and seeing if we can find anything cooler, 40 in danville and calistoga and 49 in alameda and 46 in novato and 54 at half moon bay and 101 and fog to the north and inland east bay and 38 to 50 and we look at the day planner 56 to 62 at noon with high clouds and the next 12 hours we are in the low-to-mid 60's and stars and low-to-mid 60 at 7:00. leyla gulen? we will start by looking at at san mateo bridge and traffic isedding a bit as you head away
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from hayward to foster city and now it will be 11 minutesñç to cross the water. eastbound traffic is not affected. we do have confirmation that the crash is cleared and it is eastbound 580 at eden can improve and everything is off the freeway and all the track is dissipated. focusing in on san jose further interest santa clara we had an early car fire and that is cleared, as well, and the fire is out, the rest of san jose is at top speeds with the exception of 101 northbound between 280 and 680 and the nimitz and as we take a look at the rest of the drive in that south of 280/680 we intersection through evergreen the drive is at top speeds continuing up to the san jose airport and, again, no delays. right now we have breaking news to bring to you happening right now, a power outage in san francisco. we you can check out pg&e power outage map 4,039 customers are
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in the dark right new in the russian legal and marina neighborhoods centered around van ness and bay street so a lot is going on with businesses as well as homes with in word on the cause of the outage and no time for restoring right now but we will keep you posted on the outage which is sizable with over 4,000 people in the $if san francisco. >> justice department has a decision on whether a missouri police officer should face federal charges in the shooting death of an unarmed black teen. >> a birth control warning: serious medical condition a new study is linking contraception to this morning. >> jennifer aniston makes a personal revelation the battle the actress has been fighting for more than two decades. >> more weather and traffic for you all morning long.
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:13 and a look at commute on the eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic is starting to get heavy but, still in fog in this spot. we will check with mike and leyla in a molt. >> there are new developments in the ferguson, missouri, shooting death an unarmed black teen. police released new video of looting that took place when the grand jury decided put to file chances again the white police officer who shot and killed michael brown. 200 people broke into the
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market grabbed what they could and ran out. >> there is word that the justice department will recommend no silts charges be filed against officer wilson. lawyers are working on a memo outlining the reasoning for the decision. >> the connecticut home where sandy hook elementary school gunman started his deadly rampage more than two years ago is about to be torn down. the city council voted unanimously last night to tear down the home. the home sits on two acres and is where he killed his mother in december of 2012 before shooting and killing 26 others at sandy hook elementary school. there is in timetable on when the home will be there is new incentive for smoker to kick the habit. a survey finds that smoking can cost the average person in california $1.5 million over their lifetime factoring in the cost for greets and health care.
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other costs include losing out on homeowners insurance credit that nonsmokers get and income loss finding that smokeers earn less than nonsmokers. >> a study finds certain birth control could raise a risk of developing a rare brain tumor according to eveners had denmark. if you took hour moan contraceptions like birth control the patch or ingestions showed higher rates of a brain tumor but doctors say there is in republican to stop taking birth control because it is so rare that even with the increased risk the odds of developing the brain cancer are slim. jennifer aniston i up about decision alexia -- about her learning disability. before the diagnosis she thought they was smart. while learning she has we
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dyslexia she admits she doesn't read very often. >> a condo developer things he has an offer that will drive sales of the eight unit building. >> we mine drive, a complex under construction in west palm beach florida gives anyone who by as unit a free tesla model s to go with the promotion going with the green theme. >> we want to go green. it is a good idea to include a tesla with the building. the building features great views, high-end fixtures and 4,000 square' units. and the charging stations for the tesla. that luxury comes at at price...starting cost is $2.3 million. >> i don't think tesla would save you in traffic this morning. we will check with leyla gulen. >> no. you would be stylish but you would have to sit in the traffic like everyone else. >> good morning everyone awe
