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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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news. >> san francisco's embattleed fire chief is facing a critical vote. >> new detail on the 49ers fan bet up inside a bathroom. his condition? much worse than first thought. >> striking over ebola virus, workers hit the picket line. tuesday morning. we will find out more on the weather. >> that is the headline so far as we move through the day to get rid of the fog and drizzle and talk about the cooling trend but we focus on the north bay, at quarter-miler mile and fog is not hitting a lost our stations but it is cloudy with a cloud deck at 200' to 300'.
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76 and low 60 during 7:00 hour this evening, not muching for in the north bay. 77 at noon. 86 at 4:00. 72 at 7:00. along the coast, fog. mostly cloudy in the afternoon. from the upper 50's to the mid-60's. >> good morning, everyone, we have 44 bart trains running on time and ace trains run and three are on time but number one is five minutes late. it will take you 15 minutes to travel across the bay bridge away from the maze to san francisco. hereby is thing for causing moist conditions from marin or headed out of san francisco toward marin county we are looking at heavy and thick fog so be careful. the altamont pass is busy and the drive here is in full swing at 23 miles per hour for the top
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speed and all in all from tracy to dublin it will take you 45 minutes. firefighters could take a bold stand this morning to show their lack of support for fire chief hayes-white and matt has that story. >> we learned that the firefighters will consider a vote "no confidence," in chief hayes-white today. yesterday, the incident of a late ambulance is bound to fuel the calls to resign. firefighters were called to a building yesterday after carbon monoxide alarms went off and crews evacuated the building and during the process a man had a heart attack and required c.p.r. but they were short of ambulances and had to count on private companies. veries show the first king
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american ambulance took 18 minutes to arrive and the maximum response time is supposed to be 10 minutes. the 94-year-old man died. did that cost him his life for the extra minutes? response time is a major issue for chief hayes-white. people have waited up to two hours for an ambulance. >> we want a chief that comes in, rolls up the sleeves and pays on the small things: who is on duty? what fire engines are in the shop? who is on duty? >> many are calling on her to resign including the union and the battalion leader. she promises answers today. thank you. the san francisco police department is holding a townhall meeting at the academy of arts after the shooting near at&t park. investigators said 26-year-old and two others burglarized a mercede wednesday -- mercedes
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benz s.u.v. and when the officers tried to stop them, he pointed a gun their way much the family says he had no criminal record and would not point a gun at an officer. >> that is not him. he would never point a gun. he always tell me because of what is going on, he would just surrender. if i tried to do anything they would take my life. >> we never want to use deadly force but we want our officers to defend themselves and go home. >> the family homes surveillance video will explain what really happened. the victim of a brutal beating has brain summingry -- surgery and has not spoken and is expected to be paralyzed.
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two brothers, amador robellero and dario robellero have been charged including producing paralysis. they both.long criminal histories and were assigned a lawyer and does not enter a plea. a golf pro who admitted to child molestation will be sentenced leading guilty to seven surveillance video -- seven felony accounts for sexual abuse of three boys and then tries to slit it someone to kill the boys. >> a woman is charged with hit-and-run accident if vallejo. the victim was walking in the crosswalk when the driver hit her and took off. enss say the white or silver compact car was speeding. san mateo police are asking for help identifying a hit-and-run suspect when a car
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hit a teen on the street on monday morning at 7:30 much the driver kept going. the teen is expected to be okay. the car is 19 credit or -- 1980's or 1990's mustang with likely damage to the front side and hood. developments in the ebola virus. airport cabin cleaners on strike at what they say is not enough protection to safeguard them at la guardia. >> across the country, airport and hospitals are changing procedures to deal with ebola virus. the 42-year-old man treated in dallas lost his battle. a memorial service for thomas eric duncan the first person to die from ebola in the united states. >> concerns of another possible
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case, a sheriff deputy would went to his apartment is kept in isolation while being tested. he was rushed to the hospital yesterday after coming down with flu like symptoms. >> we are told the risk is minimal but we are taking actions to make sure the public health safety is protected. >> authorities continue to machine tore anyone who may have come in contact with duncan officials are beefing up the againsts against ebola virus and passengers from west africa to file of the business of the airports will now undergo new screening roars including having their temperatures taken. >> we putting in additional protections. we have been very clear as long as ebola continues to spread in africa we cannot make the risk industry. >> some workers are worried of their risk of exposure. >> these airplane cleaners in
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new york walked off say they are fed up with unsafe working conditions. hospitals have health care professionals practicing drills putting on full body protective suits, and masks and gloves so be ready to respond to cases. >> the other parent receiving treatment in nebraska is getting the same experimental drug at duncan. yesterday he had a blood transfusion. >> coming up in our 6:30 half hour we go to our reporter who will tell us of the precautions a hospital is taking to stop the epidemic from appearing in the bay area. a new case of that virus affecting children is being reported in the bay area and it is the first case of enterovirus d-68 in contra costa county. the patient has not been identified but we are told it was someone under the age of 18 hospitalized with the virus and has since recovered.
