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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 19, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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health officials tonight say the spread of ebola in the u.s. is under control. but doctors say they still have one big concern. hello. we beginning with major developments in the u.s. effort to stop ebola, a 30-person military support team is being trained to provide short notice assistance to healthcare workers in the u.s. in texas, where the first u.s. case was reported, quarintine ended for many people who had contact with the first victim. carnival cruise lines says it's been informed a dallas healthcare worker being monitored for ebola aboard a ship has tested negative for the
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virus. marcy gonzalez is following the developments in dallas. reporter: today, 3600 passengers on a carnival magic disembarking back in texas, their vacations taking an unexpected turn after learning a fellow passenger is a lab technician who handled speises minimums from thomas duncan. >> very frustrated. >> though she showed no symptoms the lab supervisor was quarintined, and before the ship could return to the u.s., coast guard helicopter was sent to pick up a blood sample, which tested negative for ebola. >> that doesn't do anything to east people's fear. the blood tests for ebola only works when someone has symptoms. i think that the spread of disease is under control. what i worry about is that the spread of fear of the disease is not under control. >> in ohio, more than 100 people also believed to be at very low risk are being monitored, including passengers on the two flights nurse amber victim son
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took between dallas and cleveland the days before she was diagnosed. today her treatment continues at emory university hospital in atlanta. her colleague, battling the virusty national institutes of health in maryland. >> her condition is fair, stable. she is quite comfortable. >> and 75 other healthcare workers involved with duncan's treatment, continue to be monitored for symptoms. the 21-day watch period for the nearly 50 people who had contact with duncan before he was hospitalized, ending, and for the four people to end him, tonight the air teen being lifted. >> included the group is duncan's anyone say who said she is is thankful they are are healthy and her pairs are with the two nurses infected with ebola. >> so many people are concerned about ebola, we posted a detailed list of stenseven things to know, including origins symptoms and how it's transmitted. you can find that at
5:03 pm >> the chp says two men were shot in a possible case of road rage in alameda county, happened just before 8:00 last night on interstate 58 a east of livermore, gray audi and white toyota were approaching the 0205 enter change when a passenger in the toyota fired shots at the other vehicle. two people inside the audi were soarously hurt. no one has been arrested. >> dozens of people are hurt and at least 50 have been arrested after a halloween festival turn violent. a swarm of college students and tourist at keen state college in new hampshire overturned cars, set fires and threw bottles during the city's annual pumpkin police. officers say they responded to 235 calls in a 24 hour period. >> if with a jack daniels bottle across the state. >> students helped clean up the messy streets this morning.
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they say visitors from out of town were to blame. to developing news out of hong kong where talks are scheduled for tuesday between the government and prodemocracy protesters amid new street clashes. police brought in reinforcements after protesters attempted to break through pair -- barriers. the protesters are in opposition to chinese government's decision to screen candidates running in their first direct elections in 2017. coalition airstrikes are apparently having an impact against isis. cfn reports the bodies of at least 70 isis fighters have been drop off at a syrian hospital. with the help of airstrikes from an international coalition led by the united states, soldiers on the ground are focused on pushing isis back from it attempt to take kobani on the syrian-turkish border, group monitoring the -- situation in
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syria. >> canada lawmakers will be taking a close look at the state and local emergency response to the 6.0 earthquake in napa. an assembly committee is set to meet tomorrow at the state capitol to beginning hearings. representatives termed the city and county of napa, officials from napa's police and fire department and queen of the valley medical center are expected to give testimony. lawmakers want to know what worked well during the response to the earthquake and see if any improvements can be made to the statewide emergency response system. >> the giants just arrived in kansas city for the world series. abc7 news was there as the giants boarded a play at sfo. they face the royals tuesday night. we caught up with the giants fans who gathered to wish the players luck. tiffani, how was it out there? >> the giants seemed very relaxed. many of them had cups of coffee and a lot of of them arrived with significant others and
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children in tow. >> fans of the g-men hoped for a moment with their heroes. hunter pence obliged with a couple of quick autographs. >> got pence. >> slowly the starts started to arrive, unload suitcases and step into the buses. right at 10:00, juan gutierrez screeched into the parking lot with his family and then had to run back for his daughter's forgotten back pac. other than that things went out without a hitch. even manager bruce bochy seemed relaxes. >> looked fantastic and ambitious and really healthy and happy. >> what is it like seeing the players to feet from you. >> i'm going to the game on saturday but this just gives such a human touch to it. >> his game four ticket cost $800. >> it's worth it because it's on the bucket list of things to do, and you can't replace the excitement of this. >> the third time in five seasons police have stopped traffic for the world series-bound giants.
