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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. >> good saturday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. we will start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. house's it look, lisa? >> good morning. we have some moisture. this is a front and combination of south winds allowing for mild temperatures this morning and the possibility of some mist and drizzle. can't rule out an isolated shower but more than likely you probably won't see that. numbers ranging from the low 50s by the delta to the low 60s in san francisco. 59 half moon bay. so most areas are warmer this morning. there's the front. it sits offshore. it will fizzle in the next couple of hours. we will be left with sunshine, 60s and 70s today. pretty seasonal outlook for the weekend, but things change for the beginning of the week. maybe some rain, and then we are going to heat up again. it's all coming up in a few
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minutes. matt. >> thank you, lisa. we begin with breaking news in san jose. one person is dead and another injured following a solo-vehicle accident. it happened last night. 11:40 in the area of blossom road. police say a car crossed all lanes of traffic and crashed into a cement sign, trapping two people inside. the male driver died at the scene. a woman was taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries. no word on what caused the accident. a man is under arrest after being caught on camera preying on children just feet from their parents. 20-year-old christopher german was identified a day after abc7 aired surveillance video of him leaving the stores where the gropings happened. we have the story from san leandro. >> i was surprised. i have a little brother. kind of bothers me. >> knowing he has a kid, too, is disturbing. you know what i mean? >> he wanted to go to the police academy. he wanted to become a cop.
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>> katlyn wright is equally as shocked as her neighbors. the only difference is she's the fiancee of 20-year-old christopher german who is now charged with two acts of lewd acts with children. he is in jail. >> he didn't tell me if he did it or not. he just said he's sorry he's putting me through it. >> but police say they have a strong case that proves he groped this girl at the wal-mart. less than 30 minutes later he entered target where he groped another girl under ten years of age. wright said she spoke with one girl's mother. >> i cried and told her that i was so sorry and that i don't know what happened or why it happened. >> the couple and their one-year-old son moved from southern california to live with wright's grandmother in san leandro, less than a block from jefferson elementary school. >> i feel like he is somebody that i don't know. i feel ashamed that he's done this or possibly did this. i feel scared. i feel embarrassed for my son.
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>> now wright fears her dreams of starting a family have been crushed n san leandro, alan wang, abc7 news. police are investigating a string of alleged sexual assaults at a fraternity just off the u.s. berkeley campus. last weekend five people may have been given the date rape drug at delta kappa epsilon. abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington has the latest from cal. >> delta kappa epsilon is not recognized by the university but sits in the middle of greek row. it's where five people were allegedly drugged and assaulted. an anonymous third party filed the report, saying the victims were given roofies. >> police say there's one big issue. the people at the house did not talk, but the fraternity sent a statement. part it of reads, "delta kappa epsilon condemns sexual violence in the strongest possible terms. it adds no other facts have come out that support the
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allegations. this is not the only fraternity under investigation. uc police sent out another crime alert. a member at theta delta chi said he was sexually assaulted by a brother. the house is off-campus, meaning the city police department is taking over the investigation. >> we don't have any confirmed reports or known victims or reporting parties at this time. >> i am a bit surprised. >> a sexual assault survivor and advocate said a big problem in the past has been confusion, where to report a crime and who to turn to. >> it was a huge issue. is it on campus? is it off-campus? who do i contact? if it takes place between two students, can i still go to ucpd? police send out a report when there's reports after crime and urge students to remember to always seek consent. >> in berkeley, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> a 20-year-old cal student was charged with one count of rape by use of drugs, but yesterday the charge was dropped after reviewing the evidence and
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interviewing the alleged victim. this morning a highway patrol sargeant is facing child pornography charges. 49-year-old eric lund was arrested. they found a hard drive had in his car that contained several hard-core videos. chp issued a statement saying the alleged conduct of this employee does not reflect the values, hard work and dedication of the chp. new details this morning, an antioch rapper has been charged with a fatal shooting of a man in oakland. our media partner, the oakland tribune, reports, 30-year-old billy c. schaefer, jr., who went by the stage name "wild bill," was charged in the october 1st killing of connie during a robbery outside the lounge. authorities say witnesses and surveillance video helped lead to his arrest on monday. he's being held without bail in oakland. returning to ebola in america, the president has named a new ebola response coordinator. washington insider,
