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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ouncer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. . >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. be thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 19th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen.
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be. >> hi, carolyn. low clouds and fog making an impact this morning. it will create a different story through the afternoon. the temperatures caller and the visibility has been reduced to the north bay. but the good news is the clouds bringing a comfortable start for the nike women's half-marathon with 60 trees right now in san francisco. it should stay that way throughout the 7:00, 8:00 hour. still cloudy and just in the lower 60s. enter the rest of the day. here you will notice the low clouds and fog along the short line. cooler 60s here. and 70s will keep it pretty seasonal around the bay. no 80s to speak of. they are well out into the valley. and tomorrow even cooler and most of you will see some showers. i'll explain coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. residents of one union city neighborhood are on alert this morning after a mountain lion was spotted in their area. police had their guns drawn as they searched for the big cat yesterday afternoon after a
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group of women spotted it near a playground. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the details from the union landing neighborhood. >> pretty long with a long tail and they knew it wasn't a cat, they knew it wasn't a golden retriever, they knew it was a mountain lion. >> reporter: gabriel and his wife and friends spotted the mountain lion around 1:30. it was there on a fence walk along old alameda creek. the women called police immediately. >> i just know they were out here with their rifles, and i thought they were look out here look for someone with a pellet gun. >> they were look for a cat that was at least three feet tall. two cars full of officers scoured the creek and neighborhood but they came up empty. >> there are people walking their dogs here and if they didn't find it, it went somewhere. >> that's what residents are worried about. >> this is the first mountain lion sighting on record west of the freeway. police are warning people with small animals to keep them inside.
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>> i'm going close off my doggie door and when they go outside, i will watch them. >> this neighbor is taking things a step further. >> now it teams like i have to keep the garage down and be more aware now. >> he's also standing watch outside of his home, warning joggers, walkers and other neighbors that there's a mountain lion on the loose. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> in fresno officials are investigating the cause after fire at a duplex. as residents waited for firefighters to arrive yesterday morning, a woman suddenly realized her father was trapped inside. >> my daddy is in there! my dad is in there! can you get him out for me! get my dad out! >> we've got to get him out of there! >> please! >> the fire began at 9:00 yesterday morning. the flames growing larger by the moment. as the woman begged for someone
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to save her dad, an explosion could be heard. but watch what happens. >> is everybody out? >> no, there's a man in there. [explosion sound.] >> we have to get the dad out there! >> run! >> oh, my god! >> is everybody out? >> no, there's a man inside. >> is everybody out? >> oh, oh, thank god! >> oh, thank god! >> is everybody out? >> he is okay but had to be treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters, you see them arriving shortly after that rescue. a man is under arrest accused of running over his ex-girlfriend and another woman in vallejo. police say the 20-year-old man ran over the woman yesterday
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afternoon at laurel street and then took off. when officers returned and investigating, he led them on a chase where witnesses recognized him. both women were taken to the hospital where moderate injuries. the man is facing several charges, including attempted murder. >> knew this morning, mountain view police released video of a person of interest in connection with the burglary of a downtown business a week ago today. the person is seen entering a business on castro street. authorities described him as having a medium to heavy build. he is a black man. swearing a san francisco jersey and san francisco hat. anyone with information is asked to call mountain view police. turning now to the ebola crisis. a woman being monitored for the disease has disembarked a cruise
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ship. here is a look at the ship at galveston this morning. the passenger handled blood samples that were from the ebola duncan, she had handled them. he died from the virus. so far she has no signs of the illness and remained self quarantined while on the ship. we have the latest from dallas. >> this is a critical weekend. >> a pivotal point for the people possibly exposed to ebola in dallas. after 21 days of being monitored, this weekend, the nearly 50 people who had contact with thomas duncan before he was hospitalized showing no symptoms expected to be given the all-clear. >> we are going to be statistically less likely to see more cases. >> as a memorial service for duncan in north carolina, the nurses infected while treating him continue in the hospital. meanwhile 75 others are being monitored, told to avoid public places and not to travel. but before that notice was issued, one of them, a supervisor who handled duncan's
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blood samples, went on a cruise ship. >> you have a ship stopped for someone who has virtually no risk of transmitting the disease. it is an overreaction. >> dozens of others also being monitored in ohio, concerned they could have been exposed when one of the nurses traveled from dallas to cleveland and back in the days before she was diagnosed. >> risk across the border is considered very long. >> abc news, dallas. >> the tier of ebola is causing some people to take matters into their own hands. surgical masks, protective gear have become popular items to buy. sergio quintana has the details. >> at sfo recent travelers say some passengers are clearly worried about the spread of ebola on flights. >> on fort lauderdale to houston i saw a group of ten laid
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diswith facemasks on. >> these two just flew in from texas from australia. they both feel it is overblown. >> the chances of getting it are so slim. >> healthcare workers repeatedly said ebola is not an airborne pathogen and can only be distributed through bodily fluids. >> still pictures like this illustrate the level of fear some people have. at p.k. safety online, most their protective suits for this company online is sold out. they sell equipment for first responders. and oughted mountain view surplus there's been a run on personal protective equipment, including suits and gas masks. >> how many do you think you have sold in the last couple of weeks? >> i would say in the low hundreds. >> at about 17 bucks, this is turning out to be one of the most popular items here, especially in the last couple of weeks. the only problem is the face shield you would use along with the elastic hoodie is all sold out.
