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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 19, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. black ice alert. hundreds of accidents across the country. ice wreaking havoc. deadly pile-ups. roads and bridges shut down. and look at this miracle on the highway. a man trapped in the mangled wreckage. his truck sandwiched between the semis. how did he survive? 526 stop! >> a near-miss on the runway at jfk and forced to slam on the brakes avoiding a plane passing in front of it. and, smoke pouring out of this jet shortly after takeoff, forced to dump fuel before making an emergency landing. kidnapped? this pro golfer claims he was knocked out and robbed and dumped in a park after a night of drinking to wake up looking like this. he's speaking out this morning. seattle is going to the super bowl!
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>> and super stunner, the seahawks coming from behind against the packers. one of the greatest comebacks ever after new england crushed the colts. this morning two of the best quarterbacks in the league heading for an epic showdown. and good morning, america. boy, lots of smiles on both coasts this morning. seattle/new england in the super bowl. >> i'm telling you, that comeback by the seahawks, you kind of knew. the packers couldn't put them away. to be down like that in the 4th quarter in front of the 12th man. >> and russell wilson, the tears, just feeling for him. >> going for two in a row. >> we're going to get to that and, of course, we're celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king, jr.
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there's a live look at the memorial in washington. and we have a very special tribute to him in selma and our own tribute coming up as well. >> president obama had a screening at the white house as well this morning. >> we're going to begin with the chaos on the road. such dangerous conditions all across the country. the ice blamed for hundreds of accidents, some deadly and the incredible survival story. the driver pinned between trucks and he's alive now. abc's gio benitez with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: so many accidents happening along the i-95 corridor. that invisible, slippery black ice creating a dangerous mess all across the country. this morning, a black ice nightmare across the country. hundreds of accidents from maine to maryland, cars sent flying. >> when i saw the cars crisscrossing each other. >> spun about 180 degrees. >> i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: the new york city fire department receiving more than 3,700 emergency calls sunday and this chain-reaction,
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60-car pile-up claiming one life on this pennsylvania expressway and injuring more than 30 others. this pile-up killing two others. 30 vehicles piling up in new jersey, injuring 16, including this man. watch as first responders carry him to safety and in the bronx, new york an 18-wheeler jackknifed. ice also wreaking havoc in the west. look at this massive 26-car pile-up on i-84 saturday. right here, that's a chevy silverado crushed by two big rig trucks. look closer. inside the mangled wreckage, the face of a man whose survival is being called a miracle. >> i just remember being spun around and squished and all the crunching metal and broken glass. >> reporter: 27-year-old kaleb whitby had swerved to avid a jackknifed truck. the black ice leading other trucks to slam into him sandwiching him and enclosing him in metal. >> i could see the lights coming
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and i turned with my face forward and i said a prayer that everything would be okay. >> reporter: incredibly, everything was okay. whitby walking away from the scene with cuts and scrapes. we're so glad he's okay. but those road conditions causing at least five others to lose their lives. that's why if you find yourself on that black ice, just don't slam on the brakes, that is the number one tip, ginger. >> and know that it's coming because i know i got one of those alerts on my phones. the national weather service has those freezing weather advisories out this morning. if you're driving from virginia up to boston the temperatures are just below freezing. a lot of wet spots will again freeze. that system that brought all of the moisture with it is now moving off to the north and east and we will warm up behind it but it does not mean that the threat is over. the next couple of hours, and we're lucky that so few people are on the roads because of the holiday. but still something to think about if you're heading out.
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>> ginger, thank you very much. overseas, europe is on high alert this morning. suspected terrorists rounded up in raids in several countries this weekend. but the alleged mastermind behind a thwarted attack in belgium is still on the loose. and abc's terry moran is in brussels with the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today in brussels here, top european security officials in an urgent meeting about that terrorism threat from their own citizens. thousands of young men who went to fight in the middle east wars came back bent on murder and this is one of the frontlines. that is a jewish school behind me. the children arriving under armed guard. today, in country after country, the hunt is on for sleeper cells and for potential jihadist terrorists. the fear factor on the rise across the continent. since the attack on "charlie hebdo" magazine in paris,
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almost two weeks ago there have been 40 terror-related arrests throughout europe. top law enforcement officials sense that danger is near. >> even so-called older cells sleeping in nature can wake up at any time and carry out terrible attacks. >> reporter: belgian officials are still looking for a 27-year-old belgian man believed to have fought in syria linked to isis and alleged to be the mastermind behind a terror plot to kill police officers here. broken up in this dramatic raid last week, along with cells in greece and france. now, here in belgium for the first time in decades, armed troops patrol the streets and france is at its highest-ever alert. 120,000 police and soldiers on the streets. but "charlie hebdo's" fierce satire is sparking protests across the muslim world. a clash of cultures. in pakistan, saudi arabia. niger in africa, some protests turning deadly. but the terrorism threat in europe is no longer an international problem. it's a domestic one saying they're worried about what
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they're calling the enemy within. george. >> serious worry. okay, now we're going to turn now to the security scare for the vice president. gunshots from a speeding vehicle fired at his home saturday night. the secret service trying to track down the shooter. jon karl has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: these shots were fired just outside the security perimeter around biden's home. this is where the bidens spend their weekends. they were out to dinner at the time. what the secret service doesn't know is whether or not that gunman was actually trying to fire on the biden's home. as you can imagine, this is in a quiet, upscale neighborhood where gunfire is very unusual. >> but it's such a tense time, jon. the president heading to the state of the union address. we have a new poll out today showing the president going to high approval ratings, going up to 50%, the highest he's had. >> reporter: what's driving the numbers is the economy. with unemployment down, gas
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prices lower, americans feel better about the economy. you know, just three months ago, only 27% in our poll said that the economy was either excellent or good. that is now up to 41%, the highest level of the obama presidency. going into the state of the union address, what the president will be highlighting economic proposals. tax increases on very wealthy and tax cuts for the middle class. >> not likely to go anywhere with the republican congress. thanks. we're going to have live coverage tomorrow night and the republican response beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. now to jfk, a close call on the runway. a passenger jet forced to abort takeoff when another plane suddenly crossed in front of it. abc's david kerley has the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you're right, it is a frightening incident. and it's one that's on the rise. the so-called runway incursions. >> 526 stop!
