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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 31, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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christian. >> you'll probably notice temperatures first winds immediately, strong powerful gusts over winds 24 miles per hour. and around midnight temperatures we estimate will be in this range about 35 degrees in santa rosa. 37 napa. that is about the time of our fire works display, which will take place at midnight clouds will be clear and cold you might want to bundle up if you're going out there new year's eve. it's going to get chillier overnight. we'll have details in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much.
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first, wind storms and now this cold snap. laura anthony has been looking at how people are coping with the cold. >> that is right. this is the place where it's great to have temperatures into the 30s. >> everything is okay kids accounted for. >> jim couldn't be bramed if he had just a simple new year's wish. like getting a big blue spruce off of his house. in time a crew arrived to clean up. >> now it's supposed to get cold. >> we still have a roof over our heads with the protective
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coating of pine oil just as time for the cold snap. >> going to penetrate leaves that so nice evergreen. >> you can see fruit that appears ready, pick it before the freeze arrives. >> it will be uneatable. >> across town, normally open only during the day, trinity center is opening a warmer center but only 12 spaces and they're taken.
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that is why it's appealing to other facilities including churches to help provide space. >> it needs to be a easily accessible location. they need a warm place to sleep. >> trinity is collecting warm clothes and blankets. crews hope to finish a big repair job after high winds knocked down eight power poles. they came crashing down that sparked a fire. it also knocked out power to hundreds of homes and businesses the outage forced a preschool to close. >> friends had to come park way over there. so it's quite an action going
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on. one neighbor plans to go on with his party. >> a busy street in millbrae reopened this afternoon the tree snarled traffic at mateo avenue. >> that is a tough way to start 2015. some folks in napa may have to spend time in a hotel after a giant tree is threatening others wayne freedman is live with the story tonight. wayne? >> good evening, it appears they'll have to spend the night in a hotel. they rushed to get work done it's not quick enough for the city of napa. up into the air they're 150 feet if you remember what we've
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shown you an hour ago this, tree now looks like a poodle of some sort. all branchs are gone. this is one half of a tree that shared a root system the other fell on a house, yesterday. it's been red tag city around here ever since. red tag, red tag, and another big red tag. all in napa, and thanks to a coastal tree that fell without warning. >> i don't know if you hear that sound. >> what does that mean? >> the whole tree here is here now. >> yesterday's high winds, a giant trunk dissected this home. do you see the living room? >> the lord looked after me. i know that is what happened the lord moved me.
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>> the tree was maybe 50 years old, part of a grove that worried residents for decades >> i was afraid about those trees every year i've lived here. >> one neighbor watched it fall. >> like slow motion. >> you just heard a crunch then stopped. >> ready to take him down about eight trees >> maria owns the house and the yard. she's red tagged two. >> i did not put them there. i didn't want them. i didn't want
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them. and you can get conditions any time on the weather app. and more information on abc7 news/apps. >> a san jose man was helping to cut up and remove a tree knocking out power. investigators say it's possible a pet knocked over a candle. >> a neighbor used her video to
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shoot this video. owners fear they may have lost a critical part of the operation. we cook everything. you know? glad to tell you all workers got out safely. and have been making sausages since 1932. david louie is on top of the story, live tonight in head kwauters. >> the police chief isn't taking chances with officer lives when
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two new york city police officers were ambushed and killed. they're doubling up. two officers in every car, starting this morning and ends tomorrow morning. >> we want to make sure officers are safe. >> police are responding to death threats on social media. postings include hash tags kill a pig night and new year's eve massacre. others have seen threats denounce them. >> the information may not be verifiable. >> this just three days after two los angeles police officers believe they were ambushed in an area of known gang activity. in san jose, the mayor is going to ride with officers tonight and agree was the decision that officer safety is first. >> i'm nervous for officers. and recognize it's never been an
