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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 17, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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>> travis. one to right. the giants win the pennant. >> yes they do. next stop kansas city and incredible walk off win tonight to send the giants to the world series form5 the third time in 5 years. >> fans filling the street as the party in san francisco is just getting started. good evening thanks for joining us. >> what a thriller. alyssa live at at&t park tonight where fans are just going crazy. >> ty admit i'm a fan myself born and raised here in the bay area. couldn't help but get the shirt after the game. somebody gave me a rally towel and the fun piece of glowing jewelry. fans have been telling me since beginning of post season this is a lucky year since 2010. giants have won world series every 2 years and now they are one step closer to doing it again. fans went wild. stadium erupted in
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cheers. horns blared and fireworks explode over at&t park. giants won game 5 sending the cardinals home and san francisco on its way to another world series. >> it was incredible. so graduate to be here. >> i think it's wonderful. >> it's awesome. >> go giants. >> my gosh. >> what a game what a game. >> i can't the believe it. lost for words. >> thousands of fans packrk in ballpark in orange and black. die hard superstitious ones wore lucky clothing. >> i'm not lying same underwea underwear. >> bring us luck and wins because last time i wore it, we wochbility we had to win. >>reporter: game kept people on the edge of their seat. both teams hitting ball out of the park. west moment of the game. >> last minute about when he hi. ome run. it was magazine knife isn't. >> it was unbelievable. everybody was up there. all high fiving. that waits. >> orange october continues but
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fans can take a breather for a few day. first game against the royals is tuesday in kansas city. >> go giants world series. soon to be wins. >> in san francisco, abc 7 new news. >> let's hope that fan is right. crowds of people block the sidewalk and streets of san francisco mission district. you can see the heavy police presence in this video from sky 7 hd. some fans setoff fireworks notch mainly issues in the mission. fortunately but there was an assault near the ballpark. lisa is live with that part of the story. lisa? >>reporter: the police are still out in full force at this hour. they have stepped up patrol here at the ballpark and also in the marina and in the mission district. less than an hour ago you mention police rushed to fourth and channel which is just 2 block from the ballpark after report of an assault. you can see one person being treated in an pwlachbilitys the other people being questioned by police were in giants gear. no arrest have been made. police out on motorcycle and on foot keeping
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a close eye on the crowds. one man was stopped for having an open container and officers also put out a small fire. inside the ballpark there were just a few problems tonight. >> there's just a handful of fan ejection. usually unruly conduct. bad behavior. giants security will address the issue and ask for the police department assistance will help remove the fan from the ballpark. >> about most part police are calling this a good night thus farm. you may recall what happened in 2012. giants won the world series. rights in the mission and several arrest made. back live the city is taking security for the games very seriously. they want to be at full staff that's why they cancelled vacation as well as any off days. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you lisa. >> it is the moment baseball
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fans dream of catching the ball that sends the team to the world series. the giants fan who caught travis's game winning home run ball decided not to keep it. you can see him in the arcade right there macking the catch and then very classy move. take a look at frank burke of oakville returning the ball to travis. daniel brown reporter with our partner at the mercury news shared the photo with us. collin caught one travis in the locker room who posed for this picture with the ball. all right. so here is the world series schedule game 1 is next tuesday october 21 in kansas city. game 2 will be on wednesday october 22 in casey and g men return to san francisco game 3 next friday october 24th here at at&t park. >> how cool of the fan t the b return the ball. >> 7 news sports anchor mike has complete highlights coming up a little later on in sports with live report from collin who is in the ballpark. >> also tonight. interstate 8
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80 is back open tonight in free mont after an unsuccessful search for armed sues pechblingt entire highway in both direction near this avenue was closed for 2 hours tonight while police looked for a map wanted for a violent crime no. details on the crime have been released. suspect was thought to be hiding in the bushes along the freeway but police believe he has left the area. >> developing news at uc berkeley where campus police investigating 5 sexual assault that happened at the same fraternity. comes just 2 and a half week after 3 people reported sexual assault at multiple fraternity near campus this time police say 5 people were drugged with roofie and sexually assaulted last friday and sunday officers say it happened at delta cap a he says lon fraternity that is not recognized by uc berkeley. >> turning now to the latest on ebola in america. tonight we are hearing for the first time from the first nurse diagnosed with the disease.
