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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. health care worker diagnosed with ebola virus, this wasn't supposed to happen. a report on what may have gone wrong and the new fears spreading. cameras were there as injured ferry passengers are rushed to the hospital in san francisco. the accident along the busy water front and what went wrong. >> how would you like like to ce you have giant pumpkins? we have a fall favorite festival underway. >> when they get that beg you just take a picture and admire them. >> if you carve you need a chainsaw. exactly. i have a chainsaw.
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here is the visibility. quiet. as far as fog. we are five miles at half moon bay but to the south that is where the clouds are developing and the surge will bring you cooler weather this afternoon. we are in the upper 50's to low 60 and hang out around 80's before average cooling quickly this afternoon, 66 inland with in fog, nothing yet, from the mid-40's to 60 and 80 at noon and 88 at 4:00 and a nice 70 comfortable at 7:00 and watch the temperatures, spiking in the home 70's at noon but low 60's by 7:00. do you think the carving kit i bought at the grocery store will not work? good luck with that. call us in a couple of years. >> they break for the small pumpkins. they do not work. the bay bridge toll plaza shows
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pretty heavy conditions and metering lights turns on at 22 with traffic backed up. we have a brand if you crash blocking two lanes in brentwood and possible injuries and eastbound side of highway 4 at marsh creek road with slowing approaching the area and watch out for that. to walnut creek, eastbound highway 24, you will find delays making the drive into walnut creek and this is in lafayette, and westbound traffic is moving along without any problems. eric and kristen? the ebola virus continues to dominate the news and investigators are trying to figure how a nurse in texas became infected with the virus and there were two cases this weekend that put emergency workers on alert. we are joined with our reporter in washington, dc. thomas eric duncan died last week. the virus lives on. officials continue monitoring 50 people who were in contact with
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him. >> the first known transmission of ebola virus in the united states, a nurse in her 20 who cared for thomas eric duncan has contracted the disease. the hospital says the measure was wearing full protective gear, a face mack, two layers of gloves, but she got infected somehow. s it centers officials say she was exposed because of a breach of protocol at the hospital and may not be the only person. unfortunately, it is possible in the coming days, we will see additional cases of ebola virus. >> she started showing symptoms on friday and drove herself to the hop. officials are retracing her steps to determine with she had contact with. one person has been placed in isolation. >> it is scary being in dallas but when it is right here... >> haz-mat crewed who decontaminated her apartment are, would on the measures to
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take care it does not spread. >> the centers for disease control has issued guidelines to hospitals to identify and treat ebola virus, some workers say they are confused. >> when nurses are infected they are blamed for not following the tote culls. that is not going to work. health officials have ruled out ebola virus for passenger who was sick on a flight that land at lamb -- l.a.x. yesterday and a patient in boston just back from west africa. hospitals are stepping up measures to deal with ebola virus there are only four hospitals that can deal with the american outbreak of the virus: st. patrick hospital in montana, national institutes of health in maryland, emory hospital in atlanta, nebraska medical center in oak
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and google play and the coast guard is awaiting the result of drug and chore tests from the crew of a packed ferry boat that crashed into pier 41 in san francisco that happened before 6:00 last night. ten people on board the ferry were sent to the hospital mostly with minor injuries and there were 230 passengers headed to oakland and alameda when it boat backed into a piling and the coast guard ruled out mechanical issues and looking into whether human error is to blame. we have a report on the accident at 6:30. >> a tragedy in marin has authorities warning of the i dangers of sneer evening --
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sneaker waves. a fisherman died and another was hospitalized. the survivor was found clinging desperately to the rocks. and autumn it is a treacherous time for sneaker waves. police have arrested a man accused of assault, two people near grant park plaza. the 27-year-old map from shows punched a 63-year-old man in the face and ran away. two days later he is accused of hitting a 46-year-old in the head and a police officer saw the reports from the police and identified the suspect based on a case the officer was working ago on. >> the national league championship series is coming to san francisco tied at one each. they wanted to have a two-game lead but cardinals had other
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plans. after the giants tied at two in the 6th an but a walk off home run from the cardinals gave st. louis the win and fine aol was 5-4. >> it is tough when four pitchers girlfriend up a run and the next is at home, first pitch at 1:00 o'clock at at&t park and game four and five thursday and friday at 5:00. game six and seven, if needed, back in st. louis. a fall favorite is underway. we are talking about the great pumpkin weigh off in half moon bay.
