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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> his roommate has been shot. i believe he was hiding in the closet. >> reporter: a young woman suffered a critical chest wound and her ex-boyfriend was dead apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> had he made threats, was she afraid of him? >> based on the initial accounts i have from the police officers that were at the scene, no, the interaction that the police officers observed between the two were all cordial. there was no verbal arguing. >> reporter: at 8:30 last night, police received the first 911 call but the victim hung up when it seemed the situation was resolved. at 9:15, she called again. officers responded and persuaded the man to leave. at 10:00, another call. the suspect was arrested for public intoxication but he stayed in jail for just a few hours. at 4:00 a.m., another 911 call. police allowed the man to pack
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up some belongings, then watched him leave. at 5:00 a.m., the call came in, shots fired. >> the police officers acted within policy. when they were able to make an arrest, they did. he was under the influence of alcohol in a public place, unable to care for himself, and they made arrests and he was booked in the county jail and held there for several hours. he unfortunately returned and committed this act later in the morning. >> reporter: a neighbor told abc 7 news the woman had recently apologized to them for previous disturbances involving the ex-boyfriend. she told them he was no longer allowed to live in the apartment. in san francisco, laura anthony, abc 7 news. police on the peninsula are intensifying their search for a man who exposed himself in public yesterday after a new incident this morning. this is a sketch released by palo alto police just an hour ago. it is of a man who exposed himself to a woman yesterday. he was inside a white bmw without proper plates. this man matches the description of a man who flashed two women outside a pete's coffee in
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belmont this morning. the man was inside a white bmw that was marked or parked, rather, on el camino royale. >> they had gone in to get coffee and there's a large window. from what the victims told us, they made eye contact with the suspect, who was looking at them, when they were looking out the window. >> police may be looking for a second flasher. this is a sketch of a man with a different description which exposed himself to two girls on monday and wednesday in palo alto. a former walnut creek police officer is sentenced t ed to a of home detention for attacking a woman with a baseball bat. gregory thompson resigned from the force after being charged with assault and vandalism stemming from the assault in august. he pleaded guilty to attacking the woman and smashing her car windows outside his father's vacant home in richmond. president obama is in the bay area again right now. he arrived about an hour ago for a fund-raiser this evening and
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traffic is already an issue. cornell bernard is live at san francisco international with the story. >> reporter: the president arrived at sfo about 3:45 today and he was aboard air force one which is parked here at a secure location on the tarmac. mr. obama seemed pretty happy to be back in the bay area. he was greeted by senator barbara boxer and congresswoman anna eschew, took time to greet donors and even hold a baby. he has a full schedule in san francisco and drivers, you can expect big traffic headaches during his visit. long before the president's arrival, traffic was already pretty painful in downtown san francisco. just ask anyone stuck in the gridlock. >> i have been talking about it all morning. it's awful. i should be riding my bicycle. >> reporter: the worst traffic culprit is here, third and howard. it shut down for sales's dream force convention now taking on a world of its own. >> howard street isn't just
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closed. it's gone green, completely landscaped with a fake lawn. >> reporter: tpt's firhe presid first stop will be at the "w" hotel for a fund-raiser where tickets cost from $500 to $32,000. more street closures will mark his arrival. jonathan will head home early. >> i'm getting out of town. i'm trying to wrap up my work and i'm just going to go get out of town. >> reporter: police barricades are going up. officers say do yourself a favor, if you can. leave your car at home. >> it is a friday in downtown san francisco. lot of people in general for a busy weekend. if you're going to visit the city for other activities, we ask you to take public transportation, cal trans, b.a.r.t., ferries. >> reporter: the president has the skies to himself during the flight from los angeles today. abc 7 news writer/producer norma uriar was caught in a three-hour delay trying to get to orange
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county after traffic was halted during his trip. air traffic, that is. the president will attend a dnc roundtable fund-raiser tomorrow morning before heading back to washington. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. the white house is talking about women and wages on this tenth day of the tenth month. the white house is tweeting out how raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will help millions of women. the issue is also a hot topic because of this. >> it's not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. because that's good karma. it will come back. >> that is the head of microsoft whose words have set off a firestorm. he is now backtracking from his comments in san francisco yesterday but they hit a nerve. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: the reaction has not been positive. i'm standing outside of the
