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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 16, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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consumers want, but thinks both may be protecting the bad guys. two out of every three americans uses a smart phone, but the fbi is complaining it's making it impossible for them to tap into datea. some companies such as apple have taken a strong stand on consumer privacy. silicon valley technology analysts think the fbi is going to face strong resistance. >> everything is going to make information available to the fbi you know? for the sake of catching tiny percentage of the population. >> director james comby argues smaurt phoneses help criminals and called for a national conversation about law
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enforcement access. >> we're struggling to keep up with changing technology. >> this issue is going to come up time and time again the government wants more oversight into what they're doing but people are leery of giving that. >> apple's position is clear. ceo tim cook posted kwoek apple has never worked to create a back door in products and services and some userses say the access issue will be difficult to resolve. >> if using it in good thingses like i can see it being okay. but some people don't trust the government. and thingses out of their hands. >> when it comes down to things such as murder or a serious case, it should be available to the fbi or whoever is investigating. to get information they need.
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>> in san jose, abc7 news >> police arrested a man accused of molesting two girls at two stores. the surveillance video of the man, abc7 news joins us live from police headquarterses with what she's learned. laura? >> lease are not releasing the identity of the suspect but it's being held on two felony counts of child molestation z investigators think there may be more victims out there. >> i would say it's bold. >> police say the 20-year-old suspect showed in this video was arrested this morning. on the peninsula. >> today the man was arrested in place of employment. it's 20 owe 30 other employees,
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all dressed the same. >> investigators say the break came just hours after releasing a video from monday night. one from a local walmart, another from target showing the suspect after he allegedly assaulted two different girls within 15 minutes of each other. the break came when a berkeley community services ofgser stopped to get morning coffee stopped to get morning coffee and a 7-11 across the >> by the time officers got there, the suspect fled >> thanks to pictures including a license plate, police were able to track down the suspect and arrest him in work a few hours later. >> one of two men accused of setting fires is now free on
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$150,000 bond. he left jail this morning and spoke to abc7 news reporter nick smith. he says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. he thanks those supporting him. >> i have love for everybody. to know that is what we know we're going to beat this. i know i'm innocent. i just want to thank everybody. >> the fire damaged or destroyed several homes and businesses. peterson. he admitted to set one fire >> a a.cross the country there is growing fear the ebola virus can spread. nurse nina pham is being flown to the hospital. the head of the cdc was on
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capitol hill today. lawmakers calling for new travel restrictions to west africa. the president calling up reserve troops to fight the outbreak in africa. we have team coverage for you on the ebola crisis let's start with you, please there is a new protocol in san francisco. tell us about that. >> that is right. dan. first of all city all wants to reiterate to the public there have been no reported cases of ebola here. like any other, they want first responders to be prepared so starting tonight, 911 dispatchers here in the city will be asking questions to caller who's say they're very sick. questions like, do you have a high fever? are you vomiting? where have you been traveling? >> if there is any -- say an
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individual had been in west africa and feeling sick in west africa, the dispatcher to ems would say be aware you need to wear protective equipment when you go to this call because it's a possible case. >> last night, the mayor met with numerous department heads to make sure that the city is preparing adequate protocols. >> we have briefings from the public health experts and have been in constant contact with state and federal officials to make sure we understand what the issues are and that we're responding appropriately. >> the city is in the final stages to deal with ebola cases, including new training or retraining first responders. in 1995, a group of men released sarin gas in a tokyo subway station, sickening passengers after that, every member of the
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police force went through a day-long training session on how to wear protective clothing. the training this time may not be as wide spread, but the city just wants to make sure that they're prepared for the possibility that there may be an ebola case they want everyone to know they are. >> we want people to sent out memos to employees. we're going to send something out, a general press release letting folks know this. >> a more present danger is getting the flu. advice is don't worry about ebola. get your flu shots. vic lee, abc7 news. >> nurses negotiating a new contract with kaiser have taken everything off the table and are demanding only discussing eebella safety and training. the nurses were joined by a
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vermont senator. vermont senator. abc7 news has the vermont senator was in negotiation was kaiser, he is demanding proper training and gear for nurses in a last minute move, california nurses' association made changes to demands. >> so other proposals are open the table. this is a tarringin. >> this evening, kaiser issued this statement. we communicated to the union we'll study their proposal immediately, asking they engage with us in a small group to work together on identifying ways we can best protect the staff.
