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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, morning drizzle. the commute is wet. live doppler hd is tracking the fall storm bringing wet weather to us. and meteorologist mike nicco is a file seconds away with the forecast. we had to use the windshield wipers this morning. you may have to, as well. if you catch figures of your wet commute, e-mail them to we have breaking news from the south bay. that is going to be a mess with a thank -- tanker
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asked what was going on and there is a big mess out here. you can see the mess, fires were cleaning up a lot of the debris and they got a last it picked up and put sand on the road to manage up and stop the blue port-a-potty water, six vehicles , total, involved in a medium duty rig carry the blue port-a-potty water that spilled all over the road and it is beyond the fire trucks on 280 the we are a quarter mile before the 7th street exit ramp. vehicles are allowed through but only in one lane. only two people were reported injured. they are only mineor. i will show you how they are letting people through with two lanes merged into one lane passing the accident scene and
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all we are waiting for is a heavy duty tow truck to come and pick up the big rig that is on or side of the fire truck. when that is cleared they hope to is a couple of lanes open in the next half hour. no word on when they will have the whole freeway open southbound 280. now a look at traffic from a broader perspective. >> as we take you to that area with the locations of the accident, it is jammed up. you can see 280 is red with backups approaching this area so avoid this completely. southbound on 280, grab 880, to get to alameda and it will recheck to you santa clara street. we are starting to see delays in the northbound direction, as well, so same thing for you who are headed away from 101, avoid the area because you might even
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see a lane or two blocked as the clean up progresses. now the bay bridge toll plaza shows a lot cars because the metering lits have been turned on and we don't have more than 15 minutes wait to go from the east bay to san francisco. we will have another update for you coming up in a few minutes. now, the weather. good morning, everyone, we are outside again, shakeout is tomorrow at 10:16. we walking the fine line because 66 percent chance of another major earthquake in the next 30 years in the bay area so stay here, we will be falling more about this as we head through the next hour, we are treating it, facebook it, all the things you need to know at the 25th anniversary of loma prieta. the showers are there and accountered and very light dropping less than .1". you will run into them fur
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traveling this morning. this morning i came through a great downpour but that was several hours ago. we starting off in the 50 and 60. we are going to end up in the 60's and 70's with mostly cloudy conditions and only some sun in the afternoon. beyond 9:00 the shower chance will taper and a spotty shower is possible until 4:00 and the evening festivities and commute should be dry. from texas, a second h care worker has tested for ebola virus where officials in dallas holding a news conference. here is the report from washington. a 2 were texas health care professional tested if for ebola virus. the worker was part of the team that cared for thomas eric duncan reported a fever yesterday and was placed in isolation.
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this morning, decontamination crews responded to another apartment complex while officials work to "the people the second worker had contact with. >> we have a situation involve, 77 people, two having tested for for ebola. we are preparing contingencies for more. that is a very real possible. >> other philipine -- patient in texas is improving and was upgraded to "good," yesterday say she was doing well and thanks everyone if kind wishes and prayers. officials are having how she contracted ebola virus despite wearing full protective gear while treating thomas eric duncan before he died. >> we are surging resources into dallas to examine what exact has happened that infected the nurse
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there. >> the centers for disease control admitted she may never have been inpicketted if they had experts on the ground from the beginning so to prevent another nurse or doctor from getting the disease the centers for disease control will send a rapid response team to any new hospital with patients. >> i wish we had a tomb like this on the ground the day the first patient was diagnosed. that pit have prevented the infection. >> the measures union is going after texas presbyterian hospital claiming they were not prepared to deal with ebola virus. there are new developments each day in the crisis with updates as they happen and other breaking news with our app from apple app and google play. we have more information at the giants are finding ways to grinned outruns in the post-season and are two wins away from another rip at world
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series after the ten inning victory over st. louis. in the bottom of the first, the giants were put up but the cardinals chipped away before tying on a solo home run. in the 10th, with runners at purse and second, a perfect sacrifice bunt and the pitch are made an error and the ball sailed down the first line and the score was from second base by crawford, game over. now it is 2-1 series lead with game four and five today and tomorrow at 5:07 tonight and this week for game six and 15 in st. louis. in necessary. >> there is a rescue drill at the many that including a simulated ferry accident with
