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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning at 5:00. first day of october. thanks for joining us. for the october forecast, how is it looking, drew? certainly going to feel
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warmer than our usual highs. live doppler hd shows around the region not coming up with moisture and no rain. temperature-wise out the door, 68 and mild in fairfield compared to 48 in napa and some spots you need the light jacket as you star the day. 60 in oakland and shows is at 56. wake up weather is mainly clear and mild temperatures in some spots and turning breezy with sunrise at 7:05 and starting temperatures in the mid-60 to mid-50's. now a check on traffic. good morning, everyone. at 5:00 am we are taking you to san francisco first and we want to give you a head's up of open world 2014 at at the mascone center. it will cause street closings for oracle. this will an lost traffic off of 80. be sure to find another way around or give yourself extra
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time. heavy, heavy traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash paying lanes stacking up and the fast track is clear as we make it from emeryville. with the a's season coming to a dramatic end all eyes turn to the giants and their attempt to advance in the post soap. the wild card matchup is in pittsburgh fans can clear on the team. >> matt? giants fans can get the stadium although the play takes place 2,500 miles away. first though, the wild roller coaster season for the a's ended last night. in the 6th inning, moss got the second home run of the game, giving the a's the heed. from victory, the bull pen gave
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up two runs and the royals came back with the final hit on the third baseline and the final was royals 9 and the a's has eight. >> how am i feeling? >> not very good. it was a great game. both teams played well and hard. but...the answer is "not great." you want to win. >> it is up to the giants to carry on the hopes and dreams. they play wild card game at 5:00 and giants want to make sure the local fans can see the game so at&t will show the game free of charge on the big screen with a rally before the first pitch at 4:00 p.m. and giants alumni are there as bumgarner pitches for san francisco hoping for the next round against washington nationals. >> we believe.
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starting today, berkeley's minimum wage is up to $10 an hour a dollar higher than the state's minimum wage the first step of a three-phased plan to give workers more raises. in 2015, the minimum wage is up to $11 an hour and in 2016 it is up to $12.53. amy hollyfield is getting early rakes with a report at 5:30. a man is in critical condition with the first u.s. case of ebola virus. the male is in isolation. he flew from west africa spot 19 arriving in the united states on september 20. the airports such as san francisco international airport have quarantined agents trained to spot passengers with infectious diseases. >> unless you are visibly sick and sweating and a fever and coughing they cannot do much
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because a lost times the symptoms are dormant. anyone would flies 12 or 14 hours does not look that well anyway. >> in 2009 during the sars imaging was uses to see if passengers returning from asia had high fevers. todays lawmakers and advocates will gather to celebrate the signing of a bill cracking down on the testing of rape kits. the governor signed the bill yesterday under the law, police will have 30 days to collect rape kits in a case and send it to the laboratory. actually, that is 20 days. the laboratory has four months to process the kit. the signing of the bill comes after the i-team last year uncovered thousands of untested rape kits sitting on the police shelves. >> san francisco police are concerned this could be more victims after the arrest of
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43-year-old man of sexually assaulting a girl during a sleepover. a technology assistant is facing multiple sex crime charges against a minor. he hosted sleepover parties for young girls at his home in south san francisco. during that time police say he targeted one of the girls. investigators have not revealed the relationship to the girls would slept over what he was a relative or a friend. san francisco will pay the family of a woman who was run over and killed in the park last year more than $15 million. the 35-year-old was sunbathing in september with her baby daughter and dog and she was run over by a city worker driving on the grass. the garden neither has been fired and the criminal case of vehicular manslaughter is pending. the driving policies was modified in the wake of her death. >> caltran is planning new tests
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to rule out although-material problems on the new east were span of the bay bridge revealing that dozen of the 420 feel rods that anchor the 525' tower have been sitting in water. rust could have developed on the rods. police say rain is the cause. >> the man accused of jumping the white house fence and making it inside is due if court. in are new allegations of high scale security lapse that allowed an averaged man with a criminal history feet from the president. >> good morning, that is right the secret service facing so much trouble is now dealing with a new revelation it let someone get too close to the president. details of another breach of presidential security: a man with a criminal history and a gun was allowed inside an
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elevator with president obama during a recent visit to atlanta . this is a day as criticism of the secret service on capitol hill. lawmakers demanded answers of how this intruder was allowed to make his way unimpeded by security through the executive mansion. this is disgraceful. >> gonzalez jumped the fence and no agents close enough to tackle him as he ran 70 yards to the white house. no attack fog released. s.w.a.t. teams never engaged. finally, unlocked front door. this does not end until he made his way to the east room and tackled by an off-duty agent would just happened to be there. the director of the secret service damage full responsibility. >> we are outraged in the secret service of how this incident
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came to pass. lawmakers calmed for an independent investigation. >> have a done a disservice to the president. >> ever heard of these guys? gonzalez is due in court to face charges of breaking into the white house and if convicted he could face ten years in prison. >> thanks. >> now, mike is off this morning but our meteorologist, drew, is bringing the heat. and now a high is in the low 70's in san francisco and by halloween we will top out in the upper 60's. today it will not feel like october with temperatures 10 or 15 degrees above normal across the bay area.
