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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 22, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a great morning on this wednesday. thank you for joining us. >> boy are it is a great morning. wednesday morning. the giants won in missouri. to bet the provides. more now on the weather. mike? >> they have thunderstorms headed their way we need to have the game over by 10:00. at home, we have fog developing at 2.5 miles and one mile at half moon bay and otherwise it is quiet and as cool as yesterday so grab the same coat. 74 around the bay and the coast and san francisco are 63 to 69 with thick are high clouds. in october, we have nice
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conditions to wake up to. we did not have accidents. we do have decent traffic from the maze into the toll plaza and not seeing the cars picking up. a look from treasure island to san francisco still moving along with no lanes getting blocked. >> over the a pass, 32 americans from tracy to dublin and highway four is clear westbound 10118 minutes from san rafael to san francisco. >> 2010, 2012, 2014? can they do it again. if last night is any indication san francisco is off to a great start. >> the giants take game one! the giants beat kansas city royals 7-1 and new have won the
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first of each post-season series this year and game one winner has won 15 of the last 17 world series. good morning, the fans were clapping and hunter pence started off two rallies, in the first inning. he quieted the royals with the 2-1 shot to right center. before that he was 0-11 against the royals pitcher. it was 3-0 lead. in the fourth he doubled and starting another rally send shields to the dugout employ and the royals never made up the last ground. it is good to come out and
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play the way we did because we knew it was an intense atmosphere. >> one team in 30 years has won game one of six runs or more and not gone on to win the world series so it is certainly looking very good for the giants headed into game two. giants fans packed the bars last night to cheer on the giant s at lefty o'doul's and kansas city sports ball owner, talked trash with the giants' fans. kc will send our barbecue sauce and if the giants lose we will send the bloody mary mix to
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kansas city. the series is back to san francisco for game throw and four at at&t park and game five on sunday, if necessary. then the serieses is back to scans city next week if needed. >> all games start at 5:00 our time. >> we are hearing from giants fan brain stow beaten outside the dodgers stadium in 2011 giving an emotional interview to espn and we are seeing and hearing the incredible progress he has made suffering severe brain damage in a bra dallas beating two years ago. there are holes in the memory including the wins in 2010 and 2012 but says the run has been a blessing to his life. >> why do you love the giants? why is that your team? >> .not? who else am i going to like?
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the a's? the dodgers? no, the giants are where it's at. >> he lives with his parents and is cared for by his family but now he is happy he is alive and happier seeing his team win again. we will have more of the interview at 5:30. police are asking for the public of the public in identifying a body pound in a landfill on the milpitas and san jose border. matt is near the scene with the latest. this is a horrible discovery by a worker at the republic services recycling. it is off of 880 much police and the coroner are tying to figure what happened. police say the body was discovered yesterday at 4:30 in a pile of row cycling material where the material is dumped and sorted after the stuff is
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clocked along the route. this is in word if the body is a man or a woman and the collectors keep track of where the waste is pick up and they will look at reports to narrow down the location where the body was picked up. i got an update from the police and saying the coroner is handling the case who will determine a cause of death and identify the body. new this morning authorities in san francisco are investigating after act of vandal inch after a vehicle was set on fire at ocean beach. the fire department responded to the area of the great highway at 3:00 this morning and found an abandoned truck set on fire and push over a small set of stairs and was towed away. oakland now is the latest city in the united states to offer legal aid to immigrant
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children arriving seeking services to pay for lawyers to defend hundred of kids and teens from being deported to guatemala, el salvador and honduras. oakland is the third united states city to pay for lawyers to defend the children after san francisco and new york. >> there is an internal investigation after a large amount of marijuana was found at the home of a k-9 officer. the 43-year-old officer is on paid leave. police found the possibility at his home in oakley. the district attorney is now reviewing the case. no charges have been filed. the officer is cooperating. >> it will be illegal to smoke cigarettes inside your apartment, condo or townhall in unin thed san mateo county. the band was approved by
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supervisors and applies to tobacco and electronic cigarettes 30 feet of multiple unit buildings but does not apply to medical marijuana. the measure passed on 4-1 vote and one supervisor voted no saying imagine telling someone paid $860 the for a tom honey home that you can't smoke inside of it. it takes place in two days for housing and in 14 months for existing homes. >> we are seeing the orange and block outside. >> absolutely. the colors of october. now, the temperatures could make you feel blue where it is 47 in petaluma and santa rosa and guerneville and milder around san rafael at 56 and mid-40's around american canyon and 48 in mill valley and 48 at cupertino and everyone else in the home
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50's and 51 in san jose and redwood city is 56 and brentwood is 55. great the east bay hills camera, look how beautiful the air is and how still and clean it is as the bay hurricanes mike glass. 45 to presence sounds like yesterday? it is. high clouds and surgeon and 64 to 70 at noon and 4:00, 66 to 74 and not so many stars as yesterday but milder in the evening, at low-to-mid 60's and tomorrow is like today tomorrow wise but mostly dry on friday and a better than of widespread rain on saturday morning. >> i refuse to feel blue today and in san jose, looking to 280 near highway 17, it is moving along well with no construction if you are headed into cupertino and traveling along in the southbound direction and moving along fine. we have areas of construction