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volunteer victims in need of rescue from the water. this is a training operation. a driver is in custody after he was drunk behind the wheel when he truck a teen skateboarder yesterday afternoon near san pablo. the driver blew through yield and the 18-year-old hit the windshield windshield and was bleeding profusely. a 44-year-old was arrested on suspicion of d.u.i., a four way stop neighbors think would make this neighborhood safer but it is hard to get serious attention because they lived in unincorporated contra costa county. >> there is a sig-alert? >> yes, in shows with the tanker. before we get there, there is a continue meant delay with
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bart because of an equipment problem, and as we take you to san jose the sig-alert is in affect until further notice. matt is on scene with more details but southbound 280 at 1st street one lane will get you by after a tanker was carrying blue nontoxic liquid that spilled. the first street on-ramp is closed so avoid the general area and take 280 to 880 to get you to alameda and conduct you to santa clear street with this crash, northbound highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains and heavy, heavy backup approaching the summit because of the two car crash blocking two lanes. live doppler hd will show you light showers across the bay area but in the north bay around santa rosa and we are seeing
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yellow and orange indicating moderate showers so you will need the umbrella early but you can dip -- ditch it later. set along the coast you will see 60's and dryer skies prevail. >> chemical weapons in iraq? coming up a new report that shows united states troops were exposed. >> vicious dogs attack a couple at their northern california home and an update on the victims and what we navy the an watch we know about the animals and their owner. the world learns that the blade runner has been paying the parents and where the money now is going. as we go to break we look you with the bay area that is waking up to drizzle and light rain. meteorologist mike nicco has the
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forecast when we return.
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a just released report says american troops who served in
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iraq were injured after they were exposed to chemical weapons. "new york times" reports they were abandoned by saddam after the 2003 invasion of iraq. they not the so-called weapons of mass destruction used to justify the invasion. they were old warheads from the iran and iraq war. 17 soldiers were exposed and "new york times" reports the pentagon tried to hide the existence of the weapons. the par. s of reef will not pursue a civil claim against oscar pistorius for killing their daughter. the couple issued a statement saying they will pay back $10,000 given to them by ok objection who gave them the money unconditionally and doesn't want it back. lost month oscar pistorius was found guilty of negative justice departmentally can youing his girlfriend. he could face years in bring were but could receive a suspended jail term and a fine.
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>> a couple is in the hospital in critical condition after a pack of dogs mauled them at their home. deputies found three pit bulls attacking the man in his front yard and investigators say another was circling the mauling >> an elderlily victim was in the house attacked by the dogs. >> the deputies shot and killed the dogs after they bill aggressive toward them. the sheriff says they will work with an mall services to see if the dogs are chipped because it is not clear who they belong to. we have had a lot of problems on the roads. we will check with leyla gulen. not to sure if this is related to the rain but it is possible. southbound 280 a crash involving a tanker truck and all lanes but
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one is blocked. the first street on-ramp to 280 southbound is closed. there is a way to get around it headed into downtown san jose by taking 880 to conduct to santa clara with delays in the northbound direction in that immediate area of the accident. matt is on the scene with more details in a few minutes. northbound highway 17, another accident there and a nasty backup from scots valley and 26 miles per hour is the top speed. a new crash in dublin, westbound side, we have two lanes blocked with airbags deployed so possible injuries but to get from tracy to dublin it will take approximately one hour. how is the weather? thank you, leyla gulen, we are outside near the ferry building and we are seeing a few clouds gathering around but i have not felt the drops yet in downtown san francisco in an
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hour. live doppler hd shows through the commute this morning you can see the radar is less coverage than earlier and there is still plan i of wet weather and as it moves through the neighborhood it will drop you have to make things slick. how to dress when you step out, upper 50's in the north bay to half moon bay and home 60 if the rest of us. from the exploritorium camera you can see the dancing lights of the bay bridge and as we head through the day we are going to turn to the rain that will taper to clouds and a mix of sunshine from time to time. we have another chance of rain friday night into sort morning and monday interest tuesday and it will be cool all seven days of the forecast. we talked about summer being over and it and looking that way. isolated light showers through 2:00 and we will see tapering
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into the evening commute if you run and rain you will be fine. overnight, fog will form and we will wake up to clouds and temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's so it will be cooler tomorrow. did you change the wardrobe around yesterday? mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and most of the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland. the game hopefully will be as dramatic as yesterday with clouds first pitch at 5:07 at 62 and dropping to 61. sun will set at 6:32. friday evening we are good until 10:00 or 11 o'clock and a better chance of wet weather open saturday morning. for sure it is dry thursday and saturday afternoon into sunday.