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>> reporter: a takeoff scare for jetblue passengers. >> it just -- brakes went on and slammed on. >> i thought my face was going to peel off. >> it was frightening. >> reporter: brakes slammed on to avoid another jetliner happening at new york's busy jfk airport saturday as the jetblue aircraft was heading to austin. the engines on the jet flew off when controllers see something wrong. >> 526 stop! >> reporter: 526 is a caribbean air 737. it's crossing that very same runway. controllers scramble. as the pilot slams on the brakes, controllers try the other jet again. a third time. the jetblue aircraft able to stop 2,800 feet short of the 737. >> all of a sudden, we just like jerk-stopped and it was like a
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huge whiplash. >> the plane came to a screeching stop and kind of slid a bit and everyone kind of panicked. >> reporter: these runway incursions are increasing. less than 1,000 back in 2011. more than 1260 last year. >> all it takes is one lapse or to get on the wrong frequency and you can have this occur. >> reporter: the big question, this morning, why didn't that caribbean air jet respond? the faa is in an investigation to find out. george? >> okay, david, thanks very much. >> people want to know the answer to that. let's go to dan harris. with the news. amy back to tomorrow. >> good morning everybody. we're going to start here with another scary airplane incident over atlanta. after takeoff a delta airline's jumbo jet was forced to make an emergency landing after a pilot spotted smoke coming from the landing gear. the plane apparently had to make a fuel dump before landing. once on the ground it checked out okay. a violent morning in yemen. as heavy fighting breaks out near the presidential palace.
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in a coupe attempt. the state-run media there and the whereabouts of the american-backed president unknown at this hour. look at this wild video out of australia in the middle of a wind storm. the first thing you'll notice the drive is on the wrong side of the road. the second thing you'll notice is this, boom. dozens of trees falling right into the road. look at this. one after another after another. the driver tells the local newspaper that if he had not hit the brakes, he probably would not have survived this. close call there. a record crowd for pope francis in the philippines. six million people showed up to hear him speak and as he returns to the vatican this morning, we're getting new details about his trip to the east coast of this country in september. it may include a visit to ground zero and a mass at madison square garden. and finally, this morning is it illegal to drive under the influence of mcdonald's? in cobb county, georgia, a man was pulled over for driving with
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one hand on the wheel and the other hand with a double quarter pounder with cheese. the officer wrote him up under the distracted driving law. our affiliate in atlanta actually spoke to a legal expert who says he thinks the ticket will be thrown out and the driver should have been let go with a warning and a mild case of heartburn. that's your news. back to you. >> he wasn't doing anything wrong? >> that's it. thousands of us do every day. >> drive through. >> yeah. >> thank you, dan. turning now to the countdown to super bowl sunday. seattle seahawks going for back-to-back championships after the win against the packers in overtime. they're going to go head to head with tom brady and the patriots. the pats playing for their fourth title. abc's ryan smith here with more on the matchup. good morning, ryan. >> good morning, george. what does it take to make the super bowl? ask the seattle seahawks and they'll tell you one of the greatest comebacks in nfl history. for the pats, the second largest blowout in afc championship history. we got east versus west. super bowl matchup.
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a lot at stake. this morning the matchup for nfl supremacy is set. super bowl xlix. pitting the three-time champion new england patriots against the defending champions seattle seahawks. >> what a throw! >> reporter: seattle pulled off a comeback for the ages. down to the green bay packers, 19-7. four minutes left in the game. their young star quarterback russell wilson sparked a rally with this play. >> here's wilson keeping it for the touchdown! >> reporter: and suddenly, seattle could do no wrong. another touchdown. then, a two-point conversion. but, green bay roaring back with this kick. >> and this game is tied! >> reporter: with the game in overtime, it all came down to wilson tossing this dramatic game-winning strike. >> seattle is going to the super bowl! >> reporter: and broke down in tears of joy. >> just blessed to be on this team. >> reporter: and seahawks fans feeling like they have witnessed a miracle. >> i believe for so long and
7:14 am
we're going to do it. >> reporter: in new england the game between the patriots and the indianapolis colts seemingly over before it began. the patriots storming to a 45-7 victory, which means tom brady will soon make history as the first quarterback to start in six super bowls. >> to make it to this point is a great accomplishment for our team. our best is yet to come. >> so trending on twitter, deflate-gate, alleging that the new england patriots deflated balls lower than normal levels. now the league hasn't confirmed an investigation. we're seeing a lot of meme making rounds like that. the take off of taylor swift's shake it off. haters can hate all they want. even money to win it all. a lot of debate. >> and bill belichick has had a history of possibly doing things not on the up and up. not saying here's the case. >> how can he get away with
7:15 am
that? >> he may not, george. >> how did that work? >> i guess you could switch out the balls as you go during the game. >> if it is true, maybe they just prefer them because it's easier to catch and for their team and -- >> a lot of people laughing here. >> you can't be -- of course they're not going to catch the -- switch the balls out. listen, this could mean draft picks. this is serious business. >> it is. >> or you could also turn to espn. >> keep your day job. >> much more on "pop news." we're going to break this down in "pop news" i believe. >> get it, pop, deflate. >> thank you. >> nice. >> thank you for that insight, lara. >> save us, robin. we will, because we have a very special martin luther king day celebration. oprah and other stars in the movie "selma" marching in the city dr. king's leadership in the civil rights movement. abc's steve osunsami is there in selma for us this morning, good morning, steve.
7:16 am
>> good morning to you, robin. the producers of the film selma are here holding free screenings of the movie for families here. they have come to the city to remember the civil rights workers who lost their lives fighting for voting rights so long ago. hollywood and alabama, producers and stars of selma, the dramatic film honoring the civil rights movement marching hand in hand with 1,000 families from selma city hall to the now-symbolic ed edmund pettus bridge. it's a far cry from the marches here 50 years ago. when police beat down demonstrators who dared to cross. this is a celebration. a red carpet event with john legend and common performing their oscar-nominated song "glory." ♪ oh glory ♪ >> it's more than a movie. it's a movement and inspiring. >> really is important chronicling of such an important movement that is not over.
7:17 am
>> reporter: oprah winfrey plays annie lee cooper, whose voter registration was rejected over and over again. >> i think the way this movie resonated with the public is the best reward any of us associated with this film could receive. >> reporter: we met a great grandmother here who marched across that bridge with dr. king. she says she can't understand how anyone today will choose not to vote. >> it hurts my heart. >> reporter: controversy still surrounds the movie. the oscar nominations it failed to receive, even making the opening sketch of "saturday night live." the ghost of martin luther king can't believe it. >> i guess that will be nominated for a lot of oscars, right? [ laughter ] >> what a difference half a century makes. today, the mayor of selma is african-american and so are many
7:18 am
of the police providing security for these events. robin and george. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. the scene to see people of all races going across the bridge as they did almost 50 years ago. >> fantastic. >> let's go over to ginger. not a great scene. >> no. right behind me, this is northwest of oklahoma city. within city limits, logan county, and 1,300 acres burned in a wildfire. we have video to show you. just a couple of outbuildings took some hits, fortunately no one injured. and now they have it contained. unfortunately still very dry today but the winds will be lower. a lot easier if anything does go on. a high of 69 in dallas. oklahoma city just short of 70. kansas city will still be 59 and the cold is just north and light snow moving through. look at some of the numbers. like, denver going from 54 down to 35 by the midweek. your local forecast 30 seconds away. first, though, this morning's select cities brought to you by royal caribbean.