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with current temperatures some spots are mild at 68 in fairfield and antioch and only 48 in napa and half moon bay. in some spots you need a light jacket but later today can you ditch the jacket. 88 in livermore and san francisco we usually get to 72 and we are going to 81 degrees. getting to 90 and 89 in palo alto. the winds will be breezy from 15- to 30-miles per hour throughout the afternoon. >> since we have moves on, the projects have completed so we do not have lanes blocked. but over the altamont pass, it willing bumper-to-bumper traffic
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with 32 miles per hour away from tracy and through the pass. your speeds are steady and it moves better when you are close to vasco between vasco and the dublin interchange. no delays. watch your speeds. 66 miles per hour across the bridges and traffic is smooth. if you are headed influential bennett to the maze, four minutes, through berkeley and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose 15 minutes and northbound 280 from 101 to cupertino is just 11 minutes. >> does the car you drive make you more likely to get a traffic ticket? >> the top cars busted by police in the money report. >> hong kong marks the founding of china as professors push for democratic reform vow for step
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up the pressure on the communist nation.
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:14. on wednesday. a look at embarcadero in san francisco, a nice morning with a logo showing a pink look kicking
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off breast cancer awareness month so join the campaign. can you take the pledge at facebook in the fight back against breast cancer. >> 50 years ago cal gave birth to the free speech movement where young people began to question authority. an anniversary rally is held today at noon on the steps. today's rally features veterans of the free speech movement including jack wineburg. >> hong kong is marking the anniversary of the founding of communist china as protests continue over voting reforms. the embattled leader attended a flag raising ceremony to mark the national day after retuesdaying to meet demonstrators despite the
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threats to expand the street protests. they have blocked streets for days across hong kong to press demands for genuine democratic reform for the territories first direct elections in 2017. the woman suspected of shooting and killing her husband would happened to be the mayor of a southern california certify has been released from jail after several hours of questioning. investigators say the 45-year-old mayor was shot by his wife during a domestic dispute. they were fighting at home and their son intervened and according for the police that is when she pulled a gun and shot her husband. the son was taken to the hospital. he was a respected public servant and call the we death "a tremendous loss." this morning, 12 more bodies have been found on the slopes of mount ontake in japan as the
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volcano has quieted down enough to continue efforts. a total of 48 bodies have been found. it erupted suddenly on saturday engulfing 250 hikers in ash and smoke. many were trapped. police believe many dayed because of suffocation or gases. the gamble is paying off for streets that legalize casino. >> and the odds of getting a speeding tickets are higher in some cars more than others. >> topping america's money, the gambling industry trips $240 billion to the economy. and 7 million jobs from taxes to entertainment. the industry wants states to see how important it is. >> the cars that get the most speeding tickets could surprise you, a third of the drivers of
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pontiac but a third of driving subarus. and a kitchen appliance has everything you need, a bacon pot makes coffee and toast but it is not made and it does dirts. 5:28. we are all safe. our cars were not in that group. >> i don't have a car. i try not to look sporty. we will not talk about the witnesses of the speed to which she drives... how is it looking? temperatures are off to the raises. we will warm up nicely along the entire bay area but especially along the coast. now, the giants are taking on the pirates with game time temperatures in the mid-60's and the sun will set at
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today with temperatures showing a wide variety from 68 in fairly to 48 in napa and 55 in novato and some spots you need the like jackets and other spots are mild. but it will be warm. mainly clear skies and mild temperatures and turning breezy. sunrise is at 7:05 a.m. from the roof camera it is quiet. the tree tops are moving but the breeze will pick up. there will be a major warm-up today so triple digit temperatures on thursday, friday and saturday and it will increase our fire danger. we have cleared out the clouds
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and that will set the stage for here treasure today and be over the dome of high pressure that will warm us up with the heat occur on friday. we have a wind coming from the northeast and that is showing warm wind, from 20 to 30 miles per hour and continues through the day keeping the temperatures across the region into the 80's. 88 in concord and san francisco has a high of 72 and we will be up to 81 in the afternoon and napa is warm with high of 88 degrees and sun. warm to hot today and hot across the region and on friday, nearly triple digits and the bays is mid-90's and the coast is warm and in the mid-80's. injury. >> now the weather with leyla gulen. >> we have a stalled vehicle at the richmond-san rafael in the pulled lane so hopefully they
