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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 16, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> good morning, america. and breaking overnight, the newest ebola patient evacuated from this dallas hospital for emergency treatment in atlanta. the investigation this morning into why the cdc allowed that nurse to board a plane with an elevated temperature. the crew and some of the 139 passengers now asked to quarantine themselves. >> bleached all my luggage, i washed all my clothes. just trying to keep everybody, you know, completely away from my house. >> that plane, grounded. the president canceling his own travel to deal with the growing crisis. developing now, monster storm in the atlantic. packing 140-mile-per-hour winds. the strongest storm in 11 years bearing down on bermuda. and tropical storm ana about to slam hawaii in the pacific.
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fears of floods and mudslides right now. high speed drama, a couple ordered from their car after a frantic chase on the highway. police using spikes to stop their car. what happened when they realized she was racing to have a baby. >> i'm in. and we have a feeling this could be one of the biggest oscar nights yet. neil patrick harris plans a role of a lifetime. what he's saying about the ultimate check off his bucket list. >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. how about that neil patrick harris. as you know, he's killed the tonys and the emmys. here come the oscars. >> he'll do it there, too. >> he certainly will. we have a lot to get to, starting with the new developments overnight, starting with the ebola crisis. and amber vinson is battling the deadly disease this morning. >> big questions about the
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commercial flight she was allowed on just before she went into the hospital. she was allowed on that flight with an elevated temperature, calling the cdc beforehand. that is nd. that is the frontier jet she flew on. it's grounded now. it flew five more times after she was on it. the flight crew told not to come to work for a few weeks. >> and several people on the flight quarantining themselves. why have full team coverage this morning, beginning with the latest on amber vinson. tom llamas starts us off in dallas. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are told that amber vinson is sick, but not seriously ill. as many are questioning her actions earlier this week and what the cdc exactly told her while her friend, nina pham, is improving. we're told her condition is good. overnight, 29-year-old amber vinson, the second nurse to be infected with ebola from texas presbyterian touched down in atlanta in this special bio containment plane. vinson, head to toe in hazmat gear, taking slow steps with the
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help of her caregivers. the 29-year-old nurse raced to emory hospital where dr. kent brantley and nancy writevol, beat the disease. >> this is a servant leader. >> reporter: the ap reports she had close contact with thomas eric duncan, inserting catheters and drawing his blood. while it's still unclear how she became infected. nurses reportedly didn't wear hazmat suits until two day after duncan was first admitted. the big question this morning, just how many people did vinson come into contact with, following the stunning admission the very night before she checked herself into the hospital with ebola-like symptoms she flew on a frontier airlines flight from cleveland to dallas with 132 passengers. the airline and the cdc scrambling to contact the travelers. even though vinson was part of the 77 health care workers after
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treating duncan, she was allowed to fly home two days after duncan's death to p see family and plan her wedding. on october 13th, flew back to dallas with an elevated temperature of 99.5. the next morning, she checked herself into the hospital. the cdc originally claimed vinson made a mistake flying. >> she should not have been on that plane. >> reporter: but abc news learned that she contacted them before boarding the flight, and the cdc gave her the all-clear because she did not meet the 100.4 degree threshold. >> it's really scary. >> reports)yí- fueling an already growing tide of anger against the cdc and t-t-health presbyterian. and this morning, the hospital issuing a mea culpa in a letter to congress. saying they originally misdiagnosed duncan, made mistakes afterwards and failed to provide accurate information. amber vinson has three relatives that work at kent state university in ohio.
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she recently was in close contact with them so the cdc asking they not return to work until they are cleared. robin? >> a number of passengers and crew on the flight with amber vinson are in quarantine. and that frontier plane she was on made five more trips before being taken out of service and decontaminated. abc's david kerley picks up that side of the story for us. he's at dulles airport in washington. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. another breakdown of the country's health defense system. and another story with frontier airlines saying it's been told that the passenger may have been symptomatic even though she was cleared by the feds to fly. that's triggered a frantic effort to contact the other passengers. this morning the frontier airlines jet is parked in denver, out of service. and according to the airline, will be disinfected for a fourth time with seat covers and carpet removed. vinson landed in dallas monday. that aircraft took five more
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flights on tuesday, from cleveland,'laud ft. lauderdale cleveland,ant, and finishing in cleveland tuesday evening. but at least 2 of the other 132 passengers on the jet that flew from cleveland to dallas with the nurse with the high temperature, are quarantining themselves. >> if she was showing symptoms and she was contagious, and i was in an enclosed space with her for three hours, then that's enough of a reason for me to say that i should be isolated and i should be quarantined. >> i bleached all my luggage, washed all my clothes. and just trying to keep everybody, you know, completely away from my house. >> reporter: three dallas area schools will close for cleaning today because students or a parent were on the plane. a military reservist has been told to quarantine with his family in the dallas area. now, officials are admitting, even though cleared, vinson, the nurse, should not have flown, not just because of the elevate ed temperature, but because her
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colleague was diagnosed on sunday with ebola. vinson was cleared to fly monday. it wasn't until wednesday that the head of the cdc finally said that those being observed should not take public transportation. and now this morning, out of an abundance of caution, frontier airlines is telling the crew to to stay home on leave, paid leave, for the next 21 days. george? >> thanks, david. president obama has scrapped his travel schedule for a second day to deal with the ebola emergency. after meeting with the cabinet yesterday afternoon, he said the odds of an ebola outbreak are extraordinarily low, and urged everyone to be calm. >> i want to use myself as an example just so that people have a sense of the science here. i shook hands, hugged, and kissed, not the doctors, but a couple of the nurses, at emory, because of the valiant work they did in treating one of the patients. they followed the protocols.
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they knew what they were doing. and i felt perfectly safe doing so. >> let's bring in jon karl and dr. rich besser. jon, let me begin with you. the president also outlining what he's going to do as republicans like speaker john boehner, calling for a travel ban. others saying that the director of the cdc needs to be fired. >> reporter: well, the white house said the president has confidence in the director. and travel ban to west africa would be counter productive, hurting efforts to stop the virus at the source by hindering the flow of relief workers to and from west africa. but the president acknowledged they should have been more aggressive at the start. the bottom line for the white house remains the same. the president said that he is absolutely confident that they can prevent a serious outbreak of the disease here in the united states. and rich besser, what the president did not announce yesterday is something you've been talking about. taking any ebola patient to a special treatment center like the one in emory university like the one where amber vinson is right now.
