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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 31, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. it is 5:00. s that for joining us. i am matt keller. kristen freaked everyone out when she said good "monday,"
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morning. nobody wants to go back in time. we want to go forward. >> step outside. that will cool you off. especially in san francisco. temperatures are around 54 or 55 and 56. some of the cool spots. dry on live doppler 7 hd. you could terrorism into the clouds but they do not have as much moisture as you want. most of us are dry during the commute. we have fog in the north bay and the coast. by the afternoon hours, 73 to 85 away the bay and 86 to 100 from the north bay to inland east bay and coast and san francisco 64 to 70. >> we have a major delay system-wide on bart because of track work at mcarthur. keep that in mind. we had track maintenance being done and an equipment problem so we are looking at major delays. land ahead. if you need to have an alternate form of transportation i recommended you get going on that. you can see how clear it is at
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the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a big clean up on our hands and this is in holster westbound highway 152, we have this issue with tomatoes spilled on the road causing citizens and westbound lanes are being closed off. eastbound lanes are open. you can see the major delays in the when direction. land ahead. we have breaking news in the east bay. antioch police are on the scene of a shooting on west 5th avenue. someone has been shot. amy hollyfield is arriving right now and we will go to her when she gathers the information. walnut creek is where homeowners could be on their own for removing a huge free that fell on their property. it fell across the private drive and on to glenn haven avenue.
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workers came out and chopped up the parts blocking the treat and said homeowners have to clear the rest. the tree rooted in a public creek according to the homeowners. >> i don't know if there is a complication but c.h.p. was here. they said it was blocking the road. people from the county would be out to take care of it. it appears to be a county tree. >> 9 county says the creek is privately owned. a senator of the property records will determine who is responsible for removal. if los angeles, ucla officials are assessing the cause of damage from tuesday's water main break that flooded six campus facilities and created the huge sing hole on sunset boulevard. last night crews completely shut off the 93-year-old pipe gushing a thousand gallons a minute yesterday. officials now say more than 20 million gallons of water flowed from the ruptured pipeline and
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950 vehicles remain trapped in the underground garages and it is estimated half of them were submerged at some point and probably have major damage. repairs are expected to take until tomorrow night or saturday morning. >> we know the name of a woman who died in a violent attack in vallejo. she was stabbed on saturday in the home where she was staying and her five-year-old son suffered serious stab wounded. darryl wakefield was released from prison only a month ago after serving time for burglary and met her recently. police say they will step up security at city council meetings after a bizarre outburst. members were stunned when a 20 -year-oldupped over a table and lunged to a city council member on tuesday. he then ranted and a few seconds later he jumped on to the deck and was quickly tackled and arrested. his say they will have two
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officers from now on and officers used to provide security but they were reassigned to street patrol because of a department shortage. >> a group of bar workers claim they have been subjected to racist death threats on the job. the alleges come from a group of african-american track maintenance workers the these employees discovered racist comments scrawled on the lockers in late june. bart is accused of being slow in investigating the charges. the same workers sued bart for skim face last year. >> fast food workers are planning to protest at a mcdonald's in oakland to demand higher wages. organizers are landing to demonstrate in front of the mcdonald's on jackson street at 10:00 a.m. they want to be paid $15 and receive paid sick days and the right to form a union. the national labor relations board ruled mcdonald's could be held jointly liable for labor and wage violations by the
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franchise operators. the ruling is called "out rageous," and mcdonald's will contest. >> the house of representatives will veto stop president obama today from blocking deportation of undocumented immigrants including children who arrived during the wave of immigration. the g.o.p. would stop the president from enlarging an existing program that grants work permits to ill grands who come illegally as children. the votes take place as congress finishes the current session before going on a five-week recess. >> california needs to overhaul how they care for state parks according to a panel looking at how to improve the system. the state said they will close 70 parks can reduce services at others because lack of funding in 2012. most of the cutbacks never happened. the "los angeles times" reports that an idea calls for more cooperation between the state and private groups that want to raise money for parks.
