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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the giants and the provides are ready for the decisive game seven of the world series and coverage on how players and fans are gearing up. >> in the east bay, berkeley police are looking for a car seen speeding away a killing. >> and what happened when a rocket that was supposed to launch into space turned into a ball of fire. we will find out what the weather is like on this wednesday. mike? milder this morning, with temperatures five degrees warmer and we do not have fog yet just a patch north of novato and headed to santa rosa and otherwise doppler is dry and cloud free. 53 degrees and more humidity, so it will be hazy in the afternoon and we will mix in high clouds and 6 at noon, and 76 at 4:00
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and 64 for the evening festivities and inland we have temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's and by noon we are 72 degrees and 4:00 we are 81. up to ten degrees warmer and 68 at 7:00. at the coast it is also going to be warm, 54 and hazy, and flirting with 70 at noon and low-to-mid 70s in the afternoon hours and mid-60 by 7:00. enjoy. good morning, everyone, at 6:00, if you are waking up, we have reasons in palo alto and i want to show you the metering lights have been turned on and we have 15 to 20 minutes to wait for the drive from the maze into san francisco. pretty busy. the san mateo bridge is moving along nicely and not so many vehicles crossing the water to the peninsula. the problem starts when you get to the peninsula if your traveling take you southbound that is where we have this accident involving a big rig carrying elevator weights, and
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they fell off of the truck and have been moves out of the way. they are causing delays into palo alto. northbound traffic is not affected. you may want to avoid it and take 82. tonight the psychiatriants will test resilience with game seven against the royals. last night kansas city crushed the giants 10-0 and the force of the deciding game, matt keller is at civic center plaza with reaction to the disappointing loss. what hit us? a lot of disappointed fans. the manager said that the team is resilient and they can put this loss behind them and move forward in game seven tonight. game seven will be then on the big screen at the civic center plaza in san francisco. the last night was a night to forget for genetic -- for jake
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peavy, the worse game of his year. and here is drive in run, 2-0 royals and then that is all the royals needed to beat the giants but they add eight more run and the final was 10-30. >> you learn a lesson. you compete and learn. this was their night. we will have a beautiful game seven for all of baseball fans away the world. >> game seven will match hudson and guthrie a rematch of game three won by the royals. bumgarner is visible if tonight's game and they have been down before. remember in 2012, they were down
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3-1 and they won game 7 to propel them to the world series and the hope is they will win another game seven tonight with first pitch at 5:07 p.m. it was uneventful in the mission district which usually is ground zero for parties and giant-sized celebration and the streets were call with disappointed fans. 20 percent more officers were out in case there were problems no matter the outcome. machine of mission street was a tow away zone and dumpsters were emptied. >> royals' fans are feeling confident. that was the scene at a kansas city bar after their team
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secured victory. the royals, of course, were on the link of elimination before the game but momentum turns so quickly in this game of baseball so do not be celebrating too hard yet, kansas city fans. >> here is how they are celebrating "heavenly." and royals rookie ventura is on the recover but do not celebrate too soon. wayne freedman remains in kansas city to cover game seven. >> he is giveing a look for those that could make make it. >> can we petition mlb for mercy? >> different story today. it feels like mop-up duty, and that reflects how much was feeling at time but a lot of giants fans were represented and you can see buster posey, yes,
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yes, yes, so it is nice that giants' players were able to see their players. >> and wayne greed -- agreed -- wayne greed -- wayne greed man will have live records. >> berkeley police are looking into a shooting that let one dead behind a mash debt and deli at university avenue across the street from east shore state park. weapon officers arrived a plan in his 20 was lying on the round and pronounced dead. we have what ones are saying. in the ebola virus, kaci hickox under quarantine despite no symptoms is threatening to
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sue her state unless she is allowed free. she made the announcement on "good morning america" this morning. >> the state of maine would like you to abide by a voluntary quarantine but you say you are not going to do it? >> i remain concerned by these mandatory quarantine policies from aid workers. we are only adding to something that is not base the on science or evidence. she said, again, she will take legal action against the state of maine if officials do not list the restrictions by tomorrow morning. maine officials believe the state can compel a 21 day quarantine and says "we are willing to pursue legal authority if necessary to ensure risk is minimized for those in maine." >> engineers will look this morning for the cause of a rocket packed with supplies for the international space station to explode moments after take off. it caused a massive fireball all
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caught on camera. the mission was run by nasa but the rocket was made by a private firm. our reporter is in the newsroom with that story. we have been following the story all day, the company behind the rely mission is defending the use of 18 soviet rockets but nasa says it is too early to tell what causedded explosion. >> oh, god, oh oh, god. >> you can hear the shots from those who came do watch, hundreds of millions worth of equipment from classified government materials to school science spokesmans destroyed in a giant fireball seconds after take off. scientists new something was wrong and detonate add self destruct mechanism because of catastrophic equipment failure. they have secured the site and are trying to determine the cause of the rocket to explode.
