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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 18, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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they were out here with their rifles. and i thought they were out here looking for someone with a pellet gun. >> with guns drawn, union city police search for a mountain lion. a group of women spotted the big cat this afternoon near a play ground. good evening. abc7 news reporter lisa joins us live from the union landing neighborhood with details. >> this is the first time that a mountain lion has been spotted. not only in this neighborhood but also in this part of town. we are west of 880, nowhere near any mountains or open space. but very close to a busy shopping center. >> pretty long with a long tail. they knew it wasn't a cat. they knew it wasn't a golden retriever. they knew it was a mountain lion. >> gabriel, his wife and some friends spotted the lion this
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afternoon around 1:30. it was right over there beyond a fence on a well traveled trail, walking lake old alameda creek. >> they were out here with their rifles and i thought they were out here looking for someone with a pellet gun. >> they were looking for the big cat that was aft leaf three feet tall. two cars full of officers scoured the creek and neighborhood but they came up empty. >> people walking their dogs here and houses right there. and if they didn't find it, it went somewhere. >> that's what residents are worried about. there is the first mountain lion sighting on record west of the freeway. police are warning people with small animals to stay inside. >> i'm going to close off my doggie door that i have in the back. and make sure when they go outside, i'm going to watch them. >> this neighbor is taking things a step further. >> dangerous. outside in the yard here. it seem like be more aware now.
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>> he is also standing watch outside of his home. warning joggers, walkers and other neighbors that there is a mountain lion on the loose. in union city, abc7 news. a dramatic scene unfolding in fresno when a duplex burst into flame as residents waited for firefighters to arrive, a woman realized her dad was trapped inside. >> my dad is in there. get him out! please! get my dad! >> we have to get him out of there. >> the fire broke out at 9:00 this morning. the flame growing larger by the minute. as the one woman begged for someone to save her dad inside, you can hear an explosion. watch what happens. >> is everybody out? >> there is a man in there. we've got to get the dad out of there! >> is everybody out?
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>> no. there's a man inside. [ bleep ] oh, thank god! >> thank god. >> they got him. the man who was rescued is okay. he did have to be treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters arrived shortly after the rescue. >> a man is unarrest accused of running over his ex-girlfriend and another woman in vallejo. police say 20-year-old jon luke laporte ran over the woman this afternoon and then took off. he returned to the scene while officers were investigating and then led them on a chase when witnesses recognized him. both women were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. laporte is facing several charges including attempted murder. turk to the ebola crisis, president obama met with some of his top brass to discuss the country's response. that as the cdc says it will update its protocols for health
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care workers. marcie has the latest from dallas. >> this is a critical weekend. >> a pivotal point in the watch for people possibly exposed to ebola in dallas. after 21 days of being monitored, this week the nearly 50 people who had contact with ebola victim thomas duncan before he was hospitalized, showing no symptoms. expected to be given the all-clear. >> we're going to be statistically less likely to see more cases. >> at the memorial service was health for duncan in north carolina, the two nurses infected while treating him continue their battles with the virus at two different specialized hospitals. meanwhile, the 75 other health care workers who played some role in duncan's care are being monitored and told to avoid public places and not to travel. but before that notice was issued, one of them, a lab supervisor who hand duncan's samples, boarded a cruise ship.