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have flashers on. hopefully c.h.p. can push that car over to the side. it looks like they have a plat tire. in santa rosa we have an accident at 101 blocking the middle lanes so c.h.p. will be there possibly with emergency crews. 680 southbound from ford to walnut creek is six minutes and westbound from walnut creek is 13 minutes into oakland. from tracy to dublin the traffic is loading up. >> 5:21. seven things to know use start your day and, also, the records the students at a university take a swing at. >> the first ladies are rated and what they had to say about hillary clinton and the first
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that disease is for older people. not me. i take good care of myself. i'm active. i never saw it hit me like a ton of bricks. pneumococcal pneumonia was horrible... the fatigue... the chest pains, difficulty breathing. it put me in the hospital. you don't want to go through what i did. if you're over 50, talk to your doctor. you may be able to prevent it.
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breaking news in oakland. the a man is shot dead outside a nightclub. police say the man got into a fight with another person near 11th at 1:15 and shot in the torso and died at the hospital. the suspect got away. starting today, berkeley's minimum wage is up to $10 an hour, a dollar higher than the state's minimum wage the first step of a three help phase plan to raise the minimum wage to $12.53 by 2016. we will have a live report at 5:30. >> a man is in critical condition in texas with the for case in the united states of
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ebola virus traveling from liberia to dallas. four, a group of construction workers in san francisco are doing their part for breast cancer awareness month kicking off today, 650 tough guys formed a giant ribbon with pink and you can take the go pink pledge yourself at eight -- the a's lost a thriller last night losing 9-8. the giants play pittsburgh tonight for the natural league six, mild temperatures out there right now and we have some spots nearly 70 degrees so that means temperatures this afternoon are well before normal for october with the anybodies of the seven-day forecast coming up. a look at the san mateo bridge so far is a light early
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commute with not too many accidents, just one in santa rosa and the rest of the bay area has buildup of congestion and it is quiet elsewhere. classes do not start until tomorrow at uc irvine but that did not stop students from a world record of a giant pillow fight taking to the field armed with pillows and for 60 seconds they had at it swinging the pill lets for all they everyone worth and in the end it was the success will effort that beat the old record by more than 400 people, and, by the way, they will he the records if the largest game of dodge ball, and the well's largest water gun fight. >> freshman don't sleep, anyway, right? >> no. >> fashion guru is giving first lady rave reviews joining design experts in washington, dc, for a for rule on first ladies and
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their influence in the fashion world. he rated mrs. obama's style as "divine," and called jacqueline kennedy a style sweat are but not all did so well. hillary clinton is among them. one said her signature style from the days as first lady was "the famous pant suit," and her hair problems but he added that clinton has been looking very presidential lately. it is 5:27 and we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including the marijuana decision that now is likely to face south bay voters and a reason they have to waited until reason they have to waited until that happens. i can't believe i'm eao! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is wednesday, the first day of october. thanks for gypping us. leyla gulen said you can see the weekend from here? >> you can always see the weekend of the even from monday. looking in the rear view mirror. >> the weekend will be warm with a big time warm-up. live doppler hd shows you we are not picking up any moisture on our sweet and we will not find any rain in the seven-day forecast. 68 in fairfield and mild and 55 in conquer and 53 in san ramon and 54 in san mateo and it will be breezy later this afternoon and winds are from 15- to 30-miles per hour and offshore wind is keep us toasty. the highs across the region are warm and in the 80's and even along the coast and san franciscoç is the high with 81 and here is the traffic. >> good morning, drew, if you have fast track you can see it is worth it moving right along as you head away from emeryville
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and the cash pay lanes are stacking up and car pool, three people or more, you would be getting through really fast. we are taking you to santa rosa with a crash involving two vehicles northbound 101 at airport boulevard and middle lanes are still currently blocked and no delays, really, as we head along 580, tracy to castro valley and 101 northbound from the san jose airport 11 minutes and 280 through daily interest san francisco is 10 minutes. we have breaking news from oakland where police are investigating a deadly shooting outside a nightclub. police say at 1:15 a man got into a fight with another person in the area of 11th and clay and at this point the second person pulled a gun and shot the man. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died and the suspect got away. police are reviewing
