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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 31, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and that drone is not anything yet. it doesn't look like it is going to without a fight. online tech magazine made public the documents that show the san jose police department acquired the drone with a gopro camera in january. it costs $7,000. it was paid for by a grant from the regional arm of the federal homeland security department. san jose police department has to share it with 13 other law enforcement agencies including oakland and san jose because it is a federal grant. san jose will use the drone with the bomb squat to assess threats that could save the life of a bomb squad technician because it could assess the threat where a human can and should not. they use robots usually on the ground but the drone costs 95
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percent less than a robot. some are against the use of a drone by a police department saying they could be used for searches and surveillance not authorized. a quote from the aclu "the san jose police department should not have sought funding for a dream without a robust debate and city council approval." they are not flying the drone yet. it is drafting a policy for how it will use it and it has not allied for a permit with the federal aviation department. the police department says this is in timeline for any of that. s. >> an the clockwork continues in los angeles as crews try to repair sunset boulevard after the massive water main break. they capped the leak at 8:00
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last night 30 hours after it ruptured next to the ucla campus it sent 20 million gallons of water from the 93-year-old water main double what was originally thought. hundreds of cars are in the garages and campus subject in -- stuck in the water. the pavilion's new basketball court is ruined. it will be ready if next season. >> they will start welding pipe. they are ready. >> the machines pumping out the water are emitting unhealthy levels of exhaust fumes. an oakland police officer fired for tossing a tear gas canister to occupy protests is getting his quaterback back. an arbitrator ordered the officer to be re-instated with
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full back pay and gives. he ruled that the officer was justified because he was following a superior's orders when he fired the canister into a crowd as occupy oakland protest in 2011 trying to help an iraq war veteran hit by a bean bag. the veteran's skull was fractured and he received $4.5 million settlement from oakland. state senator yee will be in federal court to face new set of racketeering charges. he is accuses of using the campaign for mayor and secretary of state to solicit illegal donations for favors. raymond "shrimp boy" chow, former going step, pleaded not guilty to new charges and will take the stand in his defense. the charges are part of what is called superseding indictment with 27 people charged in the case. >> san francisco police are investigating a crash between an
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s.u.v. and a muni light rail vehicle that happened at 10:00 p.m. on the embarcadero. you can see the scene with fire and ambulance and the car on its side. the driver of the s.u.v. was treated at the scene if minor injuries. >> a truck was stuck under a railroad bridge in san mateo. it happened after 7:00 p.m. at a bridge. caltrain traffic was stepped while crews inspectedded bridge. four bridges in san mateo are scheduled if replacement this year. caltran says the project is expected to increase vehicle clearance and improve safety. >> a carjacker is under arrest after a wild chase and dangerous rampage all caught on camera. it could have been much worse if a brave man did not take matter into his hands.
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security camera show panic drives trying to get identity of way of a desperate carjacking suspect in a stolen truck running from police. the truck barrels back woffards into a limousine and the suspect takes off over the sidewalk. the limousine driver was not hurt. look at damage. >> he was out of control driving crazy. it is clear he had to be stopped. >> san francisco firefighter damien orduna saw the chaos and returning from a call on a ladder truck. the crew stopped to help police who tried to corner the suspect. >> he stopped the truck and jumped out at polk and grove and ran eastbound on grove. >> when he saw me it was too late. firefighter damien orduna intercepted the suspect. >> i tackled him. i was on a full run and he was running and it was back to the football days...he went down and
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that was the end of that. >> the suspect was arrested and charged with stealing the truck from a construction site and hitting six cars during the ride. this firefighter can be thanked for the take down. >> it was easy. no one was hurt. glad he is off the streets. two are under arrest after a double hit-and-run accident involving a san jose police cruiser. two officers in the cruiser witnessed a crash and the driver slammed into their patrol car while speeding away. the passenger got as far as milpitas with the driver. the officers were not hurt. the other hit-and-run hit-and-ru an officer was hit while making a call last night. police found a 20-year-old man shot in the torso early at a different election.
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the victim is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the officer in the cruiser was hit by a non- related driver. no word on the officer's condition. >> crews are fighting to protect giant sequoia trees from a wildfire in yosemite national park. how firefighters are working to contain the fire that is 10 miles from the grove. the concern is the flames could reach the ancient trees. the park is open but there is no action set along highway 120 from the west. evacuation orders are in place for 50 homes. fires destroyed a home and duplex and burned five square miles since saturday and only 34 percent contained. >> two families are looking for new places to live after a fast-moving fire swept through the home. 100 firefighters responded to this fire yesterday. you can see how intense the flames were in the video from the fire department.
