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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 20, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. they had a little rain in the bay area this morning. people had to whip out their umbrella or whatever they could find to cover their heads. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> it's not the heavy rain we need but it is enough to make driving and walking around a little more difficult. >> mike is here with the live doppler 7 that hd. >> good morning. behind me i was at the embarcadero and i saw some ponding on the road. even though we had about 1/100 outside our windows.
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let's take a look at other areas. you have to go to 1900 feet in the east bay hills for 200. sfo about 100. the radar is out there. it is showing us some scattered showers. not picking up all of them. this is a very low level event. i'm looking to the east, and i can't even see berkeley from here which i can usually see. i can't see hayward either so i know some rain is falling in those areas even though it may not be showing up. here's the cold front. notice energy well to the north. this area of low pressure that you see to the west of the front will hook up with it and keep the chance of scattered light showers in the forecast. most of those should be fading by 5:00. less than a tenth of an inch except the higher elevations where we could get a quarter of an inch. if you have evening plans, don't worry about the wet weather but you'll want to dress for temperature that will rapidly fall into the 50s this evening.
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>> this is what the weather looks like at the san francisco international airport. flights are being delayed 30 to 60 minutes at this point. let's have a look. >> there is enough rain in enough areas to make driving a little bit tricky as i found out myself when i was merging on to interstate 80. be especially careful. a look at san francisco. the rain came down and made things look a little bit wet. the sidewalks. folks to have use the wipers on the intermittent setting. even with the dark, because of the cloud cover. no major problems there so far at the golden gate bridge. there was enough rain to interfere with the camera a bit. we haven't heard of any major problems there as well. and believe it or not, the rain was a surprise to some.
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>> it caught me by surprise. it was pretty warm and i saw people with shorts and i got here and it was rain. >> i like the water, the water parks and all the good things that we can enjoy when we're not in a drought. i hope the rain picks up. >> this is one of those rain systems that just teases us. it is enough to be a bit problematic. you might want to take your umbrella. there will still be scattered showers in the area as mike said. and you will want to stay tuned for abc7 news for the latest on the rain system with mike in the evening. so i'll send it back to you. >> thank you so much. you can track the weather where you live and live doppler 7 hd any time with the abc 7 weather app.
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san francisco police are investigating the rain as a possible factor in a tragic accident this morning on busy sloat boulevard near zoo. a pedestrian was hit and killed by a car. abc7 news reporter alyssa is live at the scene. >> reporter: it was pouring out here earlier. it was dry when this accident happened so police do not think rain was a factor. they do say it was foggy and dark. the victim lived in that white and yellow house on sloat boulevard. i just spoke with his family members them say he had just walked outside of the house and into the street to head off to the gym when he was hit and killed. police say a plan in his 70s was likely on his morning walk when he was hit by a car and killed. this happened on sloat boulevard at 43rd avenue about, a quarter mile from the san francisco zoo. the driver was heading west toward the ocean when police say the man tried walking across lanes of traffic. >> he left his house and he
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crossed the street. kind of mid block without preliminary, it looks like he didn't use the crosswalk. >> reporter: he was hit and killed. police were called before 7:00. the driver stopped. she is shaken up but cooperating with the investigation. the lieutenant said it appears she was driving the speed limit. >> we think the factor was probably the light. it was about dusk at that time so it was just getting daylight. and down by the beach. sometimes it can be a little darker because of the fog. >> reporter: he says this area is well lit with crosswalks, stop signs and traffic lights. they do not respond here for accidents often. the victim's name has not been released. in the intersection at sloat and 43rd avenue was closed for a few hours following the accident. you can see it is back open. live in san francisco. >> thanks very much. police need hem in catching some vandals who attacked yet
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another business. >> reporter: good morning. this is not the first time this neighborhood has been hit. business owners and residents in this community are hoping that something can be done to stop the vandals who seem to be targeting their neighborhood. >> it is super frustrating. we're covered by insurance but the deductibles are really high and it is hard for small business. >> reporter: frustrating on. a day when amber lopez should be closed, she is cleaning up broken glass and it is not the first time. >> the first time we had our window broken and the front door computer stolen. the secretary time they just broke the window. this time the same thing. >> reporter: she's showing us surveillance video on her cell phone. it captures the moment the glass was broken. >> the neighbor walked by and said your window is broken. we rushed down here. the police were already here. >> reporter: cops haven't been
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able to offer much in the way of relief. >> it is just vandalism. you can make a report and call your insurance company but there is nothing really else they can do. >> reporter: a call for repairs to the business owners. the neighborhood has been a target of vandals before. they were among the stores hit in august. the assault on the baskin robins was reported by the owner. just before 2:00 a.m., something hit his glass door and it shattered. aly more than two minutes later, a second hit and another glass victim. he believes the vandals used some type of bb gun or paint gun to fire it. back at the salon, she wants her customers to know, this setback has not shut her down and she is still open for business as usual on tuesday. >> today we'll deal with trying to get some new glass and new signage. >> reporter: with the depleted police force and low resources, san jose police tell me that property crime is not high on their priority list.
