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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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th wait is just about over. we first will check the forecast. meteorologist mike nicco? you do not need the umbrella. look at live doppler hd, the commute is dry as is the afternoon. the left side of screen shows high clouds rolling over our sky. high clouds and sunshine and temperatures below average from upper 40's to mid-50's through 7:00 for the bay and mid-60's to noon and you need a coat in the evening as we drop into the low-to-mid 60's and wear in the 40's to low 50's inland neighborhoods this morning. 65 at noon and 72 at 4:00 and 65 again at 7:00 and at the coast we will have temperatures in mid-50's this morning and low clouds and a few high clouds and breezy conditions and low-to-mid 60's. good morning, everyone, at 6:00, we look at bart with 48
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trains rolling. we have a delay at five minutes on ace train one and on three it is a minute early. we have delays there. yesterday, the commute was a nightmare but that is behind us because we have clear conditions and desuperintendent drive this morning headed along the bay bridge pushing to treasure island it is slow at 11 minutes between the maze and san francisco. we have more traffic up to the point and from black point in the eastbound direction that is at top speeds and 880, 280 and everything else, all no delays. breaking news in san francisco between vermont and san bruno closed down for a while, a 117-year-old water main burst at 3:00 this morning sending water and mud down the street. san francisco general hospital lost water for approximately an
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hour bass of the rupture. the line is capped but crews are busy digging up the street and removing mud for the day. a man is in critical condition after being shot and flipping his car if richmond. police responded to a shotspotter car at 2:15. the driver was 27 years old and pulled from the car and life flighted to the hospital in credit can condition. so far, there is no word on a suspect or motive. world series fever is catching on across the bay area and giants fans are ready if game one in kansas city. so are local businesses here. they are toasting the game all ready. extra beer is on order and you can watch the game on the big screen. >> this is a dream come true.
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it is not "us," but the whole city and surrounding areas. >> wine cafing are offering extra bubbley and game three is friday night and this morning standing room only on subhundred will cost $550 right now and game one is tonight in scans scan and game two is tomorrow in kansas city and the series is back to san francisco for game three and four friday and saturday and game five on sunday, if necessary. the series will go back to kansas city for six and seven if needed all starting at 5:07 our time. you know who is in? we have wayne freedman reporting from the world series today and tomorrow and you can follow his updates from scapes scan and in between by following him on twitter or facebook. the oscar pistorius
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sentencing as we reported on twitter, a judge in south africa handed oscar pistorius five-year sentence for the shooting death of his girlfriend but we are lending he could actually only serve a few months behind bars. we are gathering details in the newsroom. >> five years was the sentence handed down by the court but i is expected to serve only a fraction of that behind bars. oscar pistorius showed little reaction to the sentence happened down by a judge this morning other than to wipe his eyes before being led away. the athlete has to spend at least a sixth of the sentence behind bars before he is eligible for reduced sentence meaning he could be laced unhouse after in ten months. the mother and father of reeva steenkamp shared their relief at his prison sentence. >> is justice served?
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>> yes. >> it has been a long journey. we are satisfied. >> oscar pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide but cleared of murder. the press wanted a minimum of ten years and the against argued for house arrest and community service. ok objection was takessen to the cell directly after court and later today on "good morning america" we will have more on the legal clarification. santa clara county supervisors and nurses will tackle the issue of ebola this morning, and they want to know if health care workers and residents are protected in case the virus is detected here. matt? the centers for disease control wants health workers to think ebola asking, how prepared are we if the disease is detected here?
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the santa clara county board supervisors were last updated on the response and preparation for ebola case on october 7 but recent developments brought the supervisors to ask specific questions. in a memo the supervisors said the events in dallas including the first death and the infection of two nurses increased concern locally. though are asking the county to update them on the training of hospital staff, and county fire, first responders what to do about disposing of medical waste and what kind specialized equipment is available and communication with transportation at the bus stations that could require screenings of individuals. today the governor is scheduled to meet with the largest nurse's union to discuss ebola preparation at health facilities. the nurses want more training and protective gear.