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we have a gap between those who have earthquake insurance and those who do not have earthquake insurance. it is a huge gap. only 10 percent in california and less in the bay area having insurance? why? why is that? >> the gap is real and we are worried. people do not believe it will happen to them. in the bay area the risk is real. an earthquake will happen. it is a matter of, when? we are worried when it strikes people will have their homes rocked off the foundation and will be without the financial resources so rebuild. >> another group is smaller that has, in. who is that? >> renters in oakland, more than half of people in the community rent but only 2 percent of those have, in. it is inexpensive less than $170 a year and you spending more more coffee than for, in.
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>> dispel more myths of the earthquake insurance. why don't they get it? >> 25 years since the last pick. out of sight, out of mine. people did not thing it will happen to them they envision you talking about someone having damage but do not see it happening to them. it is if their heads and it is what it is. we are here, to, hoping to have people be educated on the risk and the need to check into it. >> check into it. check into it and become educated and you will learn the smiths are not true and earthquake insurance covers more than you think and maybe more affordable than you think. california earthquake authority with "big shake," tomorrow and the anniversary on friday of let home. back to you.
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this is san jose southbound 280 where a major accident shut down all but one lane trying to make it into downtown san jose. injuries involve ambulance and fire department and c.h.p. still on the scene. there are backups moving toward the area, northbound traffic is moving slowly with the alternates coming up. a woman in singapore says pizza hut disrespected her when an employee referred to her at "pink fat lady," on her take out receipt. here is the receipt and the words they where. she went open facebook and said what is wrong with being plus size? i am a customer and i pay. pizza hut said they cannot begin
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to presently apologize but on facebook page they accused the woman of lying to score some free pizza. halloween costume company has an ebola containment suit for sale and some come plains saying it is in bad taste and the capping next to the costume said "this will literally be the most chiral costume of the year." the suit and boot and gloves are $80. morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. it is the bay area story getting national attention, a woman saved by an app on the smartphone and the officer made it all happen. in san jose, a huge mess on southbound 280. the into news is another lane has opened up and what it will take before all the lane are
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opened up in southbound 280. next to the ferry builting in downtown san francisco we are talking about earthquakes and, safety if light of the 25th anniversary of loma prieta and we have scattered light showers on live doppler hd. today is fought the only chance. i have a couple more in the seven-day outlook. we have a mess across the bay area freeways as you look at the bay bridge toll plaza we have wet conditions. rain is falling. causing slick conditions. is solo spinouts with the gulf travel when we insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at breaking news in san jose where we have a motiony wreck on interstate 280. >> now a check with matt at scene. the good news is some of the mess has been cleaned up by firefighters. several fire trucks have left the scene. they were able to sweep up the debris on the road.