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>> i think that was missing from the statement. one thing the go teams, rapid response teams would be looking at, is whether a patient could be treated safely where they are, or whether they should be transported. but i think it's a stretch that any hospital can do this safely. >> rich, you had a chance yesterday to speak with dr. kent brantly. >> yes. brantly. >> yes. i talked to dr. yesterday. he reason an eye bowl la treatment unit in liberia. before they saw their first patient, they had two days of training from expert on how to do that. he said having that training ahead of time was lifesaving. >> thanks to rich and jon for that. the fear spreads. >> and the main focus is on the well-being of the two nurses. but there's such a ripple effect. ebola fears on wall street. stocks plunging after a wild day of trading. airline companies taking a big hit. rebecca jarvis has the latest on that at new york stock exchange. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hi, good morning. that's right. those airline stocks have been
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extremely volatile in light of the ebola news. take a look at the stocks, the dow down 100 points. yesterday was a wild ride down 460 points before closing the day down 173. traders tell us this volatility is here to stay. the ebola news adds a new layer of uncertainty to an already uncertain market with concerns and fears of a global slowdown in china and europe. but what does it mean for your 401(k)? if you had put $10,000 into the market at the very beginning of the year, you would have at this point made about $76. robin? >> we know you'll be there for us. >> we know you'll be there for us. thank you. we will be covering the ebola crisis on
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now we want to switch gears to the massive hurricane in bermuda. and now gonzolo, the category 4 storm, strongest in years. gained strength overnight. >> maximum sustained winds are 140 miles per hour. that's a beast of a storm. you can see it here. about 540 miles south of bermuda at this point. moving north at about 9 miles per hour. as this thing comes through, friday is the big day for bermuda. that's the fear and why they're under a hurricane warning. the latest warning, red. that precautions to protect life and property must be rushed to completion today. that's how strong the wording is. watch it after it goes through bermuda, kind of die out, decrease in strength and clip newfoundla newfoundland. our concerns turn to the pacific because we have tropical storm ana that's affecting all of the islands of hawaii friday through sunday. the time period on that one. a lot going on. >> sure is. okay, ginger, thanks. and now to amy with the other stop stories. good morning. and begin with breaking news. a disaster unfolding at the top of the world. at least 50 people, including foreign tourists are reported missing after a blizzard there triggered an avalanche in the himalayas.
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25 climbers and guides are already confirmed dead in nepal. the army is using helicopters to ferry injured hikers to safety. and major development between the chinese government and students demanding democracy. the leader of hong kong's government just agreed to hold talks with the protesters, hours after this video went viral showing police dragging away one protester and repeatedly kicking him behind a building. back here in this country, a new york man is free after spending 29 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. david malcolm lowered his head and cried when his conviction was thrown out wednesday. he was just 16 years old when he and another teen confessed to murder. but prosecutors recently determined those confessions were coerced. the brooklyn d.a. is now reviewing 100 other convictions. a bizarre debate in florida's governor race. charlie crist and rick scott
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were supposed to debate. but only crist showed up on stage. governor scott refusing to come out. why? he was upset that crist had a special prop with him behind the podium. >> the rules of the debate i was shown by the scott campaign say that there should be no fan. somehow there is a fan there, and for that reason, ladies and gentlemen, i am being told that governor scott will not join us for this debate. ladies and gentlemen -- >> can anyone say fan-gate. crist had his fan by his legs to keep him cool. we should say, governor scott finally walked out, but the fan stayed put. how old are they? finally, winning the lottery has always come with a down side, dealing with all of those supposed relatives and friends coming out of the woodwork.
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it can be unbearable. so this guy came up with a solution. he collected his $85 million lottery jackpot while dressed up as a bear. and not just any bear. let's point out, it was a yellow bear. this happened in china where they can appear in the news conference in costume and remain anonymous. the best thing is, he actually gave a news conference in the bear costume and he collected his $85 million and his friends and family have no idea. >> no clue. >> no idea. smart man. >> and he spoke bear. >> yes. >> his voice? >> i don't know. >> hey, amy, thank you. now to a big day for apple. the company is expected to unveil new ipads this afternoon. but it will not be much of a surprise. pictures of the new products leaked online wednesday. and apple only has itself to blame. abc neal karlinsky has that story for us. >> reporter: apple's last big event had a mysterious huge white box and all the drama they could hope for. this morning, not so much. ahead of apple's latest
7:15 am
unveiling today, this, a user guide inside apple's own ibookstore released a day early. showing the yet to be announced ipad air 2 and ipad mini 3. >> it definitely takes away a lot of the surprise. >> reporter: according to the leaked user guide, both have a fingerprint i.d. which might help with this. the company is widely expected to launch apple pay this week, a wallet-killing feature that turns new iphone 6s and maybe the new ipad into a mobile payment device. but it's the company's latest freebie, that new u2 album apple automatically added to itunes users' libraries whether they wanted it or not, that has one of the world's biggest rock stars apologizing. >> can you please never release an album on itunes that automatically downloads to people's playlist ever again.
7:16 am
it's really rude. >> bono rethinking it in this promotion video. >> sorry about that. a drop of megalomania, touch of generosity, dash of self-promotion. >> reporter: on a day when apple is unveiling its latest gadgets, that apology may be the biggest surprise. for "good morning america", neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> a dash of self-promotion. now we have big news for our friend neil patrick harris. the multi-talented actor has been named the host of the 2015 oscars. he is no stranger to awards shows, though. now he's getting ready to take on hollywood's biggest night. >> can you take it now? >> reporter: it's widely considered to be the creme de la creme of hosting gigs. the academy awards. from billy crystal. >> i can look in anyone's eyes and i know what they're thinking. this better not go too late. i have six parent teacher conferences in the morning. >> reporter: to whoopi goldberg.
7:17 am
>> security here tonight is tighter than some of the faces. >> reporter: to hugh jackman. ♪ look what you've done to me the academy announcing wednesday they are tapping neil patrick harris as their next emcee. it has been a pretty good year for the 41-year-old, winning a tony for "hedwig." and co-starring in "gone girl." and now he's crossing one more thing off his bucket list. >> i'm in. >> reporter: the father of two, no stranger to hosting awards shows. from the tonys -- ♪ what if all your questions had rhyming answers in the middle of the show ♪ to the emmys, winning four emmys for hosting the tonys. >> he's well-loved by the community. he can really put on a big show, he can sing, he can dance. >> reporter: harris telling abc news overnight, it is truly an honor and a thrill to be asked to host. >> wait for it. >> a thrill his "how i met your mother" character would likely
7:18 am
call -- >> legend, wait for it. >> legend, wait for it. audience, say it with me. legendary. >> such a good choice. and the oscars will be february 22nd right here on abc. now back to ginger for the check on heavy rain. ginger what is going on? >> i love nph. i can't wait for that, by the way. let's go ahead and check out that heavy rain. in the northeast, feeding off the tropical moisture. along the low pressure system and the front we have been dealing with the last couple of days. it will move on out as you go through your thursday and get into your friday. boy, is it going to be a wet one for a lot of folks, especially in new england. the clicker was a little slow to go there. but now we're going to dry out behind it. you see even some sunshine breaking through in the mid-atlantic a little early.
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i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. in need for the wet weather gear. just high clouds and sun and cooler-than-average temperatures and the pat were brings more chances of rain into to forecast but most of that will stay north of us. temperatures today are in the mid-to-upper 60's at half moon bay and san francisco and oakland and san mateo. tonight, more clouds and temperatures in the 50's. the seven-day forecast shows light rain in the north bay tomorrow night and the rest of >> surprise. >> surprise. coming up on "gma."