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-- as we look at hose 280, north on highway 17, in the back ground, with more congestion building and really, i have to say we are light as far as citizens southbound traffic not too bad. from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge you wind your way around treasure island slow-and-go to the city and i will show you the number two worst traffic area, the bay area, the morning commute on 880 southbound from hayward to fremont and we have bumper-to-bumper traffic up to highway 92 and it eases up and then a couple of possible debts are -- pock secrets are building. >> 1.75 visibility around row neither and windsor and even healdsburg so watch out nor that much of the wind is blowing and we have seen visibility ebb and flow. look at the winds pointing southwest at 12 miles per hour
6:18 am
in napa and 15 at half moon bay and the breezes here and the warmer temperatures will follow. because of that light offshore breeze we are seeing tule fog pushing inland east bay with visibility here doing pretty well compared to where we were this week looking southbound on 680 to the san ramon valley and the fog is not in san rafael yet, 101 looking good southbound toward the golden gate bridge. it will be sunny because we have high clouds this morning and we will have mild temperatures this afternoon. fewer foggy spots the next couple of nights and spring warmth and record highs look likely especially further south you are. >> mid-60's for most of us, and 67 is the warm spot today in oakland and castro valley and morgan hill and 65 at the beach at half moon bay and low-to-mid 60's inland tonight and san francisco is the warm spot at 50 and we will have a few high clouds tonight and here are the high shoulds pushing over the top of the dome of high pressure and that is what is going to
6:19 am
clear out with sunshine, more high clouds coming in tomorrow and that will be the last batch because as the high pressure exerts itself and record levels of warmth develop the high clouds go away. at the coast 6:00 tomorrow morning, until 6:00 sunday morning, the waves will be rather high at 15' large breakers and beach erosion and rip currents and breakers over the rocks we like to walk around to get to the other sides of the beep. watch out. you are going to the other extreme headed up to the mountains, lake tahoe will be with average by ten degrees and low-to-mid 50's and low-to-mid 30's and snow pack is only 31 percent of where it should be for this time of the year. my seven-day forecast shows we start in the 60's today to 70 tomorrow and low-to-mid 70's through the weekend and touching 70 on monday and tuesday and wednesday the next chance a slight chance of rain we will drop and the upper 60's to mid-60's by wednesday.
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have a good one. if you are head the you north we will look at the ski report. >> i have to ask mike when is mother nature going to bring us more snow? >> february? >> february? my goodness. we have a wait. as far as what we do have we do have man made snow if you are headed to the sierra this weekend, sugar bowl has 15 to 45' base at 7 to 47 wood and squall valley. these hours to sugar bowl and 3 1/2 hours to home wood and three hours to squall valley. heavenly off of a 80 we have a 32" base and three hours and 20 minutes and no chain on the highways to get to the sierra at 25 inch bay. have fun. be came. it is now 6:20. you could be surprised to lend of the latest food craze:
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hey mom, what's for dinner? something awesome. cool. wisest kid i need something awesome. to make it awesome make it "mini." like campbell's® mini chicken pot pies. awesome, mom. get recipes at 6:23 on thursday morning looking from the camera to san francisco, beautiful lights just twinkling as we get ready for sunrise this morning. mike is checking the forecast and leyla gulen is keeping track of the busy traffic. you will hear are them in just a little bit. >> right new we will check with amie and a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, coming up next on "good morning america" new
6:24 am
details in the nfl deflate-gate scandal. the patriots facing allegations that the matchup against the colts wasn't the first time they used underinflated footballs. what the colts quarterback luck is saying about it on "good morning america" next at 7:00 in 36 minutes. >> how exotic do you get when it comes to trying new food? will you try insects? >> i don't know aout that. >> "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" to taste test new bug filled food. here is michael finney. good morning everyone, for centuries insingles have been included in traditional dishes and we know the mexican tequila lacks a certain something and now "consumer reports" has taste tested insect laden foods marketed in the united states. when we see someone eating bugs
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it is on reality tv show. >> you have the giant rock coaches and a blood salsa filled with maggots. >> companies are hoping americans can overcome the ick factor introducing cookies and snack bars made with cricket flour. this video energy bar that contain up to 40 dried ground crick coats. according to the bar manufacturer it has two times more protein than beef and 15 percent pore iron than spinach. "consumer reports" food experts answered the all-important question: how does it taste? they sampled six snack bars from two manufacturers and some cookies. could they denext any trace of insect? did anyone get off notes in the bar? no. >> nothing unusual?