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our reporter is in half moon bay with a preview. good morning, good morning to both of you. it is easy to imagine cinderella using one of these pump kips for a cage because they weigh as much as a small car but today the question is: which pumpkin weighs the most. the winner takes home $6 a pound. time and effort has again and each pumpkin and one estimates he spent 600 hours watering and pruning and nurturing his pumpkin. >> the pumpkins can put on 50 pound as day during the height of the season but they lose ten pound as day when they are cut off the vine. last year the winner said transporting the pumpkin can be the most stress part part. >> you lift it, it great
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he used a different seed this year and does not think he has the same magic of last year to walk away a inwither but you didn't know until all of the pumpkins hit the scale. the weighing begins in an hour and we hope to have the win are announced by electric this morning and all file of the top heavy pumpkins are open display for the pumpkin festival this welcome. thanks, and you saw she dressed for the assignment. i thought she would hold it for us because she is that strong. >> she is that strong. we will check with mike and the forecast. >> show and tell. the monster gourds will be
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weighed in and we will have sun with clouds back at 8:00 and down to 67. that will cool us off throughout the day along the coast. our water temperatures are running in the upper 50's to low 60's and they are cooling as we get deeper into autumn and subis fought there to keep us warp. large swells through the afternoon and strong rip currents. the fire danger was supposed to end but now it goes through 11 o'clock. this is the last day to see 90's in the forecast for a long time. 80's away the bay. 70's along the coast. we will look at the accident in brentwood that is eastbound along highway 4 with a vehicle that is possible blocking one
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lane and maybe blocking two lanes but along the westbound direction we are not seeing any problems approaching brentwood so this is close to discovery bay. we have heavy conditions along the altamont pass and i will look at that and drive time traffic in the next report. new this morning, one of the leading candidates in the race if oakland mayor gives back money from a big named contributor and the reason he is saying "thanks, but no thanks." >> and more on the f.a.a. control center fire that crippled flights in and out of chicago. a small town in the national spotlight after a sex hazing scandal involving the high school football team and what the crowd is calling for this
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it has taken two weeks but full air operations have been restored at a suburban chicago control center. a contractor employee deliberately set a fire in the basement of the telecommunications room which forced a shutdown of o'hare and
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midway for an hour and forced the cancellation of thousands of flights. a high school football hazing scandal in new jersey getting nation-wide attention. seven players were arrested over the weekend on charges of aggravated sexual assault and criminal restraint. four victims say they were held against their will in four separate incidents while the defendants improperly touched them in a sexual manner. hundreds of communities members came together add an antibullying rally. >> hopefully because of the courage and the strength and the perseverance of the young men who came forward it will heal the community and heal them. the school superintendent said he does not believe the coaching staff was aware of the incident the head coach said the future coaching at high school is unknown. "good morning america" will have a gulf report at 7:00. a federal judge has struck down alaska's ban on same-sex marriage saying that the
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first-in-the-nation ban violates the constitution's guarantee of due process and equal protection. states can now take the case to the 9th circuit court of appeals but the chances of winning are slim because the court ruled against idaho and nevada on similar laws. an oakland mayoral candidate is running campaign contribution s from a's co-owner and the family. kaplan received $2,100 from the wolfs and that is a no-no. city law bars anyone in contract talks with the city from donating to a canidate from the start of negotiations until six months after the deal is done. two bay area district attorneys from santa clara county and san francisco are supporting a proposition to allow 10,000 prison inmates to apply for early released and
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with change sex nonviolent crimes from felonies to miffs according to our partners, only one other d.a. supports the idea. a poll shows 62 percent of california voters support proposition friend. what gives this october? summer has not left. >> today is the last day. 10- or 15-degrees cooler. a couple of chances of rain. if you are tired of the warm weather, just wait. we will have more cloud cover the next several days. >> now, the winds and the fire danger which will continue until 11 o'clock with 12 miles per hour on mount tamalpais and calm in the oakland hills and four at los gatos. the winds in the lower will vacations are nonexistent or three to five miles per hour and still pretty variable. through the afternoon, they will start to come in from the ocean