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it is the 6th confirmed case of enterovirus d-68 in the bay area which has spread to 43 states. now the forecast. mike? >> the fog will burn off an hour later than yesterday. by anyone we have potential if sunshine and there will be fog to alcatraz until 1:00 o'clock or t. and it will pull back to the coast so if you want to watch the blue angels practice today from noon to 5:00. 54 in danville and 53 in san ramon and in the 60's at highway four. around 61 in alameda and the bay shoreline and to the cost and 49 in novato so temperatures are running warmer than yesterday because the clouds came in quicker. as far as this afternoon, notice the absence of 90 we have mid-to-upper 80's east bay and toward morgan hill and
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low-to-mid 70's to the by sure and san francisco is 65 and home 80's in the north bay and moving forward tomorrow we will see more cooling inland, with morning fog, drizzle like this morning and afternoon sunshine and the least is coming in for the week. >> despite the fog and drizzle we have accident lite. the toll plaza shows traffic is moving in pretty well and not too much as you head up to the polls anden you pass it can you see five minutes to get to the north bay. we have one citizen starting to cause slow along the nimitz at industrial parkway trying to get everything to the shoulder. some spectator slowing is causing the backup away from 238 and causing pressure along northbound 238 at 41 miles per hour to the nimitz and 880 is 33
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miles per hour and beyond the accident it is all move along at top speed. new this morning, another nobel prize awarded with the writer getting the prestigious honor. >> an angry crowd of protesters surround police with violence leading to another demonstration if the heartland. >> new details in the molestation scandal of "7th heaven" and the lawyer is pointing the policemen
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covering fremont, palo alto, the north bay, by bay. >> a high least of "fleet week," with the uss america an assault ship the newest part of the navy inventory carrying 1,600 marines and aircraft including fighters and helicopters. it is quite the ship. they are giving tours for "fleet week." >> from missouri another duty involving an off-duty officer is facing tough just any an officer opened fire 17 times kill an
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18-year-old man. check out the large crowd of angry protests surrounding the police last night. this demonstration happened hours after the deadly shooting in stimulus. the off duty officer moonlighting for a private security company says he approached a suspect and the group of friends and they started running. that began a chase. the officer says he started a struggle leading the suspect to pull out a weapon and open fire. the officer says he returned fire 17 times killing the 18-year-old. this follows the august shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown in a here boy town of ferguson, missouri. >> and the actor from "7th heaven" said the actor wife blackmailed the act report and trying to used a tape confession to extort money and threatened
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to give the tape to the media unless he agreed to pay millions. he is under investigation for molesting three underage girls. >> the n rise in literature and french author is taking home the prize. the 69-year-old author's work focuses on nazi occupation and the effect on france. he is the 11 the french writer to win the $1.1 million award. the best known most is "missing person." >> ads are coming to snapchat. the c.e.o., a stanford graduate said they will be incorporated into the story feature that allows user to put together videos and photos. the ads will not be targeted and users have the option to see the ads. or not. now a check on the weather forecast. as we saw early, and the top of
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the bay bridge is blanketed with fog. >> it coit tower, too. now a look at what is going. the fog is wide spread and thicker in the north bay. watch out for that the winds are the big story as the sea breeze is stronger today pushing cooling into inland valleys. in the south by we have less cloud cover than yesterday. this is how it looks from san jose, 101, at 880 with clear conditions. when we look at the bay bridge from the exploritorium we see the cloud cover more and more obscuring of the bay bridge. we have sunshine and warm this weekend but it is a shot are heat wave with significant pattern change next week bringing us a possible chance of rain this time next week through
