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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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vieds -- advisory is in effect. and new details on the man who brought the ebola virus to the u.s. the reason he's now facing criminal charges this morning. thanks a lot for joining us this morning. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm matt keller in for eric thomas. a lot going on today. we have everything going on in the weather department with the heat and the spare the air alert. we've also got the giants playing today. >> i know. let's check things out with meteorologist mike nicco. how hot is it going to get in your neighborhood? mike? >> all right. let's break it down. first, we'll show you the bay. if you're planning your day, you want to get your activities finished before we get to noon or maybe after 7:00 depending on if you need daylight or not. 60 degrees and clear conditions this morning. already flirting with 80 at noon and low 90s around the bay at 4:00. we'll fall back into the mid to upper 70s once the sun sets. it's cooler in our valleys. 50s and even upper 40s showing up in the north bay. look at that. we're already 84 by noon and 93 with hot sunshine. another day of 40 to 50-degree
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temperature swings from morning lows to afternoon highs. no breeze but at least it's a little milder by 7:00. low to mid-80s. at the coast, 58 right now but 81 by noon. flirting with 90 this afternoon. back to near 70 by 7:00. leyla? >> mike, we do have a really serious crash here in antioch. it's involving a vehicle that's overturned. sounds like the driver that was in the vehicle has been pulled out, but they are going to require an ambulance. now that car is reportedly exploding. so there's possible fuel spill here as well. eastbound side of highway 4 at laurel road. very serious conditions. we're already starting to see delays. do expect to see some delays growing. there's plenty of surface streets you can use as alternates to get you back on to highway 4 if you need to make it both in the eastbound and westbound directions. certainly westbound very slow. >> thank you, leyla. now back to breaking news we first told you about on twitter overnight. a water main break has flooded half a dozen san francisco
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homes. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson joins us live from the bay view district. how's it looking right now, tiffany? >> reporter: well, matt, the situation is improving, but crews still have a long way to go. if you look over my shoulder, up the hill to where there's a truck parked up there, that's the focus right now. it's very close to where the pipe broke. two pumps are working to evacuate the water in the sink hole that was created by the water main break. once they're able to access the pipe, they will start doing repairs. the public utilities commission says it was a 12-inch water main installed in 1953 that ruptured around midnight. water gushed down keith street and flooded the basements and garages of half a dozen homes. family members tried to make impromptu barriers with pieces of wood. the fire department also created a barrier of sand and asphalt to help redirect the water into strorm drains. the cleanup and repair process is expected to take hours. >> so we're going to open up the pavement, expose the pipeline
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that broke, and take a look and see what type of fix is needed. we are estimating about three blocks that will be without water service while we're doing the repairs. we also have crews coming out to assist the homeowners that did have damage to help clean out their homes. they should be out here within the next hour or two. >> never seen nothing quite like it before. it's interesting. i don't even know what it is. pipe must have broke or something. nerve seen nothing quite like it in my life. >> reporter: it certainly was an unexpected and unwelcome surprise for residents in this area. the video you're looking at right now shows a car that was parked directly over the water main break. a sink hole started to form around it. so crews had to call in a tow truck to remove that car. if you come back out live to the scene here, you can see water is still flowing right around that car. fortunately, the flow has been slowed down enough that the water is going directly into the drain. however, if you have to drive
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through the bay view area, beware. a lot of the streets around keith and key have been closed down, so you may have to detour this morning. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> tiffany, thank you. a fast-spreading respiratory infection that primarily affects infants and children is now in the bay area. health officials are on alert. three children so far have been diagnosed with enterovirus d-68. one in salano county and two in alameda county. nationwide there are 500 confirmed cases in 42 states. symptoms are similar to the flu. fever, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and body aches. it's been blamed for causing paralysis in extreme cases. there is no vaccine for d-68. the virus at some point stops by itself. we have some prevention tips for the enterovirus. they're the same as for the flu. wash your hands frequently with soap and water. avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. cough into your sleeve or elbow. and if you or your child become
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sick, stay home. don't go to work or to school. we're learning new information about the american journalist infected with ebola in africa. ashoka mukpo is a freelance photographer for nbc news. he was working in liberia when diagnosed with the disease. this morning his family says his spirits are better. we go to washington for more. susan? >> reporter: good morning, matt. health officials are desperately trying to control the spread of this virus, but the number of people possibly exposed keeps growing. this morning, another american has tested positive for the ebola virus. this time a freelance cameraman covering the epidemic in liberia for nbc news. ashoka mukpo, seen here in facebook photos, will be flown home to the united states for
