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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 13, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. how does the weather look as we start the new week, mike? >> it is columbus day. some kids are out. it will be warm. the last warm day. did you get the mosquito over there? >> no! >> still flying around. live doppler hd shows absolutely nothing right now. from the south we will see clouds. that means cool be will hit this afternoon the coast and san francisco but, it will be up to 82. inland, the last day of 90, at 92. and warm around the bay up to 88. will you have trouble on the roads? leyla gulen? one progress at the san mateo bridge. this is a nice drive, though,
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from hayward to foster city crass the water only nine minutes. interest concord we have this accident involving a car that flipped. eastbound highway 4 at port chicago highway is blocking a lane and now we are seeing delays pulling away from 242. the driver get out of the vehicle and is walk around so maybe we do not have severe injuries. it looks like traffic is slowing and we have crews headed to the seen and it will cause more slowing and spectator slowing westbound. you will remember charlie brown and the great pumpkin but today half moon bay hopes to have the greatest pumpkin of all as far as size. the great pumpkin weigh off attracts the biggest gorge from all over the country and gourd expert has a preview. thank you, the stars of the show have just started to arrive
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and you can see a monster pumpkin behind me the contenders have two very big goals: they want to smash the record and they hope to beat the world record. last year's winner was over 1,900 pounds. that is more than a small car. the world record, however, tipped the scales at over 2,032. massive. they are competing for big money, first place takes home $6 a pound. if they break the world record it is working $30,000. this year, the drought could play a factor is we will find out more from a grower. rob, what goes into growing a pumpkin of this size? >> growing a pumpkin of this side starts with having the right soil. just the right genes in the seed. a last time and patience. >> it requires a lot of water.
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did the drought have an impact? >> a lot of the growers in the northern valley had issues with drought. where i live we have a well so it did not bother me this career >> the top prize contenders are here through the weekend for the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival something worth checking out. the coast guard is waiting for the drought result of drug and alcohol results of the ferry after it ran into a pier. there were 232 passengers and it backed into a piling at pier 31.
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there were no mechanical issues and now they are looking to see if human error is to blame. bicyclist died after being hit by a car on interstate 80 at the westbound lane after 10:00 last night. the highway patrol close three of four lanes while they investigated. >> a little girl is on life support after falling into a backyard pool. the four-year-old from san lenadro was with family visiting relatives and she fell in at 11:30 and the parents were inside the home with relatives and police say it appears the child just wandered into the backyard and fell into the pool. >> miss have arrested a man accused of assaulting two people near the plaza. 27-year-old from san jose punched a 63-year-old man in the face and ran away and two days
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later eight a for instance-year-old in the head. police officer saw the reports from mountain view police and identified the suspect based on another case. he is held now on multiple assault charges. >> the ebola virus dominates the news and investigators are trying to energy how a nurse in texas became infected. two cases put emergency workers on alert this evening. >> thomas eric duncan died last week but it lives on. officials are monitoring 50 people in contact with him. >> this morning be the first known transmission of ebola virus in the united states a nurse who cared for thomas eric duncan has contracted the disease. the hospital says the measure was wearing full protective gear, a face mack, two layers of flood, two covers and leg covers
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but she getç infected. centers for disease control officials say the only was exposed because of a preach of protocol. she may not be the only person. >> unfortunately, it is possible in the coming days we will see additional cases. >> she started showing symptom on friday and drove her sell to the hospital. they are trying to determine would she had contact with. one happen placed in isolation. >> it is scary. >> be advise add health care worker who lives in your area has tested positive for ebola virus. >> the centers for disease control issued guidelines to hospitals for identifying and freeing ebola virus some worries are confused. >> when the measures are in--
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nurses are infected they are blamed for not following protocol. >> ebola virus is ruled out for a passenger who was sick on a flight and a patient in boston who was back from west africa. hospitals nationwide are stepping up measures to deal with ebola virus there are only four hospitals in the country equipped to respond to the virus: st. patrick hospital in montana, the natural institute of health in maryland, emory hospital in atlanta, and a hospital in nebraska, oklahoma. >> people in california have the third highest medical debt in the united states behind new york and texas. part of that is because of inaccurate bills. for example, among 224 claims