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the meeting starts at 9:00 in santa clara county today. the american journalist who contracted ebola in liberia is speaking out about the virus send out tweets about the recovery and says recovering is humbling and "for the report, no idea how i got it, it was something fluky, my best guess is i touched a surface and didn't that chlorinate fast enough." he said "i don't regret going to liberia to cover the crisis, it was a second home to me and i had to help raise the alarm." he is in a hospital in nebraska in isolation and could be released we the end of the week if he is free from virus. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will meet to consider changing an ordinance regulating short-term rentals and provide an exception to permanent residents prohibiting
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rent l as under certain conditions and condition a registry to traffic short-term rentals and compliance and application fee for the registry. the meeting is underway at 2:00 p.m. now weather and traffic. meteorologist mike nicco? if you are headed to bart, dress for upper 40's if lafayette and walnut creek and dublin/pleasanton and 50 in concord and 51 in union city and san leandro at 52. 54 in daly city and pittsburg at 55. san francisco is at 56. oakland and sfo at 57. that is it. highs today are close to yesterday but high clouds and sunshine and mid-60 along the coast into san francisco and up to 70 through the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland. check out the moon this morning, looking at clear conditions and 280 and 17 and, yes, we have a different from ensure this
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morning, it is much cooler than yesterday. san jose is a degree warmer than avenue and the rest of us are two to six degrees cooler-than-average. >> we are in good shape but a few accidents in fairfield and up to westbound 80 you can see heavy delays away from the interchange so one or two lanes are blocked. the rest of the drive is move along fine at american canyon. the san mateo bridge shows the commute from hayward is much fuller at this hour. we are looking at 10 minutes commute headed into if step city and moving along at top speed. so you can use that as an alternate. the driver in san jose is building at 121 miles per hour at alum rock and the rest of san jose is clear conditions. >> city reporting an increase in
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auto theft in the bay area and more on that ahead. >> and a suspected heartland killer with murders possibly going back decades. >> i fell if love with my boss in a 22-year-old sort of way. >> monica lewinsky speaks out again on the sex scandal nearly dropped down a presidency the new reaction coming in to her candid remarks. >> the giants fans want your team spirit and you can e-mail your fan photos to report at
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. on this tuesday morning, yes, the giants left a couple days ago to go to kansas city to get ready to beat the royals in kansas city. game one is tonight. we don't know of delays at sfo but always a good practice. one is taking off right now. >> you want to stay on that shot. >> forever. >> from the peninsula, drivers
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should be warned of an increase in auto shift with more and more gaping entry into cars at night usually through up locked doors. in some cases the thieves are smashing windows when they see electronnings so remove all valuables from the cars when parked. authorities in indiana say a man charged with strangling a woman could be a serial killer. darren vann has been charged in the delegate of 19-year-old africa hearty whose body was found in a motel in indiana. vann is a suspect in the slayings of six other women whose bounds were found in northwest indiana over the weekend and has indicated there could be more victims going back 20 years. from colorado a debate over edible marijuana, authorities sparked controversy yesterday weapon they suggested colorado ban many forms of edible pot including brownies and cookies because children could eat
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309-infused treats but the marijuana industry came out against the measure saying banning edible pot will drive people to the black market one of several proposals being considered. monica lewinsky is back in the spotlight, the 41-year-old said she on a mission to end cyberbullying, opening up about her affair with president clinton in the mid-90's. >> i fell in love with my boss in a 22-year-old sort of way. it happens. but my boss was president of the united states. what i want to do now is help other victims of the shame game survive. i want to it my offering to good use and give purpose to my past. she portrayed herself as the first real victim of cyberbullying and joined twitter yesterday and as of this morning
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already has more than 55,000 followers. i hope you are following meteorologist mike nicco because he has great weather. mike? >> absolutely when it is 15 degrees cooler dress differently than this morning. good morning, everyone, with clear conditions out there. we have a few clouds out there. >> mostly sunny and dry, and showers on thursday, and the rest of us get a chance on friday night into saturday morning and high clouds and sunshine to the south and upper 60's and low-to-mid 70's elsewhere, and 74 in los gatos and 75 in gilroy and up the