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though she is not showing symptoms, she is in quarantine. the carnival magic heading back to texas. to have a ship stopped for someone who has virtually no rig of transmitting this disease. it is an overreaction. dozens of others being monitored, concerns they could have been exposed when amber vinson traveled. >> the rick is very low. >> experts suggest there is almost no risk to the passengers on the flights or the people on board the cruiseship which is expect back in court in galveston tomorrow morning. the fear of ebola is causing some people to take matters into their own hands. surgical masks and protective equipment have become popular items to buy. >> reporter: at sfo, recent travelers say some passenger are
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clearly worried about the spread of ebola on flights. >> from ft. lauderdale to houston, i sat amongst a group of laid business face masks on. >> they just flew in from texas, heading to australia. they both feel those fears are overblown. >> the chances of getting it are so slim. >> reporter: health care workers of repeatedly said ebola is not an airborne pathogen and can only be passed through a person's bodily fluids. still, pictures like this at dulles international airport near washington, d.c. illustrate the level of fear some people have. most of their protective suits have sold out. the alameda company sells equipment to first responders and there has been a run on personal protective equipment including suits and gas masks. >> how many do you think you've sold in the last several weeks? >> i would say in the low
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hundreds. >> reporter: at about $17, this is one of the more popular items here. especially the last couple weeks. the only problem is the face shield would you use with the elastic hoodie is all sold out. some customers say they're uneasy with the way the ebola cases in the u.s. have been hand. >> i think they have every right to want to protect themselves. and i would be doing the same thing. >> reporter: it is halloween season so some people are buying them as costumes. if past years they usually only sell about 50. ebola fears have stretched to maine. a teacher has been told to stay home because she went to a conference in dallas. she never came in contact with anyone with ebola. but the school district in maine said it doesn't want to take any chances. the teacher is being paid while she is on leave. progress is being made in
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bermuda. there were no deaths or serious injuries but more than 18,000 home are still without power. the category 2 storm crossed bermuda yesterday and moved north over the atlantic. hurricane ana is expected to miss hawaii but it is generating high winds, waves and strong rain. the center of the storm is about 190 miles west of the big island and some 150 miles southwest of honolulu. let's head straight to abc 7 meteorologist for a first check on the weather. >> we're coming off a beautiful start to the week. lots of sunshine and that boosted temperatures well above normal san francisco getting to 76 degrees. oakland nice and warm at 80. 84 santa rosa. we are tracking some rain. in the gulf alaska, it will move our way and first bring the
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channel of rain and then some cooler temperatures. i'll rejoin with you the accu-weather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. the district attorney of santa cruz has died of cancer. bob lee worked as assistant district attorney for 14 years until he was elected d.a. in 2002. he helped develop and enhance special units to prosecute gangs, sex offenders and domestic violence abusers. he was elected to a fourth term but recently announced he was stepping down because of his illness. lee was 67 years old. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, new details in the weeks long search for a missing university of virginia student. remains have been found. we'll tell you what police are saying. but the dock left rotting in the bay has a new home after more than a new decade. the price and the buyer. and the man who caught th
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the a surprise gift for the fan who caught the game winning ball in last thursday's game. he caught the three-run homer ball. the oakdale resident returned to it ishikawa after learning he wanted it back. as a thank you, the giants gave burke four tickets to the game at at&t. today ishikawa told the media, he still can't believe it happened. >> yeah. the guy has a humongous heart. i want to thank him personally. i got to thank him personally. i heard he didn't even want anything in return other than
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handing it over personally. but i took some pictures and stuff. i know how cool of a souvenir that could have been for him. >> that's good karma. the countdown to the world series is on. even the youngest fans are celebrating. the second graders, check out this one getting ready to cheer for the giants. she is ready in her cheerleader outfit. we would like to see your fan photos. the presidio will use a fish killing chemical. the presidio trust says it is trying to remove certain species of fish from mountain lake to make room for native species. they'll use a plant based chemical to get rid of the invasive fish.
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they say all traces of the chemical disappear after three days. the port of san francisco's dry dock number one is headed to china for scrap. it was sold to a dutch company for $1. but the port authority is paying $3 million to deliver it. it was decommissioned 15 years ago. it broke away from its mooring in 2002 and ran into yerba buena island. the first ever feeding 5,000 event took place in oakland today. it is part of an effort to gain food waste at a time when organizers say a third of the world's food doesn't get eaten. today the chefs made soup from misshapen vegetable that's would have been plowed back into the ground. >> for the most part, the professionals compost with food. but there are so many other oopgss. feeding people or preventing the
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food waste or feeding animals. >> organizers say the u.s. wastes more food than any other country. let's look at a check of the weather. >> we are the clean plate club. we have a quite picture. we'll take you outside the live look. the bay bridge in the back ground. you notice the flag in the top of the ferry building. anywhere from five to ten miles per hour. and we'll have that wind with us through the overnight period. it will have a big factor. right now, temperaturewise, half moon bay, 63, san francisco. 67 in oakland. and napa, currently at 58 degrees. satellite and radar, high pressure anchored right off the coast. that's applying to all the sunshine. we'll to the same thing. an area of low pressure.
