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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 25th. let's start a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. all around the bay it's slightly cooler. we will make up the difference throughout the day today. a warm to hot afternoon ahead but a light west wind will allow for temperatures to be this the
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70s at the coast. so upper 70 he is to low 80s, including san francisco. around the bay low 80 he is to the upper 80s. that's warmer than average and 90s for the inland valleys. each and every day trimming back a few degrees on the temperatures, right about thursday and then things are going to change again. we will have the details in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. although today will be a little cooler as lisa said. it will still be scorching around the bay area. and health officials are urging all of us to take it easy, maybe head somewhere cooler. one of those places could be the beach. yesterday the sand was jammed with people trying to beat the heat. but inland cooler meant ice cream as abc7 news reporter tiff -- tiffany wilson explains. >> nothing better than this. >> jim is visiting friends in the bay area. >> i thought it would be cold up here, you know, bay area, it's colder than south cal. >> not so. >> i think it's one of the
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hottest conditions i've seen it. >> clayton and his family suffered the same discomfort. >> it's really hot. surround by oktoberfest, many refreshed one pint at a time. >> any advice to stay cool? >> hydrate. maybe with beer! >> the first aid tent handed out free sunscreen. and you know the saying, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. case in point. >> i had one employee who couldn't handle the heat, had to go home. >> at 94 her age rivals the temperature reading. time-tested advice helped her remain unphased. >> my helper found a shady spot for me. that's where i go. >> but some had no way to escape the sun.
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>> we have a lot of clothing to keep our heat in while we are work soggy we have to say extra vigilant about being hydrated. >> the crew knows they got lucky. this fire was bordered by water and gravel roads. >> it could have burned to the freeway, easily. in the east buy, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> you can track the high temperatures anytime with the abc news weather app. you can get it free from apple's app store or on google play. developing news from downtown oakland where a fight and shooting early this morning have left three people shot, one fatally. oakland police tell abc7 news their officer saw a large group fighting at the intersection of 14th and franklin street just after 1:30 this morning. the officers heard gunshots three people were shot. one died on the way to the hospital. another showed up at a local emergency room. all three victims were adult males. police say the fight and shooting happened outside a nightclub in the area. no one has been arrested. police in san jose are
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looking for two thieves who left a man tied up for 16 hours. they broke into his home at midnight saturday and tied him up. they made off with several items from the home. finally, around 4:15 yesterday afternoon, about 16 hours later, a friend went to check on the man and found him bound up. the victim is in his 60s. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. police say he has not been able to give them a good description of the thieves. police in hayward have arrested a man suspected of killing his mother. police were called to the home on laport avenue near mount eden high school just before 7:00 last night. they found the mother stabbed to death. two dogs were also found dead, although police have not said how they died. >> nearly 100 cars were hit by
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smash-and-grab burglars at a popular san francisco tourist spots and police eye signed a full-time inspector to the case. the top of the peak offers breathtaking views of the city. most park in the small lot adjacent to the overlook. someone has broken into 97 cars there since june. one of the victims, tour guide naomi beck. >> probably 20 feet away looking at the view. all of a sudden we heard a crash. looked back and someone knocked in the window, stole my purse and drove off. >> they are hitting real fast. i mean, in some instances it's been like less than a minute. >> police are reminding the public to keep valuables out of sight while away from their cars >> a fast-moving virus has claimed the life of a child in new jersey and now a second student at the same school has become ill. here in california 14 children have been infected by enterovirus b-68 so far. in the bay area there are how five cases.
