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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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on that impressive cliff. a little past 3:00 today, jorgenson reached the top fist. followed by caldwell. down below their families expressed elation and relief. >> when i heard that he made it it brought -- you know, i cried. >> he's finally reached his ÷,& dream. this is something that he never thought would happen. >> once they reached the top the men celebrated with friends and family. they did not give interviews. they will give interviews tomorrow, however, after resting tonight. they plan a press conference tomorrow morning 11:00 a.m. in the meadow below. between now and then we figure they're going to get a good night's sleep thousands of feet above the ground. wayne thank you. a rock climbing facility in san francisco climbing fans are keeping a close eye on today's events at yosemite. some of the employees are friends with those two climbers.
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one was even at the summit today. this accomplishment is turning into a social media moment. >> the white house tweeted a photo of president obama with the painting of yosemite that reads, so proud of tommy caldwell and kech jorgenson. reminds us that anything is possible. >> and those initials at the end of the tweet, b.o. mean president obama wrote this tweet himself, not one of his aides. here is a picture of them hugging once they reached the top, a triumphant moment posted to instagram by the production company documenting their amazing climb. out of washington federal prosecutors say an ohio man is under arrest for planning to the u.s. capital. he allegedly took control of a firearm during an undercover operation. cornell never made it to
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washington so the public was never in danger. he wrote online of plans to commit acts of jihad. abc news is following the latest developments and we'll have a live report tonight at 5:30. firefighters in martinez today battled a series of fire set one after the other by a suspected arsonists. abc 7 news reporter vick lee is live there with the story. vick. >> dan firefighters had a tough time trying not only to extinguish the fires but to find them. a suspected arsonist was always behind them setting one fire after another. he's been arrested on arson charges. the fi2tñ is call came in this afternoon. as firefighters battled this
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blaze, multiple calls were coming in reporting another fire in the smalling kondo complex. then a report of yet another town house burning and then another. in all, five structures here were ablaze at the same time. and that was the biggest problem firefighters encountered. >> so it wasn't like you had one fire and it went from building to building. it was if you had a fire and it was located in one building, then you had another fire that was in another building and at another location and address. >> while firefighters were trying to contain the ever expanding blaze, martinez police were trying to find the tenant who may have set them. >> one of the officers realized we had' today to do a welfare check on the subject who woovsh living in one of the units that was on fire. police lieutenant aaron rob says the man appeared to be fine and he was allowed to stay in his unit. officers found him hiding
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nearby. they arrested him after a foot chase. no one was injured. the red cross has been called in to help residents who may need assistance. vick lee, abcg jorge querta alvarez has been booked on charges of loose acts of a child on possession of child pornography. police arrested him after a mother contacted them with suspicious activity with her 4-year-old daughter. a group met and would not reveal details of the meeting. four men were in a car in hayes valley when gunmen opened fire calling all four. a mother says her son was
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working that nice and was getting a ride back from friends when those were fired. >> these young boys have been friends ever since childhood. how do you supposed to separate these children from how they were raised? and then you say they're gang members. >> officers found two guns inside the victim's vehicles. there is live individual yao now of a prayer service that just got under way for the four men killed in the shooting. police have increased patrols in the area to avoice any retaliation. san jose police have arrested two people in connection with a deadly shooting last weekend. they were booked into the santa clara county jail. the body of shawn waford was found inside a vehicle last saturday. police have not released a
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motive for the shooting. san jose's police department plan toes re assignassign dozens of officers to fill in gaps in the patrol force. the chief issued a memo to the department today. starting february 1st, officers and supervisors will be redeployed to patrol unit that includes homicide, gang expression robbery and top officers were pushing for mandatory overtime for patrol officers. the department's patrol force is about 50 officers short of its minimum staffing goal. uncertainty as to who is going to lead the two bay area teams is over. the 49ers have scheduled a news conference for tomorrow when they will announce jim tomsula will succeed jim harbaugh. a short time ago, nienlers ceo tweeted that tom sula is the right man for the1gjob.
