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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> creatures of the democrat set off a buzz with americans tweeting and posting of sharknado 2. kill the sharks! >> sharks try to devour manhattans in the sequel to the movie about a disaster. how did the sharks get to new york? a giant tornado drops them there, of course. the on-line tweeting frenzy shows that sharknado was the continue hashtag overnight. >> meteorologist mike nicco never predicted this. we had the temperatures right open, but no sharknado in the forecast. >> new feel to the science and
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meteorology i don't have my head wrapped around. >> someone said this is absurd there are never that man fans in a mets game. >> good one. >> discovery channel has had 27 years of shark week and they have had two sharknados. >> let's talk weather. >> the real weather. >> try to get the temperatures right. i will do what i can for a better forecast. >> 20 miles per hour in fairfield where the winds are fastest. moment of us are six or seven miles per hour and we are light and variable. the winds peck up from the southwest at 15- to 25-knots from the golden gate bridge and into sass soon bay and the delta community so that will bring the temperatures down and help temperatures warm in the south bay. this is how it looks across the golden gate bridge with
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visibility very low and the winds are blowing out at 15 miles per hour so it is tricky crossing the golden gate bridge this morning but the east bay hills has one bit of fog over the hill but it will be a short life. what is the trend moving failure. increasing sunshine. big summer spread at 40 degrees from the coast inland and the clouds will start to spread into the neighborhoods and that will bring relief inland and that will start on saturday, sunday, and monday. until then we have the high clouds across the sky and we loss the low clouds by 11 o'clock we have high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. temperatures are in the 80's in the south bay from 62 in milpitas to 87 in san jose and cupertino and los gatos and gilroy possible 90's and low-to-mid 80's on the peninsula and millbrae cooler at 76 and temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's around south san francisco and sausalito and money 60's loop the coast and more sunshine than yesterday.
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money 80's throughout the north bay until you get to napa at 90 and temperatures in the home 80's along the east bay shore and the exception is richmond and oakland and berkeley and still running the air conditioning even at night with temperatures falling into the 60's and 70's topping out in the mid-90's to around 100. the temperatures are more in the mid-to-upper 50's we have low-to-mid 60's inland because of warm afternoon. tomorrow is the height of the temperatures but starting a cooling trend already losing two- to four-degrees saturday, sunday, and monday become to where we should be with mostly sun in the afternoon. bart cannot catch a break with a ten-minute delay between san francisco and sfo and millbrae and daly city because problems on tracks. as we head into san jose it looks like everything is rolling
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on time and we have a delay from the 280 and 680 split but other than that we are accident free and the dumbarton checking in at top speed as you leave fremont and the san mateo bridge traveling away from hayward to foster city you are looking at more traffic and cars are running slower than earlier this morning. it is still moving and accident free. walnut creek is clear headed from pleasant hill toward highway 24 because of an accident on westbound highway 4 at hillcrest involving a motorcycle. that created a pocket of traffic that is holding things back. i will keep you updated. >> target had a year they would like to forget and new at 6:30 the announcement from the discount retailer to try to turn things around. >> first, get pack -- become to
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here. what products are bet for your kids? "consumer reports" has partnered with fence response to find out. here is michael finney. >> back-to-school shopping is the second biggest spending spree of the year according to the national retail federation. these days students need more than pencils and papers. it is a new computer you need? "consumer reports" has suggests if kids of all ages. in september the youngest students can expect some keyboard time in the classroom. "consumer reports" has a good choice for first through 5th is a low cost chrome book. >> this is lightweight laptop that has google for young are kids and parents can restrict the content. >> one to look for is this one that costs only $200. "consumer reports" says it lasts for than ten hours on a charge. serious homeworks demands
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serious come support. for high school and middle school, "consumer reports" says the $600 idea pad touch is a good choice. >> powerful processor and decent hard drive and good performer. >> at four pounds it did not weigh down the backpack. >> college students have a lot of gear but to take notes is a laptop or tablet better? >> microsoft surface pro offers the bet of both at $1,000 and $130 for the keyboard accessory. >> it is a tablet, but this is a full windows operating system so you can switch back-and-forth between touch scene and one that is like a convincal mouse and keyboard. >> it comes with a pen so you can write directly on the screen. >> if you are majoring in the visual arts, another recommendation is a 13" is
