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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 30, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. an early morning fire rages through two homes in oakland forcing a dozen to run for their lives. no one was injured in the fire. so much was lost. from precious memories to power lines. flames broke out at 47th and melrose at 3:30 this morning. amy hollyfield has been at the scene all morning and joining us with residents' terrifying ordeal. >> fire was burning for a while when firefighters arrived in oakland. they had to let it burn longer
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because it was so dangerous. a huge fire required quick thing and steam ma from the firefighters on the outside. >> i ran out. >> residents had little time to escape as the spread from one house to another. >> it was big and everything was on fire and caught up to the house. >> they had a lot people testify evacuate. firefighters say 18 people escaped the homes when they arrived at 3:45 and eight are children. >> it was hard. we had to make sure everyone was out. >> my dad woke me up. we were running out. we got worried and went back. >> downed power lines created a danger forcing crews to stand back until manage manage could shut down the fire. >> homes burned for an hour. when the owner of the house on the left saw the damage she was shocked. >> look at it. nothing left.
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we lived there, my husband and i, we started our marriage there 25 years ago. >> homes were so badly burned officials red tagged them both but let residents retrieve treasures and essentials like this precious scrapbook. >> it means a lot. it is is my life. >> the lives in the pages were all saved. no one was hurt in the fire. >> thank you is why you have insurance. you don't know when things the happen. god knows. god protected them. god protected them. the house was replaceable. >> firefighters say residents of both homes were renters and the red cross now is trying to help them find a new place to live. investigators are still actively hocking for the fire's cause.
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crews are gaining ground on the two largest firefighters one growing do 3,hundred in yosemite park. the fire is 33 percent contained and folks lifted evacuations for one town but 45 homes remain ever evacuated. in safer what foothills the sand fire is 85 percent contained with 66 homes and outbuildings destroyed. officials moved the firefighters to fight the fire. oakland raiders' fan might be nervous after word about team own earmark davis visiting san antonio. this picture shows davis and former raider great and form other san antonio mayor in july. san antonio wants to lure an nfl team there. but mayor quan thinks there will be a deal by the end of summer
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with the raiders. raymond "shrimp boy" chow and five other defendants are back in fell curt to be arraigned on new charges of rack fearing and other organized crime. chow is accused of running drug sales, laundering money, selling guns and trying to buy stolen property. the charges are part of an indictment accusing chow and senator yee of running a continuing criminal enterprise. 27 others have been charged in the case and yee will be arraigned tomorrow. people living near alum rock park in east san jose are on edge after a fast-moving fire burned a dozen acres yesterday and range others are putting in center restrictions if park -- for park goers. >> the good news today is that the park is open. but we are not into august yet and the fire danger is only going to get worse from here. >> in alum rock in east san jose, mother nature is showing
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all the obvious ain'ts of fire danger being high. if that not clear enough there are man made signs, too. today, an additional wanting from rangers. >> thatch you for calling. barbecue fires of any kind are not allowed on wednesday july 30. >> yesterday a three-alarm grass fire started near the park on sierra road. this was not a careless hike but a car accident that sparked the flames. people are very aware of dry conditions. >> i live right here. we smell something burning we look around and make sure there is in smoke. >> alum rock part will be hot with democrats in mid-80's but the humidity is high. the weather conditions are not so extreme that the city would be compelled to close the gates which it does at times in the summer. regulars say they see fewer park rangers around so they realize they have more of a
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responsibility to protect it. >> it is really hot. they just don't have the manpower to watch over people and make sure people are beharris countying properly. >> if i saw someone smoking and put the cigarette out on the park i would be mad. i love this park. >> call the city or check out with exto find out if alum rock park is closed for the day because of high fire danger. thank you, matt, developing from southern california: sunset boulevard is still closed after yesterday's massive water main break and flooding at the ucla campus. school officials are trying to save the school's famed pavilion katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest. the department of transportation and water and power and ucla gave updates. the busted water main is still causing big problems and there are no estimates when traffic and campus activity can get back
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to normal. >> despite scenes like this, the ucla campus is open today and summer school is in session. however, the student medical center to child care centers and packing structures are closed. all recreational and camp activities are canceled. during thed inning some students invented their own recreation and others grabbed sandbags to help especially at the newly renovated pavilion with 8" to 10 " water on the hardwood of the basketball facility. >> they are in the drying process and the court is buckling and expanding. whether we can save that, i i don't. >> there was a spectacular explosion of water. the problems now are underground. >> we reported profitly the water was turned off and we found we have a number of valves that are leaking. >> the threes make it impossible do begin repairing the main break.