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the weekend. hopefully that happenings on. we have a storm in russia right now. at home, you can see the cloud covering getting thicker and by noon it is longer and we will have hazy sunshine developing around the bay and the clouds are more stubborn at the coast with winds more stronger at 60's and 70's and 80's and the 90 are out of the picture and barely 80's to the south from 80 at san jose and mid-to-upper 80's los gatos and gilroy and everyone else in the upper 80's with santa clara at 79 and further north you go, the slower the sunshine and the faster the breeze and the cooler conditions at 69. clouds will compress and home 60's with more sunshine downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid-to-upper 60's and low-to-mid 80's long the east bay shore. temperatures if the home 70 until distremendous valley and
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through dublin, inland east bay we are in the mid-to-upper 80's. tonight, temperatures are the same, and the should cover is the same, and we will deal with the patchy drizzle. the air show actually starts tomorrow but they will practice from 12:00 to 5:00. sunny on friday afternoon. look at that, saturday, we are in the mid-70's to nearly 80 by sunday. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures are above average and even to the coast through monday and 10 or 15 degrees cooler by wednesday. traffic is not a tear-jerker through walnut creek, at seven minutes from highway 4 to the 24 junction and usually it takes 11 minutes. it is moving fine and we have were goods in between the cars so if we are not tacked in, it is in good shape.
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we have a lane blocked by the fire department because of the crash southbound of the nimitz at industrial parkway at 33 miles per hour for the top speed approaching highway 92 so it is going to be a slow one. over the altamont pass, tracy to dublin is 45 minutes when along 580 is busy along highway 4, and west antioch to concord, 13 minutes and san rafael to san francisco is 13 minutes. a woman who used to call bay area home is get nationwide aattention for her provocative decision to take her own life. we have the solve media reaction to this terminal cancer patient's decision. >> first, cleaning up the air inside your own home, "7 on your side"hi, i'm henry winkler and i'm here to tell homeowners that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage.
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tested and we can clear the air about what works and what doesn't the. >> they make claim like capture 99 percent of allergants. cleaners with "consumer reports" and brought contaminants including measured amount of dust and cigarette smoke. >> we want an air cleaner that will remove smoke and dust from the room quickly and quietly. some models were slow. >> the poorest were from hamilton and hoover and holmes. >> best air cleaner is not enough if you are not proactive about vacuuming and dusting and make sure the rooms are adequately ventilated and you not doing things like smoking in the room.
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that is were more important than using an air cleaner. >> if you city want when, "consumer reports" says stay away from those that produce small amount of ozone which can aggravate allergies. go for those that use filters, "consumer reports" recommends this one for $250, it is quiet and removes dust and pollen and smoke. >> "consumer reports" tested whole house filters if those heat asked cooled with forced air replacing a standard filter in the system with the 3m that costs $30 is very good at removing different and smoke and one of the least expensive tested. like many whole house filters it needs to be installed by a professional. >> morning news continues with the top stories. >> for the second time in a
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month a golden gate transit workers vowing to strike impacting the commute with dames we will learn today. >> that is what he enjoyed helping and doing. >> only on abc the daughter of the cal fire pilot kill near yosemite talk about her dad's passions. >> health officials are looking out for ebola virus saying what happened in dallas will not happen here. >> were watching fog for commute with the thickest in the north bay and you can see on live doppler hd quarter-mile in santa rosa and cooling trend still on tap until the weekend with warm weather. in traffic center, that is the bay bridge and it is packed. the drive from the maze into san francisco, now, and 20 minutes and we did have one accident in the east bay that is gumming up
