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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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orange and black will try again tonight to clench the series against the nationals. close 'em out. thanks for joining us at 6:00 on tuesday. >> no giants, no errors like that tonight. >> how does the forecast look? mike? >> mid-60 to low 60's at first pitch at 6:07. >> 2 1/2 miles visibility is the fog in santa rosa. not is foggy at yesterday. the low clouds are more widespread. the marine layer is deeper. we are mostly cloudy at 7:00. 67 at noon and high clouds and sun in the afternoon and upper 60's and back to the mid-60's so grab a coat. inland the fog is to the north and mostly sunny and nearly 80 at noon and mid-70's and breezy around the dole that in in --
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around the delta in the evening. upper 50's at the coast and minority 60's if the afternoon. not so much sun at yesterday. good morning, everyone, bart is recovering from the ten or 15-minute delay in downtown oakland and millbrae and east bay direction because of an equipment problem. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights have been turned open and when you get beyond the meter lights, we have an overheated bus that will block lanes until further notice. c.h.p. is headed out there and hopefully it can be towed. we had an early crash that canceled northbound 880 and a serious crash. we are down to 16 miles per hour, a slow improvement with best alternate so far 580. take that while the traffic continues to dissipate. this morning, berkeley police are looking for the man who assaulted an 85-year-old
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woman. it is all caught on video that police want you to see. this is disturbing video that happened september 23rd. a woman if her 50's pushes the small shopping cart and she turns around and without provocation pushed the 85-year-old woman from oakland to the ground and the victim was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital. here is the shot of the woman responsible for the felony assault: african-american woman in her 50's with medium build and short air. she was wearing a long gray coat and dark green baggy pants. if you have information on the suspect, give a call. the his of a prestigious
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school has resigned after being caught in a motel room with drugs and inunconscious. would. he submitted the resignation after the arrest. he was found in a me tell room on friday with a large amounts of drugs including heroin, meth, and cocaine. deputies found this. would passed out. we have much more on that woman and the tip that led police to the motel coming up in 30 minutes. police are leashing for a hand who exposed himself to astein girl in palo alto year afternoon. it happened east of stanford campus much the 14-year-old say the man follow her for a few blocks and suddenly pulled up next to her and she looked over and saw him touching himself and police are looking for a white man in his 30's driving a new large navy blue pickup truck. mountain view police are looking if a woman caught
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stealing packages on home surveillance video, hoping someone will recognize the woman and give a call. the woman was seen driving up to a home in the st. francis made on friday and she was in a white car. the same woman was caught on another residential security camera stealing a package from the front porch here. if you have any information mountain view police want to hear from you. >> also, police need your help to fine these three people who went into the r.e.i. store and toll g.p.s. watches. this happens september 13. police are only now releasing the images. if you know them or have any information give police a call. parking at bart will not be free at east bay stations because they will charge a dollar for packing between 4:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at places
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that now are free. the fee takes effect october 27th at concord and november 12th north concord. >> to pay the fees drivers must sign up this advance at the bart website to link their clipper card. >> 49ers hold a meeting concerning traffic problems after complains from residents of gridlock, some saying it takes half an hour to drive through than a mile during home games. the meeting is scheduled for 7:00 in santa clara. a in until the midterm elections and we have a look at money raised in one of bay area's most watched contests, the race for san jose mayor. feelings released show city council liccardo has the most in
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the bank with dave cortese slightly behind. this will surpass all time reports for spending in the mayor's race. new members show how much governor brown and republican challenge neel kashkari have in their bank accounts, brown has $23.6 million. neel kashkari has $687,000. consultants say until neel kashkari picks up he will not have enough to mount a f advertising campaign ahead of the them election. >> the prosecution have told pg&e they are investigating five years of back channel communications between employees and the public utilities commission with e-mails showing pg&e executives privately negotiating with officials on matters related to rate increases and financial
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penalties. this comes as the commission is weighing $1 billion in fines after the we we san bruno disaster and respond. >> giants fans hope tonight is the night necessity wrap up the division series at home at at&t park and yesterday the giants fell to the nationals 4-1 and the critical plea was a throwing area by pitching east who fielded the bunt but threw wide with two runs scoring. the manager said he had a great game but for that play. >> he tried to do too much on that bunt and you take that if you try to rush, but he threw it away, well, i add, but if a game like will cost. it did. the loss snapped a post-season winning streak for the giants and the game tonight is 6:00.