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68 million people visit california state parks each year. good day to visit a park. if you are hiking diabolo it is 79 at the top. that is where the worm air goes as the cooler air sings into the valley. pittsburg is 62. brentwood is 67. the warm spots are in the east bay and we have low-to-mid 60's through the san ramon valley and to live more, concord, 59. lafayette at 62. low 60's around oakland and hair and san carlos and los gatos and 63 in mountain view. novato is at 52 degrees. from our exploritorium notice the difference, the marine layer is deeper and around 1,600' and the bottom has lifted up and we can see the top of the bay bridge. if you are going through waldo, maybe dublin grade, you could
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run into clouds. mid-50 to mid-60 through 7:00 and a few low clouds longed coast and pushing across angel island at noon, 66 to 84 inland and high clouds and sunshine away from the coast by 4:00 and 7:00, and 66 and 99 at 4:00, and 84 at 7:00. >> we have your delays on bart and we have delays due to track acknowledge issues at mcarthur and daly city stations. what is a major delay in anything in excess of 20 minutes and maybe closer to 30 minutes of a delay. that will impact the commute. we have this which is impacting traffic westbound 84 with a report of a car that spun out. it was blocking a lane and now it is on the shoulder. we have c.h.p. activity to the side. it is causing spectator slowing. in the eastbound direction of willow pass we have a stalled big rig in the middle lanes
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sitting there without lights. be very careful. that could be a hazard. >> 101 is loading up through san rafael as you make the push to 580 and you get closer to the golden gate bridge it is socked in by fog with aten waters northbound direction and the construction is now wrapping up. bang of -- bank of america faces a huge fine from the government. >> popular over family in martinez is saving the fish and wild live. >> controversial even that made a stop in the bay area is being
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is now 5:12 and here's the faces of young people would have received youth services awards from disney and abc to recognize volunteer work. alexander collected 2,200 books to donate and spent the summer installing and maintaining little free libraries. congratulations. >> children ages 5 to 18 are elgible to receive $1,000 for the school or organization where they volunteer and the application is due today so we have more information at >> 15,000 more israeli reservists are called to duty
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with the fighting showing no sign of letting up and the death toll is above 1,300 as targets are pounded. israel has lost 56 socials and three civilians. binyamin netanyahu vowed today that his forces will dismantle hamas' sell of tunnels "with or without a cease-fire." >> two american peace corps workers in africa are in quarantine after possibly being exposed to the ebola virus coming into contact with ebola victim would later died. the deadly ebola outbreak is forcing the peace corps to pull all volunteers out of west africa. two american missionaries are now showing improvement.
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mosquito abatement crews are looking out for a specific type of mosquito that carries a dangerous disease. the mosquito is usually found in tropical and subtropical regions but invaded california last year. the insecretary is known if the white markings and has been found in in central california and is particularly dangerous because it carries yellow danger and a virus that causes fever and joint pain. business news, the economy is doing better but tablet sales are not. here is america's money. topping mechanic's money, a bank is hit with a huge fine for shoty mortgages at $1.3 billion and the judge called it a brazen fraud. the economy bounced back last quarter throwing 4 percent. economists hope that continues
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next year. the fed is concerned about jobs and keeping interest rates low. the c.e.o. of best buy says tablet sales are crashing. desk top and laptops are coming back. the boundaries between types of devices are pleasuring with larger phone and tablet laptop smashup. the most unhealthy breakfast at a chain is french toast at the cheesecake factory at 2,800 calories. that is america's money. testing now on driverless trains that takes righters between coliseum and oakland international airport. the transit agency ran all four connector trains simultaneously and it went well and must undergo more tests in time for the holidays.
