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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. and breaking right now, deadly collapse. >> overpass collapsed down on to a semi-tractor trailer there. an overpass crashing down on to a major highway. a tractor trailer slamming into tons of concrete and machinery. one person killed. and a busy interstate shut down this morning. also breaking, terror threat. the brutal group, isis releases a new video overnight threatening to kill two more hostages demanding $200 million in ransom in the next 72 hours. plus, the latest on that american woman being held by the group. >> we got visible fire shooting up from the ground. mansion mystery. this $10 million, 16,000-square-foot home known as the castle up in flames. dozens of firefighters battling for hours. the hunt for the six missing
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family members. investigators searching for clues right now. taking fire. "american sniper" burning up the box office feeling the heat from hollywood heavyweights who say it glorifies killing. will the controversy help or hurt its oscar hopes? good morning, america. whole gang here this morning and a lot of news to get to including the latest on deflate-gate. >> the nfl is investigating. the patriots are fully, fully cooperating and saying, come on, it's ridiculous they would do that. >> of all teams, if anybody doesn't get the benefit of the doubt it's the patriots. i'm not saying that as a patriots basher but as the past history and bill belichick brilliant doing everything he can. >> would it make a difference? >> it would. if it's cold out.
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>> yesterday, george -- >> easier to grab it. catch. got you there, george. it's much easier. you were talking about draft picks. i have no idea where that came from because draft picks -- >> nobody did. >> oh, i think what you meant, let me try to save you here, if they get caught doing something wrong -- >> they could lose draft picks. my translator has spoken. >> yeah. >> i got you. i got you, young lady. >> right now we have breaking news including that highway overpass crash overnight being called a catastrophic pancake collapse. one person killed. another injured. abc's alex perez is on the scene in cincinnati, good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. just a few hours earlier or later it would have been the middle of rush hour. take a look behind me here. all that debris in the middle of the highway and they are lucky more were not injured. >> it's one of those over pass at hopple street collapsing.
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>> reporter: a chaotic scene in cincinnati. this overpass collapsing sending several hundred tons of concrete and machinery plummeting on to the highway below. >> looks like we have a dismantled overpass collapsed down on to a semi tractor trailer here. >> reporter: the collapse happened around 10:30 monday night. an overpass along interstate 75 had been undergoing demolition when it gave way. >> something went wrong and a tragedy has occurred as a result. >> reporter: the falling rubble crushing a construction worker below killing him. while a tractor trailer driving under the overpass crashing head-on into the collapsed portion of the bridge as it hit the ground, the driver surviving transported to a nearby hospital for minor injuries. >> i can tell you the big rig driver, the semi driver is very lucky. a matter of seconds and his fate would probably have been different. >> reporter: the front of his truck mangled metal. traffic on the busy i-75 halted.
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a section closed indefinitely as the cleanup and investigation into the accident begin. and to give you an idea of how busy this section of the highway is, about 150,000 vehicles pass through there every day. authorities this morning now working on figuring out what exactly went wrong here. george and robin. >> rough morning there, alex, thanks very much. now to that new threat from isis, the brutal terror group releasing a new video overnight warning it will kill two more hostages unless they receive a $200 million ransom in the next 72 hours. abc's brian ross is here with all those details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, despite all the air strikes by the u.s. and its allies against isis it appears the isis hostage propaganda crew and british spokesperson is still in business threatening those two japanese citizen, one a freelance journalist. it was posted online in the last
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few hours, same desert setting and same orange jumpsuit and it seems the same threats of beheading delivered by the isis terrorist dubbed jihad john because of his british accent. today he said the two men would be executed if the japanese government did not pay a $200 million ransom in the next three days. >> you now have 72 hours to pressure your government. >> reporter: the japanese government quickly responded this morning with the prime minister on a trip to israel saying he would not give in to terrorism. "i strongly demand the islamic state not harm the japanese citizens and release them immediately." the massive air campaign strike began almost five months ago in the wake of series of other hostage videos that shocked the world. among the targets strikes from the air were aimed at disrupting the propaganda machine. today's video suggests the brutal terror group has somehow found a way to rebound. isis continues to hold at least
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one more american, a female 26-year-old humanitarian aid worker. the fact that she was not referred to on today's tape will come as one small piece of good news for her family which has been quietly working behind the scenes to seek her release, robin. >> still wishing them all the best, that family. all right. thank you. president obama will address the conflict with isis tonight in his state of the union address. he's already reeled most his new proposals but abc news learned about a new move he'll make on policy towards cuba and jim avila starts us off in havana. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. sources tell abc news that tonight at the state of the union president obama will tell congress that he has done all he can do to normalize relations with cuba and that the time is right to lift the embargo and he'll make the case to the american people that the embargo has been a failed policy and changing it will only mean good news for the national interest of the united states and for the
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people of cuba and to lead to more freedom here. >> john this is one of many proposals not likely to go too far in congress. >> reporter: george, there is strong opposition to lifting that cuban embargo from prominent republicans like marco rubio but from very powerful democrats but the politics on this are interesting. farm groups are now pushing to see that embargo lifted because they want to sell american farm products to cuba so you have farm state republicans, very powerful republican senators, who agree with obama on this and would like to see the embargo lifted at the very least for agricultural products. >> that batch of proposals he put out to help the middle class, he says and certainly going to try to really own this economic progress we've seen in the last year. >> reporter: yeah, this will be the most optimistic state of the union address we have seen from president obama. he will really being going out and saying america is back. the economy is resurging but there will be plans here, it's called the robin hood approach here, where he will call for
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helping the middle class, he's got proposals raging from tax cuts for the middle class, free community college for two years giving workers guaranteeing them seven days of paid sick leave all paid for with tax hikes on the rich. as you can imagine these proposals are more of a wish list than anything that republicans are going to pass. >> they're not going to sign on to that. anything the president will proposal that could get bipartisan support. >> well, there are a number of possible areas, one big one is trade. the president has several big trade deals he wants to get done. republicans are with him on that. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. we'll have full coverage of the president's speech and republican response starting at 9:00 eastern. >> we know you're heading down there after "gma." a fast-moving storm that will leave a path of snow for the midwest and northeast. we know ginger is tracking it for us this morning. >> a light snow, 1 to 3 inches but doesn't take much to get the roads messy as we saw this weekend. brand-new video from i-95 in new jersey. take a look.
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that would be a semi, a tractor trailer, two there and just narrowly missing the guy in the car. fortunately they were all okay. so i want to time out the storm so you know what to expect. northern plains through southern minnesota into chicago, more tonight into early tomorrow. it's really for the mid-atlantic and northeast, wednesday night into early thursday event so i timed it right here, wednesday 9:00 p.m. into philadelphia heavier and new york city, fortunately a little bit after most people's evening commutes, but early morning boston down through connecticut may be slick. it's light but you could see 1 to 2/3. inches overall, 2 plus, maybe even 4 in some of those places in central pennsylvania. so that's a look at this clipper system. a whole lot more coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you very much. to the other top developing story, amy is back. good to have you back. >> thank you very much. good morning, everyone. we begin with a mysterious fire in a maryland mansion.