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>> good monday morning i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. check identity folk. it will lift to hazy sunshine this afternoon and we will have a warming trend and "spare the air" day on wednesday with the warmest weather and record highs are possible this weekend. where the folk lingers longest, you are coolest in the upper 50's and everyone else is in the legal 60's. the seven-day forecast shows 70's degree temperatures in john and it will happen this >> not only was there that volatile game in seattle.
7:20 am
there was a tornado in washington state. hail. all the stuff. we have video coming up. >> all right, ginger, thank you. also ahead, nightmare in paradise. the pro golfer who claims he was knocked out and kidnapped now speaking out this morning. >> and the story behind this picture posted by one miss universe contestant and why it sparked an international out cry. >> plus, a reality star killed while shooting a video. this morning, we have the latest on the investigation. >> and caught in the act. look at this. the video of a police officer channeling his inner taylor swift and shaking it off. how does it compare to all time greats. how does it compare to all time greats. how does it compare to all time greats. yet up to 90% of us fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more, together. add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, physical energy support with b vitamins. and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure
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at philadelphia, there's an art to making cream cheese. we always use fresh milk, real cream, and no preservatives. that's why philadelphia cream cheese tastes so rich and creamy. only philadelphia. the freedom train will roll for the last time today from san jose to san francisco to honor dr. martin luther king. the bay area tradition began several years ago and the bay
7:25 am
area train happened to be the last of its kind in the u.s. organizers blame a lack of community interest and sponsorship for dooming the freedom train. >> as we take a look at the golden gate bridge, the buses are going to be running on a regular service today. sauce saw we do have one accident still blocking a lane in the east bay. no delays as a result. >> whe
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one of our beg weather
7:28 am
stories, the fog. delays of nearly an hour and 15 minutes at sfo. we're going to be minor tidal flooding along the bayshore and tals also the coastline. as we get into the weekend poor air quality is going to be a big issue wednesday and thursday. and record highs are
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7:30 am
in good morning, america. right now dangerous black ice blamed for hundreds of accidents across the country. >> also right now the urgent man hunt for the suspect who shot a millionaire relevant es tie con and made his get away on a bicycle. >> and why this picture is sparking an international outcry this morning. >> good morning, america! on this monday morning. this video is burning at the internet right now. police officer lip syncing to taylor swift's shake it off. >> it's illegal to drive while eating a cheeseburger burr legal if you're a cop to drive this way. >> both hands off the wheel right there. you got him. >> citizen's arrest.
7:31 am
>> still, millions are sharing it. we're going to see how it stacks up to others on youtube. >> sounds great. >> duly noted. >> good luck to you driving. >> i will be sticking to my scooter from now on. >> we'll going to get to the story of the california real estate mogul as he left work in his rolls royce. police hunting for the miss tier yoes gunman who escaped on a bicycle. >> george, good morning to you this case is deals with a rich real estate magnet who works in california. his friends say the only thing bigger than his bank account is his heart. police are trying to figure out if he was shot in a ran dam act of violence or if someone wanted him dead. >> the unit sunset and gardner. the victim in a parking lot. >> hunting down the bicycle riding gunman who shot real
7:32 am
estate millionaire in his 300,000 rolls royce with nothing reported stolen some wondering if this was a high price hit. >> seems like something was behind it. >> the 48-year-old was shot through the window and hit in the neck and neck. they say the windows may have saved his life. >> the panels has become a great thing. >> seen in this video was shot friday night around 8:40 in hollywood. he was leaving work. got into his car when the gunman riding a bicycle rode up and fired twice into the rolls royce before taking off. investigators only have a vague description of the gunman. >> a male black wearing a black cap last seen on gardner on a bicycle. >> this morning police examining surveillance videos near the crime scene. the motive still unclear.
7:33 am
>> i have never seen anyone in any kind of way speak ill towards him whatsoever yet imagine someone wanting to shoot him. i can't imagine that. >> one possible lead conflicting reports he was on his way downtown to close a $5 million real estate deal. to some of his friends it's another bizarre twist leading to more questions. >> in particular on a friday night making that type of investment at 10:00 at night doesn't sound like him. >> segal is expected to make a full recovery. friends are putting together an award for any information. >> now to that nightmare in hawaii for one pro golfer. robert allenby claims he was kidnapped from a bar, beaten robbed and dumped in a park. investigators trying to piece together exactly what happened and abc has the latest. >> edge of the fairway for
7:34 am
allenby. >> robert allenby has earned millions on the pga tour but when he failed to make the cut for this weekend in hawaii he found himself a long way from paradise. he says after a night of drinking at this honolulu wine bar he woke up looking like this in a park surrounded by the homeless. >> you think about movies and you think that's not going to happen in real life. but honestly it does. it happens. >> but this one might be too bizarre even for the movies. allenby, a married father of two says he got separated from his friends at that wine bar friday night. he says he doesn't remember leaving but he says he is s in surveillance tape walking away from a group he doesn't know. >> i got hit, knocked out cold and i believe that from what i have been told that i was thrown in the trurvegnk of a car and dumped six to seven miles away from where i was. >> he says a few hours later he woke up in some park.
7:35 am
he's not sure which one where a homeless woman told him she saw three men dump him there right out of their car. allenby says he had no cash no credit card no phone. that's when he claims a good samaritan gave him money for a cab ride back to his hotel. >> all i could think of was just getting to safety. >> only once he was back at his resort did he snap that selfie and call the cops. this morning honolulu police will not say much except they are investigating this as a second-degree robbery. for "good morning america" ryan owens, abc news los angeles. >> very bizarre but glad he's okay. >> no question about that. let's go to dan. >> perhaps the big trending topic is football. seahawks and #super bowl xlix burning up twitter and is trending.