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>> can hear her as she was getting ready to leaf dallas. she is now being treated at the national institute of mental health health in maryland. today president obama gave pentagon authorization to call up reserve and national guard troops to help the u.s. respond in west africa if they are needed. and president says tonight he's not opposed to a ban on travel from affected country but says it's not necessary right now. >> tonight bay area health officials trying to avoid the mistake that led to the first death from ebola here in the united states. as alan explains, health experts are stabbing strict protocol to deal with ebola beginning with first responders. fichbility known. that's the scariest part for us. we go in to houses every day that we don't know. >>reporter: paramedic from medic ambulance service in
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solano county prepared for any patient who tells 911 operator if they traveled to africa in the past 21 days. >> a lot of ebola transmission is through body nrichltdz vomiting derea unexplained bleeding or bruising why every part of first responder body must be protected. even the ambulance has to be lined with sheets of impermeable plastic. first rae responders are even more vulnerable while rae moving the protective gear so cdc guidelines are carefully followed. >> whole suit or any exposed area would get sprayed down with corn base solution. >>reporter: solana county health officials say all 9 bay area counties commune kaiingt and developing a standard protocol for potential ebola cases. >> bay area solana county are all tell at some risk of having a case of ebola and we all need to be ready. >>reporter: while health officials here say the risk is
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low they say there is no excuse for look of prepare asian. in solana county, abc 7 news. san francisco is in the final stages of developing ebola protocol including training of first responders. tonight we have learned 911 dispatchers will question callers who say they are very sick to see if they may have ebola like symptoms. about if they do, first responders notified. >> stanford medical center is gearing up for the possibility of treating a patient with ebola. this is video from stanford of a drill held today to make sure workers are prepared. workers practice putting on and taking off protective gear. stanford is following all cdc protocol. >> abc 7 we have posted detailed list of 7 things you need to know about the ebola virus including the orsymptoms and how it is transmitted. >> new at 11:00. sonoma continue sheriff's office is looking for 2 suspects who shot a man during home invasion. happened in santa rosa about 2:30 this afternoon. deputy
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say both suspects were closed that said fbi on them. not here if they stole anything but investigators think they may have been after marijuana. the shooting victim had to have surgery. witness say the suspect took off in a light blue maybe gray suv obviously they are considered armed and dangerous. >> life her life is scandal nexn 7 news. you meet the real olivia pope. fixer who inspired the hit show. what she wants you to know about the world of high stake crisis management. >> plus drop hold and take cover. big quake drill that shook san francisco today. >> and changes brewing for about a wrist.take new perk starbucks is offering employee employees. >> if i would hold off washing the car as we have another system headinging our wait a minute who has the best chance of seeing rain. 7 news at 11:00 right back
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i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. >> scandal. show has us on the edge of our couches and dying to know what happens next. did you know there's a real life fixer who inspired the character of olivia pope. she
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breaks fact fact versus fiction on the high stake drama. >> running away isn't always the best thing either. >>reporter: scandal olivia pope is the no nonsense gladiator who still stop at nothing to fix a crisis. >> every thursday she brings us drama. intrigue and well, a little hot office romance but wr the woman olivia pope character is based on says her life isn't nearly the as exciting. >> most of our work is corporate work. we do a lot of high profile individuals and really i'm on the phone a lot. i'm on the phone a lot. >>reporter: judy smith is the real life crisis manager who inspired the show. founder and president of smith and company she has helped corporations celebrity even presidents survive the most sensitive of situations. she even represented monica lewinsky whip 60 during the scandal with splint. show scandal was born from a conversation smith had with show crator shonda rhymes.
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>> it was to be a quick 15 minute meeting when you tell the person secretary knock on my door in 15 minutes. and it ended up i think we talked for about an hour and a half. by the time i got to the parking lot she was like the i have to do a show on you. >>reporter: smith says rhymes does a good job drama tiesing what she does and star kerry washington knows how to deliver. >> the burying yourself if work isn't always the best thing when youless someone. >> kerry does amazing job. we talk each script which is really, really great and we e-mail. >>reporter: smith does a lot of consulting for the show. sending rhymes ideas for the next possible crisis. >> we talk about it. i read every script. i send note. sometimes i'm on the set. so it's all fun. it has been goo good. >>reporter: while the show is modelled after her life smith wants to set the record straight on a couple key point points. >> number within, i want all the viewers to know i did not
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have sex with the president. >>reporter: and about huck all the dead bodies. >> we often get questions about moving dead body from crime scenes. that doesn't happen in my actual office in washington. crust to assure everyone. >>reporter: but it isn't all tv fantasy. stretched by the imagination. >> one of the episode last season there was this the theme about rigging an election. right. and people said that can't really happen t-2 days later it was in the newspaper. the that an election was rigged in a jurisdiction. >>reporter: so there is some truth to it. and much to our relief she says with crisis it is endless. >> in the world of crisis there is no shortage of things. so many crisis that go on. >> took off 2 month e-which men our beloved olivia has potential to keep us on the thrill road for a long time.