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a new twist in the retrial of polo mogul john goodman. why he's now blaming the nurse who treated him. and high speed drama on tape. police pulling over a couple, at gunpoint, spiking their tires. what the cops did once they realized it was a race to give birth. >> plus, dangers at the bus stop. very close calls caught on tape. what is being done right now to protect your kids. and "magic mike" dream come true. how you can land a role alongside channing tatum and michael strahan. and julianne hough. "dancing with the stars" revealing what it's like being on the other side of that table. "i'm going to beat this." and that's when i found living beyond breast cancer. purchase a specially marked bottle of pink lemonade 5-hour energy and a portion of the proceeds will help survivors like me with a much needed community of support. living beyond breast cancer is a lifeline for so many people. i just love being able to say that i am living beyond breast cancer.
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hisperion boulevard and the target less than a half hour apart. police are confident that someone will recognize him and contact them. let's fine out how the commute is going. >> yes, restart out on a bad note. it hasn't really improved. in concord, westbound side of highway 4, we have a carver sus a motorcycle there. take a look at the backup. it's a solid delay as you leave baypoint into concord. ful this crash cleared westbound 80. right at highway 12. it's gumming up the commute all the way from 12 and fairfield. eric? eric? >>
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welcome back. forecast seeing champagne showers today at at&t park. dropping down to 58. it's going to be chilly. it's a colorful start thanks to the high clouds and the serene bay this morning. let's talk about what's going to happen as far as our temperatures. when you're heading out, we're in the 40s in the north bay. the rest of us in the 50s. this afternoon we have high clouds and sunshine and cooler clouds and sunshine and cooler th the all-new mercedes-benz gla took nearly 600lbs of high- strength steel. setting industry-leading safety standards took 20,800 crash simulations. and perfecting its engine took over 1.1 million miles of extreme driving. but, this may be the most impressive number of all. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gla.
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♪ you're never going to dance again ♪ ♪ guilty feeling got no rhythm you remember that song, george michael, "careless whisper" it's throwback thursday. >> sing it, lara. ♪ that i've been given >> go ladies. ♪ waiste a chance that i've bee given ♪ >> wow. >> pretty. >> now i can ask the question. why are we playing this today? >> because you're nice. >> here's the tough one. it's con ejtnected to the kansas city royals big victory last night. >> what? it's connected to the victory? >> wow. >> all right.
7:31 am
okay. >> they celebrate peacefully. >> we're the only ones making the connection. >> it'll all make sense. it'll all make sense coming up. also this morning, bring it on down. the latest from the high-stakes retrial of the multi-millionaire polo mogul, charged with drunk driving manslaughter, why his lawyers now blaming the nurse who took his blood. >> and a wild police chase, a couple stopped by the police. they spiked the tires. what happened when police realized a baby was on the way. and we have new information about your fitness age. it's a predictor how long you'll live. it's a better predictor of how long you'll live. it's a better predictor than your actual age. and you can also improve this. tell you how. >> looking forward to that. but begin with the retrial of polo mogul john goodman for manslaughter. a key witness on the stand. the nurse who took the blood sample showing he was over the limit. his defense pressed hard on how she handled those samples and
7:32 am
matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: first blaming the bentley. now the defense team questioning the results of his blood alcohol test. taken three hours after the crash that killed 23-year-old scott wilson. crash that killed 23-year-old scott wilson. the test, administered by nurse cecel cecelia betts shows goodman was more than twice the legal limit to drive. first, getting her to admit she didn't use the needle provided with the testing kit, which the defense said could have skewed the result. now accusing her of changing her story. >> until approximately two weeks ago, you did not make anyone aware of the fact that you could have been mistaken about the gauge needle that you stated that you used. >> reporter: and mishandling the blood samples. >> you didn't invert the tubes immediately after you drew the blood, did you? >> reporter: also wednesday, a surprise twist. the prosecution recalling goodman's girlfriend who the multi millionaire tried to adopt
7:33 am
allegedly to protect his wealth. on monday, heather hutchins testified she drove him to the hospital the night after the crash because he was woozy and nauseated. on wednesday, the state refuting that with a medical document stating goodman's complaint was chest pains. >> you didn't tell the jury he complained of chest pains. did you? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: goodman's alleged injuries important, because the defense claims he wasn't p drunk but disordered from the head injury. >> the odor of alcoholic beverage was coming out of his pores, like he was sweating it ou out. >> you didn't notice anything in the wrecked bentley? >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: goodman has needed not guilty. matt gutman, miami. and now to a mysterious fire that claimed the lives of a prominent politician and his life. they are saying it was set intentionally. and they have released a 911 call from a neighbor, raising more questions. linzie janis has more. good morning.
7:34 am
>> good morning. that neighbor telling 911 dispatchers he thought he heard someone on the inside of the house trying to get out. the question so many asking this morning, who set that fire and why. >> i believe my neighbor's house may be the beginnings of a fire. >> reporter: the chilling 911 call made by a neighbor as flames engulfed the home of john and joyce sheridan. with the prominent new jersey couple still inside. >> i just heard something though, like somebody tapped on the window. >> reporter: telling the dispatcher twice he could hear someone trapped. >> yeah. somebody's trying to get out. they're banging on the door. >> reporter: investigators telling abc news they believe those sounds were caused by the fire. but they say one thing is certain, the deadly blaze was set intentionally. >> command to division two, we found a second victim. we need a second recovery. >> reporter: the sheridans were both found unconscious by firefighters in the second floor master bedroom. joyce sheridan, a beloved school teacher died at the hospital.
7:35 am
her husband of 47 years, john, the ceo of a top new jersey hospital and former transportation secretary for the state, pronounced dead at the scene. >> please stand and give governor chris christie a warm round of applause. >> reporter: john sheridan, a close friend of the governor who spoke at a memorial service. >> we won't speculate on what happened there. not going to guess. >> reporter: but more than two weeks after the blaze, it's unclear how the couple died. police are calling their investigation very complex. and the sheridan's four sons cannot fathom, much less explain the circumstances of their parents' passing. quite the mystery, guys. >> it's so tragic on so many levels. >> very sad. >> thank you, linzie. turn now to the wild police chase caught on dash cam. officers forcing a car off the road, holding a man and a woman at gunpoint. before realizing they weren't
7:36 am
criminal, just a couple racing to have a baby. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: they're the dramatic calls that feel like an episode of cops. police pulling over a speeding car barrelling down a highway. watch as officers order the driver and passenger out of the car, holding them at gunpoint, but the couple, not a pair of criminal, instead, a husband and his wife who is in labor. >> my only instinct at that point was to scream at them i am having a baby. >> reporter: ben racing his wife, rachel, three days past the due date, to an iowa hospital at 4:00 a.m. tuesday morning. >> i didn't want him to stop. i did not want to have a baby in the car. >> reporter: going 85 miles per hour in a 55 zone. hears police sirens but doesn't pull over. rachel, frantically calls 911. >> the cops are following us. i'm having a baby. >> you need to calm down, i can't understand what you're saying. >> reporter: ben grabbing the phone as police close in.