7:36 am
commemorating the civil rights leader. topping our facebook feed controversy over pictures posted to the instagram account of a ms. universe contestant. here it is. that's ms. israel on the left and next to her, ms. lebanon. two women from two countries who have frequently been at war. ms. lebanon facing criticism and some people calling her to be removed from the pageant. she posted this message with a cropped version of the photo taking ms. israel out. she said i was cautious to avoid being in any photo or communication with ms. israel. i was having a photo with ms. japan, ms. slovenia and myself and then she put it on her social media. the full shot still up on ms. israel's instagram page with this message, she says it doesn't surprise me but still makes me sad. too bad you cannot put the hostility out of the game. only for three weeks of an experience of a lifetime that we could meet girls from around the
7:37 am
world and also from the neighboring country. we should say this has happened once before in 1993 when ms. lebanon was criticized for this picture with ms. israel. it's a sad statement that things have not changed too much in the intervening years. >> that is a shame. more than 20 years. thanks very much. let's go to ginger. >> of course. we wanted to start with the washington state unsettled weather. this picture show cases the hail that fell. this is near tacoma. you mentioned it's a nice manicure too. i think they should replace that strawberry the one you see, with this. >> exactly. >> let's go to the harbor washington tornado/water spout. they will go out and confirm the damage later today. we'll be watching for that. some damage but fortunately we didn't see anybody hurt. northern idaho, there's an avalanche warning up there. if you have any outdoor plans or hike or skiing that's a place
7:38 am
more se >> goodgood morning, we are look at sunshine but hazy it will be late this afternoon and upper 50's to mid-60's and warmer-than-average. the seven-day forecast shows warmer weather this weekend, 70's onle all that weather brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. pretty mild in the southwest. if you're going to the beach, some beach hazard statements and san francisco and king tide is in effect. >> i have been forecasting a january warmup. >> how is that working? >> it's going great. >> good. i can't even look you in the eye. >> you guys are picking up from friday. remember that? >> this is a fight that's been going on for years. >> yes, it has. tragedy on the tracks. a reality star and fitness expert killed by a train. what was he doing so close to danger? >> a health warning. why eating too much pizza can be
7:39 am
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at chili's, fresh is now. now chicken smoked in-house, and no more waiting for the check. new smoked chicken quesadillas on chili's lunch combo menu, starting at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. welcome back. we continue with the tragic death of reality show star and fitness guru greg plitt struck
7:43 am
and killed by a train in an apparent accident. police investigating just what he was doing on those tracks. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: he's the fitness expert who starred in bra voe's workout. his face gracing the cover of countless magazines. this morning police investigating greg plitt's tragic and unusual death. the 37-year-old killed saturday after being struck by a train. >> train versus pedestrian. >> they believe it was an accident saying plitt was filming a video on these tracks and no permit. >> were there warning signs? >> yes the train conductor seen him and sounded his horn and mr. plitt did not seem to react to the horn. >> reporter: plitt has posted videos of him working out on railroad tracks in the past and he was starring in a new reality show friends to lovers. it features his relationship
7:44 am
with long time friend melanie martin. she told us overnight she's devastated. >> he was a really caring man. and he would go above and beyond for his friends. >> plitt's death, the latest in a string of railroad incidents. this woman was killed while shooting a film and in this shocking video. two women narrowly miss a deadly encounter with a freight train in indiana. this morning bravo tells abc news our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with greg's family and friends at this extremely difficult time. for "good morning america" brandi hitt, abc news los angeles. >> very sad. coming up the new tool in the battle of the bulge. how an ultrasound machine is being used to get the most out of your workout. plus the
7:45 am
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♪ >> now to that delaware police officer who has gone viral by
7:49 am
lip syncing to shake it off. more than 13 million views for the performance captured on dash cam. t.j. holmes is there with more. >> haters going hate hate hate. we have been busted singing this song before. what makes it different about this guy? there are thousands of videos on youtube. what's different about him? well he's done something that we didn't expect. he's showing us that swifties come in different shapes and sizes. we're not used to seeing this. he's being called the shake it off-icer for good reason. ♪ >> dover delaware police officer jeff davis becoming a viral sensation thanks to his hilarious live sync to taylor swift's "shake it off." the veteran says he already knew the lyrics thanks to his 10-year-old daughter.
7:50 am
the video viewed more than 13 million times. how does it stack up against some of our others? ♪ love is an open door ♪ >> these parents earned them more than 19 million views since last march. ♪ >> and remember this guy? he's had more than 55 million people since the video posted in 2004. ♪ living a teenage dream ♪ >> who could forget this katy perry lip sync? ♪ >> as for officer davis, his cameo may end up topping the list thanks in part to herself. ♪ >> the cop star turned pop star overnight. ♪ >> let's be clear here. they staged this. he did this safely. >> so we take it all back.
7:51 am
>> but it's still funny. they want to do a series of these. >> starring this officer? >> he's the class clown of the police department. >> i don't know why they would say that. >> watch out for blanch space. >> if you watch it on your smartphone you might be in trouble because it's causing premature aging. it is. that's what they say. >> what? >> what you can do to prevent so-called tech next. i did you not. >> the phone? not the video? >> right. >> i get it. >> you get it. come on back.
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the makers of tylenol for what matters most. >> still ahead here on "gma." jennifer lopez live.
7:56 am
tt2wút0l@qd0 "aún%+$ tt2wút0l@qd0 bmún. ( tt4wút0l@qd0" dzlq q44 tt4wút0l@qd0" enlq !0t tt4wút0l@qd0" gzl& 87, . good morning. let's start off with a look at the forecast. >> well, the good news is the fog. it is starting to left. three quarter ---less than a quarter of a mile there last hour. sfo, ten. once we get past this low to mid 60s for most of us. above average until the record highs hit this weekend. >> we have an overturned vehicle on the university avenue on ramp. so be careful there if you're
7:57 am
traveling through berkeley, it doesn't look like the main liningslines are affects. be aware we also have fog in the area as you head into san
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ "good morning america." it's 8:00 a.m. and why pizza shouldn't be the go-to choice for kids. your family's favorite food could lead to health problems. what you need to know now. and hinge. the dating app connecting friends of friends. how it's using social media to help you find your perfect match. could it be the key to living happily ever after. and the exclusive from the bachelor. >> hello. >> were you guys busy? were you doing something? >> prince farming gets a surprise visit from our friend jimmy kimmel. the funny man third-wheels it with one of chris dates. ♪ >> all that and jennifer lopez is with us live dishing on life,
8:01 am
love and her return to the big screen as we say -- >> good morning, america! from selma. good morning to our crowd outside in times square this morning. this morning on martin luther king, jr. day. >> we're hope people are enjoying the holiday and we're celebrating the life and legacy of martin luther king, jr. this morning. we have a live look at his memorial in washington d.c. and his powerful message of quality for all. as important now as it was 50 years ago and more. and we are honoring him throughout the morning. >> yes, we are, robin. coming up today, you'll notice we're sitting extra tall. we want to encourage you to keep your head up. not just figuratively. literally. why looking down at your phone could be giving you tech neck. that's a technical term. >> oh. >> how you can avoid those unwanted wrinkles.
