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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 6:00, we made it to the end of the week, and we made it to the day that world series comes to the bay area. >> thank you is right. game three. we will take it. we have a 2-1 lead. if everything goes right and the weather will cooperate. >> coming hope to its rightful place. gorgeous at game with temperatures in the upper 60's and falling into the low 60's and just mostly sunny and increasing clouds and nothing to worry about with fog around half moon bay and santa rosa and live doppler hd showing quarter-mile visibility. we are hanging out in the mid-to-upper 50's and upper 60's with sun by noon and 64 at 7:00. you will need a coat. inland the fog is in the north bay and 70 at noon and
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mid-to-upper 70's before average at 4:00. you will need a coat all day at coast where it is partly sunny to mostly cloudy in the low-to-mid 60. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge and we have a 10-minute drive away from the maze into the city. it could be worse. it is not too bad. it is dicey over here at lafayette if you are traveling westbound you will find the jam at 13 miles per hour for the top speed at highway 24 but a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer caught fire and we have two lanes shut down causing big backups from before pleasanton hill so the drive from walnut creek is tough. breaking news two dozen residents are safe at early morning evacuation with flaming
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breaking out in a milpitas apartment combatting nearby homes. our news reporter is at the scene. >> the fire marshal arrived and now it is his job to go in and try to figure out exactly what started the fire. the firefighters say they do not think it is suspicious. a few hour ago this was the scene of a dramatic rescue. firefighters arrived at the home in milpitas just before 3:00 this morning and four people, a grandmother, the mother, and two children were trapped on the roof with flames burning up the first floor. firefighters and police officers helped to get them down and the grandmother was burned and taken to the hospital. she is to stable condition. a second alarm was called early because firefighters few they need more help to do the rescue and out out the fire. >> we few in was a rescue involved so we had to commit entire resources so when we
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called for the second alarm we do that in anticipation of what could occur. if this case, this was exposure to the adjacent properties. >> 20 people were evacuated from five homes. they were let in an hour later. the dog died in the fire and was found on the first floor. no word on where the three victims will stay this morning. they are getting help from the red across. >> 11 hours to go to the first pitch and the first world series game at at&t park between the giants and the royals at home and fans will try to give the giants a huge home field advantage while they try to win the pivotal game three. amy hollyfield is at at&t park on the field. >> good to back home. the c.e.o. of the giants think it is an advantage to be at home and says he thinks the crowd
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will. power the team which got back on home surf yesterday, did a little practicing on the field and batting practice and working out. they suffered a big loss on wednesday in kansas city but they the new abc7 news now. it is time to shake it off and turn it around. hudson will first for the first world series pitching if his career of 16 years. >> almost a sense of relief. finally it is here. what i hope and dream for through my career, it is here, and there is not going to be anyone on the field more ready than i am he is excited and the restaurants and parts say bring it on. the water bar has ordered an extra 5,000 oysters to get through the weekend and champagne battles with the giants logo and restaurants and bars bet three home games over a weekend so it should be a guaranteed boost in business. hopefully the fans will celebrate if they have any money
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left. the tickets are showing standing room only costs you about $550. thanks, a huge party last night at bi27 complete with fireworks and live music with 2,000 invited guests turned out for the galley that included executives, sponsors, friends and families of both the giants and royals and other members of major league baseball. the mascot made an appearance. >> there is a big change security wise for all deliveries going into at&t park during the world series with trucks first have to go topiary 96 where homeland security will scan the trucks. drivers are given a special card showing they clear asked then they have more homeland security
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and san francisco police officers stationed. the first pitch is 5:07 and game four is tomorrow and game five on sunday and game six and seven are back in kansas city if necessary to the best seven series. this morning the dream to move the oakland a's moves on. the oakland baseball game and the long time south bay souter have agreed on a deal to extend the nexts for seven years and want to build the ballpark for the an and is trying to win approval from courts or major league baseball. >> the tell is three months after the a's and oakland agree to a ten area lease extension to keep the team at the coliseum. develops news while investigators try to retrace the steps of a new york doctor testing positive for ebola. they want to know if he spread the virus to anyone else.