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setup for sales force dream force conference right there. it kicks off on monday and you can imagine that the thousands of people who are coming into town for this conference are going to be talking quite a bit about those comments. just seconds after these comments -- >> it's not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. >> reporter: twitter started to react with messages of disbelief. today on the streets of san francisco, the feeling was similar. >> as a professional woman, i think that it's absolutely absurd. >> i think the message was entirely wrong. women are starting from a place behind men to begin with and they need to be encouraged to speak up and ask for raises and ask for things that are going to help them succeed and develop. >> reporter: microsoft's ceo quickly responded with this tweet saying he was
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inarticulate. then he sent an e-mail to the entire company. it reads in part, i answered the question completely wrong. i believe men and women should get equal pay for equal work. and if you think you deserve a raise, you should ask. women's advocate group ultraviolet doesn't think the apology goes far enough. >> i think microsoft should fire him. i think they should replace him with a ceo who will take the wage gap seriously and will take women in tech seriously and reward their hard work with fair salaries. >> reporter: ultraviolet says the wage gap means women get about half a million dollars less over the course of their careers. yesterday, nadela's interviewer related her own experience in trusting in the fairness of the system. >> i probably got a good $50,000 less. >> reporter: instead of waiting for karma, she advises women to practice asking for the salary they deserve. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. fire danger is rising for parts of the bay area as we hit
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the weekend. that is prompting a red flag warning tonight. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is outside with details. sandhya? >> this is the time of year when we typically deal with offshore flow and the high fire danger. let me show you the red flag warning that goes into effect tomorrow night for our north bay mountains, east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. it starts at 11:00 p.m., runs until 5:00 a.m. monday. north, northeasterly gusts 30 to 50 miles an hour, 50 on mount diablo. relative humidity will come down so we will see rapid fire growth potential. humidity is pretty high up there and as you look at live doppler 7 hd, you will see why. we have the fog and we have high clouds. things will be changing quickly this weekend. i will be back with the detailed look at that and when our radar will be tracking rain. cheryl? >> sandhya, thank you. cal fire has given its fleet of 22 air tankers the green light to go back to work. cal fire officials are lifting that flight ban ever since federal investigators have determined that a pilot whose plane crashed was -- the plane
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crash was not related to the mechanical problems that could affect other aircraft. the agency grounded the aircraft after one crashed in yosemite national park on tuesday, killing that pilot. and that pilot, family and friends held a memorial today for the pilot who died in that crash. craig hunt was from san jose. sky 7 hd was overhead as his body arrived at the cemetery today. it followed a small family service at a funeral home in san jose. that's where abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live for us tonight. he was a remarkable guy in many respects. >> reporter: absolutely right. you are right also about the fact that this was a small family service for craig hunt's family. but the family tells us that there will be a larger memorial service planned later, no date set. hunt is being cremated and his ashes we are told will be flown to a cemetery near his grandfather's farm in indiana. even though hunt was a contract pilot for cal fire, today
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firefighters treated him as a brother and gave him the full honors of a member of their family. the brief service at the funeral home was private. only family members of the 62-year-old air tanker pilot. his daughter sarah. >> my father was a true hero. it's a very very sad day. >> reporter: the procession started at the coroner's office in modesto. the hearse carrying the body of pilot craig hunt along with a fire engine and a cal fire chief's vehicle. when it arrived in san jose, a motorcycle unit escorted the convoy to the funeral home. across the street, san jose firefighters had raised the american flag from aerial ladder trucks, a sign of respect for a fallen brother. >> this is just one more reminder of the ultimate sacrifice some of the firefighters have to make and really, the risk that comes with doing the professor that we chose to do. >> reporter: hunt was flying a
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retardant-dropping air tanker on tuesday while battling a wildfire near yosemite. the plane hit the side of the valley's granite wall and burst into flames, engulfing the ridge in fire and smoke. cal fire captain richard cordova recounted how dangerous piloting an air tanker can be. >> some of the maneuvers they do, they are truly amazing heroes to our department. >> reporter: search teams recovered and brought hunt's body back over steep, rocky terrain wednesday morning. a ceremony was held in the field before his remains draped in an american flag were transported to modesto. a cal fire honor guard brought the casket inside the funeral home for the short service. hunt was a navy pilot who battled wildfires after he left the service. he was a chemistry teacher during the offseason, but his first love was flying. >> the adrenaline is what had him going. he loved his job so much. i know he loved what he did and he died doing what he loved
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doing. >> reporter: hunt would have been a grandpa in january. sarah is expecting a baby girl, who in her words, will have a best friend in heaven for the rest of her life. vic lee, abc 7 news. changes for the san jose police department. the new policy after a moonlighting police officer went to 49er ray mcdonald's house. concern over layoffs after a bay area hospital is sold. what the new owner is saying about it tonight. two prisoners get out of jail after decades in prison for crimes they did not commit. what one judge is saying about the criminal justice system. an 80-year-old promise to war veterans is finally realized in san francisco.