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critics are pointing blame at the aiming russian engine being used by the private contractor built in the late 60's and 70s. the top executives say modern alternatives are not available. >> our teamworked hard to republic and conducted a lot of testing but something went wrong and we will find out what that is and determine the root caught. we will correct that and we will come back and fly here again. >> it was carrying 2.5 tons of equipment to the international space station with technology that has been ridiculed by commercial rivals like the founder of spacex. this is not the first failure from the virginia help based company and will likely re-ignite new questions over nasa's reliance on commercial pans for space projects. thank you, nick, and now a check on the weather forecast.
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mike? looking from sutro tower and all the orange taking over san francisco today, here is a look at bart: 49 in walnut creek, dublin/pleasanton is at 48. we have 52 at hayward and fremont and concord and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's and sfo and oakland at 59. most of oakland is underground. low 60's along the coast. that is the water temperature. well above average. why am i showing you that? we will have temperatures in the low-to-mid 70 with high clouds and sunshine along the coast and a great day to be there. mid-to-upper 70s and 80's inland and the south bay and north bay and east bay and tomorrow, high clouds and low cloud and temperatures are 64 to 78 and thunderstorms friday afternoon and evening and clearing on sunday.
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more in the seven-day forecast. walnut creek is managing to move smoothly. we had an accident yesterday but it caused heavy delays and it looks like this morning is the opposite. we have congestion. but not so much as we normally see. traffic is flowing nicely from highway four to highway 24 but we still have backups after elevator weights fell off a big rig. southbound 101 you are on the brakes near highway 84. if you are coming off of the dumbarton be prepared if delays into san jose. we have a fender bender on the shoulder, northbound 101 at 680. slow-and-go headed up to the nimitz and it clears around san jose airport. a deadly day for california law enforcement coming up the new details on the second person to die in the line of duty in 24
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hours. the cast of the hit show "house of cards," is in mourning with the actress now being remembered. a big thank you to the giants fan who have been sending photos showing team spirit, like this one enjoying time. send us your reports at
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. 6:15. from southern california, a police officer shot during a raid has died. the police announced that the officer diamond passed away from the injuries and was shot yesterday morning while serving a search warrants. the warrant was targeting criminal motorcycle gangs. three was wearing a hole met but he may have been hit in the back
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of the home. the suspected gunman is in custody. he was the second california law enforcement officer to die in the line of duty in 24 hours. a ventura county sheriff deputy was hit and killed while conducting a traffic stop on 101. hollywood is mourning the passing of an actress known from "house of cards." elizabeth norment passed away in new york at 61. she played the secretary. in addition to the political thriller, nor more started in several other t series including "law and order," and "blue blood s." steven spacey said rest in peace, we loved her and she leaves a void if all of us at "house of cards." a denver man who vanished at half time during a football game is safe this morning. police say the 53-year-old paul kitterman turned up unharmed 100
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miles away from denver and is doing fine and is back with his family. they have not revealed why he suddenly disappeared during half time but friends say he was going to meet other friends and never returned. nothing mysterious about the forecast today. >> not really. but kansas city is important. temperatures are cool again in kansas city. low 50's at 7:00 and 47 by 10:00 with a light wind chill so mid-40's again. at home, you can see the high clouds are moving in to mendocino county coast and headed up to cloverdale by the time the sun comes up in an hour and at 6:18 and from the exploritorium you can enjoy the ferry ride with winds at three to five miles per hour. high clouds and warm this