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no doubt it will be a full house. again. it was yesterday at at&t park. however, despite a hope for a sweep they cannot clear on to victory. but all the fan say game three was just a bump in the room on the way to the world series and fully specific the jayans to pop the bubbly tonight. the series runs if game five is necessary for the deciding game on thursday which would begin at 2:00 p.m. but no one wants to go there. no one wants that game so we will wrap it up tonight, guys. >> no one in black and orange. >> exactly. >> mike? >> easier to wear the black and orange today because the game is of with the sun is setting so you will naughton hot like yesterday. 66 at 6:07 and dropping to 62. temperatures, wet, all back to normal at at&t park. 63 at half moon bay.
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mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and 72 in san francisco and low 80's in bay and mid-80's in the south bay and mid-to-upper 80's in the north bay and low 90's inland east bay for the warm spot. the 90's, the days are numbered tomorrow we could make it in one or two spots but the cooling trend continues. tuesday is coolest and friday we see a rebound and i will show you the warm weekend temperatures. in antioch, things are moving along and it is slow headed up to highway 160 at 15 miles per hour. we have hotspots through pittsburg and railroad and bay point but it eases closer to 242 and then just a breeze. all the way to 80. along 80, hercules is top speeds
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and the recommended san rafael toll plaza at the bridge, traffic is run smoothly at five minutes to get you across the water and patchy fog at 101. a manhattan mystery, a wild animal you would not expect in the nation's largest city turned up in the heart of the big apple. the monday night football moment getting big buzz involving seahawks star. >> how many high school students achieve perfection on
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save money and save lives. yes on 46. covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. on tuesday morning, this is what we are waking up to, a picture from our camera, down to san francisco with low cloud cover this morning. mike will have more on the forecast and the weather for the all important game four of the national league championship series. >> authorities are looking into whether animal cruelty played a
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role in central park, the cub was found yesterday under a bush and authorities say there were signs of trauma to the body and believe the cub may have been dumped there. bears are not among the parks known wildlife population and no bears at central park zoo. no bears were reported missing from other zoos, either. where in the world is north korean leader kim jong-un who mass not been seen in a month in public and rumors are circulating he has been overlone. kim jong-un did not show up at september 23 meeting of parliament or accompany a high level delegation that made a surprise visit to south korea on saturday for the asian games. news reports from pyongyang hinted he was sick possibly suffering from gout but there is another big rumor he has been sidelined by the number two heard. s.a.t. scores for 2014 are out and they are unchanged from the year before. the college board says the mean
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score for the reading test is 497 and for math it is 513 and in writing, 487. across the country only 583 students scored a perfect stop score. >> the seattle seahawk sherman had his hair pulled. the directs were pulled on and her map said when you cannot get open you do whatever you can. >> occupy. her map said that he doesn't matter. last year he was on a rant against the 49ers after the championship game. officials are encouraging the manns to tough it out. officials say that they are sympathetic but the location
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stadium is not the problem so much as getting used to the new home in santa clara. temperatures during the 49ers game against the kansas city chiefs reached 89 forcing many fans in hotspots to leave for the shade of the concourse. i heard those were the expensive. >> neil squeak celebration is underway and we caught up with the blue angels as they practices the high flying aerobatics. you can see one of the newest warships emerging from with more information on arrival and the blue angels.