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i have $40,ney do you have in your pocket right now? o you have in $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ a police chief temporarily
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ordered his officers to stop working off-duty security jobs at levi's stadium and for the 49ers. today's order came after abc 7 news reported that niners star ray mcdonald personally called the sergeant who moonlighted for the team. that sergeant that arrived at mcdonald's home around the same time a 911 call was placed from a house in august. the sergeant was not assigned to the call. other officers then arrested mcdonald. they suspected he assaulted his pregnant fiancee. prosecutors have not charged mcdonald. attorney general kamela harris opened an investigation into e-mails sent by pg & e and california's public utilities commission. this follows the puc president michael peevey's announcement yesterday that he will not seek a third term. peevey's term ends in december. he will step down. the sacramento bee also reports the investigation centers on the 2010 san bruno gas pipeline explosion and the setting of utility rates for consumers. the catholic nonprofit
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daughters of charity health system will sell its six california hospitals to southern california based prime health care services. that includes its bay area facilities o'conner in san jose, st. louise in gilroy and seton medical center in daly city. its recent operating losses are at $10 million. prime health care, california's largest for-profit system, will acquire all those assets and liabilities. a prime representative today promised the hospitals will stay open forever, however, layoffs might be inevitable. >> based on their past history, we are not confident that they are going to be supported with the union and keeping the current staff we have here that has built a relationship and rapport with our community of all service types. >> united health care workers president dave ragan released a statement saying we are not going to roll over and risk watching prime health care cut services, and layoff employees as they have done in california and so many other states. a man wrongfully convicted of a shooting has been released after spending 28 years in
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prison. he walked out of san quentin state prison a free man today. he was granted parole after the california innocence project took on his case. adams was convicted of a 1986 shooting but has always maintained his innocence. several witnesses who told the jury adams was responsible have since recanted, saying they were trying to protect the real shooters. a woman who spent 17 years in prison after being convicted of the death of a homeless man in southern california has been set free. the judge said susan mellon had been inadequately represented at her trial and the justice system failed her. her children were in court to see their mother exonerated. >> it's unreal right now. i mean, i think i will believe it when she's in the car next to me. >> i think it's been a miserable road, knowing that my mom's been innocent since day one was the hardest part. >> i'm still in shock. i'll be honest with you.
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i still don't even feel like it's real until i have it right here. >> her case was investigated by the innocence matters project. it's a tribute that's been decades in the making and now san francisco's long-awaited veterans memorial has finally been dedicated. the site is between the war memorial opera house and the veterans building. it is a series of reflecting pools surrounded by an octagon of stone, a walkway floats above the water. >> i have seen that there is a price for freedom, and you see it up close and personal, and you see it in the faces of our military, people who were willing to stand tall. >> the san francisco veterans memorial project is headed by george schultz. he and former secretary of defense william perry raised private money for its design and construction and to pay for its maintenance going forward. one week from today is the 25th anniversary of the deadly
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earthquake in the bay area and tomorrow i will take you through a look back at those chilling 15 seconds when the 6.9 earthquake ripped through the bay area. former abc 7 news reporter laura marquez remembers seeing that destruction in the marina district. >> we first got to number 2 and we saw it pancaked. that's when i was like this is the real deal. >> the devastating earthquake happened 25 years ago next friday. tomorrow we will look at how it's taught us to be prepared for what's next here in the bay area. hope you can join me for that premiere. >> be sure to tune in. powerful program. let's look ahead to the weekend weather forecast and fleet week. >> meteorologist sandhya patel checking it out. >> it's crisp out here. little on the cool side along the embarcaderoment people are just lined up, it's packed
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around here. behind me, high clouds and some patchy fog showing up. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. we will talk weekend weather. the fog hasn't really been in a hurry to get out of the coastal spots which is why you are still seeing this from our sutro tower camera. here are the temperatures. 59 in san francisco. 63 oakland. san carlos, still mild along with morgan hill. 68 in san jose. the high temperature's dropped another two to seven degrees today in many areas and you can see why. we have a lot of cloud cover up there in addition to the fog. 73 in santa rosa. 68 napa. low 80s around concord, livermore. the warmest spot, antioch at 87 degrees. beautiful view from the east bay hills camera, looking at the high thin clouds with us as we head into tomorrow. warmer tomorrow, warming peaks on sunday and we are looking at a chance of rain next tuesday going into wednesday. overnight tonight, do expect the fog and the high clouds. temperatures are going to range from the low to upper 50s so definitely going to start off on