5:32 am
surveillance video. oakland police are investigating a possible burglary at a marijuana grow house. officers responded to a hole -- at home at 29th with pot plants scattered on the ground. no word if police made arrests. we have reached out to the oakland police and will bring you an update. >> today is the day that labor advocates and workers in berkeley have been waiting for: minimum wage is up in the first of three races to grab workers' standard of living. amy hollyfield has details. >> year the minimum wage was $9.50 an hour. today it is $10 an hour. one worker at the overnight shift at 7-eleven is supporting three kids and is very appreciative for the increase. he says, though, the through wage is tough to stretch in the expensive bay area.
5:33 am
even now i am looking for something that will pay more. now that it is ten why mind saying but more money means more in my pocket and with how it is going now, everything is going up, ten isn't what it used to be back if the day. >> berkeley is not stopping at $10. next year the minimum wage is $11 and in 2016 it will be up to $12.53 an hour. the berkeley city council voted unanimously on the increases. at 4:00 they will applaud the city and inform workers of the new rights. there are new fire worries battling a grass fire yesterday in petaluma at highway 101
5:34 am
breaking out at 4:30. officials say flames were on both sides of the petaluma river. southbound lanes of 101 were blocked during the evening commute as the crews fought the flames. the fire was under control by 7:30. there is in word on what started the fire. san jose police are looking for the russiaer whose bullet killed a man at his home. the 24-year-old richard watkins was shout outside his home while helping a relative park the car. the father of two was believed an innocent bystander who spent all fair time with his family and the saint's hot water team. >> he was positive, taking care of the kids, keeping them off the streets and for that to happen to is heartbreaking. >> it is hard. it hit our family hard. they have few leads in
5:35 am
finding the shooter. the football family set up a page to help the family. if you with lick to help we have posted a link on our website at the two men charged with setting a string of fires are due in court charged with three counts of arson each and are expected to be asigned attorneys. eight fires were set and they did $3 million in damage. peterson's girlfriend said he was working at a restaurant until the wee hours of the morning after three fires were set. she said witnesses and surveillance video will verify the whereabouts. the first case of ebola virus has officials on alert while they search for anyone who may have come in contact with the man. the parent is fighting for his life in dallas.
5:36 am
according to authorities, the patient is in the hospital in isolation and under intensive care. authorities say he came here to visit his family and somehow got sick. >> it was the news america had been dreading. >> an individual traveling from liberia has been diagnosed with ebola virus if the united states. the centers for disease control confirmed the first case of ebola virus in the united states. a parent would recently traveled from liberia to dallas is sick with the disease. the unidentified man is critically ill and isolated at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas since sunday. he was feeling sick four or five days after arriving in the united states. >> the likelihood for this individual to spread it on an airplane is industry. he has no symptoms while
5:37 am
traveling. >> the head of the centers for disease control is optimistic. >> the bottom line is i have no doubt we we will criminal this case of ebola so it does not spread widely in this country. >> increases have begun tracking down family and friends >> they will follow them for 21 days and they will be tested if there is a problem. >> there are 3,000 across africa that have died. president obama has sent in the united states military to help and the american troops have broken ground for a field hospital and the laboratory shut be up and running in liberia this week. >> official say they have
5:38 am
activated the emergency operation center and the city in dallas is on what they call high readiness. san jose voters will decide whether to loosen san jose's tough new regulations on pot clubs. eventually. medical marijuana dispensary owners submitted 25,000 signatures to election officials which is more than enough to have a referendum. that would block expensive new zoning and safety and operational regulations that could force all the pot clubs to shut down. election officials do not want to call a special election so it could be 2016 before the measure finally is on the ballot. >> the national league wild card lane may not be on tonight but the giants could be on the mound
5:39 am
anyway. fans can watch the 5:00 p.m. for free on the big screen at at&t park. the gates open at 4:00 p.m. a victory will send the giants to the look series against washington national on friday. >> a's fans are lamenting the sat end to the season. it was a nailbiter and they lost in 12 innings to kansas city. moss hit the second home run in the 6th for a lead for the a's and they were up with only six outs away from victory, six outs away, they gave up three runs in the eighth, and one in the ninth and the bullpen gave up two runs capped by a single to the third base giving the royals a 9-8 walk off end for an end to the a's season.
