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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 1, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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>> the first confirmed case of the ebola virus in the united states. tonight that man is in critical condition and now that thewhat is here what is the government doing to stop it from spreading. i'm dan ashley. ama is off. the news is getting the attention of bay area doctors and are we prepared for the same crisis here? that's the question. cornell bernard is in the newsroom. cornell, we hope the bay area is ready. >> one doctor at uc berkeley says the bay area is ready. we have seen the first case of ebola in the u.s., but he says it won't be the last. dallas activated the emergency activation center following this chilling news. >> the centers for disease control has confirmed a patient admitted to this hospital has tested positive for ebola virus. >> the male patient is in critical condition and isolated at the texas health
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presbyterian hospital in dallas. he left iberia september 19th and arriving in the u.s. on the 20th. he didn't get sick until four days after he got off the airplane. >> health officials are tracking down anybody who has had contact with the patient. >> this is the first and there will be more. it is inevitable how interconnected the world is. >> infectious disease specialist at uc berkeley says there is no need to panic. >> i think people should not be unduly alarmed and war read we will have -- worried we will have an epidemic. >> it is only spread with direct contact with somebody sick with the virus and hospitals are equiped to deal with it. they will join a cdc mission to africa where ebola has killed 3,000 people. bay area airports have quar agents agents trained to pe spot people with infectious diseases, but it is not easy. >> i said in jest, anyone who drives 12 or 14 hours doesn't look good getting off of a flight anyway. >> during sars, thermal
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imaging was used to see if passengers returning from had high had high fevers. unclear how une it was. no word if it could be used to identify symptoms ofy ebola that appear 2 to 22 days after infection. cornell bernard, abc news. >> thank you, cornell. a rough season ending loss for the oakland a's. they had the royals on the ropes, but they couldn't get it done. they couldn't close it out. sports director larry beil is here and larry this was a wild card game that was wild. >> it was wild and the ending was crushing. 4 hours and 45 minutes of agony, especially the ending. brandon moss looked like he would be the unlikely hero for the a's. moss has been in a two-month slump and hampered by a hip injury, but whacked two homers homers and drove in five runs. you say they are going to win this thing. the bull pen failed repeatedly. the royals came back in the 12th. perez hit a two-out single
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scoring christian pelone to win it and 9-8 is your final score and with that the a's season comes to a rather abrupt end. we will hear from ther in athletics later in sports. >> too bad because it looked good. >> for much of the evening people were making plans for sunday and hosting a game back here. >> thanks, larry. see you later on. walnut creek police are on the lookout for a woman who went on a $3,000 shopping spree with a stolen credit card. surveillance video shows the thief scoping out the table next to her. the victim had her purse be inned hue the seat and the thief strategically switched seats after other diners left. she acted like she was changing shirts and reached in to take out the victim's wallet. the woman emptied it and put it back. all done lickity split. police are warning about a rise in burglaries in the southern part of the city. 15 break taken have taken place
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this month. police have responded with extra patrols and more checks on people on probation. detective reis leased this -- released this sketch of a man leaving a home burglarized last wednesday. two men charged with starting fires said he could not have done it because he was at work at the time. steven peterson and andrew gutierrez were in court for the first time and each has been charged with three counts of arson. there were eight fires set overnight on sunday thattdid $3 million in damage. police arrested these guys separately. peterson's girlfriend was visibly upset in court today. she told abc7 news that he was working at rooster's road house until he left at 1:45 in the morning which is after three fires were already set. his father says this is a big misunderstanding. >> there was fire near his home. what do you do when there is a fire near your home? you go out and see what it looks like. it looks like you are a
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strange guy walking around with a black shirt. >> both suspects will be back in court tomorrow to be assigned attorneys. cal trans is planning new tests to rule out long-term problems on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. last week cal trans revealed that more than a dozen of the 424 steel rods that anchor the 525-foot tower to its base had been sitting in water. rust may have developed on those rods. cal trans believes the rain is the cause. san francisco police want to find out who is at fault when a mu knee bus hit a smaller tour bus in golden gate park. it happened on martin luther king drive about 5:30 this evening. two people went to the hospital. sky 7 took these pictures overhead. witnesses say the muni bus was going straight and the tour bus appeared to be turning left when they collided. starting tomorrow berkeley's minimum wage goes up to $10 an hour. that's $1 higher than the
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state's minimum and it is the first step of a three-phase plan to give workers more raises in the years to come. in 2015, the minimum wage goes up to $11 an hour and in 2016 it goes up to $12.53 an hour. on the lookout in brentwood tonight. a mountain lion is on the prowl a little too close for comfort. the big cat was spotted near p coulder field court today, not high from highway 4. a homeowner got a couple of good pictures. abc7 news reporter alan wang is on the story. >> it is close to those houses right there. >> bridget was enjoying breakfast in her backyard around 9:00 a.m. when she saw the mountain lion. >> you can see his huge tail. i thought that is not a coyote. >> she pulled out her camera and fired off these photos from about 300 yards a they they roamed the hillside for about 20 minutes. >> he was looking for food. he came down and he went back
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over and he went up the hill. >> based on the photograph we estimate the mountain lion was standing about right here with that pole in the background which is right next to donna's house. >> i usually walk my dogs around that time, but it is fall break so we didn't do that this morning. it is a good thing. >> she knows what threats exist. she took this photo of a coyote with the neighbor's cat in its mouth last spring. the california fish and game service says it usually doesn't respond to sightings unless an animal or human is threaten ited, injured or killed. for now the people here are staying alert. in brentwood, alan wang, abc7 news. a lot more to bring you here. a young father gunned down. next on abc7 news, how a local community is coming together to help a family struggling to deal with this tragedy. and the secret service in hot water again. the new security breech that put the president next to a
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felon with a gun. and he is used to having moon but this one is out of the world. ilan musk's plan for the red planet. and why he says our future depends on it. >> temperatures are on the rise the next few days and so is the fire danger. i'll be back with a look at the details. abc7 news i can't believe i'm eao! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds.