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that counter clockwise you see, that will bring us some cooler temperature and also our next chance of rain come monday. our forecast animation for tomorrow. we'll see some bay and coastal clouds early on for single morning. and the clouds will hug the coast for our sunday afternoon. that you much of the bay area will see plenty of sunshine out there. and temperature very similar to where we were for highs. and we'll take you to hawaii where we are tracking that category 1 hurricane ana right now. so gusts higher than 80 miles an hour. so over the next couple hours, still holding on. bring some showers to honolulu but it will pull away. move away from the island chain. just got some residual showers. back here in the bay area. plenty of sunshine. 64 degrees, 70s on the board. 71, the high. 73, oakland, 77, san jose.
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getting to 73 for the afternoon. good running weather. cool temperatures, around 59 degree degrees. then we'll take you into sun night. we track that cold front. the next chance of rain. first showers moving to the north bay. then they'll spread south. 10:00 in the morning, some sprinkles in san francisco. we could see a quarter of an inch. and it gets out of here rather quickly. it will drop our temperature for a couple days. the accu-weather forecast, that sea breeze returning. that will bring along the clouds along the coast. then monday, clouds everywhere. tuesday, sunshine returns and a warming trend begins.
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sunshine on the board through saturday. greanews for the world series game. >> sounds very good. >> thank you. nice segue. what's this world series thing? the cal bears with the match-up. sanford was ne
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there is an identity crisis. this game was never in question. fans camping out, the showdown classic. montgomery fumbles. sun devil recover.
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a long touchdown pass. three yards, 14-0 at the half. stanford finally getting the touchdown at the half. 20-10 after an asu field goal on the ensuing kickoff. he fumbles. arizona state recovers. 44 seconds left. fourth and goal. 4-3. 26-10 your final. the bruins have not won since 1998. second quarter. countdown, three. amazing one-headed catch. 24 seconds left in the half. 49 yards later. he is in the edge zone. in the fourth, he finds kenny
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lawler. 3:44 left. ucla, field goal. nails it. marcus come away with an interception. that does it for the bears. ucla steals one at berkeley. 36-34. not a happy camper afterwards. >> right now, disappointed. another good chance to win there. it was the same play we ran early in the day. so the same type of work. >> san jose state in miami looking for the first road win of the year. shawn breaks loose. this game is tied 17-17. two seconds left, 20-20. for the win. it is the upright. this game goes to overtime. get the ball first. a quick pass. touchdown.
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fourth and two. they have to go for it. in the back field. and they come away with the first road victory, the final. improving to 3-3. >> time-out to regroup. we'll talk big game which starts
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giants and royals square off in a little thing we call the world series. this is the third appearance in the last five years. kansas city is in for the first
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since 1985. this is team that knows how to win in the postseason. many thought they had no chance of getting back. the nationals in the division series and cardinals in the nlcs. madison bum garner will face james shields. >> they're playing some great baseball, some passionate baseball. that's the beauty of baseball. two team that have gone through a lot to get here. and the wild card brothers. it is pretty special. to see what they've done. and to be a part of what we've done. it is exciting. >> all right. sharks and devils. first period. logan couture. joe pavelski puts it in. third period. 3-on-2. a fourth goal of the season. 3-0. the devils score two unanswered. driving to the net. joe thornton has the empty net
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goal. the 1200th career point. becoming the eenl player in history to reach the milestone. 4-0-1. 4-2, the final. the rest of the day in college football coming up, including a wild one in tallahassee. stick around. worth the wait. still to come, new details in the case of a missing university of virginia student. plus, a look inside. and the once in a million years event happening in outer space this weekend. and the doctor saw a blemish on my cheek. he told me it was skin cancer. i was in shock. i wasn't i wasn't covered with any health insurance. but once i got covered through covered california, i was able to go get the surgery that i needed. and it was a lifesaver.
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good evening. in tonight's headlines, developing news out of mountain view where police are on the scene of a fight at an event at the community center. it happened before 10:00 p.m. two people were taken to the hospital with possible stabbing injuries. an american canyon man is facing attempted murder charges. police say 20-year-old jon-luke laporte ran over to women and then led police on a chase. union city police are on the lookout for a mountain lion. it is the first sighting ever reported west of i-880. a dramatic scene in fresno where a good samaritan rescued a man trapped in a burning due plefl. he was carried to safety after a large explosion. troubling news in the case of the missing university of virginia student.