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the department of water and power say it happened at a steep angle under sunset boulevard where two pipes came together. >> this will not, completed together, it will be an extended period of time. >> unknown is when sunset will be re-opened. >> we have no estimate. we will be discussing this all. >> it is too early to sometime the cost to the street or ucla and as for the amount of water loss the best estimate is eight to ten million gallons equal to 15 olympic sized swimming pools. the water department says no one is without water right new. for more video and a slide show of the incredible pictures go to abc7 troubling questions of where billions of g.i. bill dollars are being spented and what we
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can learn in a new report. >> the continuing crisis in the middle east reaching a new level as the fighting in gaza takes another terrible toll. when should airlines re-route planes to avoid danger zones? emergency meeting taking place after the downing of malaysian airlines flight 17. a look outside right now showing the haze in the distance. meteorologist mike nicco is next with the
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>> new developments in gaza, the white house condemned israel's shelling of a u.n. school used as a shelter for thousands of palestinian refugees. 15 people were killed at the elementary school for girls. scores more were wounded. israel and hamas militants in gaza have been fighting for three weeks. the secretary-general of the u.n. is calling for an immediate halt to heavy fighting around the crash site of malaysian airlines flight 17 in eastern ukraine. the u.n. chief says he is deeply stubbed. investigators teams have been unable to go to the site because of violence. a ukraine security spokesman said brother russian rebel are lining the roads with landmines making it impossible for international investigators to do their job. 298 people died after a missile brought down the malaysian airlines jet on july 17.
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>> airlines and international lowers are new calling on nations to be quicker and more honest with information about the safety of their skies. aviation officials from an the world held an emergency meeting yesterday and they say an international task force will be formed. international leaders will and for new u.n. rules to government anti-aircraft weapons such as biological or chemical weapons. do not expect quick action. the high legal panel is not expected to meet until next year. iraq and afghanistan vets are using their g.i. bill benefits to attend brother profit colleges being investigated by the government and one focuses on the parent company of the college. up to 930 campuses could be closed across america. the senate education chairman will release a report today protecting down where the g.i. bill money is being spent. the top continue recipient of
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government money during 2012 to 2013 school year is corinthian. >> a series of parking playbooks will help fans get to and from the stadium with special off raps and side streets and entrances an the santa clara site and says the plan depends on everyone following specific routes. there were serious traffic jams during the open house last friday: 30,000 people showed up and many waiting in hour's long traffic. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> good morning from the broadcast from. i have been tracking thunderstorms in the central valley that could cause flooding. go have a high fire danger in parts of the state and a refresh ing breeze that brought us sunshine this morning. i will tell you how the refreshing breeze will bring a cooler trend in the forecast with the newest numbers ahead. >> dismal results in the latest crash test of the most popular
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cars. we will reveal one model this kill away with top ranking. >> this video reaction of a big sister would finds out her baby brother won't always be so
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. in san francisco, tenants rights advocates accuse landlords of kick out tenants to profit all illegal vacation rentals protesting in front of an apartment building in not
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beach. they claim that the landlord used the ellis act to evict tenants and flipped the units into vacation rentals. laws are rarely enforced against it. the group says 50 complaints have been filed with the city on the conversions. supervisor david chu wants more regulation on short-term rentals and is proposing legislation requiring the landlords to take ownership. >> only one small car earned a tom rating of "good" in a new crash test. the mini cooper countryman. they looked at highway well the car protected drivers and passengers and was part of a front end hidden object hit at 40 miles per hour. the worst was juke and leaf and the any idea -- the fiat 500l. the full results are on >> adorable video going viral a
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big sister, devastated by a simple fact live. i don't want him to grow up. >> do you want him to say little forever. >> he is so cute. >> ahhh. the five-year-old is inconsolable after finding out her baby brother will not always be a baby. she kisses him and hugs him and says how much she loves his smiles. the parents posted this on youtube two days ago and it has gotten more than two million views. so adorable. >> wait give years and they will be fighting like cats and dogs. >> exactly. they will get over it. meteorologist mike nicco? >> thank you is why mire old other sister cried not because i was cried. she was afraid i would be mean.
