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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 25, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, it's every parents worst nightmare. kids running from their school after a student opens fire in the cafeteria. tonight, new details about the popular freshman turned killer. and the tearful reunions of those who survived. plus, action figures. brad pitt has one. the stream stunt doubles with the most unforgettable fight scenes of hollywood's stars. and, nature's swingers.
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our journey deep into the jungle to find a rare monkey with an unusual sex life. but first, the "nightline" five. number one, in just 60 seconds.
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good evening. tonight, new details emerging about a popular teen that opened fire in his school cafeteria. killing one student and injured four others before killing himself. what made a homecoming prince into a cold-blooded killer? neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: children running from what should be a safe place. this time, in marysville, seattle. early this morning, the first call comes in from inside the school. a now sickeningly familiar alert. >> five to six shot. i counted five, but i think
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there was six. >> reporter: emergency responders who had just practiced for something like this quickly swarmed the area. >> we need a gurney here. >> reporter: police checking locked doors with guns drawn. minutes later, the gunman reported dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. and another four injured, three in critical condition. all of them inside the school's cafeteria. >> i thought it was firecrackers, and three more went off, people screaming, run, it's a gun! >> i fell over. got up, there was someone laying on the ground. >> reporter: this boy lifts his shirt to show where a shot gr e grazed his back.
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>> i heard a shot go off, everyone ran out, and i heard some gunshots. >> reporter: you heard the shots? soon, parents flooding the area. going to a nearby church to be reunited. >> we're lucky. >> she called me right away so i didn't have to worry for too long. thank god, i can't imagine the parents that hadn't heard from their kids, standing over there. >> it's emotional, everywhere you look. you can see the buses that had taken the kids from the school. it's one huge mass of parents and kids. >> reporter: the alleged shooter, not an outcast or loner, but this year's
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homecoming prince. jaylen fryberg, a popular student. he had just returned to school after reportedly being suspended for a fight. >> i see him every day. >> reporter: was he mad about something? >> no, he was fine. >> reporter: can you make any sense of it? you know him. >> i don't know, like, i have no clue. because he was fine the day before. he was being sassy as always and good. >> reporter: another friend says he spoke to him earlier today. >> from what i heard, there was a couple of bullying incidents. >> reporter: so, what could have set him off. twitter offers some clues, jaylen writing, it won't last.
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also earlier writing, you were right. it breaks me. and on instagram, this photo. he and his birthday present, a gun. though not believed to be the murder weapon. >> boys feeling some sense of failure or loss. >> reporter: dave cullen says the repeat pattern in so many of them is depression. >> if we can attack that problem, we can cure the problem before it gets to the point of a gun. >> reporter: school shootings have become painfully routine around the country. tonight, the shooter's family is keeping to themselves. but the chairman of the native
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american tribe they belong to had this to say. >> sadly, we all know what has become a national trend, and we as a society must address this issue. >> reporter: tonight, the school's championship football game cancelled. and the district plans to close school all of next week. >> we pray for the families that you would comfort them, god, tonight. >> reporter: and a community came together to show support for the victims, and the families that lost so much, and to try to understand something that makes to sense. neal karlinsky, for "nightline," washington. next, how does j-law survive in the hunger games?
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the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. you're about to meet the muscle behind some of hollywood's most famous bodies. from brad pitt to jennifer lawrence, they're behind many of your favorite film fights. rachel smith is in the middle of the action.
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>> reporter: the fe row, battle scenes in "300," "the bourne legacy" and "john wick" have in common? these guys? they're hollywood's premiere stunt coordinators. their stunt training studio and production company is where los angeles goes to learn to kick butt from the best. who are some of your biggest customers? >> hugh jackman, stallone. >> reporter: so, the expendables, the avengers. the cast of x-men.
