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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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disease. >> new scrutiny against the secret service. we are learning president obama came in contact with an armed convict. how it happened. heartland heartbreak, october is fought underway as the a's come up short in kansas city. heartbreak. heartbreak. sad. 6:00 a.m. >> but if the giants win tonight... drew? we have quiet conditions to start off wednesday. live doppler hd shows all is quiet and not picking up rain or moisture. the big story is the warm-up this afternoon. 67 in fairfield. some spots are mild at 67 in antioch and light jacket at napa, and everyone can take off
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the giants into the 80's. mainly clear and mild temperatures are turning breezy in mid-morning to bring in the warmer air by the afternoon and sunrise at 7:05 and temperatures are in the mid-50's and by 8:00 a.m. some spots are nearly 70. good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. we are starting off with richmond-san rafael toll plaza with a few cars backing up but now moving through. beyond the toll plaza traffic is smooth. we have an accident that cleared not too long ago westbound highway 4 at harbor street but not before causing big delays through pittsburg at 33 miles per hour. it is heavy traffic from antioch the bay bridge shows metering lights turned on at 22 and that caused delays from the maze with a new fender bender at treasure island. so far, slow-and-go.
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this morning, the a's post-season hopes are over noting the dramatic and disappointing loss in scans scan and the tax towns now to the giants with pat colder outside at&t park. big party is hold here with the games opened and the patches let into the stadium and people will be able to watch the game on the big screen with the pope that one bay area teen will advance to the next round a disappoint end to the season for the a's last night. moss hit two hole runs including this blast to give the a's a lead. but they could not hold the lead giving up four runs in two innings and kansas city tied it and a's scored in the 12th but royals came back with two. the final was 9-8. john lester started and gave up six runs. >> i to the he was really good after giving up a couple of
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runs. he settled in and was throw great but he tired at the end after throwing 110 pitches. after the initial couple of runs they scored, he threw really well. fans in the bay area have turned their eyes for pittsburgh taking on giants and pirates. al show the gale on the big screen at at&t park opening the doors at 4:00. the giants have won a world series the last two even numbered year, 2010 and 2012 and they hope 2014 is another year of destiny. kansas city, of course, is celebrating the royals win and this is how the streets looked,
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fans going wild as we mentioned, the last time the royals made it to the playoffs was way back in 1985 and interesting to note, we did the math and figured half the royals players were not alive during the team's last playoff run. starting today berkeley minimum wage is up to $10 an hour a dollar higher than the state's minimum wage part of a plan to give workers more raises. next year it goes up to $11 and in 2016 it is up to $12.53. amy hollyfield is getting early reaction and will have a report at 5:30. a man is in critical condition in texas the first case of ebola virus. the patient is in isolation in a hospital in dallas and flew from west africa september 19 and arriving in the united states
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september 20. ators like sfo have as explained to spot passengers with diseases but it is not easy. >> unless you are visibly it is and sweating and feverish and wheezing they cannot do much because the symptoms can be dormant. anyone would flies it will or 14 hours does not look that good anyway. >> in 2009 during sars imaging was used to see if passengers returning from asia had high fevers. it is not clear how effective it was. the man accused of jumping the white house fence is due in court. new allegations this morning of another high scale security lapse allowing an armed man with a criminal history feet away from the president. this morning details of yet
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another breach of presidential security. a man with a criminal history and a gun was allowed inside an elevator with president obama during a vest to atlanta. that comes a day after blistering bipartisan criticism of the secret service on capitol hill. lawmakers demanded answers of how this intruder was allowed to make his way through the executive mansion. >> this is disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful in happened. >> gonzalez pierced five layers of security, jumping the fence, no agents close enough to tackle him running 70 yards to the white house. no attacking do released. s.w.a.t. teams never engaging. and, finally, unlocked front door. this did not end until he got in the east room and was tackled by an off-duty agent would just