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pricey at $1,300 but is long lasting battery and apple is offering a discount just for students much. an oakland police officer fired for tosses a canister at protesters three years ago and now allowed to return to work. >> muni service in san francisco is interrupted hate at night and the crash now under investigation. seven and rescue operation is underway for a missing hiker and we will show you the picture and we will tell you how it is looking for the 61-year-old woman. >> we are track low clouds and fog with live doppler 7 hd and they are going do have more of an influence on our forecast moving failure in the form of cooling temperatures. i will tell you when it is coming. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, and that is the
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macarthur maze where traffic is moving through with an early crash here but it has cleared and bart delays are the latest one this morning which is cleared so we are back to normal service. i will have the details on the commute this morning when abc7 news continues. tillamook marionberry pie ice cream right nows i'll explode into creamy happiness. wha? oh. tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:30 on thursday. the marine layer is over the transamerica and downtown financial san francisco building. that is how we start. things will be changing. thanks for winning us. if you don't like the weather if san francisco, you can go south, east, a little bit of everything every where. >> we check with meteorologist mike nicco. how is it looking? >> great. until you get inland east bay where it is clear. some of the clouds are trying to keep over the east bay hills and will do it better moving forward in the forecast so we will have a cooling trend. it will be hot again at 40 degree spread from the cool temperatures of the cost to the 100s inland. live doppler 7 hd dry with low
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clouds and fog and temperatures in the 50's and 60's and by noon we are nearly 80 inland to 100 at 4:00 andment and stuffy in the evening and happening out in the 70's for the bet we part of afternoon and 60's at the coast. >> we have a stalled truck in harold northbound on the nimitz and you can see 21 miles per hour is the top speed headed away from 238 and the rest of the drive is clear. as we take you to oakland we have debris in the lanes at southbound 380, left to right is the debris causing heavy delays away from 980. the golden gate bridge shows how soupy it is coming in from the north bay great marin. there is more traffic. use the low beams. the fog is persistent. we have breaking news the search is underway right new --
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now for a missing woman. katie marzullo is on the scene with the latest. we have her picture so we want to get right to this. maybe you can help authorities find the woman. her maim is christina puckett and she is 61. she is 5' 8" and 135 pounds and gray curly hair. she was hiving with her husband in grant park yesterday. they were separated and show became missing around 7:00 or 8:00 and her husband reported her missing at 2:30 this morning. we don't have a clear answer why so many answers lapsed between being separated when she was reported missing but the search is on and has been since early morning hours and they hope to have better luck now the sun is up and we understand they will bring if a helicopter to the
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search effort when the weather permits that will set the command center has been staged at smith creek fire station but the deputies could not give me any information. the search is underway for a 61-year-old hiker missing sin yesterday evening. >> in antioch, a shooting this morning in a quiet neighbor and amy hollyfield is at the police department headquarters with the latest. police are trying to figure out what happened and who did this and why? here is the video, in antioch at west 5th street an apartment building with bullets shot to the apartment building and one person was hit and we believe the person was inside. someone was taken to the
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hospital. this happened after 4:00 this morning. police at this point are working the case and we hope to get more details from them later today about any suspect information they have. new this morning, san francisco police are investigating a crash between an s.u.v. and muni light rail vehicle at 10:00 p.m. with the lexus on the curb can stopped on the embarcadero were the driver the s.u.v. was treated for meaner injuries and no word on what led to the accident. >> a trick was stuck under a railroad bridge if san mateo after 7:00. caltrains were stopped in both directions while they inspected the damage. four rail brins were scheduled for replacement later this year.
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the safety should be improved and help the vehicle clearance. >> a police officer fired for firing a canister to occupy protesters was ordered to be re-instated with gulf back pay. the officer was following ordinaries when he fired into a crowd in oakland in 2011. the crowd was trying to help an iraq war veteran hit in the head by another officer. the vet's skull was fractured and he received $4.5 million settlement from the city. state senator yee is scheduled to be back in federal court to face a new set racketeering charges. he is accused of using the campaign for san francisco mayor and secretary of state to solicit illegal donations? change for political favors. year, raymond "shrimp boy" chow, a former gangster, pleaded not
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guilty to new racketeering charges and the attorney says his community will take the stand in his own defense. the new charges filed last week are part of a have seeding -- part of an indictment. 27 others have been charged. >> palo alto tesla motors announce add big partnership overnight but it leaves out a big detail. >> we have been talking about drones this morning and martha stewart is calling them a good thing and using one around the home. you can see the fog in the east bay hills. the temperatures are reaching up to the triple digits. leyla gulen will have detail on the commute and meteorologist mike nicco will have the weather. stay tuned.