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ron klain has been appointed. he will report to homeland security and national security advisors. he was chief of staff to joe biden and alex gordon. the first dallas nurse to be diagnosed with ebola remains in fair condition. the 26-year-old was transferred to the national institute of health in maryland on thursday. her dog, bentley, is being monitored at the texas a&m college of veterinarian medicine. the dog is not sick, but precautions are taken since the dog was exposed to ebola. the cdc said there have been no transmissions of the virus between humans and dogs, including in africa. president obama said the united states can't just cut itself off from west africa, even though ebola is raging there. he reminds americans the virus is difficult to catch and says the incidences of ebola in the u.s. are not considered an epidemic or an outbreak. he also pushes back against calls for the u.s. to institute
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a travel ban. >> trying to seal off an entire region of the world, if that was even possible, could make the situation worse. it would make it harder to move healthcare supplies and workers back and fourth. experience shows it could also cause people in the affected rage to change their travel to evade screening and to make the disease even harder to track. >> the president said fighting ebola isn't just a job for the government, citizens, media and people all are roles to play. he said the u.s. can't give in to hysteria or fear. so many people are concerned about ebola, we posted a detailed list of seven things you need to know, including how it is transmitted. and also symptoms. police need help to find a team of suspected scam artists that targeted older members of the chinese community. three women have struck twice in last two weeks.
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they approach a victim and convince them they will be relieved of a curse if they present valuables to be blessed. one lost $80,000 in cash and $40,000 worth of jewelry. a gruesome discovery in humboldt county. authorities found the body of a man eaten by a blake bear. the remains of 65-year-old marion williams were discovered by his trailer in redway about 75 miles west of humboldt. they said the bear did not kill him, he likely died of a heart attack before he was found by the bear. [chanting] as world series fever hits the bay area, bart is planning to ramp up service. bart officials say they expect record-setting crowds next week. on thursday more than 462,000 people rode bart. that's the fourth largest crowd ever as fans headed to at&t park. in preparation for the crowds bart will be adding extra cars and more trains on game day. >> giants outfielder hunter pence inspires his teammates and apparently the internet. >> we ain't done yet, boys. we are burning!
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[cheers and applause] >> pence is called the reverend for the internal sermons he gives in the clubhouse. he pumped up the giants catch third win thursday night and video of that speech has been shared hundreds of time on the web. hunter is definitely a man who exists in the moment. about a half-hour later reporters asked what he said in the speech, and his response, i don't know. a dream is coming true for a six-year-old royals fan battling cancer. he's fighting a rare form of bone cancer. a gofundme account was created to buy him tickets. stub hub stepped in and is giving noah and his family six tickets to attend game two. the money originally raised for the tickets will now go to his college fund. >> this may be one of the more expensive games in history. if you want to go to the game, the average cost for a single
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ticket is more than $1,500 according to ticket broker tikiq. seeing a game at at and. t park is a bargain on average, $1,100. and the cheapest ticket right now is $449. that's for standing room only. giants fans are showing off their team spirit. a young fan proudly displaying the orange and black in a pumpkin patch. e-mail in your photos or tweet them to us. big fall festival in half moon bay today. probably a lot of people heading to the pumpkin patch, as well. >> yep. >> it will be pretty nice. >> can't get enough orange. this morning more of it outside. temperatures in the low 60s in san francisco, 66 at the airport, and a couple showers offshore. i'll let you know if they are going to get any closer to your neighborhood and talk about another chance of rain for the first part of the week. that's all when we come back. >> all right. thanks, lisa. also next, the wrong place at the wrong time. where a candlestick park
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♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. it's been 25 years since the loma prieta earthquake. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana reports from san francisco on yesterday's ceremony honoring those who died and those injured. [bell] >> at 5:04 p.m. a commemorative bell was rang to mark the moment the whole bay area started
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shaking exactly 25 years ago. then a moment of silence honoring the 63 people who were killed. marina district supervisor mark ferrell, was heading home from high school football practice that afternoon. >> sure enough, the earthquake started to happen and we thought it was no big deal until we got back to the marina district. >> massive fires were triggered and entire buildings collapsed on to the streets. south of market, marriott marquis manager chris sullivan was on the 18th floor of the brand any hotel when the quake hit. >> you could see the bay bridge. we had a full view of the bay bridge. where we don't do not have it any longer. you could actually see that going up and down. >> the violent shaking caused a 50-foot chunk of the bridge to collapse. in oakland huge sections of the cyprus freeway pancaked into a pile of concrete and steel. back at the marriott, the new hotel had just opened that morning. by night fall it was one of the only buildings with any power in the whole city. claudia was just an hour into her shift as a hostess on the 39th floor lounge.