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treatment. meanwhile in dallas, residents of the first american resident diagnosed are being held under armed guard. the family hosted thomas eric duncan, an african man now known as patient zero. >> they cannot come out. they are not even allowed to come on the porch. >> reporter: duncan's nephew, joe weeks, said his uncle arrived to attend a family graduation. it was weeks who called the cdc after a dallas emergency room nurse sent duncan home despite showing symptoms and admitting that he had traveled from west africa. >> i was terrified, scared, worried. >> reporter: disease detectives now in a race to answer one question, how many people might duncan have infected while contagious? he's in isolation now at this dallas hospital, but the cdc is tracking a widening circle of 100 people who could be at risk. warnings going by phone to more than 11,000 residents. >> while this may be concerning, there is no ongoing danger to
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your health. >> reporter: liberian authorities say they plan to prosecute duncan for lying on his airport questionnaire. he said he hadn't had any contact with people infected with ebola before flying to the united states and that was not the case. reporting live in washington, susan salny, abc 7 news. >> susan, thank you. good news this morning. violent crime in california is now at its lowest level in nearly 50 years. the state department of justice reports violent crimes went down 6.5% in 2012 alone. property crimes declined 4%. auto theft also down. california's crime rate has been under scrutiny since governor brown implemented realignment three years ago. that program sends lower-level criminals to county jails instead of to state prisons. cal tran says work is under way in napa and solano counties to prepare damages from the
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earthquake in august. work to fix serious damage got under way shortly after the quake. crews are now focusing on things like bridge seals, concrete, and pavement damage along state highways 29, 37, and 121. officials say the only bridge that will likely need to be replaced is the garnet creek bridge. both pg&e and the city of san bruno are appealing the utili utility's proposed $1.4 billion penalty in the role of the deadly 2010 blast. it includes a fine of nearly $1 million that will go to the state general fund. pg&e wants all the money to go toward pipeline safety. san bruno, meanwhile, wants an independent monitor to keep track of the utility safety program. three members of the puc itself are also calling for a review of the permit. in just a few hours, the giants open up the national league division series in d.c. with game one against the nationals. the giants will send jake peavy to it the mound against nats'
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ace stephen strasburg. peavy struggled at first after a late-season acquisition, but he had a great september and carried a bulldog mentality to the hill. they want their momentum to continue. the giants have won eight straight playoff games going back to their world series championship season in 2012. all right. so here's the schedule for the series. game one today at noon. game two tomorrow in d.c. at 2:30 p.m. the series comes to at&t park for game three on monday. the starting time has not been announced yet. i know you all want to find out. we'll keep you posted. game four, if needed, takes place at at&t park on tuesday. the series would return to washington for a deciding fifth game if needed. >> the question s will they be able to get the whole game in today, or will that wet weather arrive? >> that's a good question. i think the wet weather will arrive during the evening hours. possibly at late as 10:00
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through 8:00 tomorrow morning. there's a window of wet weather, but it's in between both of the games. speaking of the giants, there you go. all of the orange glory. it is about the giants, not about this, even though it's almost the same color. santa clara valley, you're going to have the worst air pollution today as we're under a spare the air for the tenth time this summer. widespread 90s, even out to the coast today, until 9:00. that's our heat advise rhode island. highs today running from near 90 at half moon bay. low to mid-90s elsewhere under the hot sunshine. if you're going to the hardly strictly bluegrass festival, 90 today, 85 tomorrow, 74 sundays. you can see the cooling trend developing along the coast and into san francisco. and it will be sunday at the ferry building all the way to the golden gate and back. that's where we're going to benefit the special olympics with a run. it's going to be 58 at 9:00, 60 at 10:00, 66 at 11:00 and mostly
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sunny conditions at noon. here's leyla. >> a new crash in concord as we take you over to highway 242. this is where we have a solo crash blocking one lane. it is causing some delays as you leave concord to make it into pleasant hill. as we slide over to antioch, an injury accident here involving an overturned car. it started to explode. pretty dangerous situation here. we have crews there on scene. looks like the rest of the drive is pretty heavy. it's bumper to bumper. if we're looking at drive times, on 4, westbound antioch to concord, about 20 minutes. pretty friday light on westbound. starting to build a little on 101 into san francisco. matt, kristen. it's 6:11. the largest bank in the country admits a data breach is worse than first thought. coming up, the customers hit by this cyber attack and the information that was taken. and remember that uproar when facebook admitted it tried to change users' emotions?