6:30 am
also, they put down sand to son up the blue port-a-potty water that leaked from a medium duty rig. this is the truck on its side which has been upend by a tow truck on the scene. that is what caused the mess, six vehicles involved. the good news is only two people with minor injuries were taken to the hospital and that is amazing when you see how big of a backup it caused southbound 280 and the downtown san jose area at the first street on-ramp before the exit ramp. the goal right new is to get all of vehicles towed out of seen and you can see they have opened up two lanes so that is good news. they hope to have the other lanes open when they get some of scene cleared.
6:31 am
when the vehicles are towed away more lanes will open up. you can is update on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea and now the situation and the crashes elsewhere, we have a lot of spots not necessarily related to the wet roads. >> i don't believe the one if san jose is related to wet roads because we heard there was a speeding driver. matt said that it is now two lanes getting you by and some of the slowing has dissipated. you do not need the alternate, 880, to get to santa clara street. but in dixon, we have a serious accident. we are not clear if a richmond off duty opinion university as responsible but there is an overturned vehicle and two
6:32 am
people were ejected. now the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. mike? the rain is still falling. it will continue to fall through the commute for some of us but not all of us were people are coming in through the ferry building and we have breaks in the cloud with dancing lights of the bay bridge all beautiful this morning as although as it is dry. we have tricky travel across the north bay and in the santa cruz mount families and some of it is hitting the peninsula, not really dropping much in the south bay other than sprinkles before it region rates in the diabolo range in the east bay hills with light-to-moderate rain falling and loving arrest from santa rosa to reporter -- to reneither -- rohnert park. sprinkles of sunshine and by
6:33 am
noon we are in the low-to-upper 60's from the bay and coast and inland. up to 74 at 4:00, inland, and in the evening we have the skies clear and temperatures drop into the sick. grab a coat. you you will need an umbrella. >> woman stranded in her car for 19 hours is safe because of her iphone and good detective work. the 28-year-old is responsive and in good condition africa reap -- after careening off mount hamilton road on monday. she had onstar and they contacted the police and could not pinpoint the exact location.
6:34 am
but a police officer went to her home and guessed at her password, and found her through the onstar and ipad connection. she got a helicopter to her in 20 minutes. >> wild store. it is good. >> if we could relive the moment again and again. >> the giants tip the lead against the cards thats. now the orange and black are looking to game four tonight of the nlcs at at&t park and we are leading the cardinals 2-1 in the series and amy hollyfield joins us from at&t park still buzzing after the game. high gosh, it was thrilling. an exciting game of great plays and tore -- torture. the giants were up four runs and
6:35 am
the cardinals came back and tied it so of course the giants tortured their fans before winning it in the 10th. some fans say they felt like they might have a heart attack. this was a wild ride for the manager. >> delirious. these are hard fought games. we don't do anything easy. >> the giants win and so are the businesses. garages are charming people $100 to park on game day. a fan spent $225 on a giants jersey and restaurants are parked and people are clearing and spending like crazy. fans don't mind the cost. they are just having so fund watching the team. >> thank you, amy. game four and five or today and tomorrow at 5:00 people with the
6:36 am
series shifting back to st. louis this week for game six and seven if, if, if necessary. >> today, two men accused of setting a string of fires in alameda last month are due in court for bail hearing and to enter a plea. the two men each face three counts of arson in connection with eight fires overnight on september 28. the fires damaged or destroyed several homes and businesses and the peterson appeal and friend say police have the wrong guy and insist he was working when the fires started. we will continue to follow breaking news with haz-mat in texas responding to the home of latest patient diagnosed with ebola virus and where this person was exposed and an update on the nurse fighting for her life. >> motherhood on hold? we have reaction to a silicon valley tech giant and the plan
6:37 am
to put work first before family. >> we are tracking the storm bringing drizzle and showers to the bay area this morning. not exactly a full-fledged storm but we have wet stuff. the forecast when we return. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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live doppler hd is showing shower activity in the north bay on the heavy are side. a line of showers stretching south of santa rosa and around 101. there is moderate activity. grab the umbrella. 61 in san francisco and 62 in los gatos and san jose. rain will taper and 60's along the coast and 70's inland. how is the traffic, leyla gulen? to give you an update on the crash, critical injuries involved in dixon. we thought an officer was involved but they came across the accident on the way to work this morning an overturned vehicle and two were ejected. in san jose, a new car involving a head on southbound 880 with no
6:41 am