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easy job and >> crowds are out celebrating drinking and driving. by doubling up officer that's means half as many patrol cars on the streets that could lead to dell yeahs in response times chlts for high risk calls two officers means not having to wait for back up. >> the concern needs to be protecting ourselves. so small yir foot print is the right action to take when lives are being threatened. >> in san jose, abc7 news. >> a bay area tribute to the civil rights era is going to end next month the freedom train commemorates
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martin luther king junior's march in 1965. the last 30 years, passengers have taken the ride from the situation, but officials say this january 19th's ride will be the last because of dwindling interests >> something unexpected happened in a construction site for central subway. take a look. crews are now working to fill a sink hole. abc7 news finds out how it happened and what it means for the project. >> learn how to get a free ride this new year's eve and time you don't want to call a ride share service. >> plus, a giving way to end the year. a budding tradition helping people
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et repair work continues in the south of market neighborhood. crews are fixing a sink hole that opened up. it's between market and mission the question what caused it? >> below ground is where tunnels have been dug for the central subway project the twin tunnels are complete, but crews are now building what is called a cross passage to get from one side to another in an emergency. >> this technique was ground
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freeze. and the ground was frozen properly. >> the process is freezing the earth, making it stable for underground construction. somehow, muddy water and sand seeped into the sight causing the street to sink. >> why is water leaking if it was supposed to be pipes that were frozen? >> it's premature to say the ground thawed we expect water found through a fissure in the frozen ground. he says it's not uncommon to get into an underground site, particularly one below sea level. but acknowledges
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this is not normal. they're checking that foundation wall. >> the entire subway route will be now inspected. >> we still have to do an investigation to determine what happened here. and we're focused on repairing the road. >> the work is expected to be done by friday. celebrations working from east to west. ringing in 2015, filipinos go big with fire works and firecrackers and banging on pots
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and pans. and united arab emirates put on a spectacular show for the new year dubai wanted to bring the record for the largest l.e.d.-illuminated facade. it smashed the world record for largest-ever fire works display with 1300 fire works per second. >> very impressive. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to ring in the new year tonight in san francisco. and demonstrators are ready to protest for what they say is wide spread police bruce talt. police are also aware of threats that have been made against officers around the nation. >> well there are some other options to get around this new year's eve.
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muni offering free rides from 8:00 p.m until 5:00 a.m in the morning including cable cars. and cal train is extending rides with the train departing at 2:15 a.m tonight z bart will provide service until approximately 3:00 in the morning. expect to pay more due to demand. uber expects highest fairs between 2:30 and 10s to go anywhere in the city. and triple a is offering a tipsy tow service. driver who's have been drinking can call this number
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900-555-help. and you do not have to be a member to get a free tow >> the waterford crystal ball is ready for its close up. and up to a million revellers are expected to ring in 2015. security will be tight with police officers on the scene for the countdown. let's check out now this scene live in new york city. the ball drop has been a tradition since 1907. this year 288 triangles were replaced with new ones. you can see the drop here on abc7 tonight. coverage begin was prime time
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rocking eve at 8:00 then after abc7 news at 11:00 more festivities at 11:30. >> tune in and celebrate with us. >> yes. stay inside. celebrate with us. stay warm, right? >> yes. yes. just going to get colder and colder. we have clear skies and looking west it's 53 in san francisco. and 48 in morgan hill. check out this view from sfo. clear skies there as well. temperatures in other locations are 49 in santa rosa. and
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this view sunny days into the weekend. let's take a look at the freeze warning from midnight to 9:00 a.m and temperatures into low to mid-20s. and a frost advisory in effect from midnight to 9:00 a.m . and overnight lows upper 20s in santa rosa and napa. 30 in livermore. 31 morgan hill. right now it's just cool. here is our satellite news showing a big ridge of high pressure at the moment.