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and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. killed in front of his home by a stray bullet in a drive by shooting. police are searching for the person who fired the tragic shot while his young family is utterly devastated. richard watkins was a man in
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the wrong place at the wrong time. now as lisa amin gulezian explains, his community is trying to help. >> the flowers and the loving notes and the candles are meant to bring peace to richard watkins' family. the 24-year-old father of two was expecting his third child soon. but on saturday night, gunshots outside his home were the furthest things from his mind. he was shot while helping a relative park his car. >> it was like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. tried to keep him coherent, but he wasn't responding to that. >> police are sure that watkins was an innocent bystander. the victim spent his spare time with his family and the san jose saints pop warner team. >> for somebody's life to be taken and doing the right things with kids and getting them in sports and off the streets and for that to happen to him is heartbreaking. >> watkins' oldest is on the cheer squad. in this video you can see him cheering be -- beside his daughter.
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>> it is hard. it has hit my family hard. my daughter cheers with his daughter. >> and now this football family is giving back to another. >> we are having a fundraiser tomorrow for them. >> there is also a go fund me page. while police have few leads, the saints have concerns as well. practice three times a week. the shooting, meantime, took place just down the street from here. and now the coaches are considering moving the practices for the safety of everyone on the field. inn jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> if you would like to help this family we have information on our website, they could use it at this time. in southern california police believe this man, bell gardens mayor daniel crespo was arrested during a domestic abuse. they arrested his wife, but just moments ago she was released and no charges filed. at least not yet. crespo also worked as an l.a. county probation officer. happening now, both sides
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of the 101 freeway near hollywood have been shutdown after the discovery of a suspicious device. look at the traffic as a result. the package was found when chp officers responded to a crash at about 6:00 tonight. the lapd bomb squad has been called out and traffic is being diverted to city streets. no word on when the lanes will re-open on highway 101 near hollywood tonight. on capitol hill, the secret service took a grilling answering questions on how it failed to protect the white house and the president, their primary duty. a u.s. army vet armed with a knife made it deep into the mansion before being subdued. and now there is word of another security breech involving the president. here is abc news reporter karen travers. >> he was on the hotseat and lawmakers go the personal. >> i wish to god you protected the white house like you are protecting your reputation here today. >> they are demanding to know
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how the secret service allowed omar gonzalez to make his way deep into the white house on september 19th, carrying a knife. the agency originally said he was taken down inside the front door, but it is clear he made it further. the 42-year-old homeless iraq veteran got into the east room. the "washington post" reports gonzalez was neutralized by an off duty agent who happened to be there. >> don't let somebody get close to the president. don't let somebody get close to his family. don't let them get in the white house, ever. if they have to take action that is lethal, i with i will have their back. >> president obama was briefed by the director last thursday at the white house. but his spokesman would not say whether the president knew right away just how serious this breech was. how far gonzalez made it inside. >> i am not going to be in a position to detail the contents of the individual briefings or updates or conversations that the president has had on this topic. >> and now reports of another breech in security. during the president's trip to the cdc in atlanta on
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september 16th. a security contractor with a criminal history was in an elevator with the president he didn't comply when secret service asked him to stop using his phone to videotape the president. he was questioned, and his criminal history was discovered. lawmakerslawmakers say the secret service internal review is not god enough and now there is time for an -- now there is a call for an outside investigation of. tech know tech know visionan musk has a new vision for preserving humanity. send a million people to mars. musk said we need to make life multi-planet terry in case there is a catastrophicky vent that wipes out earth. he believes it will take a million people to create a sustainable colony on mars. as for transporting them, musk wants to build a massive colonial ship. impressive and ambitious. sandhya patel is here.
