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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 20, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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in southern california to pull off the arrest. the investigation found los angeles area drug members took road trips to contra costa county to distribute the meth to other drug trafficking gangs. >> this case here gives you a pretty good indication and the situation unfortunately is rather dire and i think it should be very concerning to our citizens. >> the state attorney general's office says california is the single biggest point of entry for meth in the united states, estimated street value of today's bust $18 million. authorities hope it puts a huge dent in the mexican drug trade. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. lawyers representing a high end escort accused of killing a google executive say the whole thing was a tragic accident. prosecutors say surveillance video shows her injecting him with heroin on his yacht last november, then watching as he died. police say hayes arranged to meet her online for sex. her lawyers say she only did
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what hayes asked her to do. >> at the end of the day there are no heroes here, nor are there any demons. it's a sad case which is deeply affected two families. but it was an accident. >> she has pleaded not guilty to felony manslaughter charges. she was in court in santa cruz today for a procedural hearing. another hearing is scheduled for december 5th. consumers are so tired of having their credit cards hacked they plan to avoid the stores that were hacked. nearly half of those surveyed, 45%, say they will avoid target and home depot because of data breaches. a new service called apple pay is now available claiming to be more secure. apple is launching this new digital payment service that allows customers to use their smartphones instead of handing over credit cards. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana joins us with a look at the way it works. >> reporter: there are two launch events, one in san francisco, another in new york. basically, it allows iphone 6
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and 6 plus owners to be able to buy things without even having to reach for their wallet. it is designed to make purchases a whole lot easier but it's also designed to make some of the purchases even more secure than using credit cards. signing up for apple pay is pretty easy. the newest iphones take a picture of your visa or mastercard, then apple pay creates and stores what's called a digital pay token. according to visa, that creates an added layer of security. >> their credit card number is never actually on the phone. we replace that number actually with a digital alias that replaces the card number, can run through the payment network just like a regular card number would. >> reporter: donna tam covers electronic payment technologies for c-net and says the digital alias numbers can be helpful if retailers' system are compromised. >> if someone hacks into the merchant's data base and tries to get that information, the information will be useless for them to use. >> reporter: when you do make a purchase, instead of swiping a credit card, the phone prompts you to authorize the sale with a
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fingerprint. another security layer. but what happens if you lose your phone or it's stolen? >> there have been a lot of studies done when people lose their wallet, they will report that loss within 24 hours. when they lose their phone they typically report it within an hour. >> reporter: the phone can be remotely disabled if it is stolen and a customer can still use their credit card if they still have it. right now, this technology is available at more than 200,000 retailers across the country, including places like walgreens and pete's coffee, which isn't much when you consider about 15 million retailers accept visa and mastercard. even the most digital savvy customers won't be ditching their wallets just yet. then there's another problem. >> one of the disadvantages is if your phone dies you're at a loss because you don't have your credit card anymore. >> reporter: right now it's only available on the newest iphone, the 6 and 6 plus. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> apple's profit is soaring. the company's income increased to roughly $8.5 billion for the
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quarter, up from roughly $7.5 billion from a year ago. ceo tim cook credits off the chart demand for its new iphone 6 and 6 plus. ibm has issued a weak earnings report. that and its focus on all things mobile is why it's paying a billion and a half dollars to a silicon valley tech company. santa clara based global foundries is taking over ibm's chip business. the deal gives them access to thousands of semiconductor patents as well as ibm operations in other states. it was drizzly in parts of the bay area. people in san francisco broke out the umbrellas this morning for welcome rain. this is what it looked like at the civic center about 10:00. the downpour caught some people by surprise. >> it caught me by surprise. i left my house, it was pretty warm. i saw people with shorts. i got here, it was rain. >> he was not listening to spencer. >> well, he's tracking it all
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now. hey, spencer. >> well, unfortunately, there was probably more water falling in my shower this morning than some of the showers that hit the bay area. we did have a few wet spots. here's live doppler 7 hd right now showing mainly dry picture across the bay area but we still have little areas of showers up in the north bay, mainly from about santa rosa area north up to just east of cloverdale. that's all traveling eastward now out of the area, getting a little bit of a break as the showers wind down. rainfall totals, 24 hours, as you can see, in many locations, no measurable rain at all or just a trace. oakland had .01 inch. but half moon bay had over .10 inch. we have a beach hazard statement in until until tomorrow evening for north and west-facing beaches. i will have a look at what we can expect more rain to fall a little later. >> spencer, thank you. you can track weather where you live and live doppler 7 hd any time with the abc 7 news weather