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but they are asking that anyone who may have seen anything come forward. the cost to replace and repair that window, upwards of $2,500. a cost that will fall squarely on the property owner. in san jose. abc7 news. thank you. caltrans officials and engineers are meeting to figure out the next step in a bay bridge construction project that turned friday's commute into a disaster. thousands of commuters got caught up in delays, triggered by two temporary steel plates near the harrison and fremont street off-ramps. the place had to be there to replace six expansion joints on the upper deck. but after friday's mess, caltrans halted the project and replaced them over the weekend now. they have to determine what the alternative is in how to proceed. to the latest developments in the ebola crisis, the officials have changed the safety protocols. more than 40 people who had contact with the ebola patients who died have now been released from quarantine.
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here's the latest. >> reporter: after 21 days, the quarantine now lifted. the four people who lived with ebola victim thomas eric duncan given the all year including his fiance. >> she has nothing. everything that she ever owned has been destroyed because of the ebola situation with eric. >> reporter: still, she says, we are so grateful that none of us has shown any sign of illness. >> these were the people who had the most contact with mr. tunkian. they were with him for days while he was sick. early in the illness, people are not very contagious and that should give relief to people in planes and other places. >> reporter: they are also off the watch list but dozens of people in ohio are still being monitored after the nurse amber vinson traveled on an airline before she was diagnosed with ebola. her family said the cdc gave her permission to fly to cleveland.
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adding that when she learned about nina pham's infection, they asked about flying back to dallas as a precaution. the family says officials assured amber that her concerned were unfounded. >> amber vinson did nothing wrong. that was a mistake and that caused her problems, it caused panic in our community. >> reporter: today she is in stable condition as nina pham battles in maryland. in fair condition, tired but said to be in good spirits. meanwhile, more than 70 of the colleagues in this hospital are still being monitored. officials saying if no one shows symptoms, everyone will be off the watch list by november 7th. abc news, dallas. >> there are daily developments on the ebola crisis. you can get breaking news on our website or our app. we have more information at abc7
11:11 am the san francisco giants are practicing in kansas city before game one of the world series tomorrow evening. the players, coaches, along with wives and other families boarded the plane. led by bruce bochy, the giants are gunning for a third world championship in five years. game one is tomorrow evening in kansas city. game two will be wednesday in kc as well. and then the giants return to san francisco. games three and four are friday and saturday at at&t park along with game five on sunday if necessary. all games for the entire series start at 5:07 our time. and from oakland international airport, before he went through security to board his plane. this is my ultra sensitive. warned the tsa okay. okay, they've been warned.
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thank you so much. and he'll be reporting live from the world series tomorrow and wednesday. and fans are sharing their orange october spirit with us. here's the father and daughter showing off their giants pride with their t-shirts. tweet them to us at abc7 news bay area. seeing them everywhere. still to come, the bay area city says they're doing well. on a day with a little rain out, look at this. mike is coming out to talk about the accu-weather forecast.
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three bay area cities have been named the fastest real estate in the country. seattle, san diego and houston were also on that list. the cities were selected based on the shortest median age of inventory and listing price. in san francisco, it is just below $950,000. safety regulators are warning owners of more than 4.7 million recalled cars to get
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their airbags immediately. it was they say they can cause ruptures causing metal fragments to fly out if the car crashes. it includes honda, toyota, nissan, mazda, general motors, ford, chrysler, bmw and mitsubishi. >> those wind shield wipers might have gotten a little work today. >> it's been light rain but there has been a nuisance if you've been trying to get around on. foot or by car. good news, it will be mainly out of here by the time we get to the evening commute. it will be exceptionally cooler. up to 20 degrees and the possibility of rain is starting to creep into the picture. just when the world series comes back home. i'll have the updates coming up in our accu-weather seven-day forecast. and apple's mobile launch starts today. and why some u.s. businesses may see fewer shoppers this holiday season.