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$484 million system is replacing the air bart subtleship that costs $6 to ride. >> after a controversial bull run in pleasanton a similar run in southern california will not go on. 2,000 people signed up to get chased by bulls at the great bull run at the alameda county fair ground on saturday. now an we haven't in november if los angeles county will not likely happen. organizers have been denied a permit for the event and fire department officials cited safety concerns and an attempt to hold the event if riverside county was denied. ought famous beaver family in martinez is stilt at it and they are good for the drought. a group is dedicated to maintaining the beavers which are helping the water stay in the creek despite the drought. that is helping preserve fish and other wildlife. they are kind of doing the restoring quaterback for the
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town martinez and working 24/7. they doing it for free. >> a beaver festival is saturday if martinez. we have a link if you check on >> beaver fest. >> what do you eat at a beaver festival? leaves? woods? >> hopefully not beaver. that is probably considered a delicacy somewhere. >> no animals. no animals. we are headed into the weeken cool enough? >> inland where people want to see more normal temperatures. it will take until saturday and sunday to get there. we have lie and variable wind at 20 miles per hour in fade. we have an onshore breeze there.
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temperatures today. the north bay could see cooler temperatures with the air coming off the cooler water. this is how it looks from the camera this morning. you can see more of the building. it is a nice thick layer of clouds. as we look from sutro tower you can see one star out this right now increasing sunshine, summer spread today at 40 degrees from the coast inland and clouds are spreading as the marine layer deepens and it will climb over the east bay hills and roll influence the east bay valley so heat relief is coming. that is the timeframe. today we are watching the area of low-to-upper an extension in the form of a trough and it is bringing high clouds so we will have high clouds and sunshine. when we get rid of the low clouds by 11 o'clock, maybe noon at the latest, they will be at
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the coast and even the coast will see more sunshine. warmest to the south, same areas as it has been the week, los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and 82 in milpitas and mid-to-upper 88 elsewhere and low-to-mid 80's on the peninsula and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and upper 60's to low 70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid-60's loop the north bay coast. 20 degrees warmer headed through the valley. we go from 73 in berkeley to 84 in castro valley and hottest inthat, mid-90's to triple dim it in antioch and brentwood. temperatures in the 60 and most of us drop and the 50's. we have cloud cover in the same area as this morning and highs are warm again tomorrow and saturday but you can see they will drop on sunday and monday and tuesday. have a good day. >> we are seeing light at the end of the bart tunnel with a 20 to 25-minute delay. bart now is recovering from an
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early track problem. i told you about the accident with the spilled tomatoes. it will take time for traffic to "ketchup." >> all eastbound lanes are open. here is a look from the san rafael camera, southbound 101 locking thicker approaching 580 but the golden gate bridge the clear conditions can be seen. but not clear with the fog. it is still socked in. >> where else can you find a comic ballerina? california has the first openly gay governor. for a few hours. the joke she shared with late night host jimmy kimmel. >> lucky baseball fans will wake up on the feel at at&t park.
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whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, san jose place are the first law enforcement agency in the bay area to acquire a drove. it has not been flown but it is raising concerns from the aclu spending $7,000 in federal grant money to buy the drone. >> we have delays on bart at 20 to 25-minute delays but bart is involving from an early problem. it looks like other mass transit is on time. >> questions surrounded clean up of a fallen free in walnut creek that is problemming several drives. homeowners say it is the job of
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the county and only has to handle part of the tree on public property. the search of property records could establish would owns the tree. if a few hours, state senator yee is scheduled to be back in federal court to face a new set of racketeering charges and is accused of using the campaign for san francisco mayor and secretary of state to solicit illegal donations in exchange for mill favors. a police officer fired for tosses a tear gas grenade to protesters is getting his job back. an arbitrator ordered the for to be reinstated with actual back pay and benefits saying he was following orders when he fired tear gas into the crowd at at protest. >> crews if los angeles are welding the ruptured pipe after the water main break and completely shut off the 93-year-old pipe with repairs expected to take until tomorrow night or saturday morning. >> tracking fog for the morning
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commute and cooler temperatures on the way for the sizzling inland neighborhoods. details afterred -- after the break. >> hundreds of baseball fans are waking up on a field as they camp out at at&t park for the giant slumber party after the giants victory over the pirates. the fans have run of the field and dugout. they had no problem selling out 450 tickets. >> you get to play on a big league field with your son and play catch. nothing better than that. >> fans have a wake up at 6:45 followed by breakfast on the field before heading home. though word if garlic fries are in the breakfast. >> hotdogs and peanuts for breakfast?
