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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the giants begin the classic with a smashing start. we have the post-game reaction. are you happy? >> yes. what makes you happy? >> be alive. >> only here an interview with a giants fan, bryan stow, and what he wants for the future and what he remembers from the night of his brutal beating. >> a disturbing discovery at a recycling center and what san jose police are reveal of a body found. thanks for joining us on wednesday at 6:00. >> first, meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. tracking low clouds along the coast. we are starting clear with a few high clouds. that is the case headed throughout the morning and cool again with temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's and 70 at
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4:00 and quiet this evening so grab a coat for 63 degrees. low 40's inland. nearly 70 at noon. not so bright as yesterday. enjoy the evening of mid-to-upper 60's and low clouds this afternoon. mid-60's this afternoon. how is the commute? >> it will be more of a problem. if you are just waking up, we are looking at traffic building right here at the bay bridge toll plaza is if you are coming from the maze it will take you 15 minutes from san francisco. we have a problem here in san francisco southbound along 101 after a car sideswiped another. there is debris if the lanes. you could see slowing as you make the way around hospital curve and a look at the richmond and san rafael toll plaza more
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traffic building but still moving. we have protecting news from gilroy right now and cal fire is off to ferguson and there is a large number of pallets on fire with smoke rising in the air that is approximately 10,000 square feet in size and we are working do gather more details for you. you can follow us on twitter at twitter@bayarea >> that is it. the giants take game one. closing it out after bumgarner was amazing to start the classic with gale one of the world series and now tonight they will try to do it again if game two in kansas city.
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here is more on game and how the players are reacting to the big victory. you are looking for mvp, hunter pence is in the running, shooting a two run shot to right center field. before that home run permitter was 0-11 against royals pitcher shields. in the 4th, he doubled starting a rally that get a couple more runs and sent heels to the dug out early. the royals never made up the lost ground after bumgarner had his "a" game and then after the game he talked about the focus. >> my mind when i am playing and
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doing something good, it is empty. why know what is going on around me and my family will be mad if i am watching t i won't hear anything around me. it is a blessing and a curse. on the field it works. at home people are mad at me. >> it worked for him last night and the giants hope it works out again tonight for the team heading back to the stadium at 5:00 this evening. now here is a look at the schedule, game two tonight, and then game four and five in
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san francisco. >> a story you will see only right here, we hear from giants fan bryan stow beaten outside the stadium in 2007 and gave an emotional interview to espn and we are seeing and hearing the incredible progress he has made. he suffered severe brain damage in a brutal beating opening day three years ago witholds in the memory including the winning of the world series in 2010 and 2012 but he says the recent run is a blessing to his life. >> why do you love the psychiatriant -- giants? >> why not? who else am i going to light? the a's? the dodgers? no, the giants are where it's at. >> he lives with his parents and is looked after by his family. he was awarded $18ment in a settlement but he is not
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receiving the money because of set backs with the court but now he is happy for be alive and happy are seeing his team win. at 6:30 our reporter will have much more on the exclusive interview. developing news police in the south bay trying to figure how a body ended up in a recycling center. we have detail on the investigation. the coroner will determine the cause of death and identify the body the adult body was found in recycling material at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. it is on the border of san jose and milpitas off of 880. this is where it is dumped. they keep track of where the waste is picked up and where it
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is dumped so investigators can look at the records to narrow down the location where the body was picked up by the recycling truck. this is no wore -- word if the adult body is a man or woman. >> back to breaking news from a too moments ago, this is in gilroy at ferguson where a large pallet of wood is on fire. >> we have information a large barn is fully involved and burning, a 10,000 square foot fire so far and san jose and girlry fire departments are both working on the fire. the incident commander said they have requested strike team type
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one engines if needed but right now you are look at a picture and map of the location at ferguson and crews road which is east gilroy area but you can see the flames from far, far away as this is becoming pretty large, large pallet fire in gilroy. this is a mile and a half away from the gilroy outlet mall so if you can picture that, it is where the fire is burning you can see a large amount of fire equipment on the scene and asking for more. i don't see any water on the fire right now, no word on injuries and we will keep you informed of this as it continues and we get more information and sky seven is providing the amazing pictures. >> you will want to physical on twitter for the latest on this
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fire and this is burning east of gilroy at ferguson and crews with crews heading to the fire that is growing quickly and has created a heat signature. is it that intense? that is warm at a couple thousand degrees. the smoke is going straight up so the winds are light and variable so embers are not flying an and it will not jump outside of where it is contained because there are no winds. that is good news. if it was any other time of the year the winds would be blowing hard. >> are watching the fire bun here, a barn and possibly pallet s and we will bring you more as it becomes available. we will start our forecast for kansas city with something
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new popping up in the afternoon or the evening hours and notice the authorities are developing on the line from west of des moines, iowa, to st. joseph, missouri, to north of topeka where interstate 70 and the kansas turnpike come together about six miles west of kansas city. the game starts at 7:00, and three hour game and the storms could threaten later in the game so we will watch that. the temperatures are mid-to-upper 50's and low-to-mid 60's and thicker high clouds and more sunshine across the south bay, and temperatures remain steady thursday and friday with light rain tomorrow and mostly dry on friday and into sort morning we will have a better chance of rain. >> it appears the fire is news causing a traffic impact but over to gilroy we do have
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spectator slowing. that is burning near the gilroy outlets east of highway 101 so we will watch that on 101. we are looking at delays in that freeway. in san jose, to the north, here is 280 away from highway 17, headlights are looking clothier headed into cupertino and drive time traffic is 48 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway 4 from antioch to concord is 30 minutes of 101 southbound. new this morning, the man held prisoner in communist north korea for six months and finally back on united states soil and more of his emotional reunion. it just happened. >> uber is facing new pressure from their own drivers and they will picket in san francisco.