11:36 pm
the police say they have found human remain that could be those of 18-year-old hannah graham. abc news reporter michelle franzen has the latest. >> reporter: police and volunteers have scoured the country side around charlottesville, virginia, for weeks, looking for missing university of virginia sophomore hannah graham. >> thousands of hours have been spent by literally hundred of law enforcement and civilian volunteers in an effort to find hannah. wednesday perhaps they proved their worth. graham disappeared on september 13th, last seen on this surveillance video, along with a man. now the potentially devastating news. search team volunteers finding human remains on an abandoned property. >> the remains will be taken to the chief medical officer. graham's parents have been
11:37 pm
notified. now police are asking anybody who may have seen suspicious activity in that area to contact police. >> today's discovery is a significant development. we have a great deal of boring ahead of us. >> police have already a suspect in the case tleefl-year-old leroy jesse matthew junior has been charged with intention to intent to defile graham and he may face additional charges in a 2009 disappearance. not far from where the remains were found saturday, police found the remains of the 20-year-old morgan harrington. police say he is forensically linked to that murder. texas will be able to use its strict voter irgs d. law in the election. the u.s. supreme court gave it the go-ahead today. it a lower court judge said it
11:38 pm
was egi quigive lent to a poll . the san francisco firemen is getting ready for the next big disaster. >> more than 250 volunteers from the neighborhood emergency response team signed up for a drill at ft. mason great meadows. they set up eight mock neighborhood to set up treatment techniques. >> i have a proclivity toward wanting to protect myself and my family and give something back to the united states. i think it is important for all of us to participate. volunteers add social media to their information sharing tools for the first time today. they used twitter to report critical issues and deploy resources. sacramento area school bus drivers got some vital training
11:39 pm
to help keep their passengers safe. instructors put them through several scenarios. they learn to throw the bad guy to the ground. it includes techniques to stop the shooter at the door of the bus. a huge turnover. it back up traffic for miles. 120,000 people bought tickets to attend the event. the 75th anniversary. they got an up close look. many visitors say they spent so many hours in traffic or standing in line that they didn't get to see as much as they hoped. >> we were a little pointed. there were a few booths but not anything really exciting. not worth the wait. >> looking for thing to see that i don't see every day. i got to see the big hangar and
11:40 pm
the big wind opportunity. >> this is the first time in 17 years that they opened their doors to the public. a once in a million year event is happening this weekend. a comet about as big as a mountain will pass close to the red planet tomorrow. the comet will come within 87,000 miles of mars. nasa's five robotic explorers are positioned to witness the incoming comet on its first visit to this part of solar system. still to come, meet the woman who inspired the show quote scandal." a look at fact versus fiction. and the winner of the forecast today. sunshine, warm temperatures. but change are coming. that does include bringing bac
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lopreventable medical errors,hey all lnow the third leadingse of cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes.
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i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. george lucas is dishing on yes chose chicago over his home town san francisco for his movie memorabilia museum. the star wars creator said his wife melody put her foot down after years of, quote, doodling around by san francisco. hobson is from chicago. she talked to mayor rahm emanuel who loved the idea. scandal is the show that has us on the edge of our couches
11:44 pm
and dying to know what hams next. did you know there is a real life fixer who inspired it. the real woman behind the show to break down fact versus fiction. >> running away is not always the best thing. >> the no nonsense gladiator who will stop at nothing to fix a crisis. every thursday she brings us drama, intrigue and romance. but the woman behind the character is based on, says her life isn't nearly as exciting. >> most of our work is corporate work. he with do a lot of high profile individuals. and really, i'm on the phone a lot. >> reporter: judy is the real life manager who found the show. she has helped corporations, even presidents survive the most sense i have the of situations.
11:45 pm
she even represented monica lewinsky. the show scandal was born from a conversation smith had with the show creator. >> it was supposed to be a quick one of those 15-minute meetings where you say, knock on my door in 15 minutes. and it ended up, we talked about an hour and a half. by the time i got to the parking lot. >> smith says she does a good job dramatizing what she does. >> burying yourself in work isn't always the best thing when you lose someone. >> we talk each script which is really, really great. >> she sends ideas for the next possible crisis. >> we talk about it. i read every script. i send notes. sometimes i'm on the set. it's been fun. >> while the show is modeled
11:46 pm
after her life, she wants to set the record straight on a couple key points. >> number one. i want all your viewers to know. i did not have president with the president. >> and about all those dead bodies? >> we often get questions about moving dead bodies from crime scenes. that doesn't happen in my actual office in washington. just to assure everyone. >> one of the els, there was this theme about rigging an election. right? people said, oh, that can't really happen. two days later it was in the newspaper. that an election was rigged in a jurisdiction. >> so there is some truth to it. . to our relief, is he says with crisis, it is endless. >> in the world of crisis, there is no shortage of things.
