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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 27, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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last night, state officials loosened the mandatory 21-day quarantine protocol. the governor said health care workers returning home from treating patients in west africa can monitored from home if they are not showing victim temperatures. >> the giants are a win away from claiming the third world series title in third years after dominating gave five performance from pitching ace bumgarner pitching the first complete game shut out the first in a world series twins 2003. they just didn't know what hit them, giants won 5-0. it took a long-term for the place to quiet down. >> absolutely. but, also, last night it was paying tribute to robin williams using his smiling face for a heartfelt tribute to the award
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winning actor. the oldest son threw the emotional ceremonial first pitch to billy crystal to start game five of the word series. withs was a key hard san francisco giants fan. that was joined at the mouth by siblings. it is no secret crystal is a huge yankees fan but he was welcomed at the park with applause. >> just watching the reaction after the pitching and how they held on to each other and hugging billy crystal, in was a special relationship. >> he was not booed is because of that, because he is great friends with robin williams. >> a clip of williams leading fans in a pre-game chant played and crystal got it going with his own chant of "play ball." his children said it is a tremendous delight to throw owe the first pitch of a world series game for our team and our
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dad, to our dad's best friend. at at&t park. the giants put away in the 8th perez hit one off the top center field wall driving in two players for a 4-0 lead but it was all about bumgarner who pitch add shutout allowing only four hits, the first world series shut out since 2003. >> that was a big game being tied up 2-2 and it is a lot better to win this big game. >> haven't seen a better pitcher over the course of this pest season and it has been pretty long than to do what he has done, it is historic, i think. >> the last national league club to win the world series three out of five yearses with the stimulus cardinals in the 1940s. >> the giants head to kansas
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city tomorrow at kauffman stadium in kansas city. if needed, a decisive game seven is on end. the first pitch for both games is 5:07. >> we have team coverage live in kansas city for the final game or games of the world series. abc news reporter will report live from the world series and you can follow digital updates from kansas city by following imon twitter @waynefreidman. . >> a man will enter a plea after sexually molesting two young girls shopping with his parents. the man drove to a target and molested a second girl, the victims were six and nine. police released video following
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both insurance distants and they credit the public for leading them to the suspect. >> a san jose man will enter a plea for assaulting an elderly man in a pack restaurant. the man turned himself in to police after the incident last month. the victim suffered severe facial injuries. the 41-year-old said the elderly man flagged his son in the budget room but place say there is no evidence that happened. >> a mother of four is dead and oakland police blame road rage for her shooting death. officers are looking for the suspect and are asking for your help. abc7 reporter has details. >> 30-year-old mother of four children. place say show was going south on 98 the when someone in another car shot her. her husband rushed her home a couple blocks away to try and save her the he drove to the
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house, family members came out and started cpr and oakland police officers arrived and started cpr. unfortunately she died from a fatal gun shot wound. >> oakland police say based opennenses and the victim's husband, the shooting was the result of road rage. investigators are not releases the details but they say it happened between the 400 and 600 block of 98th avenue. investigators say she and her husband were driving a 1998 black toyota camry similar to this. they hope releasing the make and model will jog the memory of witnesses and encourage businesses and home owner to check their surveillance video. >> if you see anything spin, vehicle or suspect activity that may look like it is involved in possible road rage or related to this claim, we certainly would like to hear from you. >> this is the 63rd homicide of the year and oakland police and crimestoppers are offering
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$20,000 for information leading to an arrest. >> another teen wounded in a washington state 90 shooting has died the 14-year-old was shot in the head on friday when a student open fire in a cafeteria at her mercyville school. she died last night. another girl was killed during the shooting. the gunman, a 15-year-old shot and killed himself. three other students remain in the hospital and authorities are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting. the victim's family released a statement saying and i quote, "we devastated by the senseless tragedy, she is our beautiful daughter and words can not express how much we will miss her her." the family will donate her ago begans for transplant. >> starting this morning, commuters have to pay to park at the last free bart stations. riders have to stay a dollar to park in the concord bart station which is phasing out the last of the free paing lots as ridership
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is on pace to set a record each week costing $1.33 a day to main tape each parking place. next month, pay parking will take effect at the last three free lots, north concord, martinez, november 12. hayward and oakland coliseum after that. >> and now google and other desk companies are speeding up the modernization of public transportation on the peninsula. the san francisco chronicle reports that the transit age and big peninsula employers have formed what is called a california strain commuter coalition including the 49ers, oracle, linked in, stanford and h.p. and is expected to announce an effort to secure more funding to improve the rail commute system. caltrain says the companies cannot continue to rely on schultzs and they are frustrated they cannot rely on public transportation. >> the start of a new week and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. did we have rain in store for
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us? >> it could come in as early as thud and threaten friday, halloween, but until then we will have gorgeous weather, and look how cool it is, everyone in the mid-50's but the ferry building is 58. and the financial district is 5 a and check out all the mid-to-upper 40's, with richmond at 53 and belmont and pacifica and healdsburg at 51. everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's. temperatures today are starting off up to nine degrees cooler than yesterday. we will have temperatures running in the 40's and 50's through 7:00 and we will jump into the 60's, low-to-mid upper 60's at the coast and by 4:00 a lot of sunshine, maybe a pass high clouds and 66 and low 70's for bay and inland and you need a coat in the evening, and slow
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climb tomorrow a couple of degrees warmer and the warmest day is wednesday at the coast and upper 70 and near 80's for the rest of us and cooler weather and rain on thursday. friday's forecast is. coming up. >> maybe late sell politicians last night are making for early empty morning commute. the golden gate bridge shows from marin, into san francisco, as you head into the north bay traffic is minimal at this hour as we head over to the san mateo bridge the driver across the water from hayward to foster city is move look with no problems and top speed. we have one problem and this is going to be on highway 4, eastbound side, at hillcrest, we have an overturned vehicle and if you travel in the westbound direction you can see the friend is moving along at top speed, antioch, pittsburg, bay point, into concord, it will take you 15 minutes.