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>> what is better. >> everyone is feeling good after a much needed win. stay tuned. the bay area police department is making history with their first ever drone and what san jose police plan on doing with the new controversial equipment. muni service comes to a stop late at might and the crash is ♪watching everybody eating
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for eric thomas. if you liked yesterday's wet i will motorcycle -- like today's both. >> anywhere in the bay area you
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can fine a different weather because we have a 40-degree spread from the coast to inland neighborhood. >> the marine layer is under sutro tower. look how fast the clouds are rolling in. there is a 20 or 25 miles per hour wind in fairfield. we have clouds this morning. the east bay will be hottest at 100. north bay is 86. san francisco is up to 70. 73 to 85 around the bay. leyla gulen? westbound 80 at 880 a three-car crash is blocking a lane with delays westbound along 80. here is a look at 101 southbound up toward 580. traffic is willing. it looks clear.
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when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you are seeing the cash paying lanes building up. we have a bart delay because remark work. next time you see a drone flying over san jose it could be the police. the drone is not flying yet. it looks like it will not to without a fight. mother board, shows the san jose police department acquired this using federal grant money and it cost $7,000. the drone is being paid for with federal money so san jose police have to share it with 13 other law enforcement answers including oakland and san francisco. the statement is that the san jose police department should never have sought funding for a drone without a robust debate
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and city council approval. >> around the clockwork continues as crews try to repair sunset boulevard by tomorrow following tuesday's massive water main break. officials now say the flooding sent 20 million gallons of water from the 93-year-old water main that opened 15' hole through sunset boulevard. most of it slowed to the ucla campus for four hours. campus buildings and sports facilities including the pavilion. the court is ruined but school officials say it will be back only next year. sunset boulevard is not re-opened until at least tomorrow night. an oakland police officer fired for tossing a tear gas canister into occupy protesters is getting the job back. an arbitrator ordered the officer re-instated with full back pay and benefits. he ruled that the officer was justified following a superior's orders when he fired into the crowd at an occupy oakland roast
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in 2011. the crowd was trying to hit an iraq vern -- veteran who was hit in the head by an officer. >> state senator yee will be back in federal court to face a new set of racketeering charges and accuses using the campaigns for san francisco mayor and secretary of state to solicit illegal donations in exchange for political favors. year, raymond "shrimp boy" chow, a former gangster, pleaded not guilty to new racketeering charges. the new charges filed last week are part of what is called a have seeding indictment. 27 other people have been charged. san francisco police are investigating a crash between an s.u.v. and a muni light rail vehicle that happened at 10:00 p.m. on the embarcadero and you can see fire rescue on the seen and the s.u.v. is on its side
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after the crash and the driver of the s.u.v. was treated at the scene for minor injuries. traffic resumed last night 40 minutes after a truck was stuck under a railroad bridge at 7:00 p.m. traffic was stopped in both directions while work crews inspected the bridge for damage. foes say four rail bridges are scheduled if replacement later this year. caltran says the project is expected to increase vehicle clearance and improve safety of the. a suspected carjacker is under arrest after a wild chase in san francisco that was caught on surveillance video. police say the man stole the construction truck at 10:00 a.m. yesterday in lower height neighborhood. he hit several cars. police spotted the suspect driving the wrong way. he got out and tried to run. out of nowhere, a san francisco
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firefighter, damien orduna, intercepted the suspect. i tackled him. i was on a full run. he was running. it was back to the football days he went down. that is the end of that. it was easy. no one got hurt. >> football skills came in handy. no one was injured in the crashes. >> two are under arrest after a hit-and-run accident involving a police patrol car. the driver and the passenger were stopped am milpitas. the other hit and run victim was taken to the hospital and will be okay. the suspects were in a stolen car. >> in san francisco a police cruiser was hit while officers responded to a shooting and taken from the scene in an plan