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coming up, the new promise the menlo park company is now making so it doesn't happen again. and you've heard of snakes on a plane. what about crab on a plane? the live seafood scare delaying airline passengers.
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new details on a cyber attack that hit jpmorgan chase. the bank says 76 million households and 7 million small businesses are affected. the company first revealed the breach back in august. at that time, they said it only affected a million customers. now jpmorgan chase is revealing it was much, much larger, making it the biggest hack yet. data compromise includes customers' names, addresses, and e-mail addresses. however, jpmorgan says there's no evidence that account numbers, passwords, or social security numbers were compromised. a u.s. airways flight from new york to charlotte had to be delayed after a seafood scare. a shipment of live crap escaped in the plane's cargo hold yesterday, delaying the flight. crews had to sweep up the live crustaceans. passengers were told about the unusual delay, which of course
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made for some humorous tweets. one woman sent out this message. quote, was just informed our flight is delayed it because a shipment of crabs escaped in the cargo hold, #crabsonaplane. the flight eventually made its way to charlotte safely. >> i feel we have a movie on our hands. former gp presidential nominee mitt romney nearly registered as an unaffiliated voter living in an outdated utah address. officials say it involved a preprinted registration form romney signed while getting a driver's license. the form had romney's name prefilled, but other spaces were left blank, including the choice of political party. romney has a new home under construction in utah. he will be sent a new form. months after facebook revealed it tried to figure out if it could change users's moods, the company is now promising tighter controls over future experiments. in a new post, facebook says it's creating a review panel to look at future research panels that will be performed by the company. facebook says it will not stop researching how people use the site because it believes
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research helps make facebook better. you'll recall back in 2012 the site changed the content in news feeds to see if users' moods would change. you would think so, right? we're so affected by what we see. >> yes, we are. and we're affected by how we feel as well. we get a little grumpy when it gets hot here. >> kind of like those snickers commercials. if somebody is being a little edgy today, that's the reason why. >> oh, come on now. i think you're just looking for a free snickers bar. maybe? >> it is october. it's almost halloween. let's show you what's going on outside. good morning, everybody. it's 6:17. only three reporting stations with just a breath of wind. live doppler 7 hd showing calm conditions but also clear conditions. let's take a look at what's going on at your b.a.r.t. stations. if you're heading to concord, walnut creek, pleasanton, oakland, and union city, we're
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in the mid to upper 50s. san francisco, daly city, and sfo, the mid-60s. hayward and fremont, right about 60 degrees. let's talk about what's going to happen today as we look from our east bay hills camera at just how calm the bay water is and how it is coolest right now because dangerous heat is going to develop today. also, dangerous air quality. heat stays inland over the weekend as we start to chip away at the exceptionally warm temperatures starting at the coast. autumn returns for all of us by tuesday. let's look at what's going on with our temperatures. mid to upper 90s throughout the south bay. 92 at santa cruz. low to mid-90s on the peninsula. maybe find a pool that's still open. mid to upper 80s along the coast to near 90 at half moon bay. definitely reach the low to mid-90s downtown and south san francisco.