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happened to be there. the director of the secret service took full responsibility. >> we are outraged how this came to pass. >> the answers were unsatisfactorying and -- unsatisfactorying. >> you have done a disservice to the president of the united states. >> the ridicule was biting. >> ever heard of these guys? >> gonzalez is due in court to face charges of braking into the white house. if convicted he could spend 10 years in prison. happening today, two men vying to become the next mayor will face off in another debate. the city council member liccardo and dave cortese go head to head at the community center at 7:30 tomorrow facing off on monday at the north campus of. bay debating everything from potholes to police and public
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safety. debates will be tomorrow at 6:30 at starlight banquet room and mexican heritage on october 6 and october 9 at san jose state university. today, lawmakers and advocates gather to celebrate the signing of a bill cracking down on delays in the testing of rape kits. the governor signs the pill yesterday. miss have 20 days to collect evidence in a rain case and send it off to the laboratory. the laboratory has four months to process the rape kit and enter it much the signing of bill is after abc7 i-team uncovered thousands of untested rape kits it is on shelves across the bay area. the event is in oakland at 10:00 a.m. on clay street. police are concerned there could be more victims after the arrest of a 43-year-old man on charges of sexually assaulting a girl during sleepovers. a technology assistant named
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ronald lauren is facing multiple charges against a minor hosting sleepover pairs for young girls at his home in south san francisco the last two years. police say he targeted one of the girls and investigators have not revealed his relationship to any of the girls who slept over whether he was a relative or a "friend." you can watch the wild card game at at&t park. >> it will be great, clear skies, in the sick at 8:00 p.m. live doppler hd shows clear skies. nice start an the bay area. 53 in napa. 48 in novato. you may need a light jacket. not a cloud to be soon with tons of sun whether it is the east bay or coast or san francisco. temperatures are starting off in the mid-50's.
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some areas are in the upper 60's. around the region, 78 at half moon bay and 81 in downtown san francisco and in the east bay 86 and 89 in walnut creek. now the traffic with leyla gulen. >> good morning, we are starting off with an accident in petaluma southbound on 101 as you head up to petaluma boulevard involving a couple of vehicles. we have delays headed up to the highway. up to 116 you are on the brakes. it clears up. we are dealing with a crash on the bay area at treasure island involving a couple of vehicles. it could be pushed to the shoulder. we are starting to see delays leave san francisco. early if you are coming from the maze check out the red, very heavy traffic indeed. tracy to dublin is 49 minutes and highway four is selling out at 36 minutes from antioch to concord because of con percent
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and a crash that cleared not too long ago that gummed up the commute and 101 from san rafael to san francisco is at on -- 20 minutes. >> are you driving a car that could be a speed trap? we reveal the names of the cars that get the most tax from police. >> and a california mayor shot and killed in his own home. his wife is in custody. she is now free. ♪ fire ♪ fire brandon >> concussion controversy, students are upset over the minute handling of a star fire on the field who was injured and making a drastic
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:14. welcome back. the wife suspected of shooting and killing her husband who is the mayor of a southern california city, has been released from jail after several hours of questioning. vest girlfriends say the 45-year-old mayor of bell gardens was shot by his wife
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several times during a domestic dispute and was fighting at their home and at one point their son intervened and according to police that is when his wife pull add gun and shot him. the son was taken to the hospital to be checked out and is questions fellow lawmakers say he was a respected public servant and the death is "tremendous loss." >> judge ruled the trial for the man accused of shooting 12 people inside a colorado movie theater can be televised with some restrictions but only allowed with one closed circuit camera. the camera will not be allowed to zoom in or out without permission and the jury is not then on tv. newspaper photographers are not allowed to take photos during the trial. holmes pleaded not guilty by rope of insanity and faces the death penalty. >> students at university of michigan are demanding action after the mass handling of a
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football player's head injury. >> students want the university of michigan to get rid of the athletic director dave brandon after heavy scrutiny sip the football game when the quaterback remains in the game despite suffering a mild concussion. the football coach defended himself this week saying he was not aware of the concussion. >> they should have been taken out. >> a kid on the field lay egg on the behind with a concussion and no one is stepping up and take responsibility, that is fought right. >> students have started a petition to remove the athletic director. brandon has apologized for the handling of the injury. >> a new history reveals the most ticketed cars in the country and sports cars are fought the only vehicle. according to ,