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and that will mean a cooling trend. for the rest of us, still warm in the mid-50's to low 60's in the south bay with san jose 61. santa clara around 60. 61 right new in wad wood and alameda at 65. and san pablo is 63. brentwood is 68. danville is 61. novato is 55, and san francisco is 58. check out the exploritorium, high pressure is holding on, and that will be, the flag, will be lassitered facing east toward treasure island with the sea breeze coming back. warm sunshine, last afternoon for that, a chance of rain tuesday into wednesday and, again, friday into saturday. 90 in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and mid-to-upper 80's for the rest of the south bay, and 80 had millbrae and 82 in palo alto and mid-70 along the
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coast and cooler this afternoon and home 80's downtown and south san francisco and we can see a cooling trend this afternoon, also, and nearly 90 through the north bay valley with mid-to-upper 80's at the east bay shore and 90 in castro valley and tonight, temperatures are in the low 50's to low 60's and almost as mild this morning and maybe warmer in the valleys. the winds still blowing and look how quickly the sea breeze take over as we get clouds tonight but inland east bay into the south bay and scattered light showers and after the game it will be still light and at 10:00, the steady rain to the north bay and 7:00 is exiting the south bay. rain comes in while we sleep, most of us will drive on slick streets and driving through the rain in the south bay in the morning. by the afternoon, it is cloudy
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and dry on thursday and friday morning another cold front. more rain. >> a new crash involving three vehicles, headed south of the cordelia interchange with slowing starting to come through before you get toly 12. watch out for that as you maybe the commute to american can beyond. if you are headed to the city, at the mascone center, it will be blocking off howard secret between 3rd and 4th so expect detours and mass transit is detoured and it will last all week right through saturday until 3:00 p.m. causing a damage through the city. be prepared. health officials have a new weapon to stop the spread of ebola. >> soccer store beckham, new at 6 pock, what -- new at 6:30 and what he is planning to do over
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a look from our camera in the east bay hills toward the bay and the bay bridge and look how the bay is so calm and
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glassy. cool down on the way. mike will tell you about that coming up. >> perfect day for the last day of "neat week," and ship tours. what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00? coming up the first person infected with ebola on american soil hospital officials are saying a dallas nurse was wearing full protective gear while treating thomas eric duncan but she contracted the virus. concerns are growing in the dallas area. kaepernick's $10,000 fine for wearing headphones is not stepping others from doing the same thing. patriots quaterback tom producty, and seahawks we quaterback and players with the bengals spotted wearing the other headphones. it is fought clear if they will
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all be fined. the nfl has an exclusive officersorship deal with bose headphones a rival to the beats headphone. >> "gone girl," topped the box office and now could keep the movie momentum going through the end of the year. >> my wife disappeared three days ago. >> "gone girl," details a man whose wife goes missing and it has made $78.3 million 15 days. all the buzz surrounding the movie will help other movies. the idea is that all the people flocking to see "gone girl," will see trailers for other movies to be released and will head back to the theaters hopfully to make up for the first half of the year. morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories.
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not one but two people shot in oak and what we are helping of the investigation taking place right new. a ferry in san francisco crashed into a pie -- the pylon. what happened? >> we will have a couple of chances of rain and close the door on summer all ahead. that is a look at san jose right and 280 headed away from highway 17 with traffic building and a problem with. >> the details when we return.
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re discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning at 6:29. we will look from mount tamalpais camera at the gorgeous bay with the twinkling lights and the sun about to rise. we will cool things down if you have been feeling hot under the collar. hope you had a great weekend.