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>> giants fans: we want to show you breaking news going back to the fire in gilroy. it is becoming huge. we have word, as well, that ferguson road is shut down in the gilroy area because of the fire so you can use highway 152 to action set highway 101 and leyla gulen will keep you posted on the traffic impact growing bigger by the minute.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is east of gilroy. this is the massive blaze, 10,000 square feet burning that started in pallets and may have taken a barn. massive flames. a lot of smoke. the winds are probably very light. what you may notice is they are not putting at the love water on this, or any water. so the firefighters do not have access to water or they have decided to let this burn itself
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identity. the national weather service can see the heat signature from outer space with a satellite tasks with following california and they have it circled between morgan hill and gilroy so this is burning right now and we have more information now with images from the national weather service and the bar is the heat signature from the fire they can spot from outer space. that is how it is burning. in word open injuries. we by you moring in as it becomes available. from north carolina, an american airlines flight was diverted after a passenger stab wound re-opened in the middle of a flight. this happened last night as the plane was trying from miami to best the. the passenger was stabbed early in the day, went to the hospital, boarded the flight and
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was told they were okay to fly but the wound re-opened and forcing the emergency action. no word on the passenger's condition. >> an american man just freed from north korea is back in the united states. the plane carrying the man landed in ohio. he was waiting if trial after being detained to six months for leaving a bible at a nightclub. he was on a military yet and two other members who have been convicted of crimes in the north are still being held. >> uber drivers nationwide will protest their unhappiness with the ride sharing company and you are looking at video of a rest profit in san francisco. drivers will protest in san francisco and outside uber offices in cities including chicago and seattle and los angeles. drivers say they have had a handful of issues with the company including uber's reduced fathers, -- fares, the tip
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policy, and driver safety and the rating system. >> mike, i hope i interpreted what you said about the fire and the smoke. >> there is in wind. light and variable. if that. that is great news for firefighters. that could be why they are letting it burn because they do not have to worry about embers hopping around and causing more fires. >> it is quiet. no need for the umbrella. tonight, write have chances of rain dancing across our neighborhood. but, first, upper 40's in alum rock and san jose and cupertino and campbell and 9 rest of the south bay in the low-to-mid 50's and that is what we have until alameda at 57 and 47 in half moon bay and 48 in california story. the embarcadero center looks
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beautiful with the orange trim and high clouds and a chance of rain and the rest of us have a chance of rain on saturday morning, mid-to-upper 70's for moist of the south bay, and santa cruz is the cool spot and low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula, and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and that includes the east bay shoreline and temperatures in the mid-60's inland east bay neighborhood. tonight we are in the mid-to-upper 50's because of the cloud cover coming in on the next system that will bring sprinkles to the north bay tonight and at 5:00 am, headed to 5:00 people you can see the light rain across the north bay but it helps on friday and we have world series game three okay and rain on saturday morning and by saturday late afternoon it dries again for game four. temperatures are the same through friday and six degrees cooler on saturday and sunday and the next chance of rain is
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tuesday. >> we will take you to gilroy with a fire that is off of ferguson road with 9 intersection shut down and some spectator slowing approaching highway 1523. if you need to make it 101 use highway 152 to connect to 101 so the surface streets are not in commission until they put the fire out. 51 minutes when from tracy to dublin and one fender bender at north anyone road is cleared to the shoulder and all lanes have re-opened and highway four westbound antioch to concord is 33 minutes, a tough drive headed westbound and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes but, city, clear, over the golden gate bridge into san francisco. flu season is leader and you could be thinking of getting a flu shot but how effective is the vaccine?