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subaru drivers receive the most citations at 33 percent of wrx receive a ticket and point g.t.o. were in second, and surprising, drivers of a family s.u.v., the subaru were at top. and a hybrid compact made the list, as well. i see a lost...moms driving. moms, as we know, never speed. >> never. >> never. always. i get those mixed up, too! >> oh my, violence in the morning. hot around here. >> we will talk about how warm it will be later on today with temperatures above our normal
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high. if san francisco, average high on the first of the day is 72 and by hall when we are dropping to 68. today, nowhere near the low 70's and we will be 80's across the bay area. live doppler 7 hd shows not a cloud in the sky and no moisture found on the radar scene this morning. napa at 53 and oakland at 60 and 67 in antioch and the piled air is arizona -- mild air is in place. all is quiet before the morning push and forecast features show a major warm-up today. that means nearly triple digit heat inland spots thursday, friday, and saturday and all the heat and the dry air is increasing our fire danger the next couple of days. we have a cold front move through yesterday and it has cleared the clouds setting the same if high pressure to move over us sitting on us with a dome of warm air.
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the peak of the heat is here on friday. active air today from 14 miles per hour to 29 miles per hour in fairly and the offshore flow will continue to keep us warm throughout the afternoon so expect this to hang with us today and subside tone. the breeze and the warm temperatures and humidity increase our fire danger and you can see some spots are on the high side. >> highs on wednesday are 87 in vallejo and 81 if san francisco and 86 for a high in oakland and 5 in palo alto and 87 for san jose. the seven-day forecast shows hot from here on, friday, to the upper 90's inland and mid-90's at the bay and the coast is warm, too, with temperatures well above average. good morning, dry, walnut creek is moving. a little bit. we are looking at more congestion weighing your way
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from pleasant hill to highway 24 and it is bunching up closer to highway 24 but until you get there at nine minutes and not too, too bad. at petaluma we have an accident in place southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard and we are looking at delays approaching highway 116. right now at highway 4, eastbound side, it is more of an intersection we are fining delays because of an accident so watch out for that. >> next up the favorite tv shows are more diverse with certain character i will see more of this season. >> new details on the arrest of olympic star michael phelps. we know what he was doing before he was pulled over and charged he was pulled over and charged with hi, i'm henry winkler
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good morning, everyone, we have reached wednesday. we have reached the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup is complete. how far back does it go? leyla gulen knows the she will share that with you in a couple of minutes. a new study finds television's big networks increasing their depiction of
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gay and lesbian and bisexual characters. the media group says that 4 percent on prime time will be gay or lesbian or bisexual up from 3.3 percent last year. the study found the sail -- same trend on cable. and we learned what michael phelps doing before he was arrested. he was gambling for eight hours before being arrested. sources say that phelps was at a private gambling room for several hours playing black jack and was driving 84 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone and failed a field sobriety test. this is his second d.u.i. arrest. in 2004 he pleaded guilty and sentenced to 18 months prohibition.
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>> the lawyer for tracy morgan said the jury is out on whether he will perform again following a deadly limousine trash in june and says he suffered debilitating brain injury and the career could be in jeopardy. the limousine was head back from a show at delaware can -- casino fellow come median was killed. wal-mart partly blaming him for not wearing the seatbelt. morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. gunfire republicans -- republicans out and what we are learning about the early morning homicide. >> governor brown decides the fate of a law named after a teen bullied online. working in berkeley pays
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better today than yesterday. current temperatures now are 70 at some spots approaching 6:30 and the fall warm-up is on way with the details in the seven-day forecast. in the traffic center, that is a look at san jose just as you pass highway 17 and traffic is loading in the northbound direction. headlights indicate that. we have a new crash with more details on that when we return. ] the wait is over for even faster internet. xfinity is now doubling the internet speed... ...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period. xfinity internet from comcast, now double the speed.