8:02 am
those wrinkles and also looking like that. like -- like a bird. [ laughter ] >> of some sort. >> this may be the only story that gets ginger off her phone. >> i don't know. >> you have been on your phone. >> i have been so good since new year. haven't been paying attention. >> j-lo is live this morning in the social square. >> looking good as always. >> looking great. that's coming up. now we've got to get the news from dan harris. >> let's start with the story close to ginger's heart. millions of americans waking up to black ice this morning. icy roads triggering hundreds of accidents and pileups in the west and east. at least six people killed and one driver in oregon unbelievably survived this accident. look at this. walked away after being sandwiched between two semis with just cuts and scrapes. the fbi is trying to figure out who fired shots near vice
8:03 am
president biden's home while they came from a speeding car while biden and his wife were out to dinner. no indication his house was specifically targeted. republicans are vowing to fight president obama's new tax proposals during tomorrow night's state of the union address. looking to raise taxes on the wealthy. to help out the middle class. but apparently not standing much of a chance in a republican- controlled congress. a 32-year-old man has died in taiwan from heart failure triggered by a three-day binge of online gaming. she was the second binge gamer to die in a year in taiwan. off the coast of north carolina two people and a dog had to be rescued after the sailboat got caught in a storm. the man with the heart condition came up first followed by the woman and the dog. a big sports headline this morning. lindsey vonn has become the most successful world cup downhill skier of all time notching her
8:04 am
63rd victory in italy breaking a 35-year-old record. this is a huge comeback for her. missed the olympics as many of us remember for her injury. this is what happened to a woman in los angeles when she got home from work. her living room transformed into a giant ball pit. her husband was supposed to be watching the kids but apparently had a little bit too much time on his hands. the only way to get away with this prank is when you have rock solid prenup. >> oh. >> that's the news. yes, he jumped off the balcony. i have seen the full video. he survives. he may not survive the conversation with his wife. but he survived that. >> thank you. we have a house alert about kids and pizza. a new study warns about kids eating too much. >> from parties to movie night to school lunches no doubt pizza is the all-time favorite. it's been the second largest contributor to calorie and
8:05 am
nutrient intake in the u.s. in kids' diets. this morning an alarming new study that looked at over a decade of data showing there may be more pizza than you might think. >> it plays a major role of kids' intake of calories and weight gain. >> take a look at how two slices of pizza compares to nuggets and french fries. or a hamburger meal. nearly the same number of calories. according to the researchers pizza can account for more than 20% of a child's daily intake of calories. it helps contribute to much higher overall calorie intake on the days they eat it potentially leading to health problems like childhood obesity. type 2 diabetes and hypertension. >> we are just having too much of some of the wrong ingredients. >> but experts say not all slices created equal. suggesting opting for veggies, thinner crust or going light on the cheese. >> pizza can be great if it's done right with the
8:06 am
right ingredients. just deserves an upgrade. >> next time you're little ones are craving a slice, try opening up that oven. throwing some whole grain to tia with some tomato sauce and light amount of natural cheese. it can be fast. it can be easy and inexpensive and it can be healthy for your kids and their waist lines. >> for "good morning america" reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> good tip. "pop news" and weather coming up. let's go to lara. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma" morning menu. first in "pop news," bradley cooper topping the box office. wait until you hear what he did to prep for his role in american sniper. boy, did that pay off. and how hinge is opening the door to love by using your facebook connections in a good way. don't be weirded out. you'll never be weirded out by this gorgeous girl, jennifer lopez live in the house and
8:07 am
looking gorgeous coming up on "good morning america" here in times square. how lucky are we. we'll find out how she always looks so good. >> "gma's" morning menu brought to you by centrum multi-vitamins for the most amazing parts of you. you by centrum multi-vitals for the most amazing parts of you.
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so i can't exactly go globe-trotting. if i had friends to go with i'd go but i don't want to travel by myself. someday. male vo: there are no more excuses. find the hotel you want, and the flight you want, and we'll find the savings to get you there. at philadelphia, there's an art to making cream cheese. we always use fresh milk, real cream, and no preservatives. that's why philadelphia cream cheese tastes so rich and creamy. only philadelphia. look at the wonderful crowd we have. joining us on this holiday here in times square to celebrate martin luther king day. we have a tribute to him coming up. we have jennifer lopez coming up and we have "pop news" now. >> we do. and today "pop news" is getting pumped. it is a fitness-themed edition. great time to resurrect your
8:12 am
resolutions and we're beginning with a guy who knows how to super-size his muscles and the box office. robby cooper ate 5,000 calories a day for his role as a navy seal in american sniper. unless you're doing a role like that, perhaps not a great idea. my first tip. he quickly learned how to hit a 10-inch target from 600 yards away. his hard work resulted in a bull's eye at the box office with a three day opening weekend totaling more than $90 million making it the top january opening of all time. the film, directed by clint eastwood has earned a total of six nominations at the oscars including best actor and best picture of the year. >> it's got great buzz. people come out of the theater talking about it. >> it's great. >> really great. we're not all going to get as ripped as bradley cooper but if your resolution is to get the eye of the tiger, here's something that might help you feel a little less intimidated next time you hit the gym. the guide to gym jargon.
8:13 am
a new book put together to help newcomers translate the slang fitness fanatics use. it can sometimes feel like a foreign language. the only language which i believe the word swollen is complimentary. other terms include caked which is getting ripped. i'm getting caked. judy dench appears very strong. so if you're called judy dench, now you know. >> no. >> and the skull crusher is a bench press where you lower the barbell right down to your forehead. hence the term. sounds dangerous. the next time someone says don't you hate when you're getting caked and the judy dench next to you beasts it up with a full skull crusher you'll know exactly what they mean. and that's what we're here for. >> yes. >> i speak fluent. i do not and some final inspiration for you to get a super start to your weekend or week. that was hopeful thinking. it's monday.
8:14 am
>> yeah. >> this is a chihuahua dressed as superman on a treadmill. [ laughter ] >> working out to the superman theme song. yes, your day got stranger and i hope a little happier. >> that is great. >> only thing better to be at the top. >> he does. >> that's a great way to start the week. >> yes, i do. i am multilingual. i speak gym and chihuahua. >> thank you. let's go to ginger right now. >> what a crowd out here we have. hey, my friends from north carolina. your name? >> morgan. >> happy birthday. love the teirra. the only way to go. you are a princess. let's start with the weather forecast. an actual snow drought. 27% of our nation covered in snow right now. this time last year, pittsburgh, pennsylvania had more than 30 inches, 32 and now only 7 1/2. they're 9.7 below average. reno is in the snow drought,
8:15 am
too. part of the rockies are the only ones doing all right. but there's snow to come in the next couple of days. new york city, anybody here wednesday into thursday? yeah, a few people. they're like no, we're not. 8 to 14 out look, too. much above average in the west. this could be a half degree or so. not too, too terrible. something to look forward to. some cooling next we >> good monday morning i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. check identity folk. it will lift to hazy sunshine this afternoon and we will have a warming trend and "spare the air" day on wednesday with the warmest weather and record highs are possible this weekend. where the folk lingers longest, you are coolest in the upper 50's and everyone else is in the legal 60's. the seven-day forecast shows 70's degree temperatures in john and it will happen this weekend. 34 years. their anniversary. congratulations.
8:16 am
real quick your hair, you like that do? >> yeah. >> from southern indiana. let's get back inside. >> congratulations to them. kicking off the "gma" heat index this morning. a new wrinkle in digital technology. the way you use your smartphone could be changing the way you look giving you something called tech neck. abc has more on that. >> sun damage, diet and stress can all reek havoc on your skin. but can looking down at your smartphone really cause premature aging? >> cell phones, laptops, tablets, anything that's electronic captures your attention and you have to bend your neck, you're just ruining the neck muscles. >> it's being called tech neck. and dermatologists to the stars, dr. lancer says he sees it all the time. >> their main concern is, doc, i have a droopy neck and they're 23 years old.