7:37 am
>> ma'am, we are heading to the hospital. >> okay. for what reason? >> we're having a baby and it's coming out. >> reporter: police calling for backup, laying tire spikes. >> they popped my tires and i'm about to have a baby in the seat. >> reporter: the couple is ordered to the ground. >> okay, i'm going to let you go. >> down on your knees! >> once they figured out that i was pregnant and very much in labor, they all responded in kind and really appropriately. >> reporter: police escorting the couple to the hospital. rachel finally giving birth to her fourth child. a baby girl named hazel. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> baby looks very peaceful right now. we're having a baby and it's coming out. >> right now. to ginger with the weather. >> we have to start with the warmth. look at this, beautiful shot from lake geneva, wisconsin.
7:38 am
not only are you getting the fall color, but you get to enjoy it. 15 degrees warmer than average. and down to the south, minneapolis. that's ahead of a cold front. things changing in the northwest. they had rain, a little bit of drying now. more rain coming through as thursday into friday gets going. seattle today will go to 70. i want to leave you a look across the nation. mild in the middle, but the rain showers affecting us here. the action is in the oceans. both the tropical storm ana going to hawaii and out in the atlantic with gonzalo. >> good morning, high clouds and sunshine but in rain, and mid-70s in the inland and south bay neighborhood. sprinkles tomorrow, and height rain across the north bay and another chance of rain on at >> all this weather brought to you by kings hawaiian. that happens a lot when the tropics are active, you get a
7:39 am
little blocking pattern. here we are. >> thank you. and coming up, bus stop dangers. what's being done to protect your kids from drivers who break the law. your kids from drivers who break the law. and "gma" investigators wat waterproof makeup. how does it hold up? we put drugstore brands and high end products to the challenge. come on back. oh, i do! (whoooosh! smack!) me too! (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) are those king's hawaiian rolls? (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) thanks carol! (electric hedge trimmer) everybody loves the sweet, fluffy deliciouslness of king's hawaiian bread. find us in the deli or in-store bakery. also try the complete line of king's hawaiian sandwich rolls.
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, save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf. we're coming up on 7:43. but the dangers facing children on school buses, especially when they get off of those buses. it is shockingly common for
7:43 am
drivers to ignore the rules of the road, putting childrens' lives at risk. paula faris has that for us. >> reporter: for parents, these images are startling. drivers busted zooming past stopped school buss, putting kids directly in the path of danger. happens all over the country. this young boy in west virginia gets off the bus and seconds later nearly hit by an oncoming car. in minnesota, a girl is waiting for the bus and barely avoids disaster when a semi blows by the stopped bus. and this driver on to the curb to get past. when a school bus is stopped and its lights flashing, drivers are required to stop. in most states it's 25 feet away. a survey of 29% of bus drivers in 29 states say they witnessed
7:44 am
76,000 violations on one day. that could mean 13 million every school year for those drivers alone. some fatal. in 2013, 18 children were severely injured or killed by drivers illegally passing a school bus. >> play it smart, play it safe and respect the bus. >> reporter: and now in maryland, one county cracking down with cameras. >> the camera systems work. which is the good news. the bad news is we didn't expect them violations. 825 violations in seven months is unacceptable. >> reporter: at least 11 states are turning to this technology, and much like red light camera, violators receive a hefty ticket in the mail. usually around $125. in maryland, the problem so bad, officials are trying to double the fines. >> having these cameras is a way for an additional set of eyes to be there with them as they're trying to protect our kids. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. and as i have told you several times, that was my first job, driving a school bus.
7:45 am
and i can remember one time that happening. and the mother was waiting for the child, the mother took off after the driver, never happened again. fortunately it didn't happen that much. but school bus drivers saying all too common. slow down. coming up, the new study that could change everything you know about dieting. why slow and steady may not be the best way to do it after all? >> darnit. and the kansas city royals big victory, has so many people turning back the clock. >> royals, yeah! >> thursday morning. >> go, royals! >> we're going to get into it coming up on "gma." welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double miles.
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♪ we are on top of the world ♪ we are on top of the world this morning at 7:49. because we have a blast from the past for baseball fans. the kansas city royals are heading to the world series for the first time in nearly 30 years. abc t.j. holmes is in social square with the reaction and a trip down memory lane, right? >> yeah, taking us back. making us think back to little t.j. and baby afros. 1985, remember what things were like back then? to put it in perspective, the last time they made it this far was 1985. more than half the members of the team's current roster weren't even born. ronald reagan was in the white house. cds were just hitting the markets. and the number one song on the charts?
7:50 am
♪ i'm never going to dance ag n again ♪ ♪ guilty feeling got no rhythm >> "careless whisper" by wham!. and cosbys number one. and number one at the box office, "back to the future." >> this is the big one, the one i've been waiting for all my life. >> reporter: and the cost to see marty and doc on the big screen, a whooping $2.75. could lorde's baseball hit be responsible for this seemingly sudden success? who knows. but they're hoping for a repeat of the victory so long ago. when teams are winning, celebrities come out in force. "modern family," big hit, eric stonestreet. look at this instagram video watching it. he was on set, he was working. with manny in the background. he also put up another video instagram of him and some of his co-stars, sofia vergara, ed o'neill, and he's watching the game.
7:51 am
and then paul rudd from overland park, the kansas city area, interviewed last night right after the game. weigh so excited. he didn't know what to do. he said party at my mom month's house. i got a keg, she's out of town, $5 cover. who hasn't done that before? >> way to go. you wouldn't happen to have photos back in the day as you were describing yourself? >> i keep them in my wallet. i'll bring them to you. don't have a graphic. >> i think i have a george brett don't have a graphic. >> i think i have a george brett baseball card.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. let's get a first look at your forecast with mike nicco. >> we're calling for champagne showers tonight. 63 degrees at 5:00. cooling to 58. make sure you're dressed accordingly. temperatures below average with more sunshine and high clouds. mid 50s along the coast in san francisco. upper 60s and mid 70s for the rest of us. chance of light rain across the north bay tomorrow. saturday afternoon and sunday, dry. >> champagne showers and caviar dreams. >> you like it. >> let's take you into san jose. southbound side of highway 87.
7:57 am
we've got an accident there. and it is blocking at least one lane. we have heavy delays. in fact, it is now starting to pile onto highway 85. so it's going to be slow going from there. once you pass highway 87 into cambria park, bumper to bumper all the way. all the way.