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the multimillion dollar home owned by a tech executive destroyed. he and his family unaccounted for this morning. abc's bazi kanani is on the scene with the very latest. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, amy. neighbors are leaving flowers and teddy bears here at the gate to this large estate where a couple and their grandkids were believed to be staying the night of the fire. the family is praying for a miracle that perhaps they'll show up someplace else but no one has been able to contact them. >> we got visible fire shooting up from the ground. >> reporter: this morning investigators are searching for the cause of this massive four-alarm fire tearing through this 16,000 square foot mansion outside of annapolis, maryland, monday. >> the roof, the second floor and first floor all collapsed into the basement. >> reporter: the structure reduced to rubble. so unstable firefighters have been unable to search it and this morning, no one has heard from six of the family members believed to be staying there. 56-year-old don pyle, his wife sandy and four of their grandchildren.
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>> they were the most generous and loving people in this world as far as i know, so i'm just still praying that they're here somewhere. >> reporter: the blaze breaking out around 3:30 a.m. taking 85 firefighters more than 3 hours to contain. this is the $9 million waterfront estate before the disaster. a seven-bed room, 7 1/2-bath dream home for the tech executive and his family. family members are now asking for prayers. >> i'm praying that they're still here and i hope all their friends are doing the same. >> reporter: just as soon as it's safe enough investigators will begin looking through the charred debris for possible victims. the atf is assisting in the investigation into a cause. whether this was a horrible accident or arson could take weeks to determine. amy. >> all right, bazi kanani with the very latest. thank you. overseas reports coming in
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the remember pelles have seized the presidential palace in the capital of yemen. seizing weapons. the president was not in the palace at the time. more details as we get them. and investigators have ruled out terrorism in the airasia flight 8501 crash. indonesian authorities say the cockpit voice recorder contains only the pilot sounding very busy. back here at home chaos on the streets of south florida. hundreds of bikers in miami for a convention took over the streets running red lights, evading police and performing stunts. the ride apparently organized all through social media. and finally we've all been a parent who went a little overboard planning their child's birthday party, but i dare say you've never seen anything quite like this. the family of a 5-year-old boy in england recently accepted a classmate's invitation at a ski resort but then they realized grandma and grandpa would be visiting so alex didn't end up going.
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last week he got a bill from his classmate's mother tucked into his school bag. a no-show fee for $24 and also she also is threatening to take alex's parents to small claims court if they don't pay up. hello. you know what, they're 5. wait till she gets busy or has a problem in scheduling then -- how many birthday parties did you have to -- >> $24. >> give me a break. >> kids' birthday parties. >> boy, you've had -- >> i always try to let the mom know but sometimes it happens. >> you were so serious. really? okay. >> i was counting the number of birthday parties i missed. >> it's $24. not $2400. >> the mom was trying to teach the other mom a lesson. >> there you go. >> and small claims court will do that. >> i was going to say.
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hey, amy, good to have you back, amy. now to best picture oscar nominee "american sniper" generating big buzz. major questions right now. some are asking if the record-setting movie glorifies a hero or a killer. abc's byron pitts has that story for us. >> don't pick it up. >> reporter: it's the blockbuster hit shattering records this morning. >> hey. hand me my daughter please right now! >> reporter: "american sniper," raking in $105 million in just four days and now the largest opening weekend ever for a drama not to mention its six oscar nods including best picture and best actor for broadly cooper who plays chris kyle, the real life navy s.e.a.l. with the most kills in history. >> you would never ever want to mess with. >> reporter: the film directed by clint eastwood is generating drama offscreen this morning. this billboard in los angeles spraypainted with the word murder. online a firestorm after seth
7:15 am
rogen and michael moore both appeared to take aim at the film. rogen saying it reminded him of a scene about nazi propaganda in the film "inglourious basterds." moore tweeting "we were taught snipers were cowards." who will shoot you in the back. snipers aren't heroes. both later saying their comments were taken out of context but the implication was enough to put celebrities and politicians on the defensive. rob lowe responding in disbelief to moore's tweet. he's kidding, right. sarah palin slamming hollywood leftists on facebook but also thanking cooper and eastwood for respecting the united states military. >> people still have very passionate and polarized opinions about the rightness of going to war in iraq, whether or not celebrating sniper kills is something that we should be doing. >> reporter: but while the controversy rages on this morning, chris kyle's widow says she's proud of her late husband and cooper's job portraying him.
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>> the heart of the man, the ability to laugh through it all, bradley captured all of that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," byron pitts, abc news, new york. well, i'm sure that dialogue is not going anywhere any time soon. >> no. the super bowl is less than two weeks away but the big game is being overshadowed by deflate-gate. the nfl is investigating the new england patriots to see if they took the air out of the ball in the blow-out win over the colts. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: overnight the new england patriots playing defense, balking at allegations they intentionally deflated balls to help blow out the indianapolis colts. >> they are the afc champions. >> reporter: quarterback tom brady laughing off the controversy on boston radio show "dennis and callahan." >> i think i heard it all at this point and it's ridiculous. >> reporter: rob gronkowski poking fun at the accusations posting this meme of him spiking the ball after a touchdown
7:17 am
saying warning, gronking may cause deflation. while bill belichick denied knowing anything about it. >> we'll cooperate fully. with whatever the league wants us to do. questions asked. i didn't know anything about it until this morning. >> reporter: the nfl confirming to abc news an investigation is now under way. nfl rules state that altering footballs could subject those responsible to discipline including a fine of $25,000. and a smallest deflation could make a big difference. >> the effective of a deflated ball is a quarterback may be able to handle it better in inclement weather such as rain. >> reporter: cheating allegations are nothing new to football. in 2007 the league slapped belichick with a $500,000 fine and took 250 grand and a top draft pick from the club for spygate. videotaping new york coach's sideline signals during a game. the ncaa suffered its own scandal three years ago when a
7:18 am
student manager was fired at usc and school fined $25,000 for intentionally deflating five footballs in a game against oregon. so here's the difference. this is an actual football, correct weight and all that. this one is slightly deflated. do you think it makes a difference. >> i'm a lineman. i could catch this one. it's easier to grab. it's just more grip. >> especially when it's raining as it was during that game. it was pouring all game so -- >> it's a big advantage if that's what happened but you know what they're a great team. made it to the super bowl. let's enjoy that. >> it was a convincing win. >> deflated ball or not. >> you could catch both of these easy. >> ginger, a lot of rain coming south. >> i wanted to head on over. show you what's happening new mexico some of the high country could see more than eight feet. this is wednesday into thursday so that's why it's a winter storm watch. a couple of winter weather advisories but the front side not snow but rain and heavy rain for houston going to the midweek and beyond.