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some customers say they are uneasy about the way the ebola cases in the u.s. have been handled. >> i think they have every right to want to protect themselves. i would be doing the same thing. >> it is halloween season so some people are buying them as costumes, but in past years they usually only sell about 50. abc7 news. ebola fears have stretched to maine. a teacher has been told to stay home because she went to a conference in dallas. she never even came in contact with anyone with ebola, but the school district in the town of strong, maine said it does not want to take any chances. the teacher is being paid while on leave. coming up on "this week" george stephanopoulos speaks with a director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. and dallas county judge clay jenkins on the latest efforts to contain and treat the spread of ebola in the united states.
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you can watch "this week" right here on abc7 at 8:00 this morning. there are daily developments on the ebola crisis. you can get the updates as they happen and other breaking news with our abc7 news app. it's free to download at apple's app store or from google play. we also have more news on bermuda is cleaning up after hurricane gonzalo. there were no deaths or serious injuries, but more than 18,000 homes are still without power. the category 2 storm crossed bermuda late yesterday and moved north over the atlantic. it is expected to arrive off the coast of newfoundland later today. in the pacific hurricane hannah is on track to miss hawaii. that's by more than 100 miles.
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but it is generating high winds, strong winds and avenue rain, and prompting flood warnings throughout the islands. tropical storm warning has been issued for hawaii and a tropical storm watch remains in effect on o'ahu. >> happening today some 20,000 women will hit the streets of san francisco for the nike women's half-marathon. you are looking at the race from last year. the race is now in its 11th year and it will get underway at of:30 this morning at union square. the route will take runners through golden gate park and the presidio and into the marina. participants from all 50 states and 54 countries are expected to take part. this is the largest women he is marathon in the world. >> it should be decent weather for them.
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>> there is a beggar storm than the past week or so. a little mist and drizzle but right now this is low cloud cover. you can see the orange there. even in the low overcast looking nice and vibrant. temperatures around 60 degrees right now. and low clouds and fog, stick around for a cooler afternoon. the cold front tomorrow bringing measurable rain to the bay area. i'll detail all the information, including the amounts, coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a dock left rotting in the bay has a new home after more than a decade. the price and the buyer. and a giant gift. how the team is rewarding a fan for a selfless act after catching travis ishikawa's pennant winning home-run ball.
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so we are now working in chicago, and in washington d.c., and newark. it's amazing how important safe affordable housing is to the future of our society. the presidio will use a fish-killing chemical to try to elemonade several invasive species from a san francisco lake. they said they are trying to move the fish from mountain lake to make room for native species. they will use a plant based chemical to get rid of the invasive fish. they say all traces of the chemical will disappear after three years. -- after three days. the port of san francisco's dry dock number 1 is headed to china for scrap. it was sold to a dutch company for one dollar.