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>> and i think the earthquake stopped and we kept swaying because the building is on rollers. it seemed like an eternity. i thought that was it for me. >> she reunited with co-workers for this 25 year anniversary reception. many say they are like a family because they pulled together following the quake. in san francisco, abc7 news. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings is taking a look back at the earthquake with the abc7 special "15 seconds, 25 years later, the loma prieta earthquake." you can see it tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. this may make you feel better about your financial situation. even the president has credit card trouble from time to time. yesterday he signed an executive order creating new technology for government issued debit and credit cards. during the signing he revealed an embarrassing moment at a fancy restaurant lately.
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>> he went to a restaurant in new york by the general assembly. and my credit card was rejected. [laughter] turned out i guess i don't use it enough. they thought there was fraud going on. >> the fred said fortunately the first lady had her card. mastercard is giving the thumbs up to a new biometric credit card. it's a new twist on the contactless payment card. in card has a fingerprint censor on it and, works only when a customer's fund is on the card. buy to metric card is stored on the card itself but you have to register your thumbprint first. a norwegian company makes the card. starbucks is offering free drinks for life to ten customers in fact, you get a free drink or food item every day for 30 years and it adds up to about $23,000. customers can use the starbucks card or pay a mobile device to be eligible.
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they are promoting their new order and pay ahead mobile program. it starts december 1st and runs until christmas. happening this weekend, one island, two days, and three stages will come together to highlight around eclectic collection of artists for the 2014 music festival. it includes "outcast" and as well as performances by" massive attack," and "walkman white denim" and many others. it runs from today to tomorrow from noon to 11:00 p.m. >> blame it on the drought. water is no longer flowing from the truck tee to the river.
6:18 am
lake tahoe's water level has dipped below its natural rim for the first time in five years. less snowpack means less water is reaching the lake. reno depends on the truckee river for aware of. and that should provide a enough water to last through the summer. >> we have some clear sky in the inward valleys. concord and livermore in the 50s. 60s in santa rosa. a nice south wind allowing for temperatures in the 60s san francisco and parts of the north bay. even half moon bay is mild. 7:21 is the official sunrise. live doppler 7hd trying to pick up a little moisture offshore. and it's going to stay pretty much offshore or just evaporate. we were expecting perhaps maybe a light shower burks at this point looking very unlikely or dubious, maybe just mist and drizzle. east bay hills camera right now, temperatures ranging from the low 50s morgan hill, 59 san
6:19 am
carlos, san francisco in the low 70s. it is kind of mild out there. stepping outside it's warmer than we were this time yesterday. from our sutro tower, we have a few areas of low clouds. can't see them from this shot. 51 by the delta with a north wind. santa rosa in the low 60s. 64 napa and livermore with the clear skies a look at our exploratorium camera and, of course, lit-of up orange. partly cloudy skies overall. mild and dry weather for the weekend. a chance of showers coming our way en monday. once again, it doesn't look like anything too impressive. then we will sort of settle into a seasonal pattern before a ridge of high pressure looks to build in by the end of the work week. here's what's offshore. it continues to dissipate. so as the trough dissipates, the ridge builds back in and tal bring us the fair skies. but let's take a look at the rest of the day tomorrow with some sunshine. and then into tomorrow night.