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low to mid-90s through the north bay valleys. even low to mid-90s along the east bay shore with oakland's 94 being one of the warm spots along with fremont. inland, didn't hear many air conditioners yesterday. maybe today is the day. low to mid-90s for you also. 96 at walnut creek. 50s and 60s tonight under a clear sky. so a little bit warmer than this morning. let's check out the winds. everybody blowing offshore this morning, all throughout the afternoon hours, evening hours, and then starting tomorrow at 6:00, everything is starting to blow back onshore. let's see what it does to your temperatures. saturday, almost as hot as today except for we'll lose about 10 degrees at the coast. sunday we lose another 10 degrees at the coast. we also lose about 10 degrees around the bay. we'll lose about 10 degrees inland finally by monday. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and temperatures back where they should be. leyla? >> we have a stalled big rig in
6:20 am
dublin. this is traveling westbound on 580. one lane is currently blocked. it is gumming up the commute a little bit. the closer you get to 680, you'll find another pocket of slowing there as you join the interchange. here's a look in san jose. looks like travel in the northbound direction is a little heavier. still moving quite nicely. only going to take you about five minutes to head from highway 17 right up to cupertino. no delays for you. now as we talk about some events over the weekend, of course, we've been talking a lot about the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. we do have closures in place. 36th avenue, 30th avenue, cross overdrive and transverse drive. we also have some extra muni service. keep this in mind. from 11:00 a.m. to p.m., the fulton limited will be operating. all its regular stops. >> all right. thank you. time now is 6:20. women turning on the sexiest man
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good morning. here's a live look at golden gate park. we've got the hardly strictly
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bluegrass. it's a tough one. but it is a big concert. a lot of people are going to be heading there today. starts at 10:30 with middle school students enjoying concerts. goes all day long until the evening hours. big day out there, but it's going to be hot here in san francisco. mike will have details coming up. now time to check in with dan harris for a look at what's copping up on "good morning america." >> happening overnight, the latest american to test positive for ebola. there he is. he's a journalist working over in liberia. all this while officials here in this country working to contain the virus in texas, where the first patient diagnosed in the united states is fighting for his life this morning. we've got our team of correspondents covering every angle across the globe this morning. it's all coming up, only on "gma." see you very soon. one day after prince william warns the british paparazzi to stop harassing his son george, the paparazzi are responding. rather, their lawyers are.
6:25 am
attorney for two freelance photographers say their clients didn't break any laws because the photos of george were taken in public places like parks and city streets. prince william and his wife duchess kate say prince george is being stalked. silicon valley has one of the highest ratios of young, single, and employed men to young single women. that's the result of a new pew research center study. there's 114 such men between 25 to 34 years old for every 100 women in that age group. in san francisco, oakland and hayward, the pendulum swings the other way. the ratio there is 93 single men for every 100 women. it's now 6:25. the abc 7 morning news continues with the day's top stories. >> several sexual assaults now under investigation on the uc berkeley campus. they happened nearly a week ago. so why are students just finding out about them now? and a dangerous situation in the east bay.
6:26 am
fast-moving flames break out in one home and then spread to two more. what investigators will be doing there this morning. and overnight, water main break floods half a dozen homes. i'll have details on the cleanup and repairs coming up. and still tracking dangerous heat today all the way out to the coast. poor air qualities also like willing this afternoon. that will all change this weekend. i'll have an updated forecast coming up. and a look at the macarthur maze as you leave berkeley. taillights pushing towards the bay bridge tolls. we are remaining friday light in some areas. we have a big crash in antioch. all the details when abc 7 news returns.