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but the port authority is paying $3 million to deliver it. the dock was used to repair ships below the waterline. it was decommissioned some 15 years ago. it broke away from it's mooring back in 2002, ramming the island. >> new hope for a raiders stadium now that an investor has agreed to take the lead on the coliseum project. according to our oakland media partner, the oakland tribune, the new investor, who has not been named, has had several discussion was the raiders about a new stadium, but none so far with the oakland a's. the city has struggled to find investors to redevelop the area into a sports and entertainment hub. on tuesday the city council is going to discuss the deal with the developers. this morning the giants are flying to kansas city to take on
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the royals in the world series. but first they got in one final workout yesterday at at&t park. this will be the giants third appearance in five years. but the team knows what it takes a ring, but the royals will be tough competitors. k.c. has won all eight of their postseason games so far and is hoping to win its first world series title since 1985. tuesday night's game one will feature a strong pitching match-up, giants ace madison bumgarner will take the mound against royals ace james shields. the giants had a surprise gift for the fan who caught the game-winning ball in last thursday's playoff ball. frank caught travis ishikawa 3-run homer ball after it landed in the right field stands. the oakland resident returned it
6:18 am
to ishikawa after learning he wanted it back, and as a thank you the giants gave burke four tickets to this world's friday game three at at&t park. yesterday he told the media he still want believe it happened. >> yeah. the guy has a humongous heart and i want to thank him personally. i got to thank him personally, but i just thank him again. and i didn't even want anything in return but to hand it over. but he gave me a bat and took pictures. but how cool a souvenir that could have been for him so for him to do that, i'm blown away. >> that was nice of sportswriter daniel brown with the media partner "the mercury news." he shared this photo with us. it's ishikawa and frank burke meeting outside the giants' clubhouse after thursday night's victory. what a nice thing to do. even the younger fans are celebrating. these second graders are all giants buddies, wearing their
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gear in honor of their favorite team. and check out this cutie cheering for the giants. she's ready in her cheerleader outfit. we want to see your photos. e-mail them to us at ureport or tweet them to us at abc7 news bay area. lisa argen is here with what could be a little wet forecast. >> the commute, it could slow some pokes down. especially the north bay where we could see a quarter inch rain, maybe a tenth in the south bay and in between it should vary widely. maybe even monterey could pick up a little bit of wet weather. this cold front that is offshore holding together a little bit better than the ones we've seen the last couple weeks. the clouds are banked up along the coast in response to the trough and cold front in the pacific northwest and that will lead to a cooler day today. 7:22 is the official sunrise. you see lots and lots of this
6:20 am
picture, and that means low clouds and fog pushing into parts of the bay. 60 downtown and 57 san carlos, 54 morgan hill. half moon bay has fog and here's the fog from the exploratorium camera. looking at temperatures fairly cool around the east bay valleys. 54 livermore, 55 napa, and the fog has been a problem from santa rosa, novato, napa, right on through down 101 to the waldo tunnel and a little bit over into the east bay, as well. no delays at sfo. we are looking at sunny skies for most of you today. we will call it partly to mostly sunny in san francisco and the chance of rain throughout the day tomorrow. although most of the activity will happen in the morning. so here's a look at our water vapor imagery. by 5:00 tomorrow morning the cold front knocking on our door but still to the north and west of us. so as we time it out, it does look like this is 6:00 in the morning. all the cloud cover. we will see some mist, some
6:21 am
drizzle and here come the rain by that 8:00, the:00 in the north bay. san francisco, maybe daly city and the east bay valleys. around 580 and 680, throughout the afternoon and scattered showers into the south bay. then this pushes through, cooler air behind it. it looks for another warmup headed our way. here is what is still hurricane hannah. it will be a tropical storm later on today. hurricane force wins are at 74 miles an hour and this hurricane is at 80 miles an hour. awfully close to kauai, bringing heavy rain, high surf, taking a westward turn, but still some very damaging rain and mudslides there. back home a mild afternoon for the south bay. little change, 677 in san jose. 78 morgan hill. you will notice the cooler afternoon at the coast. 64 half moon bay, 75 lassal toes. san francisco coming down a few degrees and sunshine should bump it up to about 70, 71 today.