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but the right gasoline can help keep the inside clean. chevron with techron. care for your car. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the first day of october. look at that: we are in for a gorgeous day in the bay area. you can see not much fog. clear already. i want to make sure you have the giant spatula ready if you are sunbathing because it will be hot. >> sunbathing? >> what? everyone needs vitamin d once in a while.
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with the sunscreen. >> in moderation. >> this is our week with the warmest temperatures all year and that is the case. live doppler 7 hd is quiet. 67 at fairfield and 57 in san jose. the bus stop forecast is plenty of sun. in fog. 62 to 69 in the another bay. the coast is low 60's and mid-60's the next couple of hours. leyla gulen? the san mateo bridge is heavy. bumper-to-bumper traffic. the mass transit shows outbound on muni on the l line is expensing service delays because of a line that is down. shuttles are provided between
6:31 am
sunset and the zoo. keep that in mind. also, cable car line at powell is down. schultzs -- shuttles are in place. we have a crash involved four vehicles southbound along 242 at 680. it is heavy through concord. agreeing overnight in oakland police were investigating a deadly shooting outside a nightclub. around 1:15 a man got in a fight with another person in the area of 11th and clay. at some point the second person pulled the gun and shot the man in the stomach. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died. right now police are reviewing surveillance video in hopes of getting more information on the shooter. >> in oakland, police are investigating a possible burglary at a marijuana grow house officers responding to a home on 29th and found pot
6:32 am
plants scattered on the ground. there is no word if police made any arrests. we have reached out to oakland police the when we hear back we will bring you the information. some workers are starting off with a pay raise. the first of three minimum wage hikes in berkeley now is in effect. amy hollyfield is in berkeley. the man who was working the shift at 7-eleven was making $9.50 an hour yesterday. today he is making $10 an hour. the berkeley city council voted unanimously to increase minimum wage each year for two years. by 2016 it will be $12.53. the mayor is challenging other cities in the east bay to do the same. it is appreciated. >> i look forward to. more money in my pocket. the more i can pay child support and to have left over to do what
6:33 am
i need to do and pay my phone bill which i didn't pay. >> he is supporting three kids with what he makes at 7-eleven and worried it could hurt businesses and employers are less likely to fill jobs. he is happy if his bottom line. >> labor advocates are at city hall at 4:00 today to applaud the city for making the move and to inform workers of their new rights. developing news, the top doctors are scrambling to thunderstorm over the first diagnosed case of ebola virus in america, the unidentified victim is critically ill and in isolation in dallas at a hospital after traveling from liberia to texas and felt sick four or five days after arriving in the united states. the head of the centers for disease control is optimistic they will stop the spread of ebola virus.
6:34 am
i have in doubt we will control this case of ebola virus so it does not spread widely in this country. authorities have tracked down appeal and friends who may have had close contacts with the patient and could be at risk of contracting the virus. and the forecast is calling for a jump in temperatures across the pay area and that is bringing new fire worries. firefighters battled a grass fire at highway 101 at petaluma at 4:30 p.m. with officials saying the flames were on both sides of the petaluma river and southbound 101 was blocked during the evening compute. the first was under control by 7:30. today the two men charged with setting a string of fires in alameda are due in court. the two men face three counts of
6:35 am
arson and are expected to be assigned attorneys. there were eight fires it is early sunday morning and they did $3 million in damage. peterson's girl said he was working at a restaurant until the wee hours of the morning after three fires had been set and she says witnesses and surveillance video will verify his whereabout. the family says his arrest is a misunderstanding. san jose police are looking for shooter whose stray bullet killed a map at his home. the 24-year-old richard wattkins was shot while helping a relative park the car. >> i will only say three was always doing the right thing, keeping the kids in the sports and keeping positive, so it is just heart breaking.