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and this will last until 6:00 with no accidents to report. we have northbound 880 from marina boulevard you will find a couple of lanes taken away until 6:00 this morning. so far, top speed and drive time traffic walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains highway one to leg leg is 24 minutes. eric and kristen? >> target is giving customers an early holiday gift. three american girls were lured at internet to join isis on the internet. >> a plan to reap the raiders >> a plan to reap the raiders and a's in oak stand gets a ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress?
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>> covering saab ralph, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is wednesday morning. yes, we are showing you orange and black. the giants took game one of the world series which is letting air out of the opponent, the royals. we will is more on the weather for the bay area coming up. >> good news for raiders fans, a
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stadium deal could be in the works to keep the team in town with fans rallying with a last minute contract extension that gives real estate firm an extra 90 days to execute a project that would would have ended at midnight and a new investor is joining to built the sports complex at the coliseum site housing the raiders and the a's and include a new hotel and shops. the land has been held up for years because of the cost. three american high school girls are under arrest for trying to join isis likely lure by a recruitment video hopped a plane to germany ages 15, 16, and 17 were on way to syria but stopped by authorities in germany and sent back home. the fbi is now looking whether overseas radicals funded the trip. a second ship is joining the
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search for malaysian airline jets since march that was combing the area where the jet vanished returned to australia to resupply and combing vast areas in the pacific ocean since early october dragging so far above the sea bed to hunt for the wreckage. the flight 370 disappeared on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. >> the dow is back in the black after triple digit begin. good morning, topping america's money stocks roaring back all three averages posting strong gains in tuesday with the dow adding 215 points and s&p 500 surged 37 points, the best day of the year. target taking a step in the battle for holiday shopping offering free shipping. from now until december 20.
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last year was a disaster after 100 million customers had data stolen. mcdonald's will allow restaurants to offer more options that are best suited to their region and will expand touch screen earnings after a sharp decline in sales. that is america's money. now the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> without an umbrella. right now. this time tomorrow? maybe not so much especially saturday morning for most of us. we have scattered thunderstorms to the west and that will roll in after 10:00 so we hope the game does not go more than three hours with milder temperatures tonight and low 60's and at home, you can see how clear live doppler hd is retreating to the north and we have so much rain around oregon and the washington
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coast. this is how it looks from the tower, looking clear this morning and we have increasing high clouds and close to average this afternoon. a chance of rain in the north bay tomorrow and the rest of us get a chance on saturday morning but it looks like sunday will be dry. 50-50 weekend possible. milpitas is the cool spot and everyone else is in the my 70's and san jose is 74 and morgan hill and gilroy at 77 and 78, and from 74 in los altos and mountain view to accident in millbrae and the coast and south san francisco is mid-to-upper 70's and around 70 to 74 along the east bay shore and oakland and richmond is 71 and 74 to 77 inland east bay with walnut creek and san ramon and brentwood around 74 with the clouds blanketing us with
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sprinkles possible across the north bay and this time tomorrow you could have wet weather. you can see the cold front because of the huge mass of cold air creating clouds but staying to the north and that is why as it sinking to the south we have rain across the north bay with a sprinkle tomorrow morning across the north bay and showers tomorrow and a stray shower is possible in the afternoon but dry overnight and we will be out of here in time for world series game for seven-day forecast and temperatures are steady through friday and six degrees cooler on saturday and sunday and milder on monday before another chance of rain on tuesday. >> we are going to start off by looking at walnut creek and we will see what is happening there as you make the drive in pleasant hill and it is calm, but we have a project now that
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being extended going longer than what we expected. it was supposed to wrap up by 5:00 this morning but now all lanes are shut down eastbound highway 4 until further notice. we do not know when the cones are picked up but detours are still in place and you can use hillcrest that will conduct you to lend reask back to highway four. 80 and albany to the maze traveling long the east bay four minutes gets you through and southbound from san jose is 15 minutes and northbound 101 to cupertino is only 11 minutes. seven things to know as you start color day. >> barbara walters cannot stay away, her fascinating new project for
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a look at san francisco from our sutro tower camera, a beautiful early morning in the city and we check the forecast and see if it will be beautiful all day long with meteorologist mike nicco coming up. whether you are just joining us or headed owe the door here are seven things to know: tonight, game two of the world series, with the giants taking the 1-0 lead in the best of seven. bum garner was sensational and we will have a report from at&t park with fan reaction in a few minutes. >> bryan stow is speak out for the first time since being severely beaten in 2011 giving an emotional interview to espn and is making good progress.