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we are headed up north and the sonoma county fair condition s and 74 by 11 o'clock warming into the mid-to-upper 80's and by 7:00 we are down to 80 and a jacket when we close at 11 o'clock tonight and 64 degrees. to the north you can see red flag warning and high fire danger and excessive heat and the lows are in the mid-80's to lower 90's toward yuma. quiet right now with storms developing along the sierra
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again and thunderstorms not so heavy rain as yesterday. 79 in lake tahoe. warmer than 100 in the central valley through palm springs. the glass and wood debris in oakland is causing a jam there. it is bumper-to-bumper traffic blocking a couple of lanes much they are trying to clean things up so no one gets flat tires. up to berkeley westbound 80 we reported this accident. there were three separate accidents at the same location causing a jam americaning at the -- merging at the half man split. i-80, though, from hercules at highway 4 is going to be slow-and-go traffic reaching the hoffman split. >> coming up we will update breaking news, a search for a missing hiker on mount hamilton. >> targets announces the future as i tries to move beyond the
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massive data
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. at 6:43 we have breaking news in santa clara county, a search effort underway on mount hamilton to find this woman, christina puckett missing since last night. she is 5' 8" and weighs 135 pounds with brown eyes and gray
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curliy. the sheriffs are coordinating the effort to find her. her husband for some reason did not report her missing until a few hours ago although she vanished last night while the couple was hiveing together in the county -- hiking together in the county park. >> a small plane crashed in a san diego paing lot killing one and injuring another. though were practicing landings and it bounced. it then struck the top of a target store and a light pole before craning near a costco. an 80-year-old passenger died and a good samaritan suffered minor injuries to get the pilot out of the wrecked aircraft. around the clock work continues as crews try to repair such set birthday tomorrow following the massive water main break. crews capped the leaky water main at 8:00 and almost 30 hours after it ruptured next to the
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campus. officials say the break sent 20 million gallons of water from the pipe double what was originally thought? hundreds of cars are stuck in several inches of waters and the basketball court of the pavilion is ruined and official say it will be back open by next season with workers starting to repair a 15' hole through sunset boulevard and hope to open it to commuters by tomorrow. the machines pumping out the water are emitting unhealthy carbon monoxide and the fire department says six workers were treated for exposure to exhaust fumes but are expected to be okay. >> crews will fight to protect a grow of sequoia trees. 800 firefighters are working to contain the fire 10 miles from the grove. it is possible they could reach
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the trees if the fire gains stretch. this is no access along highway 120 from the west and over evacuation orders remain in place for 50 hopes and the fire has already destroyed a home and a due hex and burned 5 square miles since it began on saturday and 34 percent contained. a suspected carjacker is under arrest after a wild chase in san francisco. that was all caught on surveillance video. the man stole the construction truck at 10:00 yesterday in the lower height and it is several cars. police spotted the suspect driving the wong way on 11th and stopped, get out, and tried to run but from out of nowhere san francisco firefighter dame dame damon ordurno he was down. that was the end of that.