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we have the latest. >> eli waller, a four-year-old preof preschooler from hamilton, new jersey, the virus' latest victim. he tested positive, confirming the cause of death. >> i'm sure you must all know i'm kind of upset that there is unbearable pain and grief that they are suffering. >> the cdc said at least four others infected with the virus here in the united states have died like eli all in september. but agencies in these cases maintain it's unclear if the virus was to blame. health officials first noticed a spike in respiratory illness in children in early august with symptoms so harsh it was sending children to emergency rooms in droves. enter enterovirus. it's the culprit. the fast-moving virus has
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sickened 500 people in 43 states and washington d.c. and almost all of them are young. and adding to those worries, dozens of young patients suffering from muscle weakness and paralysis in the neck, back or limbs. doctors scrambling to determine whether the virus is caused or a germ they coincidentally picked up. >> it's too early to say if the kids will be okay in the long run, meaning when they will get all their strength back. >> doctors offering reassurance. for most people the virus is no worse than the common cold. abc news, new york. >> san francisco giants fans endured an epic match-up last night. a record-setting one, too. these are some of the diehard fans watching game two of the national league series division at mccovey's restaurant in walnut creek. the game went 18 innings. the longest in postseason history, tieing for the second-most innings ever. giants fans were on the edges of
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their seats for hours and celebrated when had the team finally got the win. >> yes! [cheers and applause] >> it was relief. i swear to god, it was relief. you kind of hang on the moment. >> that's the spirit of our team. they give you a heart attack in the first, like half of the game, and then they come back and just bring it home. >> the giants are now up 2-0 in their playoff series. they need just one more win to move on. the next game will be tomorrow at at&t park and we will have highlights of last night's game coming up in our next half-hour. we've talked about giants fans tomorrow at at&t park and what the weather will be like for tomorrow. >> once again, we are the envy of the nation. you see the football game with the cold, cold rain. it's been cold in the east. it will be well into the 70s tomorrow. today, we are back into the 80s in parts of san francisco. right now a live look outside
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from vollmer peak. we are if the 50s. more 90s to come today. cooling of so slightly day-to-day. i'll track it for you coming up. >> thank you, lisa. still to come, floodwaters ravage parts of south asia. we will introduce you to the bay area family trying to provide relief. plus the unique northern california landmark paying homage to the late music great johnny cash. it was all inspired by one. his hits. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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>> a million people are impacted and hundreds have died and this morning villages are still under water. catastrophic floods hit kashmir last month and now 40 to 50 relatives of people struggling the monsoons are trying to help by flying to the country. lisa amin gulezian has more. >> they have had special bumps to bump the water. >> much of his hometown is covered in mud and floodwater. >> in my own home still under water 8 to 10 feet and the mud is between four and five feet. >> monsoon rains and flash flood devastated the cities last month. it was the worst natural disaster in a century. people waited days to be rescued. >> similar to catrina, people
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were tweeting on their cell phones they were stuck on the third and fourth floors of their homes. >> his uncle was trapped on his roof for four days before help arrive. painful stories of family and friends suffering has been hard to bear from so far away. >> they found three bodies, a husband and a wife and their 20-year-old daughter, all of them dead. >> but now they are doing something about it. >> you can see all the old shops, everything is in there. >> these people leave monday for kashmir. they are filling their suitcase was donated warm clothes and medicine. they also plan to buy more supplies once they land to give away. >> i don't know physically how much i can work, but i want to help people to gain emotionally. >> she's a mental health social worker in san jose. even she knows what she finds in kashmir could be devastated because people are desperate and
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with the freezing winter months coming the fear is the death toll will only rise, abc7 news. >> the ebola crisis will be one of the main topics later this morning on "this week." the director of the centers for december control will discuss the latest to contain the first case of ebola hear on u.s. soil. it airs at 8:00 this morning here on abc7. san francisco might become the first in the nation to take another step for workers rights. first they gave employees the right to ask for family-friendly schedules. now it will consider requiring some companies to post employee work schedules two weeks in advance. >> it's not enough to have the minimum wage. we really see this as the next fight. >> workers rights advocates are praising the latest move by san francisco supervisors to try to help people like francis
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cruz, a retail worker who finds out at the last minute what his schedule will be. >> i'm like being held hostage basically. >> his situation is not unique. 59% of american workers are paid hourly. often meaning they have no control over their schedules or their lives. >> people should know when they take a job what can i expect in terms of minimum hours, what should i know i can rely on? >> labor practices have changed with many companies using sophisticated software to plug in employees at the last minute. >> supervisor david chu introduced legislation targeting chain stores. known in san francisco as formula retail. if places like starbucks or target or walgreens have at least 20 employees, there would be new requirements. >> first, when an employee is hired, an employer will be required to provide a good faith estimate of the minimum number of hours that employer would be expected to work. secondly, formula retail
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employers would be required to post a schedule 14 days in advance. >> workers would receive extra pay if those mandates are violated. the chamber of commerce has concerns. >> because anytime you legislate on the way people operate their businesses, it's a problem trying to draft one piece of legislation that fits numerous different business models, both size, as well as type. >> you can believe there will be a lot of debate on that one. right now there are more than 1200 companies with 35,000 workers that could be affected. >> some walk the line, others ride it. the city of folsom has completed the first part of the trail. it connects 40 miles of the urban trail system from old downtown to folsom lake. it honors johnny cash.