7:58 am
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so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. . good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new this morning, why slow and steady may not be the answer to losing weight after all. inside the surprising new research. ♪ and what you need to know about your water proof makeup. does it really have the staying power you're betting on, and wait until you see which ones held up best. and it's a magic mike dream come true. how would you like to get very up close and extremely personal with channing tatum and land a role in this steamy sequel? and "dancing with the stars" judge julianne hough is live. plus a very special reveal from star chris hemsworth and director ron howard as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
nice crowd outside in times square this morning. not letting rain get in the way of having a good time. look who's in the social square right now, julianne hough. she's slipped behind the judges table on "dancing with the stars." going to tell us about it in just a little bit. >> and never too early to talk football and tailgating. and our good friend, there he is -- go long, go long, mario. and you know who's out there with him? joe klecro. >> from the jets. >> that's right. and you can see the new york jets flight crew behind them, cheering them on. help us cook up the biggest tailgate blowout ever. >> i remember. throwback again. that's awesome. and would you rather be the parent who works or stays home? why one woman says what she does
8:02 am
is a luxury for her husband. we're going to get into it. it's causing a lot of debate. >> i'll bet it is. that's coming up. news first from amy. good morning. and right to the fast-moving developments on ebola. the cdc is on the defense this morning after a second nurse infected in dallas arrived in atlanta to be treated inside a special unit at emory university hospital. the frontier airlines play amber vinson flew on before she was hospitalized is now being disinfected for a fourth type. the crew is on paid leave despite a low risk that anyone on the flight between cleveland and dallas was infected. the hospital is missing claims that proper protocols were not in place when thomas eric duncan was treated. saying that followed cdc guidelines. mean while cdc director thomas friedman is being called before congress. in his prepared testimony, he is
8:03 am
confident that ebola is not a significant threat to the u.s. and defends the cdc saying he had a team of ten people in dallas within hours of duncan's diagnosis. the other big story is the hurricane warning in bermuda. as we have been told, hurricane gonzalo is now category 4, winds up to 140 miles per hour. that storm due to arrive tomorrow. meanwhile in the pacific, tropical storm ana is expected to strengthen into a hurricane today as it heads towards hawaii's big island where schools will be used as emergency shelters. sad news, actress elizabeth pena has died. she was the mother of sophfia verga vergara's character on "modern family." she died after a brief illness. she was just 55. attention, parents. you could be held liable for what your kids post on facebook. that's the finding of a georgia
8:04 am
appeals court. it ruled that parents of one teenager should have acted faster to delete a page that their son created a bully a classmate. they are appealing. a man allegedly under the influence drags an officer. later the fan swerves and fish tails through the a neighborhood. wheels blown out, out of com. officers ram into the van, he keeps on going. comes to a crashing end 30 minutes after it started. that suspect it now in custody. finally you see a lot of things on new york subways. yesterday was the harlem glob -- i can't talk. globetrotters and now this, snakes on a train. this rider was seen cuddling with not one, but two pet pythons. one used the overhead bars as a jungle gym for his snakes. this is not legal.
8:05 am
all pets must be in containers. one saying this was the samuel l. jackson clause. snakes on a train. one woman was not noticing. >> it's new york. >> not even snakes could get her out of her seat. >> i would have been off that train. and turn now to a surprising new study that could shake up how you lose weight. brandi hitt has the details. >> reporter: the battle of the bulge. dietary guidelines claiming it's a marathon, not a sprint, to slim down. the conventional wisdom, a slow and steady pace helps to get and maintain your weight loss goals. but now a new study dispelling that popular belief. >> what the current recommendations indicate is we should lose weight more gradually. but this study really challenges that recommendation. >> reporter: researchers at the university of melbourne tracked the weight loss of participants following a 36-week gradual
8:06 am
slimdown and a 12-week rapid weight loss program. although more rapid weight participants lost weight initially, both groups gained weight back. but it isn't about speed. >> it's finding a strategy that fits within the scope of your lifestyle. think of it in the long run. are you going to keep it up for a year, two years, ten years. >> reporter: before you let a diet wear you thin, try less thanning to cook and choosing healthier options and adding 30 minutes of exercise that you enjoy a day. it's as easy as chasing the kids around. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> smart advice at the end. >> i agree with the nutritionist there. it's something that, you know, has to fit into your lifestyle. >> you have to sustain it. >> that's true. "pop news" and weather coming up. but lara is in the social square. >> hi, guys. look at the "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," it's magic
8:07 am
time. how you could end up in the sequel with a front row seat to channing tatum. and "gma" investigators water proof makeup. which brands were the best, the cheap stuff, the good stuff. we have the challenge. and your fitness age. how to tell how long you will live and can you improve the number? and mario bah that low, and joe, and hello, ladies, it's our tailgate coming up on "gma." ♪
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♪ ♪ glad you came nice crowd out there in times square this morning. welcome back to "gma." not letting a little rain get in their way. not in your way for "pop news." >> never would, george. and begin. it is such a busy time for emma stone. saw her yesterday on "gma." not only starring in "birdman," getting terrific buzz, by the way, but about to make her broadway debut in the ever lasting debut of "cabaret." and sharing this exclusive first
8:12 am
look of emma in character as the iconic sally bowles. replacing the wonderful michelle williams who did a great job. and made her debut in the role. but alan cummings will be the mc. and emma begins her run on november 11th. >> when we talked about it yesterday, she said how excited she is. yes. >> i just wanted to show her in character. she was so invested in it and i hope everybody will at least try to get a chance to see her and congratulations. and if you're going to dip your toes into acting, this is the way to do it. the casting director for the "magic mike" sequel, xxl, is looking for women to play the part of an audience at a strip club. i know this might be a stretch. but you need to act like you're enjoying it, ladies. you will be required to watch channing tatum and joe
8:13 am
manganiello do that. the producers are looking for 300 women in savannah, georgia, get your calendars out, october 23rd through the 25th. they ask that you do not apply if you have a problem with nudity. um. i'm guessing that the women will be interested in take on this role are fine with it. i don't think thing that they're being hired for the "sound of music" if you know what i mean. if you are interested in this new career opportunity, check out the film's facebook page. >> career opportunity. >> this is a public service, robin. >> you were there for them. >> thank you. thank you. and then, you know, if you want to mark your calendar, you could mark this calendar. this is a calendar that you could put the 23rd through the 25th on. it's called the hunks and hounds calendar. you should feel good about buying this calendar, everybody. you're giving back.
8:14 am
you are not only giving people job this is morning, and giving back to the community, robin. i am in love with dogs -- do you see all the dogs in the calendar. >> i do. >> the hunks and hounds calendar gives money to help rescue dogs. each month features a dog. i don't know what else was on there. all the funds going to the new york city-based rescue group. and ever since he posted the photos, if it went viral. which is why i felt the need to do this story. and by the way, the men in the calendar are single and looking for good homes. >> good homes. >> all your favorite things in one segment. >> i know. i thought i should break into song ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ >> such a humanitarian you are. >> thank you for noticing. >> just a touch of generosity.
8:15 am
let's go to ginger with the weather. >> i love hearing that, lara. look at this group from indianapolis here on a mission trip. and my folks i just ran into from where? >> from the big island. >> from the big island. i have an update. for 8:00 a.m., ana is still a tropical storm. look what happened. remember, you had the one earlier in august, remember that well. and now ana is a little further west. and the track of it looks like it will affect the islands through the weekend, but stay in the high tropical storm low category 1. that's not the case for gonzalo. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. in need for the wet weather gear. just high clouds and sun and cooler-than-average temperatures and the pat were brings more chances of rain into to forecast but most of that will stay north of us.