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>> the 33-year-old first is the first to test positive in new york city for the virus. officials are saying if anywhere, new york is the most prepared city not united states. the tests were positive for dr. spencer and he returned hope the united states a week ago after working with ebola parents in after calculate officials say he came down with symptoms early and was tested immediately. investigators are working to retrace every step before that including shutting down a popular new york bowl alley he visited. the governor cuomo says new york is ready to act and move quickly. >> we have acted very, very quickly and identified four of people would we -- who we
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believe he came in contact during the relevant period. we are in contact with all four of these people. we feel good about the way we are handling the situation. he says unlike dallas where two nurses contacted the disease, new york had final to prepare for the possibility of a case of ebola. we do know that the doctor is being isolated with his fiance and two others have been isolated. if their -- in their homes. this morning the san francisco tour guide whose rant became internet fodder is talking. only to abc7. >> these people wake you up at [ blank ] and make all the [blank] noise all the time. there are too many of them out here and [ blank ] >> the guide was caught on camera ranting before a group of
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tourists on a tour through chinatown on the last day on the job. she spoke with our reporter exclusively last night but first asked to be paid. we refused. she talked anyway and said she didn't want to be identified and the rant was a joke that went wrong. >> i intended to do it as a satire and comic portion of the tour. i thought i could bend the rules and i thought i could be out rageous and it went too far. >> she and the san francisco supervisor david chu have agreed to work together and figure out to mend relations between her and the people of china town. officials this morning at golden gate bridge are taking up the idea of a toll for bicyclives and walkers. it is just one of 45 initiatives the district is considering to
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reduce projected ten year $209 million deficit. this morning, the meeting is open to the public. it will be held at the district offices of the golden gate bridge toll plaza. it starts at 10:00 a.m. >> waste management workers are taking part if a one-day strike in the east bay. 130 works will picket outside headquarters in oakland and san lenadro. there is only a small group outside the solano tremendous facility claiming the company was disrespectful and discriminatory to union workers. a majority are immigranted who speak spanish. trash collectors will work and the trash will still be picked up this o. >> now a check on the weather at at&t park. >> we are in the home fists in
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the south bay and 57 is a warm spot and june at campbell and cupertino for the cool spot. we have 61 in alameda and 60 in redwood city and most of us are in the mid-to-upper fists until calistoga at 50. danville is 48. novato is 52. san francisco is 58 right now but will jump to 69 this afternoon. the mid-70's throughout the bay shore and upper 70's into the south bay and nearly 80 inland and partly sunny at the coast and cooler today while the rest of us are warmer. we will have rain rolling in tonight through tomorrow and showers tomorrow afternoon and continue degree cooler and more sunshine but we are in the cool air mass and will mostly sunny conditions on monday and we will modify the air mass to the warm side by a couple of degrees. >> a car fire in lafayette is causing big problems with huge delays coming away from 680 is
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you are on the brakes westbound highway 24 you are slow approaching the scene of the fire involving a us horse trailer so hopefully they got all the horses out and now we have bad traffic. and closer to highway 24 the traffic, now, is bunching up and drive time traffic 580 westbound tracy to dublin is backed up. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. new at 6:00, a new gun technology for police developed in the silicon valley and how it can help officers in trouble without calling for backup. >> resuming the royal duties the duchess makes her first appearance after being out of the public eye for two months
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with acute
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look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. and friday morning at 6:15. california from a california
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start-up could let police know when an officer's weapon has been fired without calling it in. a small device fits in the handle of a police handgun and it connected with the officer's smart 15. if the officer's gun is taken out of the holster or fired, dispatch are notified. the device can track where the gun is located so if an officer is unable to call for help he can still be found. santa cruz county sheriff are the first averages to test the new technology. if london kate turned heads after arriving at a charity in a stunning black dress. she always looks stunning. she attempted a dinner in support of drug addiction charity. she is resuming her royal duties after two months out of the public i didn't while suffering from acute morning sickness. kate is expecting her second baby with prince william in april. the first born, prince george,
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is 14 months old. >> nice shoes. >> i was looking for the baby bump. you cannot see the baby bump. >> the camera purpose was looking at the shoes. here we are, hosting the world series if san you are in san francisco, again, you can buy tickets. >> we will have a forecast for game throw and four ahead. this morning, it is quiet on live doppler hd with low clouds along the coast. the retreat northbound happened overnight and we a wind from the west at the golden gate bridge and otherwise, it is quiet. there could be a little bit of fog developing later in the commute because there is low clouds along the coast. warmer and dry and brighter and rain tonight and breezy and showers and dry on sunday and warmer next week.