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>> there's a beautiful connection between this and the prison, you know. just, i mean, to involve nature and healing and exercise. >> the overcrossing is designed to echo folsom state prison east guard towers. the city is planning a $3 million fundraising drive to pay for a park next to the bridge with a 40-foot steel statue of cash. >> make it go away. bring back the fog, lisa. >> i know. a little bit of it this morning but it's squashed. it's at about 500 feet. you have to be right at the golden gate bridge and right off the coast. but it's going to disappear. we are looking for another warm to hot day today. but the changes are coming to san francisco and the coast. so we will see more 70s here. still above average, but starting out pretty cool with 40s and 50s. but the low 60s are with us, as well. looking at 48 half moon bay, 62 san francisco. good morning san jose, 59.
6:18 am
58 morgan hill and from the exploratorium camera we can see the fog. there isn't any here. 50 santa rosa, 46 petaluma. certainly chilly with the clear skies and longer nights. the warmth radiates back into the atmosphere. it's about 2 or 3 degrees cooler from concord and sfo. it feels like a typical fall morning, but by the afternoon it will be warm once again today. not quite as warm. in san francisco and at the coast. yesterday we did manage some 70s and a little bit of a sea breeze late in the day but not enough for anyone to really feel the effects of this. today a little more in the way of temperatures trimmed back. so at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival you will feel a little cooler but not so much at the 49er games. still warm to hot with cooler days at the coast today and that eventually works its way across the bay and inland through it about wednesday. thursday high pressure builds back for more dry conditions.
6:19 am
the relative humidity will creep up day-to-day, but today very, very small changes. just in increments as the high moves to the east slightly and that light west wind takes over. as it does, it's not going to do much in the south bay. yesterday you are in the low 90s. today about 90. slightly cooler today. 93 in los gatos. you see the fog there on the peninsula. 90 in palo alto, san francisco 80. you can see a little bit more in the way of the low cloudiness. 75 for the sunset district. 90 in novato, and bodega bay in the mid-70s today. water temperatures in the mid-60s. today slightly cooler, 94 in napa. near east bay in the mid-80s today. out of the low 90s for oakland. 91 fremont. low 90s for the san ramon valley. and antioch 94 degrees about 3:00. if you are headed to santa clara, bring the sun block and the hat and dressing lightly
6:20 am
because temperatures will be well into the 80s at 1:25. upper 60s 5:00. and we will look for the temperatures to come down mainly bay side and coast tomorrow. then by tuesday a little bit more. wednesday, thursday feeling pretty good. and carolyn we are going to warm back up again friday and saturday. but it's not looking like mid-90s. we will let you know how warm it will take my bicycle your area by keeping track of bay area on twitter. i'm like you, it's been so hot, and you think it's going to go away, and it really has been remaining with us for a long period of time. >> kind after fluke, right? it's always hot in this time of year, but this hot and this long? >> and then this cold in the midwest with the snow? >> right. >> once again, a little strange. >> all right. thank you, lisa. up next, the stars of "frozen" are warming things up on the sunday night abc show" once upon a time." we will give you a preview of what to expect tonight.