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>> you weren't. >> couple of times. >> she deserved it, though. both probably watching right now. we will see what happens when i finish the weather. good morning, everyone, done with the rain. we had a few showers yesterday but they fell apart this morning in sonoma and now we have clearing conditions but some fog across the golden gate bridge and at the coast. you can see the thunderstorms are still moving through fresno and headed into the sierra with a third of an inch in some areas and we will have a flood watch that begins at noon and ends at 10:00 this evening because they afraid locally heavy rain. look at mount shasta and to the oregon border, a high fire danger goes through 11 o'clock this evening. back here, you can see the clouds are clearing, a lot of sunshine, but for the finger of fog rolling cross the golden
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gate bridge and you can see small low-to-upper pressure that will keep you clouds. 59 at half moon bay right now. 61 in san francisco. mid-60's and nearly 70 through most of the bay until san jose at 71 and you can see los gatos inland east bay neighborhoods in the low-to-mid 80's already. this is how it looks from emeryville across what is a quiet bay right now and the winds pick up this afternoon and we have a small craft advisory with the winds coming from the northwest at 15- to 25-miles per hour and that is the likely wind shift bringing us slow cooling and through the extended period temperatures are going to fall back to average. low clouds give away to high clouds in the south bay from 81 in milpitas to 87 if san jose and low-to-mid 90's in los gatos and gilroy and a lost 80's on the peninsula until san mateo and if mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and more sunshine around downtown and south san
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francisco and sausalito and in the upper 60's to low 70's and mid-80's to nearly 90 through the north bay rally and along the east bay shore you can see the breeze reaching berkeley and oakland and upper 70's to low 80's for the east bay shoreline and castro valley and fremont, mid-80's. the heat is on again and we are looking at mid-90's to around 100 degrees. the game is 12:45 first pitch and temperatures in the upper 50's with a hue u.v. index. the seven-day forecast is slow cooling, a couple degrees here or there and morning clouds giving way to afternoon sun and temperatures are back to average by monday. any of the rain in the sierra is not going to make it into our neighborhoods. do you know a young person making a difference in the bay area? kids aging 5 to 18 have until thursday to enter to win $1,000 for the school or organization where they volunteer.
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as part of disney's summer of service in partnership with youth service america, with past recipient including a ten-year old who raised money so a food bank could provide clients with re-usable grocery bags. there is more information on the awards at you are never too young to make a difference. >> still ahead the game-changing mcdonald's product turning heads at restaurants overseas. >> what is in a new variety of mcnuggets making them a big
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coming up, you have seen the dramatic video of the ucla water break but we found millions of gallons leaking into the bay less dramatically because of a broken pipe and we will show you what is being done and how much is lost. boom and bust and back again. why the laptop could be making a comeback. mcdonald's franchise in japan have a new product on the menu, tofu and fish mcnuggets that have a mix of tofu and white fish and vegetable with a ginger sauce. the chinese meat supplier was
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selling expired beef and chicken which we have been reporting on and the new nuggets were planned before the scandal happened. fans of the product like that they are healthy and meet-free. >> well, fish. >> that is okay. >> and there are edame, soybeans and carrots. >> in different countries, mcdonald's has different flavors. in what they have spam. you have to travel the world. >> that is on bucket list. >> thanks for winding us -- up the day with us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hey! how are you doing? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up? how are you, man? >> how are you? >> yeah. [cheers and applause] hello, and welcome to millionaire. all this week, the spotlight is on movies. that's because it's movie week. yeah. our first contestant got engaged two nights ago and is hoping for a fairy-tale romance just like in the movies. from new york city, y'all show some love for ryan nelson. what's up, ryan? what's up, man? very good. congratulations, son. all right. you're engaged, so you got to tell me about this. it was special--the engagement. >> it was ve


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