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at the end of the day she does this because she really just enjoys helping people whether high pro fail person and every day person or corporation. we all make mistake and she just likes helping people navigate through life high and low. >> today students skills that could save their lives during an earth quake exploratorium marina middle school kids climb under the desk and participated in mock evacuation as part of the great california shake out. tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the earthquake devastated the marin a districtal though the middle school did survive. rae minder 7 news anchor taking a look back at the earthquake tomorrow evening at 6:30 with the abc 7 special 15 seconds, 25 years later. loma earthquake. we hope you can tune in. >> new park for starbucks workers. coffee giant announce it's upping the starting paper barista giving raises to current employee and visible
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tattoo they can have ink not covered by clothing just not on the face or neck. >> all right. well as we said at the top. giants are heading to the world series as you kno know. highlights in a moment but we want to show you the front page of tomorrow chronicle. >> take a look. giants walk off the world series. great look at tomorrow's front page. >> look what we just got here on the desk. check it out. >> nice. we own the pennant. >> that's cool. awesome. >> thanks for dripping it in. great nature for baseball. >> it was. no rain. now look at weather. >> the giants pulled it off and the weather did cooperate as we look at live doppler 7hd right now. just some clouds around. we may be tracking rape in the north basement i'll show you that in a moment. but as far as the winter outlook. noaa issued this prediction the today. wetter than normal for southern california. dryer than normal for the midwest. pacific northwest and we are
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left with equal chances of wet error dryer winter. let's hope it error on the side of wetter. temperatures out west out toward new england it's to be warmer and cooler across the southern tier of states. you see the orange there on the buildings for ri building 59 right now in san francisco mid 50's oakland at the airport san jose 58 degrees. 52 in half machine bay. sutro tower cam are visibility looking great right now. temperatures are all in the 50's. 54 santa rosa. currently 50 petaluma. 57 livermore and here's another view from the emeryville camera. we see the cloud. high level though. chance of rain friday afternoon evening going in saturday morning mild weather for the weekend and we have our next chance of rain coming in on monday. so take a look at the city. it really looks impressive. seen a lot of harmless high clouds ahead of this system. but this cold front the energy witness is going northward. so hears what is going to happen this front
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weaken tomorrow. the best chance for seeing any rain tomorrow evening will be in the north bay. tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. just some cloud cover when you get going head off to work take the kid off to school. 7:00 p.m. tomorrow if stepping out grab umbrella north bay may see few light showers. this continues at midnight saturday and then saturday morning around 6:00 o'clock just when you think some moisture is approaching this front fizzle. so by 11:00 a.m. you are actually looking at dry conditions. most of the weekend plans will mean dry weather here. but if you travel and heading to hawaii you want to keep an eye on tropical storm anna. it is getting closer to the hawaiian island chain and here's what's going to happen big swell expected to impact the whole area here as we head to the weekend. expected to intensify in category 1 hurricane. heavy rain potential for mud slide for the big island and storm will continue to parallel hawaiian island chain. we'll keep a close eye on that.
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upper 40's to upper 50's cloud cover. tomorrow afternoon threat new england someplaces. mid 70's but rain chance doesn't enter the picture until tomorrow night. best chance north bay in saturday morning as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast and then it looks like another chance of rain mopped with milder weather midweek. >> all right thank you. >> washington a thrilling game what a thrill moment for giant giants. >> we have more. >> it was a dream come true for the giants tonight. specia specialally travis. he hit the walk off home run and giants walking off to the world series third time in 5 years. details live reaction from at&t
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>> all athlete dream of winning the big one. hitting a game winning home run to win the pennant. this homer won the pennant for the giants. hall of famer montana knows championship. on the hill. john to left but travis gets spun around. miss play that's a double for jay 1 nothing st. louis. giants give back and more. joe passenger. pulls it into the arcade in right two run shot. first contrary play off homer. giants up. in the fourth. adams. 2 error last game. dig it out of the dirt. solo shot tie it at two 3 batters later. deep to left. another solo shot. st. louis up 3-2 and cardinals are jacked up. but in the if eighth. shock waevts through at&t.
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crush the first home run since august 15. game tied at 3. champagne on ice and the cork were popping after this. >> travis. into right. the giants win the pennant. st travis 3 run homer. win 6 of 3 and face the royals. third world series in the past 5 years. wow! let's go live to the park and join us. typical giants fashion walk off winner to grab a spot in the world series. >> unbelievable. travis of stands alone in history tonight t.first player to end national league championship series with a home run. afterwards let the celebration commence if hunter. >> we 18th done yet boys. we are burning it down. >>reporter: as soon as i hit it i knew instantly the game
1:34 am
was over i knew it would be off the wall as i was close to the bag. this is incredible. i saw it sneak over. after that i don't remember. i don't remember anything after that. >> that's why i can't try to predict the game. never know what is going to happenzy crazy game we play. >> third trip all so different but they all feel special in their own way don't they? >> yes. i think the definitely all special in their own way. i have never been part of a game leak. that travis with the 3 run homer what a moment. >> what a moment. talk about special as you mention, on the verge of third world series title in 5 years. that is pretty special. reporting live at at&t park, 7 sports. >> all right thanks collin. game one of the world series ne
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a. >> out of time. the very a >> out of time. the very a great night
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