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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 1, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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a this mornin ♪ good morning, america. we're helping you kick off your new year right and stick to those resolutions. the small changes you can make to have a big impact on your bank account. and how turning back time can help you get in shape. and the hottest entertainment from music to movies to tv. and the new technology that could make your life better this year. connected homes, perso gadgets that track your ever move blazing fast wifi and how to protect your phone screen from shattering when you drop it. and box office blitz. will "star wars" awaken? is 50 shades as s big screen as the book?
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and pitch perfect hitting the right notes? and we just to want celebrate, pit bull style. helping us ring in the new year in style. ♪ woohoo! yeah! okay. good morning, america. very happy new year to you. this is officially the first "gma" in the year 2015. times square packed with revelers right outside our windows just minutes ago, it seems like. we want to point out, to be clear, we're not really here. where are you right now? >> i'm in bed asleep. >> yes, yes. >> we're on tv. >> i'm snuggling with my little girl. >> and you? >> i am also asleep with my dog. maybe ben.
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certainly my dog. >> we hope you're enjoying the morning and thank you for being up and watching us. recovering from a late night. and watching college football later, i'm among them. we have a big preview of the playoff. >> so glad we're doing that. >> and mario batali is here. showing us the game day foods in time for kickoff. >> so good. first, a live check on the news and the weather from jar jar. happy new year. begin with the new year's celebrations. midnight has come and gone everywhere now. it's just a matter of cleanup. and nowhere more than here in new york. crews started the cleanup as soon as the crowd of 1 million people moved out. abc's reena ninan has the celebrations around the world. >> reporter: it's 2015 and people around the world are ringing in the new year. from a packed times square in
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new york to philadelphia and chicago. millions gathered to celebrate the new year with a bang. new zealand was the first to celebrate in 2015 and australia, not far behind. lighting up the famous sydney harbor with a spectacular 7-ton fireworks display. celebrations from hong kong and shanghai also illuminated the night sky. this light show captured outside of beijing's olympic stadium. but no celebration was bigger than this one, literally. in dubai, the tallest building in the world was equipped with 70,000 l.e.d. panels to help countdown to the new year. all across europe millions crowded historic landmarks just to get a glimpse of the fireworks. take a look at this breathtaking photo that was taken just after
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the clock struck 12:00 in london. now with the celebrations over, and the crowds going home it's time to get 2015 started. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. a tragic start to the new year in china as dozens of revelers are killed in a stampede just before midnight at the historic waterfront in shanghai. 35 people crushed to death and more than 40 injured as thousands of people gathered to usher in 2015. witnesses say the chaos started when fake money was thrown to the crowd from a balcony. a break in the weather helped the search for bodies and wreckage from airasia flight 8501 and then wind and heavy rain returned. search teams including a u.s. navy ship are looking for the plane's fuselage and the all-important black boxes which may tell why the jet crashed. a handful of bodies have been recovered so far. high wind and waves off california's catalina island are blamed for two deaths.
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several boats broke loose and were beached. a harbor policeman was pinned against a rock, and a houseboat owner was found floating cause of death unknown. and hundreds ran during a pre-parade event in pasadena. metal poles whipped through the air. only minor injuries, but expected to be cold and windy for the parade today. and more than a hundred people in maine did something most of us wouldn't consider doing on new year's eve, stripped down to their bathing suits and jumped into the ocean. the temperature was about 20 >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the first bay area forecast of 2015. deep blue sky, a slight warming trend, we will still be dealing with freezing temperatures inland in our valleys the next
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couple of nights and a warm weekend but that could mean a "spare the air" day and today, low-to-mid 50's in most neighborhoods as we head through the night 30's and 40's around the bay shore. the seven-day forecast is l show the 60's coming this so nearly half of us will make new year's resolutions, the question is will we keep them? we want to get your new year started on the riteght foot. we have abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser. i love the ideaabout the grand parents. >> it's a time to help your health. learn things from our grandparents to help our physical and mental health. >> what are those things? starting with? >> go back how our grandparents ate. we are eating out 25% more than our grandparents and taking in more calories. one time a week sit down as a family eat real food.
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serve the food on the plates instead of the serving dishes on the table. eat less talk to each other feel better. >> and i love this. use your grandparent's technology, no technology? >> pretty much. put a basket by the door one night a week cell phones tablets, everything in there. sit together talk together read a book. you're going improve everyone's communication skills and enjoy that. >> might start with an hour. what about sleep? that's big. >> sleep is really big. how our grandparents slept they were sleeping eight hours a night. we're sleeping six and a half hours a night. we don't feel good, but lack of sleep is a risk factor for obesity, diabetes heart disease, depression. get eight hours. your body will love it. >> and move like your grandparents right? >> move like them. we're sitting so much more often. our kids are sitting.
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try this. look back at 1969 half of all kids walked to school or rode their bike to school. one day a week, walk your child to school. if it's too far park a mile away and walk the final bit. only 10% of kids walk. >> tell them the stories, uphill both ways. >> exactly. through the snow. very attainable. one day a week. >> one day a week. start small, build from there. >> thank you so much dr. besser. and your money in 2015. the new year take stock of your personal finances. what you should do to boost your bank account in the new year. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: resolve to get happy, healthy and financially fit in the year ahead? five smart money moves to get you started. step one, order the free annual credit report at free credit check it over and know where you stand so nothing is standing in the way of you getting a
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mortgage credit card or car loan in the year ahead. resolve to amend any errors and pay off overdue debts. step two, get automated. set up auto pay to save time and late fees in the year ahead. and unsubscribe from services you're no longer using. step three, build your future a few pennies at a time. acorns helps you round up credit and debit card purchases and automatically into a savings account. spend $1.50 on a coffee, they will deposit 50 cents into a savings account. by year end, you'll have saved $1,000. step four turn your phone into a financial adviser. no need to pay a broker big bucks, apps like betterment and wealth front help you set goals recommend and automatically invest your money in low-fee
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funds. and finally step five, max out that 401k. start the year off right by setting up automatic contributions. if you're struggling where to stash the cash use this simple rule of thumb 100 minus your age equals the amount you should be putting in stocks. 30 years old, that's 70% in stocks. 50 years old, dial it back to 50%. the rest in money market and bond funds. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> and from money to technology. now we have to talk about the promise of all that new technology in the new year. something you might have or maybe don't yet, a cover for your cell phone. you know when you get them all shattered ? that's what we dread. we must see the must have gadgets in 2015. abc's becky worley has a sneak peek. >> reporter: great minds are changing the future of technology. innovation is everywhere. it's amazing. awesome. but is any of that going to make
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my life better this year? well maybe. first, if studies are to be believed, more than a quarter of iphone users have a cracked screen. oh, man. but get this apple has just filed a patent to use the sensors in the phone, the gyro scope and the accelerometer to detect when it's dropping and use the motor to avoid a glass-down impact. >> manufacturers are getting smart about how people are using this stuff and protecting against common damage and drops and spills. >> reporter: and maybe with the coming of apple's watch in 2015 and the rise of other wearable tech pulling the phones out of our pockets less and less in the next year anyway. a few other geeky innovations
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stanford and google are teaching computers how to describe photos. a machine described this accurately as -- >> two pieces of miss ya sitting on a stove. >> reporter: and this. why will this make your life better? om fwrks, that was fun. the time we were at the beach. no that's good times. and another in 2015? faster wi-fi. i'm talking five times faster. i've had like four lattes waiting for this big file to download. i'm jumpy. that will really help as we add more connected devices to our homes. and about that smart home -- >> i think what the very beginning of having a completely smart house. i think we're at the very beginning stages of putting sensors in things.