6:26 am
>> no. no. >> the bars has simple straightforward ingredients fruits notes, honey flax and of course...crickets. >> the cookies tasted more of coconut than crickets. >> "consumer reports" advised that because crickets are closely related to shrimp people with shell fish allergies should avoid cricket products. >> it does not come cheat. regular flour is three to six cents an hours cricket flour costs a dollar an ounce. >> if you put enough chocolate open it you don't know the bugs. >> there is not enough chocolate in the world to cover up a bug. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top story. >> beating the media here is a picture from massachusetts minutes away, now from the start of belichick's news conference as the head coach of the new england patriots faces
6:27 am
deflate-gate head on and what will he say? we will bring it to you. >> if you ride bart listen up, commuters can be banned from doing something they are allowed to do right now. >> two put bulls attacked in san mateo and find out what police are saying about the dog's owner. >> a look at the seven day temperature trend for san jose, notice record highs are possible saturdays sunday and monday and i show you other areas that can do that and look at where the fog is thickest this morning. in the traffic center, that is a look at walnut creek, southbound 680 a packed house, with 11 minute drive to head away from highway 4 to the 24 junction and quiet across the bay area but plenty of congestion.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:30 we are awaiting the start of the bill belichick news conference about deflate-gate and what necessity knew of the 11 of telephone delfated balls that did not need the pressure standards for the championship game against the colts. >> watergate...what did they necessity and when does they know it? we will hear from coach belichick when he establishes -- takes the stadium. >> we need to grill someone. we will grill you mike. what is going on? i took the fog out. kind of. in some areas. >> what have you done for me lately? >> i will see what i can do. opening up live doppler hd and rolling through the visibility
6:31 am
five mile in santa rosa livermore, and six in concord and they have been down to two and three-quarters this morning so there is enand me to to -- so there an ebb and flow. warmer-than-average around the bay at 63 to 67 but more warmth in the forecast. >> there is more! wait! leyla? >> a lot more track the as we lack right now at the golden gate bridge it is not is empty as an hour ago. we have slowing as folks try to pull and the toll plaza. as we head south, san jose 101 away from 880 travels in the northbound direction with the headlights in the san jose airport and it is building but in accidents. that is the good news. more news right new san
6:32 am
mateo prosecutors are decides whether charges will be filed against the owners of pit bulls that attacked near san mateo high school. police killed one dog. our reporter is in san mateo with the latest. amy? >> yes kristen police describing do owners as cooperative and remorseful about what happened. it will be the d.a. with decides whether to press charges. their dogs did scare a lot of people yesterday. the two pit buts were mateo neighbor biting a woman on a leg and arm and attacked a gardner, chase add sanitation worker and charged at two william both pushing strollers. a police officer decided to hit the dogs with his car killing one and injuring the other of the witnesses who saw the dogs attacking the gardener say it was unbelievable. >> i was surprised it was so
6:33 am
vicious, coming, coming, coming and coming back. >> look at this picture from police. that is the gardener's leaf blower full of bike marks. the police officers car door was covered in scratches because the dogs tried to get in. they realized the dogs could not be controlled. at one point, san mateo high school was on lockdown because of the dolings. the injured dog walked home and that is how the police found the owners. the woman who was bit was treated and released from 9 hospital. it is 6:33. you are looking at the news conference in massachusetts and we are waiting for the hold coach belichick to speak to the media talking about his team's upcoming trip to the super bowl
6:34 am
but, of course, all thin wants to tack about is deflate-gate. espn has reported 11 of the 12 footballs used by the patriots in the championship game against the colts were under which are considered easier to throw and catch. now, maybe players say this had nothing to do with the patriots beating the colts a dominating performance 45-7. we are monitoring the muck and will bring you updates a they become available. >> for the first time colts quarterback and former stanford star andrew luck is reacting to the team's loss in the game. the energy was sucked out of you and you feel deflatedbut
6:35 am
they are a heck of a team. a good football team. you may remember that in 2007 the patriots are fined for illegally video taping another team's signals. >> a massive apartment complex fire in new jersey is mostly destroyed. look at the video of the complex showing flames stilt burning and the fire at luxury complex in edgewater has been going on since 2:00 our time yesterday more than 16 hours now it has been burning. a state of emergency has been declared. more than 400 people have been evacuated. investigators are waiting for the fire to cool down before traying to energy how it started. >> in oakland police are investigating a trio of shootings that took place in five minutes that left people people wounded. police say two people were shot before 9:00 last night at 88th avenue. minutes later, two more were shot on 60 there avenue and a third shooting on 105th least
6:36 am