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that california pacific mailed, 72 percent of the billed has mistakes and hospital overcharged medicare by 39 percent. ropers suggest patients check their statements carefully and take advantage of free state support for contesting medical bills. a man accused of disasterring the wildfire that devastated a town will appear in court. police arrested reason amend marshall on arson over the weekend. he is held on $250,000 bail. he is responsible for the fire that destroyed 150 homes and buildings in the small community last month. investigators have not said how or why he started the fire. >> the championship series is coming to san francisco tied at one each. the giants wanted it go to game three with the lead but the cardinals had other plans. the 4th home run was hit,
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putting the cardinals up 1-30 and the giants tide at two in the 6th and an r.b.i. an tie it but a walk off home run guinness the win at 5-4 cardinals with game three at at&t park. tomorrow. >> after the loss, one word comes to find: tuesday. >> giants fans enjoyed a few chances to clear as they rode the roller coaster. the next game is scheduled if tuesday when the series moves to at&t the next three games in the bet of seven series. the next flee games are at home for the giants with first pitch
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at 1:00 o'clock at at&t park and hudson is on the mount. game four and five are wednesday and thursday start at action, and game six and seven, if needed, back in st. louis next weekend. >> what is the weather going to be like for the championship series? >> the fall classic will feel like fall with temperatures barely in the low 70's in san francisco and increasing clouds but they will get the game in. the weather is one to three degrees above average. in the afternoon the temperatures will drop. we still have large swells at 11' to 13' and sneaker waves in afternoon. no worries at the golden gate bridge and, in fact, we do not have any fog. that is why we have tremendous microclimates at 46 to 62 from the north bay valley.
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and 68 at the coast and 88 inland and man could top out at 90 for the last day and 64 to 72 if you are headed out you will need the coast but not the umbrella. wednesday morning cop mute is going to be most effective and the temperature is 10- to 20-degrees cooler by wednesday. >> today is columbus day. we are tracking traffic to see if it will be lighter than expected. not so in concord. now we have a sig-alert because of a flipped vehicle. a sig-alert is blocking off 2420 and coming off of eastbound highway 4 to port chicago highway blocked until further notice. lanes are going to be issue down but in the westbound direction it does not appear to be causing delays. swinging over to the altamont pass at 23 miles per hour
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leaving tracy we are on the brakes at 30 miles per hour through vasco from tracy to dublin it will take 40 minutes. >> gas prices are still going down and the america's money report is next. >> subjecting the when at super high speeds and new technology samsung is rolling out. >> rival, apple, says there is more to come and what they plan to were veil later this week.
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, traffic is likely to be heavy as san francisco's biggest convention kicks off with 140,000 people expected to attend dream force 14, at mascone center, the technical conference with former secretary of state hillary clinton a key note speaker. barely a month since apple launched iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus but they could unveil a new product on thursday accord ing to time, they will show off the latest ipad and analysts say it could be one with a fingerprint sensor or possibly coming in gold.
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>> prices at the pump decline. >> the record company will release a marshmellow scented album. good morning, topping america's money, lower gas prices with the average price at $3.20 more than 20 cents less than a month ago. the stock market is open although it is columbus day and last week's roller coaster wiped out all gains for the year. >> "gone girl," is still first place at the box office. "dracula," brought in $24 million and "the horrible and very bad day," not so bad at $19 million. and new version of a theme song from "ghost busters."
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that is america's money. new technology could change how we subthe when because samsung has new wi-fi technology feist times faster than the fastest speeds clay claiming you can transfer a movie between devices in three seconds. they plan to incorporate the new wi-fi technology in a wide range of products by next year. >> federal judge struck down the ban on same-sex marriage the oldest ban in the country. the judgment said yesterday the 1998 been violates the constitution's guarantee of equal protection for all and the state could now take -- it will be the 30th state where same-sex marriage can occur, and alaska will take this to the court of appeals but the chants are slim because the cord rules against similar cases in idaho and nevada.