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the wait is over for even faster internet. xfinity is now doubling the internet speed... ...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period. xfinity internet from comcast, now double the speed. good morning. it's october 3rd, and it's back. hardly strictly bluegrass. the annual event there in golden gate park. 750,000 people expected to make their way there this weekend. 100 acts out there. going to be a really hot time. >> yeah. >> not just the music. thanks so much for injog us. i'm matt keller in for eric
6:30 am
thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. i think the acts will go from hot to cool as we progress over the weekend, just like the weather. >> that's right. we'll check in with mike nicco. >> but the heat is on today. find ways to stay cool. we talk about another excessive day of heat and poor air quality. beautiful with the san francisco giants orange this morning. the day planner for today. our microclimates, a 20-degrees spread today. most of us starting warmer. look at this. by noon, low to mid-80s everywhere, even out at the coast. mid-80s to 90 to mid-90s from the coast to the bay to inland by 4:00. and then we'll start to feel some relief at 7:00. low to mid-70s around the coast and bay to mid-80s inland. have a great friday. here's leyla. >> we're starting off with a look at walnut creek, southbound side of 680. taillights as they leave walnut creek.
6:31 am
building a bit but moving at a decent pace. we did have an accident right at 242 southbound at 680. it was a solo crash. that's been pushed over to the shoulder. we are looking at an improvement as we head into the later morning hours. we have a crash, though, right at the dunbarton tolls. one lane currently blocked there. an update on this crash. it's actually in the westbound direction. this is an overturned vehicle westbound along highway 4 at laurel. we have a twitter follower of ours that did say this crash just cleared as he passed by. we're still dealing with backups. still is on the brakes there for you as you head through antioch. matt, kristen, over to you. >> leyla, thank you. continuing coverage of breaking news we first told you about on twitter overnight. half a dozen homes in san francisco's bay view neighborhood are flooded after a water main break. now the cleanup is under way. public works crews still remain on scene this morning. tiffany wilson has been talking
6:32 am
with crews. she's back with an update. >> reporter: well, kristen, right now two pumps are working to drain the sink hole that formed around the water main break so crews can get access to the pipe. that's happening over my shoulder there. the good news is most of the streets in the area have now been reopened. at this point, we know the pipe that broke was installed in 1953. so the public utilities commission says old age is definitely a factor. this video from overnight shows a river of water flowing down keith street. that ran straight into the gr l garages and basements of homes downhill. families ran outside and tried to create impromptu barriers. the fire department helped with a barrier of sand and asphalt. initially the public utilities commission thought the break flooded several dozen homes. they have since downgraded that estimate. >> as we go around and start doing the assessment, that number my change because some homes are still -- the people are still sleeping so we can't get access to it. from our count, it looks to be
6:33 am
six or seven. >> reporter: crews are expected to come by the neighborhood to offer cleanup assistance this morning. now, houses up and down the street for about three blocks are all without water this morning. they expect it will take several hours for the crews to repair the pipe and then they'll be able to turn back on that water supply. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thank you, tiffany. happening this morning, investigators will be back at the scene of a fire that burned three homes in oakland. started just after 7:30 last night on redding street near mills college. firefighters arrived and found a two-story home with flames coming from the top floor which spread to two surrounding homes. one homeowner says he's just thankful his family got out safely. >> i think my son and my wife are, you know, devastated. i'm devastated of course. but my family got out safe. i got them. so i don't have a house right now, but you can rebuild that, right? we're okay. >> the fire brought down a power
6:34 am
line, which landed on one of the fire trucks. a firefighter at the truck managed to get out of the way in time. it took crews more than two hours to get that fire under control. developing news out of the east bay, where three children have been diagnosed with a respiratory infection that sickened hundreds nationwide. it's called enterovirus d-68. the symptoms are similar to it the flu. fever, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and body aches. there have been reported of d-68 causing limb weakness in some patients. >> there are different severities of weakness. some may affect one, two, three, or even four limbs. the virus does stop on its own at some point. >> there is no vaccine for d-68. health officials say there have been 500 confirmed cases of enterovirus in 42 states. you prevent the virus just like any other virus. doctors recommend frequent han s
6:35 am
washing. avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. cough into your sleeve or elbow. if you or your children are sick, stay home. now to the ebola virus. another american has contracted the disease. an nbc news freelance photographer was diagnosed yesterday after covering the outbreak in liberia. he placed himself in isolation and contacted health officials. he'll be flown back to the u.s. along with his crew. meanwhile, the woman who hosted the first patient, thomas duncan, says officials still haven't taken the bed linen and towels he used. she and her family are quarantined inside their apartment under armed guard. duncan is undergoing treatment at a dallas hospital. berkeley police are investigating three reports of sexual assaults. at least two say they were attacked at fraternities. the alleged assaults took place on saturday, but students are just finding out about them now. police have made no arrests. the names of the frat houses involved are not being released. some students say they're disappointed with the way this is being handled.