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circulation around that area through the bay area, this is this area of high pressure deflecting jet stream well to the north. so any rain looks like it's going to hold off headed our way. and almost 25 inches for 2014 here in san francisco. and this time of the year let's hope. new year's day, starting off cold into early morning hours. and high temperatures low to mid-50s. and early next week, high temperatures into mid-60s again. we'll check an increase in crowds wednesday. and not necessarily indicate
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rain. >> maybe we can get rain. >> and san francisco attorneys go after apple. >> why they say the company provided less than promised to people who boug
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san francisco attorneys filed a lawsuit against apple accusing apple of not having as much space as it advertises. the software takes up 23% of the devices internal storage. that lack forces consumers to buy space on i cloud to keep files. apple has not yet responded to this suit. >> a little bay area generosity on this final day of the year it will go a long way to putting people to work. cheerleaders greeted donors at the donatathon. today was the last day to get that year end tax deduction. goodwill creates jobs and believe there will be 700 new jobs based on donations today alone. >> people are so generous and looking to start off with a generosity and their sort of their driver. i saw like a party. and there will be people there.
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and well organized. and so i thought, just wait, i have the day off. >> former mayor willie brown donated designer blazers to the auctioned off online the collection has brought in $10,000. >> nice stuff. >> yes. >> coming up next hazard on the golf course a surprise in the east bay. where they had to play through this. >> and some strong wind gusts caused problems and injuries. >> the end of an oyster odyssey. drake's bay marking final moments. stay with us.
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the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd.
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is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number. breaking news in the bay view. a search is underway for two gunman as safety crews work to rescue two people stuck in a car following a crash. >> it started when police were looking for two people who fired shots but didn't hit anyone the gunman took off and crashed into two cars just in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> three people were hurt in those cars crews have forced open a door to get two injured
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out. the suspects ran off police are looking for them. we're going to update you on the search and conditions as we get more information and on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> talk about your divets. a golf course has a brand new look tonight. >> because wind storms knocked out giant trees, creating huge holes. >> abc7 news shows us the damage. >> very high wind storms. and this time, they lost 11. 11 gigantic trees. >> it's been here what? 60 or 70 years. and high winds will puff. >> this view shows the he normal mitty. the golf course attracts people from across the bay area.
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>> just to show you i'm not exaggerating, take a look. the root is huge. >> the hole here the tree is covering the green. >> in fact, no part of the complex was spared from the damage brought by the wind. >> it's very dangerous. trees have shallow roots and are all, thin. they'll go down. and not even severe at that. >> crews working to clear trees from the roadway. blocks over it landed from the offices. this house is on beach road. >> shallow roots. >> this is unbelievable. right? >> decades gone in an instant. for now enjoy this makeshift jungle gym. good times are fleeting.
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like other downed trees, it too, is on the short list to be ground into wood chips. >> wind gusts are saying a harbor officer was killed last night, another body found in the water nearby just off green pleasure pier. it's unclear p two deaths are related. winds kicking up highways and beaching several boats. and blustery snow dumped snow in southern california, stranding dozens of motorists. firefighters rescued 140 people. vehicles got stuck near crest line. up to 200 cars had to be towed. >> and watch this. at the rose bowl video you can't believe.
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winds of 60 miles per hour, tossed tents around in the air this afternoon. four people have had minor injuries. people ran away from the chaotic scene as tents landed on cars. and that gust picked up. >> and forecasters say temperatures could dip as low as 29 degrees in san francisco. one float designer says chilly temperatures could turn tropical flowers black all floats must spend the night outside with no protection from the cold. >> in the south bay police have arrested a man who could be connected to a string of car fires. abc7 news has the latest from
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san jose. >> just wanted to get out before it was worse. >> two vehicles including one of their own, on fire. >> another car was in flames. >> sean's grandmother was home. . >> i thought gosh. you know? this is two cars on fire. >> police identified and arrested a man overnight for contact with that fire. the suspect is also being questioned about seven other fires in san jess yeah in the past week. this picture shows damage done to a van in front of a complex on south bascome avenue.
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neighbors hope fires will stop. >> you feel bad. you know? and i was thinking i'm glad they're okay. >> you never know how someone is going to react. >> drake's bay has harvested and sold it's last oyster the 100 year old family-owned farm will close after a long legal battle brought on by a marin interest group the national park service owns the land the federal government put a ban on oyster farming there. the lease ran out two years ago the supreme court refused to review an appeal to keep it
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open. tapers show drake's agreed to end operations by today, hosting a pot duck this saturday. >> the new year brings bad news for a china twoentown institution in san francisco. empress of china will close doors for good. it was a favorite for ornate decorations and views. and is closing because it dropped off. >> christmas is over. holiday deals are not. there are still discounts.