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we will hear more about the cool off from mike. it will hit the coast this afternoon and spread to the rest of our neighbors tomorrow and we will drop ten or 15 degrees. that is a serious cold front coming our way and brings us light rain. five miles per hour at half moon bay and five miles visibility at half moon bay and the rest of us are unlimited. the air is dry. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais and the ferry ride will be quiet and not too bumpy as the bay is fairly mass-like but if the closer you are to the golden gate bridge. we are in the 40's and 50's and 60's and you will need the we will reach 72 by 7:00, mild inland this evening. >> in the north bay, southbound out of san rafael to 580, the
6:31 am
traffic is starting to heavier and when you get to the baby bobby everyone opens wide up as you make it and san francisco so no problems as we head into solano county this is are we have an accident involving three or four vehicles at red top road approaching highway 12 so we will look at delays until they get the crash cleared, one lane blocked until further notice. 6:31. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left a woman dead and a man in the hospital much it happened at 1:30 this morning on 69th avenue. police believe both victims remain inside a car that appears to been shot up and officers say the woman who died was it is sell times and the map was hit only once and able to round from the seep and taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition with in word on a motive or suspects. >> the coast guard is waiting this morning for drug and alcohol test results from the
6:32 am
crew of a packed ferry that crashed into a pier in san francisco. several passengers are recovering from injuries and we at pier 41 with the latest. >> passengers got a good hard jolt and some people were knocked off their feet, ten people were taken to the hospital come blaming of minor to moderate income and back injuries. the ferry was carrying 230 people when it sideswiped a pylon and backed into another. >> i saw it coming and a lot of people didn't see it coming and it hit the pylon and i saw kids flying and it was bad. >> it backed into the other one. hinted before 6:00 last night at pier 41 in san francisco, the ferry was headed to oakland and the injuries, again, are described as
6:33 am
minor-to-moderate with no mechanical problems found with the ship to investigators are focusing on the crew and trying to figure out why they hit the pylons. the ferry is fine and cleared for go back into service. the coast guard responds to a deadly water emergency in marin county where two fishermen were swept to sea. crews found a man clinging to the rocks. he was rushed to the hospital. the other fishermen was found dead in the water and pronounced dead at the seep. there was a high surf advisory. >> be prepared at this time of year, sneaker waves are much more common now through the winter. >> have a plan and let someone necessity where you are point and when you are back in case something happens. >> crews were called out on a
6:34 am
report that three were swept into the ocean but the third person was a suber and not part of any kind of emergency. in a rare she of political unity the six highest polling candidate in the oakland mayor's race will urge passage of proposition z which is critical to public safety renewing funding for police officers and violence prevention programs in oakland and provides money for emergency response and sets a minimum police staffing level. candidates will work phone banks to talk with voters directly. >> pearl and state health officials are trying to determine how a nurse in texas became infected with ebola virus the first known transmission on united states soil. the nurse is in stable condition among those who treated thomas eric duncan in texas. though are looking into whether they used proper procedures
6:35 am
according to centers for disease control. haz-mat are decontaminating the we nurse's apartment. >> officials have been asked by president obama for move quickly to investigation the prepare of infection control procedures at the hospital. >> nurses in the bay area are upsecret over what they say is a lack of guidelines and safety measures in the treatment of ebola and took their concerns public yesterday outside kaiser permanente medical center in oakland. the yawn wants hands on training and were brother protection for health care providers who are we supposed to ebola virus. kaiser permanente said they are fully prepared to treat parents and providing the utmost recollection if the welcomeers. with ebola virus on everyone's mind a woman suffering from flu like symptoms caused a scare and was sick on the flight from america to los angeles and there was concern she could have ebola. the fire department met the plane at the parent year and the
6:36 am
woman was taken on a stretcher to a secure location. show was believed it have visited west africa but that turned out to be south south africa. officials believe she had airsickness and there was no link to ebola. soccer superstar david beckham will raise awareness on the spread of ebola virus in a new ad campaign shown across west africa where soccer is responsible and he is familiar face. in the ad, beckham is an ambassador for unicef will highlight ways to stop the spread. 4,000 have been killed by the virus. this are daily developments and other breaking news at our news app from apple app and google play with more information at gourd growing gather on the san mateo coast. we are at the half moon bay