6:22 am
novato 73. it will be cooler here with the clouds and that southerly wind for the north bay. that makes the difference there. 72 in hayward. that's cooler for you. and you head inland still nice and mild with mid-and upper 70s. 77 brentwood and 76 in pleasanton. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cloudy skies and showers mainly in the morning. a few throughout the afternoon with just 60s tomorrow. near 70 for the warmest inland valleys. tuesday and wednesday feels like fall, thursday and friday is begins to warm up with above average temperatures. it may last through next weekend. abc7 news has another weather resource you can follow. follow us on twitter for the bay area weather conditions rain or shine. and get some video forecasts, spare the array let's, power outage information and tweets from your favorite weather team. 'tis the season. >> we say that, one of our abc7 colleagues says she already heard christmas music playing at
6:23 am
i believe it was home depot. i could be wrong. coming up next, the special day ahead for an 80-year-old woman. why nurses will send her to a green bay packers game for the first time in
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>> a big football game. she's watched the games on tv for 25 years. she's about to see them in person for the first time. 80-year-old phyliss bartlett lives in wisconsin and is a life long -- i think they are cheese heads, aren't they, the packers? she was recently diagnosed with cancer so the assisted living center where she lives decided to send her to lambeau field for the first time in her life. while watching all that football on tv, phillies has developed a tradition when her team loses. one she hopes she won't take part in later today after the packers play the carolina panthers. >> i have three beers. >> phyliss is a diehard packers fan. if the game is going good you might not here a whole lot down the hallway. if it goes bad you may hear a few choice words. >> three beers and going to bed. i hope she doesn't have to do that. she particularly enjoys participating in football pools where she says she is a winner.
6:27 am
much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. new details in the case of that missing university of virginia student. what authorities have discovered. also, we had give you a tour of the new ronald mcdonald house. it will make things a lot easier for kids facing a medical crisis and their parents.
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. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. everyone. we begin with a quick look at the weather. >> change is coming for the second half of your weekend because of this. low clouds, the fog. the return of a stronger southerly flow will cool the north bay down if particular. right now it's cloudy in san jose at 57. san carlos sitting at 57, and the visibility less than a quarter mile at half moon bay. that will impact the pumpkin festival today temperatures and look at the fog, all the way up toward the delta. highs today coming down a few degrees. here is the way it's going to play out the rest of the day. you will notice that the clouds tried to pull back but we will have them along the san mateo coast. inland not much in the way of
6:31 am
change. this is all ahead of a system that promises to give us a little bit of rain come this time tomorrow. we will talk about it in detail in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. >> troubling news in the case of a missing university of virginia student. police say they found human remains that could be those of 18-year-old hannah. we have the latest. >> police and volunteers have scoured the countryside around ing charlottesville, virginia for s weeks looking for hannah graham. >> thousands of hours have been spent by hundreds of law enforcement, civilian volunteers in an effort to find hannah. >> graham disappeared on september 13th, last seen on this surveillance video, along with a man. now the potentially devastating news. search team volunteers finding human remains on an abandoned
6:32 am
property. >> the remains will be taken to the office of the chief medical examiner in richmond for examination, autopsy and official identification. >> graham's parents have been notified. now police are asking anybody who may have seen suspicious activity in that area to contact police. police already have a suspect in the case. 32-year-old jesse lee roy matthew junior has been charged with abduction with intent. and he may face additional charges in a 2009 disappearance. several years ago in a field not far from where human remains were found saturday, police found a body of 20-year-old virginia tech student morgan harrington. police say matthew, jr. is forensically link today that murder. michelle franson, abc news, new york.