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your local weather forecast 30 seconds away. first this morning's tuesday trivia. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. you can see the fog is more widespread but when it is again, around lunch, it will be mild with total sunshine. dense fog returns the next two nights. in more fog starting friday. record highs are possible through the weekend. today we have mostly low-to-mid 60's and a few areas inland stay
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in the upper 50's. the seven-day forecast shows us in the upper 60's by friday and 70's through coming up, two former vanderbilt football players on trial for assault. the evidence on their phones now revealed in court. a toothless tiger. how did he lose that front tooth? >> looks like me. plus, "gma investigates" sleep tracking devices. how effective are they and what they can do to help improve your sleep. the truth is out there. former top secret documents declassified. what we can learn about aliens. documents declassified. what we can learn about aliens.
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7:25 am
before they dropped the phone into the water. a coast guard helicopter spotted them. the higher than normal tide may cause some boaters to misjudge the water. >> it is so very foggy out there but it is lifting at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a car fire at 280 at alpine road as you start heading into woodside. and an accident with heavy back ups coming right out of daly
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. check out how wide spread and thick the fog is.
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quarter mile visibility is the threshold for dense fog. we have it all the way up to petaluma. we do have about an hour flight arrival delays in sfo. most of us in the mid 40s to around 50 haywood in san francisco. king tide is about 10:46 at the golden gate. 11:43
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good morning, america. right now, a major highway shutdown. an investigation under way into the deadly overpass collapse in ohio. we're tracking that. also right now, a key witness set to take the stand this morning in the bombshell trial of two former vanderbilt football players charged with sexual assault. and superstar golfer tiger woods explains this picture. how he lost that tooth while rooting for lindsey vonn. >> a toothless tiger. ouch. we do say good morning, america. on this tuesday morning, so much to get to including a huge announcement from new kids on the block, yes, they've got the right stuff. oh, ginger. you are a reigning blockhead as are those two out there. >> they're out there. super fans. michael, lara.
7:31 am
>> but these guys, fans have been out here all night long. so excited to have you here and so excited to have the boys, new kids on the block in the house. >> yes. oh. we also got some other big surprises in store from them so you guys, it ought to be fun. look at this. husband -- the husbands got up at 3:00 a.m. so they could meet new kids on the block so you know what, these fans are excited. we're excited. back to you, robin. >> there was a line down the block when we got in this morning. we'll start this half hour however with the trial of two former vanderbilt football players. accused of sexually assaulting a female student in a dorm room when she was drunk and unconscious. the jury viewing graphic video of the alleged assault monday and a key witness expected to take the stand this morning. abc's tom llamas is here with that story. >> reporter: good morning. from the start of this trial jurors have been fed a steady diet of graphic images and jarring testimony.
7:32 am
the alleged crimes all happening on the campus of the prestigious vanderbilt university. former vanderbilt university football players brandon vandenburg and corey batey, stone-faced in court monday. the two teammates now co-defendants, both charged with aggravated rape and sexual battery against a female student in june of 2013. >> the alleged victim laying in the hallway of gillette dorm. >> reporter: on monday detectives describing the alleged attack which they say the young men recorded on their smartphones. >> this is corey batey with his shirt removed, his pants removed. >> reporter: jurors saw one video, too graphic to show the rest of the courtroom but on it you could hear laughter during the alleged rape. >> reporter: investigators say vandenburg texted some to his friends and searched google to find out if police could retrieve deleted photos. the victim vandenburg's
7:33 am
girlfriend a neuroscience major. >> that day had such promise for her and turned into a nightmare. >> reporter: prosecutors claim surveillance video shows vandenburg carrying her to his dormroom, batey by his side. >> within two minutes she was sexually assaulted. >> reporter: two other players joined in, brandon banks and jaborian "tip" mckenzie also charged but chpt -- expected to testify for the prosecution. mckenzie taking the stand later today. the defense says everyone made mistakes that night even the victim. >> she drank quite a lot of alcohol. >> reporter: batey's lawyer says it's the climate. >> it came in the way of television, shows that glamorize and promote sexual activity. >> reporter: all four have pleaded not guilty. now the alleged victim in this case may possibly testify this week. she's been in court for these
7:34 am
proceedings crying through some of the more graphic testimony, prosecutors say there's no dna evidence connecting batey or the other co-defendants but prosecutors say they don't need it. they have the video and photographs. >> all right, tom. thank you very much. dan abrams is here with more on this. we're hearing the defense claim, a college culture. what kind of defense is that? >> i have no idea what kind of defense that is. it sounds like batey's defense. two very different defenses but it sounds like batey's defense is "a," i got so drunk i couldn't create the intent to commit sexual assault. that's not a real defense as a legal matter. it seems as a practical matter what they'll try to do is point the finger at one of these other two guys who will be coming in to testify against them as a legal matter. they say they're charged with the wrong crime. but, boy, if he is on this videotape doing that that is a tough position to be in as a defense lawyer. >> talk more about the videotape. very graphic. >> the videotape and other
7:35 am
images here, remember, with regard to batey, very, very powerful testimony. vandenburg different defense. he is the one alleged to have orchestrated this. meaning the authorities don't even think he actually was involved in the rape itself but they say that he was part of the entire thing. meaning he had the intent to do it. he was egging people on in the group. he was sending out the videos and as a legal matter under tennessee law these prosecutors say that's rape. >> again, the two others are going to be on the stand today. >> we're expecting at least one of them on the stand and that could be very powerful again with regard to vandenburg, the one they don't have the videotape against because that's someone there who can talk about everything that happened that's not quite on that tape. that could be very powerful testimony against him. you're going to see a withering cross-examination where the defense attorneys basically ask him why he's testifying, what kind of deal he's hoping to get and i think you're going to see his defense attorneys trying to point the finger at the two
7:36 am
testifying. >> a lot watching it closely. thanks. to amy in the social square "the speed feed." >> the "american sniper" controversy which we brought you this morning takes three top spots including michael moore and heating up and sports blog, the mystery of the toothless tiger. tiger woods surprising girlfriend lindsey vonn in italy when she broke the record for world cup wins sharing a celebratory kiss and then came a different kind of hole in one. this one with tiger's teeth. safe to say he was not celebrating when he says he was struck by an overly enthusiastic videographer who knocked out one of his front teeth. these pictures have gone viral. race organizers say they respect sure how it happened. the most famous golfer in the world required extra security and didn't know about it until it hit the news. take a look at that scarf he's
7:37 am
wearing. a nice row of teeth there. vonn told reporters it helped her pick him out in the crowd. he loves that stupid mask spoken like a real girlfriend. he went from a skeleton to a jack-o'-lantern. >> you did say that. amy, thank you very much. surprising it doesn't happen more often when all the photographers are around and swing around and often hitting you but never seen that quite happen before. >> she's having quite a run. >> yeah, she is. what did you say he looks a little bit like you now? is that what you were referring to? >> a little bit. >> a little bit. >> you wish you had his swing. >> i wish i had a golf game like he did. >> we all do. >> a beautiful picture. >> a lot of people are still golfing. close to san diego. ocean beach, california, but the tide so low folks were walking out there. a pretty way to start. not as pretty where the king tide has come in north of there. and northwest of san francisco. the video of the flooded streets. this something that does happen but something to be looking for and rough surf possible from there all the way down the
7:38 am
coast. san francisco to ohio, 58 today. 70 for los angeles. places like yuma will warm up to 80. kingman, 75. death valley close to 70. sacramento, 55. mild in the southwest but you have to watch out for the tide coming in. cooling down otherwise, amarillo is one place that had already their average snow or just a little above about to get more and drop off to or about freezing, 35 for a high thursday. everybody else dropping. nashville from 60 to 47. good morning, our thick fog towns to sunshine and above-average temperatures around the bay at 60 to 65 and not bad at the coast up to 63 and inland up to 64. the seven-day forecast shows fog the next two nights and >> all that weather brought to you by voya financial so the snow here along the east coast is really tomorrow night into thursday and i'm very excited because i just can't wait. he's here this morning and he loves the snow.