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>> reporter: connected smoke alarms thermo stats, sprinkler systems. they know when it's raining, they don't turn on. and gadgets, sleep trackers fitness trackers and dental hygiene trackers? it's tracking how long i brush. uh-oh, i hope it's not sending that info to my dentist. now cars. if you're hoping for that self-driving car in 2015 maybe not. >> the technology for self-driving cars is ready it's being used. the big question is who's at fault when the stuff breaks? that's what the legislation will solve. >> reporter: but we expect a lot more in the electric car space in 2015. new concepts from nissan and tesla model x, that have the people excited in the auto industry. >> the next-generation of how we get around is coming. and electric cars solve that problem in an interesting way and reduce cost for the consumer. >> okay 2015, you have piqued
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my interest and your innovations will make my life better. for "good morning america," becky worley abc news oakland, california. >> thank you. it's a big day for sports fans. the first-ever college football playoff games kick off this afternoon. oregon versus florida state and top-ranked alabama facing off against ohio state. all the action on espn the winners going head to head on january 12th for the championship. abc contributor tim tebow breaks it down for us. tim, nice to be with you today. >> reporter: happy new year. >> happy new year to you too. what do you think of the new college football playoff system? what's been the impact? >> i love it. i think it's brought so much excitement to the college football fans. fans who aren't excited about college football love this. look at matchups alabama versus ohio state, oregon versus
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florida state. it is really exciting. the sugar bowl the rose bowl everybody is super-pumped about it. >> you follow college football for a lot of reasons. but especially for your work at espn. so can you give us your predictions for both games? are you willing to go out and see who's going to win? >> are you kidding? you're going to have to watch s.e.c. nation at 10:00 a.m. eastern to find that out. >> got to be going with florida state. come on. >> i don't know about that. i mean you have a heisman trophy winner in jameis winston, but also marcus mariota. great offenses, and guys you will see on sunday next year. >> tim, you could run for office with an answer like that. a huge national audience it's a chance for individual players to shine. which players are you looking to go big during the games? >> for florida state, nick o'leary, the tight end. i love to watch him. he's super tough.
6:16 am
doesn't wear gloves, he's a big-time play maker. he makes a play on third downs. and in the red area makes huge plays for florida state. that's one reason they have been able to be successful and haven't lost in two years. >> we're going to be watching you, tim, and, of course, the playoff matches. you can catch the college football playoff today on espn. oregon and florida state, and alabama and ohio state in the sugar bowl. the winners meet for the national championship january 12th, also on espn. lara. we want to turn now to a remarkable holiday story about family. we told you about the pittsburgh detective who rescued two brothers and changed their lives forever. we had to go back and check in with them on their first holiday together. and robin has their story. >> reporter: in this old retired fire house in pittsburgh pennsylvania an unlikely story of hope between the ropes. >> jab. >> reporter: inside a boxing
6:17 am
gym. >> they wanted to learn how to box. >> reporter: where josh and his brother, jesse, have found much more than a workout. they have found something to be truly thankful for. two years ago their coach, jack mook noticed that something was terribly wrong. >> they looked pale. josh had bags under his eyes. >> reporter: they stopped coming they lived in a foster home. >> we were concerned. they loved it so much. >> reporter: jack tracked them down and found it painful. their existence spiralled into a living nightmare. no beds and no parenting. >> josh's words were i'm trying to sleep my life away. get home from school fall asleep until i have to go to school again. can you help us? >> he said you're coming home with me now. that was one of the greatest moments in my life so far that i can think of. >> reporter: jack took them in first as a foster dad, and then
6:18 am
adopted them. the judge so moved she had a photo taken. >> he's a great father. he teaches me how to be a better man in life. >> reporter: the boys ss hit the lottery of fatherhood. he's a gulf war veteran, proud of his years with the army's 82nd airborne. and he's a narcotics, detective. and likes to cook. >> everything he does is for a purpose. >> reporter: he also took in his niece and launched her adulthood. >> i was 18, working at a restaurant ironing my shirts teach me. >> reporter: now a mother herself, she's grateful and in a yaw of what he's doing for the two beautiful boys. >> they are so happy. we would give anything just for them to never feel this pain again. he's a hero. not just in the boys' eyes but
6:19 am
mine my families his friends. everybody can see it. not many people would change their lives like that and just turn everything upside down at the drop of a dime and just, you know take on a new life. >> reporter: someone who read their story in the newspaper sent them their very first christmas stockings. and as a family today begins a very special new year. my mother often said with family you may not have it all together but together you have it all. we thought we'd end with a message from the kids to jack. >> coach, i just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done. >> and i just wanted to let you know that you're the best father in the world. coming up on "gma," jodi arias back in the headlines. and the big trials we'll be watching this year. and break out the popcorn, the movies we'll be watching this year. so much to see before "star
6:20 am
wars." and the hot spots you'll want to put on your list. stay with us. i'm giving a shoutout to my family. master sergeant brian and my two little girls and my mom and dad helping us take care of them in pensacola, florida. >> wish my friends and family a safe and happy holiday season. love you mom and dad. >> send holiday greetings out to my family in south carolina. >> i want to give a shoutout to my mom, vicky in illinois. happy holidays and i love you very much and see you soon. . . shrink away! light and fit greek. with irresistible flavors like strawberry cheesecake never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying! light and fit greek.