6:33 am
the fire department is getting ready for the next big disaster in san francisco. more than 250 volunteers from the neighborhood emergency response team, or nert, signed up for a drill yesterday at fort mason. the fire department set up eight mock neighborhoods to practice search and rescue techniques, triage injured victims and other skills. >> i have a proclivity of wanting to protect myself and my family and wanting to give something back to the community. i think it's important for all of us to participate and play a role if something terrible were to happen here. >> the volunteers added social media to their information-sharing tools for the first time. they used twitter to report critical issues and deploy resources. happening today, free flu shots will be offered to the homeless and underserved in san jose. it is at safe way pharmacists. the free flu shots will last while supplies last. the clinic will be held from 8:30 this morning until 1:00 at our lady's rescue parish. happening today, walkers
6:34 am
will flood the streets of walnut creek for the 14th annual east bay walk to defeat als. our own abc7 news reporter alan wang will m.c. the event. you may recall allen there and several other members of our abc7 family took part in the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for the debilitating disease. funds raised from the 1.5-mile walk will go toward care, services and research for the als association golden west chapter. opening ceremonies for today's event begin at 10:00. the walk gets underway at 11:00 at heather farm park in walnut creek. san francisco's ronald mcdonald house will soon be able to help even more families with critically ill children. it's expanding to a second
6:35 am
location inside the children's hospital. cheryl jennings and meteorologist mike niko took a tour of both the new house and the original. >> six months, 25 weeks is when he was born. i was in the hospital about a week. and they were trying to put off the labor and it worked for a while and then it didn't work. >> they had a major scare with their new son julien when he was born three months before his due date. this is cell phone video of little julien. >> the doctor came back in and said he's a fine. he's a little guy, but he's fine. >> julien lives in the neonatal intensive care unit. mom and dad living at the ronald mcdonald house on scott street in san francisco. they don't have to drive 90 miles back and forth from their north bay home in cass dare row now. but he was home when he found out his wife was going into early labor. >> so i rushed back down, thinking that i was going to
6:36 am
miss the birth of my child, was she going to be okay, was i maybe going to lose my wife and child in the same swoop. sitting in traffic on the 101 thinking all these things. >> now they have a home away from home here at the house while julien is getting stronger. and they have a built-in support system. >> because he's three months early, we almost -- almost didn't know how to react to loving him when you are so afraid of losing him every moment. so those first couple weeks were so hard. but then when we talked to other families and realized that's how everybody feels, it really helped us in terms of balancing. >> they are able to get their own laundry done here and don't have to worry about a decent meal. >> they cook meals for us so we don't have to worry about that. they take us to the hospital and there are shuttles you can take. they make it feel more like home. we get home every day and that's my day. >> and soon more parents like them will be able to benefit because a second ronald mcdonald house is almost complete.
6:37 am
it's located on the first floor of the new ucsf children's hospital at mission bay. for families with children in immediate crisis. >> here we are in our kitchen and dining area. >> the executive director lois moore showed meteorologist mike niko around. >> the gourmet kitchen is just waiting for chefs volunteering to cook for the families. there are 11 bedrooms. they have a tv and a computer monitor with 16 channels. they can keep in touch with their children's medical team are go online. >> they had no time to do anything about their child yet they had time on their hands. >> six bathrooms, a large laundry room and private lockers and the hospital has a helicopter landing pad. >> most people don't realize that a child whose rushed by helicopter to our city lands at sfo and then is put in an ambulance and brought to a hospital.
6:38 am
we're talking about a world in which minutes make a difference. >> one of the greatest advantages of having the ronald mcdonald house here in the hospital is the fact that parents are just an elevator ride away from seeing their kids. >> being inside the hospital would be your dream house. in the middle of the night you can get on that elevator, go up and check on your child. >> and that will help ease the minds of worried parents by calling it home in the future. and as for young julien, they hope to get him home for the holidays. >> we were planning on having him as our christmas present anyway, so that's what we are hoping for, that we get to take home our present. >> abc7 news. >> coming up, a close encounter with marzullo. a once in a million years event happening near the red planet later this morning. and here's a live look from our
6:39 am
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yeah, citi mobile. pay the dog sitter? and deposit th citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. >> george lucas is revealing why
6:42 am
he chose chicago over san francisco for his movie memorabilia museum. he said his wife, melody, put her foot down after being talked around by san francisco. actually it's the federal presidio trust. she is from chicago. she talked to the mayor, ron emanuele, who loves the idea of a lucas museum. >> patrick dempsey was in the bay area this weekend as part of the fit-ever crush challenge. yesterday's event began with a 35-mile bike ride through wine country. crush challenge sent us this video as actor patrick dempsey and levi were leading the pack. after the ride they enjoyed lunch, wine tasting and dinner prepared by some of california's top chefs. all proceeds go to three cancer-fighting charities. good deal there. lisa argen here now with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> feels like fog. it's clear and cool in the east bay valleys. see a little bit of at fog in the foreground. but temperatures just in the mid-50s for some of you.