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peninsula, nearly 70's in redwood city and lows am doze and mountain view and low-to-mid 60's and half moon bay at 64 and same in the sun it is and colma at 62 and 67 in south san francisco and 66 in downtown across the golden gate bridge and sausalito, and well hit accident in novato and santa rosa and sonoma and napa, and 70 in hayward and hercules and castro valley is the warm spot at 71 and fremont at 70's and the east bay valleys at 72 and all up and down the san ramon valley and also, highway 4 to brentwood and antioch is the warm spot with we fairfield at 74. tonight we have 40's around napa and palo alto and san ramon valley and morgan hill and a few more high clouds and not so chilly this morning and low-to-mid 50's. yesterday the cold front is quickly moving off to the east and a weak area of high pressure moving in but it is overrun by high clouds today and look where
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the jet stream is sphering it to the north so we have a chance of showers across the north bay and headed to thursday and as far as the world series games, crisp air and stadium in kansas city and dropping down to 56 by the end of the game. and at thursday evening at 5:00, the showers just barely clipping the north bay and the area of low-to-upper develops and with it, a low pulling the showers back and leaves us quiet on friday and friday night, after all activities are finished, it is into saturday morning with batter chance of showers and seven-day forecast and the temperatures climb tomorrow and thursday and friday and they hold steady and they drop significantly with the wet weather on saturday and more sunshine on sunday and monday and warmer. leyla gulen? we got this in northbound side of nimitz at fremont, three or four car crash and more information on that in a moment,
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but, first, i will take you to fairfield where we have the accident blocking between one and two lanes westbound at 80 and causing bumper-to-bumper traffic as you approach the cordelia interchange and when you are beyond the accident it clears up. headed along in the eastbound direction at 27 miles per hour slowing as you maybe it to highway 12 and we jump to the benicia bridge at top speed, looking clear as you join highway 4 into hercules and out to highway 4 which is a mess and it has been a mess and i am getting so map twitter followers saying it is a nice -- motion define antioch and concord so it is 45 minutes westbound direction and highway 580 not too bad. 6:19, the long list of retailers could be getting longer this morning, the layest
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if you don't have central heat a space heater can be a good way to keep warm when it is cold. >> are they safe? >> "consumer reports" partners with "7 on your side" to find out. >> here is michael finney. good morning, space heres can warm up a chilly room but they account for a third of all home heating fires each year and more than 80 percent of home heating fire deaths. "consumer reports" has tested two dozen space heaters and says if you have an older one, consider replacing it. the new ones have gotten safer. >> kevin lost his restaurant when a fair started in the apartment above. we he says firefighters determined the place was sparked we a space heater. it was 45 seconds and that is all it took. that hall fills with smoke quickly. >> "consumer reports" checked a variety of space heaters to see how well they worked. all heres have a safety switch
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that turns them off if they overheat or tip over. they also pass this safety check, testers measured how hot this towel gets and see if it burnors much cans fire. nothing d but we recommend placing space heaters these feet away from flammable items such as occur tapes, bedding or newspapers. >> always plug into the socket. >> this dummy is loaded with sensors to measure how fast the heaters can warm you up or spot heat. >> some heaters could only raise the dummy temperature by four degrees and the best could raise them much higher. >> large heaters show this honeywell is excellent at spot heating and passed all safety tests costing $1930 -- 190.
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one at $40 heating a room quickly not quite so fast. one was recalled by the manufacturers and it is whole road vortex heater that has been blamed in 29 instances of overheating and melting including seven fires sold online from june 20 13 to may of this year. the morning news continues at 6:30 with 9 top story. >> you pay a trillion to across the golden gate bridge by car, could you soon have to pay if you crosby foot? that is under consideration. >> a man is accused of killing a father with a sledgehammer. neighbors say what may have led to the disturbing attack. game one of the world series
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is tonight in kansas city and i am in san francisco with how giants fans are preparing for the big game. >> a look at live doppler hd showing rain on the way a couple of times in the forecast as a chilly start this morning and i will tell you what to expect at the stadium tonight. in the traffic center, a look at walnut creek and the southbound commute on 680 is packing in and inching along with a couple of problem spots with citizens popping up.