6:36 am
>> i would expect to have received a notification from the university, but i haven't received anything. we live on frat row. so it's very concerning. >> berkeley police issued this statement. sexual assault investigations are complex and demand sensitive and professional investigation. on monday, governor jerry brown signed the "yes means yes" sexual consent law. if anyone is under the influence, they are automatically assumed to be unable to give consent. santa cruz police have arrested a man who is suspected of running down a bicyclist on purpose while wearing a clown mask. police say he thought he was striking a person with whom he had a prior dispute. police say he was wearing a clown mask as he drove at the cyclist last month in a green pickup truck. detectives found the pickup truck on wednesday a clown mask inside. the cyclist suffered life threatening injuries and is recovering at a trauma center.
6:37 am
only on abc 7 news, we learn who 49ers star ray mcdonald called on the night he was accused of hitting his pregnant fiance and how this is complicating the police investigation. and oscar-winning actress hillary swank makes a bay area appearance. wh insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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coming up on 6:40.
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heat advisory, that's one of our big stories. it's everywhere, even out to the coast. widespread 90s today until 9:00 this evening. the same thing down around san diego. red flag warnings. of course a frost advisory. we go from heat advisories to frost advisories. here's a look at what's going to happen today. watch out for the dangerous surf. 102 in palm springs. a breezy 92 at yosemite. starting at the ferry building sunday morning, bridge to bridge race is going to benefit the special olympics of northern california. 58 at 9:00. 66 at 11:00. 70 with increasing sunshine by noon. it's going to be a warm one. at least it's sunday and not today and tomorrow down at levi stadium. still, mid to upper 80s and a uv index very high for the chiefs and niners. >> yes, bridge to bridge is going to have a big traffic
6:41 am
impact because it travels all along the embarcadero. it is going to be a bit of a crazy traffic day. a look at the golden gate bridge. looks like things are moving along fine. we've had quite the accidents this morning. we thought it was going to be a friday light. unfortunately, that's knot the case. we have this new accident involving a motorcycle southbound side at industrial parkway in hayward. you are going to be on the brakes. looks like a jammed-up drive coming away from 238. we still have this accident westbound side of highway 84 at the toll plaza. it is blocking one lane. kristen, matt. >> all right. thank you, leyla. time now is 6:41. coming up, women turning on the sexiest man alive. what has so many angry at maroon 5 front man adam rlevine. >> and details on the jpmorgan cyber attack. why the bank and its customers are still at risk of another
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only on abc 7 news, we've uncovered exclues i have new information in the domestic violence case against the 49ers player ray mcdonald. police have finished their investigation into allegations he assaulted his pregnant fia e
6:45 am
fiance. the case has now been turned over to prosecutors. one of the things that complicated this case is mcdonald apparently called a san jose police officer around the time the initial 911 call was made. that officer went to the home. reliable sources inside the police department told abc 7 news reporter vic lee this officer also works security at 49ers games. it's up to the d.a. now to decide whether or not to charge mcdonald or conduct its own investigation. 49ers say mcdonald will play while the legal process continues. the band maroon 5 is no stranger to pushing the envelope with edgy songs and videos, but this morning many feel their latest video has gone too far. critics are calling the video for the song "animals" a stalker's fantasy that glorifies violence against women. the video depicts front man adam levine as a butcher by day and stalker by night obsessed with hunting a beautiful blond played by his real life wife and model
6:46 am