6:43 am
low clouds and fog. we have reduced visibility here and some warmer numbers but we will talk about the cool down, the rain, everything that's ahead for the week ahead coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a tough night for the sun devils in the arizona
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> a huge turnout at ames research center.
6:46 am
that's a n.a.s.a. research center. backed up traffic for miles around moffett field. thousands of people preordered tickets attend the event. they are celebrate their 75th anniversary. they got an up-close look at aircraft, super computers and much more. that was really neat. many visitors said they spent so many hours sitting in traffic or standing in line that they did not get to see as much as they hoped for. >> to be honest, we were disappointed. we looked around and it was sort of like a walk through and there were a few booths here and there, but not anything that was exciting. not worth the wait anyway. >> i just wanted to see a few of the things that i'm not able to see every day. i know they aren't open to the public. i got to see the big hangar and the big wind tunnel. >> well, this is the first time in 17 years that the ames research center opened its doors to the public. a once in a million years event
6:47 am
today. a comet about as big as a mountain will pass close to the red planet around 11:30 this morning our time. the comet, called siding spring, will come within 87,000 miles of mars. astronomers say that's so close mars will be engulfed in the comet's dust and gas. a very near miss by the comet has never been reported by earth. n.a.s.a. has sent up explorers comet on its first known visit its first known visit to this part of the solar system. >> once a in million years is almost what it's feeling like for rain. >> yeah, it's a little ridiculous. we will time-out the rain and when we get to our computer. but right now you see the low fog and clouds not only here but you will see them in our live shot. this will impact your high temperatures today, especially along the coast. for the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival.
6:48 am
another 30 minutes until sunrise. but some pretty shots, starting with our east bay hills camera from vollmer peak. see a little fog there, right-hand side of your screen. it's still clear in our inland valleys. it's 57 with clouds banked up along the coast. through san carlos and san jose. 60 in the city. and our exploratorium camera shows some of the buildings lit up in orange. 56 for you in concord. livermore cooler. cool spot at 54. and santa rosa experiencing the clouds. here's how it looks from mt. tam and most of the marine layer is up from sonoma county through napa, down through marin and that's all in advance of a cold front that will bring up the chance of rain this time tomorrow. so maybe a quarter inch in the north bay burks right now we are looking at the quarter vaporer imagery that shows where it is. it is the top left-hand side of your screen. the area of low pressure. by 5:00 tomorrow there is the front. it will be spreading the rain throughout the bay for your morning commute so it will be wet.
6:49 am
it could last through the afternoon, the isolated showers. so here's a look at the cloud cover. 6:00. and then the rain as it arrives by 9:00. you can see from marin through san francisco and right on through the afternoon. it looks like our east bay could see a few showers and into the santa cruz mountains. rainfall amounts favoring the north bay maybe a quarter inch, maybe a tenth here, and about a tenth here. maybe a little more in the east bay. but nothing in the sierra nevada. then behind it much cooler weather for just a couple of days. here's a look at the tropical pacific where the hawaiian islands feeling the brunt of this weak hurricane. but really it's kauai who has been the closest to the impact with the high surf, the heavy rains. it's still a hurricane, a minimal hurricane. by later on today it will be downgraded. but still getting very heavy rain, possibly flooding, as well, and the high surf throughout the day today. so most of the activity right here on that part of the island
6:50 am
chain. in terms. the state forecast, with that cold front coming in, it will have high surf tomorrow into tuesday. 80s in the valley, 70s with partly cloudy skies in southern california. so the cooler, cloudier day in half moon bay. still pleasant. and temperatures around the bay will still be in the upper 70s for the east bay valleys, for the south bay but low 70s return for oakland today. cooler for you there. 72 richmond. about 70 in san francisco. and you head out to raider nation it will be a little warmer with low 70s at about 3:30. the abc news weather weather seven-day forecast. cooler for everyone with the cloud. wish we could spread more rain around but just a tenth to quarter inch tomorrow and cooler days follow on tuesday, warmer on thursday and thursday and friday above average and maybe the warmer weather for next weekend. but we don't hear about that. we wish we could get another cold front in here next weekend. >> we welcome the rain.