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kaiser said its possibles have been training the emergency room staff. because nurses want same protective gear and guide lines issued by the cdc. there have been no cases of ebola in california, still, nurses here say they're concerned. >> with two nurses now sick with ebola, we're all going to be possibly infected as well. >> nina pham is one of the nurse that's treated thomas duncan. house speaker john boehner is on capitol hill supporting a travel ban on people coming from the affected countries. >> speaker boehner has his own point of view we need to look at how to make sure we address ebola in the countries most affected, develop health care systems, and treatment, and care and stop it. >> congress woman barbara lee is pushing for hearings on how to restore funding to the cdc after
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years of budget cuts. lee meets tomorrow with the nurses' union. >> we've posted a link of seven things you need to know. >> check that out if you have time. still ahead here tonight, some very good news for north bay commuters the deal that ends the threat of a golden gate transit strike. >> a soccer field stand off reaches questions tonight. should you have to pay to play at city park? >> live doppler 7 shows clouds around, but just providing sunshine. nothing more for now. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> what if you bought new targeting and it began to unravel? unravel? i'll show you how itted
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♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. in vallejo, crews are putting out a big fire. there is evidence it could have there is evidence it could have been started by squatters. two buildings are being hosed down. >> a relief for commuters a strike affecting the golden gate bridge district has been called off. a short time ago, the district reached an agreement with the 13
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unions, averting the work stoppage, saying the deal got done after the governor's office stepped in. >> we reached out to the governor's office last week. it seemed like negotiations had stalled the governor's office counselled us, gave us advice, we found that of great benefit. >> both sides compromised on health care which had been the main sticking point. it still has to be ratified >> san francisco is changing rules governing city soccer fields because of a viral video showing a confrontation between young people and tech workers. >> adults will no longer be able to pay to play for reserving the soccer field the city changed the roles after this video surfaced of a dust up between local kids and high tech
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guides from drop work. an employee has apologized saying he is quote, deeply sorry about the mission playground incident i do care about the community but ak untilinged a broader discussion on the steps of city hall. and in testimony before the recreation and parks commission. >> rec and parks should be funded by tax dollars. >> they have come under criticism for revenue generating ideas. and charging nonresidents to visit the gardens. >> you try to provide low cost >> you try to provide low cost services and free services to
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communities. >> he says all of the kids are the priorities in this city. everyone agrees needs more open space >> from 7:00 to 9:00 you rent to adults. there are not community parks. our community does not have access to them. >> dozens spoke including kids in that viral video. and now here at the mission playground there is more community controls, including free games every day from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m . in san francisco, abc7 news. >> city workers say they've been hit, spit on for doing jobs. they want authorities to do something about it. workers picketed outside of the hall of justice and showed examples of abuse.
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another worker says he wrote a parking ticket then got assaulted. . >> i fell on my face to see who is yelling he was behind me. a hot cup of coffee thrown in my face. knocked me out. >> the workers want the district attorney to pursue harsher charges. the san francisco district attorney's office says it files charges when it has evidence against an aggressor. >> if you're hoping this winter will bring an end to drought, don't count on it. saying today there is a two out of three chance california will be getting a near, or above normal amount of precipitation. however, if it's a wet winter, recovery is highly unlikely. we can report tonight that this water leak in san jose has been bubbling up like this. the person reporting the leak on tuesday has now sent us this video showing water company
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crews out at work. they had to tear up a sidewalk. >> good to hear. every drop counts. >> yes. >> we're watching a little bit of rain here. >> that is true. >> that is true. >> there is more headed our way. we love sprinkles high clouds, skies are bright. because it's not cloudy. and here is how it looks from our roof top camera. there are blue skies with clouds. mid-60s in oakland. 70 degrees in morgan hill. this view of the clouds it's cloudier in this direction as well. mid-60s now. 70 degrees in fairfield. 67 concord. 69 livermore. here is a look at lots of blue over the bay.
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cloudy tomorrow, there is a slight charz tomorrow into early saturday morning looks like a mild, dry rest of the weekend. a frontal system with cludz moving through the area. front will weaken approaching tomorrow but could produce just light scattered showers. so we'll have passing high clouds. later in the day, it could later in the day, it could produce wet spots into saturday mosh morning. tropical storm anna moving towards hawaiian islands.