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>> america city will end the ban on cell phones fulfilling a campaign rome made by the mayor giving no date for ending the game but for parents it is very important to know how to reach their kids. northwest new york cities ignore the ban if they are out of sight but at the 88 city school buildings where metal weapons are inspections occur, they are not allowed. >> a scatter chance of showers tomorrow and at 1:00 o'clock, though, we will be fine and wednesday it is late enough we will be fine, just significantly cooler. broad flag warning extended until look for our north bay mountain and east bay hills and santa cruz mountains above 1,000' expiring at action, and
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now it has been extended. our winds are gusting around 10 at atlas peak and los gatos at four and oakland hills are calm. the wind are not out of criminal, and lower elevations a breed -- bodega bay and everyone else in the home 50's. san ramon is 55. brentwood is 67. san jose and newark at 57, as well. mid-60's for alameda and san francisco. check out half moon bay at 52. and 55 degrees at cupertino. look how clear it is and the reflection shows the bay like glass. warm sunshine, the last afternoon for that, chance of
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rain, tomorrow, wednesday morning, another chance friday night saturday morning. today we are in the mid-to-upper 80's and los gatos and low-to-mid 80's most of the peninsula and redwood city and to lows altos, 87 and millbrae is 80. and temperatures fall in the afternoon with a sea breeze developing and same in downtown and south san francisco and home 80's and nearly 90 in the north bay valley and mid-to-upper 80's along the east bay shore and upper 80's to nearly 90 inland east bay neighborhood. winds are still blowing offshore but notice how they relax and the clouds spread with drizzle possible tomorrow and light scattered showers and at 5:00 the bulk of the rain is coming in overnight, midnight at north bay and through 7:00 in the south by. then it is over. we will see increasing sun and temperatures by when are 15 or
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15 degrees cooler than today. we will hang with those helpfuls, 70's away from the coast and 60 through the weekend. in the north bay with travel along 101 from santa rosa and rohnert park we are at top speeds and green conditions. as we continue, southbound from marine wood, san rafael, no delays, we could see a tap on the break northbound along the golden gate bridge but it is clear through marin. we have a sig-alert in concord, eastbound highway 4 at port chicago highway involving one vehicle that is flipped and we are seeing delays and a connection from 242, port chicago highway, is shut down until further notice headed along in the when direction traffic is not affected. 101 pulling away from 880 in the behalf ground and traffic is clear. you will not be late at san jose airport for a flight to catch.
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>> stay tuned.
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support both mental sharpness and physical energy with berocca. proud sponsor of mind and body. >> he are seven things to know: the crew of a san francisco ferry boat rammed into a piling on pier 41 and has been given drug and alcohol defendants. ten people of the 232 complained of injuries. federal and state investigators continue to look for the cause of the first transmission of ebola virus on united states soil. a nurse who cames for thomas eric duncan who died of ebola virus last week has contracted the virus but neither she or investigators know how. three, giants fans are looking to tomorrow, game three after a tough loss last night, four giants pitchers each gave
5:25 am
up a run. game three at at&t park is tomorrow. demonstrators held another protest in st. louis this morning after police arrested 17 people over the weekend. hundreds gathered at the site where an 18-year-old map was killed by an officer two months after the michael brown shooting in ferguson. >> five, time for the great pumpkin weigh off in half moon bay which attracted the big ever gourds from all over the country. winner from napa county was 1,100 -- 1,900 pounds. heavier than a smart car. >> is today the last day of summer? we have had report warm the but rain is on the way. seven, we have a sig-alert and otherwise, we have quiet
5:26 am
conditions across the bay area but the sig-alert is in concord with a flipped vehicle blocking the lanes and port chicago highway is affected from 232 with details and the accident near the altamont pass. many people put on dancing shoes and enjoyed live music in downtown vallejo. the house band at the theater provided the sound track for the earthquake fundraiser and 46 different munitions came telling to help people trying to rebuild from the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked the north bay in august. >> a lot of people are in the area and we know that napa got a lot of a but not everyone knows vallejo and american canyon were affected and we want to help them out. >> organizers are working with
5:27 am
the salvation army to help families who cannot afford repairs. >> we will have a full 90 minutes of news including breaking news. >> two people were shot in oakland with the details we are lending of the police investigation that is underway at this ring ring! progresso! i forgive you. you do? it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself.
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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they often say, "i wish i had done this sooner." don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hope you had a great week. thanks for joining us at 5:29. >> look at the columbus day forecast. mike? it is a holiday for some. here is a look at visibility. the cloud cover develop along the coast and half moon bay at three miles per hour. the rest of us are clear. i will open up the weather window from the east baileys and it is calm and clear.