7:39 am
>> yes, he's here. to prep. >> not competing. >> no. >> no, he's almost 13 so -- >> we have not had the masters competition yet. >> kj will be involved in that. >> coming up, an important medical alert for families. what you need to know about parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids. >> "gma" investigate sleep tracking technology and how effective are they and can they help improve your sleep? ♪
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we are back now at 7:43 with "gma" investigates and this morning on the agenda sleep tracking devices which are so popular now. you know the ones. they give you the data on your sleep patterns to help you get a better night's rest. how do they compare to a sleep clinic. abc's becky worley took a snooze to find out. >> reporter: sleep tracking devices are flooding the market. but can gadgets that cost less than $200 give you information that's accurate enough to really improve your zs? "gma investigates" choosing three of the most popular devices and taking them to the stanford university sleep clinic
7:44 am
where i'll spend the night as its sophisticated medical devices measure my sleep. >> i feel like a character from the "star wars" plus. it goes next to the bed wirelessly sensing my sleep. jawbone are fitness trackers worn on the wrist. >> nighty-night! >> i sleep pretty well considering how weird i feel. >> ready to get up? >> good morning. >> so how does the data from the consumer devices compare to the clinic's report. >> i thought i slept well. >> actually you did sleep really well. >> how much did i get? i got 7:34 of total sleep. the s plus is closest at 7:41. the jawbone, 8:01 but the basis added 48 extra minutes of time. the makers of the basis say an independent study showed the device was 90% accurate on nine out of ten nights compared to a medical grade sleep study. next how many times did i wake up?
7:45 am
stanford says i had 25 wake events, the s plus says four wake-ups, jawbone says one and basis zero. according to this doctor stanford detects waking through brain activity and says that's not always the case with consumer devices. >> a lot might measure by movement. >> reporter: and some like the basis use heart rate so if you wake but you don't really move it may not register. now these devices also report data on r.e.m. sleep, deep sleep and one counts how often you toss and turn, none of the companies claim these are medical grade devices but they do say over time that data can point to a trend. >> looking at it on a single night basis might not be that accurate but if you're looking at it say over the course of a month and you notice that you're getting more sleep or less sleep, that might be something that in turn might encourage you to change your lifestyle. >> reporter: while these devices make you aware of patterns they can't diagnose a sleep disorder
7:46 am
and any one night's data shouldn't make you lose sleep. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, palo alto california. >> i don't know about you guys, but i need a nap. coming up, one real housewife's star opening up about her battle with lyme disease. the truth, it's out there, everybody. inside the newly declassified top secret documents about ufos. ♪ touch the sky ♪ we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table underneath my work desk we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪ ♪
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7:50 am
big news for ufo believers formerly top secret documents have been posted online. and abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: "mars attacks," "e.t.," "independence day," we have an alien fascination that began back in 1947 not on the big screen but in the desert, roswell, an alleged flying saucer crash landing and the air force begins investigating ufos. >> there's something out there. >> now john greenwald -- >> do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials? >> reporter: -- gathered 130,000 pages posting them online revealing through 1969 the air
7:51 am
force investigated over 12,000 sightings. the pilot who crashed in '48 chasing a flying saucer, they claim it was a weather balloon. what did this cop see in the sky in '64? well, unclear. 700 other cases in these x-files have no real explanation. >> i believe the documentation proves there is a cover-up going on. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> ooh. >> i love the music. >> it's a mystery. coming up, new kids on the block are here live with a big announcement. nkotb. e. and it's time to fight it. with the good energy of quaker oats. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going and getting. one bite at a time. try new quick steel cut for a heartier texture. quaker up.
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55p tt2wlr=[bk@%4!f# c#$ tt2wlr=[bk@%x#á& 0> we do have a problem in south san francisco. we're still dealing with this accident at west-- that heavy back
7:57 am
ups coming out of daly city heading all the way down the peninsula under dense fog. >> the news
7:58 am
you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and medical alert. are parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids more likely to live near each other? are your children in danger? and the real housewives yolanda foster opening up about her battle with lyme disease. how the illness is tearing apart her life as she loses her ability to read and write. and instant beauty from instaglam. the secret to your favorite celebs' faces and how to get those looks. one woman's incredible gift makes her best friend's dream come true. why she agreed to have their baby. >> we don't know how to thank her. it's an amazing journey. all that and new kids on the block here live with the announcement that could change your year. as we say --
8:01 am
>> all: good morning, america! ♪ >> there they are, joey, jordan, jonathan, danny, donnie, new kids on the block and their fans, the blockheads have been out since last night to see them. they have a huge announcement coming up this morning. >> cannot wait for that. polite fans. two mystery guests in the studio. there they are right behind that curtain. we'll reveal their identity and their big surprise coming up, as well. >> i know who it is. i know who it is. >> i can tell by that. >> yeah. >> the move. >> yep, yep. >> no clue, no clues. hey, everybody, also kicking off the "gma" paw-lympics. let the dogs out. our canine contenders starting to arrive.