6:20 am
here's the cold front. it's holding together offshore. by monday morning the commute, you could see some wet weather in marin county through the peninsula. by 9:00, 10:00 it tries to push eastward and southward maybe for a few light showers. maybe a tenth to .2-inch across the bay. nothing that impressive. hopefully it will hold together. that's what we have to look forward to on monday. the the outer bands of this hurricane is hitting the big island. it will continue to slowly weaken. but looking at showers, high surf, and the island chain escaping this because it is about 170 miles south of the islands and it continues to move to the northwest. so some good news there. in the south bay today look for 76 in santa clara, 79 los gatos and on the peninsula low 70s san mateo. for the pumpkin festival low 70s downtown. partly cloudy skies. in the north bay mid-70s santa
6:21 am
rosa, near east bay 73 oakland, 75 in fremont, and you head inland, slightly warmer, 677 pittsburgh concord. 76 in pleasanton. the accuweather seven-day forecast, aside from maybe a few sprinkles this morning, we're looking very similar between today and tomorrow. then increasing clouds, a slight chance of showers with cooler temperatures monday. turning sunday on tuesday and then rising temperatures on wednesday, thursday and friday. looks like a ridge is going to build in and bring us above normal warmth. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. follow us on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. and we will give you power outage info and weather tweets. yeah, at least they are coming, these weak systems. but most of the bay not seeing anything in terms of rain. >> hopefully the neck one after this one will bring a little bit more moisture. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. up next, princess for a day. a magical moment this little
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i love bacon so much,f bacon. jewelry.m launching a line of b. aw, i've seen those online, but-have you ever seen bacon brows? what was that? i was just putting the finishing touches on my bacondor. everyone loves bacon at subway. try it on a bacon egg & cheese. subway. eat fresh. >> we are joined from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america" and a big weather story this morning, huh, paula? >> a very big weather story.
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good morning, matt. and hello san francisco. hurricane gone doll low hilting hard. it's the largest the atlanta has seen in years. it's tearing through bermuda. we are live on the scene this morning. plus a bizarre situation that's unfolding at sea. passengers of a carnival cruz are told that a dallas healthcare workers who handled ebola samples is on board with them. why they were denied permission to dock in mexico. also happening, we are hearing from officer darren wilson, the ferguson policeman who allegedly shot and killed the teenager michael brown back in august. what he told investigators about what happened that day. and finally, presidents, i guess they are just like us. president obama is dishing about having his credit card declined at a swanky restaurant here in new york city. why he had problems paying with plastic. that's why you always carry cash, right? >> i'm sure he hasn't seen an
6:26 am
atm in years. and i always feel bad for the president. he has to be a big tipper. >> yes. and how bad do you feel if you were the waiter or waitress that had to deliver him the check and say, sir, declined. >> yeah, i would probably just swallowed it. >> a bad day at the office. >> thank you, paula. we appreciate it. >> thanks, matt. have a good day. >> a magical day for a little girl with cancer. five-year-old lilly wants nothing more than to be a princess and to ride a unicorn and her impossible wish came through this week. to celebrate her last day of chemotherapy, nurses where she was being treated created the unicorn for lilly to ride. it was at a louisiana hospital. her mother said she can't stop talking about her royal ride. much more ahead. a murder-for-hire plot allegedly hatched inside this east bay jail. what authorities learned about the hit list. and giants world series fever. the heroics of travis ishikawa is inspiring people of all ages.