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sburritos so big, they make severything look smaller.a warm guerrero tortilla.g, they make >> coming up at 7:00 is good morning america. >> an air scare. the cdc is sent into action at the airport. other passengers are told to sit tight while the sick man was escorted off the plane by officials in haz mat suits. and are these kind of incidents
6:24 am
the new normal in the age of ebola. and the videotape plea from the missing college student hannah graham. what they are saying now three weeks after she's went missing and will it produce a break in the investigation. check this out. an adventure gone entirely wrong. a dude in an inflatable bubble rescued by the coast guard, pulled out of the water miles off the coast. what was he trying to do? it's coming up on a busy morning. see you soon. >> thank you, dan. >> this actress stepped into the book of storybook to play anna for a few season of "once upon a time." >> please, please, i want to be alone. >> you are never going to be alone. >> everything is new. it's super exciting. it's nerve-racking. >> she stepped directly out of college at the university of north carolina and into the
6:25 am
world of story brook to play anna for the new season of "once bona time." >> else elsa, elsa! >> please, i want to be alone. >> you are my sister. you are never going to be alone. >> joy. i think if they love the movie "frozen" and they love these characters, then it brings me so much joy. so i hope that the fans have as much joy watching it as i do playing it. >> i can't just leave. i'm still queen, i can't abandoned the kingdom. >> the australian actress place her big sister, elsa. her casting came down to the wire. she additioned via videotape from a tropical island while on her honeymoon. >> it all happened so fast. i got cast the week before we were shooting the first episode. luckily i didn't have enough time to let it all sink in and i don't think it has all sunk in
6:26 am
really. i got the addition and i knew i had to do it so i kindly asked my new husband if he would read tore anna and he did. he did an accent and everything. he did a really good job. yeah, we taped it and sent it off. watched frozen together on our honeymoon. i found out on the last day of the honeymoon i got it. it was a nice wedding present. >> "once upon a time" airs sunday night at 8:00 here on abc7. >> still much more ahead in the next half-hour, including the desperate message from the family of the american held captive by isis. the passionate plea they are giving the extremist group. and a mother's medical miracle, why the landmark procedure she underwent may never come to the u.s.
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>> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. clouds are beginning to fill in along the coast. but the on shore push will be almost nonexistent. subtle changes today with cooler temperatures here downtown and
6:30 am
at our beaches. the exploratorium camera, you see coit tower. in the low 60s san francisco. 57 for you in livermore. and some neighborhoods are cooler, anywhere from 4 degrees cooler at the san carlos airport, 3 degrees cooler at sfo and 2 degrees cooler in concord. from the roof camera with the clear sky, it's warm here but cooler than yesterday. about 10 degrees cooler from santa cruz up toward point raise today. that puts us in the mid-to upper 70s at the coast. mid-to upper 60s across the bay into oakland. and 90s return inland. and our gradual cool down. it continues. i'll explain coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. a dramatic appeal from the parents of an american hostage by islamic extremists in sierra is planning to execute. the family of the man is pleading for his life. michelle franson has more.
6:31 am
>> please know we are all praying for you and your safe return. >> a passionate plea to isis from the parents of abdul cassig. the 26-year-old indiana native was a former member of the rangers who served in iraq. the extremist group isis, which controls wide areas of iraq and syria, was captured one year ago while providing humanitarian aid. he was in eastern syria. >> he helped train 150 civilians with skills to provide medical aid to the people of syria. his organization gave food, cooking supplies, clothing and medicine to those in need. >> the plea follows isis releasing a video showing the purported beheading of aid worker allen henning and threatening to do the same to cassig. henning was the fourth hostage to be killed. on saturday his friends mourned his loss. >> they don't got no feeling, these people,
6:32 am
they don't got no morals, they got no respect for life. >> cassig's parents said their son is peaceful. he changed his name when he converted to islam. >> we love you and our hearts ache for you to be granted your freedom so we can hug you again and set you free to continue the life you have chosen, the life of service to those in greatest need. >> michelle franson, abc news, new york. this morning the family of an ebola patient in texas tells abc news thomas eric duncan has kidney failure and must use a ventilator to breathe. health initials now also say duncan may have come in contact with as many as 115 people while sick and contagious. 50 of them could be at risk. >> that group of 50 does include some individuals who traveled in the ambulance. we couldn't be 100% certain that other people in that ambulance
6:33 am
may not have been exposed. and, therefore, those individuals will also be monitored for the 21-day period. >> duncan arrived in dallas two weeks ago after flying from west africa. he went to an emergency room but was sent home. duncan returned to the hospital a week ago and has been in isolation ever since. doctors in massachusetts say they will know by tomorrow when a man successfully treated for ebola and released from the hospital has had a relapse. dr. richard sacra, who contracted the virus while in west africa is back in the hospital. they have pink eye and upper respiratory infection. they believe his ebola has not returned. but again, they will know for sure tomorrow. a mother in sweden has become a medical first. she gave birth after undergoing a womb transplant.