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pumpkin weigh off to so which gourd takes home the top honors. police tracked a stolen prosthetic insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. back at 6:40 and the holy gourd at half moon bay with the
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weigh in at 7:00 and increasing clouds and temperatures top out in the low-to-mid 70's and fall in the morning into the afternoon as the sea breeze comes back to the $30,000 in necessity beat the old record on weight. we have large swells through the afternoon and strong republic occur helps and sneaker waves. you can see the sunshine breaking, and temperatures are nine degrees warmer in san francisco and 11 to 15 for the rest of the us and 80's and 90's last another day in the forecast. we have strong surf in southern california if you are headed that way and temperatures in the mid-70's to 80's and san diego and los angeles and 5 and such >> mass transit could be the way to go today with ace train 3, 5 and 7 all running on time. we now head in toward foster city and it looks like the san
6:41 am
mateo bridge is moving along without problem. >> we have a microphone problem but we will could -- come back to you. >> the san mateo bridge looked fine no problems at all with more ahead. >> dads and the economy. coming up, the big money boost for membership who become fathers. >> not the ending the giants fans hoped for some st. louis as the orange october torcher returns to the bay
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:4. the giants are back. not bail kind. but they are back. we are talking gourds. also orange. >> our reporter is half moon bay with the great pumpkin weigh off kicking off this morning. some are orange. some are not. tiffany? >> good morning, there are pumpkins. and then there are pumpkins. this bad boy falls into that second category, talking about carving they will earlier i think you want a chainsaw but nobody is talking about jack o'lanterns. how were do they weigh?
6:45 am
there is big money at stake. for the winner they get $6 a pound so a thousand times pumpkin $6,000, you get the idea. if the pumpkin breaks the record which is over 2,000 pounds the winner receives $30,000 check. a lot has again into each mammoth squash. rob estimates he put in 600 hours on his baby. >> there is a specific strategy to focus the energy into the joyant pumpkin so we have one pumpkin per plant and everyone thinks ought leaves, you must have thousands of pumpkin. no, one pimp kin per plant. >> the scary part of the growing is weapon they have to cut i off at the vine and transport it here. all of the purpose kips have arrived intact and the weighing begins in a couple of minutes
6:46 am
and then the five heaviest pumpkins are on display if the pumpkin festival. >> thank you, new this morning, the nobeh rise for economics is awarded to a french economics professor today for the research on market power and regulation. the graduate's work focused on challenges that regulators face because they don't have access to the same information that many firms they regulate do have access to. man's prosthetic leg after taking it off in the eagles game
6:47 am
because it was hurting. police found the leg on a train a few hours later. >> the police department did their job because they recovered it and they have spread of a female with the leg. >> police are still looking for the woman who was reportedly wearing eagles gear. trading is underway on wall street. we will see if the dow can get back into positive territory. early look at the numbers show the dow is up about 29 points to 16573. >> iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus users can pay for things by next week after a memo was leaked sent to wall friend employ ease over the launch of apple pay open saturday, but it is not clear if this is only at walgreen or if it will be more widespread. apple pay allows customers to tap the phone to pay for purchases at the checkout. >> becoming a father means changing diapers but it also
6:48 am
means making more money. according to city university of new york, fathers make 40 percent more than men who don't have kids. researchers say dads are older and more established and demand a higher salary. they also say men without kids are more likely to accept part time jobs than father's. >> fans of the orange and black think they ready had two. >> almost. the giants are coming home to host the in three gays after drop -- games after dropping a tough one. >> they hoped the team would come home from st. louis with a two game lead in the series. >> fans rode an emotional roller coaster and then the cardinals smacked a walk off homer off
6:49 am
romo and that is it. the series is tied one each. fans are moving forward to tomorrow help the series comes to at&t park. the next three games in the series are at home and the best of seven series, first pitch at 1:00 o'clock at at&t and games four and five thursday and friday at 5:00 p.m. and games 6 and 7 if needed are back in st. louis. it would be great to do it here. we don't went to go back to st. louis. >> no, we don't. we don't want to go back there and have toasted ravioli. >> frozen custard. >> whoa! >> we still don't want to go back. >> we will get the game of last night thinking the high