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>> dangerous drugs are medically official. a trial in california that could radically change federal laws on mayor one. >> flames race through a motorcycle shop in the south bay with the action firefighters took to keep the building from being a total loss. >> big moment in the spotlight of game five of the world series turns into a big oops with a performance that lit up social performance that lit up social media for the wrong
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins!
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good monday morning. a picture of the embarcadero lit up in orange for the giants. why not after game five win? one more needed to win the world series. it will be a nice mild sunny day. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast.
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>> we have faith. >> this morning investigators are expected to be back at scene of a fire that wiped out a motorcycle shop in san jose. the fire broke out at g.p. sports at 5:00 yesterday, this video provided by the san jose fire department with dozens of firefighters called to battle the place. the store sells motorcycles and jet skis and scooters and 70 were damaged or destroyed. firefighters pulled out a dozen of the vehicles from the burning building. >> major damage to a storage unit after another fire in san jose last night. firefighters had to force their way into the locked unit to fight the fire and half a dozen other units were opened to make sure the fire did not spread. >> unprecedented formal hearing is held in sacramento federal court on how marijuana should not be classified as "dangerous." the judge said the dense
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attorneys presented expert declarations of new and scientific information on marijuana which is classified by the federal government as a "dangerous drug," like heroin," with no medical value. the court could decide that classification is unconstitutional. the case involves men charged with growing marijuana on federal land. the judge said that is irrelevant, they were charged under an unconstitutional law. >> thank you was an error in game five and it came before the first pitch. ♪ o' say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly ♪ we hailed ♪ were so signalantly streaming ♪
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>> even tim lincecum seemed perplexed, that singer, got a little lost during the second verse of the national anthem, it took him two minutes and six seconds to sing "the national anthem." >> gallantly streaming, that is what we do when we stream the newscast. >> giants fans are showing off world series pictures. here is a tough guy with his game face on. number one fan, the baby can not get enough of the giants or he halloween costumes. the cutest. >> e-mail us your pictures at >> pack to kansas city where we
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will close things out. >> i would think so. how does the weather look? a little cool. in the 40's. wind chill. a chance of rain today. then that rain is going to roll law and on the door for some cool autumn air which you would expect in this part of the midwest, so 55 at 7:00 dropping to 50 but with a northwest wind at 12 to 20 miles per hour it will feel like the mid-40's and light at less than seven miles per hour and most of us do not have a wind but it will pick up along the coast and a small craft advisory until 9:00 this morning, and this is how it looks in walnut creek, you can see it is clear there and in the 40's up and down the san ramon valley so dress the kids warmly this morning it will be sunny and dry this afternoon, a warming trend during the week and a scary storm is possible
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for halloween. we will look at the highs first, low-to-mid 70's throughout the santa clara valley and interest santa cruz. 72 in san jose. temperatures will reach 70 everywhere on the peninsula and los gatos and the breezes keep the temperature toes on the coast in the mid-60's. and nearly 70 in downtown, and low-to-mid 70 through the north bay. the breezes at your beach keep you in the 60's. tonight is another cool one, a lot of us in the 40's again, and we will have low-to-mid 50's in fremont, oakland, richmond, san francisco, san rafael, half moon bay, san mateo the warm spots at 58. high pressure is strong enough that it will dethree-quarters the next storm well to the north and that is what is left of anna, the national hurricane center that went through hawaii has come back now as an extra
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tropical storm bringing heavy snow to canada around british columbia. for us we have a passing high cloud and warming. as we jump ahead to thursday we wake up to increasing clouds and the rain creeps in as we head to halloween morning and then we will have scattered showers for the rest of the day. the seven-day forecast shows we real 80 by wednesday, 78 around the bay, 70 at the coast and that is as warm as it gets by saturday we may not make it out of the 60 with that next cold front behind the rain thursday united into friday. >> we start off with 680, walnut creek is now nice and clear there, and as you come through pleasant hill we do not have any accidents but we have one accident in the east bay through antioch with clarification as to what happened in the eastbound direction along highway 4 at laurel road and there is construction project that is leaving one lane open so this accident may have been due to
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the possibility that there was construction so from 160 to laurel that is where you will find construction crews where the accident happened. the rest of the drive, westbound side, is fine. here is a look at the drive through san jose, all moving along at top speed, 101 has no delays through the san jose airport, and 280, and highway 85 and 17, all mice and clear. you can forget the two year contract, sprint has a new iphone for life land. >> here is t.j. with the tech bytes. >> print has a new iphone for life you can lease an iphone for $30 a month and trade it in for a newer model each year with up limited talk, next and data for another $50 a month. there is if news for those who have photo store which shut down over the weekend but a deal with twitter keeps it alleave. are you ever too young to do
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your first selfie? this is a way to post it without your parents' help. >> how low will they go? welcome news at the pump. everywhere but the bay area. >> tourists are taking a big risk for a few moments of fame on social media and what they are doing that has the national are doing that has the national forest service saying "enough is
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it's ok that your progresso! are doing that has the national forest service saying "enough is it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow at chickevegetables an. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant!