6:34 am
the 36-year-old mother received a uterus from a close family friend last year. her surgeon just announced she gave birth to a healthy baby in september. the baby was premature but is now home and doing well. swedish doctors say the experimental procedure could create new options for women who lost their uterus to cancer or were born without one. a biomedical expert at stanford points out, however, that there are still serious risks. >> you have to expose the donor to risk. you have to have a live person have her uterus removed, with i significant risk, of no benefit to her, and it's very unproven. there are risks to the recipient and there are unknown risks to any children that would be born. >> he believes other options such as surrogacy are better, and he said it's unlikely scientists will research the procedure here in the u.s. scientists at three bay area universities have earned the nation's highest honor for achievement and leadership in
6:35 am
advancing science and technology. president obama has announced the recipients. it's the fat medal of science. awardees include two scientists from berkeley, two from stanford and one from uc san francisco. milpitas based sand disk founder and another founder received the national medal of technology and invasion. because of demand for better-educated students the state's community colleges soon will be testing a pilot program for bachelor degrees. students won't have to transfer to csu or uc, and they will get a break on tuition. but as abc7 news reporter david louie points out, only specific degree programs will be included. >> the targeted programs include dental hygiene and advanced healthcare such as respiratory therapy.
6:36 am
a college in cupertino is hoping to expand their automotive management program. underred plan the state's 112 community colleges will compete for only 15 pilot programs. those chosen will be in areas not duplicated at csu or uc. the benefits are two-fold. students will get a break on tuition a bachelors degree is expected to cost just over $10,000. that amount doesn't even pay for one year at u.c., and graduates can expect higher pay, especially compared to those with bachelor degrees in liberal arts. >> community college degree in the highly advanced field may provide you with a salary of $70,000 or $80,000. a baccalaureates or master's in a liberal arts field may not get you more than $50,000 or $60,000. >> many employers require a four-year degree. >> if they were going into
6:37 am
certain companies or certain dental practices, they would need the bachelors degree. so this will be a great benefit. >> the six year long pilot program is scheduled to begin no later than january, 2017. some faculty members believe as many as 70% of their associate degrees program will want to stay on for their bachelors. nicole is one of them. >> having a bachelors, one, a job interview versus an associates, they will pick someone with a bachelors. and also you can do education and makes you look better and show that you care about the career. >> just as schools are competitive, so will be the competition to get one of those 15 slots allotted to the state's community colleges. in los altos hills, abc7 news. >> still to come, can we blame climate change for our nation's extreme weather, even our drought. what stanford researchers have discovered. and here's a live look from coit tower. all lit up in orange. not for the scorching heat, but
6:38 am
for the giants, who come back to at&t park tomorrow after a record-setting win last night. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few.
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6:41 am
>> what climatologist are figuring out, the climate has an effect on our drought. it's brought a stanford researcher to a remarkable conclusion. >> you are looking at the research person who first discovered the ridiculously resilient ridge. water measurement year on tuesday with a near record low. one could call it the region of unusually persistently high geo-potential heights over the northeastern pacific ocean, but i think ridiculously resilient ridge is shorter. when looking at swain's computer screen, abc7 news saw that the moving red blob of high atmospheric pressure in the north that has persisted for two winters now, metaphorically
6:42 am
speaking, "is the rock in the stream. that big read blob is, over the course of the examination, sitting where the jet stream and storm track would be," swain described. it's the physical cause of california's drought. swain published an academic paper on monday that is the first to connect climate change with the formation of that ridge. the study is based on a comparison of two types of model atmospheres: the one we have today with carbon emissions compared with others showing how it would have been before cars, coal plants and modern agriculture. >> i don't think there is any evidence that this is a permanent condition, although what we have shown is there is an increased risk that this sort of extreme pressure pattern will occur. >> so what does this study by a 25-year-old mean to the rest of us? a confirmation, mostly. >> this study is a peek into the mechanism behind california's water crisis, further proof that it has a cause. >> from stanford university, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> well, nothing coming up to help with that situation anytime soon. >> no, unfortunately. in fact, we are going to cool down just a little bit. but, boy, it's going to take about four or five days for some of us. today right here you will feel a little bit cooler from our exploratorium camera. it's beautiful this morning. the sun up after 7:00 and in the
6:43 am
low 60s, going, once again, into the low 80s but just low 60s today. we will talk about the cooler coast and the cooler week ahead in a few minutes. >> lots of orange there too celebrating the giants. that's up next. a huge extra-innings win for the g-men and some record-setting post-season play. mike shumann has all the highlights coming up in heme son♪ stan! ! ! hey guys!