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>> something you certainly get used to. >> former giants president has seen every inning of the kansas city royals playoff run. he anticipates a great world series. >> and to think of the ten teams that were in the playoffs, we and the royals rank inside ninth and tenth as far as las vegas was concerned, and yet we end up in the world series. that's committing. >> one dream, yes, yes. >> the dream begin again. >> mountain view police released video of man they call a person of interest in connection with the burglary of a downtown business. county see the man entering a business where a cell phone was stolen. he is seen wearing a san francisco giants jersey and hat. anyone with information about him is asked to call mountain view police. a reminder for anyone wanting to cast a ballot in the november 4th general election.
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tomorrow is the last day to register to vote. mailed registration forms must be postmarked by tomorrow. you can pick up an application at a local library, post office, the dmv, or you can register online at registerto >> your monday morning commute could be wet. here's drew tuma. >> we're tracking showers but right now it's gorgeous. nothing but blue skies out there. and your first forecast will show you warm conditions early on, temperatures in the 60s and 70s, mild throughout the evening. by midnight we'll start to see the clouds thicken with overcast skies. and shortly after that we'll watch a cold front approach from the west, and early monday
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morning the showers start first in the north bay and will spread south into much of the bay area. we'll take a closer look at the rain and have the forecast coming up. >> thank you, drew. a new reason to cheer for fans fans who want to keep the warriors in oakland. renewed hope for the plan to transform in coliseum city.
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a new investor has agreed take the lead on oakland's coliseum city project. according to the oakland tribune the unnamed new investor has already had several discussions with the raiders about a new stadium but none so far with the oakland a's. the city struggled to find investors to redevelop the site to a sports and entertainment hub. on tuesday the city council is set to discuss extending the
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exclusive negotiating rights deal with developers. the bay area is showing off its giants pride. take a look. michael r from glen park elementary school e-mailed this photo showing the mascot after the win. he says he dressed up the moss scotts in giants gear to pump up the school spirit and it worked. very nice, and, take a look at this cute little punch kin. -- pumpkin. she is showing her giants pride at a pumpkin patch. >> we want to see your fan photos. e-mail them to or tweet them to us at abc7 news bay area. >> the als ice bucket challenge, that's last summer. today it was all about the walk and the high fives. >> here we go. >> woo-hoo. >> dozens of people gathered at heather farm park in walnut creek for a one and a half mile walk to defeat als.
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alan wong emceed the event. it raises funds for als association chapters. the family in northern washington is thankful for friends and strangers who came to the rescue when their home went up in flames, and it's all captured on camera. >> oh, my god. >> get dad. >> people running into the fire to save a trapped man. hear the witness accounts ahead. taking a live look outside right now, the view from the emeryville camera. you can expect significant changes in the weather as the work week begins. meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast aft
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witnesses tonight are sharing their accounts of a dramatic rescue of a fresno man saved from a burning duplex, and
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it's caught on video. >> oh, my god. >> get dad! >> the man's daughter standing outside the burning home yesterday screaming that her father is still inside. moments later several people come rushing around the corner, one man carrying her father over his shoulder. >> started walking toward the house, very calmly, just walked in there and then the next thing i see he is coming out with this man over his shoulder. these are people on a friday morning in pajama bottoms coming out to see what they could do, comforting other people they didn't know. >> the victim was treated for smoke inhalation and is expected to be okay. the fire damaged two units, displacing six people. investigators believe the fire started in the garage. animal advocates in san jose are working to save some turtles from the drought. the main ponded a gardens park is drying up, leaving more than 100 turtles without a home and in search of food and water. they have been found in nearby
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parking lots and on roadways which is putting them in danger of being hit bay car and of dehydration. a group of volunteers got a permit from the california department of fish and game to collect those turtles and take them to a large private pond with adequate resources so they can live out their 50-plus years of life. a once in a million years even happened above mars. a comet as big of a mountain passed close to the red planet this morning. the comet came within 87,000-miles of mars. astronomers say that's so close, mars will be engulfed in the comet's dust and gas. with a look at what is happening, we'll look closer to home here on earth. we'll check in with drew. >> we're tracking a nice finish to the weekend and a wet start to your monday morning commute. live doppler 7hd not showing rain showers, just clouds. the rooftop camera showing you the embarcadero.