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♪ it is one of the most-viewed movie trailers of all time. so much excitement around "star wars: episode vii - the force awakens." it finally hits theaters in december of this year. but so many great movies to see before then. perhaps ""50 shades of grey"" is more your speed. look ahead at the best -- i didn't look at you for a reason. >> you had to look >> i was looking at the stage manager. we will take care of the box office beauties. we're on tape this morning, we're sleeping right now, just fyi. spending time with our families and hope you enjoy the new year. >> you may need a vacation after your families visiting you. help you plan your next getaway.
6:31 am
the top places to visit this year. >> i love it. can't wait to get on the road. the holiday heat index, the music, the fashion, and a forecast for 2015. and our expert panel. >> looking forward to that. but first, 2014 was a big year for suspenseful and sensational trials. docket is full for 2015. familiar faces and high-profile faces we have been follow willing make their way to court. and dan abrams has a look at that. >> good morning. this past year so many high-profile cases. and it is looking like we'll soon ring in another year with plenty of trials to watch. one case in the year to come will sound awfully familiar. >> i can't ask you to sentence me to death. >> reporter: jodie arrest yas was tried and kwiktded in 2013 for murdering her lover. but now the ongoing retrial,
6:32 am
only to determine if she'll get life in prison or the death penalty. >> travis victor alexander was slaughtered by this woman. >> reporter: speak of rage remember the retired police officer accused of killing a young father at a movie theater over a cell phone? >> as soon as i pulled the trigger, i was like -- >> reporter: and curtis reeves trial will begin in january. the victim's wife will be a key witness. >> i don't want him to see freedom again. >> reporter: and aaron herr nan dez, accused of murdering oden lloyd. prosecutors say that surveillance images and even a piece of gum link hernandez to the crime. but his attorney doesn't see it that way. >> evidence is presented, aaron will be exonerated. >> reporter: hernandez is facing two other separate murder
6:33 am
charges with jury selections to begin on january 9th. and in the next week the trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is set to start. three were killed and 206 -- 2 injured in that attack. >> didn't see the remorse, the nervousness. >> reporter: he could face the death penalty. and the trial of another alleged mass murderer, james holmes gunned down 12 moviegoers and injured 70 others two years ago. >> it's devastating and hard to deal with. >> reporter: holmes doesn't deny he did it, but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, and jury selection is scheduled to start on january 20th. >> a child left out for over seven hours. >> reporter: finally this man,
6:34 am
justin ross harris became the most despised father in america. accused of intentionally leaving his 20-month-old son cooper in a hot car to die. >> he call 911? >> no he did not. >> reporter: prosecutors say he was texting lewd pictures of himself to various women. but harris' attorney insists cooper's death was a tragic mistake. >> a horrible gut-wrenching accident. >> reporter: his trial slated for 2015 as well. interestingly, in the harris case prosecutors are presenting two possible theories. one that it was intentional, and another that it may have been an accident but reckless. >> and we know so many of the high-profile cases polarize the country, is there one that stands out? >> this harris case. a lot of the other cases i was talking about are kind of open and shut. you know i don't think that the dzhokhar tsarnaev case is going to be close. some of the other cases i think
6:35 am
are a bit open and shut. harris is really interesting. because even if you think he shouldn't have left his child, even if you think it was so incredibly reckless, did he do it on purpose? that's going to be a really interesting question for the jury and as a result the rubble to evaluate. and there's something so guttural about that. we watch that case and it evokes so much emotion. >> is it going to hinge on the fact that there was evidence? >> yes, that's going to be a very important piece of it. but i think that the actual what happened that day is going to be crucial. meaning, stopping at the chick-fil-a, the amount of time how could he have turned? how could he have gotten out of the car without seeing the child? is it credible that he could have not known the child was in the car. >> it will raise awareness that accidents can happen. >> absolutely. so it'll be a reminder
6:36 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco starting with sunshine and cammer conditions than yesterday. the new year is dry and sunny with low-to-mid 50's. a couple of frosty mornings and 60's for the afternoon hours but coming up the ladies from "pitch perfect" are will it hit all the right notes? the hottest movies. and the top vacation spots in 2015. ♪
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all right. oh. we are back now with a trip to the movies. many of you going today. 2014 a huge year for the box office. what to look forward to in 2015? chris connelly has a sneak peek of what to watch for this year. >> reporter: a new year always begins with an exclamation point. right now the films of 2015 can pose intriguing questions. such as --. ♪ with its stay on target 88-second teaser power converting skeptics into the old school awesome of the first three films. >> there's a dark side. >> reporter: can j.j. abrams
6:41 am
"star wars: episode vii - the force awakens" bring billion dollar joy to this post-lucas universe? how hot can 50 shades get this valentine's day? >> look at me. >> i am. >> reporter: if they can get the on the cuff spice, will audience audiences restrain themselves? and the mortdeca. >> i will have to put my foot down darling. >> sorry. >> with your permission. >> reporter: will they find the matrix magic again? >> who are you? >> reporter: in jupiter ascending. and how can they employee chris hemsworth, the sexiest 19th-century whaler alive. will first time director
6:42 am
elizabeth banks be sharp or natural in "pitch perfect 2." george clooney is on board for brad bird's intriguing actioner "tomorrowland." >> teach me in your room. >> reporter: the who's conning who focus teams mar go with will smith. >> does it feel sexy on your face? >> a little. >> all right. let's go. >> reporter: and there's more. e ♪ who wants peanuts in 3 can blake lively carry a movie with harrison ford? >> you look like a friend of mine. >> reporter: might it trouble audiences or thrill them to get a last look at the late paul walker? >> i'm going get you out of here. >> reporter: in foourous 7. and do they look hungry to you?