5:30 am
the port of oakland to san francisco and as far as our forecast, the last warm to hot forecast with hotspots inland at 87 to 92 and around bay above average at 82 to 88 and coast and san francisco is 74 to 82 and the sea breeze will kick in so the temperatures will start to fall late this afternoon and the rest of us will have a cooling trend and the rain, two times in the forecast. we have a new accident. on the bayview on-ramp in rim monday to westbound 580. we have a vehicle blocking a lane. there are no delays so far but we have a brand new accident and the sig-alert in concord. right now as we look at the toll plaza traffic is light getting across the water only taking you five minutes. drive time traffic, tracy to dublin is 43 minutes in the when direction of highway 4,
5:31 am
influence antioch and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco, still quick. break overnight, oakland police are vetting a shooting that left a woman dead and a man in the hospital happening around 1 pock at 69th. both victims were inside a car that was shot up. the woman would died was it is-times and the man was only hit once. hes with able to run from the seen and taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. no word on a motive or suspects. >> the coast guard is waiting for drug and alcohol test results from the crew of a packed ferry that crashed in san francisco. several passengers are recovering from injuries. amy? >> investigators are focusing on the crew because they could not fine mechanical problems with the ferry. 10 people were taken to the
5:32 am
hospital after the crash mostly complaining of neck and back pain. the ferry backed into a pie -- into a pylon and it was described as "scary." >> saw it coming. a lot of people didn't see it. hit the pylon. kids were mying. it was bad. >> i fell on the edge of the counter with a good bruise. the injuries range from minor to moderate and this were 230 passengers on board the ferry headed to oakland. the ship is fine. it has been cleared for operation. it is the crew that is still under investigation. a tragedy off the coast of marin county has officials warning, again, of dangers of
5:33 am
sneaker ways. a fisherman died and his come panup was hospitalized after they were swept to sea off southern rodeo beach. the survivor was clinging desperately to the rocks. the autumn time is especially treacherous for sneaker waves. federal and state health officials are trying to determine how a nurse in texas became infected with ebola virus the first known transmission, ever, on united states soil. the nurse is in stable condition among those who treated thomas eric duncan, the liberian man who died of ebola virus last week in texas. the centers for disease control is looking if the hop has proper procedures. haz-mat craws are decontaminating the nurse's apartment in dallas. health officials in southern california say a sick passenger who prompted a scare at l.a.x.
5:34 am
was not at risk for ebola virus and got sick while on a united flight from america to los angeles and vomiting is showing flu-like symptoms. the blown -- plane was diverted to a remote runway. the woman had traveled to south africa but not west can. other passengers released in two hours. >> president obama was briefed on the second case of ebola in dallas. the president asked officials to move as quickly as possible investigating the preach of infection criminal procedures. bay area nurses of going public with complaints of "lack of guidelines," in the treatment of ebola. the yawn samed a demonstration outside kaiser permanente in oakland. >> all nurses in the united states should be treated the
5:35 am
same and given the same personal protections the nurses and health care provider are given in. ry and -- in emory and nebraska. >> they want happened on training and presentations. kaiser permanente is prepared to treat ebola cases and providing protection if workers. >> you can get instant alerts on the crisis with abc7 news app free to download at apple app and google play. we have more information at in a rare she of political unity the six highest candidates in the oakland mayor race will appear to urge passing proposition z which is seen as a critical public safety miles an hour. it renews funding for police officers and violence prevention programs in oakland, provides money if emergency response and
5:36 am
it sets a minimum police staffing level. candidates work phone backs to talk with voters directly on the proposition z. >> giants are headed home for the championship series after dropping a tough one with fans hoping the team would come home from stimulus with a two-game lead. >> fans were on the emotional roller coaster in the top of the 9th when they saw the cardinals smack a walk off homer off romo. >> up-and-down. all over the haze. we thought we had 'em. we were in. we were out. nobody knows. that's baseball. >> in the end the better team pulled it out.
5:37 am
>> the series is tied at one each and giants fans are looking forward to tuesday when it moves back to at&t park if the three games and the best of seven series starting at 1:00 o'clock p.m. >> sports rivalry was not sportsman like egging a san diego charger bus as it arrived yesterday for the game against the raiders. this image was tweeted, and the players were surprised but they laughed it off. the nobel rise for economics has been awarded to a french procedure for his research on market power and regulation. the graduate focused on challenges regulators face because they don't have the access to the same information that many firms they regulate have access to. he has been searching the issue
5:38 am
since the 1980's. >> columbus day is not the same without the world champion pumpkin weigh off in half moon bay. this is a look at the event open main street, with some of the lovely entries putting on their best face, considered the super bowl of weigh offs getting underway later this morning featuring superstar gourd growing pumpkins. $30,000 is offered for a new world record. last year the winner was 1,985 just short of the world record of 2,100 pounds. >> they charge you for taking a picture with the winning gourd. such an honor for the pump kip.