8:02 am
getting warmed up is bella making her way by tricycle. the most epic puppies ever and in the control room, calling the shots will be howard paw-sell. >> oh, guys. >> oh. >> extra credit whoever found howard, come on. >> that's pretty good. okay, so a lot of fun up, news from amy first. good morning. >> a major escalation in the violence in yemen in fight against al qaeda. rebels have stormed the presidential palace and there is word the president's private residence is under attack. also overnight isis showing a video. the man threatening them appears to be the isis terrorist dubbed jihad john because of his british accent demanding a $200
8:03 am
million in ran some. five russians arrested in southern france accused of plotting an attack. . one construction worker was killed and the prooifr of the truck injured. the bridge was in the process of being demolished. one of the largest jury pools in u.s. history has been called to the trial of accused movie theater james holmes which begins today in colorado. lawyers will begin selecting a jury from the list of 9,000 potential jurors. they will argue he was mentally ill killing 12 people. now to tonight's state of the union address. president obama buoyed by the economy is poised to focus on the middle class calling for tax cuts and free community college at the expense of the wealthy. he is also expected to urge congress to lift the embargo on cuba. american contractor alan gross held in cuba for five years will
8:04 am
sit with the first lady. we will have full coverage of the president's speech beginning tonight at 9:00 eastern. and what's old is new again at jcpenney's. five years ago after doing away with its catalog, they're bringing it back saying the print catalog boosts online sales with many shoppers preferring to flip through those pages before going online. and finally what's being called the best lottery scratch ticket ever, the new hampshire lottery is selling the first scratch and sniff lottery ticket and since everyone playing the lottery hopes to bring home the bacon, what better scent for a scratch ticket, i mean there's a ticket, guys, where everybody wins. >> not bad. >> bacon scented. >> i like that. >> and the bacon brings us to today's health alert. >> yes. >> new study shows parents who don't vaccinate their kids appear to live in the aim areas. they found vaccine clusters. >> this study was done in northern california by kaiser
8:05 am
and looked at 154,000 children and followed them for many years and looked at age 3 to see how many of those children had not received all of their vaccines and they found across the board it was 11%. but there were some communities, some areas where it was twice that, 23% of children who were missing some of their vaccines, some of those communities were where some of the more educated parents were living. very surprising. >> tell us the significance of all this, rich. >> well, you know, it puts those children at risk. if you don't have all your vaccines it's a longer period you're at risk but also putting children who are fully vaccinated at risk. here's why. there's no vaccine 100% protective. measles is causing an outbreak in california. that's 95% protective so you can get it and still be at risk. the more children you're around who didn't get vaccinated the more likely you are to be exposed to that and get the disease even if vaccinated. >> what do you say to parents who think there are way too many vaccines. >> i've seen so many of these
8:06 am
diseases cause suffering in children. and every time we get a new vaccine i think it's a wonderful thing. it's important that parents get their vaccines on time because it protects them for longer so that's my recommendation for parents but also you can check and see what the vaccine rate is in your child's school, it california you can go online and if you have a choice put your child into a school where the vaccine rates are high, you know, keep them safer. the way to go. >> spread out the vaccines or have them all at once. >> i think you should get them on schedule. spreading them out means a longer period of time you're not protected. >> so hard on the kids. they go to the doctor, ah! >> i'd rather get them all in and once they're crying -- >> keep them crying. >> plenty of stickers in one day. okay, rich, thanks. "pop news" and weather coming up. michael over in the social square. >> yes, yes, yes, george. here's a look at what's ahead on the "morning menu" in
8:07 am
"pop news" why george and the amal may have company when they move to their new mansion. plus, beauty secrets of the stars. how can you go from instagram to instaglam. like it? huh? the "gma" paw-lympics. getting ready to go tail to tail in the cutest competition and all that and new kids on the block coming up live on "gma" here in times square. i'm a member now. new kids. ♪ "gma's morning menu" brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins for the most amazing parts of you. ♪ lver multivitamins for the most amazing parts of you. america's largest and most reliable 4g lte network: verizon. with xlte, our 4g lte bandwidth has doubled in over 400 cities. and now, save without settling. get 2 lines with 10gb of data for just $110... or 4 lines for just $140. and get a $150 bill credit
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8:12 am
a lot of music today. >> a lot of music. a lot of people. a lot of fun, a lot to get to. such an amazing crowd. two mystery guests are here in the studio. >> oh, yeah. >> right behind that curtain. we'll reveal all but first "pop news." >> i will tell you, robin. there is a clue somewhere in "pop news" as to that identity. that is all i will say. we begin with this. listen up, tlc fans, if you want the band to release another "crazy, sexy, cool" album don't go chasing waterfalls. just hit up their kick starter campaign. asking their fans to donate 150,000 to make the fifth and final album. fans can choose how much to donate and the ladies promise to put out music that is universal, touchable and always
8:13 am
with their beloved lisa "left eye" lopez there in spirit. that got us thinking what other band should start a kickstarter fund to do another album. we have decided with you all in mind number five yes, abba. yes! ♪ >> i don't think they need kick starter. >> i didn't take into consideration who needs it, george. number four, you're my wonder wall -- ooh, that was really off. >> that was bad. >> they would have to get along long enough to make an album. >> i love wonder wall. number three, george, dire straits. >> i love dire straits. >> look who is listening. stephanopoulos turns his frown upside down. precisely why i put them on the list. i'm no dummy. number two, the gap band. who loves you, robin roberts? >> oh, my.
8:14 am
and number one -- ♪ you're teacher, the subject of schoolgirl fantasy ♪ ♪ she wants him so badly knows what she wants to be ♪ do you agree or not? >> everybody is looking at you. just keep on going. >> you know what, my mom always said dance like no one is watching. sing like no one is listening. >> did she say that? >> maybe nobody is. i'm sorry. >> america, we love you. >> 5 million. >> it's a good list. i like your list. >> i should have done new kids for you. and def leppard. i apologize. go to our "good morning america" hashtag thing and let us know who you like. also in "pop news" this morning, george and amal may still be on the honeymoon phase but when things go bump in the night it appears to be from a paranormal presence.
8:15 am
the mansion they bought is haunted, it's the ghost of a little girl who roamed the whole village and many say they have seen her and appeared many types on that bridge overlooking their house. that's not a house. george ain't afraid of no ghosts. he should call in bill murray, one of his best pals to get over there. that little girl won't know what hit her. the only thing that looks scary to us about that house, is the price they spent around $15 million on the not so spooky spread and are currently renovating it. finally in "pop news" this morning, we certainly hope that all the music and good spirits are helping you rise and shine with a smile. if you're so sleepy, these guys can certainly relate. this video has gone viral and it is called cats and dogs in desperate need of a nap. and just watch. >> oh. >> because i dare say we have all been there. >> so sweet.
8:16 am
>> and that, everybody, is a very special edition of "pop news." can you guess the clue to our special guest? i don't know but it was in there. >> wow. that was quite a "pop news." >> thank you, george. >> quite entertaining. >> it was. "heat index" coming up. ginger now. >> oh, oh, hold on. you can help set up. i am among my fellow blockheads. i made myself a sign. can you see that? hey, new kids, remember when we hung out. what's your favorite nkotb song? >> "block party." >> "dirty dancing." >> i can't wait to hear their announcement. to chicago where the temperature is 35 degrees starting out. the ice in lake michigan, lake shore drive moving which it doesn't always do and tonight have a little more trouble because there will be a quick hit of snow. not looking for a ton of accumulation but north of d.c., philadelphia and new york overnight wednesday into thursday. light, fast, but it certainly
8:17 am
will make those roads slick so "cover girl," you know that, right? >> yeah. >> we'll be singing all >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. you can see the fog is more widespread but when it is again, around lunch, it will be mild with total sunshine. dense fog returns the next two nights. in more fog starting friday. record highs are possible through the weekend. today we have mostly low-to-mid 60's and a few areas inland stay in the upper 50's. the seven-day forecast shows us in the upper 60's by friday and 70's through ♪ the right stuff ♪ >> i'm staying out here. i'm staying out with my friends. let's get inside, george. >> the "gma" heat index now and that "real housewife" star battling lime disease. she's opening up about her struggling hoping to find a cure and abbie boudreau has her story. >> reporter: a picture perfect persona.