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people will have a new way to pay for merchandisers because apple pay launches today for owners of the iphone 6 and 6 plus. they will be able to make a payment with the touch of a finger and without their wallet. it came out today and then link up to a debit or credit card. apple is joining with most major banks plus retailers such as mcdonald's, macy's and whole
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foods. for a list of the stores, visit our facebook page. for game three of the world series. >> this storm will be but another one will be coming in behind it. we have an area of low pressure churning in the gulf of alaska. that will send us some not only cooler weather but another storm system for the thursday, friday, saturday time frame. definitely something we'll keep an eye on as the models continue to trend toward it being weather during those three days. let's take a look at what's going on right now. you can see the concentration from marin county out over the ocean. i know it is raining as you look over toward oakland and down toward hayward, san leandro and those areas. just having a hard time seeing it. so ignacio boulevard toward san anselmo, sir francis drake boulevard, knew through valleys and mountains. you can see that's where we're
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finding our best radar returns. as we look at sfo, our arrival delays are down to 36 minutes but they'll continue for the better part of the next six hours. right now you can see they're actually dropping some rain on the san mateo bridge. expect it to be a little slick over the next hour or two. as the rain falls there and it lets up. the temperatures are running in the 60s. a little warm around livermore, los gatos to mountain view where we're seeing more sunshine. upper 60s for you. one of those areas that receives some of the greater amounts of rain. it sticks up around 2,600 feet. partly sunny today. some light showers with that front. clearing and exceptionally cooler. 20 degrees. the unsettled pattern, thursday, friday and saturday. the highs today will be in the low 70s. inland east bay. everybody else in the murm 60s. low to mid 60s at the coast. as far as tonight, look at the
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upper 40s. palo alto, redwood city, the rest of us in the low to mid 50s after being in the 60s this morning. here's the cold front. there is one little area of low pressure that will head to the north. that's where the best channel of any scattered showers will develop behind the front. i think once the front moves through, you can see by 5:00, we're finished. we clear out overnight and you can see why we'll get cooler with the lack of cloud cover. there will be some patchy fog. the rainfall amounts, most of us, less than a tenth of an inch. you can see it into the santa clara valley. that means when the winds hit the mountains on the coastal side, it lifts, squeezes the moisture out and then the air descends into the valleys. and it dries out. a nice day in kansas city tomorrow. crisp fall air without the humidity. it will drop to the mid 50s by the edge of the game. we'll warm up for a couple days. tuesday and wednesday without rain and then showers on
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thursday before we cool out with some drier air sunday. right now, friday and saturday looking a little iffy but today is monday. we'll make sure to keep an eye on it for you. scattered showers to about 4:00. have an umbrella just in case. >> good advice. thanks a lot. a new survey finds almost half shop letters avoid retailers affected by recent data breaches this holiday season. the report released this morning by credit finds 45% of americans were definitely not or probably not shoppinging at retailers hit by hackers. this includes stores like target, home depot and niemann marcus. retailers can make up to 40% of their annual sales over the holidays. this comes from women who say they're more likely to return to those stores. coming up, what happens when a zoo worker tries to give two pandas their medicine? you get some pretty adorable viral video hits.
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lopreventable medical errors,hey all lnow the third leadingse of cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. coming up, benched during the world series. ♪ >> you won't be hearing that song on some san francisco radio stations. kansas city is responding in this royal rumble. and we told you, apple pay launches today. what about protection from
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hackers? privacy, mobile payments, and which company is already number one? okay. if you've ever tried to get a little one to take their medicine you know it can be pretty difficult. how about trying with it panda cubs? it is not any easier. take a look at this. cctv news in china posted this video in youtube. it shows a zoo keeper wrestling with two panda cubs to take their medicine. >> they won't open their mouths. we've seen that before. they even tag teamed by climbing on them. the pandas hold on to the zoo keeper's leg and won't let go. this goes on for a couple of minutes before they finally surrender. they're just like little babies. thanks for joining us on abc7 news. who wants to be a millionaire is comi
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