5:23 am
he says he is happy he is alive and happier to see his team win again. an american man just freed from north korea is back in the united states with the plane carrying him landed in ohio. he was waiting for trial after being detained for six months for leashing a bible at a nightclub. today is a year since the shooting death of santa rosa teach andy lopez by a sheriff -- difficult. lopez was carrying a toy gun that looks like an ak-47. a rally is held and a vigil tonight. the city will town the site into a new park. >> a warning drowsy driving. the ntsb says losing two hours of sleep in one night can affect reaction time by 20 percent. another study finds one of every five accidents involved a tired drier. >> good morning, everyone, six,
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it and all quiet. 40's and 50's. we have a couple whats of rain in the north bay tonight. i will tell you if they affect game three and four in the seven-day forecast. we are off to a great start, with quiet conditions cross the bay area and no accidents. we do have some congestion. we do have construction until further notice in the east bay shut down all lanes along highway four with more details to come. the san francisco giants could be playing in kansas city but fans flocking to at&t park. many are headed to the giants duck out to get their team merchandise. the gear is a hot seller include shirts and rally towels and fans want baseball caps with the world series logo like the players will wear during the game. we have the emblems on the
5:25 am
side. i am excited. >> old stuff is garage sale. this area it is 2014. >> he is right you can find world series gear from two years ago, and vendors and fans would like to replace that with 2014 champion merchandise. >> dallas cowboys released michael sam from the practice squad causing the nfl first openly gay player to find a third team since being drafted by st. louis. he went to dallas four days after being released by the rams who selected him in the 7th round. >> and an actress and boyfriend charged with lewd conduct were arrested in los angeles after ones saw the couple having sex in arc pad car. she accused the police of racial
5:26 am
profiling and only showed what she called a "public display of affection." if found guilty they could face a maximum of six months in jail and $1,000 fine. >> barbara walters is are youing to prime time in december with the ten most fascinating people featuring oprah, among others. she said last year would be the last, but she said there are too 19 fascinating people and slow could not pass up the opportunity. the special will air december 14. >> >> she is one of the most fascinating people. >> show of hands, would thought she would stay away from tv? >> we have a full 90 minutes of news. and one neighborhood is wanted to boil their drinking water. >> a new decision hand the down from a bay area judge is a set back
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. world series wednesday at 5: 29. and world series tuesday goes to san francisco giants. first up, a look at the forecast. mike? when i wear the tie i wore yesterday they win. i could not war it today. >> keep wearing it. >> everyone has a superstition. what are your superstitions? you can feet them. >> we have everyone pretty clear with a few high clouds but not enough to obscure coit tower
5:30 am
with the orange blow proudly being displayed. 74 to 77 inland, and 63 to 69 around the bay and the coast, and more high clouds today. >> more than one republican to smile with clear conditions through san rafael and up to the golden gate bridge so 101 checking in at top speeds and clear into san francisco and more traffic but it looks to be moving along at top speed is. back over to antioch, we have an update on the construction project, eastbound highway 4 from 160 all lanes are shut down and they were supposed to wrap up at 5:00, and you can use hillcrest which is the best detour. tonight, the giants will try to get agreedy in kansas city after taking last night and hunter pence took the royals crowd out out of the game with e
5:31 am
two run blast to rate center giving the giants the early lead at bumgarner pitched another gem and win 7-1. watching and celebrateing is bryan stow the fan beaten too early to death in 2011 and is speaking exclusively to espn our sister station. >> it has been 3 1/2 years since being attacked after the opening day game with the giants and he conditions to struggle with massive head injuries but he is laughing and joking and say he wanted a huge win for the giants >> i am thinking 10-