behati prinsloo. the controversy is not stopping people from watching it. the video has more than 8 million views since it was posted on youtube on monday. >> what is everyone doing? talking about maroon 5's "animals" video. all this is doing is increasing the viewership to their video, increasing the awareness of their album. >> supporters say the video is just artistic expression. abc news reached out to maroon 5 and their record label. so far, no comment. just a few hours away from this weekend's hardly strictly bluegrass festival. this is a live look at golden gate park right now. the concert festival kicks off this morning. 750,000 people are expected to attend to listen to more than 100 musical acts including ryan
6:47 am
adams, emmy lou harris, and dwight yoakam. all eyes were on actress hillary swank at the mill valley film festival. she made a fashionable entrance last night. she joked about being overdressed saying, i should have worn my birkenstocks. the mill valley film festival runs through october 12th and features more than 200 films from around the world. >> it's 6:47. trading is under way on wall street. looks like they're saying tgif. look at early numbers. the dow is finally rallying after several days of being beaten up. it is up 143 points, 145 now. so it is trading, the dow, at 16,945. >> maybe why that is, is because the september jobs report was released in the last hour. it shows a hiring burst in september drove down the unemployment rate to 5.9%, the lowest since july of 2008.
6:48 am
new details on that jpmorgan cyber attack. we've been telling you this morning the bank has admitted the breach we first learned about over the summer is larger than first thought. 76 million households are now affected. previously it was only 1 million. now sources close to the investigation tell "the new york times" it could take months for jpmorgan chase to change its computer programs breached by the hackers, possibly leaving the company exposed once again to another attack. the giants take the next step to advance in the playoffs today, sending jake peavy to the mound against the washington nationals in game one of the division series. >> the giants acquired peavy in m midseason from the red sox. he struggled at first but went 6-1 down the stretch and brings with him a maniacal level of intensity and emotion. peavy says he knows today's mound opponent, stephen strasburg, very well. >> he's a great competitor, and we all know how talented this guy is. he's got as good of stuff as anybody in the game and can
6:49 am
really make it hard on you. i'll do all i can to give him some good at-bats. he's a good athlete too. the only time i'll be worried about him is when he's in there and i'll have to make some good pitches. >> the giants have won eight straight playoff games going back to their world championship season in 2012. >> the game starts at 12:00 noon. we'll be off. i suspect a lot of folks at work will be taking a slightly longer lunch break. >> three-hour lunch. >> definitely. take half a day. peavy also talked about how he has great stuff. pitching is just as much up here. >> he played baseball. my son plays baseball. your son does too. we're all a bunch of baseball excitement here. >> you see strasburg, when the pressure hits him, doesn't pitch quite as well. >> and the giants always play best when we're underdogs. >> so let's make them underdogs. it's going to rain in the d.c. area but not until about 10:00
6:50 am
tonight through about 8:00 tomorrow morning. they'll get both games in unscathed. light winds. 3 miles per hour at santa rosa, concord, and san jose. that's it. how often do you see half moon bay with calm conditions and unlimited visibility? that's also what we're looking at. here's the way 280 looks in san jose. the sun just about to pop over the mountains to the east. when it does, it's going to take these temperatures that are already 56 in cupertino, and push all of us into the 90s. 66 in alameda. you can see some of the colors of morning. they're darker right now. they'll give way to bright sunshine, which will warm us to dangerous levels today and also poor air quality is likely. heat stays inland this weekend as autumn returns all the way to all of our neighborhoods by tuesday. for today, mid to upper 90s throughout the south bay. there you go, san jose, 94.