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 6:29. it is "fleet week." here is what the navy is showing off, uss america the newest war ships carrying 1,600 marines. it is on display. the fog is not affecting this. it is slow. you can see that and the top of the ferry building. good morning, everyone, here is our fog that is thickest. half mile in santa rosa. expect visibility improvement like that, and it could go back down, highway one along the cost is affected and our deck is 200' so you can drive into the cloud cover this morning and when you do you may run into light drizzle. in san jose, inland, clear start
6:31 am
with the day planner 60's and 70's at noon and 60's at coast and 70's around the bay and 80's inland and 50's at the coast and 60's away the bay, you may need a coat. leyla gulen? as you make it across to san francisco from the east by, it is packed. when you make it pass the metering lights, it is like molasses to treasure island. it will take 20 minutes from the maze to san francisco. we have an accident still blocking one lane that is clearing. the southbound side of the nimitz at industrial parkway at 32 miles per hour is the top sped and things are starting to clear. in san jose, this drive is slow down along 101 especially between 280/680 and 880 and the other freeways and highways are moving along without any
6:32 am
problem. we will start with the latest on the ebola epidemic. a deputy sheriff who served a quarantine order on the apartment where thomas eric duncan is saying is whattened -- is being examineed. duncan's remains will be cremated and hospitals are taking recallings to keep the ebola virus from take hold. amy hollyfield is at the medical center in walnut creek with the story. you know how the patient in dallas was sent home from the hospital and officials now say that they don't want that to happen here and they are being pro-active to catch the case right away and isolate it. there is a sign up asking people if they have traveled in the past 30 days and doctors say if they have traveled to liberia or west africa it would trigger an alert and if they have a potential case the patient is
6:33 am
isolated and the staff helping the person would be required to wear personal protection equipment. >> we notify people immediately on what is going on and a person that is dressed in protective gear will come with the wheel chairman and be wheeled into a private room. >> airplanes are on high alert the look at this list, john f. kennedy in new york, dulles in washington, dc, o'hare in chicago, newark and atlanta, all will do separate screening for travelers arriving from west africa. the passengers will have to have their temperature taken before they go through customers starting next week much extra time to review results from a doctor that sees no evidence that mcmath is alive ten months after the death certificate was signed.
6:34 am
a court hearing is postponed after the family asked for more time to review the opinion of the pediatric neurologist. the girl was declared brain dead in december after complications from surgery. her family wants a county judge to issue what would be an unprecedented order declaring her alive. she is at a facility in new jersey and the family attorney says new tests show signs of brain function. >> palo alto police released a sketch of the hand they think has exposed himself to two children. his say they ink this man exsupposed himself to a 10-year old on tuesday night while walking her dog when it happened. on monday, police say the same thank did the same thing to a 14-year-old half a mile away. he is described as caucasian in lays late 20's or early 30's with group -- ground hair. it is likely the two cases are
6:35 am
represented and have increased patrols. union leaders for hundreds of bridge workers are expected to announce lands for another strike. the ferry catches -- captains staged a one-day strike and all ferries were canceled. 13 unions including bus mentions and bridge workers and captains have been working without a contract since july fighting for pay raises and changes in insurance cough -- costs. >> the family of a firefighting who was killed fighting a fire in yosemite crashed into the side of a cliff on sunday, the family says he was a good mine. the daughter said he was a santa cruz chemistry instructor and has been fighting fires for 13 years. his daughter said her father love science and nature and
6:36 am
tried to share that with her. >> my fondest memory is in our living room he would sit under the light and read the organic chemistry and want to teach me and i would, of course, run away. that was what he enjoyed learning and doing, physics and come city he was very smart. >> he recently celebrated his 39th wedding anniversary and was 62 years old. >> a critical vote facing the fire chief hayes-white as they fights to keep her job. >> and speculation taking place over tesla insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too.