6:43 am
chris pratt finds out what happens when die knows die. >> what kind of dinosaur they cooked up in that lab. >> reporter: in jurassic world. the many treats on their way. >> i'll be back. >> what? >> a lot of good ones. what are you moels excited to see? >> jurys are sick park. >> "star wars." >> i'm going to see 50 shades for research. >> magic mike, we >> xxl. next up the hottest vacation spots for the new year. and our own mara schiavocampo with how you can be thin-spired. wish our friends and family in alabama happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> i'd like to give a holiday shoutout to all my friends and
6:44 am
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female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ groovy music. happy new year. the new year brings fresh perspectives and horizons. and highlight some of the best travel destinations for 2015. fun, fascinating trips that won't break the bank. and joined by pauline, editorial
6:48 am
director of the farmers guide book the travel brand. welcome to "good morning america." >> a pleasure to be here. happy new year. >> yes we're very excited. and i want to make travel a bigger part of my kids 2015. i love the fact you hit the ground running with journalists going to the destinations and taking a allotgood look for your customers. >> we have journalists over the world, 15 spots. first spot in the u.s. asheville. >> i love asheville. >> amazing place glorious natural setting, important historic sites. picking it because the sketchy riverside area has been totally redone. >> the estate there. >> thanks to the new belgium brewery brewery, pouring in millions of dollars into the area making new parks, artists collectives, farmers markets -- >> i'm sold. >> so many great towns around it
6:49 am
that you can go to hiking. i've been there once or twice. >> it has the most breweries per capita. >> how about some more traditional destinations? >> we like washington, d.c. this year. well actually, we also like south dakota. south dakota's going to have two rallies this year. the first one is the 50th anniversary of the buffalo roundup. you're going to see 1200 buffs rumbling into sight. the most in north absolutely astounding. and another rumbling sound, the 75th anniversary of the sturg motorcycle rally. which will see 1 million bikers descend on south dakota. that's more than the population of south dakota. >> pure american fun there. >> very intriguing. that's a great trip for the kids. just one of those you never forget. >> and mount rushmore too. >> and hotels and places to
6:50 am
stay. that's a part of the country people aren't familiar with. re not expensive, you can do an affordable vacation in south dakota. >> see so much from west to east it's completely different from side to side. what about abroad? >> belize this year. >> i like that suggestion. >> it got put on the map by "breaking bad." saul said send them to bee leez talking about bumping off a character. but this is a life-affirming area. glorious pristine rain forests, gorgeous nature incredible water sports. but it also has mayan ruins. climbing to the top of mayan pyramids swimming into caves where ancient art facts are cal si if ied to the floor. should be in museums. >> is there a place to stay? a family vacation? >> it's definitely a family vacation. i took my family they felt it
6:51 am
was the most fun ever. go to the district to see the temples, go to the key, or a beach holiday. very affordable really really great. >> you have sold -- >> are you hiring? >> yeah. we're always hiring. we have writers all over the world. >> one last belize question are the flights easy? direct flights and new york? >> she's taking notes right now. >> usually the flights are direct from charlotte and other gateway gateways not from new york. but not too expensive to get there. >> thank you so much pauline. appreciate it. making plans. >> inspired. and coming up mario batali cooking up a feast. and we have pitbull here to celebrate. >> i'm tony from "dancing with the stars." wish everyone a happy holiday and a happy new year. >> happy holidays. >> luke brian wishing you a happy holidays. >> happy holiday. >> hey, happy holidays.
6:52 am
>> good morning, america. happy holidays. drive safe. >> happy holidays. >> hi i'm sam smith, happy holidays. >> happy holidays. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoa. ♪ major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. avo: new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in.
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7:01 am
say -- >> get ready to celebrate and good morning, america. s we say -- >> get ready to celebrate and good morning, america. s we say -- >> get ready to celebrate and good morning, america. kicking off the new year with pitbull. and more. we have mario batali great to have him here this morning. he is going to be cooking up a big game day feast for us. we have great ideas if you're at home watching the game this is afternoon. good morning, america. on this, the first day of 2015. and we tell them we break it to them? >> yeah we're actually not here. we're at home, just waking up? not sure about that. unclear if we are awake or asleep. happy you are joining us. and happy new year to everyone. coming up telling you the hottest trends of 2015. the forecast not ginger's forecast but everything to -- that too eventually. >> yeah. >> the expert panel will break
7:02 am
it down for us. >> can't wait. and also ahead, who can forget the selfie? it was the selfie of the year from the oscars, ellen, some of her closest friends. this morning, looking at the best selfies of 2014. the unforgettable, the innovative images we are talking about. >> we have all taken a selfie or two. the star power is so great. >> she started. want to do an ellen selfie? >> yeah it's a thing. and here is the morning headlines with rebecca jarvis. >> we begin with the new year's eve celebration in new york. about a million people crammed into times square amid some of the tightest security in years. but despite fears of anti-police demonstrations or terror attacks, it was one big party with performers like taylor swift, lots of kissing and even an on-air proposal. and an incredible show at the
7:03 am
seattle space needle the tower was covered in light. nearly half a million people braved the freezing temperatures. and another half million watched the eight-minute show on tv. and now to the airasia crash. the body of a flight attend dant has been identified. the plane and black boxes haven't been found. and muhammad lila joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this is a race against time and the weather. today the heavy rains let up, creating a precious window for recovery teams to continue the search. overnight, a somber moment more bodies that had been found in the water brought back to land to surabaya indonesia, the place where the doomed flight took off with 162 people on board. today the beginning of a new year brings new hope. despite predictions of a storm, blue skies and calm waters helping recovery teams continue to search for bodies and debris.