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we talk about flu shot alternative that could be right for you. >> renee responds, the actress racks to the buzz rounding her head turning new look and why she says she welcomes all the talk. >> breaking news shows sky seven over the huge pallet fire burning in gilroy and you can see the flames and firefighters are there but it accident look like they are putting water on the flames. you can see the flames from highway 101. hi, i'm henry winkler and i'm here to tell homeowners that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like... how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money...and more.
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>> breaking news from east gilroy over a massive fire that is still burning, a pallet fire going on right now, 10,000 square feet is burning. we do not see firefighters putting water on this although there is a lot of fire equipment there an indication that they decided to let it burn itself out a mile and a half away from the gilroy outlet mall ating if son -- at ferguson road and we have seen an indication from the national weather service it is so hot you can see it from out
6:25 am
are space. you can see the flames from 101 we talk to leyla gulen to see if that is slowing down the drivers. other news, zellweger is responding to the chatter about the new look which people say she is unrecognize ability creating an internet frenzy on monday if hollywood with her boyfriend, her first looked very different than it as before causing many to ask, how much plastic surgery has she had? here is a side-by-side before and after picture of zellweger. if you did not know it was her you would not guess that is her on the right. she is speaking out to "people" magazine say i am glad peoples thing i look different i'm living a different happy more fulfilling life and i am thrills that perhaps it shows.
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the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >>? i knew i would have turned to see the guy running at me and ready to clock my block. >> more espn before with bryan stow. >> the giants crush the royals and fan reaction next. our next storm system is to the north and it will come in two parts with rain and how were we get headed into the welcome. in the traffic center, that is a look at walnut creek with the drive coming from pleasant hill away from highway four bunching up with a couple of extra minutes tacked on to the commute. we have a sig-alert in gilroy because of the pallet fire that is burning with pictures and
6:27 am
updates on how that is impacting the commute when we
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. breaking news is pictures from sky 7 of the massive fire bun east of gilroy and we can see patches of dark material with the fire ex halted. -- exhausted. we could see firefighters now putting water on this. they have not is far. no word on injuries. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco is look at the smoke. what can you tell, mike? >> winds are nonexistent. that is probably why they have not put water on the fire because they are not worried about embers being jumpers and creating more fires. most of that will go straight up. we have live doppler 7 hd showing high clouds overtaking our neighborhoods and that is all they are, no rain.
6:31 am
this is how it looks from the east bay hills camera, the 40's and 50's this morning and mid-60's to 70 with thick are clouds from the coast inland by noon and mid-70's by 4:00, and we are back in 9 low-to-upper 60's at 7:00. quiet pattern. enjoy it. >> now we have the fire that is burning and it is caused a sig-alert in gilroy so if you are traveling in the area ferguson road is closed between highway 152 up to dutch lap avenue and beyond so it is east off of 101. if you need to get to 101 use highway 152. the sig-alert is for folks traveling northbound and southbound on 101 because you can see it from the freeway which is causing delays. to the north, through this area you are down to 24 miles per hour from morgan hill where the brake lights dissipate and
6:32 am
northbound we at 237. >> that is the night. the giants take game one. >> how about them jay. -- them giants. they steamrolled the royals. the number one fan, britain stow is speaking now a new interview with espn of the night of his brutal attack and hopes for the future. we are in the newsroom with that story. nick? >> it happen 3 1/2 years since he was attacked outside dodger stadium after opening gay. he struggles with massive head injuries but he is laughing and joking about a giants victory. >> it 5-0 good enough? >> no. i am thinking 10-0. >> 10-0.