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the air show is on saturday but they arrive on friday. >> you will hear it. it is not the quietest. >> they will practice on thursday, too, from noon to 5:00 so watch out for that much of the weather not an issue. the morning trend will erase the marine layer but as we get closer to the festivities, we will talk abut the tuesday morning with eight miles per hour in fairfield and it is slower than last hour and same at sfo and half moon bay at nine miles per hour so you can see a sea breeze developing. it is deeper. 280 at 17 off the san jose bureau, high definition camera with the cloud cover. as far as our temperatures it is 60 if lafayette and 64 in pittsburg and mid-50's in concord and walnut creek and dublin and san leandro and daly
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city and upper 50's in young city and fremont and sfo is 60 and san francisco is 63 degrees. check out the golden gate bridge because of deeper marine layer not all the moisture is crammed into the deck but it is still going to be an issue with the winds coming from the west at 15 miles per hour so you have a cross wind and we have reduced visibility but not so dangerous as yesterday. by the afternoon, we have high clouds and sun and low clouds at coast and gradual cooling continues through thursday and we will ramp up the highs for the week. 90's are hard to find but a couple of spots in morgan hill and los gatos is 88 and low-to-mid 80's for the south bay and santa clara at 83 degrees. 78 in milbrae. otherwise, low 80's fore most of peninsula and less sunshine on the coast and low-to-mid 70's downtown and sausalito is 77 and low-to-mid 60's across the authority bay and mid-to-upper 80's in the valleys and as we
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head to the east bay mid-70's to low 80's in hercules and castro valley and inland 89 in san ramon and low 90's for most of us until brentwood at 93 and most of the temperatures are three to five or six degrees cooler than we were the day before. 48 in santa rosa and 52 at napa and otherwise we are going for have cloudy conditions. we will have flooding rain to arizona and southern california and the ridge remains in place but it is losing its grip as the cold front comes in and we are seeing a significant drop in the temperature on thursday and friday we will modify the air mass ever so sightly and look at the lack of clouds saturdays sunday, and monday and the main layer is gone and temperatures are 70's at the coast and sunshine and 80's at the bay and 90's inland. we have a brand if you crash involving four vehicles and two lips are blocked causing delays in vallejo eastbound vallejo at
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american canyon at 28 miles per hour for the top speed. >> it is slow. tracy to dublin is 52 minutes. highway four is loading up. we have more pockets of heavy delays through pittsburg and bay point. the closer you are to concord you will find brake lights. 35 minutes from east to west and 101 southbound is 19 minutes. to the south through morgan hill, northbound 101 the traffic is 30 miles per hour as you move northbound it is slower the closer you are to moran hill -- morgan hill. >> dancing fans are waiting if this. ♪ it is not unusual >> the carleton, we will show you more of the blast from the
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actions," but it is like a hidden warranty. >> for example, the 2006 through 2011 honda civics if the paint cracks honda extended the payment warranty to seven years with in mile average limit. the gmc and 2005 through 2007 general motors suvs a faulty sensor means the gauge is inaccurate. >> if you know about the hidden warranty they will replace it for free or reimburse you if you paid for it. >> owner of the 2008 chrysler minivans noticing premature wear on the front wheel bearings can get them replaced if free during the first five years or 90,000. >> you should get a letter but if you bought the car used that may not happen. >> how do you know if your fix should be free? reach out to the dealership with the year, make and model and ask