7:04 am
the ceo of airasia tweeting this, i'm hoping the latest information is correct and the aircraft is found. please all hope together, this is so important. but despite reports, there's no official confirmation the aircraft, let alone its precious black box, has been found. the recovery effort is so difficult. more than 15 aircraft and 30 ships are involved including the uss sampson with its advanced sonar systems. at times fighting waves up to 15 feet high. with ocean currents moving quickly, they have doubled the search radius from 6,000 nautical miles yesterday to 13,500 today. now for the bodies recovered, there's a painstaking identification process under way. that includes dna samples and fingerprint fingerprinting. but with so few bodies recovered, the families anxiously awaiting news it's almost certain they're going to be waiting a lot longer. >> desperately seeking that closure, thank you. and new this morning, a
7:05 am
brazen smash and grab in florida caught on camera. the three crooks walked right into a jewelry store in tampa, smashed the display cases with hammers and made off with $300,000 in rolex watches. some shoppers thought they heard gun shots. police found the stolen pickup truck, the getaway vehicle. and boise state feasted at the fiesta bowl. they were no trick ponies, using the defense to grind out the win over number 12 arizona. final score, boise state, 38 arizona, 30. the matchup of two top ten teams in the peach bowl wasn't even close. tcu used three touchdowns and smothering defense to clobber ole miss 42-9. the rebels didn't score until the fourth quarter. and more college football today, alabama faces off against ohio state in the sugar bowl. and oregon take on florida state
7:06 am
in the rose bowl. you can see both those games on espn. and finally, lots of bubbly going around last night. but not many of us could pop the cork like this guy. a new york restaurant manager found the way to skillfully slice the corks off with a saber, and set a >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the first bay area forecast of 2015. deep blue sky, a slight warming trend, we will still be dealing with freezing temperatures inland in our valleys the next couple of nights and a warm weekend but that could mean a "spare the air" day and today, low-to-mid 50's in most neighborhoods as we head through the night 30's and 40's around the bay shore. the seven-day forecast is l show the 60's coming this ♪ now here's a look at what's coming up on your "gma morning
7:07 am
menu." in "pop news," the most memorable selfies of the year. plus what's on trend in 2015 in the expert panel has a fashion forecast. and how you can transform your life. these gorgeous women, get over here. talking about these two. they have done it and are sharing their secrets to losing weight. and -- keeping it off. apparently eating confetti is part that have diet. and then with this guy -- >> hey! >> stay with us on "gma." ♪
7:08 am
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lowe's presents: how to install a new washing machine with one finger. maybe a little more that way... [sliding noises.] nice! get 10-30% off select major appliances $399 or above at lowe's. hey, we're pentatonix wish you a happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> good morning, america, and happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> i want to wish you a happy holidays. >> happy holidays. all right. welcome back to "gma." and this is "pop news." the first of 2015. i'm very excited. and we begin by talking about 2014. it was the year of innovative selfies. and our friends at buzzfeed rounded up the ones we will
7:11 am
never forget. kick it off with one of the silliest. this was the happy camel selfie snapped by an egyptian photographer. very cute. he's very happy. and now to the star -- the most popular selfie. and inspired a whole new trend. ellen degeneres orchestrating the most retweeted tweet of all time. featuring so many faces we know and love. over 3 million retweets and jimmy kimmel tried but failed to top her. three kimmels and a clinton. a high bar is set for this year. ladies we should try it. we'll get three retweets. >> at least. >> but we'll look cute. >> everybody on twitter. also coming up -- i'm trying to rush readahead in in 2015 the pinterest 100. a list of what to make eat, try. and highlights when it comes to
7:12 am
food lots of healthy options. cauliflower pizza. >> that looks good. >> and if you want to beat the stress of, you know life there's always chocolate involved. plus i do love a good do it yourself project. turn to pinterest how to jazz up your backyard with crafty projects. and in terms of beauty 2015 might be all about the beard. pinterest is suggesting a style of beard for every face. >> i like a little facial hair be honest. >> i do too. >> yeah it's very -- >> i like three-day-old facial hair. sorry, eddie. >> he's got a little more. >> so randy, there you go. >> the pinterest 100 is such a good idea. it overwhelms me. i can get lost in there. >> it's inspiring. >> it's nice for them to select the best. >> hone in on -- >> i can add nothing to this. i'm so old i'm not on pinterest. >> you're not old. >> maybe i should try.
7:13 am
>> peek. you'll be inspired. >> yes. >> we'll show you after we do that -- we have a lot to do. we know that "pop news" is the place for the best viral animal videos, of course. and 2015 bring it baby. we want new ones. but we wanted to show you your favorite star of 2014. now the contenders a couple of real talkers. there was this guy. and i mean real talkers seriously. >> what? what? >> what? >> no. >> what? >> he wants to know what? there was also einstein. who was channelling matthew mcconaughey. >> all right, all right. >> one more time. >> all right, all right. >> all right, all right, there you go. and then there was elmo, the canine thief. the dog. >> this was good. >> who -- instead of sharing. >> he has no problem doing this. >> oh! >> we love you so much elmo.
7:14 am
>> and finally the cat. i couldn't let it go. one more time. >> skimlbles! you can do it! go! >> poor skimbles. >> he wasn't close. sadly. and the winner for the 2014 "pop news" of the year elmo. elmo the sausage thief. >> i feel like we're rewarding bad behavior. >> you're right. >> the others could use a little encouragement. >> maybe a sausage on a window sill. >> should have been given it to the cat. i feel bad. that's "pop news" for today. >> can't wait for 2015 and all you have in store for us. and coming up next on the holiday heat index, what 2015 has in terms of pop culture. joining us with the hottest trends from fashion to tv to music, we have our good friends,
7:15 am
the executive editor of magazine and yahoo! style. thank you for being with us. >> hi ladies. >> happy new year. tell us what we can expect here. i know that january means some of our favorite shows are coming back. >> yes. >> finally. finally. i remember -- when the mid-season finales occurred people were saying january? we have to wait until january. but it's finally here. only a few weeks away from the return of greys anatomy and "scandal" and "how to get away with murder". >> back in business. >> and the last two especially, where is olivia pope? that hashtag is everywhere. and how to get the red wine stain out of the couch, i'm worried about that. and i just think that the last two words of how to get away with murder just don't be if you watched, you know why those are two powerful little words. and it is just going to be massive. also cicely tyson has been
7:16 am
announced as a guest star for at least one episode of "how to get away with murder." my thingers are crossed that she's the number. that would be too fantastic. it's going to be a great thursday night. and netflix bringing back "house of cards" and "orange is the new black." >> we have to catch up. >> binging. >> i can't wait. >> get the binging in definitely, definitely start binging. >> i hate to say it but "madmen." the end of the era. >> deep breath final seven episodes of "madmen" airing in 2015. time to say good-bye to don and betty and peggy. >> so much fashion in "madmen." turn to fashion with jozy. fashion fe tissue takes on a new meaning? >> it's not quite "madmen." the big movie on valentine's day
7:17 am