6:33 am
>> 45-year-old cheered on the giants for game one of the world series with his family and bryan stow is decked out rooting like every other fan but he doesn't move the way he used to and may never fully recover. the former paramedic has permanent brain damage difficult. he said he wish he had seen the assailant before the attack. >> if i had then i would have turned to see the guy running at me and ready to clock my block. >> he now is living with his parents in his childhood home and awarded $18 million in damages but the bulk of that will be paid by the dodgers. he has yet to receive any of the money. now to the world series the giants will try to get greedy in kansas city after winning the game one. >> hunter pence gave the giants
6:34 am
the early lead and they didn't need more. bumgarner pitched another gem and the giants end rolled past the royals and gave the fans a lot to celebrate. and tiffany picks up coverage out of the at&t park. good morning, eric, in 2010 and 2012 they played game one right here at at&t park. last night they obviously did not have the home field advantage but they we had the hometown support. and at left last the giants fans went wild after the first inning two run home run and the giants were giving the fans reason to clear and bumgarner delivered another stellar start and offense racked up enough to
6:35 am
there is no denying after the first inning, excitements and celebration was very one-sided. >> each year in a playoff, there is electricity and lefty o'doul's is alive, let's go, giants. >> out of the past 10 years, nine of the teams that have won game one have again on to in the world series. that gives them something center to be excited about outside at&t park. >> wayne freedman, our wayne freedman, will continue the reports today with digital updates from kansas city and in define by following him on twitter and facebook. >> game two tonight facing the
6:36 am
royals with the series shifting to san francisco for game three and four friday and saturday and along with game five open sunday, if necessary. the series goes back to kfc for six and seven next week if necessary and all games start at 5:00 our time. in the south time, an employee at a recycling center makes a disturbing discovery. >> today is a year insurance -- since the team was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy. from sky seven the back upon 101 in the gilroy area because of a big fire in the area of ferguson. you can no doubt see it from the freeway. it is a mile and a half from the outlet malls and it is 10,000 square feet of pallets burning
6:37 am
out of control and we will bring you more as the news becomes
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we have pictures from sky 7 over 101 as they come up toward 85 in south san jose with
6:40 am
flashing lights and trying to find out more information. traffic is certainly building as you head in the northbound direction pushing your way up to the 280 and 680 interchange and the nimitz and southbound traffic is busy, as well, and we will keep you posted on how san jose is moving. over to gilroy we have a massive fire that is sparked a sig-alert that is shutting down ferguson road between 152 and dutch lap. use highway 152 to get to 101. the winds could affect the fire. it does not sound too bad. >> there are no winds. it should not affect the fire whatever. no jumpers at this fire. here is lightning jumping from the clouds with thunderstorms down to the kansas turnpike and possibly to wichita threatening
6:41 am
the later part of the word series near 10:00 so low 60's and milder because of the cowed clover and the embarcadero is still beautiful with our temperatures today pretty close to average at upper 60's in san francisco and? the low-to-mid 70's for the rest of us and a rough surf to the south but mostly quiet with 70's through the value stream and 66 in lake tahoe and 82 in los angeles. >> a flu shot alternative with a phase el spray that is
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. san jose police are trying to figure how a body ended up at a recycling center. matt joins us from the scene with developing details. this is a herrible discovery by a worker at republic services recycling on the border of san jose and milpitas off of 880. the investigation is in the hands of the coroner. the body was discovered yesterday in a pile of recycling
6:45 am
material. this is where it is dumped and sorted. police are waiting on the investigation by the coroner. no word if it is a man or woman. they keep track of where the waste is picked up so investigators will look at the reports to narrow the location of where the body was picked up. the coroner has to determine the cause of death and identifying the body. also in the south by, boil your water. that is the warping for 300 living near milpitas christian school. crews discovered 9 contamination while replacing a pipeline. tap water is unsafe to cook or drink with.
6:46 am
no word open when the alert is lifted. >> american video journalist who recovered from ebola virus will be released from an only how hospital and will be discharged this summer from the biocontainment unit arriving 16 days ago. officials say nina pham, a dallas nurse, being treated for ebola virus is upgraded from "fair" to "good," and now people arriving from certain cups must enter the united states through one of five specially trained airports. with flu season approaching, a new report by the centers for disease control reveals the nasal flu mist is more effective than the normal flu shot. the spray is available to anyone age two to 49 but kids have the greatest by. >> it turns out 2-8, the nasal
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spray vaccine, it is more effective and prevents 50 percent more flu infections than the shot. >> the doctor says the nasal spray vaccine is not for children with egg allergies or asthma or hit of wheezing. the doctor will have more at 7:00 a.m. on "good morning america" after the morning news. today is a year since 13-year-old andy lopez was slot and killed difficult erick gelhaus would thought the gun lopez was carrying was an assault rifle. a memorially is held today and at 7:00 p.m. a vigil is held at the site where lopez was killed. yesterday, the county approved plans to purchase two lots at site he was killed that will be turned into a park as a memorial to lopez.
6:48 am
>> now the forecast and meteorologist mike nicco is examining things here and in kansas city. we are looking at sky seven through san jose focusing on 101 and traffic in both directions is further north from the nimitz or 280 and 680. it is very busy. i want to take you to our were mas to show you what is happening, northbound highway 101 that is where we have a new accident involving a motorcycle in the car pool lane with c.h.p. on scene and heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic. as we slide down to gilroy with have a sig-alert east of 101 at ferguson with the massive fire burning and at dunlop.
