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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 23, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight -- >> get out! >> terror in the streets. a hail of bullets inside canada's parliament building. [ gunfire ] >> a deadly rampage putting parts of the canadian capital into lockdown. just miles from the u.s. border, the motive, still a mystery. who is behind the attack? and are we at risk? >> you need to leave. plus, famous faces. what would bridget jones say? >> dad, hi. >> oscar winning actress renee szell weller nearly unrecognizable, setting off a storm of controversy over her new look.
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good evening. terror in canada's capital city today. just across the border. a soldier gunned down in cold blood, shots ringing out in the parliament building. putting the american embassy there on lockdown. tonight, new information about the alleged killer, believed to be a canadian jihadist with a police river for drug and robbery arrests. with 90 other radicals there possibly tied to islamic extremist groups, what's the threat here at home? my "nightline" co-anchor dan harris is on the scene. dan? >> reporter: juju, good evening to you from ottawa. we're standing now about a block away from where these sheetings were carried out earlier today. and just now, part of the grim choreography of these things. a makeshift memorial is starting to grow here right near the scene.
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all day long, we saw some shocking images. and we also heard about one extraordinary act of courage. >> everybody out. >> reporter: a day of mayhem and fear in the halls of canada's parliament and on the streets of ottawa. canada's capital city, just 60 miles from the american border, paralyzed. it all started before 10:00 a.m. at canada's national war memorial. a man with a rifle shot and killed corporal nathan cirillo who was dressed in ceremonial uniform, guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier. some bystanders rushing to his aid. others in shock. >> third, fourth shot. he took off. >> yelled at guys, everyone, you know, get down, get down. >> get out of the way! >> reporter: police, guns drawn, began hunting for the shooter. >> war memorial. call for shots fired. we may have multiple patients. one soldier has been hit. >> reporter: just two minutes after the initial shooting,
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another attack. this time, inside the packed parliament building, just steps away from the war memorial. [ gunfire ] reporter josh wingrove holding onto his camera through all of it. >> we heard gunshots come up from there and sort of ducking my held down the hall, we saw the smoke from the guns, you could smell it almost instantly. >> reporter: members of parliament barricading doorways with chairs and tables. >> two rapid fire bursts of gunfire were heard just outside our room. and at that point, we just barricaded the room. >> reporter: police swarming rooftops. sweeping the government complex. some workers huddling in the dark. others scrambling to safety. meanwhile, the prime minister, stephen harper, who was in the building at the time, was whisked away to an undisclosed location. the rampage in the parliament building, finally ended when
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sergeant at arms kevin vickers shot and killed the gunman. lawmakers taking to twitter to praise vickers as a hero. as police tried to figure out how many gunmen were on the lose and in how many locations, such of the city went into lockdown, including the heavily fortified u.s. embassy. for hours, people were ordered off the streets and away from windows, as officers swarmed the city center. >> everyone needs to leave now! leave! >> reporter: they went building to building, clearing shops and ushering people to safety. >> come on out. straight down along the souide the building. >> this is an ongoing operation. we are asking members of the public to stay away from the downtown core. >> reporter: the lockdown still in place when we arrived in ottawa in the late afternoon. you can tell we're in an area that is going through an emergency. we're seeing ambulances, paramedics and just police all over the place. most of the street's blocked off. it's going to be hard for us to get close to the scene at this point. and then, shortly after president obama weighed in from
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washington, d.c. -- >> we don't yet have all the information about what motivated the shooting. >> reporter: a major development. we learned the name of the suspected shooter. canadian michael see half by bow. sources telling abc news he was 342 years old, born in canada and a recent convert to islam. investigators in canada and america immediately began hunting for clues on the suspect. today's attack came at a time of heightened alert here in canada. just two days ago a man who had been on a terror watch list here and who had boasted of his ties to isis targeted two canadian soldiers in quebec after laying in wait for two hours, he used his car to run the soldiers down, killing one of them and wounding the other. he was shot and killed after flipping his vehicle during a high speed chase and this knife was recovered at the scene. >> what took place yesterday is clearly linked to terrorist ideology. >> involved in the investigation
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in the june 2014. >> reporter: the man who was described by local officials as ral cadized has been arrested why trying to leave the country. >> we could not have enough evidence to charge him and to detain him, so we released him. >> reporter: radicalization is a growing problem here. authorities say so many canadians have gone to syria to join isis that they've ooichb created their own recruitment videos with iconic canadian scenes. >> before islam, i was like any other regular canadian. i watched hockey. >> reporter: canadians have been seen burning their passports and carrying out brutal murders. an the internet has been brimming with isis propaganda videos, with calls to kill canadians along with other allies of the u.s., using whatever weapons are available. >> the dangerous part of this is, when you see one attack, it tends to crop up others. i would not be surprised at all if there are more in canada and