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with in word on the officer's injuries much the driver involved in hitting the police cruiser was not related but the driver stopped and cooperated with the police. the man who was shot, victim for which the police were responding, is expected to survive. crews are fighting to protect a treasure grove of giant sequoia trees from a wildfire oning in yosemite national park. how firefighters are working to contain the fire which is 10 miles away. concern is that flames could reach the ancient trees if the fire gained strength. the park is open but there is no access along highway 120. evacuation orders remain in place. fire has destroyed a home and a duplex and burned fire square miles and is only 34 percent contained. two families are looking for a new place to live after a fast-moving fire. 100 firefighters responded to the fire yesterday and you could
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see how intend the flames were. in this video from fire department, the fire started to one he and spread to the other, the house member door and one fire victim rush home to find flames tearing up the house. >> seeing the flames leaping from both houses it was in the middle of the fire and the fire was just terrible. you could knock take it all in. >> a third home sustained smoke damage and most of the homes in the thousand oaks area is time roofs and the fires say the house where the fire started had a orderren shingle race. >> san francisco supervisor believes the city would save more water if apartments and condos had their own water meters. most unit buildings have one water meter for the entire structure. supervisors says that makes it harder for individual residents to see how much water they are ewing and how were they can save. it could be hard to retrofit older building but he wants the
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city to look at requiring riled water meters for future build ings. >> if you drive through the fog you could have wet on the windshield. it will be rare, though. the water is 63 at san francisco and monterey is 58 and we will have a northern gradient across the north bay so that will keep the temperatures the same and the rest of us will be the same so if you republicanture out it will be warmer than normal but not always that existable. 60 in foster city and redwood city and 63 in palo alto. 58 in wood side and bell monday and san bruno and san carlos is 81 with a lot low 60's and mountain view at 63. concord is 59.
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we have low clouds and inland we will see all that fade away by noon but the cost is only a little more sunshine. seven around the bay at noon to 78 at 4:00 and this evening, 72 and in the mid-to-upper 60's in the afternoon into the evening along the coast and 78 at noon across our inland neighborhood to 90 at 4:00 and they could hold on through 7:00 inland east bay. good morning, much, if you are just waking up, 20 to 25 meant delay on bart because track issues. that is going to put a crimp in the commute. we have a brand new accident, antioch, at hillcrest avenue involving a motorcycle. we have possible injuries and that is causing stopped traffic at 160 so the drive from brentwood to antioch is slow. at the maze, westbound 80 at 880 a three car crash and this is
5:39 am
more than a crash. it sounds like one those who caused the accident pulled out a gun on the other people involved. we have c.h.p. headed out there. we could see quite a deficit activity in the near future but the traffic is loading up. we have plenty of traffic and it is piling in from emeryville to get into san francisco. we have breaking news in antioch where there is a shoot ing. here is what amy hollyfield has learned. 4:00 this morning police got a call to come here to the apartment building in antioch. we are at m and west 5th in antioch with reports of a shooting and possible drive by shooting. the fire department confirmed they took a victim to the hospital. that is all we know. police have wrapped up the
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investigation. they have cleared out of here. no one is on the street. everyone is tucked back away inside. right now it is all quiet in the antioch neighbor. palo alto tesla motors released their earning report today and dollars and cents are not the only thing people will look closely for. what the auto make other could reveal. >> and a wake up for anyone that owns a cell phone. there are extra charges that you may know anything about. >> looking for a less expensive way to catch a 49ers game at any stadium? we have the
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