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thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning. 6:29. from our high definition camera to the bay, it is stunningly dry this morning as opposed to what it was lake yesterday mist and drizzle and light rain in the bay area. than you for joining us. what we have for today is a last world series excitement and
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cooler weather. dress warmer this morning with temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. good morning, visibility is unlimited because of the dry autumn air and a few clouds around half moon bay and three miles visibility and right now we have the moon out there and we can see the day light coming through looking from the exploritorium. we are starting in the 40's and fists with a few high clouds that are increasing in the afternoon and low-to-mid 60's at noon but mid-to-upper 60's the coast and the bay and low 70's inland and by 7:00 a light crackle and dry and cool and low-to-mid 60's for the evening activities. have a good one. >> we are starting off on a better note than yesterday with so many problems yesterday but this morning a couple of accidents here and there and possibly they or four cars involved here northbound on the
6:31 am
nimitz at fremont boulevard and possible lane blockages slowing and beyond there everything is moving along quickly. if you are driving through walnut creek officer pleasant hill, that dome mute is starting to slow down so 10 minutes gets you from highway 24 and eastbound direction against traffic we have construction that will be there until 9:00 so eastbound 24 between oak hill road and pleasant hill road and westbound commute is clear into the caldecott tunnel tunnel. >> in san francisco, the rupture of 117-year-old water main has closed 22nd between san bra -- bruno and vermont. a last mud has to be cleared and crews will have to dick up the street. the hospital lost water pressure for an hour but it is back new and it did not affect the hospital operations. in word on when the streets will
6:32 am
re-open. >> giants fans are counting down the hours to the first push of game one of the world series with kansas city royals and the bay area is brimming with excitement. good morning, you can feel the kitment in the air by going around the city in different buildings that are lit up orange and people are honking and wearing orange but tonight the game is not here the first game of the world series is away in kansas city and that did not stop many fans from finding a way to get this and some fans caught flights last night to see game one in royals territory with the games starting at $600 on stubhub and friday at at&t park it is sold out but you can get some tickets. they are expensive. a ticket costs you at least $539. fans are excited to see san francisco play in the third
6:33 am
world series in five years even if they are watching at him or the bar they are stocking up on merchandise and count down to the first pitch. >> if i live here i would have season tickets and skip work for every game. i am so proud and so happy they worked so hard in year. as a wild card to go all the way and do it in a convincing way was really inspiring. the first pitch tonight is at 5:07 and giants and royals fans are invited to watch at lefty o'doul's in san francisco and they have established a video link with the bar in kansas city so fans can interact with each other and trash talk during the game. it will be fun. fans hope for a big win tonight. game one is tonight in kansas city and game two is tomorrow in kansas city and the series comes back to san francisco for games these and
6:34 am
four and friday and saturday at at&t park along with game five on sunday if it becomes necessary and the series will go back to kansas city for six and seven if the game are needed and all games start at 5:07 our time. our reporter will report from the world series today and tomorrow and you can follow his digital updates from kansas city in between by following him in between. "blade runner" oscar pistorius has been sentenced to maximum of five years in prison for killing his girlfriend. the judge in the court read the sentence this morning. oscar pistorius served immediately, but legal experts say he could move to house arrest in as little as ten months. the judge acquitted ok objection of murder and found him guilty of culpable homicide similar to what we consider manslaughter here. ok objection fatally shot reeva steenkamp through a bathroom
6:35 am
door last day. >> the. >> their of the contentious ballot measure is under 24 hour protection after receiving death throats raising the cap on medical malpractice and require doctors to take random drug tests and mandate a database to reduce prescription drug abuse. his two children were killed by a drive under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol 11 years ago. the man who called pack threatened to kill him and his wife and family and he did not back up. >> knowing what happened already, it is saturday he would fake a threat to do more harm. >> the man who made the threat identified at 49-year-old man from concord. pack says he has pulled the campaign ad that kneetured him and is being more careful about public appearances.