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the fire started at one home and spread quickly to the house next door. one fire victim rushed home to find the flames tearing up the house. >> the flames are leaping from both houses and right in the middle of the fire itself and it was terrible. >> the third home has smoke damage. most of the homes in the up-scale area have tile roofs. firefighters say the house where the fire originated had a odden shingle roof. >> san francisco supervisor believes the city would save more water if apartments and condos each had their own water meter. most is one meter for the entire structure which makes its harder forville residents to see how much water they use and how much they can save. it could be hard to retrofit older buildings but he wants the city to look at requiring
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individual water meters in future buildings. >> speaking of the future, do we have a warm-up or the same? >> same. we have a cooling trend inland and the heat will subside a little bit but that is not until saturday and sunday. the marine layer is thickest at 1,600' with more moisture around santa rosa and fog all the way down 101 to novato and fog at the coast at three-quarters mile visibility at half moon bay. into san francisco, a bit cooler than it has been and the 56 degree temperatures. you can see it is cool of every where but for palo alto and saratoga with low-to-mid 60's inland east bay valley. tracy is 70 and everyone else is mid-to-upper 50's. i expect clouds to rollback to the coast by noon at the latest.
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84 to 98 inland and stuffy at 88 this evening. upper 70's at 4:00 at the bay. 70 during evening. mid-60 at the coast. >> we are tracking the accident from san jose northbound 101 with one lane blocked and possible injuries. drive time traffic 580 tracy to dublin is checking in a 25 miles per hours and westbound highway four antioch to concord is 25 minutes and san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. you can barely see the golden gate bridge because of the fog so be careful coming from sausalito and use the low beams. visibility will be hampered. >> palo alto tesla releases earnings report and the dollars and cents are not the only thing people will look for. what they could reveal that means thousands of jobs for
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california. >> a wake-up call for anyone who owns a cell phone. the extra charges appearing on the bill you may know nothing about. >> looking for a cheap way to catch a 49ers game? [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ]
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covering cupertino, conquer, -- concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the mystery over where tesla motors will build the battery factory could be solved today. the palo alto based carmaker is reporting quarterly profits after the close of trading today. analysts expect to hear if the property found a home. california is in the running. there is word from japan that panasonic will partner with tesla for are factory and supplying batteries for the current model s sedan allow tesla to make batteries for a lower priced model 3 sedan.
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>> if you drive over the golden gate bridge be prepared for lane closures with orders in movable barrier with new lane striping. there are only six lanes available. for a few days, northbound lane is closed from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. to acome mate motions. the crews will remove the famous 8' art deco toll lazy that will be reinstalled in october. >> if you have studied your cell phone bill you could find unauthorized charges with little explanation which is called "cramming." it has blown up and costing temperatures hundreds of millions more than ever thought. here is that report. your cell phone taking center stage because of bogus charges the.
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>> the massive fraud documented in the reports happens right under the northeast of the telephone company. it is called cramming coming from outside companies that have tricked you into subscribing to a monthly service after you open a text message or enter your cell phone number online am mysterious $9.99 is listed as "usage charges," and you go 123 pages in you can fine the details. >> in many cases, consumers were not. >> wear they were crammed. >> it is not just cell phones. larry had two mysterious charges on the land line, $14.95 and $8.23 for "outside voice mail services." how could this happen? how can someone charge my account similar to charging my credit card without my knowledge. >> the report estimating up to 20 million americans could be duped each year. only one in 20 of us realize it.
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>> it is up to you to fine the cramming charges. my bill is 50 pages long. to fine the chaps i have to go line by line. there are people you can hire to help, too. companies like bill cutters which offer experts to analyze the bill to fine the extra charges. they split savings with you down the middle. for now, it is up for us. >> if you look for a less expensive way to see the 49ers play at larry stadium the 49ers have a deal for you and will offer standing room only tickets starting august 5th. to be eligible you have to register to get access to prepare tickets on a first come first service bases. prices vary from $50 to $75 for regular season games. tickets for pre-season game are $25. this is standing room only. you will not have a seat. if you are a 49ers fan you are
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standing half the time anyway, right? >> you are jumping. >> you are mike? >> mike, of course. >> not something i talk a lot about. >> some folks could be clearing with the weather and the dip in the temperatures. >> absolutely. take on the same lanes. 4:47. i will send you my bill when it comes in. >> good morning, everyone, they are light and variable but fairly at 21 and we have a deep are marine layer this morning but it still hasn't been able to climb over the east bay hill says that is an area that is clear this morning. winds are different today coming from the southwest at 15- to 25-knots and fastest from the golden gate bridge and north of the bay bridge through the san pablo and grizzly and sass soon bay and delta community at 1:00 o'clock through 9:00. you can see 24 there and the