6:49 am
if you work in the area, including the outlet stores, use highway 152 to connect to 101. that is going to be a problem in the commute this morning. i will let you know when it clears. the wind could impact the fire. i will talk to meteorologist mike nicco and see how dry it is. >> it is dry. the wins are nonexistent from the northeast at two or three miles per hour. that is not going to have any bearing on how the firefighters attack this fire. check out this tweet from the national weather service from monterey of the hotspot, we could be heating up to a couple of thousand degrees. >> check this out, beautiful and handsome, with the school yesterday, the big kid if the back has been held back a couple of times. with spruce element friday in south san francisco, miss
6:50 am
fisher's 4th grader named me with some good questions i had never been asked before and i love that because that means he are engaged and thinking. great job. parents, you should be proud as miss fisher and the principal. now, if you are headed out to bar, 49 after lafayette. 47 in dublin/pleasanton. everyone else in the low-to-mid 50's until sfo at 58. law oakland 57, san francisco is 56. october orange sunrise, check it out. there is some blue and purple there but it makes for a beautiful start with high clouds nearly normal and chance of rain in the north bay on thursday and the rest of us on saturday morning. upper 70's in morgan hill and gilroy and low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula and sausalito
6:51 am
mid-to-upper 70's inland east bay. tonight we have cloud cover and that will keep us in the 50's and you can see the clouds and the cold front coming and on thursday morning with the sprinkles in the north bay, light across the north bay in the afternoon and the rain chance goes around for world series game three but after midnight it comes in, and out of here by game four at 5:00. temperatures are instead difficult through friday, and steady saturday and sunday and next chance of rain is tuesday after that. >> back with seven things to know before you go. the morning news continues in 90 seconds. stay with look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to
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good morning, sky seven is look over 880 in fremont, traffic is starting to get heavier and another look at the bay area commute with leyla gulen coming up. here are seven things to know. the number one, breaking news from the gilroy area. fire crews are getting a handle on a large pallet fire burning at a ranch southeast of the outlet mall. the fire is approximately 10,000 square feet in size and burning near a barn which has been gutted. tonight, game two of the world
6:54 am
series with the giants routing the royals last night for the lead in the world series. games three and four and five are played at at&t in san francisco. >> giants fan bryan stow is speaking out for the first time since being severely beaten outside dodger stadium giving an interview to espn and appears to be making good progress. he is happy to be alive and happier to see his team win. >> people living in 300 homes in san jose are told to boil their water. tests show backtoryia in the drink -- show bacteria in the drinking water. a warning of drowsy driving, losing two hours of sleep to a night can affect reaction time by 20 percent. another study finds one of each five citizens involves a tired
6:55 am
driver. 1.5 miles visibility at half moon bay but check out the high clouds, beautiful picture of the exploritorium and fairly calm ferry ride this morning and you can see a few clouds identify 280 and 17 in san jose and thicker clouds through the day but not reaching yesterday's level at 74 to 77 and warmest inland. and 63 to 69 at the coast and san francisco and seasonal highs around the bay at 70 to 74 but remember, sprinkles will develop in the north bay tonight. we will take you to gilroy north of highway 101 at ferguson road which is shut down between highway 152 and dunlop avenue sparking a sig-alert. we noticed traffic on 101 northbound and southbound at highway 152 but it looks like that is dissipating and the sig-alert and the closure will be around for quite some time
6:56 am
until the crews get a handle on the fire and it is cleared. you work in the area you know the outlets are there and highway 101 to 152 is the best way to it if around it and vice versa, highway 152 is way. into san jose downtown northbound highway 101, we have an accident involving a motorcycle blocking a lane causing heavy backups before the 280 and 680 and a car fire at northbound highway 101 we have that blocked off until further notice. we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> a shut out to leyla gulen if representing our giants spirit in the orange. folks, we want to see your giants spirit by e-mailing your photos to i thought it'd b
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america this mo good morning, america. breaking right now, a powerful storm. heavy rain and fierce winds slamming the northeast right now. lightning over manhattan. a waterspout forming off the coast and torrential rain flooding streets in florida as a new tropical storm is brewing in the gulf. new this morning, three american girls caught trying to join muslim militants in syria. the colorado teenagers turned around in an airport overseas after being lured by videos. were they going to marry radicals? this young woman behind bars for that. renee zellweger speaking out this morning about her new look. responding to an avalanche of online buzz this week. what's really behind her dramatic transformation. and check this out, the first hoverboa s


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