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i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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>> you can see the fog is working its way ever so closely through lower elevations of the bay area and that is why it has not made it to the inland neighbors yet. temperatures are cooling but, still, six to one degree warmer-than-average from concord to wad wood and san francisco is six degrees cooler-than-average. a lot sunshine in the south bay and nearly 90 in the central valley and 68 if monterey and 69 in lake tahoe. moving failure, temperatures are going to warm above average and 70's today or tomorrow and
6:40 am
saturday and cooler at 65 where we should be if lake tahoe on sunday. as we look at walnut creek we have a brand new crash, southbound 680 plenty of activity to the shoulder and you can see c.h.p. is on the scene and we have a few vehicles and some trucks involved. one is right here. it is going to be a busy scene until further notice causing further delays apporaching it from 242. as we take you to los gatos we have this crash and it and causing backups northbound highway 85, most of the traffic is approaching highway 17 so give yourself an extra minute. eric and kristen? thank you. replacing your old smartphone with a new phone? we reveal what you really need to do to get all of personal information off the old gadgets. >> the story get nationwide attention, the bay area woman with terminal cancer who has picked when she will die.
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we have the social media
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 6:43.
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embattled san francisco fire chief hayes-white faces a vote. matt? >> members of her command staff and the firefighters union are asking chief hayes-white to step down and today san francisco firefighters will consider a vote of "no confidence," at the member suspect meeting today after another late ambulance incident. firefighters called for a private ambulance and evacuated the building if san francisco because carbon monoxide alarms went off. it took 18 minutes for the first ambulance to arrive with the maximum time supposed to be 10 minutes. a 94-year-old suffered a heart attack and he died. did the extra minutes of waiting for the ambulance cost the victim his life? >> ambulance response time is a major issue for fire chief haze wait -- for chief hayes-white. the deputy chief said the department is looking into what happened yesterday and why the plan was late promising answers
6:45 am
today. thank you, the story of a 29-year-old woman from alamo who moved to oregon to die with dignity is getting a huge response. britney was diagnosed with aggress of brain cancer this year and given six months to live. people all over the world are ratting to the story. >> one tweeted "your story has change my heart and inspired me, you are strongest woman in the world." another writes "she has every right not to suffer." others hope she will change her mind. >> i am a five, it is not a death sentence. >> i cannot tell you the amount of relief it provides me to know why have to die the way it has been described to me that my brain tumor would take me. >> she plans it die november 1st. a pit are -- a bittersweet
6:46 am
moment for a young couple welcoming their first child getting huge support on social media completing a buck yet list for the unborn son who is very sick. the couple welcomed the baby into the world in philadelphia this morning. show was 13 weeks pregnant when she was told he had a terminal brain defect that kills most babies after birth. they wanted to make the most of the pregnancy and began the bucket list including trips to their favorite childhood places. he is updying facebook since she went into labor, mom, baby, and dad, shane was born at 2:25 this morning. >> if you think of getting a new smartphone, a warning, even if you think you wiped it clean, an investigation tested how many people do not completely wipe personal data from the phone before re-selling even if they
6:47 am
think they have. >> we went on to ebay and we bought five or six auctions worth of old sell phones and newspaper social security numbers, bank accounts, passwords. >> 31 of 100 phones had personal information and a third, how do you recollect yourself? experts say each phone is different but the best thing is to go into the setting and select "erase all data." there are programs to test if your data is completely gone. >> trading is underway on wall street. right now, the dow is: of the down 46 points to 16947 after the big come back yesterday. today, tesla will announce "the d." the c.e.o. tweeted out this photo ahead of the announcement with speculation that it could be anything from driverless car to all wheel drive version of current model.