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app, free on apple app store or google play. more information is on san francisco police are investigating another tragic pedestrian accident. an elderly man was hit and killed by a car at 43rd and slope next to the zoo. the 87-year-old had just left his house to walk to the gym. abc 7 news reporter melissa harrington has more. >> reporter: he was likely on his morning walk when he was hit by a car and killed. it happened about a quarter mile from the san francisco zoo. he was heading west toward the ocean when police say the man tried walking across lanes of traffic. >> he lived right here on the boulevard and i guess he crossed, he left his house and crossed the street kind of midblock without preliminary, looks like he didn't use the crosswalk. >> reporter: he was hit and killed. police were called just before 7:00. the driver stopped, is shaken up but cooperating with the
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investigation. the lieutenant says it appears she was driving the speed limit. >> we think the factor was probably the light. it was about dusk at that time. it was just getting daylight and down by the beach sometimes it can be a little darker just because of the fog. >> reporter: he says this area is well-lit with crosswalks, stop signs and traffic lights. they do not respond here for accidents often. the victim's name has not been released. >> it was pouring out here earlier but it was dry when the accident happened. so police say that rain was not a factor. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. it's been almost eight weeks since the napa earthquake but city officials say they are getting new reports of damage every day. officials told the state assembly committee that inspectors are just now getting inside some of the city's buildings and homes. to make matters worse, federal emergency management association program that offers individual assistance such as low interest loans and aid to quake victims
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has still not been approved. >> the state of california does not have an individual assistance program specifically for disaster response. so really, we do depend on that federal individual assistance program. >> a spokesman told abc 7 news he can't say when the individual assistance might be made available or whether it will be granted at all. a new effort launched today to mobilize the people of oakland to reduce the risk of wildfire. wildfire prevention leaders today announced a new nonprofit group, the oakland fire safe council. this new effort marks the 23rd anniversary of the oakland hills firestorm. on october 20th, 1991, fire killed 25 people, destroyed nearly 4,000 homes. the oakland fire council says education is key to preventing a similar disaster. >> our purpose is to educate and motivate the residents of oakland to take steps to reduce the risk of wildfire. >> city officials say the most important lesson learned during the firestorm is the importance
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of maintaining a defensible space around homes. take a look at this. wasted water on the peninsula from this broken hydrant in belmont, all damage caused by a prank. police tell us two high school kids shot the construction site dumpster down a steep hill. it sheared off the hydrant. officials had turned the water off and capped the hydrant. residents aren't too happy about that. still ahead, as the boards go up, so does the frustration. a window smasher strikes again and police are asking for your help. also ahead, a warning for nearly five million car owners. why the government says certain airbags needs to be fixed right now. also ahead, bay area baseball fans hitting the road. >> go, giants! and there are the kansas city fans. how you can get into the spirit of the matchup here at home. details on that when we return.
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a 33-year-old santa rosa man is now in custody, accused of killing his father with a sledge hammer. police say it happened around 11:30 last night inside a home on rice street. the suspect allegedly told investigators he was angry with his father over an earlier dispute. police haven't released the name of the victim or the suspect. police are trying to track down vandals targeting the city's willow glen neighborhood. a salon is the latest business to be hit. surveillance video shows a 12 by five foot plate glass window being smashed just after 2:00 this morning. it's going to cost $2500 to replace. this isn't the first time the salon has been targeted. >> the first time we had our window broken and the front door, computer stolen. the second time they just broke the window. this time again, same thing.
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it's super frustrating. we are covered by insurance but the deductibles are really high and it's hard for small business. >> neighborhood businesses have been vandalized in recent weeks. this is video of a robbins that was hit. this time tomorrow night, the san francisco giants will be ready to play in the world series for the third time in five years. fans are getting ready as well. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler joins us from lefty o'doole's. how's it going in there? >> reporter: it's going just fine. this is one of those places where fans from both teams can come and gather and this time they have a rather innovative way that they can maybe do a little what would you call it, friendly trash talking. that is unless they are lucky enough to be going to kansas city. larry phillips has never been to a world series game and after the giants won the pennant,
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decided on a last minute whim to head to kansas city. the san jose man has been a die-hard giants fan since he was a teenager. >> yeah, absolutely. chance of a lifetime. i might as well dish out some money and go. >> reporter: larry paid $350 for his ticket on stub hub. too bad his friends aren't able to get the time off. kansas city, here he comes. >> go, giants! >> reporter: bill henry was also catching a flight to kansas city today. >> this is my fourth world series. i love to go to the world series. >> reporter: he went to see the giants during spring training but bill is a fickle fan. >> i'm rooting for the royals, unfortunately. >> reporter: if he were staying in san francisco to watch the series, here's where he would feel comfortable cheering on that team. lefty o'doole's. >> everybody is welcome here. we even accept dodger fans. >> reporter: in what we think is a first of its kind camaraderie,