6:51 am
gilroy, 99. santa cruz, 92 degrees. remember, the water temperature is low to mid-60s. we'll flirt with 90 at half moon bay. daly city, low to mid-90s downtown and south san francisco. all the way through the north bay valleys, mid to upper 80s at your beaches. low to mid-90s along the east bay shore with oakland and fremont at 94. we'll have mid-90s all throughout our inland east bay neighborhoods. good news tonight, temperatures will be comfortable once again. 50s and 60s. mid-60s around san francisco, oakland, and out towards antioch. let's talk about what's going to happen with our winds. they're offshore this morning. they'll remain that way through the afternoon hours. that's why the heat peaks today. tomorrow by 6:00 notice they start turning onshore. that's when the cooling hits the coast, spreads to the baby monday, and inland by tuesday. you can see it really affecting the hardly strictly bluegrass festival there at golden gate park. 90 for a high tomorrow.
6:52 am
85 saturday. 74 on sunday. seven-day forecast. almost as hot tomorrow. at the coast we lose about ten degrees. we lose a couple degrees there. a ten-degree drop monday around the bay. then by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, the morning marine layer is well established. afternoon sunshine. temperatures near average. have a great weekend. >> we're checking up on this crash in hayward, southbound as you approach industrial parkway. that's where we have a crash involving a motorcycle. it is causing quite the backup. you are in slow motion as you come away from 238. in fact, now we're starting to see pressure on northbound 238 as you come up. here's a look at the bay bridge tolls. it is a busy one right now. as you're coming in from the maze to san francisco, you will have a little bit of a wait on your hands. about 15 minutes worth. the tracy to dublin, nice and light there. 30 minutes will get you from east to west. if you're traveling along 4
6:53 am
westbound. matt, kristen. >> all right. thank you. time now is 6:52. we're back with seven things to know before you go. >> the abc 7 morning news returns in 90 seconds. stay with us.
6:54 am
it's 6:54. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here's seven things to know today. breaking news in san francisco's bay view. crews are working to clean up
6:55 am
after a water main break flooded at least half a dozen homes this morning. number two, the excesstive heat and the poor air quality. it's cool this morning with 40s in the north bay valley to mid and upper 60s around san francisco. by the afternoon hours, the heat advisory will see our temperatures around 93 to 96 inland, 83 to 89 along the coast, 91 to 95 around the bay with the most likely area for unhealthy air, the santa clara valley. number three, inspectors will be back on the scene this morning of a fire in oakland that burned three homes near mills college. it started in a two-story home last night and spread to two other homes. no one is hurt. number four, the respiratory infection known as enterovirus d-68 is slowly spreading throughout the bay area. three children have been diagnosed so far, all in the east bay. there are 500 confirmed cases of the virus in 42 states now. no vaccine is available.
6:56 am
the symptoms are similar to the flu. >> and number five, an american journalist has been diagnosed with the ebola virus. ashoka mukpo is a freelance photographer for nbc news. he was working in liberia when he contracted the disease. mukpo and the network crew will be flown back to the u.s. for treatment. number six, the giants want to keep repeating scenes like these when they beat the pirates on wednesday. they take on the washington nationals in d.c. at noon today for game one of the national league division series. jake peavy goes for the giants. strasburg for the nats. and number seven, it is a busy friday commute. started off light but now basically at all the toll plazas we have heavy traffic. we have this accident in hayward that is still gumming up the commute. one lane blocked at industrial parkway. looks like san jose, we are busy at all those intersections. >> all right. abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, and all your mobile
6:57 am
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>> good morning, america. breaking overnight, an american journalist now infected with ebola. an emergency evacuation under way from the hot zone as the family of the patient in dallas now ordered to stay indoors. police stationed outside their home. dr. besser and our full team on the case. wow. look at the damage. >> also breaking right now, violent storms tearing across the midwest. powerful winds with gusts almost 100 miles an hour. toppling brick walls and tearing the roofs off buildings. transformers blowing up and knocking out power for hundreds of thousands. new to morning, the real housewives' star facing a tough new reality. leaving this


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