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hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0 is here. >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >>. >> saturday morning. we starting with a quick look at
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the weather. hi, lisa. >> partly cloudy skies here in san francisco. it's cloudy at the airport. 66 there with 63 here. the south wind keeping us mild. elsewhere a north wind. north hill at 52. le clouds and fog at half moon bay. we are looking at a pretty good-looking day today with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. mid-60s ocean beach. 71 in san francisco. looking for low 70s around the bay. oakland, mid-70s. and looking at upper 70s inland. so very seasonable, not too hard to take, and we are looking at possibly a little more rain for the beginning of the week. i'll have that forecast coming up. matt. >> all right, thank you, lisa. >> a pittsburgh man went from an accused white collar criminal to a multiple hit man suspect. all while behind bars. charles waldo has been charged with dozens of crimes, but nothing violent until now. abc7 news reporter laura anthony
6:31 am
has more. >> before it was 40 years tops, now it's 25 to life. >> already facing 50 felony counts for white collar crimes in contra costa county, now charles waldo has been indicted for soliciting nine murders for hire while locked up at the martinez jail. >> there were two witnesses, charles waldo approached them, one of them, solicited them and conspired with them to murder some of the witnesses of the original crimes. we found a document that was the hit list. it showed the ways they wanted the different crimes done. >> according to the district attorney, the methods include staged car accidents, drug overdoses, and robberies that had, quote, gone bad. the original charges against waldo center around his four-year employment at the rapid recycle in martinez where he worked his way up to manager. among the many charges, insurance fraud, theft, and embezzlement of $100,000. and after he was fired, slashing
6:32 am
the tires of company vehicles. >> mr. waldo had no reason to do what he's alleged to have done. >> howard williams represents the 38-year-old waldo. he says his client is really a brilliant businessman, who is often misunderstood. >> he's sort of a steve jobs like figure. a guy who is just such a natural businessman. such a natural go-getter. in the process, like steve jobs, he didn't make a lot of friends necessarily. >> waldo is held here on $1 million bail on those original 50 charges. he will be arraigned on the new murder-for-hire allegations later this month. in martinez, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> happening today, the san francisco fire department will conduct a drill to better prepare for catastrophic events. the fire department, alongside volunteers from the neighborhood emergency response team, will
6:33 am
practice search and rescue techniques, triaging injured victims, setting up command centers and other disaster response skills. more than 250 volunteers are expected to participate. today's drill take place from 8:30 to 3:00 at fort mason great meadow. demonstrators plan to march today. they say neighborhood be being displaced by selling out neighborhood to developers. they are call for moratorium on evictions until the housing needs of the poor are met. it against today at noon at the glen park bart station. here's with a it was like for commuting crossing the bay bridge yesterday. backups in every direction. the rob two steal plates across the three left lanes on the san francisco side of the bridge near the harrison and fremont street off rams. caltrans is replacing a number of giants. but the temporary placements
6:34 am
they use act like speed bumps. caltrans expects to go working on the bridge through december. a life-long giants fan has a new souvenir after swapping a baseball for a bat who propelled the team into the world series. frank burke caught travis ishikawa's three-run homer after it landed in the right field stands thursday night. he explained why he gladly swapped the ball for a bat autographed by ishikawa. >> i follow the giants. they are like a hardworking man's team and i'm a hardworking man. i was just the lucky guy that caught that drawl. travis ishikawa is the one that deserves all the credit for hitting the ball. i believe it belongs on his trophy case, not mine. >> sportswriter daniel brown with our media partner showed this photo, ishikawa is there. hard to tell who was happier after they met outside the giants clubhouse after thursday night's victory.
6:35 am
>> everyone has giants fever this weekend, but thursday night's win was especially exciting for asian americans. abc news property vic lee reports. >> this was the home run that won the game for the giants and propelled them to the world series. >> absolutely chaos. 43,000 people standing up cheering as loudly as i was. >> it's so gratifying and i'm so happy i was able to do it for the city and the team. >> ishikawa, ishikawa! [chanting] >> the homer was made by a play -- a player who almost quick when he had a long slum in the minors. >> i think he just grinded and stayed with it, and i think that's kind of the japanese-american experience. >> it was particularly special for asian americans of all ages. >> how did you feel when you watched ishikawa? >> i am mostly like japanese, and it just makes me feel really great. >> hearing his story after the game, almost quitting baseball, how he was struggling a lot, was inspirational. >> he was born in seattle. he's 31.