is 50 aids is"50 shades of grey"." and fashion ifjumped on the way early. you will see it there. pg bondage on the runways and on the red carpets. a lot of cutouts, strategic exposing. >> strategic exposing. >> i like some of it. the black leather has been nice on the rubwaynway and it's great. but 50 shades is a specific type of person to carry it. see how that plays out. >> what else do we need to know in terms of fashion? what do we need to buy and wear? >> head to toe denim. i love it. >> i do too. >> i don't know how to do it. >> all over the place. >> it is. but you mix your washes colors and textures. you can do a lighter with a
7:18 am
darker jean. don't wear head to toe one type, and mix it up. and i'm canadian, and the canadian tuxedo works today. >> i'm from michigan, close enough. i cannot wait for this. thank you. we have to turn now though we have today's "morning stir." it's new years, so many of us start a new diet or weight loss regi regimen. but making it stick, and mara schiavocampo has written a poork, thin spired and gained renewed happiness and lost 90 pounds. here's her story. >> reporter: here on "good morning america," you're used to seeing me like this. it's happening all over the country. pleaded not guilty and out on bail. but for so long, i was like this. i've struggled with my weight practically all of my life. after having my daughter three years ago and gaining 40 pounds during pregnancy, i was at my heaviest and desperate to get
7:19 am
the weight off. shaky, shaky. good girl. i didn't have a formal plan but kind of stumbled on a formula that worked. first, eliminating all processed foods and all of my triggers. including flower, dairy and my beloved wine. it was excruciating, but i relied on my faith to get me through. second sleep. realizing a full night's rest leads to better food choices, less hunger and more energy. third, exercise. >> so good to see you. >> reporter: for the first time ever i actually liked it. after falling in love with spin at soulcycle. two years later, the baby weight was gone. plus 50 pounds. i've kept it off for a year now and have never felt better or happier. so great, in fact that i wrote a book about my journey hoping
7:20 am
others will be "thinspired" too. >> it's just came out. can't wait to read. and welcome to the new year's roundtable, not only mara schiavocampo you just heard from but dr. jennifer ashton our senior medical contributor, and contributor tory johnson. everybody here so intelligent in this world of weight loss. where do we start, guys? such an incredible journey for you. >> yeah. and it has been. it has been a journey. this is really the first time in my life that i have felt freedom. i have lost weight in the past, but felt like sprinting through a marathon. this is a genuine change, a pace a walk through life. it was key to be honest with myself about the foods that were triggers, that i abused. and they are completely gone from my diet. i never touch them. once i got rid of the foods, it was like rolling downhill. it became effortless it was just life, not a diet. we hear people like dr. jen
7:21 am
preach, it's a lifestyle. >> i have known you for so many years. i have never seen you happier. you look amazing. on the camera you jump off the screen and your smile. >> stress release, all part of the puzzle. >> i need to read. so inspired. and tory johnson, you do it as well with the best selling and inspired so many with "the shift." what do you make of 2015 and the advice for our viewers right now? >> one of the things that's hugely critical is keeping my why front and center. why did i need to lose weight? why did i lose weight? why will i continue to lose weight? i was hugely concerned about my health. i hadn't gone to the doctor in ten years because i didn't want a lecture about my weight. bad. i don't want to go into a dressing room and be frustrated nothing fits. i want to be a good role model for my kids.
7:22 am
every time i'm templed to eat something that i know that i shouldn't eat, moderation just doesn't work for me. do or you don't. >> some things you can't eat. >> you just don't do it. think about the why. preference or priority. preference eat the cake the potato chips. priority is to live a healthy life. to abandon a diet mentality and live a healthy life. which is what you have done. it's what your story is about. i think that's the essence of the smile. >> the good news is the payoff is so much better. yes, it hurts to sit in front of miss why and cake and not eat it. but waking up full of energy the payoff is so much better. >> and dr. jen, i want to ask you, when do you know when you're being healthy and being obs obsessive? where's the line? >> we have reported on when it's taken to extremes. even a positive habit it can be harmful and negative.
7:23 am
what's important for women to realize, women in particular this is not a one-size-fits-all thing. women are different at different stages in their life, different hormonally hormonally different woman to woman. it's about finding what works for you, for you, for you. and then making it a habit. like mara said this shouldn't be an effort, should be a routine, part of the every day. that's when it becomes sustainable and effortless. that's when the health happens from the inside out. >> and "your body beautiful," that's your book. >> yes. >> all have gookbooks at the table. >> fitness and diet tips. what worked for me and my patients. but it's what's works for the individual that's so important. >> and for anyone waking up and want to be better this year set small goals. don't set to lose 30 pounds that's overwhelming. lose five. i lost 90 pounds three pounds at a time. never a goal bigger than three pounds. >> give yourselves the luxury of
7:24 am
time. >> yes. >> it's not going to happen -- lose 20 pounds by the wedding, this saturday. you can't do that. give yourself the luxury of time and amazing things happen. >> thank you all so much. we have posted more tips of mara's and everyone else on the website, on yahoo. all of our panelist's books are available now. >> congratulations. >> all underachievers. >> great, great really good advice. >> good girl power. >> love it so much. and now we have a story of a living guardian angel. the hero marine dog giving new meaning to the term man's best friend. she's saved countless lives sniffing out danger on the front lines. and after an injury of her own, helping troops in a whole new way. bazi kanani explains. >> reporter: this is a dog on a mission. >> aw. that's amazing. >> reporter: it's not the same kind she was trained for. 400 daring missions in iraq and afghanistan, sniffing out ieds,
7:25 am
saving soldier's lives. they called her mama luca. and today she's the subject of a new book. >> most dog handlers tell you their dog is the best i'm the only one telling the truth. >> reporter: chris willing ham was her firsthand her. on sooimt assignment the german shepherd was a marine, and in the down time, bonded with troop. but the day that changd her life. the ied was booby trapped. >> detonated took off her front left paw. >> reporter: corporal juan rodriguez rushed to her side. >> med vacced her in ten minutes. >> reporter: stayed with her. literally he climbed into the cage that she was in just to be close to her and comforting to her. >> it takes it to another level. when you deploy with this dog,
7:26 am
your life is in their hands and vice versa. >> reporter: she is a family dog these days but her work is not done. at v.a. hospitals she visits with fellow wounded warriors. >> a handicap but still just as happy and jolly as can be. >> reporter: a new mission for luca giving the troops encouragement. >> appreciate your service. >> appreciate yours too and yours too. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bazi kanani abc news washington. coming up mario batali cooking up a game day feast. and improve this. we have greet new year's resolutions for your home. >> we can't improve that but we can eat it. >> love you, mario. tt2wút3nú&4 btúnór0 tt2wút3nú&4 "aúnoít tt2wút3nú&4 bmúndux tt4wút3nú&4 " dzlq g[@ tt4wút3nú&4 " enlq 7ó
7:27 am
tt4wút3nú&4 " gzl& .xx good morning. i'm kristen sze. 2015 begins with a search for gunmen in san jose. officers are investigating a double shooting. it was just before 7:30 this morning when police arrived. they found two men each suffering from at least one gunshot wound. several people were detained for questioning. now a quick check on the morning commute. very light. not many people heading off to work on the road. but there is a problem. we're talking about highway 92 westbound. this is as you're headed in the 92 direction past 280, right in that area, a lot of cyclists out on a day like this. do be careful. we have a crash reported eded there.