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lefty's, a popular hangout for giants fans, has established a video link with a sports bar in kansas city. welch's corner. each bar has set aside a spot for the other visiting fans to gather and talk live with folks back home watching the game. >> it's all about baseball. we both love the game. kansas city, san francisco. it's an experience and we want to share it. with each other. >> reporter: this couple prefers to experience the heartache at home. they were catching a flight from sfo back to kc. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is heading to kansas city right now to cover the world series but he had to take a detour to phoenix. apparently there was some issue with his boarding pass. he has been tweeting an explanation. you can follow wayne's continuous digital updates from kansas city by following him on
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twitter and on his facebook page. watch his live reports before and after games one and two tomorrow and wednesday. violet is a die-hard giants fan. for all of her 89 years young she has every bobblehead that has ever been made. e-mail your pictures to or tweet them tous. some of the most politically powerful women in the nation talked politics today during a luncheon in san francisco. hillary clinton was the featured speaker at the fund-raiser. tickets ranged in price from $1,000 to more than $16,000 person. clinton talked about the need for women to mobilize and get involved. she also talked about her new favorite role in life. that of grandmother. >> what i realized which a number of my friends have told me i would, being a mom is
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really hard work. turns out being a grandmother is all joy. i highly recommend it to you. >> the event also featured house democratic leader nancy pelosi and a special performance from singer carole king. time is running out to be eligible to vote for the elections on november 4th. the deadline is midnight tonight. a few people showed up in person to register at the san francisco department of elections. you can do it online at the state registrar of voters website. you will find a lot of coverage on the issues and candidates at a major recall tonight involving airbags and a warning about tainted candy on halloween. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with that and more. >> amazing day for consumer affairs. the national highway traffic safety administration issued a rare alert today for owners of millions of cars that have been recalled for faulty airbag. 4.7 million cars have been recalled but many of them have not been returned to the dealership for inspection.
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the warning covers cars made by toyota, honda, mazda, bmw, nissan, general motors and ford. at least four people have died because of this problem. also today, toyota issued a new airbag recall covering 247,000 older model vehicles, including the lexus c, corolla, matrix and tundra, bringing the total recall to just shy of five million vehicles. police have a warning for parents this halloween. not all candy is for kids. with marijuana legal in colorado and washington state, there are concerns that pot-infused candies could show up in trick or treat bags. authorities are circulating a video produced by denver police with advice for parents. marijuana dispensary owner patrick johnson says it can be difficult to tell the difference. >> the problem is that some of these products look so similar to candy that's been on the market that we have eaten as children that there's really no
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way for a child or parent or anybody even an expert in the field to tell you whether or not a product is infused or not. >> okay. so the best rule parents can follow is if any candy doesn't look familiar, toss it. home building stats were up in september due largely to an uptick in apartment building. housing starts rose 6.3% while apartment construction was up 18.5%. the sluggish economy has forced more americans to rent instead of buy homes. they simply can't afford them. apartment construction has surged more than 30% over the past 12 months. we see it here in the city. >> sure do. thank you, michael. let's take another look outside with spencer christian. >> things are looking pretty good out here. we have clearing skies right now. most of the showers have ended. a few remain up in the north bay. here's live doppler 7 hd. you can see how little moisture
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is showing up on the radar image right now. there is a trickle of shower activity in the north bay from santa rosa south down to petaluma, even into southern marin county, south of san rafael. these are spotty showers. live view from sutro tower looking north at clouds traveling through the north bay sky. 65 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 67. san carlos, 66. 63 in san jose. 60, morgan hill. 64, half moon bay. check out the clouds over mount tam, trying to look down towards the bay. we can't see much. temperatures in the upper 60s right now in santa rosa. 66, petaluma. 72, fairfield. upper 60s, concord and livermore. lots of blue sky looking south over the bay from the rooftop camera. these are the forecast features. spotty showers possible tonight, widely scattered and light. mostly sunny the next three days, relatively mild, but rain arrives near week's end. here's the satellite image showing the weak falling apart frontal system pushing through
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the bay area right now. not much moisture behind it. some cooler air overnight. this next storm is not the one that will bring us our rain at the end of the week. that will move to our north. here's the forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. we will see mainly clear skies tonight but some passing high clouds and perhaps a couple of isolated or widely scattered light showers. tomorrow, filtered sunshine with sun and high clouds and it will be a dry, mild day. overnight, look for partly cloudy skies and a chance again of a few spotty showers. low temperatures will range from mid 40s in the north bay valleys, the coolest region in the bay area, to low to mid 50s over the remainder of the bay area. then tomorrow, we can expect again mainly sunny skies. it will be a mild day. no extremes one way or the other. not very cool, not very warm. we will see mid 60s on the coast, upper 60s to near 70 around the bay. low to mid 70s inland. now let's travel to kansas city, mo, where game one of the world series take place tomorrow evening. it will be 7:00 p.m. central