6:36 am
heartbreaking. >> it is hard. it hit my family hard. >> in us have few leads in finding the shooter. his football family has set up a fund me page to help the family. you can help out with a link on our website at governor brown has reformed juvenile sex crime laws after a teen hanged herself. the 15-year-old audrie pott was sexually assault by three boys at a party in 2012 and they took pictures of her body and sent them to students at the saratoga high school. the legislation called audrey's law would allow the public to view the proceedings of juveniles prosecuted on sexual assault charges. a champagne celebration...but not for our team. the heartbreak in the heartland
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for a's fans. >> facebook versus drag queens ? s
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good morning, as we town the calendar to october 1. look at the almanac, usually in
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the low 70's first day of the not and in for halloween in the upper 60's but today, we are in the low 80's, not the low 70's. we have clear skies. temperatures are mild. fairfield and antioch are in the 60. napa is 53. 60 in san francisco. vine good news if you were facing delays on the train, it has cleared. southbound highway 242 at 680 because of the crash that is blocking one lane that is gumming up open highway 4. to the south, through the santa cruz mountains we have a stalled
6:41 am
beg rig blocking lanes southbound highway 17 it is fought slowing things down yet but south of there near the reservoir that is are we have low and go traffic northbound but still managing well to the summit. thanks, leyla gulen, you can see the pink logo? on the screen? we are wearing pink, too. with a nationwide put bringing more attention to breast cancer
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covering novato, oakland oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. hopes of a babe bridge series are over after the disappoint loss in kansas city. >> i didn't see that sigh in the script. >> but giants still have hope alive. matt? all the a's fans could be waking up depressed but giants fans can get the stadium feeling watching the game although the lay on the field will take place more than 2,500 miles away. first, though, we get to the ending of the wild season for the a's. in the 6th inning, moss
6:45 am
clubbed the second home run giving the a's the lady. sex outs away from the victory, lester could not hold the lead third base and the final was 9-8 with the kansas city winning. >> how do i feel? >> fought very good. a great game. both teams played well and hard but...the short answer is not great if you want to win the game. it is up to the giants to carry homes and dreams taking on pirates in pittsburg with the giants making sure the local fans can see that game and the game will be free on the big scene with a rally before the first pitch at 4:00 and the
6:46 am
giants alumni are there with bumgarner pitching hoping to propel san francisco into the next round of the playoffs and? they win they take on washington nationals on friday. hopefully we see it. among those gears up are pint sized fans showing spirit and this is one-year-old chandler from napa handed a practice ball and would not health it -- let it go. this is from game one...well, who is that? a fan. enjoying the game. pale your photos to or twitter@atthistime . trading is underway on wall
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street. >> >> publics down 95 to 16957 for the second down day below 17000. >> but pumpkin sales are booming and starbucks could be why because of the famous latte giving people a craving for everything pumpkin with sales up 34 percent the lat five years and starbucks introduceed the latte a decade ago from pumpkin beer to jerky. >> jeans are made to accommodate the bigger iphones with the bigger screens affecting fashion and levis are
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the kickoff the breast cancer awareness month. one in nine women will hear the words "you have breast cancer," and today the start of breast cancer awareness month and with that, experts are trying to bring new attention to the disease among minorities who are lets likely to get the disease than white women but have a higher chance of dying from it. a reason is a predisposition to get cancers that strike harder and younger. >> the challenge has been getting the emergency out to african-american women to caribbean american women and to hispanic women that mammograms are important and save lives. >> not having insurance is the main reason many women skip the mammograms. it has been a year since "good morning america" anchor was diagnosed with breast cancer
6:49 am
and received eight rounds of chemotherapy after a double mastectomy. she sits down to discuss how far she has come and the role that "good morning america" layed in saving her life. that is on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. in 11 minutes. we invite you to take the go pink pledge at there is more on pledge and the simple things you can do to protect yourself. and not a cloud in the sky. did you arrange that? >> i did. i did. >> and orange for the giants.