8:16 am
temperatures today are in the mid-to-upper 60's at half moon bay and san francisco and oakland and san mateo. tonight, more clouds and temperatures in the 50's. the seven-day forecast shows light rain in the north bay tomorrow night and the rest of us, >> and a perfect break in the rain. at least for now. robin. >> yeah, but we have a hardy crowd out there. that bit of rain is not going to stop them. time now for "gma" investigators. it's water proof makeup. the go-to makeup for a longer lasting look. which has more staying power? the ones from the dug store or high end brands? linzie janis puts them through the ultimate challenge. >> reporter: mascara, ilineyeli and eye shadow, almost every woman owns them. and many use water proof to make
8:17 am
them last. >> water proof. >> reporter: but how well do water proof products hold up? we decide to the see with a series of "gma" investigators challenges with professional make yup artist, lisa here to assess the staying power. >> midnight blow bleu. >> reporter: in one corner, a $25 set of drugstore products. in the other, an $85 high end set. >> it's going on very solid. >> reporter: identical twins sara and julia trying them out. we're going to put you through challenges. are you ready? >> yes. >> reporter: first up, the onion challenge. just stare down at the onion. after 30 minutes of chopping, how did they hold up. a bit teary, not too bad. >> the makeup still looks beautiful. a tiny bit of running. okay. and let's see. i don't see anything running. but i do see a flaking. a little flaking. >> reporter: the verdict, a tie. both sets holding up well.
8:18 am
in between each challenge -- >> doesn't really want to budge. >> reporter: we remove the makeup with oil-based wipes, starting fresh each time. our second challenge at j and m special effects studio in brooklyn, new york. see how it stands up to a downpour with 15 mile per hour winds. at first, a little mist. then a full on rain shower. and finally, the winds. after five minutes in the simulator. how does sara's look to you? >> looks like it held up pretty well. there's a couple flakes and a little bit of bleeding here. >> reporter: and how about julia? >> this looks really good. looks really good. >> reporter: he would up. >> yeah. >> reporter: so department store held up better than drugstore. >> yeah. >> reporter: finally at equinox sports club. our ultimate challenge. that's your lane. two full laps in the pool.
8:19 am
first, the high-end set. >> it looks like the eyeliner stayed put, the shadow, and the mascara is fine. >> reporter: pretty impressive. drugger to? >> it looks like the drugstore might have migrated down. still looks good, though. >> reporter: high end holding up better once again. this is great news, swim on your lunch break and go back to work and your make yup is still perfect. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> good to know. swim and head right back to work. as she said. >> throw on your bathing cap and jump right in. >> through the paces. to the heat index. and a storying big overnight, the fitness age and what it can do for your future health. this can be lower or high than your actual age. depends on your cardiovascular endurance. you can boost it by exercising. a 50-year-old man can be between 30 and 75.
8:20 am
and testing involves checking your heart rate, waist circ circumferen circumference, on a treadmill. i took it yesterday. >> how would are you? >> not as young as you, in my low 30s. >> in your 30s. >> it's all about the exercise. >> have you always been this consistent about your exercise? you have been since being here. >> a long time. >> good for you. >> and the cardiovascular, is that really the most important part of it? >> it seems like it, that and waist size. >> what's your workout routine? >> a lot of different things. >> it's coming up in one word -- jazzercise. >> oh, lara spencer. i'm sorry, george. also this morning, you ever -- i hadn't heard of this, cuffing season. it turns out it's a time of year when many people started wishing they had a significant other, someone to be cuffed to as the
8:21 am
temperatures drop and invitat n invitations to holiday events start flowing in. no definitive data confirming cuffing season, but people tend to couple up during the colder months. part of it is to do with evolution. and yeah, it's cold. cuddle up. >> stuck inside, better to be stuck with someone. football game -- >> and you're less likely to meet somebody new during cold months because you don't go outside that much. >> isn't it ironic, it's the season you want to be cuffed. and it's harder to meet people. >> it's called the internet. bring people together in colder months. online date. >> we're so many things. all right, now -- next in the heat index, tony reali has a fast-climbing story that has us talking. he's in the social square with it. what's going on? >> good morning. so much trending on the internet that wants you to say yes.
8:22 am
the power of no. two go to the big screen. jared leto on the cover of "fast company", revealing how no has been crucial to his success. critical career decisions, sometimes said yes, and others turned down. the greatest example, he turned down the role in "dallas buyers club," several times. that's the role that eventually garnered him the academy award. he wanted to concentrate on his muk with his band 30 seconds to mars. we all want to say yes, because with yes comes so much opportunity. but with the power of no comes focus and engagement. that's deep. >> it makes me want to know more. he said no many times, but he said yes. >> our question this morning, what's harder to say, yes or no. tweet us, #socialsquare. the power of no. what do you think?
8:23 am
>> i think it's brilliant. we have talked about it off-camera a great deal. being selective and smart. and you feel blessed and have the opportunities. don't want to say no, you're not being grateful. but you need to prioritize. >> as women, and we were talking about this, we feel like we have an excuse. what do i say? >> no is a complete sentence. >> no is a complete sentence. don't is say no and then explain yourself. >> i use the advice. it's hard for me to say no. i'll be honest. and i think of you every time, robin says it's a complete sentence. >> that's a gender -- >> he doesn't have a problem with it. >> hey, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> always say yes to jazzercise. thank you. >> 10:30 today, bring your spandex. okay, time now for the morning stir. and this morning, the stay at home mom who realized just how important she is not just to her kids, but to her husband. and she calls herself a luxury
8:24 am
to him. abc mara schiavocampo has our story. >> i think it's part of this validation that we're looking for in ourselves of, yes, i'm doing important things even though i'm staying at home. >> reporter: babble blogger and mom of four says for years she's felt like she wasn't doing enough. and often felt guilty for being a stay at home mom. thinking she owed the world some sort of explanation for not working full-time. >> it's really kind of ridiculous. because no one is holding me to those standards except myself. >> reporter: but recently that changed when she read a comment in the "washington post" written by a working mom who's husband is a stay at home dad. the woman saying she is the lucky one who as the working parent is able to focus on professional demands without the burden of worrying about her children. writing, don't you realize how much easier it is to hold a
8:25 am