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he bega9 in nfl europe coaching with several teams from 1998 to 2006. he joined the 49ers staff in 2007 and served as interim head coach for the final game in 2010. after the niners fired mike singletary. the raiders will hire jack del rio as its new coach. he played his college bowl at usc. he spent ten years in the nfl as a linebacker where he was known as a tough guy. del rio made the pro bowl in 1994. he coached the jaguars from 2003 to 2011. most recently, he was defensive coordinate either for the broncos. right now, the raiders have not formally announced the hire, but it's coming. the oakland unified school district wants to redefine and improve five of its schools and that's creating concern among a
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few barnts. heean. hi, cheryl. about nine months ago the school board total the superintendent you have to do something about these five failing schools. he was successful in denver. those who oppose revamping these five schools say this is just one more example of&@zo how oakland wants to privatize public education. this is one of five public schools in oakland with low test scoreless and declining enrollment. the distinct has made several teams to improve the school including dividing it into several acad he moos. castlemont and four other schools will be redesigned and
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restarted. the process is expected to take 18 months. in april, the school district will open it up to any academic group willing to redesign and restart these schools. this includes charter schools, something the teachers union opposes. >> that's a good question. yes, charter schools can and we don't believe they should be any part of this process. >> oakland has 38 charter schools and their overall performance has been mixed. the superintendent says he wants to read every proposal before making a decision. >> absolutely we can improve schools without becoming a charter. in fact, we plan to. what we are also going to do is we are going to be open to all ideas. >> the district will approve propoel posals in may and june. based on the local control formula, oakland get more money because of the high number of low income students and english
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learners. the district didn't have the money to support changes in schools like castle mond. >> budgeting was being slashed by 25% 50% on a yearly basis. so i think that doomed that particular plan to failure and we don't want to repeat that. if all goes as ]!planned, the redesigned schools will open in august 2016. abc 7 news. a bay area child who fell 200 feet off a cliff and lived is on the road to recovery. we're there as he reunited with the first responders who helped saved his life. michael finny tells you which mattress may injury your baed. facebook wants to expand into the workplace. a brand new app ta may soon be one of your company's productivity stool. and helicopter parenting, why it may be a female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up
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he calls them his ainge ills. today, 4-year-old sebastian johnson got to meet those who rescued him from the chief last november. we have an emotional reunion at oakland's children's aeps's hospital aeps's hospital. >> the last time they met, the 4-year-old was barely alive at the bottom of a cliff at bodega bay. today, the boy many are calling a walking miracle met his rescuers for the first time. two firefighters were the first to reach sebastian that afternoon. >> he wasn't really conscious, but he was alive. trying to talk to him keep him calm, asking about super heros and talking about 4-year-old stuff. >> firefighter mark abaco has a
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4-year-old son. so does jason downing. >> to see his injuries, my god, he was so broken up. now to see him like this is -- it's a relief. >> the fiber fighters brought gifts for the young boy, including toy fire trucks. despite a head injury that put him in a coma and multiple fractures throughout his body doctors expect sebastian to make a full recovery. >> sometimes we can do a lot with them and help them and get great oukt ek like this and sometimes you don't. >> sebastian told us he wants to be a policemen or a firefighter. >> as soon as i get thisly boy back in his chair, i'm going to go give them a great big hug. >> abc 7 news. a move to bring missouri intraunts within bars s restaurants,
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bars and stores is getting big reviews. the zoning change would allow restaurants and stores above the ground floor. that is now prohibited. some residents don't like the idea. they're worried it could lead to traffic and parking issues. in mountain view officials flushed waters out of the city's line after complaints it was stinky. the residents said their water smelled like rotten eggs. ironically it happened because people did such a good job conservative water. the water got stale. the official networking site a lot of folks waste time on may be one of your company's productivity tools.
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facebook launched its office focused collaborative app. facebook at work will offer group events and private company messaging. your facebook at work profile will not be visible outside your company. there are no adds in the add work version. áúñ the president will ask congress to adopt the healthy parenting act. how about helicopter parenting. that's when parents are clingy and overprotective. for surgeries at uc berkeley and the bay said those who love their pets were among the most consciousess and neurotic about their pets. researchers say this suggests the qualities that make for overbearing parents might work better for dogs and6)= cats who need lifelong parenting. the department of agricultural is considering
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strict new guidelines for day care providers. it would restrict any store bought fried foods to once a week. the rules would apply to care providers who pant in government funded meal programs. this proposal would limit the amount of juice and ensure tofu is available as a meat alternative. the srchbs we are getting from the irs is at unacceptably low levels. >> why is it getting worse? >> worses and worser. the worsening service you're lick to get from the irs here is being blamed on less resources. the report predicts half of all telephone calls taxpayers make to the irs will go unanswered. hold time for those who do get through are likely to be greater than half an hour. half the correspondents won't be handled in a timely manner.
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if irs budget has been cut 17% when adjusted for inflation. these cuts happen at the same time as responsibilities for the agency increase. that includes tax issues related to the affordable care act. kia is voluntarily recalling 169 crib mattresses that have entrapped two infants. they come in five different styles that were manufactured before may 4th last year. ikea warns a gap of more than two fingers width between the mattress and crib is a sign of product defect. if yours has a larger cab, return it for a full refund or exchange. stoovents receiving service they need from banks cut sponsorship deals with their colleges. many campuses have been under growing strutny for the deal they cut with banks. now the consumer financial
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production bureau wants to make sure colleges have the right information before agreeing to any sponsorship deal. the agency is putting together a report card to help colleges assess fees, charge the students and marketing tactics used to attract student business. in 2013, colleges received get this, $43 million in royalties from the sale of credit cards em blais blazened with logos. the air was a little better today. >> we got a bit of a break. what is i going to be like in the next couple of days? >> the air quality is starting to suffer. behind me, it's hard to see out to treasure island. let's take a look at live top doppler 7. i'll show you what's there. we have high clouds overhead and some fog still lingering out towards concord, fair fd.