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afternoon, and steady rain friday morning and showers and thunderstorms on friday afternoon and evening all the way through saturday morning and by sunday and monday and tuesday it is quiet and warm again. look at these temperatures, 78 in milpitas is the cool spot in the south bay and 86 headed to gilroy and 80 in san jose and 79 with sunshine in santa cruz and 75 in millbrae and everyone else upper 70's and low 70's along the coast and downtown and sausalito and to the north bay, and 70's at bodega bay. ten degrees warmer in the valley around 80. 80 loan the east bay shore and san lenadro at 78. we will have low 80s through the inland east bay neighborhood. tonight, temperatures are milder because of the cloud cover and more humidity than this morning. we are talking temperatures that are in the 50's and notice the warm air will take over civic center plaza and 71 degrees at
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action dropping to mid-60's by the end of the game. tonight, low clouds along the coast and high clouds for the rest of the us and a cold front to the north is where the showers are beginning to stay and we will watch the storm coming in, overnight on thursday into friday. we wake up at 6:00, light-to-moderate rain, and moderate rain pushing through at 11 o'clock. how long will the break last? just scattered showers at action and early trick-or-treaters but at 9:00, the showers and the thunderstorms become numerous and they hang around throughout the overnight hours and into saturday morning. rainfall amounts are up to .5" around the bay and half an inch to an inch in the north bay. seven-day forecast shows small hail is possible and when we get to friday and saturday it is our coolest low-to-upper 60's and 60's and strength -- 70's on
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sunday and monday and tuesday. >> is this mother nature's way of saying she doesn't want you to eat candy? >> good morning, everyone, we have had an easy go this morning. we have a couple of accidents in the works. in hayward, southbound 880, we have a motorcycle involved and one lane is blocked and down to 27 miles per hour away from 238 and 38 miles per hour is closer to highway 92 and headed away from 1238 to young city it will take you 15 minutes so it is taking on a few extra minutes and it does not sunday like there are major injuries. it is causing delays through castro valley along 238. we will jump up to highway 24 where the project is going to be with us until 9:00 from oak hill road to pleasant hill road and southbound 101 and embarcadero
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tone, the warriors on the regular stone in sacramento against the kings. starting forward is expected to miss the game with a strained hamstring injured on friday. the game will mark the nba coaching debut for new head coach and surveillance video were state will play the home opener open saturday knit against the lakers. here is the deal for taylor swift plans you can get the new album for 99 cents. if you are apple loyalist you are out of luck because it is only available if if you use microsoft 8 offering the new 1989 album for 99 cents through november 3rd. apple's itunes is selling it for $12.99 and it is already a hit with a million albums
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expected to sell this week. >> if you live in san francisco and take raid in your parallel parking skills you have competition. this driver is hailed the king of parallel parking after pulling and this small spice in china. the driver maneuvers back-and-forth, crews of people, holding cameras, gather to witness the man's skill and we timed him out and it took less than a hint and 45 seconds to squeeze into the type spot but i bet it takes longer than that to get out. >> does he make house calls? can he help me out? >> parallel parking is fun. like getting shot. >> for the second time in 12 years the world series is headed to game seven and how fans are gearing up for winner takes all match after last night's tough
6:26 am
defeat. >> investigators are on the scene at a murder that happened near the berkeley marina. from sutro tower, the clear sky is over the top of us and milder this morning when you step outside and this afternoon is the warmest afternoon and i will give you an update for halloween. in the traffic center, like trying to squeeze a big foot in a small shoe. we have a couple of citizens in the works and one is in hayward. i will have the details on getting around it when we
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 6:29 on wednesday. the orange lights flow brightly across san francisco city hall where there is another vying party for game seven of the world series with fans showing their pride, believing all the way to the very last game. this is excitement.