7:28 am
female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows
7:29 am
and free same-day delivery. are you next? make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good morning. we're starting off freezing cold in a few areas. 32 in noef toe vato and san jose. san francisco and out towards the coast, those are the seam areas under the freeze warning until 9:00. keep everything protected until then. we still have a chance of temperatures around the frosty levels through 9:00 for the bay
7:30 am
shore. here's a look at your -- i'm sorry. we'll show you the air quality ♪ ♪ and we go ♪ that's right. pitbull singing his song "celebrate." very appropriate on this new year's morning. a lot more coming up from pitbull. and we wish you a happy new year. we're not actually here. we're all on tape this morning so we could be home with your families. thank you so much for watch. >> absolutely. and coming up improve this, five great resolutions for your home. great diy projects to start today. easy pretty see one right there. jillian harris is here with that. >> love her. and also ahead, the duggars are one of america's favorite
7:31 am
families, but they have competition. can you believe it? a new family the bates. 19 kids and still growing. we're going to introduce you to them. >> speaking of instructions, look at this. politely quietly, mario batali host of "the chew" and author of america: farm to table. since so many of you are watching college football this afternoon, we would prepare a college game day feast. >> it's simple. do the prep in advance. nothing complicated here. but make steps while you prepare to win. >> this is the first-ever college football playoff on espn. it's not just like any other college game day. >> how did they get it to four? i would ask for eight teams next year. >> and i was thinking georgia bulldogs would be a good one.
7:32 am
>> sorry if you didn't notice -- >> hey. >> big fn fan. >> what's the go-to? >> start with chicken thighs, inexpensive, delicious, and take parsley, anchovies and garlic olive oil. toss in like we were going to toss in flour. and grill them or broil them until they are cooked through. and make some lentils with that. shallots or red onion. a little garlic extra virgin olive oil. saute that for jus about a second. then a kpup and a half of lentils, and two cups of water and bring the whole thing up to a boil. >> have to sit -- >> these will be ready in about 20 minute. >> that fast? >> and stay set. if you wanted a soup, have twice as much water, in great shape. now they're done cooking. add raw carrots for crunch a
7:33 am
little scallions and a splash of red wine vinegar to make them more saucy and delicious. and then they're ready to go. then you plate them. moments ago, when we were talking about cooking these magnificent chicken thighs thut them on a broiler tray and pile a couple like that. they have the nice crispy crust on the outside. >> you didn't deep fry them. >> nothing here is fried. this is all baked or braised. and make a vin get with wed wine vinegar, deonmustard, and then this. >> tell me that -- >> that's apples and have ivinagrette. that's a perfect dish. these are jalapeno poppers like in a bar, stuff with cheese bread crumbs and bake for 35
7:34 am
minutes. delicious, a third of the calories and ten times more interesting. >> so good. >> i was worried. >> you can get it if you're looking for spicy. they have just enough. exactly. and here we have sloppy joes made with lam shanks. take the meet from a lamb shank. braise it slowly with dried app bring cats and put itots and put it on a bun. and then a hamburger bun. don't have to get fancy and italian. that's ready, sits there, toast the buns when you're ready to eat pem this watching the game no one is interrupting you. >> and look like a chef. >> you can do all this the day before. >> the con photofetti -- >> i was at the stripper bar before coming this morning. >> they were spicy. >> by the way, they are spicy. >> they're spicy because you've eaten your fifth now. if you just had two. you can eat as many as you want
7:35 am
they're not caloric. the heat will slowly build. >> you can catch this guy on "the chew," weekdays 1:00 eastern, his new book is available now. and find all the recipes -- pay attention to the jalapeno one, lara -- on "good morning america" on hah yahoo!. and oregon and florida state, and then >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco starting with sunshine and cammer conditions than yesterday. the new year is dry and sunny with low-to-mid 50's. a couple of frosty mornings and 60's for the afternoon hours but it could bring time for your new year's day improve this. and this morning we have great new year's resolutions for your home. we have done your health now it's about the house. jillian herself isharris is with
7:36 am
us. now on hgtv with love it or list it too. >> it is really addictive. we have a lot of fun. >> part of the hgtv family. >> yes. >> wonderful to have you here. you're secretly a major clutter bug, organizer. you hate clutter. >> my boyfriend gets on my case can we have other hobbies beside besides cleaning and organizeing? >> it's a good resolution. you have made borings baskets fun. >> it's not the most glamorous way. on the show, you wouldn't need the renovations if you decluttered. things that are not pretty but ufl. baskets, dvds, put scarves in baskets, things that you're not using or haven't used. get rid of it. >> just do that. feels good. >> doesn't it? and it makes your home feel posh
7:37 am
and updated. >> agreed. >> that clutter makes it disorganized. >> just glozy spray paint. >> no prepping just the tape and cute washers with ribbons. label it, and label the baskets and add a fun twist to organizering. >> and painters tape and creating stripes. >> and these are stencils. >> i love that, it's got a mayor moroccan vibe. so organize is one resolution. also safety. make your home safer. that's another resolution. and easy ideas. >> again, one of those things that's not the northeast glamorous. if you love your home and don't want it to burn down or get sick in the home clean out your drier vents, get all of your detecters that you need. co2. >> it is important. >> sexy. >> safety is sexy.
