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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 30, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a massive flash flood causes chaos across an entire university campus. >> that sinkhole is getting bigger and bigger. it's only getting worse. >> a major water main breaks at ucla. 10 million gallons of waters surges foo streets turning these steps into a waterfall. flooding the famous basketball arena. cars under water. happening now -- the race to save americans from the fast-growing ebola outbreak. mandatory evacuations ordered for aid workers right now. new scares popping up at airports overnight as worldwide jitters spread. the alert here in america right now. the dramatic courtroom showdown in that high-profile abduction case, abigail hernandez coming face to face with the man charged with kidnapping her. her first public appearance. ♪ it started with a whisper
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celebrity confrontation. orlando bloom reportedly going after justin bieber at one of the biggest night spots on the planet. a punch allegedly thrown and the skirmish caught on camera so what set off this a-lister altercation? ♪ when everybody talks bad and good morning, america. we have a lot to get to this wednesday morning including breaking news from the war in the middle east. >> that's right, george. another united nations school hit in the crossfire. palestinians had taken cover there. more than a dozen people killed. we'll have the latest coming up from gaza. but we begin with that massive water main break at one of america's major universities sending millions of gallons of water pouring into the street an accidental flash flood. and cecilia vega has the latest.
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good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. boy, what a mess out here. this campus a few hours ago was a virtual lake. i want to show you what it looks like right now. take a look at this, piles of wet carpet. the recently refurbished athletic center, going to take a long time to clean up here. >> that sinkhole is getting bigger and bigger. >> reporter: after a nearly century-old water main 30 inches in diameter burst monday afternoon creating a 15-foot hole and sending up to 10 million gallons of water surging into a busy street and onto the ucla campus at a rate of 35,000 gallons per minute. >> we're at the steps in front of pauley pavilion at the ucla campus. >> reporter: all this at the height of a historic california drought. >> when you have this amount of water it's like a flash flood. you'd never know what's going to happen. >> reporter: take a look.
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ucla's legendary basketball arena, recently renovated for $132 million, soon submerged. >> it's really upsetting i mean, it's not nice to see it. >> reporter: water also rushing down stairs. [ sirens ] >> reporter: and trapping more than 100 cars in underground parking lots. firefighters rescuing five people. outside, the campus resembling a water park. staircase becoming a wading pool. this woman towing another down the sidewalk. it took crews about four hours to shut off this leak. and as you can see by all of this stuff out here around campus right now. it's going to take a long time to clean up this mess. there's still faculty members and students who haven't been able to retrieve their cars because they were submerged under water. the good news, no injuries. >> thank goodness for that but amazing how much damage one water main can cause.
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>> a different type of flooding out west, torrential rain in colorado causing flash flooding with several inches of rain falling in less than one hour and ginger is tracking it all. good morning, ginger. >> hey, good morning. when that much, that fast falls around ft. collins, around denver, this is what the scene will look like and i'm going to tell you what was happening. a stationary front, you have light winds this time of year flash flooding happens in colorado and, boy, did it ever. take a look. lightning illuminating the night in new mexico. that beauty a dangerous beast in colorado, monsoon storms soaking much of the state with as much as 5 1/2 inches of rain. >> should we do it? ah. no, i'm not. not worth it. >> reporter: some spots getting 3 inches in less than an hour. a section of i-25 outside denver temporarily impassable. a mudslide shutting down part of westbound i-70. people abandoning cars, sawing in high water. denver firefighters moving in, rescuing this family of four. >> there was about five feet.
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i had to send the crew in with water rescue equipment to pull them out. >> reporter: in windsor, colorado -- >> i rolled down the window, nothing. so we finally were able to push it and jumped out before it filled the car up. >> reporter: 4 inches falling in just 90 minutes. >> i panicked a little bit. >> reporter: water blocking one woman's door forcing her to enter through a window. inside, her basement flooded. >> i just thought there's really nothing i can do. >> reporter: more rain will fall today. there are flash flood threats from california to, aarc. arkansas. we'll be watching for a lot. i'm talking up to 5, 6 inches of rain in many so spots. parts of texas, oklahoma, on alert in the next couple of days. so we'll be detailing this in the nation's weather. george and lara? >> okay, thank you. we turn to growing fears about that deadly ebola outbreak. health officials around the world worried it could spread. u.s. aid groups evacuating much of their staff from western africa and our dr. richard besser is tracking it all. you used to work at the cdc. they issued an alert for american doctors. >> that's right. they have issued an alert to all doctors in america saying be on
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the watch for anyone who is traveling to this region who could present with fever and this is really, really important. we have seen cases of hemorrhagic fever, not ebola but other strains similar come into the united states. they haven't spread but they were identified quickly and isolated and that's what they want to have happen. >> even if it comes here we can contain it, that means. >> i don't think there's any chance it could spread in the u.s. but i would not be surprised if we see cases of ebola showing up here. the gentleman who flew from liberia to nigeria and died, if his flight had continued on, he was an american and his eeventual destination was the united states. >> there have been false alarms in hong kong. officials around the world are worried. in africa, this scourge so devastating right now. >> it really s these regions are really overwhelmed with this. the cdc has issued what's called a level 2 travel alert meaning you should try and avoid any of the hospitals that are caring for ebola patients, medical personnel who are going there need to take special precautions. i would not go to these regions