6:36 am
>> a man who killed his own father with a sledgehammer will be arraigned. on sunday, the 33-year-old used a sledgehammer to breakdown the front door of his father's house and he strangled his dad, 64-year-old, and beat him to death with a hammer. the noise woke up the their neighbors would say they avoids him. he was angry with his fear from an argument. >> an uber driver is accused of pulling a female passenger out of the car and smashing her phone after the driver and passenger got in a disagreement over the final destination. the driver get out, grabbed her arm and pulled her from the vehicle. when she tried to take his picture the passenger said he grabbed her phone and thank you it and was cited for battery, malicious and vandalism. uber has suspended the driver's account. officials are renewing talk of charging a toll to people would walk or bicycle across the
6:37 am
bridge. the sidewalk access fees to bicycles and pedestrians help the bridge district deal with the $33 million deficit. in word on how much it could be but if approved it takes affect in 2017. officials considered this 10 years ago but backed away after protests. what do you think of this idea? go to our facebook page and sound off. >> ready for ebola? the answer that leaders are looking for today. >> t's drug kingpin turns to action figures and parents are upset with if you reaction from "breaking bad" star. giants fan, we when to see your team spirit at
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>> a crisp and fall air over the stadium tonight in kansas city at the truman complex for game one of the world series dropping down to 56. large breakers at our beaches facing northwest and west and rip currents and sneaker waves could be 13 or 14' with high
6:41 am
surf to the south and a wind advisory at santa barbara. low-to-upper 70's in the central valley and sunny and mid-to-upper 70's in san diego and los angeles. >> we have three crashes involving five vehicles northbound highway 101 at the expressway we have two lanes blocked and heavy backup away from 280 and 680 and to the north we are told it is northbound 880 but we are seeing southbound slowing at fremont boulevard at four cars involved here and westbound 80 two cars, still gumming up the commute from highway 12 at 20 miles per hour top speed. the fashion world remembers oscar de la renta and the duchess makes her first
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. if a couple of hours south
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bay leaders get an update on how well prepared they are to deal with a possible ebola virus emergency. >> our reporter is at valley medical center in san jose. matt? there are no ebola cases here in santa clara county but leaders want do make sure they are prepared in case the disease hits here. the recent developments in dallas including the first death from ebola and the infection of two nurses programmed some of the sap far clear supervisors to have specific questions to the county executive, jeff smith and are asking for updates on the training of hospital staff, county fire and first responders and what to do with disposing of medical wear, the specialized equipment that is available and community indication for transportation hubs like airports and bus stations that could require screenings of individuals. today the governor is scheduled to meet with the largest nurse's union to discuss preparedness
6:46 am
at. 40s and other health facilities. though want more protective gear and training for workers. toys 'r us is taking heat for action figures that feature characters from "breaking bad." a woman launched a petition to have the figures removed from toys 'r us because they have a detachable sack of cash and a bag of methamphetamine. the star is spending to the controversy and superintendent south a tweet, i'm so mad, i am burning my florida mom figure in protest. >> ought fashion world is mourning the death of we oscar de la renta who is known for dressing celebrities, state women and fashion locher keeping
6:47 am
close ties to the bay area and shed off designs in san francisco in 1995. he was diagnosed with cancer in 26 fix. de la renta dressed first ladies and designed the wedding dress worn by george clooney's new wife, amal. >> kate is back to her royal duties after spending more time out of the public eye the last two months. the duchess stepped out for the first time since announcing her second pregnancy. we for hint of a baby bump that can you see and wore a coat and is suffering from severe morning sickness in the second pregnancy but is recovering. she and the prince are expecting their second child in april and the couple welcomed the president and first lady of singapore at the start of a state visit. trading is underway on wall street and well hook at the
6:48 am
early must bees and see which direction we are going in. the dow is up in positive territory at 71 points to the positive at 16471. >> being load by apple. >> staples is looking into potential credit card data breach and said if they find they were hacked customers are not responsible for fraud u activity on the credit cards if it is reported in time. home depot and k-mart and sears have been victims of the breaches. >> the positions are architect, school psychologist, and wrestle, coast are among the 1,100 jobs available today at the hire event held at hilton garden inn from anyone from noon >> temperatures are taking a plunge. >> some places up to 18 degrees cooler than yesterday. first, we are going to school
6:49 am