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the cool side tomorrow morning. you will see the fog and high clouds and then for the afternoon, did you see that fog start to peel away from parts of the coast? an indication of the pattern change beginning tomorrow night going into sunday. the offshore flow will be developing and we will see basically a brief weekend warmup, heating up by sunday. beyond that, fall's chill expected to arrive with some rain next week. we are watching a system that is going to come out of the gulf of alaska but that same storm is already generated some large swells and the swells are expected to arrive along our coastline tomorrow morning going into late sunday night, which is why we have a beach hazard statement. 11 to 13 foot northwesterly swells so west-northwest facing beaches, watch out for sinker waves and strong rip currents. now let's take a look at our rain next week. monday, still way up to our northwest, the rain line, that is. by tuesday afternoon, the north bay starts to get wet and by wednesday morning's commute, it
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looks pretty wet across the entire bay area. then the rain will basically move out of the picture later on in the evening. highs for your saturday coming up over today, 71 in san francisco. 70 in half moon bay. it's going to be noticeable. mid 80s, santa rosa, 75 oakland. 85 concord. 87 livermore. on the peninsula, 79 in palo alto. 82 in san jose. take a look at the forecast for fleet week. for your saturday, i think it's going to be better luck for the bl blue aingels. it will turn sunny, upper 60s, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. cooling by 9:00 p.m., clear skies expected. if you will be checking out the giants in action against the cardinals in st. louis, there is a chance of rain, mid up to upper 50s. the weekend will feature heat, sunday mid 70s to mid n90s. the rain chance enters tuesday into wednesday morning.
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temperatures will tumble. talking a noticeable difference when you're down to the low 70s for the warmest spots on wednesday, a good 20 degree drop. you will pull out the coats and umbrellas. dan, cheryl? >> sandhya, thank you. well, it is all about hair in this week's installment. >> that's coming up next
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if you shop at kmart, the retailer is investigating a data breach at its stores. it started in early september but the malware was just discovered and removed yesterday. kmart says debit and credit card numbers were compromised but it has not said how many people may be affected. we will stay on that for you. >> not very good news there. but transitioning, if you are having a bad hair day -- >> i know a little about that. michael finney is here. you have cool stuff. >> i have you covered. it's all about hair today. let's talk about gray away for women. there's darker color, there's a
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blowouts, updos -- sorry, they do do washes. i just lied to you. they do washes. blowouts, updos, hair extensions. they don't do haircuts and all of that. $35 value but why pay that when you can dial 546-7177 or go to >> good to know. thank you. still ahead, play is the game. a soccer game, really incredible finish. >> you got to see it.
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coming up, we are following president obama's visit to san francisco. we will take you live to the "w" hotel and see what kind of reception he will find there. also, 7 on your side's michael finney looks at a new service that claims it takes some of the hassle out of buying or selling a used car.
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and we check out custom clothing for men. a tailored fit without stepping foot in a store. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thank you so much. well, the giants have announced their startinging pitcher for game one of the national league championship series in st. louis tomorrow. >> no surprise, it's giants ace madison bumgarner. the team left the giants ballpark yesterday for the airport. now in st. louis, getting ready for tomorrow night's big game. >> go, giants! finally, a 60-yard kick turns into a game winning goal for the team from uruguay. >> take a look at the player kicking the ball more than halfway down the soccer field and into the net. goal, right? let's watch it again. >> the winning team was headed into a 1-1 draw when it was awarded a free kick and the stadium went crazy. that's fun. thanks for joining us. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time.
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welcome to "world news tonight." and the flight scares over ebola. the hazmat team rushing on to a flight. the emergency instructions. and what we've learned about the dallas patient who died of ebola. what we never knew. american flags burned. the tension in the streets. taking out that suv. we're in st. louis tonight. the most powerful storm about to hit. 600 miles wide. american military bases on alert tonight. and the nobel peace prize, given to malala. the remarkable young survivor that sat down with diane sawyer. her bravery inspiring the world. and diane is here tonight. and our person of the week. so many people talking about "how to get away with murder." viola davis, what she reveals. and the big surprise right here tonight.


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