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for service campaigns available. >> "consumer reports" says if its to understand why carmakers are not in a hurry to broadcast the existence of a free fix because usually only a fraction of the cars exhibit a problem and carmakers do not want tens of thousands showing up demanding the free repair...just in case. if you have a problem check if your car has a hidden warranty and "consumer reports" has compiled a list of 230 models that have them. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> vice president biden arriving in the bay area and we will detail a private event. >> new information on the assault in a levi stadium bathroom. the wife of one of one of the suspects is sharing her side of the story. >> the head master of a private school in marin county resigned after he was found with a passed
6:27 am
out woman and drugs. a look from mount tamalpais shows low clouds and high clouds which is the case today with a cooler trend continuing and i have the warm weekend forecast. in the traffic center, that is a look at the macarthur maze in the east bay and traffic is heavy at 20 minutes into san francisco but a severe traffic advisory in the north bay. new customers can save an average of $500ching just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, at 6:30. this is from the exploritorium camera of san francisco bay. the remark is moving along. leyla gulen is following traffic. she will tell us where the trouble spots are. there are trouble spots. >> that is a good bet. can i put money on that? >> sure. who is getting the odds? mike has the anothers for the weather looking good. >> looks good, lessing for this morning. >> notice the coast is not is
6:31 am
thick as yesterday. the marine layer is deeper so we are not compressing the moisture into the smaller layer creating more fog but because the man laser deeping the clouds are more widespread and some are along the east bay shoreline and across san francisco as we look at sutro tower. expect fog and cloud in the morning and upper 40's to nearly 60. headed through noon, high clouds and sun away from the coast with mid-60's and mid-to-upper 70's and low-to-upper 80's in most neighborhoods and inland. >> we have two crashes and the first is in vallejo, eastbound 80 at american canyon road because of a four car crash and they do have c.h.p. on the scene with all lanes shut down. this is temporary so they can move the cars over to the shoulder. it is causing severe delays as traffic squeezes by. a bottleneck causing a backup.
6:32 am
at the west side of the bay bridge approaching treasure island, westbound, that is where we have a new crash blocking one lane and it is heavy conditions and san francisco and taking on extra minutes, 20 minutes from powell street to the city. we start 6:30 half hour with developing news and shaking up a small north bay community and a head master arrested after deputies find him in a motel room with drugs and unconscious woman. the 54-year-old thomas woody price of been senator school submitted his resignation following the arrest and this morning we get reaction from shopped alumnis many famous. thomas woody price has resigned. the 54-year-old was found in a
6:33 am
motel room with 21-year-old britney hall. she was passed out. there were large amounts of her reason and cocaine in the room. her boyfriend tipped off authorities. the news has stunned the small community branson only has 320 students and tuition is $40,000 a year. >> many people will be concerned about this because it has such a resolution technologious reputation and he has had a good him for himself. i hope it doesn't -- it is handled in a smooth manner. >> the school released a statement saying "we are deeply troubled by the developments and we want you to be assured our school leadership team and our board trustees are fully committed to the health and well-being of your children.
6:34 am
they have an impressive list of graduates including olympic gold medalist johnny mosley. price was the head master for seven years. thanks, at 6:34, this morning, the wife of a man accused of attacking another 49er fan is talking of the incident. the brothers suspect since -- the brothers dario david rebollero and amador rebollero are underarrest for the assault just before the 49ers game. a witness said it started when the victim brushed past a man to use a stall and the suspect's wife talked of the arrest and her voice has been changed to recollect her identity.