6:51 am
thank you, lisa. thinking of raiders nation, in sports, the raiders and the 49ers are in action today. at 1:25 the nfc west-leading cardinals play the raiders. and sunday night football, the 49ers battle peyton manning and the denver broncos. the kickoff at 5:30. last night stanford faced arizona state in the battle of two top 25 teams. here's mike shumann with highlights in this morning's sports. >> 23rd-ranked stanford has an identity crisis on the the offensive side of the ball. hosted by 17th rank southwest state and the the game was never in question. great seats for the showdown. stanford shooting themselves in the foot. fumble and sun devils recover. that leads to 7 points. the long touchdown pass. three yards, 14-0 at the half. stanford having a tough time in the fourth. patrick pounds it in from a yard out.
6:52 am
after the field goal, the ensuing kickoff, he fumbles. arizona state recovers and they get three more. down 16 points, 44 seconds left. fourth and goal. they make hay. by montgomery, incomplete. the 26-10 loss to arizona state. glass ucla at memorial stadium. bruins have not won since 1988. quarterback lost it to chris. amazing hit there. cal up 14-10. 24 seconds left in the half. brad huntley, short pass. 49 yards later he's in the end zone. 24-14 bruins after 40 minutes. play. then the fourth, he takes advantage. finds kenny. they miss the two-point conversion, 3:44 left. ucla drives field goal range. nails it. 26 yards. ucla grabbed the lead, 36-34. last chance for cal for the win. marcus comes away with the interception. that would do it for the bears.
6:53 am
ucla steals one at berkeley, 36-34, bears fall 4-3. >> disappointed. had a good chance to win it. couldn't do it. it was essential we ran for a touchdown. san jose state in wyoming looking for their third road win of the year. fourth quarter, fourth and one for it. shawn breaks lose. 97 yards on 16 carries. this game tied at 17 a piece. two seconds left. tied at 20. cowboys through it away. a 46-yard field goal for the win, hit the upright, and the game goes to overtime. joe gray, quick to winston. touchdown. throws it up to his receiver. 27-20. wyoming gets a chance on fourth and two and they have to go for it. stopped in the backfield and san jose state comes away with their first road victory, 27-20, improving to 3-3.
6:54 am
>> sharks and devils on the power play. the one-timer from the half-court. and he scores on rebound. 1-0 sharks. third period, now 2-0. three-on-two for the sharks. patrick marleau short side. his fourth goal of the season. 3-0. devils score two unanswered. adam reese drives to the net. tries to get it past antti niemi. joe thornton had the empty-net goal. thornton with his 12th hundred career point. just 1th player in nhl history to reach that milestone. sharks now 4-0-1. 4-2, your final. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, a busy day in san francisco where you can catch the last sunday streets of the year.
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>> happening today, sunday streets returns to san francisco's mission district. the free event kicks off at 11:00 this morning. the route stretching down valencia street between 26th and the plaza. there will be free bike rentals, yoga, live music. article kinds. events. it's the last sunday streets event of the year and will share -- it runs until 4:00. it should be nice out there, lisa. >> starting out nicely and then the winds pick up. partly cloudy skies. san francisco about 71, 73 in oakland. it will be cooler from the coast over into our near east bay shore. but the he were 70s from
6:58 am
concord to san jose today. cooler, cloudier and rain for the morning hours. perhaps a few showers in the afternoon. >> all right. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is up next. over 20 mi lack acc everyn our country lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started to provide access to healthy, affordable, kid-inspired, chef-crafted food. we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success?
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making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business in terms of how many communities we can serve. working with citi has also helped to fuel our innovation process and the speed at which we can bring new products into the grocery stores. we are employing 1,000 people across 27 urban areas and today, serve over 1 million meals a week. until every kid has built those life-long eating habits, we'll keep working. ♪ ♪ bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads,
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the possibilities are delicious. good morning, america. right now the ship is in. the carnival "magic" docking in galveston hours after the coast guard flies in to collect a blood sample from a passenger in quarantine who handled blood specimens from ebola patient thomas duncan. is this justified caution or simply overkill? breaking overnight, out of control. a seemingly innocent pumpkin festival turning into chaos. riot police moving in firing off tear gas making dozens of arrests. grim discovery. police believe they found the body of missing university of virginia student hannah graham. >> this sadly is now a death investigation. >> where the body was found may have a connection to the suspect jailed in her disapp


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