and we will look at where we are traveling today down to south san francisco. we will head to the elementary school and talk to the 4th graders. can't wait to meet the 4th grid cougars warming to 58 by the time we gut office the school and picking up mid-level moisture and that is all it is, not reaching the ground and indicative of the hide clouds well have in the afternoon. napa is up to 18 degrees cooler and all of us are double digit degrees cooler but for sfo and san carlos and mountain view where we five to eight degrees cooler. napa is at 43, the coolest area around our neighbors and 45 in santa rosa and friction at petaluma and fairfield and san ramon and 47 and half moon bay at 48 and low-to-mid 50's around the bay shore and san jose at 50 the cool spot. this is how it looks from the roof, the orange in the ferry
6:50 am
being and embarcadero is ready if world series game and back at home, submy and dry and chance of showers and better chance for the rest of us friday night into saturday morning and temperatures to the south upper 60's in sunnyvale and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's and los altos and mountain view, low-to-mid 60's and mud to upper 60's downtown and sausalito and drop to the low 70's headed to bodega bay and upper 60's to nearly 70 in the north bay valley and same along the east bay sure and low-to-mid 70's headed through our inland east bay neighborhood. high clouds blanket a few of us and 40's around napa and palo alto and morgan hill and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50's. the high clouds are coming in for the forecast this afternoon and notice the jet stream is going to steer this next storm to the north but thursday evening we are watching the showers drop in the north bay and an area of low pressure with the counter clock wise flow will
6:51 am
push the storms up to the north on friday evening and the entire system coming our way during the it this time hours through saturday morning and saturday afternoon the sun breaks out and temperatures are the coolest at are watching up a couple of degrees, tomorrow holding steady thursday and friday and the coolest weather is a chance of rain and more sunshine and seasonal temperatures sunday and pond. have a great day. >> 58 bart trains are rolling and ace rain 3, 5 and 7 are on the track so we have a delay at muni, 1, 5, 14 and 49 those routes all are expensing longer than normal wait times with a couple ofentsts. first in san jose, we have heave backups northbound 101 you can see how haiti traffic is at 39 miles per hour and slower than that with middle lanes taken away. in solano county westbound 80 at red top road this accident is
6:52 am
still blocking lanes involving two vehicles and we have bumper-to-bumper conditions coming away from highway 12 and using our waze app we down to five miles per hour along highway 29 where we have a report of a major accident so you may want to avoid that and take alternate routes to get around that. >> we are back with seven things to know's -- know before you
6:53 am
♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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>> a look at traffic in san rafael on 101 as the sun is rising. traffic is trying to get to work and getting jammed up southbound but, otherwise, it is fought -- not too terrible. seven things to know include a water main break in san francisco that closed several streets near san francisco general hospital. crews capped the 117-year-old broken water main at 4:00 an hour after it broke and now they need to dig up the road to repair it. the hospital was without water for an hour but service has been restored. two, supervisors and nurses will tackle the issue of ebola virus. though want to know that workers and residents are protected if the virus is protected here. several nurses unions are meeting with governor brown to discuss statewide procedures. >> "blade runner" oscar
6:55 am
pistorius has been sentenced to five years in prison in the failing shooting of his girlfriend super model reeva steenkamp. he starts to serve his science immediately but could be out in ten months. >> the airport has signed a deal to allow pickups and drop offs at sfo during a pilot period. sfo made a similar deep with sidescar we reported last year believed the first airport in the united states to have a deal. the giants are hours away from game one of world series in kansas city. bumgarner is on the mound and it will be the royals' speed and dallas against the giant pitchers with the royals a slit -- slight favorite for some. we are up to 18 degrees cooler so address warmer.
6:56 am
clear conditions a few high clouds rolling in and we have that in the afternoon, 62 to 67 the coast and san francisco and 71 around the bay, and inland east bay, 72 to 74. 15 minutes from the east bay to san francisco and we have heavy traffic building in several spots and we did have this accident now, highway 29 northbound at american canyon road down to five mills and the best alternate is this area right here. >> thank you, leyla gulen. being the undergone is totally suitable for giants when we go out and get 'em. >> how about top dog? go giants!
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good morning, america. and breaking right now. oscar pistorius sentenced to prison. >> mr. pistorius, please rise. >> the olympian given five years for killing his girlfriend. taken straight to a cell after an emotional good-bye to his family. also this morning. an urgent warning. defective air bags in nearly 5 million vehicles on the road right now. the device designed to save lives causing potentially deadly injuries. exploding on impact. spraying dangerous metal shards. what you need to know this morning. i was patient zero. >> breaking her silence. monica lewinsky making her first public speech. what she says now almost really destroyed her life after her affair with the president.


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