5:39 am
maybe further identity they can take the picture for free. >> pretty impressive. >> we are 69 at 7:00, so a quick warming and look what is lurking, the clouds are coming up as the single develops and it is 71 and then cooling through the day at 69 at 9:00 and ending at 11 o'clock with 67 degrees and increasing clouds. sunny start. cloudy ending. at the coast, enjoy the warmth in the water, only one to three degrees before average and we still have rip currents, sneaker waves and 11' swells through the afternoon, possibly up to 13'. >> we are from the mid-40's in the north bay develop to let 60's in downtown san francisco. quite a spread. the peninsula is 72 up north and 80 already inland by noon and 68 at the coast at 4:00, and 84 everyone at the bay and 88 inland and all of us in the 60's
5:40 am
after the 7:00 hour. moving failure, the front we have been talking about is coming in and we have showers tomorrow evening, scattered better chance of light rain through wendesday's commute and it will be dry but autumn like on thursday. looks like walnut creek is building up a little bit headed southbound away from pleasant hill and north of there we have troubles with a sig-alert in affect because an overturned car and east way highway 4, at port chicago highway with one blocked off from 242 and westbound traffic is not aticketted but it is further to the back where we have delays through antioch. from 180 that is where we will fine the heavy traffic and then it dissipates. >> next, "neat week," celebrations rap up in san francisco with the main
5:41 am
attraction with all skies eye scar. >> 49ers fan hoping to take home a piece of the candlestick this week is the last shot to own history. >> terror with a bounce house that goes airborne. you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ [ beep ]
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:44. oscar pistorius is back in court for the first time since being convicted of homicide for the negligent killing of his girlfriend. police officers escorted the runner into court in south africa this morning. the sentencing hearing is expected to last several days and will determine whether he served jilt time, up to 15 years or walks out a free man. the prosecution says oscar pistorius shot rove reef during an argument on valentine's day and he claimed he mistook her phone an intruder. >> scenes in hong kong as hundreds opposing the pro democracy occupation try to tear tonight barricades forming a human chain. they rushed at each other. the profits have been held for
5:45 am
two weeks in hong kong. demonstrators demand free election and removal of the chief executive while china wants control over the candidates who can stand in the election in 2017. blue angels put on quite a show for a million people. it was the highlight of fleet week. one of many spectacle taxpayer drew huge crowds this week. mostly, the blue angels were where it was. >> we geek out on that, even those in the service. >> it reminds us of the hard working men and women fighting for the country and what is going on, lip, right now overseas. >> this is the first fleet week since 12 -- 2012. it was canceled last week because of sequestration of funding. we have a schedule of evens on
5:46 am investigators believe a mechanical problem is to policemen if a crash that killed a teen girl during a hayride in maine. a jeep pulling a wagon failed stop before it rolled down a hill and hit a tree. more than 20 people were hurt. they are expected to survive. a house of horrors, a bounce house of horrors at halloween festival with winds blowing it 50' into the air. two small children 2 and 3ees old suffered serious injuries. it is plaintiffed it was not tied down. others say it was not open to the public but the bounce house was inflated to dry out. this is the last chance to take home memorial bowlia from candlestick including sticks. the candlestick is tomorrow to the 49ers and giants will face
5:47 am
the wrecking ball. the final day to buy is when. the seats goes for $749, but a lot more for those autographed by former players. we know people, we can probably get mike shumann to sign it for free. >> we could. well...we would have to pay $749 for the seat but he would sign it. because we know people. >> we think. >> how well did you know him? >> pretty well. on tuesday we start the rest of the series. >> we will see 1:00 o'clock increasing clouds and a stray light shower is possible and the rain will come through after the first game is over and before the second game begins on wednesday so a tight window but a weak system. light wouldn'ts in the lower elevation at 3 to 6 miles per hour in most neighborhoods but
5:48 am
in the hills it is breezy and the national weather service extended the red-flag warping until 11 o'clock this morning and santa cruz mountains and east bay hills and north bay mountains above 100' we have critical fire conditions. be careful. as far as the peninsula we are 49 in palo alto and wood side and menlo park, 51 and wad wood is 53, and 57 in san mateo, check out belmont and headed out right now you will run interest mid-60's degree weather and mid-it is around hayward and antioch at 63 and san francisco is 6 a and san ramon is chilly at 52 and santa rosa at 50, and napa at 47, the cool spot, and from sutro tower, it is clear in san francisco, all the way to the lights on the east bay. warm sunshine, but the last one we will have, summer stops after today. chance of rain is tuesday and wednesday and another chance on friday and saturday and not much has changed. it is just how were we will get.