full-time job with someone home with the kids. i can work late and travel when i need to and not worry. it was like such a luxury to me to have a stay at home spouse. >> it really stopped and made me think. >> reporter: another working husband echoed that, my stay at home wife and mom is a gift to me and our children. and this dad agreed, statesing, i feel blessed having her stay at home to handle the hard work. >> i never thought about it in the terms of this is something that could be about my husband. >> reporter: her ah-ha moment, all these years she never needed to validate her mommy status. simply being at home is a luxury to her working husband. >> don't give herself credit. didn't have to worry about the little things to run a household. makes his job even easier. >> reporter: she said sometimes you have to step outside
8:26 am
yourself to realize how much you do for the family. >> he appreciates she is a luxury to him. >> there are so many ways to help him out. never has to take off with the kids are sick, doesn't have to disappear in the middle of the day. relax on the weekends, instead of doing errands because she's done that. all of these things help him focus and perform better at work. >> i believe it's teamwork. >> and a good spouse is a key to everything. >> both of you lending a hand. thank you so much. coming up, julianne hough is with us live. stay with us.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. tomorrow marks 25 years since an earthquake shook the bay area. today the annual great california shakeout drill will be held around the state at 10:15 a.m. it he weres people learn and practice what needs to be done when and earthquake hits. all right, hang on if you're driving to work this morning. it can be tough out there. >> yes, indeed. as we take you to san francisco. if you're trying to leave the city, it's going to be slow right now. southbound side of 101. we have a crash involving a motorcycle there. 12 miles per hour is your top speed as you approach the curve. 280 as well as you approach 101. it is packed. and then it starts to free up
8:28 am
once you head further north of caesar chavez. caesar chavez. >> thanks a lot,
8:29 am
if you're a giants fan, get ready for champagne showers. that's of course if we win. 63 at 5:00. dropping down to 58 with partly sunny to mostly cloudy conditions. you can see the high clouds out there. temperatures running from two to six degrees below average. let's take a look at that
8:30 am
accuweather 7-day forecast. temperatures will be cooler and average l throughout the 7-day. the rest of us tomorrow night yeah, you said that. >> what are you doing? you want to stay here? hold off the -- >> no, that's not what i want to do. but what we're doing. >> fighting positions. mount up. >> we ain't got to tell you how we're going to fight. >> stop. what are you doing? >> oh, a little sneak peek at brad pitt's epic world war ii film, "fury." our interview with brad and the cast tomorrow on "gma." don't to want miss that. >>. >> and ahead, "gma's" biggest tailgate blowout. and new york jets legend joe klec klecko, going head-to-head in the ultimate cookoff. and they are there, and looking forward to that. we have it coming up. >> we do. great crowd cheering them on,
8:31 am
too. julianne hough, ladies and gentlemen, is back. the former "dancing with the stars" stochampion is now a jud. you're tough. she's here to give us lowdown on season 19 from her perspective. good to have you with us in the studio. >> good to be here. yeah. i'm a little tough, tough love. but it's a fun role. and i think that whatever i say, it all comes from the heart and from honesty. but, yeah, you have to mix it up a little bit. and -- but i'm honestly, every couple that's come out there in the celebrity, i look at them, i don't know how you do it. i was there at one point. but now that i'm a judge. oh, that's a tough thing to like stand there and -- but, i give them props, they are doing a great job. >> what kind of reaction are you getting from the fellow dancers about how this is going? >> great. last week was a little bit tougher. maybe some different reactions when i get back this week.
8:32 am
so far, so good. everybody's been really welcoming and supportive. the fellow dancers say i love it, they're comments that we understand. and, okay, we can take this and use it for next week. so, yeah. i feel really blessed and fortunate to be on the show. it's been fun. >> it's a breath of fresh air. >> thank you. >> we love your brother. and he's about to get an award from glisten. they have an online auction where you can win tickets to go sit in the audience and see julijauyou up close doing your thing. can you tell us about that? >> i'm proud of my brother, what when he stands for, excited he's getting that award. it's hard to get tickets on "dancing with the stars." fact that the package is available, it's cool. >> one of the reasons it's hard to get tickets, they want to see what you're wearing next. and you wore a risque outfit,
8:33 am
but beautifully. >> that was a dance -- >> are you going to keep wowing us. are you ever uncomfortable, this is too much. >> no, right at this moment, i was like, whoa. no, that was definitely in person, i was covered from head to toe. >> has like -- >> it was a whole body suit. the legs and everything. on tv, not so much. >> the art of illusion. >> my girls to want see her hair when she comes out. >> it's always different. >> being a judge, you know, i'm not super sparkly like i was on the show. i'm not wearing crop tops and definitely not the fake tan as much as i was on the show in the past. but it's fun to come up with different looks. >> who has improved the most of the celebrities this season? >> you know, there are very consistent, and that's the four girls. i think lea and bethany and sadie and janel. but same thing with alfonso.
8:34 am
but antonio has improved the most. each week he's getting more comfortable and relaxed. his upper body is moving more. >> wonderful to see. >> it's wonderful to see people improve. like i said, being on the other side, you just -- you want to root for them. and i know i can be a little tough. >> tough love. >> that's right. >> all done out of love. give our guebest to derek. to see more on "dancing with the stars," monday night on abc. somebody is going go home. didn't last week. a final check of the weather now with ginger. i love this. these ladies from virginia beach. you can see their bags. their suitcases are right here. they seriously came straight to "gma." we love you for that, thank you. thank you. all right, let's get straight to the forecast. i love sharing floats. and we have a couple nice ones. from worcester, fall color along
8:35 am
a waterway. and kansas, that is looking nice this morning. but, of course, as i told you, that indian summer, the warm feel, coming to an end. the afternoon high temperatures >> good morning, high clouds and sunshine but in rain, and mid-70s in the inland and south bay neighborhood. sprinkles tomorrow, and height rain across the north bay and another chance of rain on monday >> and all that weather has been brought to you by mazda. and this october is national bullying prevention month. i'm joined by some friends here. and as a part of disney abc television groups choose kindness campaign, celebrating glad spirit day by wearing purp purple. today, millions of americans joining us in wearing purple to take a stand against bully and
8:36 am
support lgbt. use the #spiritday and choosekindness. you can learn more at on yahoo!. every word that you want, hashtag it, choose windness. funny, strong. all right, george. to you. and choosing kindness, and i'm with amy ryan in "birdman," the wife of michael keaton who's mounting a comeback on broadway. you can see the stress is taking its toll. >> i wasn't impressed with my own life. i won't have it. never going to have it. >> you have sam. >> i -- >> no -- >> i get it, i understand. she got this guy who's -- a viral sensation. it is so pathetic. >> no, there are more pathetic things than that. >> like? >> a mustache.