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across the west in general. >> reporter: late in the day here in ottawa, one bit of good news. the three people sent to the hospital during the attack were discharged. >> for the second time this week, there has been a brutal and violent attack on our soil. >> reporter: late tonight, the prime minister addressed the nation, vowing not to be intimidated, but not answering many of the pressing questions. such as, what was the motive? and did he act alone? >> we will learn more about the terrorist and any accomplices he may have had. >> reporter: these are pressing questions for america, too. the violence here in canada raising new and troubling concerns about the security of our 4,000-mile border to the north. the largest unmilitarized border on earth. as we come on the air tonight, the area under parliament here in ottawa is still off-limits as police conduct what they call an active and dynamic investigation. and this country, so new to this kind of violence, is dealing with shock, uncertainty and some
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serious soul-searching to come. for "nightline," this is dan harris in ottawa, canada. up next, renee zellweger debuts a look that sparks questions about what she may have done to her face. and later, it's back to the future, but the future is now. tony hawk hopping on board new technology for funny or die. but it may not be as outlandish technology for funny or die. but it may not be as outlandish as you might think.ession. i still struggled to get going, even get through the day. so i was honest with my doctor. i told him i'd been feeling stuck for a long time. he said that for some people, an antidepressant alone only helps so much and suggested we add abilify (aripiprazole). he said that by taking both, some people had symptom improvement as early as 1 to 2 weeks. i wish i'd talked to my doctor sooner. [ female announcer ] abilify is not for everyone. call your doctor if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in behavior, or thoughts of suicide.
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did she or didn't she? it's a common question hollywood stars face along the red carpet, where plastic surgery and speculation about who has done what to their face is rampant. the latest case in point, renee zellweger, who stopped everyone in their tracks at a benefit this week and came under scrutiny for her altered appearance. has the quest for perfection gone too far? here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: when renee zellweger posed for the paparazzi the other night, heads turned and mouths dropped. the star of "bridget jones diary," known for her full cheeks and distinct eyes didn't quite seem to be herself. as in, she looked physically different. twitter went wild and tabloid headlines online asked, what has
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renee zellweger done to her face? on tv, the ladies of "the talk" dug in. >> i think she's just had the fattiy lids removed and i think she looks quite fabulous. however -- at 45, we are used to seeing renee look a certain way. >> reporter: but was it unnatural enhancement or just plain aging? last night, renee said, quote, "perhaps i look different. who doesn't as they get older? but i am different. i'm happy." for some, the criticism was unfair. at 45, of course she would look different than she did almost 20 years ago in "jerry maguire." >> you had me at hello. >> yes, she look drastically different, but you can't blame her for trying to fight the time. trying to fight age. >> reporter: she made no reference to the enhancement rumors, though she did say she is healthy and that her friends say she looks peaceful. renee said, quote, "for a long
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time i wasn't doing such a good job with that. i took on a schedule that's not realistically sustainable and didn't allow for taking care of myself. i was aware of the chaos, and finally chose different things." >> this is really all about the pressure of hollywood, to stay beautiful. because when you're beautiful, you're relevant, you get jobs, you get attention. and it's something that all act tregss go through and that trickles down to us regular women, as well. >> reporter: renee aside, many women in hollywood have admitted trying to reverse the affects of aging and some have regretted it. courteney cox told "in style" she went overboard with botox in the past and felt trapped in her own skin. cameron diaz said she tried botox, too, but told "e.t." earlier this year she didn't like it. >> i tried it before, where it's like that little tiny touch of something. it changed my face in such a weird way that i was like, no, i don't -- i don't want to, like, i would rather see myself. i would rather see my face,
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aging, than a face that doesn't belong to me at all. >> it would be great to grow old gracefully. if you can have a little help, why not utilize it? why pick the woman apart for doing what every woman in hollywood feels they have to do? >> reporter: some women will do just about everything to stop the clock. women like janice dick kinson who i interviewed four years ago. >> surgery is good for you. it works for you. brow lift, yes, i've had my brow lifted. yes, i had collagen put in. box toe, plenty. >> reporter: you love it. >> it has to be done. >> reporter: below the next? >> you want to talk about my breasts? >> reporter: whatever you got. >> after i had my son, the augmentation pumped up the volume for me. >> reporter: but those breast implants were what brought her to the star of the e reality show "botched." filled with plastic surgery, allegedly gone wrong. >> i want to look like a virgin again. >> this is what happens when they get botched. >> reporter: americans spent