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>> a new record has been set for the most expensive lot of wine ever sold. you are looking at it there. 114 bottles of this wine sold for about $1.6 million. that's about $1,700 per glass. the french burgundy bottles were sold by suggester business in hong kong. >> and in about 15 minutes registration begins for people participating in san francisco's bridge-to-bridge run this morning. runners can choose between a 5k or 12k run or they can walk through the city. these are scenes from last year's race. it begins at 9:00 this morning from justin herman plaza, but the registration is getting underway. the participants will travel
6:47 am
down the embarcadero to jefferson street and through fort mason and the presidio to the golden gate bridge. all proceeds will benefit special olympics northern california. we don't are to tell those people what they need to do in terms of hydrating. i'm sure they know. >> yeah. and good thing for the early start because another warm day in san francisco with the high today 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. should be 82 degrees with plenty of sunshine and a light sea breeze. the fog is off the coast and that's where it will stay. it will be close to the coast. but only at about a couple hundred feet because high pressure still in command, squashing the marine layer but day-to-day we will have the subtle differences and the slight cool down. the numbers will be trimmed back. the view from mt. tam, mice is clear. beautiful temperatures in the 40s in parts of the north bay. 60 oakland. good morning san jose. 59 for you. 50 half moon bay with san carlos in the 60s's.
6:48 am
and another shot. a beautiful one from the exploratorium camera with the orange sky. napa, and 57 in livermore. 54 out by the delta. it's been extremely warm but with the longer nights and the heat allowing to be just escaping into the atmosphere, 2 to 4 degrees cooler to start on out. it will be another warm day here. not quite as warm, though, because the sea breeze, the light westerly wind, does return for san francisco and our beaches today. dropping numbers back into the mid-70s for ocean beach today. sutro tower, it's clear. still warm it to the overall with cooler conditions at the coast and including san francisco but that brings us at least 12 degrees above average today. cooler the middle of the week for everyone. but just as we get down to average readings, say, wednesday, thursday, things turn around with another ridge of high pressure building in. so the heart of the heat is slowly sliding to the east, but
6:49 am
not in time for any big changes today. just very, very small changes in small increments. we look at the week ahead in oakland, starting with today. 86 degrees. tomorrow we will drop off to about 80. the average high is in the low 70s and we will get there about wednesday. things turn around thursday and friday and we are warming up but not as warm as we've been. in san francisco 70 should be the high today. and about the 80 degrees range, depending on where you are right through the week into wednesday. 73 degrees. then 79 on thursday. mid-and upper 70s by the end of the week. so it's been in the upper 20s in the sierra nevada. lots of sunshine and beautiful there, 70s. 96 yosemite. still very hot in los gatos and san diego with high surf here. you see a little bit of that fog trying to come back into play. but it will just be in the form of a westerly wind and slowly with the relative humidity
6:50 am
creeping up day-to-day. so for hardly strictly bluegrass today near 80 degrees at 1:00 but then you will feel the breeze and it will be very pleasant dropping off into the upper 70s. 86 concord. 91 fremont and 90 san jose. napa 94. 85 in santa cruz. it was 100 degrees in santa cruz yesterday. accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow inland still in the 90s but around the bay and coast it will be cooler through wednesday and thursday, and then friday, saturday slightly warmer. hope that holds true. we would hope we would see some rain too but that's not bogey to happen. >> at least there's a bit of a cool town coming our way. let's check out sports. record-setting postseason baseball for the san francisco giants last newt gingrich the washington nationals. the g-men now just one win away from advance to go the national league championship series. here's schu. he's got the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, the giants played the longest game in postseason
6:51 am