8:37 am
>> and, amy ryan joins us now. i love that scene in the movie so much. and you're his ex-wife. but you care for him more than anything. >> she cares deeply for him. and very much they're still together in spirit and heart. they have a daughter together. so that is -- that's the bond that's going to keep them together. >> and throughout the whole movie, i mean, you, of course -- michael keaton is playing an actor. everyone wants this to succeed. you're the more calm center of the movie. >> yeah, her job is really to keep him grounded. bring him back to earth. her being the non-actor in the group. the director gave us a picture of the man crossing the high wire. there is no net, we couldn't cut away to anything. and, you know, i like to think that i was able to walk the high wire. but when you work with michael keaton, he's doing cartwheels
8:38 am
and back flips. he's so extraordinary. >> he said he loved working on the scenes with you the most. it was effortless. you made it easy for him. >> that's really nice. we met briefly on another film together, clear history. and he -- in parting, he said i hope to see you again. i hope you play my wife someday. we showed up on set. >> almost played his wife. and, you know, you're talking about that picture that alejandro gave you of the high wire. that must have been intimidating. we have heard how difficult it is to do that as if it's a single shot. >> it takes a lot of concentration. it's thrilling, though. there's a -- kind of think of it as a relay race and the baton is about to be passed and you can't drop it. you hear the actors with a two-page scene, running up the hall and upstairs and downstairs and then the baton passed to you. and then your part of the scene starts. if you bump into the camera as i
8:39 am
did once or twice, you have to start over, and so do they. there is a huge, like, collective inhale. >> don't want to let anybody down. >> you really don't. >> you guys did it. brilliant movie. you're fantastic in it. >> thank you so much. >> "birthman" opens nationwide tomorrow. and now for a world premier look at the epic adventure in the heart of the sea. this classic that inspired "moby dick," it is direct by ron howard and starred chris hemsworth. >> i'm ron howard. >> and i'm chris hemsworth. this is "in the heart of the sea." >> it's exclusive to "gma." i really hope you enjoy it. >> it's exclusive to "gma." i really hope you enjoy it. ♪
8:40 am
>> we were headed for the edge of sanity. like we were apparitions, phantoms. trust gave way to doubt. hope, to superstition. trust gave way to doubt. hope, to superstition. ♪ tragedy is the story of men. and the demon. >> can't wait for that. go to on yahoo to see the full trailer. coming up, mario batali and new york jets legend joe klecko coming up, mario batali and new york jets legend joe klecko going head-to-head in our
8:41 am
8:42 am
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♪ ♪ i'm on top of the world it is time now for "gma's" biggest tailgate blowout ever. our friend mario batali is teaming up with super bowl champ and nfl hall of famer with the jets and chefs, the ultimate tailgate to fight hunger in new york city. joe namath couldn't make it, so we invited another joe, new york
8:44 am
jets legend, joe klecko. before we get cooking, tell us about jets and chefs, the ultimate tail gait. >> it's part nooft new york city food shelter. we have raised $7 million in seven years. it's a big thing. and more than that, it's fun, football and food wrapped into one single event. >> everybody wins. >> yes. >> and joe, you were part of the ring of honor on the jets. you were starting your career as joe namath was ending it. what advice did he give you? >> give to joe namath, there's novice that's the face of the afl after winning the super bowl. filling in for joe, the number one joe of the new york jets. >> joe and mario are going to go head to head with the blow out. >> this is a simple skirt steak,
8:45 am
rosemary, juniper, olive oil and salt. throw it in a little bag or container with the skirt steak. which for me is one of the greatest available. it has a delicious amount of flavor and it's not very expensive. >> okay. >> let it sit overnight, works well. and take it and toss it on the grill like we're doing here. >> high heat? >> as high as i can, it's never going to burn. i like the deep, rich caramelization. then the barbecue sauce. >> special cherry barbecue sauce with a special ingredient. >> add brown sugar, ancho chili pouder, tomato paste, orange zest and orange juice. and the secret ingredient from the south, a little bit of dr. pepper. >> dr. p. all right. >> toss it, cook for a half hour, and drop in with a little bit of red wine vinegar.
8:46 am
>> i'll back up. >> zap it until it's smooth. >> imagine it zapping up. >> and then when you have it done, have it room temperature or cool. plate it, put a little bit on the plate itself. take the steak, cut it across the grain so it's nice and tender. there you have it. what could be a winner today. >> a winner. >> oh, no. >> and now the secret of your chicken is the slow cooking. >> that's the secret. sometimes during tailgating you're not allowed. what i do, because mario is the cook of the world. he's fantastic. but as a football player, we like to eat faster. you learn to do it faster. with the klecko chicken, the special seasoning, can't tell anybody. this is garlic powder, okay and also onion powder as soon as it comes out. mix it up a little bit, okay? and i actually spread it on the chicken just like this. and make sure i put enough on it to get the flavor out.
8:47 am
and then what i do is take a freezer bag, basically, that everybody has in the freezer, fill it with oil and the chicken. let it marinade for 24 hours. and out of it come this is most perfect chicken that you want. >> and the whole recipe's online right now. jets and chiefs ultimate tail ga gate, part of the new york city wine and food festival. >> and the winner? >> who's the winner? i didn't get to taste any yet. >> i tasted earlier, and i'm going to go ahead ahead and say, i had the chicken. i'm going to go with joe. >> tie breaker? >> i got the thing in my mouth. >> george is the tie breaker. george, let me help you. >> you can see mario on the chew george, let me help you. >> you can see mario on the chew every day at it's a fresh approach on education--
8:48 am
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. so happy to be sitting next to the legendary gary marshall. with us this morning. and as you know, famous for creating, writing, producing some of the most beloved television shows like, oh, laverne and shirley, happy days, mork and mi"mork & mindy" and t couple. and one, pretty woman, everybody. now returning to the thee tear with "billy and ray." it's near and dear to his heart and mine. written by a good friend of mine. it's the story of the amazing director, billy wilder, and the contentious relationship with ray chandler while creating double indemne. >> i'm penny's brother. >> you always do that. >> no, it's a great story. changed the movie business. it was the first dark movie that got by the consciensen cors.
8:51 am
and mike wrote it. wonderful play. and it's funny and it's a little heavy there too. so this is something i'm very proud i'm doing. >> yeah, a departure. and give you a question from a fan ton twitter. >> a fan wrote. >> yes, sally black wroasks you not penny, you are laughing until your sides hurt, why switch to the dark side of film noir now? >> film noir is dark. i'm known for film blank. when you have tears, you have to light it well. but i just wanted to really get into how this was done and how it came about. and it's just a fascinating story based on research that he da d did, and stars great people that i had never known before. >> vincent from "madmen," plays billy wilder.
8:52 am
and the terrific actor -- >> larry pine. vincent, and daley, and sophie von -- >> who is daughter of bette midler. >> she debuted in "beaches." she was 1 1/2. she doesn't remember. now debuting in new york, playing the secretary in billy and ray. it's an interesting piece, and i'm excited to be a part of it. >> you have collaborated with many people, have you had a relationship like billy and ray's that you could relate to? >> that's why mike wanted many to come here. i'm used to people fighting. the hardest person i fought with was my sister, penny, on laverne and shirley. penny used to come to my house at night and say i have to fix the second act. and sometimes she wouldn't
8:53 am
listen. no. we made believe we weren't home sometimes. >> you would have to hield from your own sister. >> yes, for eight years we did "laverne and shirley." we are very ose. we always were close. we argued because my sister's perfectionist, and i'm a wing it kind of guy. >> we love the kind of guy you are. it's a terrific play. >> you will have a good time. >> the play is "billy and ray," monday, october 20th until november 23rd. monday, october 20th until november 23rd. the vineyard theater in new york
8:54 am
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. we have a big friday coming up. brad pitt and the cast of "fury." and mark cuban, the shark. that's going to be tomorrow. so long.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. rain or shine, meteorologist mike nicco here with the bay area forecast. champagne showers. that's the only moisture we'll get. >> that's what i've been forecasting all day. i'm not staying away from it. wednesday night, champagne showers that's your temperature from the beginning to the end of tonight's game. we have mid to upper 60s along the coast in san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. 7-day forecast, some sprinkles tomorrow. light rain in the north bay. >> we have a serious accident on the peninsula. northbound side of 280. it is a vehicle that slipped on its side. take a look at the slow pg behind it as you lee cupertino.
9:00 am
you're going to be on the break. here's a look at the golden gate. gate. traffic is moving smoot announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the star "the judge," julianne hough. and josh radnor. and a performance from paloma faith. plus, mark consuelos takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos! [cheers and applause] ripa and mark consuelos! [cheers and applause] ♪


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