5:49 am
first, we will talk about the temperatures, 92 at gilroy, and the surge will hit santa cruz and keep you 76 if a high and you will fall during the afternoon and mid-to-upper 80's through the south bay and cupertino and san jose at 88 and 80 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 80's for the rest of peninsula and mid-soviets along the coast and, again, the temperatures fall in the afternoon and downtown and south san francisco is when we top out at low-to-mid 80's and same in sausalito and bodega bay, you will fall later in the afternoon and low 90 through the north bay valley and mid to you per 80's along the east bay shore and upper 80's to low 90's. temperatures are milder this morning especially inland with 50's and 60's. notice the clouds and drizzle is possible but light for the commute and there is the cold
5:50 am
front in the not by at 10:00, the heart of by at 2:00 and in the south by at 7:00. the south bay could be affected most by the height rain during the commute and the rest of us will have wetness on streets. notice the temperatures by wednesday, ten to 15 degrees cooler and they language in those levels through the weekend. >> the metering lights have been turns on and we have a problem, a car lost a tire at up of the poll pleases so you do have a bit of a jam at one of the toll plazas. they do not tell us which one but with the metering lights turned on we have more traffic trying to make it into san francisco from the east bay. in san jose, a brand new crash at northbound 101 at at almost elsewhere.
5:51 am
kristen? >> cash or credit? i may never be the same after the next innovation debuts on saturday. apple pay will allow phone phone users -- iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus users to use their phone as a wallet. >> the customers can tap out the iphone to pay for purchases and mcdonald's and macy's and staples are other launch partners. >> the creepy new trend that has people spooked in san joaquin county. >> a small town in the nationwide spotlight as it faces a sex hazing scandal and what community members are calling
5:52 am
reg the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper
5:53 am
in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46. ♪ ♪ with 5 perfectly sweetened whole grains, you can't help but see the good. look for big g cereals with money saving offers
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on these breakfast favorites and give your budget a boost. in southern california, a same-sex couple headed to the altar for a second time after the first wedding was interrupted by heckler yelling slurs. the couple said "i do," on saturday in san diego county, a do over the idea of a resident who heard of the first ceremony being ruined and felt moved to do something. the couple did not know what to expect and worried about having another heckler. the anxiety of what if it happened and how do we respond, nothing happened. a lot of love. a lot of love. >> most of gifts donate add gift or service or offered to help. the hotel staff said they went above and beyond to make sure the ceremony turned out perfectly. >> a creepy new friend is
5:55 am
freaking people out in the san joaquin valley dressing up as menacing looking clowns starting as an art project on insurance gram -- on instagram and new there are copycats. bakersfield police have received several reports of scary clowns in the last few days. a lost kids. rebel a few adults. behind you? that is the creepy sound you remember. from everyville it looks gorgeous. it will not look so clean the next couple of days with light rain in the forecast. i'm officially calling an end to summer we will see 90's and a
5:56 am
few 90 but not 10- or 15-degrees warmer than average after today. high subadvisory headed to southern california with the clouds coming around here and 75 at san diego and 86 in los angeles and low-to-mid 90's in sacramento and fresno and 75 in lake tahoe. safely -- safe eastbound highway 4 but that, now, is again with delays in the westbound direction as you pull away from bay point and head into concord. a couple of other bay area bridges including the san mateo and dutch dumb and to the north the san mateo moving at top speed with slowing approaching the tolls and to the south is the dumbarton and that is 62 mile across but you will find delays' you get there at 880.
5:57 am
in kuala lumpur there is what quite a splash, parachuting into a pool. this video shows a team of base jumpers crashing a pool party after dropping 1,100' from the famous kuala lumpur tower. john van horn and the buddies are always looking for exciting sites and they aimed at the rooftop pool hotel party. >> a leading candidate for oakland mayor runs a contribution from a major backer and what is leading a "no thanks," to the cash. kaepernick is not the only star possibly facing a fine for wear the wrong brand of headphones.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. health care worker diagnosed with ebola virus, this wasn't supposed to happen. a report on what may have gone wrong and the new fears spreading. cameras were there as injured ferry passengers are rushed to the hospital in san francisco. the accident along the busy water front and what went wrong. >> how would you like like to ce you have giant pumpkins? we have a fall favorite festival underway. >> when they get that beg you just take a picture and admire them. >> if you carve you need a chainsaw. exactly. i have a chainsaw.


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