delays just yet and no word on injuries but we have this update on the sig-alert working southbound 280 with two lanes open and the first street on-ramp is closed. 6:41. first black friday and then black thursday. the even earlier start a major retail is planning before the turkey is cold. >> the devastating loma prieta, that happened defy -- 25 years ago on friday and we lock back at the 1989 earthquake friday night at 6:30 right here with a special report "15 seconds: 25 years later, the loma prieta
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helping you find a dentist you'll want to go to for the rest of your life. we've helped over 8 million people find that dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ >> abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> another health care worker in texas diagnosed with ebola virus. >> this comes four hours ago as we follow the developments. this is something. we know the second health care worker is a woman. she also took care of thomas eric duncan the patient who died
6:45 am
at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas. this is video of workers outside the home of the second infected worker prepared to start the decontamination process. the worker had a high temperature on tuesday and was placed in isolation. she lived alone with no poets among those who took care of thomas eric duncan. the first nurse to come down with ebola virus is slowly recovering from her infection and pham worked at texas health presbyterian hospital, as well, and took care of thomas eric duncan. other workers who may have had contact are monitored closely. dallas officials warn the public the spread of the virus may get worse before it is better. >> we want to deal with facts. not fear. i continue to believe while dallas is anxious about this with the news this morning the anxiety level goes up a level we are not fearful.
6:46 am
the virus is spreading so quickly the world health organization predicted up to 10,000 new cases in the next two months in west africa unless drastic action is taken. we are learning how nina pham and the other workers may have been infected with inbe releasing a statement deny claims that workers, worked days without proper gear and this afternoon president obama will meet with the leaders to discuss the crisis. in the newsroom for abc7 news. there are daily developments and you can get the update as they happen and other breaking news from our news app and it is free to download on the app store or from google play. we have more information at trading is under way on wall street and it is looking to be a down day add the start, the dow plunged 700 points in early
6:47 am
trading and now bouncing back up but, still, down 211 points over the 16000 levelers. there are worries of the european economy so investers are selling off. macy's is the first retailer to announce the thanksgiving day hours saying they will open in stores at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day after you finish eating. that is two hours earlier than last year in an attempt to lure the holiday shoppers with the season accounting for up to 40 percent of retail sales annually. >> apple and facebook have a new perk: they are paying for the procedure if william want to freeze their eggs to is an option to have a career now and start family later.
6:48 am
facebook offers egg freezing as part of the benefit package and apple will me begin in jap. >> they have more of an option to take on career now. >> when it comes to getting involved in. -- in employee health it is creepy. >> each procedure costs $10,000 and apple and facebook cover $20,000. >> it has been busy with traffic this morning. >> leyla gulen has the latest situation. quickly in fairfield eastbound 80 there is a traffic advisory because of police action. that is for folks making it in and out of fairly. as we look right now at san jose that drive, this is a picture of southbound 280 at first with a major accident, a sig-alert, for
6:49 am
the next 30 minutes and possibly more with two lanes re-opening and minor injuries. that is the good news. the traffic is touch and go traffic in the northbound direction on the or side of the accident because of all of the spectator slowing. the ramp will enclosed. if you need to make it, avoid in portion of 280 and sake santa clara street and it will be a better bet. there is a head-on crash southbound 880 at the on-ramp and we are not sure how that hatched but we do not have delays but for 101 and that is slow making it up to the san jose airport. >> it is not because of wet roads but we have slick conditions, and we will hear from meteorologist mike nicco and the weather. we have wet roads but the wetness is starting to taper and we will look at that. in light of the 25th anniversary of loma prieta,
6:50 am
california earthquake authority wants you to be prepared and we have a 20 percent chance of the next big, hit on the hayward fault including oakland and we brought in the mayor if the last 25 years you have been a big advocate for preparedness. what have you done to make oakland prepared? >> during the loma prieta i was on the school board and we realized we had not done any studies to find out how safe the schools are. probably for the first big of the i took on was with san francisco and berkeley we fought for state funds for retrofitting of the schools. the schools in oakland have been retrofit asked my husband was the medical director at the hospital and we launched a campaign to retrofit that hospital and kaiser permanente and the major hospitals in the oakland area which is the health care regional center of the east bay, are retrofitted.