5:32 am
>> the 45-year-old clear on the giants for game one with his family, and still decked out in the giants gear rooting like every other fan but he does not move the way he used to and may never fully recover. the former paramedic has a permanent brain damage. he told us what makes him happy. >> being alive. waking up of the knowing i am here. this place makes me feel good. >> he now is living with his parents in his childhood home and in july was awarded $18 million in damages mostly paid bit dodgers. he has yet to receive any money waiting for post trial motions to play out. bryan stow is among a few million fans clearing on the giants and hoping for another
5:33 am
world series trophy and more about them. giants fans did not need to wait long before seeing the october magic in action when hunter pence hit the first inning two run home run in front of lefty o'doul's after setting up a live stream from inside the kansas city sports bar, a perfect place for crash talking although the royals did not deliver was expected. now they have to deliver barbecue sauce to lefty o'doul's part of a friendly wager. >> already one ahead, a long road, we know it is not over yet but it is a great start. >> go, giants. in ten careers, anyone times
5:34 am
the win we of game one has won the world series. so the giants and the tans are feeling good headed into game two. >> royals fans were watching in the fall classic for the first time in 29 years. they didn't like it. the giants were head with a double and posey was thrown out at the plate and that was followed by hunter pence's fly that put the giants up and bum gamer gave up only one run and after the game, the pitcher credited hunt are -- hunter pence. >> no one works harder than him. it is an honor and blessing to have him as a teammate. >> i paid him to say that.
5:35 am
>> correction. it was just seven innings. season is 32 and two-thirds snapping a run of 2178 scoreless world series but get this, that is the second longest we streak in history. in history. >> he fielded the position pretty well. >> and jake is taking the mound for game two after being picked up in july by the red sox. he did not pitch against the royals before being traded to the giants and our news reporter and he taked about the game.
5:36 am
played in the decision with kansas city so i know them well but i will take any bit language the way to gather as much information as i could get from guys i know who know the team and try to use that to our advantage. >> he played the royals ties last year allowing seven runs in 11 innings. >> you can get all of the updates from wayne on twitter and on facebook. >> here is the schedule, game two in kansas city and then back to san francisco on friday and saturday at at&t park and game five on independence if necessary and back to kansas city for six and seven next week and if needed. develop news in milpitas: police are vetting how a body helped up in a land fill. investigators say the body of an adult was discovered in a pile
5:37 am
of recycling material at 4:30 p.m. yesterday and no word if that person was a man or woman. they will look into the reports of the truck that made dutches to see if they can care oh where the body was picked up and matt will have the latest on the investigation. a judge stuck down the san francisco relocation ordinances saying it is unconstitutional for tenants would want to reclaim use, having to pay a massive sum to ten amountses with the toll pay out the difference between the current rent and the cost to represent a similar unit at current market value coming after a continues i'm for ten amendments and home owners where ever visions have been on the rise. >> an american spread journalist who recovered from ebola virus will be released from a hospital
5:38 am
this morning arriving at the nebraska medical center 16 days ago. we officials say nina pham a dallas nurse being treated is upgraded to "good," and people arriving in the united states from serb west african -- from certain west an can countries must enter the united states through one of five airports. >> and bacteria has been detected in the drinking water and "boil," is in effect. tap water is not safe to drink or cook with but you can use it to bathe and for chores. no word on when the alert is lifted. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast.