history last night. 6 hours, 23 minutes, 18 innings worth of baseball. came down to one swing of the bat from brandon belt and they lead 2 games to 1. nat fans waving the white towel and giant fans hoping for another postseason victory. washington opens the scoring in the third. singles through the hole at short. 1-0. tim hudson put on a show. gave up just one run on 7 hits in 7 1/3. no walks, struck out a career playoff high 8 batters. jordan zimmerman was better. went 8 2/3. 6 strikeouts, walked 1. that pass did him in. the manager pulled him for drew one out away from victory. giants took advantage. pablo sandoval lines a double down the left-field line. he scores to tie the game. buster posey coming home for the go-ahead run. gunned down at the late. they reviewed it, still out. brandon belt crushes the fastball. no doubt, giants win the longest game in postseason history 2-1 and come home with 2-0 series
6:52 am
lead. >> it's awesome. it's a great feeling. it's something you kind of dream about your entire life and i'm just very fortunate that i was able to experience it. >> just a great ballgame to be a part of. you are hoping somebody gets a hold of one and belt finally did. you know, that's the game i'll always remember. it was just a great battle between these two teams. >> stanford and notre dame has become a great rivalry over the years and this may be the most important game for the cardinals. they are undefeated, ranked 9th. stanford ranked shot with one loss -- make that two. notre dame knocked them out of the national title picture. first bad weather game of the season. makes it tough to throw the ball. hogan can run, 7-0, cardinals. the fighting irish answers in the second. the short pass to brown. he will do the rest. 17 yards. 7-7 ballgame at the half. down 10-7 with three minutes left in the game.
6:53 am
untouched. 11 yards. stanford back on top 14-10. notre dame needing a touchdown to win. 1:09 left. 4th and 11. from the 23. to the end zone to ben, who a wide open in the back cover. -- corner. busted coverage. irish win 17-14. stanford falls to 3-2. >> cal and washington state. get ready, connor holiday. it's a footrace, he outruns everybody. 86 yards. holiday had a record 734 yards passing. 6tds. the teams combined for 66 third quarter points. in the fourth, cal. down 52-41. jared gulf. over 570 yards passing, 5tds. 60-59. lines up for the game winning 19-yard field goal. the snap is low. they yank it wide right. cal escapes, winning the shootout 60-59. they are first place in the pac-12 north at 4-1.
6:54 am
and the 49ers host the chiefs today at levi's stadium. i'll have those highlights for you at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> still ahead, salvation for all. de it's the opposite of evolution. the absence of improvement. and the enemy of perfection. which is why you can never stop moving forward. never stop inventing.
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it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. >> this is st. francis day weekend and as a result animals all over the world are being blessed. in the philippines that includes
6:57 am
several types of animals. dogs, of course, were on hand but they had to share the holy water with snakes and even spiders. the ritual allows catholic devotees to hear mass, along with their pets, and then have the animals brought toward the front of the church for the special blessings. st. francis is the saint for animals. >> i think it will be a blessing if we could get rid of some heat. >> for sure. it's coming. today more 70s at the coast. it's clear but we are looking at the fog at the shoreline. later ton today it begins to fill in a little more. light west winds keeping san francisco about 80 today. 78 half moon bay. 74 ocean beach, 86 oakland and 92 vallejo. we will slowly trim back the temperatures each and every day. it will take until the middle of the week until we are around normal and then by that time a ridge, another one, builds back in for friday and saturday. a slow cool down right through
6:58 am
thursday and then back to warmth. >> all right. well, there you go. and that's going do it for us. thank you for joining us on abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with my pal, lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00 this morning. "good morning america" is up next.
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discover all the naturally moisturizing flavors of burt's bees lip balm. good morning, america. breaking overnight, turn for the worse. the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. is worsening. critical condition. this as the cdc investigates an airport ebola scare in america. >> somebody came on in a hazmat suit. >> is this the new normal? killer virus. for the first time enterovirus d68 is being blamed for causing the death of a child. what schools are doing now and what we know about this fast-moving respiratory disease turning up in almost every state in america. burst hopes. the bubble man who planned a fantastic journey -- >> okay. i'm continuing to go. >> but he never expected it would end like this with the coast guard making a dramatic rescue. and wi


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