8:17 am
>> saying looking down for hours at a time can weaken your neck muscles and lead to saggy skin. >> the overlying skin forms lines that are like tree trunk rings. >> jennifer is 38 years old and is concerned her neck is showing signs of early aging. >> we have ipads and laptops and cell phones. mini ipads. >> you're looking down a lot. >> yes. >> dr. lancer says prevention is key. >> keeping the skin out of the sun and well moisturized. i tell people to sleep on their backs with a round pillow behind their neck so their head is always back. >> but if too much tech has your neck looking loose -- >> will it hurt? >> this will not hurt. >> the doctor says deep penetrating heat can help firm the skin and tighten neck muscles. >> there's like no lines on my neck. >> while we demoed it free, it will cost you upwards of $700 to
8:18 am
$1,000 per session. or you can try this idea. >> not look down too much. >> what you have to do is -- to hold your cell phone this way, your tablet this way. >> so keep your chin up. doctors orders. for "good morning america," abc news, los angeles. >> you were sitting so straight right now, lara, even more so. it beats the $700 to $1,000 a pop. >> it's impossible to type that way though. straight arm type? i don't see how that works. >> yes, i am. as a matter of fact. >> somebody has been sold. >> so you'll risk the wrinkles. >> i got a $700 neck treatment to sell you as well. >> okay. up next, in our "gma" heat index. a little help from your friends. abc's sara haines has the details. >> online dating is big business. with popular sites like match, okcupid and tinder making it more than a $2 billion industry.
8:19 am
>> allowing us to expand internationally. >> one player having a major boom hinge, an app connecting people with mutual friends. 30-year-old founder and ceo got the idea in 2011 studying at harvard business school. >> tell me how the app works. >> it's like meeting people through friends at a house party. so we start showing you people who are friends of friends, and we show you the first and last name, where they work and went to school. if you like someone who likes you back we provide an introduction. >> download the app and log in through facebook allowing hinge to introduce you to facebook friends and finds potential matches based on your social circles and background. >> every time you say you like someone or dislike, we're learning and figuring out you like this type of person or that type of person. >> he gives us a tutorial. >> these are potential boosts for you. >> lauren is 28 and lives in new
8:20 am
york and friends with my friend meredith and works at fashionable. she went to the school at northwestern. >> you need to call her. she's really pretty. >> we like her. >> we like you lauren. >> here's dana. >> she's pretty. she's a blond do you like blonds? >> of course, i do. >> thank you. this is awkward fast. >> they won't say how many matches they made but they are responsible for this couple who went to the same college and law school. even had mutual friends but never met. >> i think we're the perfect example of a situation where two people are hiding in plain sight where we have all these ways we could have connected and it took this app to facilitate that. >> the couple married after just nine months of dating now have a baby. >> there's a lot of things in life that are based on chance. i think we both got incredibly lucky. >> for "good morning america" sara haines, abc news, new york.
8:21 am
>> my wife and i sat next to justin at a dinner over the summer and he's very, very impressive. but still single. >> interesting. >> oh. >> at least when i met him. >> that is fascinating. >> it's interesting. >> now he's been on national television. we'll see how this goes. >> it would make sense. friends. i sort of like the concept and we have done all of these apps. there is something for everybody. as my mother says, a live for everyone. >> time for the morning stir and piece of equipment that you never seen at your gym i bet until now. we're talking about ultrasound machines. not only for doctors' offices anymore. one gym using them to motivate people to get in shape. and abc's mara schiavocampo has our story. >> reporter: this is the latest piece of fitness technology, an ultrasound machine. but it's not looking for a baby. it's looking for your fat. >> this looks good. >> reporter: bari studio in new
8:22 am
york city uses this measurement system to give clients a detailed insight into their current state and progress. >> it uses ultrasound technology to measure fat thickness and overall body composition and helps us prescribe a customized action plan. >> 24-year-old deam has been tracking her progress since august, getting measured once a month. >> were you nervous to see your body composition in an ultrasound? >> absolutely. i thought the worst. when i saw it, it was nice to have that number. it was a starting point for me. >> reporter: she says the ultrasound helped her slim down and given her a different perspective. >> when i started working out. my weight stayed the same. i couldn't figure out what was going on. was i gaining muscle or losing fat. >> how have you done? >> i lost 12 pounds since august and that's 7% body fat. >> the machine measures four points of fat. tricep, waist, hip and thigh.
8:23 am
how does it work? >> we're measuring the fat in her tricep. i'm going to connect it to her skin, press the button and watch on the screen. at the top of the screen it's her skin and then that first thick white line is showing where the end of her fat thickness is and when her muscle begins. >> doctors say proceed with caution when using this type of technology. >> any time we have the use of technology that can help to improve our health, that potentially is exciting. my concern is that it's not misused or abused. and i think we need to proceed with caution. >> for "good morning america" mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> thank you mara. and dr. jennifer ashton is joining us. how does this work? >> it's about tech today. we're hitting it hard. if you understand the technology of ultrasound. there's no radiation involved.
8:24 am
it works via sound waves. when the sound waves hit different tissue types or structures they appear differently. bone looks white, blood looks black and in between is shades of gray. not the 50 shades type. it has been well reported as a way to measure body fat percentage. we can use the calibers. >> do we need science to tell us where we have extra fat? >> for some people it might be -- >> a motivator. >> exactly. >> what about risks? >> you have to consider a couple of factors when you're talking about this technology to track weight-loss. the skill of the operator or the technician. someone like you who does it versus someone who does it for 20 years. you might get a different result. how high quality is the machine. that's important. how hard you press with the probe will give you a different thickness for your skin to the fat muscle interface. we don't know how often to do this in terms of tracking body fat or weight-loss. should you go back once a month.
8:25 am
every three or six months? we just don't know. >> hopefully it will motivate somebody if they are interested in this to get into the gym and start moving. >> absolutely. you know what, i think that's really the key. haters shouldn't hate on this technology. at the end of the day, it's whatever motivates the individual. for some people, they might like to keep a journal. for other people it's looking in a mirror. >> and for others it's a chihuahua dressed in a superman suit. >> that could be highly motivating. i think at the end of the day what i like is it reminds us of the changes that we produce in the gym they are about what's going on under the skin. it's about the inner health and fitness and well-being. >> i love that. thank you so much. dr. jen will be answering your questions throughout the morning. tweet her at dr. j ashton. coming up, jennifer lopez joining us live on "good morning america." stay with us everybody. it's going to be a great day.