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towards hawaiian islands. looks like it's taking we'll keep tracking that for you. it's a look at the bay area, high clouds, clear spots, low temperatures mid to upper 50s tomorrow, filtered sunshine. 73 in san jose. and downtown san francisco, a high of 69 tomorrow. 70 in south san francisco. 70 in south san francisco. into east bay, low 70s as well. here is the accu-weather forecast. nice, mainly sunny dry, weekend
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after a chance of showers overnight tomorrow night into saturday morning. maybe sprinkles tuesday and wednesday. yes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> up next, san francisco police prepare for a city celebration. >> goal is let everyone have a >> goal is let everyone have a gr
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>> san francisco police are hoping the celebrations stay peaceful. all scheduled days off have been cancelled so the department can put more officers at the ballpark and around the city. police say they've been through this before so there is a good idea of what to expect. idea of what to expect. i'm getting message out arsons aren't going to be tolerated we want fans to enjoy the game. >> muni is prepared as well. if giants win, buses would be deenergized. in case sunshine decides to hop on top of a bus >> tonight another volatile day
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on wall street. dow jones recovered from a drop of 200 poents in the first hour of trading to close only 24 of trading to close only 24 points on the end of the google stock lost ground in after hours trading. >> gap said it plans to hire more than 63,000 seasonal workers around the country this year. they'll hold a holiday hiring event on market street saturday. and you'lling able to handle a starbucks coffee. a mobile payment app launches this year with a national role out in 2015. >> there is more still to come here tonight. the second texas nurse contracted ebola. >> great american shake out what. to do when the earth
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details on ebola in america. the second nurse was feeling sick as early as friday, the day she got on the plane.
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the cdc is now contacting passengers on that plane. a short time ago, nina pham, the first texas nurse to test positive was moved to a national institutes of health facility officials say pham is in good condition. lawmakers are criticizing the response to the arrival of ebola in the u.s. >> people are scared. we need all hands on deck. and we need to protect the american people. >> we should not panic we know how to stop ebola outbreaks by isolating patients. >> this hearing call forward a travel ban the president said there are better ways to fight ebola. >> it is important for us to look at the history of how these infectious diseases are best dealt w it's the judgment of those involved that a flat out travel ban is not the best way
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to go. >> the president gave approval to call up troops if needed to help if the response. u.s. committed to sending 4,000 troop roz provide logistics >> here at home, santa clara county health department reports four new cases of enterovirus. new cases were confirmed and all patients are under age 18. there have been a total of 15 confirmed cases in in the bay area, police say they've arrested a man for a road rage shooting. police say ez change faces attempted murder, officers say he almost hit a pedestrian when the pedestrian yelled police say he stopped, shot the man, drove back, shot him again before
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driving away the victim survived. >> a oakland teenager who set another teen's clothes on fire is headed to prison. he set sasha fleeshman's skirt on fire. sasha is gender neutral and does not identify male or feel yale. hate crime charge was dropped as part of the plea deal. he's expected to be sentenced to seven years in prison. >> a handful of people took part in an earthquake drill today. >> the drill was held at city hall. a hand full of volume will you please tears and local
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residents. people realize they might be on their own fore maybe three day s. >> building was warren hall, last year it was rated the least-save building by the seismic review board. >> tomorrow is the 25th >> tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the loma prieta quake. their school is in the marina district. abc7 news has the story. >> earth can move six feet per second. >> wise words from peter sage. >> i learned there is more to earthquakes than i thought it
6:33 pm
was. >> the great california shake out starts with getting under desks. ed lee joined students for that. then, everyone was outside for more drills like parent pick up. in 1989 marina district was devastated by the loma prieta earthquake. some buildings crumbled and others burned to the ground marina middle school survived. >> we invest public money the right way to get all buildings safe. >> one of the oldest businesses >> one of the oldest businesses added steel reenforcements. >> it's probably the big factor.
6:34 pm
>> whether at work, home, school, planning and practice is key. it's repetition hopefully ensuring they don't panic. >> a lot of injuries come from panic. and i, in 89 totally panicked. >> our special on the anniversary of loma prieta hosts a program called 15 seconds, 25 years later, the loma prieta earthquake tomorrow night at 6:30. about this time >> just ahead a woman walking the floor over a bad carpet. >> her complaint in just a moment.
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what would you do if you bought new carpet, had it installed and it started to unravel. >> that is what happened to one couple. the same carpet throughout the house. so the same problem ran so the same problem ran throughout the house. and unravelling began. >> now, they're not happy.
6:38 pm
>> there are little loops you know? coming out. >> instead of everything being tight like a b ex-rber. there is shaggy loops around. that just wasn't supposed to be there. >> claire is showing us how the strands come lose, sticking up from the carpet. >> one. >> one. she counts several clara says the rug began unravelling six months after they bought it. . >> i was disappointed. >> so we contacted home depot >> the carpet came with a 10-year warranty. home depot sent out the installer and no one fixed the problem. >> an inspector said it didn't look right. and something should be done. they're going to try to do it. >> however, months later they're
6:39 pm
still watching their rug unravel. claire keep calling home depot. >> finally they contacted home depot. we contacted home depot. a manager came the same day. >> she came the same day. she said this is not right. home depot has to make this right. iet does. a new carpet. . >> i said wow. the power of 7 on your side and consumer advocacy. >> home depot says we're sorry for the difficulty mr. and mrs. schwartz had but happy to have responded with a replacement. now, this carpet covering their floors, boy, are they happy. >> thank you to 7 on your side i'm a firm believer now. >> see?