6:36 am
he's a fourth generation japanese american. he's had his ups and downs. ishikawa has played for five teams. but last night's homer put him in the national spotlight in a sport where you rarely see a lot of asian americans. >> i was very surprised. and then i kept telling my dad how surprised i was. >> but two asian americans were prominent players in the playoff series. don't forget, colton wong was a big hit for the cardinals. in his game-ending homer sunday night, it instilled new life into st. louis. the number of asian american role models in major league baseball has just grown. >> there's travis ishikawa, colton wong, and i feel really proud and excited for them and happy for them. >> the twelve-year-old summed it up well. >> it makes me proud, it makes me inspired, it makes me want to go out and -- it motivates me. >> ishikawa, ishikawa! >> vic lee, abc7 news. >> all right.
6:37 am
attention job seekers. it's that time of year again. the gap is now hiring for the holiday season. they plan to hire more than 63,000 seasonal associates nationwide at gap, banana republic, old navy for the 2014 today they will hold a hiring event at a flagship store at san francisco on market street. it runs from noon to three. >> still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. a hoax revealed. the 9-pound nugget that shook up gold country. and here's a live look at the ferry building. glowing in orange. everybody excited about the giants. you should be excited about the weekend weather. it's looking pretty nice. lisa argen will have your forecast and let you know when you can expect your next chance of rain, as well, in a few minutes.
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>> good morning, a live look from our sutro tower cam. a beautiful shot of the city. a nice, mild day ahead but change is coming next week. lisa argen will let you know in a moment. happening today, a celebration will be held in walnut creek to celebrate the city's 100th birthday. the centennial birthday bash at the shoreland ranch museum will feature live music, museum tours, children's activities
6:41 am
and, of course, birthday cake. it's free and open to the public. it runs from 11 to 4 at the ranch. how is the weather going to be for the event? >> nice. it's in the mid-50s and clear. 56 livermore from the east bay hills camera. looks beautiful this morning. still very seasonal over the weekend, and we are talking maybe a little rain to start the week and then, oh, no, a big warmup comes back. i'll explain coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next, a moment giants fans can't stop reliving. travis ishikawa sending the giants to their third world serious in five years. the call you may not have heard. ♪ de it's the opposite of evolution. the absence of improvement. and the enemy of perfection. which is why you can never stop moving forward. never stop inventing. introducing the mercedes-benz gla. a breakthrough in design, aerodynamics and engineering.
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>> good morning. a cool started to. lisa argen will have the forecast in a few minutes. four years ago a man said he discovered a nine pound nugget on his property. that was in nevada county. the nugget fetched nearly half a million dollars in auction. but a year later they revealed the whole thing was a hoax. it all fell apart. george warren brings us up-to-date on what's happened since then. >> the 2010 event that reportedly took place here in the tiny nevada county mining community of washington got worldwide attention. a man named jim grill, who wouldn't allow his face to be shown in the local newspaper, offered a detailed explanation
6:45 am
of how he found this 9-pound gold nugget on his property. for the record, there was a person who first called it bologna. he's a veteran prospect tore. >> tom. >> tim, i interviewed you about a week after the story appeared. what did you tell me back then? >> thought it was bogus. absolutely. >> despite scattered skepticism, the giant nugget was presented as the largest surviving pessimism from california's gold country, and it sold the following spring at auction for $460,000. a website appeared advertising jim grill's property as the lost scotchman mine, seeking investors by claiming the giant nugget was just the tip of the iceberg. the website boasted about how it received widespread exposure and and that, ironically, led to what happened next. >> i would like to set the record straight because there's people being defrauded here. >> a couple of australian prospectors contacted us shortly after the auction to say that they had actually dug up the
6:46 am
nugget in victoria's gold country in 1987. when asked about the great gold nugget hoax, a person at the northstar mining museum said what called goldmine salting is as old as ninth itself. >> oh, definitely. as long as there's been gold there is been people trying to figure out how to make more money off of it than they should. >> the truth was bound to come out eventually. that distinctive gold nugget supposedly discovered in washington in 2010 had been featured in prospecting magazines for 20 years. whatever interest investors might have had in the property vanished. the hoax was a huge embarrassment for the auction house. they refunded the winning bidder's money and sworn everybody to secrecy. >> i told you so.