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custody above average at 81 in gilroy and mid-to-upper 70 through south bay and santa cruz is the cloud cover keeping you at 70 and mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula and san mateo at 74 and mid-60s at the coast. sausalito will flirt with 70. mid-60's and sunshine through inland valleys and berkeley at 72 but, otherwise, mid-70's throughout the east bay shoreline and 7 a in oakland and upper 70's to nearly 80 degrees inland. we will talk about the game starting off with 67 degrees at 5:00 and drop to 83 with a few more clouds. tomorrow, we will have wet weather but it will not be heavy and why believe it will keep the game from happening with thunderstorms that will stay in the north bay. be prepared for wet weather. 65 and dropping to 62. tonight you can see the light rain in green to moderate in the
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north bay. it is milder tomorrow, upper 50 to mid-60's. the cold front retreated to the north. this area of low pressure will bring us the steady and heavier rain so here we are in the evening hours, dry for game three, as we head to 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, and steady rain through 10:00 and in the afternoon hours you can see the showers and scattered thunderstorms to the north and they will taper as we head through the game. it will become sunny on sunday and temperatures are the same as tomorrow. that is ten degrees cooler than today with rainfall up to 1.5" in north bay and .5" around the bay and .15" in the south bay. sunshine on monday, but increasing temperatures and clouds tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week. someone lost a mattress on lower deck of the bay bridge
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with a couple of lanes blocked by a mattress at treasure island. eastbound side does not have delays. westbound portion into the city you could see a too brake lights flashing. there are no accidents. what we do have and what should be a traffic advisory is westbound highway 24 where a truck carrying a horse trailer caught fire and two lanes are still blocked and the horses are still on the trailer but it is detached so everyone is okay. seven miles per hour is the top speed through lafayette but we have heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way from 680. we have giants and the world series and a game at the arena and at levi stadium pac 12 conference with cal taking on university of oregon at 7:30 with tremendous traffic in the area. use mass transit. >> can i slip in a "go bears."
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>> target tries to be cheap and chic. do their products miss the mark? michael finney has what to do and what to not. >> targets tried to be clean and chic discount selling everything, including 2,000 stores in the united states and canada. "consumer reports" shows the store brands are often backed by quality. however, some target products miss the park. >> target can be one top shopping, you go for toilet tissue and have a good looking sweater, and food. you can often do very well in the pharmacy department over the years, "consumer reports" has found target prices are lower than drugstore changes like c.v.s. and wall greens and particularly good for the store
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brands and aspirin. >> they have the upskate archer farms brand and market opinion try which is more bake. >> "consumer reports" judged market pantry as good as heinz and found the mayo rivals helmans. and the pure maple syrup is thick with bold flavor and you can start your day with the black and decker 12 cup grip coffee maker that made "consumer reports" pick list and is a target exclusive. but shop elsewhere for the pantry, because their coffee is near the bottom in "consumer reports" leaving a bitter place. snack foods are great to stock up on, with testers like market
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pantry and granola bars and the trail mix. "consumer reports" recommends stopping by the freeze are case, with the market pantry, frozen mixed vegetables are as risk and fresh as bird's eye which cost more. the abc morning news continues at 630. >> another case of ebola diagnosed in the heart of new york city with the latest on the circle of contact of the man. >> levi stadium hosts the first college football game. the world series comes home to san francisco. next we will have a preview of it's a fresh approach
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on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning at 6:29. so glad you woke up early and joined us. giants will win the world series game -- they will compete
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in world soars -- world series game three. >> you don't have to be objective. >> it is okay. >> upper 60's and sun and dropping into the low 60's by end of game. temperature it could be threatened by the wet weather. we will talk about the commute hazards with half moon bay and less than quarter-mile at half moon bay. the high clouds shift to the north but the low clouds slid along the coast with fog to the north and that is the case in the morning. low clouds cling to the coast and the rest us are sunny starting off in the 50's and we will be in the low 60 to mid-70's from the coast inland and mid-60's to upper 70 by 4:00 and at 7:00 we will be comfortable if you have a coat, low-to-upper 60. >> we have another crash that now is causing delays from lafayette to orinda.