11:47 pm
so many crises that go off. >> which means she has the potential to keep us on this thrill ride for several more seasons to come. gray's anatomy star patrick dempsey in the bay area this weekend. today it began with a 35-mile bike ride through the country. they sent as you video of mcdreamy. after the ride, participants enjoyed lunch, wine tasting and dinner prepared by the top chefs. all proceeds go to three cancer fighting charities. nice work, everyone there. let's get a check of the forecast. it was a lovely day for a bike ride. clear skies in the lower 48. take a look at our nationwide picture. lots of sunshine on this graphic
11:48 pm
from the great lakes all the way down south to miami. cool temperatures on the east coast. boston, new york, washington, d.c. the cold front moves through. and they'll be cool. they woke up to temperature in the 40s. 77, yosemite. los angeles, getting to 78 degrees. palm springs, nice and warm with a high of 95. in the bay area we'll see widespread 70s. the only place it will be a bit cooler, right along the coast. half moon bay there. oakland getting to 73. a high of 73 degrees. we have that sea breeze kicking in. that's why the clouds will stick to the coast. but sunshine in all other areas. then we see the clouds on
11:49 pm
monday. so, too, some showers. only a one-day event. the temperature drop 10 degrees. then warm up to the 80s by late next week. >> we just can't stick with anything. make it cold for several days. thank you. we appreciate it. here in california. >> and over to sports. >> a busy day in college football. and your cal poly mustangs won today. second ranked. fifth ranked notre dame. it looked like the fighting irish pull off an upset.
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my, how the mighty have fallen. the 17 ranked arizona continuing their identity crisis on offense. students camping out. the sun devils recover with 7 points. mike with his long td pass. three yards, 14-0. stanford gets the touchdown in the fourth. from one yard out. on the ensuing kickoff. coughs it up like a fur ball.
11:53 pm
arizona state recovers. 16 points. fourth and goal. incomplete. pretty much sums up today. 27-26. cal hosting ucla. the bruins have not won since 1998. the quarterback, luke. up 14-10. to perkins. he'll do the rest. 24-14 after 30 minutes of may. missed the two-point conversion. nails it. 26 yarder. going for the win. he is just to lawler. and that will do it.
11:54 pm
>> the whole team was hurt. we battle hard. we didn't play as good as we usually play. i think that's a huge part of what we lost. we pride ourselves being tough. that's what we do. we needed to do better. >> florida state hosting notre dame. on the longest winning streak. classwick the irish. the admiral loves it. third quarter. winston was brilliant in the second half. swings it out to fuller. he will muscle to give them the lead. fourth and goal for the win. all alone.
11:55 pm
wait. that's the reason he was open. called for a pass and an interference. he cannot connect to it with the victory, extending the winning streak. west virginia greeting the baylor moores. 14-then a in the second. off to the races. 20-14 baylor. linked up with kevin. west virginia up 34-27. marioalford. 39 yards. a 41-27 victory. jake waters. hit the wide open gronkowski. sounds familiar? his big brother rob.
11:56 pm
a 62-yard scorer. 7-7 ball game. trevor knight changes that play action. the sooners never took the lead back. they hang on to win. 31-20. fight night in carson, california. where san leandro took on undefeated feather weather mash. it was a vicious right look but struck out. 31-3-3. the final game at buck shaw stadium. paying tribute. if they weren't handing out acting awards, the white caps missed him, they would get one. he barely touches him, yes, sir he goes like he was hit by a
11:57 pm
sniper. raiders hosting the cardinals at the black hole. 49ers in denver for a sun night match-up. two good game. we'll have the highlights for you at 5:00. >> very good. maybe i can relax a little. >> it was a great game. >> but cal poly did win so you can relax. thanks so much for joining us. have a good night. roars )rring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here.
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♪ come and get it.
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