6:35 am
>> one victim remains hospitalized in serious condition. >> san jose department is looking to tighten rules on off duty work over the revelation of the ray mcdonald case. we were the first to report that the 49er called an off-duty liver at the same time a 9-1-1 sunday call was made during an incident in august. the officer would works at security at 49ers game arrived first before others responded. ray mcdonald was arrested on suspicion of abusing his pregnant fiance. first person out of west africa
6:36 am
to contract the virus. this measure was part of a team that treated two missionary. an experiment am drug is given to a patient who is in critical condition in dallas. in nebraska, the father of an infected american photojournalist being treat said the symptoms are "mile." >> both president obama and vice president paiden are in the bay area this week for fundraisers and the vice president will be in san francisco tonight arriving in los angeles yesterday and will speak at two events today, one for the national committee tonight at a private residence and president obama will be at san francisco city hall for a fundraiser. the giants are a game away toward advancing. they could have sweat the nationals at home yesterday but,
6:37 am
instead, they lost in game three of the division series. here is one of ropes. bumgarner pitched beautifully into the 7th but he threw wide fielding a bunt and allowed two runs to score and with that the post season winning streak ends. the game is at 6:00 with game four and if gave five is necessary they return to washington, dc on thursday. it would begin at 2:00 p.m. >> it may now happen. >> absolutely. a makous beating in the east bay caught on camera and what we are learning of the elderly victim and the attacker. >> a men's magazine under fire after sending out a controversial
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>> we are back. we will have lie clouds coming in, this afternoon, half moon bay is 63. again. 72 in san francisco. one degree cooler than year. the rest of us are 1- to 4-degrees cooler. in the south, we have rough surf until 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. from santa barbara and a record
6:41 am
after we get to work at 3:25 to 4:24 tomorrow we have the eclipse. you will not be able to see it because of the clouds. >> leyla gulen? we will look at the eastern span of the bay bridge. you can see how very slow traffic is moving and it is because of an accident that is blobbing a lane inside the tunnel. that is certainly causing heavy delays pulling away from the maze and we are look at it on a map and it is nothing but brake lights, solid red as you pull from emeryville and make it up to treasure island. when you pass the tunnel it will east up. at vallejo the crash is cleared eastbound side at american canyon road at 38 miles per hour and less traffic so when you pass highway 37 that is where you will apply the brakes. hands free devices, voice
6:42 am
activated devices make driving safer, right? the study says that is not really the case. >> also ahead --. ♪ it's not unusual >> you have been waiting. "dancing with the stars" has a look back at the
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. this is tuesday morning and this morning, berkeley police are looking for a woman who asawed an 85-year-old woman all caught on camera. matt keller is in the newsroom with individual police would like you to see. >> victim in the case, 85 years old, was released from the hospital but what happened is disturbing on september 23 on shazdock in the evening. women, infants, and children, are walking to the camera, and another woman is pushing a shopping cart and turns around and without provocation pushes the william to the ground. she was treated at the hospital. here is the woman responsible, described as african-american woman in her 50's and 5' 6" with
6:46 am
short hair and medium build and a long gray coat and dark green baggy pants. if you have any on the suspect give them a call. matt, drivers using hand free voice activated system are increasing the amount of distraction and danger according to a new study by aaa with hands free not risk free. any system what increasing the amount of distraction for a driver officers the odds of an accident. last year, over 3,300 people were killed in distracted driving accidents. a popular men's magazine is apologying after a tweet that men and women saw as sexist. it promotes an article on how to talk to women about sports saying the picture attached show as woman showing a phone finger and the article says most do not care about stats and do not expect her to wear the phone
6:47 am
finger. blogers when crazy and they had to apologize reading "apologies for our talk sports with her story," it missed the work. we have deleted this. it was not meant to mug when are infear your to men in sports or anything else. >> trading is underway on wall street and we will look at the early numbers, the dow jones industrial average had a down day, down 151 points so now raiding at 16840. starbucks says a thousand of the workers have taken advantage of the company's college tuition program enrolling for upcoming fall san joseer at arizona state the most popular degree is psychology, mass communications and media studies. after workers complete 21 units they are reimbursed for tuition
6:48 am