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visibility is 2 1/2 to 3 miles. we're going to deal with this again tomorrow morning. 2013 just under half an issue. look at all the years there. last year last january 0.6 of an inch in 2014. so far in 2016, zero. yeah zero. so it's the driest since last year. we may be on the way to a record unless we get we're expecting on friday. from our emeryville camera we have the cloud cover there. 56 in san x7dbxfrancisco. 61 oakland. san jose half moon bay. temperatures are all in the 50s the after glow of the sunset and it's hard to see itxfcy because of the poor air quality, which is exactly what we're facing for éy f1 o your thursday.
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in the north bay coast and central bay, mott rat elsewhere. gorgeous view from our east bay hills camera. dense valley fog overnight tonight. poor air quality tomorrow. there is a slight chance of a few showers in the north bay on friday. tonight, the wintertime fog will spill back westward. we are expecting dense fog for that morning commute. as we take a look at this system, we're seeing high clouts and that's what we're going to see tomorrow. there is another system more organized. slight chance of showers. this will go to the north of us. friday, 5:00 a.m. fog and 42qñ clouds. chance of a light shower. 4:00 p.m. friday, your getaway friday could see a few light showers developing in the north bay, but really it's not going to be much. if we get anything a few hundredths of an inch at best. watch out for the fog tomorrow morning. plan on a slow-going ride and
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allow that extra time. don't forget a coat of a jacket. it's going to be cold again. upper 30s, livermore, san jose. your highs for your thi thursday, a lot like today. mid 50s to the mid 60s. it is a spare the air day for your thursday. slight chance of a few showers in the north bay on friday. we'll just go with varying degrees of cloud cover for the upcoming long holiday weekend. then it's a dry forecast for tuesday and wednesday. still hoping that things turn around, january not looking so wet. as perhaps february and march. we have to be optimistic. >> fingers crossed. coming up forecasting the furry of the sun. how stanford hopes to predict solar flares. and i'll have an update for you on two bare keps found
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wow, take a look at there. now to release the incredible pictures this week, today's stanford university says it's looking at how to the solar flares using artificial intemgs. flares release the energy equivalent of atomic bombs. they can cut satellite communications and damage power grids on earth. and being able to predict flares could provide advanced warnings to protect those systems. rethinking energy use may help sunnyvale get $5 million. the city is in the final round of the georgetown university energy prize. it has advanced along with berkeley, san mateo pal alto and dozens of other communities in that competition. sunny sunny sunnyvale is asking residents to use l.e.d. bulbs and smart
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strips and programable thermostats. a north bay brewery avoids a beer war after a sudden change of heart. lagintas decided this morning to drop its federal trademark infringement lawsuit against nevada. lagamitas explained it originated the use and design of ipa, india pail ale is confusing distributors. we reported this to you yesterday. but after taking major public backlash, they decided it's not worth the fight we'll drop the suit. now to a close call a crash inside a car wash in sacramento cute on video. an employee tried to wave the driver -- before he flew to the car wash at high speed. the customer apparently stepped on theq
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but hurry! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ coming up, new at 6:00 crumbling pipes, aging infrastructure. tonight, a look at how vulnerable our water ply is and what it will take to fix it. and buying counterfeit goods may seem like a great deal for you, but we explain why it's dangerous and may be supportingñ gangs. that is all coming up in half an hour. see you then. the 2015 oscar nominations are tomorrow morning. you can watch on air and online at
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mark your calendar for oscar sunday. february 22nd, right here on abc 7. wheel wire talking about films, a new imax film starts this weekend and puts the spotlight on-sites you may not have seen around the bay area. >> this explores how we fit into the ; >> this zooms in on shore line park and point lobos. >> when you're inside the dome you're inside these environments. >> we're taking people to a new place. >> wow. well, this is the academy's first show in three years. >> all the animals shown in the film are computer generated. happen tat earth premiers on sunday. >> that's going to do it for us.
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>> we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6:00. on this wednesday night, two major breaking stories. an alleged homegrown radical here in the u.s., under arrest in ohio. the fbi tonight saying he was buying his weapons, his 600 rounds of ammunition. what was his plan for the u.s. capitol? also breaking tonight, abc news has learned, a major shakeup at the secret service. a deadly scene on american highways today. hundreds of accidents. the ice. and the bus, off the overpass, right into a train. a major medical headline tonight. controlling your appetite now with a pacemaker-like device? just approved by the fda and dr. besser is here. and the nascar superstar, who tonight is making the case that his ex was a trained assassin.


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