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>> coming up in just a moment here is a look back at digest stories this year on abc7 >> some mated us cheer.
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holidays may be over but shopping is going strong. yes. more hot deals are out there and >> retailers are keeping registers ringing. stores offering amazing bargains to try to capture sales while
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customers are returning gifts with cards in hand. retailers are offering items 50% to 60% off. and and the biggest shopping day of the year was last sunday. air fares go up or down but will they go up or down in the new year? a study now says that fairs will drop in 2015 and shows will be slightly lower. researchers say the lower fares are still offered tuesdays and you'll get the best deals by booking 57 days ahead of time. and check before you buy.
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>> the drama over "the interview" an ohio man thought he could make quick cash by selling tickets he figured he'd sell them at a profit. >> hype about the interview and thuth folks are selling in other cities. seems like the thing to do. why not give it a shot? >> it did not go well, sony released online. and the theater said he was not an actual customer. so they didn't have to refund the money. >> one group rang in the new
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the new year today, this is the 29th bell ringing ceremony. it's part of a centuries-old tradition in japan. monks in japan ring bells 108 times on new year's eve, to cleanse their bodies of sin and earthly desire. >> there will be a lot of celebrating tonight the question how cold will it be? >> yes. how warm do people need to dress? >> clear skies temperatures mid-40s now inland and around the bay a couple low 50s so it's cool at the moment but cold after midnight. tomorrow sunny days sunny skies as well.
6:48 pm
and in the bay area, after a cold start, we'll see pleasantly cool conditions by afternoon sunny skies, highs into low to mid-50s and look for milder weather ahead. >> thanks, spencer. >> okay. let's turn our attention to sports. >> shu? >> yes. looking back. >> exactly. it's been a quiet here. and we'll take a look at the top seven moments. it's been a good list. collin kaepernick 's touchdown didn't make the cut.
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>> a little that could was celebrating afterwards. rich rodriguez back, and boise state wearing the statue of
6:52 pm
liberty. and down 38-20, then call back. solomon across, 46 yards, arizona with a chance of needing a touchdown. and that is your game. ole miss with tcu. back pass to aaron green in the end zone. rebels quarterback, ill-advised play. tcu goes on to win. first ever college football player underway. oregon takes on number three,
6:53 pm
florida state. and this day will never be the same. after a loss to vancouver to face the ducks, you can see these teams don't like each other. and that is our score in the second intermission. highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. >> from women's hoops the sharks wanting a 3-0 lead in the stanley cup playoffs here are our seven favorite moments. >> playing warriors. it's a different era.
6:54 pm
there you go. and taking it 90 yards touchdown. later. >> down the left field line. and are you kidding me? this game is over. interception. in chicago
6:55 pm
it's into net. >> tremendous football. you know? and it's great to be part of it. >> what a year, brought to you by the bank of the west. >> bowl game is far from over, the buffalo wild is here on abc7 at 10:00 a.m . and you can see the games on espn and watch espn's app.
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>> check it out. tonight at 9:00, the new year's eve fire burned a building more than a century old. heros that kept it from becoming. >> and tonight here we are on the another year. it's instinctive to look forward and where we've been. saying time flies when you're having fun but even when you're not. and that great poet mick jagger sings, living in the past, no use getting misty eyed. it all screamed by so past fast. my father is 81 now, and lives in maryland. we're talking about missing each other. i said something that shook both of us a little. dad let's say you live another
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15 years we'll see each other in person maybe a dozen more times. we both paused with that thought. i wish i can tell you we did anything about it but haven't. it's too late for my mother-in-law who died before thanksgiving. we close out another year make the most of every moment. they're in limited supply. to my colleagues safe, happy new year, share your thoughts with me on
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