8:18 am
>> character isn't what you have, it's who you are. >> reporter: but behind the star-studded scenes on tv, a much different reality for the struggling "real housewives of beverly hills" star yolanda foster whose three-year-long battle with lyme disease has been painfully chronicled on the show. >> it went in my brain and i was losing brain function. >> reporter: the former dutch model and wife to david foster now opening up in a recent blog saying her debilitating illness has taken a turn for the worse. the 51-year-old writing "i relapsed in early december and have not been able to find my way back. i have lost the ability to read, write or even watch tv." clearly frustrated, yolanda explaining, "we still don't have proper diagnostic testing, a vaccine or a cure for lyme disease. something doesn't add up here." in 2014 we met her at her malibu mansion. >> i get emotional just thinking about it.
8:19 am
just, you know, how am i ever going to get out of this. >> reporter: each year 30,000 people in the u.s. are diagnosed with lyme disease. a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks. after a bite, it can enter the bloodstream attacking the skin, joints and nervous system. >> it can be difficult to diagnose and the signs and symptoms can be pretty diverse and the treatment and management of lyme disease is medically controversial. >> reporter: and after feeling more like herself while filming this season of "housewives" her recent relapse has her vowing to find a cure telling andy cohen on "watch what happens live" just last month, it's her mission to help others. >> there's millions other suffering just like i am. >> reporter: abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> we're happy she's doing so well. coming up next on the "gma heat index" beauty secrets of the stars.
8:20 am
award seasons and plenty of celebs shining on the red carpet posting looks on social media. abc's linsey davis shows us how you can go from instagram to instaglam. ♪ >> reporter: the secrets behind those sparkling eyes, sexy locks and luscious lips that dazzle on the red carpet. now revealed on instagram with pics of the prep process. even video messages like this one of actress lupita nyong'o, lancome's ambassador applying her raspberry lipstick on the way to the golden globes. with millions ready to copy them, instagram is becoming the new pinterest looking for those to be inspired by the latest techniques. i'm going to start with primer. we teamed up with michele park to try to emulate some of these sultry looks ourselves. >> i hope you're not afraid of blue. >> reporter: including jamie
8:21 am
king's blue sky blue lower lid. >> you'll start out by lining the top and we'll line the bottom, as well. don't paint your entire eyelid one blue. it'll look flat so incorporate different shades. i'll finish off the look with blue mascara. what that does is gives your lashes volume but adds to that blue so you really have kind of a pow type of experience. >> fifty shades of blue. lupita's lips -- >> i think people are just looking for a bold statement in general. yeah. that's what i'm talking about. >> i got lupita -- >> you are lupita. you look like lupita. >> reporter: what some describe as the trend of the moment singer nicki minaj's cat eye. >> the thing about instagram, it's a great place to get inspiration to add your own flair. >> reporter: the tip on this, the bigger the better, purr-fection. rrrr. >> linsey, wow.
8:22 am
>> va-va-voom. >> all right. also in this morning's "heat index," well, let's transfer to "the morning stir." a woman who offered to carry a baby for her best friends who are gay. their story has a lot of people talking about what it means to be a family and abc's juju chang is here with more on that. good morning to you, juju. >> reporter: hey, lara. you know the saying first comes love then comes marriage. for gay couples the baby can be tricky and expensive. lawyers' fees, surrogacy except for the couple you're about to meet. when their best friend a happily married mother of two steps up with a generous offer. a modern day truth we see playing out on screen. >> we have been together for five, five years now. we decided we wanted to have a baby. >> reporter: having children for most gay couples typically means adopting. >> we adopted a baby. >> reporter: or paid surrogacy. >> $35,000 is a huge chunk of money. >> you have no problem to do this for two men.
8:23 am
>> no, i requested a gay couple. >> it's not so often you hear this -- >> after years of planning and hard work -- >> our best friend helped us have a baby. >> reporter: for this couple starting a family was always a lifelong dream. >> we knew having kids would be a fantastic thing. we really wanted them. >> reporter: but the california couple found the process itself daunting. >> it looked like an impossible dream. >> reporter: soon that impossibility became a reality thanks to an astonishing favor from their best friend esmi who volunteered to have their baby for free. >> i loved being pregnant. i had two easy pregnancies with both of our girls. that's when we started talking about this as a possibility. >> as soon as we mentioned it, i was like, we got to do this. >> reporter: the one nonnegotiatable factor it would not be biologically hers and would use egg donors. >> we had to hire several lawyers to have a contract and make sure everything was spelled out. >> reporter: adoption experts say having legal representation in these unconventional situations is crucial. >> get a good understanding for
8:24 am
what is going to happen after this child is born. make sure that the insurances are in place, you have to have the right medical team and right legal team to make it all fit into place. >> it was always very clear from day one that we were going to be the parents and that esme was the guardian of our child for these nine months. >> reporter: during those nine months esme says her maternal instincts never kicked in. >> it was surprisingly not emotional. i wasn't looking wistfully at my belly. or anything like that. >> i and he never felt like my child. >> reporter: but she cried for joy seeing her friends become parents to now 11-month-old baby linus. life has taken a tern giving new meaning to the term bff, best friends forever. >> we always had an amazing friendship. this is another chapter of our lives, there's no question. we don't know how to thank her. it was really an amazing journey. >> it's an amazing gift. surrogates are earn $30,000 plus
8:25 am
expenses, so to go through nine months of pregnancy and all that for your friends is a labor of love. >> i love my friends but that's a lot. let's talk about the emotional toll for anybody who's thinking about this. >> of being a surrogate. think about it. agencies who pay surrogates ask that you go through psychological testing because you bond with a baby. all those hormones but at the end of the day she knew that she was not biologically connected and that made it easier for her. really a selfless act for her. a gift of love. >> i would be worried i was doing what i thought was a selfless act and then bonded. that could be difficult. >> it can be tricky. >> and legalities that could come from that. >> absolutely. these laws vary from state to state. one of those areas where medical advances are going so fast it's almost as if the laws can't keep up. and basically when you look at states, they have different laws. some surrogacy contracts are illegal. some states don't recognize it. at the end of the day some states won't even put two parents' names on the birth
8:26 am
certificate if it's a surrogacy so basically the first step, hire a lawyer. >> i was going to say, do your homework. >> absolutely. >> critical. thank you so much, juju. >> happy to be here. coming up on "good morning america," the new kids on the block are on our block live. ♪ live. ♪
8:27 am
more birds keep turning up covered in a mysterious sticky substance along the alameda county shoreline. more than a quarter of the birds have been found dead. officials have not identified the source of the sticky goo, but they're looking into the possibility it's the same substance that killed thousands of sea birds in the united kingdom. >> as we take a look at the bay bridge tolls,the fog is starting to lift but we do have plenty of fog in the east bay that could hamper your visibility. 45 minutes on highway 4. 101 southbound san rafael to san
8:28 am
francisco, 34 minutes. >>
8:29 am
[prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom! [prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this. or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ . . all areas shaded in gray including the water you aren't dense fog advisory. until at least 10:00. the fog seechb getis even getting into the south bay. the high clouds will be broing away from us as the fog fades.