6:30 am
this is what it is all about if you love baseball. >> this is it. 6:29. mike? i know you want to say something good morning, everyone, here is a look at live doppler hd radar satellite shows high clouds off to the west and warm air will spread high clouds across our neighbors and we are starting off up to five degrees warmer and we have more humidity so we will have haze in the air compared to yesterday and look at the temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's at 7:00 and everyone in the upper 60's to low 70's and at the cost by noon you stay in the low-to-mid 70's while we hit the mid-70's to low 80's in the bay and inland and milder this evening, mid-60's to low 70's. leyla gulen? >> okay, going to sing for us? >> i was hoping eric would. >> we will wait positive that. >> now the bay bridge from the
6:31 am
emeryville camera, traffic is heavy and barely moving as you push to treasure island and we do not have a stall or a crash but we will check it out and call c.h.p. we have this accident southbound on 880 approaching ten son road involving a motorcycle and one lane was blocked and we are looking at slow speeds causing pressure on 238 and some slowing before you get to 238 southbound 880 and the altamont pass coming up. 6:31 tonight is "do or die" for the giants in game seven of the world series. >> last fight, a tough one. a home run off hunter strickland for a blowout over the giants at 10-0. tonight is win are take all in kansas city. >> fans will gather at the plaza in san francisco where we find
6:32 am
matt. good morning, fans may be disappointed they did not celebrate last night but nothing bets the excitement of a game seven and, hopefully, they will win. you can see city hall is aglow and ten minutes ago the first fan arrived to get the best seat possible at the plaza. she and many fans are hoping it will be a big celebration tonight after the last game seven. last knit was quiet after the second inning and giants fans were stunned by the blow intermediate loss that happened so earlily many did not way to labor the viewing party. >> why know what to think. it is obviously disappointed. >> very surprised. >> police were ready if the giants won with mission street
6:33 am
tow zone. the mission district is usually the place for celebrations and parties and after they woman the world series in 2012 a bus was torched and vandalized. the home is the giants get it done tonight, the celebration is civil and the city holes another parade. first pitch at 5:07 p.m. the second inning last night went on and on and on. the first three innings lasted an hour and 39 minutes. wayne freedman is in kansas city and talked with fans last night. >> overconfident at times. mostly, though, it was hard to watch just an unravelling.
6:34 am
it happens on both sides and it happened to us today. >> white the slate clean. get rest. start friend. go for it. >> tim hud son starts for the giants tonight. >> as a kid you think about it, as a big league player you think about it and you wonder if you will have that opportunity to do it and 16 years in the big leagues and finally, i had the chance and i am really excited about it. hudson is the old of the game seven starter in major league history facing guthrie a rematch of game three. >> bumgarner is available, as well, and folks are looking forward to seeing some of him and that may happen. >> and mike shumann remains in kansas city to cover game seven of the world series and here are tweets. he is giving stats including
6:35 am
wonderful pictures, as well. the fans are drinking heavy last night. here are some of the tweets from mike shumann. mickey is not a royals unanimous. -- fan. >> and we will have reports from kansas city on later shows and you can follow us on twitter. berkeley police are asking for ones to come forward this morning as they investigate a deadly shooting and our reporter and at university avenue near east shore state park. a new evidence team arrived here the last hour and is from alameda county. the investigators are going over the murder scene.
6:36 am
they are putting out evidence markers. they have a parking lot at the sea breeze market proposed off. the park police got the call before 8:00 last night that gunshots were fired. they found a man in his pearlly 20 -- early 20 shot to death and this is on the way to the berkeley marina. witnesses say a couple of people ran away after the shooting and a car drove away in the opposite direction. >> there is a firearm found at the scene and there is evidence that would indicate there was obvious obviously gunshots changed. how that rs to the victim or the suspects, we don't know. >> they did not find a car. they do not know the motive behind the killing.
6:37 am
the business was closed at the time. and all employees are accounted for. you can see the surveillance video, police are interested in what it captured and it looks like it is pointed in the right direction and they are looking into whether there is footage and if they can see it. they are still working the seen and they are asking for any witnesses to please come forward and help figure out who did this, and why. caught on camera 5,000 pounds of cargo on a rocket goes up in flames seconds after lift off. former president clinton
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it's estimated that 30% of the traffic in a city is caused by people looking for parking. that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted.