another person hurt. police say all five are expected to be okay. officers have not said whether the shootings are connected. >> police investigation is underway this o after new video surfaced that appears to show a san francisco police officer trying to tip a disabled man out of his wheelchair. he banned to help friends who were being questioned by police. he moved his wheelchair to the brown and officers tell him to leave. one of the officers appears to try to tip him out of the wheelchair and then push him east curb. >> it looked like they tried to flow you out of the chair. >> they were. he was. he tried to dump me out. you can see it. lucky if the seatbelt. wear your seatbelts, everyone. >> he denied running over the officer's foot but it is hard to tell what happened. he was cited for obstructing an officer. police are not yet commenting
6:37 am
about the video and an internal vex is underway. if you note e-cigarettes while riding bart your days are numbered with the banning of electronic cigarettes. use at bart is not regulated and smoking is banned. officials say they have received cop minutes of people using the devices on bart rot. if approved new signs are posted to let passengers know of the ban. >> east meets wet the new nonstop service that could soon connect silicon valley to china. >> diaper delay: you will have to wait to buy the new brand of diapers from amazon weeks after being introduced. >> you are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and in right, waiting for coach
6:38 am
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>> we today you that patriot head coach belichick would hold a news conference to address the delfate gate. here he is in massachusetts. >> obviously i understand each team has the opportunity to prepare the balls the way they want, give them to the officials and the officials either approve or disapprove the balls. that was the end of it for me. i learned a little bit more about this the last couple of days. let me just say my coaching philosophy has always been to make things as difficult as possible for players in practice so with regard to footballs i am sure that any current or past player of mine will tell you that the balls we
6:41 am
practice with are as bad as they can be. wet. sticky. cold. slippery. however bad we can make 'em i make 'em. when players complain about the quality of the footballs i make them worse. what steps the complaints. we never use the condition of the football as an excuse. we play with whatever or kick with whatever we have to use. that is the way it is. that has never been a priority for me. i want the players to deal with the hardest situation if practice they will have to deal with, in the game. maybe that is part of our ball security philosophy.
6:42 am
i am trying to coach the team. that is what i want to do. we all know that quarterbacks kickers, specialists have certain preferences on footballs. they know a lot more about it than i do. they are more expensive than i am. i hear them comment on it from time to time but i can tell you and they will tell you there is never any sympathy whatever for me on that subject. zero. tom's personal preferences on his footballs are something that he can talk about detail and better information that i could possibly prov to tell you if my entire coaching career i have never talked to any player staff
6:43 am
member about football air pressure. that is not a subject i have ever brought up. to me, the footballs are approved by the league and game officials pre-game and we play with what's out there. that is the only way i have ever thought about that. i have learned about the inflation range and situation obviously with our footballs being inflated to the 12.5-pound range any us under that limit. knowing that now
6:44 am
we will deflate them above that low level to account for any possible change here in the game. as an average in a ball deflated from the 13 to the 12.9 it would matter but if it delfated from 12.5 to 12.3 it would matter but 12.9 would not matter. that is an example. we will take steps in the future to make sure we do not put ourselves in that type of potential situation the national football league is investigating this situation. we have cooperated fully, quickly and completely with every request they have made.
6:45 am
we continue to be cooperative in anyway we can. i have no explanation for what happened. that is what they are looking into. i cannot comment on what they doing that is something you should talk to them about. my overall knowledge, again, of football specifications, the overall process that happens on game day with the footballs is very limited. we will say during the course of the game i honestly probably has happened on an income meat pass or something but i never touch the game ball. that is not something i have any familiarity with on that. again i was completely and totally unaware of anything we
6:46 am
were talking about in the last cull of days this will monday morning. based on what i know or knew on sunday, sunday night, thinking back on this can i have done several times. i cannot think of figure i would have done differently based on what i now then based on what i know now. i told you the one change we would make in the initial start level of the football pressure but that is about it. it is unfortunate this is a story coming off of two great playoff victories by our football team and our players and, again we have been cooperating with the nfl investigation and we will continue to do so and we will turn all our attention and focus on to the seattle seahawks a very well coped -- coached and
6:47 am
talented and tough and competitive football team. we have spent the last four days three days, with our preparations and so forth for the trip and those are coming to a conclusion. we are wrapping that up. >> you have been listening to new england head coach belichick addressing the deflate-gate controversy going on for ten minutes about why he says as a coach he never towns the football and doesn't worry about the inens and trees to make it as hard on the team in practice as possible so the least of their worries would be 9 inflation legal of a football. >> if you want to continue to watch the news conference we are streaming that at stay tuned.