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see? i'd like to thank home depot they stepped up quickly. the schwartzs are pleased with the immediate action. and the new flooring and i'm happy, too. to see our reports go to abc7 click on sections tab, then select 7 on your side you'll find information there. thank you very much. >> up next sounds of silence. , thank you!
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a bay area company is helping launch new technology that could help thousands of patients silence an irritating patients silence an irritating and debilitating condition. >> imagine having ringing in
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your ears sufferers of tinnitus. >> this is similar to what people describe as ringing in the ears. he made it his mission to keep down the volume. >> hardest part wasn't producing sounds but finding the right type that would interfere in a specific way. >> it hopes to understand the condition caused by the brain condition caused by the brain therapies counter act the first testing patients to try to identify the sound being
6:45 pm
produced by the tinnitus. software then helps generate a tone designed to distract the brain from that sound. then delivered through a device a study found a majority of the patients were able to produce half of the volume of the normal tinnitus. >> it means sounds can be effective. >> it was founded by ceo bill perry suffering affects himself. >> patients describe not being able to work. >> results can be dramatic. >> results can be dramatic. >> relief produced by
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>> that is awful. >> i'll try that. >> let's turn to weather. >> yes. how about sound of a little rain? >> yes. comforting as well. high clouds but they're rain-free clouds for winter wetter than normal conditions in the u.s. and along atlantic coast. and here in california, chances and here in california, chances of a wetter or drier over california cooler than average. tomorrow here in the bay area, we'll see cloudy skies and they'll be bright skies with sun
6:47 pm
filtering through. the accu-weather forecast maybe scattered showers tomorrow night is all we'll see. and possibly more rain monday. >> looks like that, hopefully. >> we'll watch and there is football to talk about. >> right. >> right. >> big game sunday peyton with interesting thoughts next in sports.
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>> sunday night, niners and broncos match up in denver. cap had an up and down season. and other times people will be shaking their head with poor decision making. peyton has nothing but praise. >> i enjoy getting to know collin what is that? three years ago?
6:51 pm
three years ago? it's been exciting player to watch. he does thinks i'm not sure anyone can do. and he's tough to tackle. you know? high praise into denver. a favorite to return to the super bowl. they pit up 4-1. niners coach knows to beat broncos he's got to go through one of the best quarterbacks in one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game. great player and keeps doing it. highest level.
6:52 pm
>> raiders hosting cardinals sunday. offense unleased and good to see offense unleased and good to see darren mcfadden back in the saddle. the most important thing for run dmc is that he remains healthy. >> i believe since i've been here when he's had the fall he scored fds. that is a strength. the other thing is that he protects wem. you know? >> saturday, a huge day at memorial stadium.
6:53 pm
fighting irish in tallahassee tallahassee and following the game covering the day's action after the game. sharks second stop over on this sharks second stop over on this road trip against new york i'll landers. in front of the net they want to in front of the net they want to pass to tie the game at sharks on the power play. that is his second of the season. that is our score right now in overtime. this abc7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. so we'll have those highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. >> save the day. >> yes. >> thank you.
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>> too much tension. >> thank you. >> well, join us tonight on 9:00 excessive force. family of a hostage shot by police after a bank robbery how officers are defending their response tonight >> she's the real life fixer >> tgit tonight. new episodes of grey's anatomy and series how to get away with murder. murder. then stay with us go to >> tonight a few thoughts about what matters i was lucky as a kid teased some, but never bullied nor did i bully anyone i've been sad how cruel young people can be.
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what's happening in person and online is so far beyond that. what is it about children that turns sweetness of children into meanness of the teenager years. this station is raising awareness after a problem that ruins what should be a wonderful life. this is spirit day. this is spirit day. you'll see purple being born. many of us are taking part in a social media campaign. social media campaign. just go to our web site check it out. what matters is that all children are with out torture of being bullied and we raise a
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generation that knows better. let me know what you think. >> all right. that is this edition for abc7 news at 6:00. >> from all of us here we appreciate your time we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. >>
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californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a risk manager from wilmington, delaware... an architect from riverdale, georgia... and our returning champion, a romance novelist from weymouth, massachusetts... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. nice to have you with us today for another half-hour of answers and questions. a good young champion in john, romance novelist. jim and chris are here to challenge. let's see how it works out. here we go, guys.
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categories... yeah. and finally, each correct response will be four letters, beginning with an "h," ending with an "e." alex: john, you start us. let's go with alexander hamilton, grumpy guy for $200. john. who is burr? aaron burr. correct. hamilton, $400. chris. who is washington? nope. john? who is adams? which one? john. yes. thank you.


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