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streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years. we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot and then there's a mesh network that takes this information, sends it over the internet so you can go find exactly where those open parking spots are. the collaboration with citi was important for providing us the necessary financing; allow this small start up to go provide a service to municipalities. citi has been an incredible source of advice, how to engage with municipalities, how to structure deals, and as we think about internationally citi is there every step of the way. so the end result is you reduce congestion, you reduce pollution and you provide a service to merchants, and that certainly is huge.
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coit tower is proudly showing the orange glow. temperatures are six to nine degrees warmer-than-average. as far as what is go on across the state we are looking at 74 and sunshine in monterey and low-to-mid 80's through the central valley and 92 in palm springs and on friday, that is when the rain is going to hit but snow levels are possible down to 4,000 feet by saturday morning. that means the passes could be packed with snow so be careful,
6:41 am
significant travel delays are possible. we have a two-car crash in nasa with a delay in highway 29 northbound direction with plenty of red approaching it, northbound five, we will be on the brakes long highway 29 through american can wrong and west along 37 that drive will is tough. we have a stalled vehicle and this is through the altamont pass westbound 580, one lane is blocked and you are slow-and-go headed into dublin. thank you, 6:41. at&t spends to accusations that it is throttling the customer data speeds on the smart phone. a twist of fate now facing a twist of fate now facing the man who created the boardphs on your phone.
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cover, santa roar, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:44. evening meres will look for the cause of a rocket packed with supplies for the international space station to explode moments after take off causing a massive fireball caught on camera. the mission was run by nasa but the rocket was made by a private firm.
6:45 am
>> the company behind the mission is defending thures aging soviet rockets but nasa says it is too early to tell the cause of the explosion. oh, god. oh, god. >> you can hear the shock of nose who came to watch. hundreds of will months worth of equipment from classified government material to school science experiments destroyed in a giant fireball. scientists knew something was wrong detonating the self-destruct because of catastrophic quip president failure. they are trying now to determine the cause of the explosion of the rocket. the supplies are still there for the crew, food and water, all necessary to support them for
6:46 am
well into next year. if no other vehicle showed up we can go all the way until march. the rocket was carrying 2.5 tons of equipment to the international space station with technology ridiculed by commercial rivals like founder of spacex. this is not the first fall of a rocket from the virginia-based campaign and will likely re-ignite questions over nasa's reliance on commercial partners for space projects. police in petaluma are looking out for a shoplifting who problem add store and tried to run over a store employee. this woman, authorities say was spotted leaving the floor. she had a blue bag and what appears to be merchandise and was approached by employees as she got in the car. the woman sped toward an oncoming employee who got out of
6:47 am
way just in time. here is a photo of the car, a white 1994 mercury with south dakota license plate 49un64. former president bill clinton will hold a rally to encourage people to vote and will joined by a democratic congresswoman and a congressman and will address the importance of voting for middle class advocates. the rally is underway at 12:30 at the pavilion. a twist of fate. the hand who invented the board game "operation," is now in need of surgery of his own and he cannot afford to pay for it. the 77-year-old inventor of the board game in 1962 i'll -- 1962 while a design student and sold the rights for $500 in 1963 and
6:48 am
while he later found success running his own business he said it is not enough for the $25,000 surgery on his mouth. that is where the fans come in handy, a crowd funding campaign to help him has raised $8,000. >> chrysler is spinning off sports carmaker ferrari into a separate company part of a plan to raise capital to support the new merged car mayber's -- maker's growth. trading is underway on wall street and we will look at the numbers to see if you can afford a ferrari. the dow is positive at 39 points to the positive. it has crossed the 17000 mark. at&t is completely trance parent they say with their customers after a federal suit that claimed they penalized
6:49 am