6:50 am
>> giants are in pittsburgh with mid-60's when the game starts but low 60's when the game wraps up. 6:50 an and a quiet scan. temperatures are showing 60's on the board and fairfield and antioch in the mid-to-upper 60's and 55 in mountain view. kgo roof camera shows a beautiful sky, not a cloud, no fog, a great start. sunrise is 6:05. we have major warm-up so temperatures inland are nearly triple digits thursday and friday and saturday and the warmth and a breeze and low hellive humidity does not create the fire danger. a cold front moved through and you would not notice it but it is dry now and that sets the stage for high pressure moving in the bubble of warmth will be over us the next couple of days.
6:51 am
the winds are active from 15- to 30-miles per hour and the offshore flow continues keeping us on the warm side and that will start this warmth that will subside with both the wind and warm temperatures and high danger is high so watch out for that. highs for wednesday are a lot of 80's, 88 in concord and 85 in richmond and ten degrees above normal and san jose is the high at 87. the seven-day forecast shows warm to hot today and hot an the region and heat on friday and upper 90's inland and 90's in the bay and 80's along the coast on highway 4, southbound 242 at 680 this is where we have one lane blocked because of a crash. look at the delays, starting to backup on highway 4 and already we are sold out.
6:52 am
it is a full house. here is how long it will take along highway 4: 34 americans from -- 434, and excuse with eric. >> you are right open "pointe," yes i am on world ballet day that i will take part in at 11 o'clock a.m. online where you see behind the scenes tour of the san francisco ballet, beautiful dancers, top to composers and it will be fun filled the entire morning and it will last until 3:00. with more information on >> the form was perfect, by the way. >> i was afraid i was rusty. >> you can see that on the
6:53 am
commuter and midday on your tv. >> we have seven things to know before you go. >> news continues in 90
6:54 am
>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, breaking news in oakland a man is shot dead outside a knit club. he got into a night with another person last night at 1:15.
6:55 am
he was shot in the torso. he died at the hospital. the suspect got away. starting today, berkeley's minimum wage is up to $10 an hour, a dollar higher thanked state minimum wage the first step of a three-phase plan to raise the minimum wage to $12.50. the top doctor is vowing to stop enin its tracks as the first patient diagnosed in the sons in critical condition in texas after traveling to liberia , or from liberia to dallas. four, drag queens and other activists heat with officials at facebook to discuss ending the real name policy which requires people to use their real name on their accounts. drag woops say using their stage names provide them safety. the a's lost a legaller -- a
6:56 am
thriller and lost after taking the heed but they lost and giants lay tonight for the national wild card victory. >> the game is at at&t park. it will be mild. temperatures are from the 50's to the 60's and that will set the stage for 81 in san francisco and money -- midtown more 80's in the east bay. southbound concord at 242 at 680 we have a four car crash causing heavy delays. it is a mess. we continue on-line and twitter and all the mobile devices. we are back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" and if you have not done so, take the go pink pledge and, also, go
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good morning, america. breaking news. ebola in america. the first case of the deadly disease diagnosed on u.s. soil. a major american city on high alert. the president briefed. the ambulance and the workers who took the patient to the hospital quarantined. officials searching for anyone who came in contact with the infected traveler during more than a week on american soil. dr. besser and our entire team on this developing story. also breaking this morning. another major secret service breach. how did a man with a criminal record and a gun come within inches of the president on an elevator. happening now, a powerful storm set to slam the midwest. damaging hails, winds in excess of 70 miles an hour, and possible tornados. more than 40 million people in the path right now. ginger tracking it all. ♪


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