5:40 am
>> look at this, ready for the giants game, some fans from napa, handed a practice ball and would not let it go with a mapping binkie. >> don't let that ball go, dude. >> this is is from a game of a w weeks ago from christian. -- kristen. >> we won that game and a lot of garlic fries were consumed. >> tweet us your pictures at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. un. >> folks will need the sunglasses? >> my gosh, you have fought lived, my child. the game forecast at pittsburgh, first pitch at 8:00 temperatures in the my 60's and we hope for a win from the
5:41 am
giants and by electric temperatures -- and by falling. for rain in the forecast. the warmup arrives this afternoon with 68 right now compared to napa at 48 so like jacket and not everyone needs one. you will not need it this afternoon with temperatures across the region well into the 80's and along the coast. wake up weather is clear and mild temperatures are turning breezy this morning and a lot of sunshine as the sun is up at 7:05 and temperatures are at 55 to 65 degrees. 78 at half moon bay and downtown san francisco is warming up to ten degrees above normal for a high of 81 and 89 in walnut creek and a lot of sunshine and antioch up to a warm 88 degrees. good morning, san jose,
5:42 am
along 101 headed away from 880 have a traffic now being as you come into the northbound distribution to the san jose airport southbound traffic is empty. the rest of the bay area is green. you can see the traffic is flowing nicely along the peninsula. up to the sfo or into san francisco, oracle open world 2014 will block off howard between 3rd and 4th. that will cause traffic jams. a new crash involving several vehicles is causing delays westbound highway 4 at harbor street. 13 miles per hour pulling away from 160 and the rest of the drive is clear and swift along 680 through pleasant hill to walnut creek.
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what is in a name? bay area drag queen say everything. necessary, the new pressure on facebook to force the social media giant to change its name policy. >> big cat in the backyard, the community where a mountain lion was spotted stalking its prey. >> power of pink, major nationwide push to bring more attention to breast (yawn) (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya?
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mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit! don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. intrying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46.
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well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. governor brown signed audrey's law named after the teen from saratoga would took her life after being attacked. audrie pott was sexually assaulted by three boys at a party. the attackers shared photos of the incident with other students received sentences of 30 and 43 days. the law increases penalties if teens convicted of the crimes and requires them to complete sex offender treatment program and opens confidential juvenile court proceedings to the public. residents are on alert for a mountain lion that came close to homes spotted yesterday with a resident pulling the camera and took the photos of the big cat from 300 yards away.
5:47 am
she says it roomed the hillside for 20 minutes. he was looking for food. he came down. back over. up the hill. early you can see an pals -- animals hanging out. >> fish and wildlife usually does not respond unless an animal or human is threatened, injured or killed. a coalition of drag queens and transgender and others meet with facebook officials to discuss helping the real name policy requiring people to use their real names on their accounts and not an alias. drag queens say this provides them safety if they use a stage name. they will present a letter signed by 100 organizations calling for an end to the policy. facebook said the policy helps prevent bad behavior.