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not a cloud can be see. a lovely evening. the sun setting in the next hour or so. temperature-wise, comfortable. 65 currently in san francisco. 72 in oakland. 72, los gatos, fairfield, 79. satellite and radar shows you the story. we have generally clear skies over the bay area but that's about to change. a cold front from the west will bring showers and then the chance of cooler air for monday afternoon. but a quick-moving system so we are only talking about rain. it will get out by monday evening win. the area of low pressure we have the waves churning so beach hazard is in effect for northwest swells, from four to six feet. meaning strong rip currents possible again and the sneaker waves. looking at the sunday forecast animation, clouds arrive first and here comes the rain showers, first in the north bay, then spreading south as early as
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8:00 a.m. monday, bringing light sprinkles in san francisco, later in the morning the showers move into the south bay and east bay, very flight nature and very scattered, and then by monday afternoon, into the evening hours, all but out of here and we turn to clearing skies across the region. very light rain amounts as we wrap the system up. generally less than a tenth of an inch of rain but we could see sweet spots across the area that could pick up a quarter inch of rain but not widespread. we'll take you to hawai'i and the pacific where we are tracking hurricane anna right now, winds of 75 miles-per-hour, moving to the west very slowly at six miles-per-hour, keeping its hurricane strength through the evening with showers moving through portions of the island chains, chen moves out -- then moves out tomorrow, degrading to tropical storm, and clearing skies in hawai'i and bringing about drier and more calm conditions. so, back to the bay area. overnight lows, clouds and then after midnight the rain showers
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begin, generally mid-50s. highs in the south bay, cool, 71, san jose, 70, santa clara. overcast skies on the peninsula. 69, redwood city. downtown san francisco, 66 degrees. daly city, 64 degrees. north bay, 69. sonoma, 70. 70, vallejo. 68 oakland, 66, san leandro. 68 union city. 72 pittsburg. 71 livermore, with the showers light in measure. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you the rain event is monday and then we clear us nicely tuesday and then begin another warming trend and will be good to go for friday, saturday, and sunday, for games three, four, and five here at at&t park here. >> you better believe the giants will be ready to go, regardless of the weather. >> hsu? >> a little rater action,
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cardinals in town and it was a close matchup early on before arizona kicked up their heels.
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>> the raiders still looking for the first win of the year. doesn't help that the nfc leading cardinals are in up to. carson palmer in the black hole. stephan taylor hit by woodson, touchdown, 7-0 arizona. second quarter, palmer going deep to michael floyd. 33 yards. 14-other cards. the rout appears to be on, palmer, 253 yards. but the game can change with one play. derrick carr hits butler for the reception. down to the cardinal three. then they gave it to darren mcfadden. raiders add a field goal at the half. then steph fan taylor was back on the pitch. goes to the defense. 59 yards of total offense from
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taylor. tough day for the raiders. plenty of pressure on palmer. somehow palmer and mac get stuck by the shoes. raiders drop to 0-6. 24-13 the finals. cards 5-1 for the first time since 1976. >> cleaves and chargers in san diego. first play of the fourth, anthony ceremonian, where is the defense, going in for the touchdown, 20-14 chiefs. 26 seconds left. they send santos to win it and he does. 48 yards, big road win for kansas city. 23-20 the final. nfc west. seahawks and rams, this my says it all. all the players went right because that's where the punt returner goes about the ball went left and by the time seattle realizes, bailey is
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heading to the end zone, then seahawks down two. fourth and three from the 18. rams with the fake puppet. get the first down. st. louis win, seahawks lose their second straight. now 3-3 on the year. >> lions trail the saints 23-10 with under four play. drew brees throws his only pick. detroit prayers were answered. staffed, five-yard td pass. lions with the comeback of the day, 24-23 the final. sharks five-game road trip to the northeast stopped over in new york to face the rangers for a little mat knee. madison square garden. enough said. st. louis keeps walking at the puck, finally squeezes it by. sharks wanted a whistle-didn't get it. worse from there. off the faceoff, misplays the puck. sharks with the first regulation loss of the year, 4-0 the final.
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>> nascar chase for the cup at talladega, ricky bobby. bunched up on the green-white, checkered finish. look at this carnage. brad keselowski wins. jimmie johnson, dale earnhardt, jr. and kasey kahne were all eliminated. >> we'll hear from raiders locker room at 6:00 and a record-breaking performance from one dallas cowboy running back. and the niners take only the broncos tonight in denver. should be a great matchup. >> thank you for the ricky bobby reference. >> no world. i know you're a big will ferrell fan. >> ahead, why not every post on facebook is friendly? the story when abc7 news
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coming up at 6:00, is enough being done to protect california's nurses if the ebola ebola outbreak hits here? the list of demand they're bringing to sacramento this week. >> were you stuck in this bay bridge traffic mess over the last few days? we have some good news for you. so join us for abc7 news at 6:00. a police department's effort to use facebook to find a wanted suspect worked like a charm and here's why. the suspect commented on the facebook post. come on. stupid criminals file. police in christ church new zealand posted the mug shot in their search for samuel lake, and lake commented, i need to get a new mug shot. officers traced the comment, tracked down lake, and fulfilled that request. it's not a bad mug shot. not a bright one. that does it for us here at
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5:00. abc7 news continues online. see you welcome to "world news" tonight. ebola emergency. the cruise ship and the quarantined passenger back home tonight. and now the critical moment for other hospital workers and the hunt for anyone who may have been exposed. grim discovery. police find a body that could be hannah graham's. investigators scouring for clues. what happened the night she went missing. up in flames. the man trapped in his home and the desperate daughter calls for help. >> my dad. >> and the people who ran into the fire to save him. >> thank god. and crooks at your door, scooping up your deliveries. with the holiday shopping season about to begin, tonight, how to catch a thief.


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