5:39 am
>> a few high clouds. we are clear and cool. upper 40's in palo alto and low 50's in redwood city and june and san mateo is 52 and belmont is 53 and san carlos is 54. mountain view is 53 and los gatos and shows is 51 and 51 in hayward and oakland and mid-to-upper 40's and san ramon is 46 and condition core is 52. today, thicker clouds and 70 inland at noon and mid-60 away the bay and to the cost and mid-60 at 4:00 with thick are high clouds and low-to-mid 70's elsewhere and low-to-mid 60's at 6:00 and you will theme the said time of cope you used last night. light rain is possible across the north bay through the afternoon but it will be dry. dry on friday. temperatures the same.
5:40 am
best chance of rain is saturday morning. more of that ahead in the seven-day forecast. leyla gulen? >> ace train one is two minutes late. ace train three is one mobile late. bart, 45 trains are rolling and muni does future have delays. the rest of bay area with the exception of congestion building over the altamont pass and the other usual spots such as antioch westbound that is all the traffic we have and we do not have any accidents but for this one at the pass down to 33 miles per hour. it will take 40 minutes from tracy to dublin and i have seen it worst. become to antioch, eastbound highway four, we had construction shut down all lanes from 160 and everything has been picked up. san jose moves forward with a major development project and next.neighbors say it will make
5:41 am
traffic nightmares worse. >> also, warning if you use apple icloud, hackers are trying to get your password and what apple is saying you should do. >> an officer honored for going above and beyond the call of duty and the families would libs he changed ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. lit up in orange the ferry building has the sky providing the black back ground. you know why this is happening, the giants are in the world series. they will win. picture of a pumpkin with the logo carved into it, well done, dave. and we want to see your fan photos at or tweet them to us. >> what do you think? should there be more development on a crowded communications hill in san jose? yes, despite opposition of many would live on the hill the city council voted to move forward with an expansion plan which would bring 2,200 more units to communications hill the next 10
5:45 am
years with more parks, more mixed use space and more people moving in. we have parking problems already, and traffic congestion problem so add to that, and throw in an emergency situation and it is a recipe for disaster. >> it is fought up like many other neighborhoods in the city of san jose. >> plans are in the work for a subtle service to help with traffic. >> apple has a new security warring if you music cloud service after reports of hackers trying to steal passwords from customer. chinese hackers tricking customers into giving up their account information by re-directing them to politic website taxpayer look lick icloud with a new pop-up security bulletin when you sign if to show it is the realistic cloud page. apple says users should make sure they are using reputable
5:46 am
service like fire fox or chrome to reduce the risk of being hacked. >> san jose honored a police officer who used money for the family of a road wage victim raising $125,000 to a family a 37-year-old would was shot to death in may at center road after a near collision. authorities say he swerved to avoid a car in his path and he and his wife got out as did the person from the other vehicle and that person shop him. >> any of us would have done the same thing for the family, they lost so much already and, again, thanks for allowing to us do this. >> police arrested two people, a 23-year-old and 17-year-old who is being tried as an adult. now a look at the weather forecast here and back in the
5:47 am
other place where the barbecue. >> missouri. >> kansas city, missouri. well done. >> and the biggest concern is thunderstorms are marching across kansas holded to st. joseph, missouri, and up to des moines, iowa, which will march across kansas city starting around 10:00 it is possible. that is why i want to get to the game and in three hours it will be milder and low 60's because of blanket of clouds so back at home, a few high clouds and otherwise it is quiet on live doppler hd and speaking of quiet there is hardly any wind. it has been mostly calm across the golden gate bridge and right
5:48 am
now at three miles per hour. we will not have fog. enjoy the commute. high clouds are normal. chance of rain tomorrow. the rest of us get a chance on saturday morning. dry on sunday. upper 70's around morgan hill and gilroy and 77 and 78. otherwise, low-to-mid 70's for the south bay and san jose and cupertino 74. santa cruz at 72. low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula and redwood city at 74 and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and downtown and south san francisco and sausalito has low-to-mid 70s through the north bay valley and language the east bay sure, berkeley is the cool spot at 70's and 71 at oakland and richmond and hercules and castro valley and french, mid-70's throughout the inhand east bay neighborhood. tonight, cloud cover, blanket affect, mid-50's to upper 50's with sprinkle possible and five or ten degrees warmer.