customers for using too much data slowing the down slowed speeds by up to 90 percent so manage the traffic. at&t says it only affects 3 percent of the customers and quit offering unlimited laps in 2010 but customers who had them could keep them and unlimited is unliked, and you cannot slow me down. that is the argument. >> now, something simple: the weather forecast. >> hopefully. but it is complicated open -- on friday. we are closer to crowning a champion, 52 tonight at the world series. fog around novato. beautiful picture of the orange sunrise taking over the morning sky from sutro tower and looking
6:50 am
to down mt. diablo and steady rn friday morning and thunderstorms friday note through saturday morning and sunday, monday and tuesday dry and bright and warmer. >> upper 70s in milpitas and santa clara and santa cruz and everyone else, cupertino and los gatos, san jose, in the low 80's and the rest of peninsula is mid-to-upper 70 and low-to-mid 70's at the coast and water temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60's. that is comfortable. 75 in downtown south san francisco, and sausalito is 74 and low 80's through the north bay valley and low 70s at your coast. 80 loan the east bay shore and low-to-mid 80's in the east bay. at the plaza tonight it will be milder. at action we are still in the 70s but we will drop town to 64 with high clouds and sunshine
6:51 am
we have extra humidity and mid-50's to low 60's and the extra humidity makes it hazy this afternoon. at 11 o'clock on thursday night, look at wall of light-to-moderate rain during the heart of our morning commute. scattered showers are possible but it looks dry by 5:00 to 9:00 and the showers re-develop and the thunderstorms come in and you can see them. up to .5" around the bay and up to 1" in the north bay mountains and the seven-day forecast is 60's for friday and saturday and slow warming trend when we turn the clock back. >> we have a serious accident in oakland and traveling to coolidge on-ramp to eastbound 580 that is are we have a vehicle that hit a pedestrian and an ambulance is being taken to the scene so there are no delays but we are going to be looking at the on-ramp closed
6:52 am
until further notice. at 280 a crash is blocking one lane causing major backups and at julian street that is where the camera is situated and traffic is clear and moving along without any problems southbound not see any spectator slowing the closer you are to the scene of the accident with more information on the pedestrian accident in a few minutes. we are back with seven things to know before you go. the morning news continues in 90 seconds.
6:53 am
6:54 am
whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know: one, the percentans hope winning a third world series title will come down tonight against the royals. they are blown out last night 10-0. tim hudson will start for the giants. first pitch is 5:07. a man in his 20's was left dead in berkeley on university avenue at 8:00 last night across from a state park. witnesses say they saw two people running from the scene and a car speeding away. casey hickox is threatening
6:55 am
to take legal action if restricts are not listed for her. >> an investigation is underway after the explosion of an unmanned rocket seconds after taking off in virginia. it was taking supplies and experiments from students across the country to the international space station. five, former a's slugger jose canseco is recovering after accidentally shooting his hand while cleaning a gun. since, the beginning of our warmer than average day stafferring to unfold from mount tamalpais at 2,600' up there and ten degrees warmer-than-average and increase in high clouds, 79 to 83 inland and up to 75 with low-to-mid 60 water temperature and 75 to 80 around the bay. it will be cooler and wet are -- wet are by friday.
6:56 am
now, a pedestrian was in a crosswalk on the on-ramp at eastbound 580 and the pedestrian was hit and injured. we have an dance headed to seen. a car blocking two lanes southbound 680 at 580 and it is slow going southbound through pleasanton. thank you for joining us. the abc7 news continues with all your mobile devices. you can follow mike shumann and wayne freedman covering the excitement of game seven of the world series. the viewing party tonight is in the plaza and it will be 71 at 5:00 but dress for 64 by the end of the game. we will want the giants bring it back home. have a fabulous day.
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>> good morning, america. breaking overnight, a massive explosion. >> oh, god. >> the rocket heading for the space station with supplies turning into a fireball liftoff. the blast visible for miles, even from above. how did a routine mission go so horribly wrong? fighting back. the nurse forced into quarantine now refusing to stay in isolation in maine. defying authorities. what will they do? we talk to her this morning. >> i thought i was a goner. >> jeb robertson opening up about a medical mystery. suddenly collapsing from a seizure, rescued by his brother. what caused those terrifying moments. it's an abc news exclusive. and from the red nose to the


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