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the cars you want. avoid the ones you don't. plus, you get a free carfax® report with every listing. start your used car search at covering lows at toes, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:50. not a losting for. we still have clouds. high clouds outside. and some areas of fog by not like we have seen this week the big story is the winds are blowing offshore. they are picking up steam at ten miles per hour in oakland and hayward. 12 in napa. they are gusting up to 25 to 30. it will be a brick ferry ride this morning. the beautiful colors are starting to develop. they will be beautiful with the sunrise. and the high clouds. becoming sunny and mild this afternoon.
6:51 am
fewer foggy spots the next couple of nights and record highs this weekend. from san jose at 101 and 880 at the sky it and beautiful. the highs today are mostly in the mid 60. mostly 67 in oakland and castro valley and morgan hill. tonight, low-to-mid 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40's around the bay and the coast and even 50 in san francisco. we quick look at what will happen this weekend, 6:00 tomorrow morning sunday at 6:00 in the morning, and dangerous surf so be careful if you going to the beaches to enjoy the warm sunshine and the 70-degree weather. >> in the bay area, we have highway 87 beyond the tank, julian street, northbound traffic is filling up but we still have traffic moving along at top speeds. question have a new accident through the santa cruz mountains a three car crash blocking one lane and northbound highway 17 at the summit we have slow and go conditions up to los gatos and southbound traffic no delays as you make the drive to scots
6:52 am
valley. thank you, leyla gulen, our team is 6:51. we will be right back. we are showing you the bay bridge toll plaza very busy with weather and traffic through the entire commercial break.
6:53 am
>> good morning everyone, a look from the exploritorium
6:54 am
camera at the bay and the bay bridge. look the at clouds with the sunrising in the east. we have a complete look at the forecast ahead. >> here are seven things to know before you go. the tub one, a news conference with patriots cope belichick wrapped up in massachusetts and he said he never has discussed football air treasure hair with a player or employee in his entire career. he has no explanation why footballs used in the game had been deflighted or under the limit but says the team will continue to cooperate with the investigation but policy change and the future will set pressure higher than the lower limit so it is still okay if there is deinflation. >> a woman bitten by two pit bulls has been released in the hospital. a dog died and the other is with animal column the owners could be charged by the district attorney the. >> hundreds of dead birds been
6:55 am
found covered in a mystery goo and 500 birds been found covered in the substance. 300 have survived. >> silicon valley is poised to get the first nonstop flight to china with plans itfully from the hundred in beijing to san jose international. the service would be started in june. it would bring new economic opportunities to the south bay. >> five, amazon is pulling the new upscale "elements," because of negative give feedback after seven weeks on the market trying to beach up the line of essentials for prime customers. >> if you are a bart rider dress for low 40's lafayette and walnut creek and dublin/pleasanton and up to 50 in san francisco. we have a little bit of fog looking southbound along 680 from the walnut creek camera, the day lapper today high clouds at noon with upper 50's
6:56 am
to 60's and sunshine and low-to-mid 60's. we will continue the view of walnut creek southbound 680 taking you 13 minutes from highway 4 to the 24 junction and that is right 20 minutes in t san mateo bridge. busy conditions. a three car crash foreign highway 17 at summit. one lane is blocked. delays into los gatos. we continue now online and on twitter and facebook. >> can you go to facebook are we have a conversation now starting on a pesting on -- posting on the belichick news conference and what people think about that. see you later.
6:57 am
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ic >> we'll see you, folk good morning, america. new this morning, super bowl scandal. the embattled patriots coach speaking out this morning as more cheating allegations emerge. >> he's going to get picked off at the 32! >> and what star quarterback tom brady said about deflating footballs that is raising more questions. will the nfl take action on the eve of the biggest game of the year? happening now, major winter storm, a nor'easter bearing down threatening to dump heavy snow and rain on millions as a five-alarm fire rages out of control. destroying a major apartment complex just outside new york city. schools closed and 1,000 people forced out of their homes. breaking his silence. prince andrew emerges. from hiding for the first time since the sex scandal allegations erupted. the woman at the c


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