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good morning, at 4:52 looking at the coit tower lit up in orange. go, giants, who are up 3-2 in the world series. we will have more on exciting win coming up. >> san francisco will make short-term rentals like airbnb official and legal but with that comes rules and regulations.
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the mayor will sign controversial legislation to create a public registry for hosts who have to pay a fee, abide by 90 day rental limit and pay hotel taxes. opponents say airbnb eats into the limited housing. the legislation pushed by a board of supervisors president david chu has protection against landlords turning residential units into permanent hotels of. >> if you need a fill up, gas prices are at the lowest in four years and the latest survey shows that prices have dropped 18 cents a gallon the past two weeks and dropping 65 cents since the peak in may and it is now 29 percent below what it was this time last year. san francisco has the highest gas price at $3.45 compared to the am of $3.08. >> third annual soapbox derby raced money for a different kind of transportation that goes toward a special project being
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the at the playground a jet inspired by three retired navy secrets that served as the play ground equipment if the 1950's until the 1990s and is expected to open in the next few months. 4:54 and now a look at our weather forecast. >> well start with a look a some of the snow that is possible in lake tahoe on saturday, hike we had over the weekend. high surf is the big story to the south as we head through 5:00, and this morning, by the time you get down there it should be fine so not much to worry about. when you get down there, it will be fine. we have mid-70 through the central valley. 58 in lake tahoe. 67 in monterey. mid-to-upper 70's around san diego and los angeles. 90 in farm springs. up to lake tahoe for the
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weekend, rain on friday, snow open saturday, and early winter mix on sunday and sunshine in the afternoon. this is the second week in a row we have snow in lake tahoe. fingers crossed. >> we will find out what kind of chains will be needed in a few minutes but we will look at the altamont pass, saturdaying to get busy out of tracy, 34 miles per hour is the top speed and it things out then through the pass. you will still see the brake lights through vasco road and then you will seeing in but clear conditions through livermore interest dublin and long 680 headed through pleasanton, in problems. if you go along san leandro and oakland at top speed but the bay bridge is shaky but traffic is moving along without any problems.
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kristen? >> thank you, leyla gulen, crews are cleaning up in oregon where high winds over the weekend caused serious damage for homeowners causing power outages, downed trees and transportation issues for people in the portland area. gusts eached up to 73 miles per hour in some areas around the city, and thousands of people are still without power and pg&e is working to restore power to the customers and the again seas they have not seen this many outages since 2008. >> an approaching lava flow has dozens on the big island of hawaii ready to leave their homes after advancing 250 yards since saturday morning. the flow is the half a mile from the town with the public safety screws notifying residents there could be an evacuation in the next three to five days. >> add another line to "don't feed the bears," don't take any selfies with the bird, either.
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rangers say tourists are getting too close to the wild live at popular bear watching spots. the bears come for the salmon and now they are attracting people wenting to take a selfy with the bears. the bear attacks are rare on people but the forest service is threatening to chose the area to keep tourists from hassling the animals. >> is that selfie with the bird with the it -- with the bear worth it? >> yes. >> the giant as are -- giants are a win away from another trophy. >> and the disappearance of a patient at san francisco subsequent hospital and the action taken against three sheriff deputies. >> new concern ever ebola and a young patient who could be infe
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning. at 5:00 a.m. on monday, october 27. the month has zoomed past. >> when we are in the world series it happens to us. >> when we are involved. >> we notice the winter help like conditions but not today, later this week. >> maybe rain. we are looking at thursday and friday. until we get to the awesome weather, crisp and cool nights with limited fog, which is what we see on live doppler hd followed by warm sunshine and the afternoon i have three days you are going to lovend


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