6:51 am
we are prepared. what i have been working on in city government is to get people to retrofit their homes when we had re-development or funding to re-develop homes but we are facing, now, what we call soft story buildings. oakland and san francisco because we are built on bay fill, really, we are vulnerable and building that have the parking underneath or not a lot structure under are very vulnerable. we think we have up to 1,600 homes or buildings vulnerable. possible up to 15,000 people could be affected. most of these are rent am -- rental apartments. >> we know you will be an advocate. that is the big challenge in oakland. >> i encourage everyone to get earthquake insurance as we are
6:52 am
the 19th largest economy in the world and only 10 percent of us have, insurance. >> that is an amazing stat. >> that is mayor quan from oakland now a look at live doppler hd and i will show you where the rain is and where it is going and the fact it is starting to lose its steam but in the north pay, where we are seeing the light-to-moderate rain. the scattered showers will taper and we will be cloudy with mid-60 at the coast and upper 60's around the bay and home 70's. our seven-day outlook shows late friday evening after friday night football is over through saturday morning and again on monday and tuesday temperatures are going to be autumn cool throughout the seven-day forecast. en -- be earthquake prepared. we are back with seven things to know before you go.
6:53 am
morning news continues in 90
6:54 am
here are seven things to know: [ news in the south bay, crews are cleaning up after a big accident on southbound 280 in san jose. the c.h.p. says the truck was carrying blue water that is used for port-a-potties spilling across the lane. five vehicles crashed.
6:55 am
two suffered minor injuries. the first impression from c.h.p. was this would be cleared in the next 20 minutes. however, it is now unknown. take 280 southbound and get off at alameda and it turns interest santa clara street. we have scattered showers this morning, watch out. they will end at 2:00, the shake intermediate is tomorrow and we will talk about what to do because most people are harmed by falling debris off of the shelves. four, breaking news from texas, a second h care worker testify the if for ebola who tended to temperature tom who died from the virus. haz-mat are disinfinishing the part and the infacted nurse at the same hospital is the if good condition. a 28-year-old south bay woman is responsive and in if condition after careening off
6:56 am
mount hamilton road on monday. an officer located her 19 hours later after reacting her ipad password and using the "fiend my phone app," to pinpoint the location. >> progress on an early warning, system will be discussed in san francisco and an experimental system sounded an alarm ten seconds before the napa earthquake in august and formals want a similar system if the rest of the state. >> giant try to take control tonight after an amazing walk off win over the cardinals year. a wild throw on 10th inning bunt scored crawford from second and the giants now lead the series 2-1. first pitch is at 5:00. >> we continue now online and twitter and facebook and mobile devices. we will see you in 25
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>> good morning, america. breaking news. another new case of ebola in america. a second health care worker infected with the deadly disease at the hospital that treated thomas duncan. in isolation now after reporting a fever. the alarming allegations this morning about major safety mistakes at the hospital. were workers using tape to cover exposed skin. and the latest on that 26-year-old nurse speaking out for the first time about her battle with ebola. breaking right now. terror on the highway. a knife attack on a bus load of people heading to a casino. what the hero bus driver did to stop the crazed attacker and save lives. ♪ bombshell lawsuit, kesha top superstar, claiming years of abuse by one of the industry's top


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