5:49 am
check out the parade of cloud cover with huge bowl of cold our through the pacific and for us, high clouds and it will be wet across the north bay tomorrow and we will start at 5:00 in the morning with sprinkles and a better chance of light rain during the afternoon hours but the storm system will retreat to the north for friday and we will get game three in and after the game is over, showers and rain come in through saturday morning and it will dissipate in the afternoon with game four dry. it will be cooler by six degrees and coolest on sunday and warmer on sunday with the next chance of rain on tuesday. >> we have metering lights turned on and the remark is pouring in from the maze to san francisco and we have a wait on your hands. we have a couple of new accidents, unfortunately, and the first is here as you make the drive away from 238 up to highway 92 so southbound along
5:50 am
880 you will start to feel the pressure when 238 meets 80 but you at southbound nimitz at highway 92 a crash is blocking one lane and those delays are there so petaluma has a new crash involving now vehicles northbound highway 101 at petaluma boulevard with most of the traffic in the south direction and because it is shutting off one lane you could see traffic collecting and another look at the a pass coming up in the next report. it is now 5:50, another twist in san francisco's turf wars why a community group is taking the city to court over fake grass. >> a frustration bay area computer -- commuters deal with each year, and how much it is costing you when you get stuck
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
san francisco supervisors will meet to consider a budget request to make sure h.i.v. medicine is available to high risk residents with the budget request providing funding to educate people at high risk for h.i.v. about the medicine. it woulden sure that anyone what wants the medicine has access to it. >> the berkeley city council postponed a hearing on an ordinary fans that requires all landlords to accept poets -- pets. the legislations with pulled at the last effort for adjustments, otherwise it would be voted down. the berkeley property
5:54 am
associations says it goes too far. they could take it up as early at november 18. >> tub war at golden gate bridge is heating up when aup announces legal action for artificial turf was used on soccer field saying it is toxic. the concern is over the turf east of ocean beach on a field which has been contentious for years. voters will decide whether to install art official turf if competing for propositions. proposition h is $14 million plan to renovate the site by adding lighting and fencing. another measure would block the changes entirely and keep the field, as is. >> check at the forecast and here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will look at 280 at seven under clear sky in san jose and we will talk traffic with leyla gulen in a second with temperatures close to average in two degrees from 68 in san francisco and two degrees below average and 7 a in concord and
5:55 am
oakland at 71, and we have high surf through the morning hours and south of santa barbara and otherwise it is quiet across the state and 75 in chico and 56 in lake tahoe and yosemite is 75 and san diego and los angeles is upper 70's to low 80's. we will take you to san francisco where a new crash now is clogging up a lane and southbound highway 101 is where you will find debris strewn about the lanes and as you come away from the curve you could apply the breaks and as we take you to the a pat, westbound 580 at north flynn road the accident just punished to the shoulder and we are still in the 30's pushing your way from address and to the altamont pass to go from address to dublin/pleasanton and it will take you up to 40 minutes. traffic jams take a toll on your sanity but a study says
5:56 am
they caltrain your wallet. americans wasted $124 billion sitting in traffic last year which is $1,700 a year for the am household. the report says we waste 111 hours a year stuck in traffic. the company says the nation's worst traffic is in los angeles. millions of older americans would rely on social security benefits are to get a small raise. the government just announced a 1.7 percent increase in monthly payments starting next year which translated to a raise of $20 a month, the third career in a row when it is less than 2 percent, the annual cost living affects those of 70 million social security recipients and federal retirees. >> you can get your happen on the largest gold nog olds in california gold country tomorrow if you have the cash.
5:57 am
a coin dealer is selling this six-pound chunk of gold called the butte nugget found in july in the butte mountains bringing in $350,000 when it is auctioned in san francisco. protesting uber but this is not from taxi drivers. the start-up's own drivers plan to demonstrate against the company today. >> later, the story that has everyone on the internet buzzing, the if you look of renee zellweger
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the giants take game one.
6:00 am
victory in kansas city. the giants begin the classic with a smashing start. we have the post-game reaction. are you happy? >> yes. what makes you happy? >> be alive. >> only here an interview with a giants fan, bryan stow, and what he wants for the future and what he remembers from the night of his brutal beating. >> a disturbing discovery at a recycling center and what san jose police are reveal of a body found. thanks for joining us on wednesday at 6:00. >> first, meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. tracking low clouds along the coast. we are starting clear with a few high clouds. that is the case headed throughout the morning and cool again with temperatures in the upper


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