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more than $12 billion on plastic surgery last year. the doctor says the show captured what they see all the time in their practices. the often hidden but quietly whispered about mistakes. what does it say about society that this show exists right now? >> when there's plastic surgery, there's surgery. when there's surgery there are complications. plus, sometimes great isn't good enough. they want perfect. and that pursuit of perfection can sometimes lead to major problems in plastic surgery. >> reporter: according to the doctor, breast implants are the most popular, which, as it turns out, they are also the most commonly messed up. and in his experience, in need of fixing. >> i've seen the entire gamut from too large breast implants that are placed that erode their way through the skin, that when the patient opens their bra, you're looking straight at an implant that has worn a hole. >> reporter: you worry that you're seeing so much of this,
12:57 am
that people have a problem? >> i do worry about it. there's patients who have injected themselves with industrial-grade silicone that you see in warehouses. there are people who have gone across the border and had dangerous procedures done for a discount that absolutely turn into a nightmare. >> reporter: janice dickinson is one of many women who went to the doctor for a tuneup. >> what bothers you most? >> my silicone breasts have been in there for about 30 years. >> reporter: for her, it wasn't a case of something botched as neglected. the doctor says breast implants need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. >> if she has aged, the focus has been on her face. so, any of the surgical procedures she's had on hers have been focused in the upper area. i think she was tired of the paparazzi catching her in photos where she had really bad breasts with lots of rippling and thin skin and it impaired her ability to get certain kinds of jobs.
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>> reporter: she says for 30-year-old implants were having problems and she wanted the doctor to fix them. though, she didn't seem to want to follow the instructions after surgery. >> what is that? >> the drains from my boobs. >> you took your drain out? kill me. this is so dangerous, janice. >> oh, my god. well, i'm sorry. so sue me. >> she was the most challenging patient i've ever had. let's put it this way. if i never operate on janice dickinson again, that would be too soon. >> i had eight or nine covers. >> reporter: despite her multiple procedures, dickinson insists she does not have a problem. do you think you're addicted to plastic surgery? >> no. >> reporter: you've done a lot. >> i've done just about as much as every actress and model out there. >> reporter: i'm neal karlinsky for "nightline" in seattle. up next, just in time for the 25th anniversary of the time travel classic, "back to the
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if you've always dreamed of flying or at least flying a skateboard, listen up. some clever inventors are deb debuting brand new technology that just made turn those sci-fi dreams into a reality. >> hey, hey, stop, little girl, little girl. stop. look. >> hey! >> i need to borrow your -- hover board? >> reporter: back in the '80s, everybody wanted one. marty mcfly's hover board. >> he's on a hover board. >> reporter: the height of technology that hadn't been invented yet, in "back to the future part 2."
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flash forward 25 years to 2014. professional skateboarder tony hawk upgrading his usual mode of transportation in a video for funny or die, quickly going vie value. >> the hefer board has arrived. >> reporter: other celebs lining up to get on board. even the original star himself, christopher lloyd. but sadly, it was too good to be true. >> those rascals over at funny or die tricked you, and me, both into thinking the -- oh, hover boards were real. >> reporter: all in the grand tradition of hoax videos starting with the director of "back to the future 2" himself. he's the prankster responsible for this behind the scenes special, showing stuntmen supposedly testing the board. >> we got our hands on some and well put them in the movie. >> reporter: over the years, imposter inventors have rizsen o
1:05 am
the challenge. coming up with all kinds of wacky ideas, like this water-powered hovering board. and this toy version matel sold a few years back. a major caveat. hover board will not actually hover. but now, all that's about to change. the forward-thinking founders of hendo developing a real hover board. >> the hover board was a perfect example of a steppingstone. we can't go over hedges or normal sidewalks, but we're getting much closer. >> reporter: greg and jill henderson poured their life savings into research to bring the hover board to the streets. cutting edge technology doesn't come cheap. the board expected to cost 10,000 bucks apiece. the hendersons launched a kickstarter campaign. the hendo hover reached its goal in just one day. if all goes according to plan, hover boards will be ready next year on the exact day the movie predicted.
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>> 4:29 p.m. on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> make some people's dreams come true. you know, in time, for marty's arrival. yeah, i guess that did impact the timing. >> better start saving up. flying skateboards may be all the rage next holiday season. thanks for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up soon and tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. also always, we're online at good night, america.
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