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traffic is snaking through the east bay hills and you are waking up to temperatures in the 60's and 70's with no cloud cover and everyone else is waking up to the 50. we have increasing sunshine today and the summer spread will push 40 degrees from coast inland and clouds will spread and the marine layer will be deep enough so it will claim over the east bay hills and bring us heat replete especially the east bay. want the cloud cover as it takes the better part 11 o'clock to pull back from the coast and maybe noon around san francisco and toward oakland. then it is stubborn and you will see more sunshine than yesterday but you will be stuck in the 60, with 70's around the bay and 80's north bay and south bay and 90's to 100s inland. los gatos and morgan hill and gill recognize are in the 90's, but milpitas is at 82. up the peninsula, home 80's. millbrae is 76. in the mid-to-upper 60's loan --
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along the coast. mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley. a lot of mid-to-upper 70's in richmond, berkeley, oakland, hair, and low-to-mid 80's elsewhere. inland we have the mid-90's to triple digits throughout our neighborhood. tonight, this area is in the 60's while most of us are in the mid-50 to nearly 60. here is the seven-day outlook, inland neighborhoods they see the biggest drop in temperatures but we are the warm of the and above average by the time we get to monday and tuesday and back to normal. leyla gulen? >> you have a bad accident we have bart delays and 10 or 15 minute delay at daly city and pittsburg and bay point and dublin/pleasanton for track maintenance with a 15 to 20 minute delay at mcarthur in fremont and sfo directions because of an equipment problem. two separate things are going on
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causing up to 20 minutes in delays. in holster we have unloaded tomatoes all over the road causing major backups along highway 152. one of the big rigs involved in this has veered off the road and another injury accident involving a vehicle there so yu want to row with caution if you are headed in that area and avoid it if you can. southbound 680 is showing slowing because of an accident and it is an overturned vehicle. it does not sound like there are injuries but they are trying to assess the situation and southbound 680 through walnut creek and pleasant hill is clear and accident free. a nine-year-old girl is burned as she lugs if her ipad charger and the gadget is not believed to be the problem. >> a wanting issued on the ignored dangers of widely used pain relieveers. >> an amazing discovery hundreds
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of feet under the o
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f.a.a. investigators will go through the wreckage of a small plane that crashed in a parking lot killing one and injuring another. it was practicing touch and go landings and it then struck the top of a target store and a light pole before crashing into a costco store. or near it. an 80-year-old passenger died and a 52-year-old pilot was seriously injured. a good samaritan suffered some injuries helping get the pilot out. san francisco international airport will unveil a smartphone app to help visually impaired travelers navigate the terminal.
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developed the app, a company from austria that has united states headquarters in palo alto. >> a nine-year-old went to charge her ipod and got burned and her bedroom caught fire. it caused smoke damage to the rest of the house. according to the father, she tried plugging the charger into the wall and sparked burned two fingers. investigators think the problem was with the plug or the charger, not the ipod itself. turning to weather, we check with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning, sonoma county fair conditions and the fog fades by 7:00. but we are in the upper 80's by 3:00 with warm sunshine. we cool by 7:00 at 79. we have issues to the north with
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high fire danger around mount shasta. to the south it is up to 115 but lows only in the 80's and 90's. quiet across the state. we have thunderstorms long the sierra at 79 in lake tahoe and 99 in yosemite. 112 in palm springs. we have a bart delay. if you are traveling bart there is a 10 or 15-minute delay at daly city and 10 or 15-minute delay at mcarthur because of track maintenance and an equipment problem. there are a couple of issues. i will let you know when it improves. it is future is bad if you head away from hair to foster city. the drive across the water is moving along just fine. we do have a couple of accidents. we also have congestion building over the altamont pass. it is 30 minutes tracy to dublin
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and westbound along 580 and highway 85 northbound to cupertino is only five minutes. >> new this morning, "consumer reports" is urging the x to take stronger steps to reduce the dangers of pill killers. the group warns prescriptions can be as addictive as heroin and want the f.d.a. to reconsider the approval of the slow release drug to be sold over-the-counter. "consumer reports" says the government needs to lower the pill and dose maximum. 46 americans die each day from legal pain medication. >> a man in maine is lucky after the cop who stopped him savedly life. this was captured on saturday evening. the officer was in the car writing a wanting and the officer heard screams and the officer started cpr and another
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officer arrived and restarted the man's heart. the officer happens to trained as an emergency medical technician. >> he was probably happy to get a ticket. >> a family from florida struck gold during a treasure hunt in the atlantic ocean. the cheering began when a rare spanish artifact was discovered believed from the 1300s which was the missing piece from another golden object found in 1989. >> we knew what it was right away. nothing has looked like that before and could only be the missing piece. >> the two pieces of gold formed what is called a "pix," that the catholic clergy used at church. this reasonable belonged to a high ranking cleric. the family has been chasing treasures for years. the dad began when he was a teen and he called this "the moment he has always dreamed of."
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we have breaking news in the east bay where police are open scene of a shooting. >> we have the details that police are revealing. >> frightening scene at oakland city council meeting has security being stepped up. >> baseball fans are waking up on the field of at&t
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. it is 5:00. s that for joining us. i am matt keller. kristen freaked everyone out when she


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