8:30 am
right now mid 40s to about 50 degrees. our destination, ♪ welcome back. so many new kids on the block ♪ they are here. the big announcement just moments away. all right. then times square is a true puppy paradise this morning gearing up for our first ever winter doggie games, the paw-lympics we're calling them and our special guests and vip pawdience members. doggone distinguished -- >> nicely done. i don't know if you could have gotten another one in there. >> a big day on "gma" tomorrow. jennifer aniston will be here live to talk about her highly anticipated role in the movie "cake." so looking forward to that.
8:31 am
i can't tell you i'm looking forward to anything more than this. back inside with nkotb. >> i won the arm wrestling match to ginger. huge blockhead as we all are. the moment we're waiting for. thrilled to have new kids on the block with us. donnie wahlberg jordan and jonathan knight joey mcintyre and danny wood. we've been teasing people all morning long. what's at announcement. >> we have decided to reform again, not that we have broken up but we are going to go back out on tour this summer which is great news for our fans. we haven't toured in the u.s. for a couple of years and it's a huge thing for us and our fans, as you see, they were out there in 35-degree weather and we decided to bring some special guests on tour with us. >> it's called the main event. >> the main event tour. >> starting in las vegas. >> it starts in las vegas. >> may 1st. >> amex presale is friday and
8:32 am
tickets go on sale january 3 9/. >> what are you doing this time? i hear it's in the round. >> in the round. >> in the round. it's sort of more in the square and we built bar seats around the stage so our fans can literally sit right on the stage and converse with us and hang out and heckle us and we can share their snacks and drinks if we want to and the stage is the most elaborate stage we've ever done really in the history of our band. it's going to be incredible. lifts and pop-ups and all types of amazing things. >> that's so you guys with your fans -- these people have been out since last night lining -- do you get the same rush too? >> it's more now, i think it's more. when we were kids, it was exhilarating but it's just -- everything goes so fast. when you get older you have more of an appreciation. an athlete that gets to come back. michael jordan came out of retirement and was a better player because the game slowed down. we're more appreciative of the fans and enjoy the moments much more. >> you've been great with the fans.
8:33 am
very interactive as always. so i mean it's big enough having you guys. but you have some special guests. >> we do. >> you have some special guests so they're telling me -- are they ready? are they ready to come out? >> let's see. >> we are bringing with us the biggest girl group in the history of music -- >> come out, ladies. >> tlc. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey. >> hi, everybody. >> this is hits right here. >> this is hits. >> the girl group. >> sit down sit down. how did this all come about? >> well -- >> well -- >> she said well. >> well actually we did a show together. we were on a show together last year at hershey and i think, you know we all fell in love at that time and i think that's
8:34 am
when the ideas started to brew and when our manager called us and we were like hey, yeah you know so i think it's a perfect combination. >> i love how they're looking at you right now. >> get out there. >> yeah. >> vice versa. >> we heard lara talking in "pop news" about kickstarter how this final -- you say it's your final one. i hope it's not your final album but decided to go that route because you wanted to have all this control with the music. >> yep absolutely. >> we wanted our fans involved with us too and do kickstarter. >> you guys making a pledge. >> we're pledging right now, $10,000. >> oh! 10,000. >> going in. >> it's going in. >> joey you okay? >> hey, you heard that. that's very generous. >> we love these guys. >> you got to do a duet with us.
8:35 am
one duet. >> are you kid yg. >> a pleasure. >> we would love that. >> i love breaking news right here on this couch. this is terrific. but yet there's one more that's going to be joining the main event. could not be here but has a special message. >> yo good morning, america. sorry i couldn't be there right now. i'm currently in japan performing for our troops but i will be on the main event tour with the homies new kids on the block and the homegirls tlc. that's right so make sure y'all come show up. >> come on. >> show up, baby. >> it's a good thing, show out means -- what does it mean exactly. >> show out. >> a great show. >> yes, it's going to be awesome. >> what are you telling people at home that are just their jaws are on the floor thinking about nelly, tlc, new kids on the block, what can they expect this summer. >> one big huge massive party. that's a lot of hit records in one night so i'm excited.
8:36 am
i'm going to put on a disguise and watch you guys perform and nelly perform and then go and do the so and get hyped in the crowd every night. i'm excited. >> you should be because the fans as i said they have been lining up. this is the kind of music that just you know makes us think of different times and just brings us such joy and so you're going to have a mix of some old, new kind of -- a little bit of everything. >> mix it up all night and may do some stuff together. this is such a great bill and we have so many hit records and such huge followings we want to make it the party of the year. that's why we're calling it the main event. >> real entertainment. >> pure entertainment. thank you all for coming here. >> thank you. >> see you in may. >> it's on. >> it's on. >> yeah and the main event tour kicks off may 1st as we said in las vegas, tickets on sale january 31st.