8:26 am
8:27 am
. developing news in san francisco. that's where police want to find two crook who is used a rental truck to rip off a store. witnesses say the thieves back a u-haul truck through the front door of a patagonia store near fisherman's wharf. the truck drove away. it happened this morning early. it is holiday light out there. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have virtually no traffic. you can see all that westbound traffic building up. >>
8:28 am
8:29 am
. good morning. tracking fog. quarter mile in-- king tides, they're going to hit today at 9:58 at the goldendpoeldgolden gate. look for minor tidal flooding. right now we are in the low to mid 50s.
8:30 am
as we head deep entire the forecast spare the air may ♪ we're taking you back right there. new kids on the block. 1988. the right stuff. they're going to be here live tomorrow. all the new kids. ginger very excited about that. i didn't know, ginger. i guess you're one of the fans. they are coming for tomorrow. >> i am. and a lot of their fans look like me. i am so pumped. >> on tv forever. >> i had no idea, too. i can't wait to watch you. i'm going to sit back and enjoy that show. also coming up, the finale of our eighth annual warm coats warm hearts drive. we have been piling the coats
8:31 am
up. everyone getting in on the act and we thank you all for giving the gift of warmth to though who need it. we will reveal the total coming up, george. >> speaking of warm coats, i like to wear one when we go outside. on friday i wore one and george teased me. so now i'm out here. >> so you succumbed to peer pressure. >> i did. he's a hard guy. >> the struggle was real. >> the struggle was real. i'm kidding. long time bachelor fan jimmy kimmel making a visit to the show. getting chris through his search through love and we'll show you a deleted scene from tonight's episode as well. >> very funny. let's go inside to robin. >> we are having a good time. jennifer lopez, you're just wonderful. >> we're chatting. we're on the air now? >> yeah. we're on the air now. >> new kids on the block. >> i used to be a backup dancer for new kids on the block if you go into the archives. i have been grinding for a long time. >> you have been grinding for a long time. jennifer lopez always turns up the heat whether it's rocking central park or the "gma" summer concert series.
8:32 am
remember that? we're still talking about that. >> thank you. >> lara liked this on the red carpet. she was out there with golden globes. she is now sizzling on the silver screen. she's back baby. "the boy next door". she plays a suburban mom separated from her husband. >> i do. >> and a moment of weakness gets -- >> crosses the line. >> neighborly. we're saying neighborly. >> neighborly. i like that. that works. >> she regrets it. take a look. >> you have been avoiding me. >> do you think this is a game here? this is real life. that is my home. okay. you're doing things in front of my kid and husband. >> your cheating and lying husband? >> okay. what's your plan? what do you think? what do you think? we're going to date? we're going to go on family vacation together? what do you think is going to happen here? >> what do you think is going to happen that jennifer lopez is here? "good morning america" again with us. >> thank you. >> i was watching it last night. >> did you see it last night? >> i did. >> it's so -- this movie. like what's going to happen.
8:33 am
>> you are also one of the producers. >> i am. this wasn't a regular studio movie. where they hire you as an actress. which what they usually do. i have been producing the last couple years. and we did something that i never done which was micro budget. people know how much movies cost. they can cost upwards of 20, 30, 40, 50, up to $100 million. we did this movie. $4 million. 23 days. >> still all the bells and whistles. >> we pull all $4 million in front of the camera. we all shared one trailer. it wasn't that type of luxury movie set. it was about getting this story, making a fun movie for the audiences and i think we accomplished that. >> it's a real popcorn movie. >> a thriller. >> now, clair, your character, you said you can relate to her. >> that's what i liked about the script. it seemed so perfect for me right now in my life. she's late 30s, early 40s,
8:34 am
doesn't really say -- separated. about to go through a divorce. deciding and feeling like her lowest point in her life. you know how that is? her husband cheated on her. she doesn't know how to deal with it. is not feeling desirable. and this young man next door, the boy next door comes along and starts giving her compliments. she starts -- >> she's vulnerable. >> she's super vulnerable. >> we have all been there. >> yes, we all have been there. and i felt like i understood her and i think people understood her. even though she crosses that line it's when you're watching you go, no, don't do that and you're like yes, i get it. i understand you right now. but don't do that! too late. okay. >> and ryan, wow -- >> for this film -- >> i can put the notes away. he's able to be that boy next door. >> right. >> and then turn it like that.
8:35 am
>> that was a challenge for this role for us as producers and stuff like that. who can do this? for the most experienced actor that leap is very, very hard. so when -- you know, i read with so many actors and he really won the role with his talent and his charisma and his -- he wanted to do it really badly. i think he's a great choice. i think you're going to see a lot of him. >> he has a lot of presence. you know what the beauty is, i watched the movie, turned it off and then i realized, oh, my gosh, two latinos. >> oh, my god. >> that's not the forefront. >> well it's a main stream movie. but the truth is as a producer i'm proud. in retrospect i picked the best actor for the role. but at the end of the day if a studio made this movie i don't know they would have cast the both of us in this role because of that. two latinos opening in a main stream movie if it does well, that's going to change things.
8:36 am
i would love for the latino community to come out and support this movie because it would give us the freedom again knowing i can make a movie for $4 million and find a good story. that gives me freedom as a artist and gives us freedom to make more movies in this way and whatever kind of stories we want to tell. it's exciting. >> you have a lot of freedom but not a lot of free time. >> no. >> you got the fosters, it's third season on abc family. >> so exciting premiering. it just premiered. yes. super proud of that project. super proud of that project. what it says and what it's about. about family, about love. about just -- that's really -- families come in all shapes and sizes and everybody knows that. it's no secret. i feel like tv is at the forefront of changing how people think and the fosters has done that. >> and you got viola davis and working with her. >> yes.
8:37 am
we did a movie called "lila and eve" last year. i think it's premiering at sundance. it's amazing. me and viola worked together years ago in "out of site" with me and george clooney. to work with her again was like amazing. she's an amazing actress and i love doing it. i'm so crazy. you won't even recognize me. it's great. it was a lot of fun. >> you are always a lot of fun. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. you look great. >> when i know you're going to be on the show we all kick it up a notch. >> fashion. the shoes. >> her movie opens friday and the premier of fosters airs on abc family. >> you think i didn't see all that? >> get a check of the weather with ginger zee. >> bye guys. >> my goodness. a compliment from jennifer lopez, you can't go wrong with that. this is gabby from new jersey.