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glad he is off the street. >> fortunately no one was injured in the series of crashes >> trading is underway on wall street. the dow is down 107 points at this time. >> also, target shares are down at 2.5 percent after getting a new c.e.o. they announced overnight they have tapped pepsi executive to replace former c.e.o. who resigned after a revolted by -- a revolt after the massive security breach and falling tore traffic as a result. >> the mystery over where tass that will build the battery factory could be solveed. they are reporting quartererly profit after trading today and we will hear where they are calling a home. tesla confirmed they will
6:48 am
partner with panasonic for a factory that already supplies batteries for the current model. >> martha stewart is speaking identity about her love for...drops. >> she got one as a birthday gift and raves about it in an essay titled "why i love my drone," she says she used today take breathtaking photo of her property including her 153-acre new york farm. >> you know how to distinguish it from the san jose police department drone? the police department is black and white and hers is always pashmina and surreal
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>> can you translate that, leyla gulen? >> during commercial. >> what colors do we see in the sky? >> is "gray" too simple. >> must be a more fancy name. >> cool, blue stone gray. >> good morning, everyone, having some fund and nice to see you back. 20 miles per hour wind is what we have blowing through fairfield and the rest of us are light and variable on live doppler 7 hd and the winds will pick up from the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge north coming from southwest at 15- to 25-knots from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 so cooler in the north bay. if today is national heat stroke awareness day. did you know a child every 10 days on average 14 and under is left in a car and passed away. remember that today inland east bay where it will be well into the upper 90's to 100s and a
6:50 am
temperature outside in the 60's a child could suffocate left in a car for an extended period of time. do not do anymore reports. >> near the shark tank, more sunshine this morning. the clouds have found a low spot along the east bay hills and moving into the east bay valley. the clouds spread and we have relief from the heat and until then increasing shun shine and clouds should evaporate by 11 o'clock and along the coast more sunshine but you are still in the 60's and 70's around most of the bay and 80's in the north bay and south bay. los gatos and morgan hill, warm spots and most of us are in the 88 like 867 and low-to-mid 80's on the peninsula but headed northbound we hit 76 at millbrae and 70 at south san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's around daly city and colma and sunset
6:51 am
and downtown san francisco and 72 in sausalito and 10 or 15 degrees warm other through the north bay valley and a mix mid-to-upper 70's for richmond and berkeley and oakland and look at the my 90 to 100, running air conditioning in the overnight inland east bay neighborhood. seven-day outlook shows the heat is peaking tomorrow, and we will be five or ten degrees cooler, back to average, by monday after a drop on saturdays sunday. >> bart is holding steady. we have had our fair share of issues including track license and everyone will be on time. we will check with this accident westbound highway 152 where we had a big rig that spilled a huge load of come mate -- tomatoes and plenty of slowing at the parkway and you seeing
6:52 am
delays now backed up from i-5 to 26 miles per hour and keep that in mind. as we look at the macarthur maze, i-80 and the westbound direction toward 580 moving better than it was earlier but we still have delays to the bay bridge and the toll plaza and the metering lights are causing the bookup away from emeryville. kristen and matt? >> do you know a young person making a difference in the bay area? ages 5 to 18 have until tonight to enter $1,000 for their cool or organization where they volunteer. >> it is part of "summer of service," awards with past recipient including. alexander who collected 2,200 books for other children and installing and maintaining little free libraries. 15 things to know before you
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go. >> morning news returns in 90 seconds.
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whether you are just joining us or headed owe the door here are seven things to know: we have breaking news an update. we understand the search for the woman christina puckett has ended wealth. she is found. she is safe. she vanished hiking with her husband on mount hamilton last
6:55 am
night and santa clara county sheriff deputies have been searching and tweeted that she is okay. katie marzullo will follow-up on the story with more later today. san jose police is the first law enforcement in the bay area to acquire a drone which is raising concerns from the amount clu. they spend $7,000 in federal grant money to buy the drone. questions surround the clean cleaned up. no one knows who owns the tree that has fallen. >> crews in los angeles are would being on capping the 93-year-old run pure broken water main.
6:56 am
hundreds of baseball fans are waking up after camping out all night on the field for the giant slumber party and will have breakfast open field before holding home. the giants announce the date in the spring. >> a lot cloud cover and thick fog showing up on live doppler 7 hd including three-quarters at half moon bay and 56 flight arrival delays in sfo with temperatures at 60's in the coast and 70's and 80's around the bay and 80's to 100 inland. at look at 87 beyond julian street and traffic is light with heavy delays in san jose with car and a light pole at highway 85. we have breaking news for the a's fans: a big trade has again down according to the writer from the boston red sox. the red sox have sent two players to the a's. thanks for
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good morning, america. developing now, global health emergency. the number of ebola cases spiking overnight. doctors in the u.s. put on high alert. one e.r. in north carolina temporarily shuts down and for the first time we hear from the man who discovered the virus. breaking overnight, a massive manhunt over. s.w.a.t. teams going door to door guns drawn searching for this man suspected of killing a police officer at a routine traffic stop. the dramatic end to the all day pursuit. i'm full throttle. i'm going down. >> this small plane crash caught on camera going down in a target parking lot. heroes racing to pull the pilot and a passenger from the flaming wreckage. >> there's a real buzz in the air. can you hear it? hmmm. and the domestic diva has a drone and look how she's putting it to work.


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