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time. conditions, weather conditions, clear skies, 61 degrees as the giants take on the royals in the royals' home turf. should be pretty good baseball weather. 61 degrees is considered balmy by nighttime baseball standards here in san francisco. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we can expect a string of mild days through thursday, even into friday, it will remain mild with highs in tuper 70s inland. but there's a chance of showers developing friday evening. looks like saturday will certainly begin as a rainy day and it may rain throughout the day. we will get mostly sunny, dry conditions on sunday and monday. the next bout of rainfall comes at the very end of the week. let's hope it will deliver a little bit more punch than we got out of today's showers. ama and cheryl? >> thank you. coming up next, the big dig. nobody looks forward to street repairs, but one supervisor has a plan that could change your opinion. the bay area man who received an e-mail saying there
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was a contract out for his life. new at 6:00, michael finney returns with the scam police are now calling a new low. ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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a comet came close to mars this weekend. three nasa orbitters had to hide on the other side of the red planet. the comet came within 87,000 miles of mars yesterday. nasa was worried its dust and gas flying by at 126,000 miles an hour would destroy the odyssey reconnaissance and maven spacecrafts. they all survived that close call. the drive between the bay area and los angeles could become much easier for tesla owners this year. a website reports tesla will install its first ever battery swapping stations in between the two metropolitan areas. the swap will take about 90 seconds and drivers won't have to leave their cars. a robotic system will pull out the battery pack and replace it with a fully charged version.
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tesla hasn't said yet how drivers will get their original batteries back. the ceo said previously it would involve -- could involve going back to the site to pick up the battery or paying the difference in cost. a san francisco supervisor wants to take advantage of all the construction going on to get the city ready for high speed internet access. the bill by the supervisor would require companies digging up streets for gas, electric or sewer repair to also lay down pvc pipe. when the city is ready, it could then easily install fiber optic cable through the pipe without having to dig up the street again. >> it's greatly reducing the cost of subsequently coming through and pulling the fiber. it also means less disruption for neighbors since we don't have to come back and reopen the streets. >> the proposal would save the city up to 75% of the cost of installing fiberoptic cables. the board of supervisors votes at tomorrow's meeting.
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positions such as architect, school psychologist and wrestling coach among the jobs available at the event that will be held at the hilton garden inn from noon to 4:00 tomorrow. 17 employers will be there to take resumes and applications. still ahead, a different kind of three-pointer. >> finding good will, hard work and an abc 7 news anchor on a bay area basketball court. - "dear scan, "i've been a scan member for almost two years
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and have been very satisfied with the plan." - "i would like to thank you and your organization from top to bottom." - "i recently called into scan regarding a claims problem." - "i had been going round and round with a problem with a prescription drug order." - "it is nice to know that one phone call to you, and you take care of it right away." - "your kindness and helpfulness has been appreciated "more than you will ever know. i could not have done it without your help." - i'll never be able to thank them enough. uh...and it's the truth. - "thank you so much. sincerely, donna markow." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - that's what really sets scan apart from everybody else. scan cares. - i don't know a better way to say it than, the heart of scan. - scan, for your health and independence.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, governor brown's new california water crusade. >> water was always a big story. >> tonight, the promise he's making if he wins re-election this fall. also, the microsoft mystery. why did the ceo's audio drop out right when he was getting ready to say what we wanted to hear? it's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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before the golden state warriors tip off the regular season next wednesday, they have some work to finish in the community. >> today, the team unveiled a newly refurbished basketball court at martin luther king junior park. >> it took months of work and coordination between the warriors, the california endowment and other groups to transform the old court into this nice new one. former warrior and hall of famer mitch richmond was there to help with the unveiling the court that now bears his name. >> i never thought i would have a basketball court named after me. and also a whole city and a high school and a foundation. i mean, thank you, guys. i appreciate this. >> that's, of course, abc 7's larry beil on hand emceeing today's festivities and playing a little pickup basketball, looking elegant in his suit with some of the kids who will enjoy the new court. looking good. "world news tonight with david muir" is next. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm cheryl jennings.
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thanks for inviting us into your home. welcome to "world news tonight." and the urgent warning right now. is the airbag in your car at risk of exploding? tonight, the recall widening. millions of cars in america. we have the makes and models. brian ross reporting. the major turn tonight in the ebola crisis. what we've learned about that first group being monitored. about that helicopter hovering over the cruise ship. and the key date to watch now. who is telling the truth? the hunt for a russian nuclear submarine tonight. the biggest military operation of its kind since the cold war. the mystery unfolding right now. monica lewinsky in her own words tonight. what she said today in front of a crowd we had never heard before. and the peyton manning moment. was it more than meets the eye? the big reveal, right here.


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