and fees in full. how much coffee do you drink each day? one cup? two cups? if it takes more than that to get you going your genes could be to blame. how people react to coffee is tied to six specific genes and why this get a buzz from one cup and others may need three double espressos to get going. >> leyla gulen is following a crash on the bay bridge. >> indeed. take that coffee to get you will need every minute at treasure island traffic is starting to inch its way over a little bit because the crash inside the tunnel has cleared. we are looking at all lanes now re-opening but that did plenty of damage to the commute and you are looking at 30 minutes from
6:49 am
the east bay into san francisco and that is where the crash was and this is the backup coming from emeryville you are looking at delays along 580 coming up to 980 at highway 24. other areas of the bay area are looking better and 101 up to 280 and 680 split at the nimitz is on breaks and then it eases up and 280 is looking slower and highway 85 slow-and-go traffic. >> it will be warm again this week. on ferry east of the golden gate bridge through the delta community it could be brisk on the ferry with a wind at 21 to
6:50 am
33 knots from 2:00 to 11 o'clock and we could have choppy bay waters. winter is blowing from 15 miles per hour and you can see what it is doing, just a little bit better than yesterday and it is low in some spots around the mid-span so what out. to the south we have mid-to-upper 50's for temperatures and headed out at 53 in cupertino and santa teresa is 59 and san jose and santa clara and sunnyvale all at 57 and the 40's in novato and bodega bay and 52 in danville and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's and redwood city at 58 and san carlos at 53. from our san jose bureau camera, 280 and 17 is partly cloudy but all airports are on time. in the afternoon high clouds and sunshine and a few low clouds at the coast with gradual cooling but still a bridge warming
6:51 am
trend. the cloud cover is thick are through 9:30 and then it will dissipate. notice the clouds are more stubborn at the coast and we have 60 on 90 degree spread and mostly low-to-mid 80's in south bay and los gatos at 88, and low 80's on the peninsula and low-to-mid 60's language the coast and home 70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 77 and mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley and we will touch 80 around hercules and castro valley and fremont and upper 80's to low 90's in the last day for that inland east bay. at the game, back to average, 66, dropping down to 32 with increasing clouds and breezy. temperatures in the upper 40's in the north bay, and rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50's. seven-day forecast shows cool of the day looks like thursday and friday is a bump but check out the sunshine and the coast is 70 this week and mid-80's away the
6:52 am
bay and 90 return inland. >> now to the moment many people have been waiting for on "dancing with the stars" last night. a famous dance that were has been waiting for, from "fresh prince." ♪ it's not unusual >> the crowd want wild and me got the only perfect score, it was "memorable moments," but betsy johnson and her patch said goodbye. the 72-year-old fashion icon leaves with a heavy heart falling "dancing with the stars" one of the best certains of her life. >> we return in i love having a free
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if you are headed outdoor are here are seven things to know. the eastern pan of the bay bridge the traffic is moving better after an accident that was inside the tunnel. >> here is a look at traffic comes along the western spokesman. headed interest san francisco, you can see it is moving along at the skyway, traffic is not a problem but, now, we have a multiple vehicle crash and it is
6:55 am
northbound 280 approaching 380 but slow southbound. >> the head master of a prestigious school has resigned after be caught in a motel room with drugs and unconscious woman. thomas woody price of branson was arrested on felony drug charges. deputies found him with heroin and meth and cocaine. become police need your help to find an assault suspect in a disturbing video a woman turned around and viciously pushed an 85-year-old woman to the ground for no apparent reason. >> two brothers dario david rebollero and amador rebollero are accused of beating do men in a bathroom before the game on sunday after a imvictim -- after
6:56 am
a victim brushed past a man at the 49ers stadium. >> a 14-year-old was exposed we by a man who was touching himself. the giants will try again tonight to clinch the division series against the nationals and the throwing error in the 7th led to the loss of game. tonight, the bill starts at 6:00 at at&t park. >> a little bit of forth around santa rosa and half moon bay and that is it. look at our camera, framed by low and high clouds and temperatures are three to five degrees cooler away from the coast. we continue online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. we will be back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic. we leave you with a gorgeous shot
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maxx life at t.j.maxx. good morning, america. and breaking right now, severe storms affecting millions. golf ball-sized hail, pelting homes and cars. backyards completely iced over. high winds and heavy rain cutting off power to thousands, as a new powerful storm heads north. breaking overnight. those two ebola patients in america fighting for their lives. experimental drugs that could be their hope. and the first infected by the virus outside of africa. personal foul. take a look at this. a laser pointed by someone in the stands into the eyes of a player during an nfl game. the investigation into a dangerous new tactic that could change the game. ♪ it's not unusual perfect 10s.


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