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sandhya, you are signing up, i just know it. when do we leave? >> i can't wait to leave, dan. let's talk aboutlanet planet earth. it is going to get hot the next couple days away from the coastline. near the coast it will be very warm. as we look at live doppler 7hd, we don't have any fog to speak of tonight. this should be framed. look at the moon. i had aside. it is just so beautiful. 62 in san francisco and 64 oakland and san jose. currently 54 in half moon bay. our view from our sue trough tower camera, clear skies and the temperatures are dropping in the north bay. as you expect. there is not much wind. in the upper 50s right now, 64 in our and from our kgo roof camera, the trees are not really swaying, but it is getting a bit breezy in the hills. a major warm up, near 100 inland on thursday, friday and saturday. our fire danger increases as we head toward this time period. from our exploratorium camera you can see a sparkling san
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francisco financial district and we are talking october warmth. the high temperatures are just a sampling. you will see mostly 80s there. compared to average, santa rosa 7 degrees warmer and coming in at 87 tomorrow. san francisco 9 degrees above normal. you notice oakland 12 degrees higher than where you should be for this time of year. 86 is what you are going to see. 74 is the typical temperature. in san jose 8 degrees above normal 87 tomorrow afternoon. dry cold front went through and it cleared out all of the low clouds we had. behind the cold front, high pressure is building in. a big warm up begins tomorrow and it really continues through the end of the workweek. with this building area of high pressure you will see a switch in the wind direction. we are seeing signs of it in the hills. the offshore flow will mean the humidity will come down and the fire danger will go up. gusts around the delta close to 40 miles anyou look you look at our fire weather
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index. the yellows indicate some of the higher fire danger in the north and the east bay hills. we will be watching that for you as we head toward tomorrow. typically october tends to be a high fire danger month. temperatures low 50s to low 60s out the door in the morning, breezy in the hills out toward the delta. it is going to be a clear start. you don't have to worry about fog first thing in the morning. short sleeve weather. 90 in morgan hill. 80 nip in los gatos. sunshine on the peninsula. mid80sin redwood city. 78 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 81 degrees. the offshore flow will bring the warmth to the coast as well. upper 70s sunseg the nor along the north bay coastline. it is beach weather, mid70s. 88 out toward napa and san rafael and in the east bay 86 oakland and union city. inland spots will be warm. 87 in livermore. and tomorrow night, giants in the wild card game against the pirates in pittsburgh. will be l it will be partly cloudy
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tomorrow night. mild to low to mid60s. a slight chance of a shower. do you see that green there? accu-weather seven-day forecast, the heat builds, near 100 inland on friday and saturday. 80s at the beaches and then a slow downward trend over the weekend. >> no reason to go to mars. it is going to be hot like mars. >> just like mars. i know larry would like to send mooy to mars sometimes. >> or pittsburgh, either one. it is kind of the same. they are both bleak, dan. sorry, pittsburgh. you noy that's the way it is. a crushing loss for the oakland a's. it is a game they seemingly had won several times. it is not to be.
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were starved for offense, it was short. not enough. royals fans were alternating between agony and ecstasy. the first playoff appearance since 1985. brandon moss says everybody be quiet and crushes the change up. 2-0a's. 3-2 for kc. he does it again. a three-run blast to dead center. hits two homers matching his total for august and september. a's couldn't hold the lead. a deep sack fly and dye son scored 7-7 and we go to extras. top 12. snapping an 0-14 slump knocks in reddick. royals tie it and they win it. a double down the line and donaldson and i don't know
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where he was positioned, but not there. good night, game over, drive home safely. season over as the a's lose an epic battle 9-8 and crushed bob melvin after the game. >> how are you feeling now? how do you handle it? >> how am i feeling? well not feeling very good. it was a great game. both teams played well and played hard. the short answer to your question is not great at this point. you want to win the game. >> captain obvious asking questions at the game. the raiders, they go to plan b, or is it c or d or x? that's next.
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they have to blow everything up again. they are hoping he can unleash whatever talent they do have replacing the fired alan. alan with 8 and 28 in two plus seasons guiding the silver and black 0-4 this year. the lack of competitiveness just doomed him. he is an old school and no nonsense run oriented coaching lifer. he took the dolphins from one in 15 and took them to a playoff team. he is hoping he is the answer. >> do we not have the players ? could that be the reason? is it the coaches? maybe we don't have the right coaches? could it be scheme? i think you have to look at all three of those things and make a decision which way to go. in my analysis i think we have players that can play in this game. >> i have been part of this and i have seen it happen before. i understand how it happens. i do understand the buttons to push. all that being said you have to have people in this room that will be in here and will
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understand that and buy into it. i believe we have the right players here. i really do. >> mark davis asked if it is the players, coaches or scheme. the answer is d, all
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lysol cleans for you. lysol no mess max gives you max cleaning with every flush. while its fragrance gels release 4 weeks of max freshness. that's what i like to hear. someone cleaning the toilet for me. lysol. start healthing. we are out of time. thank you for being here. abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. right now on jimmy kimmle, actor martin short. for sandhya patel and larry beil and all of us here. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. good night.
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