6:48 am
>> new detail on the $13 million class action settlement by red bull. so many want part of pie the settlement site crashed yesterday. the suit focused on what customers call misleading ads with lanes like "red bull gives you wings," people saying they are eligible to get $10 in cash or $15 in red bull readies and the website is up again this morning and we posted a link at and i was hoping teslas war could be smaller. actually, less expense i. >> we hope for "d" is future for drizzle. we have the blue angels. >> eric, that is this? this is the uss america which is an assault ship the newest in the navy to be
6:49 am
commission on right here in san francisco. you have to pay for that, as well, so local money is coming up. that is interesting. a lot of good information. moving on we tack about weather and "fleet week," and watch the fly by. that was quick. here we go. thursday, we have low clouds and by between noon and 1:00 o'clock the cloud cover will dissipate and they should be able to get the routine in and tomorrow afternoon, we are in the mid-to-upper 60's and by 70's by saturday and touching 88 by sunday with breezes from 11 o'clock to 8:00. here is a look at our roof camera you can see the fog account flag on the forry
6:50 am
build -- the ferry building, we are above the deck of clouds looking to the east over the mt. diablo. today and tomorrow are cool of the highs because of the stronger sea breeze and sunny and warm and significant pattern shift next week so by this time next week we have a chance of rain in the forecast and hoping so, models are locking on to it but it is seven days arrest. mid-80's, los gatos and morgan hill, to 88 in gilroy and the exception is to the south, and cooler in santa cruz at 72. 69 in millbrae and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 70's and we will see the clouds keep other temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's and more sunshine mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 20-degree spread from coast to inland. and home 70's with oakland at 72 and mid-to-upper 80's inland from 84 at san ramon to antioch and livermore topping out at 88 and tonight is like this morning, a lot of fog, drizzle
6:51 am
is possible, but it will be very light. low pressure is pulling away and the rain is staying to the south so we will focus on area of high pressure and you can see the storm system in alaska, it will flatten that high and bring us the cooler weather today and tomorrow and this storm, you can see over russia, is headed to choy, and korea, and that is what will bring us the rain. we have plenty of time to keep an cry on it and tweet the forecast until we get there. the next seven days, tomorrow is coolest and 70's and 80's at coast and saturday and sunday and month, it will be warmer but by wednesday 10- or 15-degrees cooler. >> that is correct looks to be used to this accident with a if you big rigs and a couple of vents. the tow trucks are on the scene as is the c.h.p. vehicle. we have a shoulder blocked but it is not causing major lanes causing delays. it will be there for a while, so
6:52 am
be prepared. as we take you to the toll plaza and the bridge we have an citizen that is blocking one lane and we are see backups from industrial boulevard and as we head into the nobody bay southbound 101 at alameda, another accident, and two lanes are blocked off and we have back yes coming away from highway 37 so slow-and-go and all the orange is indicating where the fox is affecting the commute is limited visibility through the north bay continuing across the bay bridge. we have seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news continues in >> the morning news continues in 90 first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home...
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for the first time. chase. so you can.
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good morning at 6:54. a look at the toll plaza with traffic blocking up and there is fog. here seven things to know today. the i-team has learned that san francisco firefighters will consider a vote of "no confidence," in chief hayes-white this morning. the department is reviewing an incident are an elderly man died waiting for an ambulance. two, pay area hospitals are preparing for ebola. new procedures include posting signs asking patients if they have traveled to west africa and if the answer is "yes," they are put in isolation with doctors wearing special suits.
6:55 am
>> the victim of a brutal building on saturday has brain surgery and not spoken since the attack and could be paralyzed. the brothers amador robellero and dario robellero have been charged with knell any -- with felony assault. this afternoon union leaders are expected to announce plans for another strike. ferry captains staged a walkout two weeks ago forcing all ferries to be canceled in the north bay. >> officials will announce rules of a sting operation for 6.0 magnitude earthquake in napa. >> thick fog from 101 corridor and 1.5 mile visibility at half moon bay and we have a ceiling of 300' so you could climb into
6:56 am
it. temperatures warm inland at 82 to 88. 69 to 79 around the bay this afternoon. if walnut creek we have an accident with plenty of activity on the shoulder involving multiple vehicles and trucks with a slow commute northbound away from highway 17 to make it away from 6 credit to cupertino and tonight mascone center closure. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> we will see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic. this is the shot of uss america the newest war ship.
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good morning, america. and breaking this morning, ebola emergency. the big new crackdown at the nation's top airports to keep the deadly disease out of this country. as the workers who clean the planes walk off the job over ebola fears. and the new concerns in dallas. is the sheriff's deputy who enforced the quarantine now the newest victim. st victim. >> >> breaking right now, wildfires burning out of control out west. scorching hundreds of acres, sending up massive clouds of black smoke and shutting down a major highway for hours. the hunt right now for who may have set them. i'm seeing some suspicious person walking around through my neighbor's yard. >> a 911 call sparking major outrage this morning. why did police pepper spray this foster child in his own home? ♪ i ain't afraid of no ghosts


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