6:50 am
fire danger would end at 5:00, well, just a minute we will keep it through look, the east bay hills have winds gusty. we have 12 in mount tamalpais and four in los gatos and it is common in oakland hills so the wind is trending slower. mountain view and san jose is still ming offshore. at bart stations we have some temperatures: dress warmer for dublin/pleasanton at 51. 55 in walnut creek, concord, 56 in union city and fremont and 68 in san lenadro and 63 in oakland and 65 in san francisco. from mount tamalpais, beautiful this morning, and warm sunshine but the last afternoon and first front comes through on tuesday night into wednesday and brings a chance of rain and cooler conditions and then another can of rain and keep the cool
6:51 am
conditions so today is the last day we see 90's and southern surge gets to santa cruz at 76 and falling and mid-to-upper 80's through the south bay and san jose and cupertino at 88 and 82 at palo alto and mid-to-upper 80's for most of the peninsula and temperatures falling this afternoon and same for downtown south san francisco and home 80's and sausalito we falling temperatures and inland we will be in the upper 80's to low 90 and mid-to-upperrity long the east bay shoreline to 90 in castro valley and upper 80's to 90's inland east bay. tonight, an offshore wind but right at the coast and localized sea breeze develops and we are cooler today and look what happens when the sea breeze is over, we are cloudy tomorrow with drizzle possible near the coast and scattered light showers throughout the day and 10:00 the steady light rain in the north bay and 2:00 through the heart of the bay and exit the south bay so if you are not raining during the commute it
6:52 am
probably rain before that and the streets are wet. >> when we get to wednesday afternoon, clouds and 15 to 20 degrees cooler than today and we are dry and seasonably cool on thursday and the chance of rain open friday night into saturday and the rest of the weekend is looking dry. look how slow this is headed out of hayward to foster city, just a lost traffic although it is a holiday so that will take you approximately 13 minutes to make it across the water from hayward to foster city. we have a planned new accident along 80 university through berkeley and i will have a map in a m but i take you up to slap know -- solano county down to 29 machine with backup from highway 12 from fairfield approaching red top road and closer to green valley road at three to four vehicles involved in the
6:53 am
accident. we are back with seven things to know before you go. stay tuned. hey john check it out. whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity.
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whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, the crew of a san francisco ferry that ran into pier 41 is given drug and alcohol tests. the coast guard says there is nothing mechanically wrong with
6:55 am
the ferry and the focus and on the crew. ten suffered moderate to minor injuries. >> federal and state investigators in texas continue to look for the cause of the first transmission of ebola virus on issue -- united states soil. a nurse who cared for thomas eric duncan has contracted the virus but no one knows how. giants fans are looking ahead to tomorrow after a tough loss with four home runs and we history to st. louis by one run in the bottom of the 9th on the walk off. game three is at at&t park tomorrow. one game each the became is at 1:00 o'clock p.m. >> sales force is difficulting off the dream force event in san francisco and 135,000 people are expected to attend and another three million are expected to take part online. the weekend saw the completion of the $1 million hack-a-thon where developers competed to
6:56 am
build the best mobile app. >> great pumpkins are rolling in to half moon bay for the weigh off that attracts the big of gourds from all over the country and the winner from napa county, 1,985 pounds more than a smart car. i have post add forecast for the competition with warmer-than-average temperatures with sun and 90's inland, 80's around the bay and 70's at the coast and cooler this afternoon. >> we have a crash northbound 17 blocking one lane and we have this in berkeley that is causing delays westbound 80 at university avenue, a crash blocks one lane with delays from the hoffman split and busy through solano necessity county -- solano county. >> back in 25 minutes with news is weather and traffic during "good morning america" and have find a dentist through us,
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good morning, america. and breaking news. the hero nurse, the first person infected with ebola in this country, now in isolation this morning. hazmat crews at her apartment. her neighbors on high alert. >> please be advised that a health care worker who lives in your area has tested positive for the virus. >> the race now to find who else may be infected. and the investigation into how this deadly disease can spread again. also breaking news as we come on the news in the west. deadly weather hitting austin. one person killed, four injured as 30 million americans face severe weather this monday. a bouncy house has blown away and landed back down. >> new this morning, bounce house horror. two young boys severely in


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