7:38 am
what is this? and where can we get one? >> get at the hardware stores to clean out your drier vent. i have never done it and i'm learning. this is where a lot of fires start in homes. get the drier vents cleaned out. this is the right time to do it. get the co2 detecters -- >> make sure the batteries are working. >> this is an important time of year to make sure your fire extinguishers will ss are working. >> it's important. do it today, and you'll remember to do it again next year. >> exactly. >> and then another resolution this is a fun one, become a better hostess. how can we do that? >> i love rearranging my furniture. and i'm always thinking -- do you too? >> in the middle of the night. >> it reinvents your room. >> yes. >> thinking about, instead of the furniture facing the tv, think about having new conversation this is year. putting away your phone, shutting off the tv engaging
7:39 am
with your friends and family. rearrange your furniture, put the christmas decorations away add a pop of color. >> today's a good day to say good-bye to the christmas decorations. start fresh. >> by this time of year things are feeling cluttered anyways. get rid of it all and start from fresh pnl fresh. >> yes. >> live plants inject life in a space. >> good for you, especially in winter create oxygen and make you senile. you smile. there are always succulents. >> i'm not the best at keeping plants alive. fresh cut flowers. >> that's a simple thing you can do. any other resolutions? >> i think the biggest thing is again, i love to clean. it doesn't sound glamorous but just getting rid of stuff is one of the biggest things. and the things memorable, that you love are pretty put them on display. it's about spending more times with friends and family creating new relationships, new
7:40 am
memories. and so think about your home as a canvas for creating those relationships and memories. and get rid of your junk ladies and gentlemen. >> yeah donate it. that's great. charity thrift had shops are thrilled to get your things. thank you so much. the name of the show is love it or list it too on hgtv. we will have more on on yahoo. >> and the show premiers tomorrow night. >> and yes, live tweeting. >> live tweeting today, and the show airs tomorrow night i think at 9:00? >> and you're tweeting, everybody from hgtv, correct. >> all much my friends are getting together and live tweeting. >> big twitter party, everybody. >> yes. >> and the party last night. happy new year. >> thank you. and coming up the bates clan. the large family with the new reality show giving the duggars a run for their money. >> i want to wish my wife adrian and my baby boy, shawn, a happy holiday season. >> a shout out to my wife and
7:41 am
kids back home my family in kentucky. happy holidays. >> and i want to say i love you and i miss you to jason,elly and addison, in illinois. >> we're the family from germany, and wish a happy holidays to our friends and family in virginia.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
new year's day is a great day to spend with family. and the bigger, the better. that's the case with the bates family. fans of the duggars know them. they have 19 kids a growing family and now a new reality show. abc's paula faris has their story. >> reporter: most parents have their hands full with three, two, even one child. but can you imagine having 19 children? >> the first question we always get asked is are they all yours? >> reporter: well kehly and gill bates never expected they would wind up with 19 kids of their own. >> we're always outnurmd. but parents carry the veto power. >> the best part is the fellowship the closeness. >> reporter: from 2 to 26 years old -- >> michael -- jackson, katie -- >> reporter: 19 brothers and sisters. >> if you want to say anything
7:45 am
you have to start talking. >> always having somebody there to be there with you whatever you're going through, good or bad, was just awesome. >> reporter: and plenty of role models too. >> look up at trace, nathan. looking even with them. >> reporter: but how can nommom and dad afford it? >> we wonder ourselves. i run a tree service. that's what we do to make money. but ultimately god does the providing. in a miraculous way. sometimes we can't figure it out. >> reporter: and now this conservative christian family is getting a new reality show, bringing up bates. as they navigate daily life. >> everybody in the house helps out with something. >> reporter: from home schooling to grandchildren -- >> she's pregnant! >> reporter: to pursuing music careers. and, oh the laundry. >> definitely the hardest part is the laundry.
7:46 am
hands down. no question. laundry is a nightmare even with three washers and three dryers. >> reporter: the bates family no stranger to the reality show scene, appearing on tlc's 19 kids and counting with the well-known duggar family. >> they are great friends of ours. they have been a mutual encouragement to us. >> reporter: but for a family with their own reality show, there isn't much tv watch. >> we try to stick to older shows like roy rogers and daniel boone. but not just regular tv. >> reporter: and this new year they're ready to put their own spin on things. >> one thing i want others to take away none of us are perfect. we're just like every other family that makes mistakes. >> every day at the bates house is totally different. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. bringing up bates premiers tonight on up tv. coming up time to celebrate, a
7:47 am
special performance from mr. worldwide himself, pitbull. ♪ ♪ i just want to celebrate ♪
7:48 am
7:49 am
hey, everybody, we are lady antebellum. happy holiday. >> happy holidays. >> i'm martina mcbride happy holiday. >> happy holidays everybody. >> happy holidays, america. and happy new year everywhere everyone. and it's time to celebrate. that's what we do here. our friend pitbull was here to perform his song "celebrate" off his new album "worldwide." ♪ let's celebrate ♪
7:50 am
♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪ ♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪ >> what we doing now? ♪ tonight we're making history ♪ ♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪ ♪ weave been around the world same song work hard play hard all day long ♪ ♪ all the couldn'ts get jealous over me you can see me 3-d overseas. ♪ if you know me then you know where to find me ♪ ♪ off in the bajahamas with a bad one behind me ♪ ♪ now live it up live it up live it up ♪ around the world, boom boom no kidding girl ♪ ♪ boom that's the way we like to play ♪ ♪ i just want to celebrate ♪ ♪ everybody want to do now ♪ ♪ i just want to celebrate ♪ ♪ i be making history ♪ ♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪ ♪ take it to the break ♪
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♪ ♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ everybody here let's celebrate ♪ ♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ i've been patiently waiting for you to shake and shake it make for or take it ♪ the point is we made it courted by the game call us tom brady. and it's not our fault that we have all the ladies. but it's hard to see these ladies when you're smooth operators. and here we go. ♪ boom boom around the world ♪ ♪ boom boom no kidding girl ♪ ♪ boom boom that's the way we like to play ♪ >> yes. ♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪ >> let's celebrate. ♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪ >> 2015. ♪ we be making history ♪ ♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪
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♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ let's celebrate ♪ ♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ celebrate ♪ ♪ live it up ♪ don't let life live you ♪ ♪ it's a good time to we give you ♪ ♪ now live it up live it up live it up live it up, live it up ♪ ♪ what you wanna do ♪ ♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪ >> let's celebrate . ♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪ ♪ tonight we're making history ♪ ♪ i just wanna celebrate ♪ >> break it down. ♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ let's celebrate ♪ ♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ let's celebrate ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ ♪ i just want to celebrate ♪
7:56 am
and happy new year to all of you. and one last little tossing of the confetti. >> have a great day. we're going to see you all tomorrow and for the rest of the year. >> woohoo! ♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ ♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ ♪ i have been patiently waiting for you to shake it ♪
7:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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good morning and happy new year. i'm kristen sze. let's get you a quick check at the weather, which is a cold one with meteorologist mike nicco. >> on a frosty note, those freed as viseries continue until 9:00 so about another hour or so. here's a look at the temperatures this afternoon. pretty much mid 50s. still very picturesque day. tonight freezing temperatures inland. once again 30s and 40s around the bay. could start a spring of spare the air days as the temperatures hit the 60s with an breeze. kristen? >> thanks a lot. the good thing about new year's day. very light traffic. people staying home. you can see traffic is very light. enjoy that. right now the tournament of
8:00 am
parades. be sure to join us. for ♪ welcome to the 126th rose parade presented by honda. in gorgeous pasadena california, happy new year everybody. hundreds of thousands lining the parades route on orange grove and colorado boulevards. and they're bundled up in anticipation of the bands, the horses, the stunning floats.


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