6:31 am
before you get to orinda we have two lanes block and that is where a horse trailer and truck caught fire. you are looking at heavy delays away from 680 with backups at 680. pushing to the west from orinda, we have an accident causing one lane to be blocked. plenty of yellow and green as you head between tracy and dublin and it will take 32 minutes from tracy to dublin. security formers and field crews are making final preparations at at&t park is ready to host the next three games of the world series tonight. giants fans are basking in an orange flow and -- orange flow. amy hollyfield is at at&t park. >> we are playing at home.
6:32 am
finally. the same is set. look at the big world series logo: it looks good. everyone is in here clearing tonight and officials are on the outside doing what they can to make sure everyone in here is safe. trucks with deliveries have to be screened first before they can get freeway near here and that is happening at bi96 with customs and board protection officials overseeing that process. san francisco police will keep a close cry on the ballpark watching for car burglaries and selling of counterfeit tickets. >> there is a significant presence of oscars in uniform and plain clothes. >> the city is excited. restaurants and parts are ready to welcome the excitement. the water bar has ordered 5,000 extra oysters and champagne bottles with the giants logo. three home games over a weekend should amount to a lot of
6:33 am
business. we hope the fans are there celebrating. everyone wants a win but everyone would really love to see them win the world series at home. to watch it at the ballpark it will cost, advertising standing room only seats for $550. thanks, the percent. as worked out at at&t park yesterday after getting back from kansas city and the pitcher hudson will get the first world series start ever in his career and looking forward to it. the orange and black are 3-1 post-season at home. if history is a guide, tonight's outcome determines would will win the series so game they is critical. 16 of the past 19 tied at 1-1, went on to win all. >> with tens of thousands headed to at&t park, expect $100 or
6:34 am
more for parking and public transportation could be the way to go. muni has additional service tone and fans can take bart, caltrain, or ferry. three taxi stands are available near at&t and the san francisco bicycle coalition is running a security bicycle parking facility on the south side of the park. if you decide to drive add waze to navigate the trouble stop by joining free apple app and google play. the first pitch for the evening is 5:07. game four and game five saturday and sunday, same time. games six and seven are back if scan scan. >> there is another big game the cal bears take on the oregon ducks with oregon fans scoping out the venue and this is the first college football game held in the new home and the crowd will be big. 60,000 people expected to kickoff with all the fans and
6:35 am
normal friday night rush hour traffic could make for a nightmare commute. let's place a wager. >> the city of walnut creek is offering incentive to get more people toship downtown on the holiday season and will offer free valet service and garage packing starting november 5 through end of the year. not each day. the tree parking is only valid on wednesday nights which is the slow of the night of the the week in downtown walnut creek. the city manager hopes the officer will lure more holiday shoppers and change that. >> the san francisco tour guide whose rant was caught on spread is apologizeing for her outburst. >> these people wake you up at 6:00 a.m. and make all this [blank] and there are so many [blank] out here. >> the guy delivered the rant
6:36 am
while escorting a group of tourists through chinatown a week and a half away and told us her side of the story. she did not want to be identified and said it was her last day at work and the rant was intended to be a satire but admits it may be seep as mean and racist. >> when you come to america you have to assimilate a little bit and here in america we don't eat turtles and frogs. >> maybe that was a personal jab against the chinese people. >> the woman angered supervisor dave chu and programmed to work with him to mend 70s with the chinese american community. >> a new york doctor is in isolation after testing positive for ebola and officials are trying to retrace his steps and anyone he may have come in contact with. we go to bellevue hospital in new york city.