8:37 am
presale this friday. >> yes. ♪ oh oh oh ♪ >> can we get a little -- ♪ >> oh i love it. >> ginger come on in, ging. we know you want to. >> oh my goodness robin, so much fun out there. i have the other man that means so much to me. otis my black lap, 13 in two weeks from now and all getting ready for the paw-lympics. now he knows he's on camera. he's going to hang out with the fans. let's get a check of the weather and start how about with dog cities. all in the dog mood and a pick of my man. he gets so smooshy, otis you're going to be 51. dog town california 49. puppy creek, arkansas lane showers, austin texas, new orleans, back to houston
8:38 am
going to get heavier rain. sunshine back in the southwest. good morning, our thick fog towns to sunshine and above-average temperatures around the bay at 60 to 65 and not bad at the coast up to 63 and inland up to 64. the seven-day forecast shows fog the next two nights and sunshine and record highs >> all that weather brought to you by mcdonald's. can you give me a high-five? he is way out of sorts. coming up on "gma," dr. ian smith is here with the secrets to the
8:39 am
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hnt& p1, tt4wút3nú!d!" iztq :xt tt4wút3nú!d!" jntq ((4 tt4wút3nú!d!" lzt& 0eh we're skwievened by my longtime friend ian smith author of best-selling books including "shred" and most recently "super shred" the big results diet. welcome. good to see you. you were so successful with "shred." what inspired you to come up
8:42 am
with super shred. >> shred was six weeks and 0 pounds. our shredder nation said can we do it faster. four weeks, 20 pounds real accessible food and all about how you can make it available to everyone. >> four weeks, 20 pounds. you put my parents -- you put momma and papa strahan on it. >> you were doubtful at first because you said doc, if you can do it it's a miracle. they're doing great, papa stra is down 10 pounds 6 inches. mama trey is down almost 25 pounds and an update coming up -- >> you can't tell her nothing. >> so on "rachael ray" we'll do an update following her for the whole year. >> if she loses the goal weight i have to buy her a whole new wardrobe. everyone wonders why i work so much. well you know if super shred,
8:43 am
one crazy thing about dieting, snacking is one thing most people get in trouble with. we'll talk about some snacking options that i would probably think would be okay but you're saying you may need to alter. >> snacking is important in super shred. snacks are important because they help you reduce the amount of calories you eat at a meal. a bran muffin that looks healthy, right. here's the problem, the size of the muffin and amount of sugar added could be up to 800 calories. >> 800 calories for one. the size is too big. if you look at our other option this is what you find in super shred. half a whole grain english muffin, half a tablespoon of peanut butter 100 calories or less. >> wow. now, over here this is probably my weakness cookies and little snacks like this just like everybody else in the studio so tell me about this. >> people see either low fat or
8:44 am
fat-free cookies. fat-free typically means they've taken out the fat and replaced it with sugar so don't be fooled because it's fat-free could still have a lot of calories. >> word play so what we say is -- >> what is a healthy option. >> with your thumbs up? >> take some pretzels dip it in chocolate. chocolate is healthy for you, get the crunch that suppresses your appetite. >> you don't eat a hundred of these. >> 150 calories or less for snacks. >> got it. the last option here. >> this is granola. >> granola. >> it's typically healthy but you if eat it it has a lot of preservatives, sugar and fats. sometimes just a half a scoop can be 300 calories. >> for half a scoop. >> so watch the calorie count on the back of the book or the package but if you do this with super shred we say take air popped popcorn if you want a little salt that's fine add a little salt. so much healthier, a third of the calories and a cup is a
8:45 am
serving. >> you know what you'll cost me a new wardrobe with my momma. awesome. "supershred" is out in paperbook now. you can get the first week of the diet plan plus the groceries you need on our website on yahoo! ian smith, thank you very much. i need to get shredded. coming up "gma's" epic doggie games. we're kicking off the paw-lympics.
8:46 am
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are you ready to pope but don't want to just do it like this? you want to do it up big. so big that all the world will say wow! well if you're in love and want to propose in a very big way, go now to on yahoo! and tell us your love story and you just might be hearing from us. [ cheers and applause ]
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so excited to kick off the first ever "gma" paw-lympics in just a moment two very talented pups go head to head but first we're going to find out a little more about them. take a look. they never cease to amaze us with their tricks their agility and their amazing vocal skills. man's best friend defying expectations and melting our hearts along the way. now "gma" has rounded up the best of the best rivals ready to ruff up the competition and go paw to paw in our ultimate celebration of extreme canine capability. "gma's" inaugural paw-lympics. this morning, the stage is set, bella, a sassy sen fearless challenger will take on pickles, a precocious rookie ready for glory. first up the trick event. fwm's paw-lympics begins live
8:49 am
from times square right now. [ cheers and applause ] so this morning, it is all about the ultimate dog tricks with two stunt dogs going head-to-head in this first event of our first paw-lympics and we have a very distinguished vip section here. thank you. thank you, they're very excited. we also have the great howard paw-sell who will be commentating. hello, howard. it is time though to meet our competitors. first up in the paw-lympics stadium, bella, the boston terrier with melissa. this competitor is 5 years old and known for being sassy and fearless. next into the paw-lympics today dwrum, pickles. [ applause ] also a boston terrier. head-to-head two boston terriers pickles is here with alison and pickles is quite the
8:50 am
competitor though she is sweet and sensitive by nature but she's an animal when it comes to competition. now though we must turn to sara westcott. you will be helping us because you have a lot of experience in this. i'd like to say you are the owner of the doggie academy in new york city and brief us on the competition. how does it work? >> each is going to do a three-trick sequence. now, bella -- in not easy by the way. >> bella is our seasoned pro here and so her tricks have a high degree of difficulty. pickles, she's young but don't count her out because she can always pull out the cute card. >> first up here's bella. [ applause ] watch. scooter. stay. board. >> off to a good start. bella. not missing a trick. ready. go. >> careful, careful.
8:51 am
careful. >> she's amazing. >> grace under pressure. [ cheers and applause ] bella, nicely done. your thoughts. >> i think that her tricks require such an amount of strength and coordination it's fantastic. >> okay no pressure, pickles. it's time. let it rip. okay, let's go. >> get it get it get it. put it in there in she stuffed it. get it. okay. >> let's go. push. >> oh. >> very nice. >> not easy to do shopping cart and finally oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> she can pack herself. special delivery from pickles. sara what do you say? >> so remember that cute card. i think we just saw it. >> we witnessed it. young and smart playing the cute card but it is up to our audience now and our
8:52 am
get it. will it be bella? [ cheers and applause ] pretty good applause or will it be the fresh-faced pickles? [ cheers and applause ] >> oh my goodness, gracious. i want to say to you both they offered us two trophies but it is a dock eat dog world at the paw-lympics so there can only be one winner and today in this the first day of competition, the winner is -- who is the winner? bella! [ cheers and applause ] >> we're still working out the kinks, america. it's only day one of the paw-lympics. here you go. glaipgs to you.
8:53 am
>> give me five. i got a lick instead of we want 0 thank our friends at ultimate dog stunt show and don't miss more games tomorrow. tomorrow is stunts agility and then thursday the piece de resistance, talking dogs. we'll be right back on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. good job.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
♪ who let the dogs out ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by the makers of tylenol. for what matters most. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ >> there she is. >> once again, another look at our paw-lympics champion. bella. nicely done. >> we'll have analysis on espn. >> bella is getting a little attitude. >> hey, jennifer aniston is here tomorrow. >> yeah. >> have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
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. check out this fog. let's talk to meteorologist mike about it. >> think about about an hour ago the national weather service issued this dense fog advisory for not only the bay area but the surrounding areas. that's what we have in concord livermore, hayward, a quarter in petaluma and fairfield. as we get to the afternoon hours, total sunshine and low to mid 60s. by this weekend, no fog and record high temperatures. >> fog is the thing. as we take a look right now at the maze driving in from berkeley, it's a little bit slow there. pretty heavy fog conditions there. very busy traffic as you cross the water.
9:00 am
>> now it's time for "live nouns noups -- announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the new film "song one," anne hathaway. and star of "orange is the new black" taylor schilling. plus the co-host get needled as we continue our kickstart the new year the wellness edition. also new kids on the block are here for the entire hour as our special house band. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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