6:47 am
grill lost the property to foreclosure shortly after the hoax was revealed. and they are now offering it for sale without the extravagant claims of buried treasure. the asking price a relatively modest $590,000. in nevada county, george warren, abc7 news. >> what a fascinating story. >> cold temperatures in the sierra nevada. 23 degrees in truckee and we are looking at cool numbers with partly cloudy skies. we take a look at live doppler 7hd. sun comes up at 7:21, sets at 6:28. you see a little bit of moisture offshore. it is just a little bit. we could see some mist and drizzle from the coast. but then this front really fizzles and we are back into high pressure. the trough sweeps on through and mild temperatures will return with partly cloudy it mostly sunny skies. here's a look from our roof camera. all lit up in orange. the ferry building, 59 san carlos, 56 in san jose. 52 morgan hill. and where we have the 60s,
6:48 am
likely we have the south wind a little bit of a north wind over by fairfield where temperatures have dropped into the 50s. we are also in the 50s for concord. livermore, good morning, 54. 63 in santa rosa. boy, feeling much mild are this morning for most of you. anywhere from 3 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. in our exploratorium camera showing the city there, partly to mostly cloudy around the bay with just the morning looking at a few extra clouds on the peninsula. then mild and dry weather today, tomorrow. looking at a chance of showers for monday. another anemic front will try to push on through the bay area on monday. this we aren't even counting. it's fizzling out. you saw the moisture offshore. high pressure builds in behind it. then by late sunday you will see the front here along the coast. now the north coast, eureka, they are getting a little rain here and there. look what happens. it does push into marin county, sonoma county, and as it pushes to the east just a tenth to
6:49 am
perhaps .2 inches and maybe mist and drizzle and perhaps light showers through the santa cruz mountains. all over with by the early afternoon. hurricane anna right now is lashing the hilo and the big island. also around honolulu, the outer bands of the hurricane bringing the rain and the high surf with winds ever 80 miles an hour. it continues to weaken and taking a left-hand turn as it goes about 170 to 200 miles south of the island chain. so that is some good news. statewide, upper 60s monterey, low 80s fresno. and locally you have to go into the sacramento valley to get to those 80s. a nice afternoon. very fall-like in the sierra nevada. 65 for south lake. the art and pumpkin festival half moon bay. upper 60s. a pretty afternoon. and we will look for temperatures around bay low 70s san mateo. 77 in san jose. vallejo 75.
6:50 am
if you are an early ricer tomorrow taking part in the nike women's half-marathon, it will be cloudy with the upper 50s. great running weather. and then low 60s by about 9:00, 10:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s coast. a chance of rain monday with cooler highs. then by tuesday more 60s and 70s. and high pressure builds in wednesday, thursday, friday with stead by warming temperatures. that's right, we could see some 90s back in the picture by next friday. >> yeah. if you have those window air-conditioners, don't put them away just yet. keep them up for at least another week. thank you, lisa. in sports, a full slate of college football for the schools. 12:30 ucla battles cal at memorial stadium. watch it here on abc7. 1:00 p.m. san jose state is at wyoming. stanford stays on california state. this afternoon the world series bound giants will hold their first workout at at&t park since thursday night's dramatic win
6:51 am
over the cardinals. here's collin resch with the sports. he has more on travis ishikawa's big home run in this morning's sports. good morning. that feeling of euphoria that travis ishikawa provided thursday night isn't going away anytime soon for giants fans. the game-winning three-run homer now a part of giants lore. perhaps you heard joe buck's call and joe miller's call, but how about fox sports deportes! [spanish-speaking play-by-play] >> the san francisco giants, buy, buy, baby! travis ishikawa! [spanish-speaking play-by-play] >> i have to thank the giants for bringing me up and giving me the opportunity. i don't know what bochy was thinking when he put me in the outfield but he knows what he's doing. i trust his gut 100% and i'm just thankful for this moment.