6:37 am
>> good morning. the doctor is treated at bellevue hospital. he is in isolation. officials say they have been preparing for this for months and in new york city they are ready for the first case of ebola. >> three was rushed by special crews to new york city's bellevue hospital. doctor spencer now in isolation. he was diagnosed with ebola. officials in new york had a swift and strong message to the millions of visitors. >> we have been preparing for months for the threat posed by ebola. we have clear and strong protocols. they are being followed scrupulously. >> a team of disease detectives tracing the doctor's movements since the return from west africa where he was treating ebola patient.
6:38 am
>> he landed at john f. kennedy october 27, through brussels and took his temperature twice a day and was mindful of contact with people and despite feeling fatigued the fight before the diagnosis he want bowling in brooklyn and stopped in a restaurant and rode the subway. >> the first time this patient had fever was today and fever is the typical sign of a person developing contagious ebola. >> health officials emphasize how difficult ebola is to catch, neighbors of spencer now are sealing off their apartment and are on edge. >> i am surprised he was allowed to come here because of the exposure. >> officials are watching three people very closely: his live in fiance is here at the hospital
6:39 am
showing no symptoms of ebola but held here in quarantine. two friends are in quarantine at their homes. thank you. leadership more of en-- learn more of ebola, the seven things you need to know including the origin, symptoms and how it is transmitted. 6:39, we are following breaking news in milpitas after a firetrapped a family if their home and they were rescued from the roof. we have the latest from the scene. >> a wildfire in southern california and another sign that the dry conditions are far from
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back at 6:412 with -- at 6:42, at 68 dropping to 63 during the game. in danville they have fall craft fair and if you are headed to the farm, stanford stadium at 12:30 dropping to 68 with showers. up to lake tahoe it will be wet saturday but it will be dry on sunday. >> we have a brand new accident near sfo if you are trying to make a flight, there could be
6:43 am
delays. southbound side of highway 101 at sfo we have a vehicle that overturned on the shoulder but we could have a lane blocked. especially weapon which is on sceneok and emergency crews, ge yourself a few extra points. >> westbound highway 24, up to 27 miles per hour after a truck fire but look at the backup, solid at 680 causing a pinch. one lane is opened and now just one line is blocked at scene of the car fire. >> straight ahead, breaking news in milpitas, an overnight rescue operation to pull a family from the roof of a burning home. >> how much will game three cost you? it does not even come with
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breaking news a dramatic rescue after family in milpitas when flames protect out at their home overnight, sadly, the family suffered a loss. theiring do died in -- their dog died in the fire. a grandmother, a mother and two children were trapped on the roof of the home and the flames
6:47 am
were burning up the first floor. police officers and firefighters were able to rescue them. there were people distressed on the roof and we laddered the building but they were in distress. a couple of them jumped off the roof with assistance from police and us and others were escorted with the ladders off the roof. >> the grandmother suffered burns and was taken to the hop. we received an update she is stable. firefighters say flames were coming from the home in milpitas before 3:00 this morning and the second alarm was called and 20 people were evacuated from the surrounding home and let back in, in an hour. the family dog died found on the first floor. if you look here, a cab is leaving the scene and the american red cross is here putting the family in the cab
6:48 am
and head to hospital to check on the grandmother. then the american red cross says they are going to put the family up if a hotel. >> a pressure fire in very dry southern california is under control this morning after battling the flames near the will rogers state park. they step advancing after burning two acres. there are several hotspots still causing concerns. he hope to have flames under criminal in a few hours. >> you know the hot ticket? the world series at at&t park. >> that is where everyone wants to be. the ticket prices reflect that. >> stubhub shows standing room tickets at $542 to start down from a week ago but that is high, obviously. if you want to be behind home
6:49 am
plate, it is $4,000! the praises are fluctuating based on how we do tonight and saturday and everyone wants to be there for the clincher and the parade. we will keep you posted. >> since kristen is buying, i'll buy dinner. >> i will buy you a view from my couch. >> what time? 5:00? >> i will send you the e-vi st. e. >> forecast looks nice and dropping to 63 and you will need a light jacket. now, tomorrow, wet weather threatens the game. will it be heavy you have in top the game? i don't think.