5:48 am
and our meteorologist, drew, is here for mike. a remain aer forecast. -- a warmer forecast. >> by friday you will feel the warmth. san francisco has a high at 72. by hall wasn't, we will drop a few degrees to the upper 60. the full moon is october 8. live doppler hd shows it is high and dry. right now some spots are mild. antioch and fairfield are upper 60. napa is only at 48. 54 in novato and san francisco is at 59. we will show you the streets are busy getting to work and school and a light freeze. we will have a major warm-up today nearly triple digit heats thursday and friday and saturday and the warm weather and breeze will create fire danger through
5:49 am
the region. we have a cold front moving through yesterday that cleared out the clouds. we are dry with high pressure taking over. the dream of warmth will be over us through the weekend creating temperatures at ten or 20 degrees before normal increasing our fire danger and on the high side with breezy winds. the highs for wednesday are in the south bay at 87 for san jose and 89 in los gatos and 54 in menlo park and downtown san francisco at 81, and 88 in sonoma and 87 in oakland and 86 in union city and 86 for fremont and inland nearly 90 degrees and 89 is the high. on friday upper 90's inland and mid-90 in the bay and the coast is in the mid-80's.
5:50 am
leyla gulen? the metering lights on usuallies 10 minutes ago. you can see the traffic is stacked up headed away from the maze. busy conditions use try to inch your way into san francisco. give yourself a few extra points -- minutes. >> at harbor street there is a gumming up of the commute with a lost congestion through antioch. along altamont pass, 29 miles per hour headed through the pass and again up to vasco and closer to livermore you will see speeds picking up and still quite a bit of congestion. 580 westbound tracy to dublin is 42 minutes along highway 4 and because of the accident we are starting to tack on a few extra minutes and 29 minutes between antioch and concord and 101 san rafael to san francisco is clear you may have noticed we are all wearing pink.
5:51 am
shear why. we are going pink to kickoff breast cancer awareness month which is october. one in nine women will hear the words "you have breast cancer," and today is the start of breast cancer aware notice month. with that experts are trying to bring new attention to the disease especially among minorities who are less likely to get the disease than white women but have a higher chance of dying from it. there is a gene predisposition to get caners that hit harder and younger. >> the challenge is to get the emergency out that mammograms save lives. >> not having insurance is the main reason many women skip their mammogram. as part of breast cancer awareness month we invite you to take the pledge at abc7 news or facebook to more
5:52 am
on the pledge and the simple things you can do for protect yourself. >> are you driving a car that attracts c.h.p.? >> me? no. we will tell you which cars get you the most tickets. jimmy kimmel, comedian and now the most dangerous celebrity on the ♪ ♪
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good morning, san francisco officials will announce the city is more debted than ever. 32 sites are ready to bring free wi-fi to the users
5:55 am
spreading in parks and plazas and recreation centers. $600,000 gift from google allowed san francisco's department of technology to install and test networks of the officials say they want to make internet access a right not a luxury. for morning people, any fog this morning? >> clear across the region and it will be a beautiful sunrise at 7:305 a.m. all is quiet around the bay area looking for moisture. temperature-wise, 48 in napa. 59 in san francisco. hayward, as well. 57 in san jose. light jacket could be need but when the sun is up and the afternoon wind is in, it will be warm and 80's are popular. 88 in concord. 85 in palo alto. tons of sunshine. and a high in san francisco of 81. leyla gulen?
5:56 am
let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza because the meters lights are turn on. 12 minutes gets you from the maze to san francisco but i would advise you to get an early start today because you have extra traffic into the city. right now as we take a look at this drive we have bart trains running on time and in san francisco watch out for this between 3rd and 4th because of the open world 2014 of oracle. be prepared. heavy traffic. if you are about to google "jimmy kimmel," a interrupt security company says he is the most dangerous celebrity to search for carrying a unanimous percent chance of landing on a
5:57 am
website that has spyware or malware. other celebrities include business springsteen. last night he joked that he could not believe a kid would played the chair met and carried a briefcase to school grew up to be the most dangerous celebrity of 2014. >> straight ahead at 6:00, face off in the south bay, two men vying to become the next mayor of san francisco are discussing critical issues. >> and now we know what michael phelps was doing in the hours before
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. ebola virus in america, the
6:00 am
first case of the deadly disease. >> new scrutiny against the secret service. we are learning president obama came in contact with an armed convict. how it happened. heartland heartbreak, october is fought underway as the a's come up short in kansas city. heartbreak. heartbreak. sad. 6:00 a.m. >> but if the giants win tonight... drew? we have quiet conditions to start off wednesday. live doppler hd shows all is quiet and not picking up rain or moisture. the big story is the warm-up this afternoon. 67 in fairfield. some spots are mild at 67 in antioch and light jacket at napa, and everyone can take o


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