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what makes them stand out from other powerhouses in the business is their unique approach to landing the job. they storyboard a stunt sequen e sequence, shooting a full scene for directors. >> we want the job, here's what you caould have. it's like mini film school. that's going to hurt. >> reporter: watch how this scene ended up almost frame for frame in the movie, "the avengers." >> it's pg-13, we take down the violence and add a comedic aspect to it. >> reporter: it was close to this in the actual film itself. >> yes, very, very close. >> reporter: and this scene
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from "tron legacy" ended up in the movie. >> we've shot so many second units and action units. you block action very similar to how you block a dialogue seen. when the camera is up, you make sure it's compelling. if it isn't, you go again. >> reporter: when they heard that the film "john wick" was looking for a director, it was time to make the jump to the director's chair. >> we resonated with the material, so we had to do the movie. we sent an e-mail to keanu and said, what would you think if we directed this? and he said, that would be awesome. >> they have been directing second unit for five, six, seven, years. they know how to make a movie.
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i was hoping they could bring something to "john wick" but i was secretly hoping they would direct it. it was great to collaborate with them, because it made this film personal in a way that i haven't experienced. >> reporter: just working with these two? >> we've been through some fires together. >> reporter: literally. they both started doubling for action greats like keanu. >> we met on the first "matrix" film. >> it was no joke. there's a lot to do in it. >> reporter: right. >> chad broke bones. he got -- he got hurt making
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that movie. >> reporter: dave stunt doubles for brad pitt in "mr. and mrs. smith" and in "troy." and here, they employ a roster of stunt doubles. >> we have black widow and captain america. >> reporter: don't tell her that captain america is my favorite. >> action jackson. >> reporter: sam hargrave doubled chris evans. but he's in tip-top shape. >> he's in fantastic condition. i work with a lot of physically talented actors. and his recall for physical movement is incredible.
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>> reporter: and scarlet joe hanson in "the avengers". >> she likes to try to stunts. >> reporter: what does this feel like? >> it's amazing to be a hero. like being a kid and putting on a halloween costume on. with the new avengers movie, i had a couple people saying, i bet you're dying in that hot suit. with wigs. i said, no, i don't care. i'm an avenger. >> reporter: does the business run in the family? >> it does. my sister renee is also here. >> reporter: she doubles for jennifer lawrence in the hunger games. >> i take care of the short ones, she takes care of the tall
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ones. >> reporter: but on this day, the stunt doubles to the stars take the daunting challenge of teaching some of their moves to a very new protege. >> quick adjustment. it's a tap. he's going to sell it. i'm barely tapping him. >> reporter: and once a director, always a director. they're treating me like i'm on a real film set. one thing is clear, as long as hollywood is kicking butt and taking names, these guys are going to be the ones making it happen. that's what i'm talking about. for "nightline," i'm rachel smith in los angeles. next, we'll go to borneo in search of a monkey with a very strange sex life.
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we're about to take a journey to the jungles of borneo in search of a rare monkey. but it's not a sight you'll soon forget. and they could teach us a thing or two about how to have a swinging good time. here's gloor ria ri gloria rif .
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>> reporter: borneo is a lush region in southeast asia. but this strange creature rarely receives the spotlight, even though he has a gigantic nose designed to lure the ladies. the problem is, there aren't many of those monkeys left. only about 8,000 on the island. our guide thinks this will help. the males use their noses like echo chambers. >> i got one. it worked. >> reporter: the real prize is
1:04 am
spotting a male monkey. they are leery of humans, who have been encroaching on their habitat. they know humans are their friends there. what's changed their minds? free food. we enter the hideaway. oh, my god. >> this is one family. >> reporter: it's okay. look at him. oh, my god. there he is. don't go. just as i start to soak it in -- this is so amazing because this is -- oh. he darts away to protect his family. so, we ease in closer, bearing gifts. there you go. typically, there are eight to ten families.
1:05 am
this stud has 20. it's a little bit indecent, but what do you call it? >> 24 hours. >> reporter: 24 hours? no wonder they're the romeo of the jungle. but the population is taking a nosedive. their population has been cut in half in the last 50 years. what's killed them off? >> palm oils. >> reporter: the scourge of the jungle. used in many things, like oil. this is a palm oil plantation. they're all over borneo. this one, 800 acres. destroying the monkeys' habitat.
1:06 am
they're lucky to have a safe place. for "nightline," gloria riviera in borneo. >> thanks for watching "nightline." we're always at have a great weekend. - ( roars ) roars )rri)
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