8:38 am
she wanted to say good morning. to who? >> my mom and grandma. >> my, mom and grandma. i love her. let's get the forecast for tampa. some low level fog this morning. really pretty shot as they wake up in the low 50s. going to the low 70s for highs. the mild and relatively dry area in much of the south. texas to 75. houston only going to 70. again, this is pretty mild for them, fortunately the wind is lower and we have a couple of pretty photos. that one from northern utah and panama city beach. ooh. the colors. i love a sunrise and sunset. that's the big >> goodgood morning, we are look at sunshine but hazy it will be late this afternoon and upper 50's to mid-60's and warmer-than-average. the seven-day forecast shows warmer weather this weekend, 70's on the
8:39 am
all that weather brought to you by expedia. it's a huge bachelor episode tonight. none other than jimmy kimmel making a guest appearance. we have a deleted scene where jimmy guides our prince farming, chris, through his search for love. >> this is the real deal. >> good. good. going well? >> she's impressive. >> got a good personality. >> she's beautiful. >> not that that matters. >> we can't wait to see that and more hilarious jimmy kimmel moments on the bachelor. head to "good morning america".com and tune into the bachelor tonight right here on abc. at 8:00/7:00 central. it's going to be a good one. lara. >> thank you. we turn to a love connection made in social media heaven, two youtube stars turning their romantic story into a must-see reality show. with millions of viewers. here's david wright to explain. >> it's been a long time
8:40 am
america. >> not long enough. >> in an era when traditional soap operas like all my children have bit the dust this is where people are turning for serialized romance. on youtube there are examples of people who star in their home-made reality shows. >> you wanted a story. >> we got a story for you. >> case in point, colleen and josh evans. they have been dating for five years and you guessed it, josh is about to pop the question. the proposal captured for posterity on video. >> will you marry me? >> yes, of course. >> and posted to youtube. 2,600,000 views and counting. >> you guys make a living. >> we do. >> is this a marriage or a merger? >> this is a marriage. >> it's a marriage. >> their channels are hugely successful. colleen and josh have half a billion views between them. josh is a rising star on
8:41 am
youtube. ♪ >> a singer and personality known as joshua d town. huge following of his own. >> the vast majority of the audience is 13 to 21. >> try following them at a mall. in 30 seconds you'll see, sure enough some high school kids recognize them. >> hi, i'm david at the l.a. county museum of art. >> they show me the dos and don'ts. >> my arm is sore. is that a occupational hazard? >> yes, it is. for "good morning america" david right, abc news, los angeles. >> looking good, david. coming up, we are revealing the amazing number of coats you have helped us collect in our annual drive. we can't wait to share the number with you. ith you.
8:42 am
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and we're celebrating the finale of our eighth annual warm coats and warm hearts drive. what an amazing season it's been. our partners burlington and kids fashion delivers. ginger you were up on the ladder getting the last coats in. love that double-decker bus with all our volunteers. >> george, it is going great. we have got so many coats here and it's so nice because we're helping people in need to stay warm this winter.
8:45 am
it's truly an amazing season. let's take a look at the highlights. >> our eighth season started with a sesame street treat. thousands of people pitching in and donating coats from superstar celebs like ryan seacrest, the cast of annie and liam neeson. >> what are we doing today? >> donating coats for people. >> to you, our "gma" viewers giving the gift of warmth at local burlington stores and using the #coatnotes. >> we're helping kids. >> just one act of kindness can make a world of difference. >> it was a wakeup call. if it wasn't for them i would still be out there. >> three years ago this man was homeless and sleeping in a tent when he received a winter coat from the church in new jersey.
8:46 am
kick starting a change for the better. >> i have been here volunteering working every day here. >> this year, randy helped organize two coat drives giving out over 800 warm jackets. >> good to see you. come and give me a hug! oh, my goodness. this is going to be so fun. you ready? >> i had the honor of meeting a single mother of three at this new york city burlington store where we are sharing the warmth with her and her girls. >> they don't have everything a wheel child has so i want them to be happy and they deserve it because they're good girls. >> come on out. what did you pick out? come on. oh, wow! those look so good. >> it longs good and feels good. i'm happy. >> i like it. >> do you like it? i just don't want the fun to stop now. i really think that you should go ahead and take this, a $500 gift card and have a good time here in burlington. >> a warming moment that would
8:47 am
melt anyone's heart. >> ready to get something? >> yes. >> yeah. >> high-five. all right. >> what a great way to end the piece. she saw this year's theme. families helping families. we have three families with us right now. please welcome them. get those coats in there, guys. >> all right. >> let's do it up. >> thank you. >> they put those coats in -- oh, very good. >> good job. >> all right. >> wonderful. >> an extra bonus, too, because it is the coldest time of the year this week, burlington is donating 1,000 coats to the cities that could use the warmth this morning. let's take a look at those sharing the warmth map. those five cities. duluth, minnesota, burlington, vermont, buffalo new york, and anchorage, alaska. >> what great partners burlington has been these past eight years. incredible to work with. are you ready? it is time now the final tally
8:48 am
of our eighth annual warm coats warm hearts drive. drum roll please! 153,357 coats. >> whoa. fantastic. >> whoa. that is a record. that is 30,000 -- oh. >> i just echo what robin said earlier. we want to thank our partners burlington and kids fashion and thank to everybody out there who donate add coat including these families right here. >> thanks for the poppers, too, a lot of fun. thank you very much. we'll be right back with a tribute in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. luther king, jr.
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ >> last night in selma, alabama
8:51 am
we heard john legend perform the academy award nominated song "glory" from the film "selma." that's part of a recreation for that famous march. the song was written as a tribute to dr. martin luther king, jr. and echos the dreams dr. king had for this country. as you'll see and hear in a tribute of our own. >> i have a dream! my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream today! [ applause ] ♪ one day the glory comes ♪ ♪ he will be ours ♪ ♪ he will be ours ♪ ♪ oh, one day ♪ ♪ when the war is won ♪ ♪ we will be sure ♪ ♪ we will be sure ♪ ♪ oh, glory ♪ ♪ glory ♪
8:52 am
>> this march to montgomery will be one of the inspiring moments of life. ♪ now for every man, woman and child ♪ ♪ even jesus got his crown in the front of a crowd ♪ ♪ they march with the torch ♪ ♪ we can run with it now ♪ ♪ never look back ♪ >> continuing this march. this march will not continue. ♪ saw the face of jim crow ♪ >> he was a man like a superhero but without super powers but we think he's rich. ♪ >> what i think dr. king did for our country is he saved it. ♪ one day ♪ >> because of dr. king i can choose my paths and my goals in life. ♪ >> i want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land.
8:53 am
my eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord! hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with
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8:56 am
>> glory john legend and also the producer of that piece for us and the editor was jeremy phillips, thank you for that celebration. >> what a perfect martin luther king day tribute. we're going to have new kids on the block here with a big announcement. ginger cannot wait.
8:57 am
♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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8:59 am
. good morning. first up a look at the forecast. >> good news, the fog is lifting. the delays at sfo are about cut in half now, down to about 45 minutes. the king tide, 9:54 tomorrow morning. minor tidal flooding happening there. low to mid 60s for the most part and the haze today. 7 day forecast. we'll be in the 60s until the 70s and record highs hit this weekend. >> we have pretty good conditions across the bay area. at the bay bridge once you get to it. the golden gate bridge also moving along swiftly. san jose you can see 87, know
9:00 am
delays. also mass transit is on announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, recording artist, actress, superstar, jennifer lopez. and we'll get you on the road to happiness as we begin our kickstart the new year wellness edition. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] snounssnouns knew here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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