6:52 am
>> what a moment it was. the world series begins with game one on tuesday in kansas city. game two is wednesday. the teams then travel to san francisco for game three. next friday game four on saturday. first pitch for all the games 35:07. -- 5:07. the american league champion royals, courtside for the royals and heat last night. preseason game taking place in kansas city. passing around the alcs trophy. the giants have been more concerned with the world series trophy. second quarter, steph curry, behind the back of the last hander. klay thompson he had 29 but the lebron lefty and the 115-108 victory. jim harbaugh is a giants fan. likes to take his glove to the game. this is july. niners finishing off a week of practice today. they will be in denver sunday. he said giants fever spread to his locker room and payers -- players talking about it daily. >> personally i definitely have great admiration for what they have done. just keep doing it and doing it. wonderful, wonderful.
6:53 am
>> jim harbaugh. 49ers fans, you can rejoice about this. in a move completely unexpected to outsiders, the seahawks have traded percy harvin to the new york jets. seattle will get a conditional draft pick in 2015. when healthy, his play on the field is unquestioned. in the locker room that seems to be a different story. word out of seattle is that harvin rubbed teammates the wrong way at times, that he was more trouble than he was actually worth. interesting. big game in berkeley this afternoon. cal hosts ucla. you can see it right here on abc7. 12:30 kickoff at memorial stadium. and 5:00 fifth-ranked notre dame in tallahassee to take on number two florida state. following the game, larry beil and mike shumann with cash creek "after the game." tampa will be at arizona state. and laramie, wyoming at 1:00. have a great day, everyone. >> next, the great pumpkin
6:54 am
festival in half moon pay. we will tell you which giants great will be
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $1,280,000,000 mega-millions draw. nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot grows to $200 million. we've crowned the winner of the largest pumpkin grown in north america, which means it's time for the 44th annual half moon bay art and pumpkin
6:57 am
festival. this weekend's festival will celebrate the giant gord that weighed in at 2,058 pounds. blending the best with the harvest and the halloween season, the festival will feature hand carved megasquash, a haunted house, live music, crafts and lots of treats. baseball awful famer and former giants player orlando cepeda will also be on hand to serve at grand marshal during the great pumpkin parade. it runs today and tomorrow on main street. looking nice? >> really nice day out there. for the rest of the bay, as well, we will look for upper 70s in our inland valley. that includes concord, san jose 77. 71 in the city with mid-70s santa rosa. low clouds and fog return tonight. very also change tomorrow. increasing clouds on monday, though, with a chance of showers early in the day. then turning sunny on tuesday. wednesday, thursday and friday it looks like a warmer weather pattern is going to get going. and that would bring 60s at the
6:58 am
coast, 80s and 90s inland by next week. >> we can use more rain rather than more heat. all right, thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. news continues online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next. a beautiful live shot from our mt. tam camera. enjoy your day, everyone!
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking right now -- blasting bermuda. the most powerful hurricane in the atlantic in years ripping across the island. >> that eye wall inching closer and closer to bermuda. >> our gio benitez hunkering down with tourists, trying stay safe. plus how the u.s. will be impacted by this massive storm. scare at sea. a passenger on a caribbean cruise ship who handled ebola specimens in texas is now under quarantine. two countries refusing to let the ship dock at their ports. and the new timeline for the nurses with ebola. when did they get sick and who really is at risk? struggle for a gun. this morning we are hearing from the officer whoa shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown in ferguson, missouri. what he is saying abou


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