6:50 am
everything cleared overnight with low clouds along the coast and fog around santa rosa and half moon bay but otherwise it is quiet. if you head to part we have 50 in dublin and everyone else in the upper 50's and 61 at sfo and pittsburg is 55 and lafayette is vex and 55 and oakland and san francisco is 59. 280 and 17 in san jose, waking up to less cloud cover so warmer, dry are and prettier day. cooler because of the clouds. breezy and showers tomorrow and dry on sunday. warmer next week. gilroy will be nearly 80 and close in morgan hill. a lost upper 70 and santa cruz at 70 because of clouds. ten degrees cooler along the coast and state department in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-60's in the north bay and coastline and mid-70 inland with sunshine and low-to-mid soviets along the east bay shore and upper 70's to 80 in antioch and livermore
6:51 am
inland. you can see the rain coming in, and moderate rain across the north bay and milder, and mid-50 to mid-60. the area of low pressure develops loan the front and that holds the cold front back to the north and the cold front will bring us the rain start tonight so world series game three tonight it looks if with a few high clouds and you can see the light-to-moderate rain coming in at 5:00 in the morning and by 10:00 or 11 o'clock it is gone and scattered thunderstorms develop in the afternoon heat and that taper as we head to the end of game and they will threaten the game from time to time and overnight we will start to clear out and back up to increasing senator hype on sunday as far as rainfall totals, 1.5" around the north bay and 1" in santa clara valley. two to ten degrees cooler with clouds increasing on tuesday, wednesday and thursday but the temperatures increase, as well.
6:52 am
>> we have an injury accident, if you are leaving san francisco and headed to catch a flight we have one lane blocked, southbound 101 at sfo so do be careful we have light conditions so far but it could change quickly. we are still seeing c.h.p. and other million crews headed to the scene. traffic is bad. westbound highway 24, but the good news is the car fire is cleared and all lanes have re-opened. the backups show heavy delays away from walnut creek and it is evident here on southbound 680 moving from main street to highway 24 and to make it from highway 24 to the 24 junction it will take you 16 minutes. we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news continues if 90 seconds. i thought it'd b ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. re discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has
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"too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46. had -- here are seven things to know: milpitas family is safe after having been rescued from a burning home this morning. emergency crews pulled the grandmother, mom, and two kids trapped on the roof to safety. the grandmother suffered burns and is stable at hospital. the family dog did not make it. >> happening now, waste management workers are on strike for one day in the east bay saying the company manager was disrespectful to union workers. they say that the strike is not
6:55 am
sanctioned and the trash pickup will go on as landed. >> america city doctor has tested positive for ebola. the 33 year old man returned from west africa after working with ebola patients. he is the fourth infected with ebola in the united states. his boyfriend and two friends are unsupervision. avoid the area around levi stadium tone anthony -- tonightf possible, cal is playing oregon ducks and in addition it is a friday commute. >> giants worked out at at&t park yesterday and tim hudson gets the first world series start, the first in his career. 16 of the last 19 who broke the 1-1 best with game three win, went on to win the whole thing. >> welcome to one of the warmest days as the high clouds clear
6:56 am
and low cloud develops along the coast and half moon bay as half moon half mile visibility. mostly sunny. no need to worry about the game, it will be cool by the end of game, with temperatures from the mid-60's and in the low 70's to 80 and warmer. traffic is ugly here on the san mateo bridge and you can see coming from hayward to foster city, it will take you 13 to 15 minutes to make that trip and not is hot. not so hot here, walnut creek headed away from highway 4 to the 24 junction, packed conditions because of an early car near that has cleared with all lanes now re-opened. >> oh joy, friday morning traffic. we will be back here in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" with
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, ebola in new york city. a doctor just back from africa diagnosed with the deadly disease raced to the hospital. health officials tracking his every movie right now. four people being monitored. was the doctor contagious when he went bowling, took a taxi and rode one of the biggest subway systems in the world? new video of the terror attack in canada's capital. the lone wolf attacker running from a stolen car into the parliament, gun in hand, people running for cover. new details about the suspect. and this terrifying attack at home. a man with a hatchet attacking police officers. was it tied to terror? havoc on the highway, this swarm of motorcyclists caught on camera, pulling wheelies on the road, standing on their seats, taunting a police officer. the search for the bikers. will this joyride mean jail time?


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