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just for casual travel. the situation now is looking very grim. >> there are 84 flights out of west africa every week that end up having direct flights to the united states after. >> yeah, i mean, we are so interconnected as a world and the incubation period for this disease could be up to three weeks. so someone can be healthy but infected and show up here three weeks later with the disease. >> rich, thanks very much. to amy with the morning's other top stories. good morning, another united news where principalestinians h taken refuge has come under attack. abc's david write is in gaza with the latest. david? >> good morning. amy. that school is in the middle of the most crowded part of the gaza strip. over 3,000 people seeking refuge there after told they were unsafe in their home. according to the u.n., three
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projectiles hit the compound. among the dead, children. sleeping with their parents on the floor. overnight, israel also struck five mosques in gaza. the military said those mosques were being used to store weapons and access tunnels. amy? and the u.s. air force is investigating a security breach, a young pan was able to climb into the wheel well of a c-130 cargo plane that flew to germany. he apparently climbed on board just before that plane took off from africa. sadly, he did not survive the flight. well, if you drive a small car, heads-up, only one out of 12 new cars received a good rating in the government's latest crash test. that was the mini cooper. the chevy volt was the best of the two electric models tested. it was rated acceptable. and another shocking danger on the road. a bus driver caught on camera using his ipad behind the wheel. you can see him there taking his
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eyes off the road to scroll down on a screen. the bus from a maryland tour company was filled with families heading to an amusement park. big no-no. all right, authorities in texas have now seized a record $176 million worth of marijuana after a hunter stumbled upon dozens of fields full of plants hidden deep in the woods. they say the growers have been living there for five months undetected. on wall street the buzz this morning is all about twitter. its stock surging by 35% overnight after the company reported solid growth and earnings. and history in the major leagues overnight, the cubs and rockies playing into the wee hours, a total of 6 hours and 27 minutes until the cubs finally knocked in the winning run. this is the longest game ever for both teams and some die-hard fans there and finally an actress who also happens to have a black belt was invited to throw the first pitch at a game
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in japan. but before the pitch, she wanted to show off her talent so take a look at it. these are ten concrete blocks, watch as she crushes them with her head. and watch as she does it again. oh, yeah. >> wow. >> that is a major talent. she should have stopped there. because when she took to the mound her first pitch, oh. fell short. still, when you can do this, go for it. why even try to do that. you know. >> i might throw the pitch first, and then -- >> and strong but i got to say -- >> a little dizzy. >> my hat's off to her. >> that was it. >> you should lebdz her a hard hat. >> she doesn't need one. it's amazing. all right. thank you, amy. we're going to make a turn now to new concerns about air safety. an emergency meeting being held by top aviation officials from around the world and one of the key issues they're focusing on, when airlines should reroute their planes to avoid possible
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danger zones like the one in which malaysia flight 17 was shut down. abc's david kerley has the story. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lara you know, we've all been worried about flying ever since this shootdown, and days after the emergency meeting was called to try to keep this from ever happening again. this morning, nearly two weeks after the shootdown over ukraine it is still too dangerous for investigators to work this grisly scene. sparking outrage. >> recovery of the bodies and proper investigation of the event is still being hampered by the activities of the people in control of that area. it's an appalling situation. >> reporter: this emergency meeting of international aviation officials called tuesday because of that suspected russian anti-aircraft missile which reached 33,000 feet to bring down the 777 with nearly 300 on board. many of us left wondering, is it safe to fly? there are plenty of conflict zones around the world where airlines are warned to stay away or stay high.
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that's what airlines were told in ukraine. stay high above. sadly, it was not enough. >> the world's airlines are angry and i suspect the same is true for each of the 3.3 billion people who board aircraft this year. >> reporter: so the airlines and international leaders are now calling on nations to be more honest and quick with information about the safety of their skies. >> in short, we need the right information at the right time and the right place. >> reporter: some countries argue such releases could jeopardize their national security. an argument rejected. >> when considering whether or not they will share information, of course they should, if they know something and know it's not safe. how could they sit back and watch innocent people threatened in this way? >> reporter: an international task force will be formed and the u.n. will be asked for new rules to govern anti-aircraft weapons like chemical or biological weapons but don't expect any quick action, lara. this panel isn't expected to meet again, this high-level
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panel until early next year. >> all right. but they're talking. thank you very much, david. we turn now to the latest on the kidnapping of new hampshire teenager abigail hernandez. dramatic scene in court tuesday. she was right there in the front row when the man accused of holding her captive for nine months was charged. abc's ryan smith has the latest from conway, new hampshire. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's not often that we see somebody as young as abigail hernandez face her alleged captor in court just days after returning home. but there she was remarkably poised as we're now learning more about the man now sitting in jail for allegedly denying her freedom for nine months. in a packed new hampshire courtroom tuesday, abigail hernandez seen for the first time publicly since her disappearance watching from the front row as her alleged kidnapper nathaniel kibby can arraigned with bail set at $1 million. >> the allegation is that you committed the offense of kidnapping. >> reporter: the remarkably poised 15-year-old flanked by
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her mother and sister never making eye contact with the man accused of snatching her off the treat in october as she walked home from school. other than a mysterious letter sent to her mother there was to sign of abby until last sunday when she suddenly returned home. >> i think she's starting to feel a little bit of peace. she gets to wake up and hug her mom. >> i cannot tell you how a child like that can get through the nine months and endure but she has done that. >> reporter: kibby charged one count of felony kidnapping faces up to seven years in prison if investigated. he has not entered a plea. >> if there is additional evidence that other crimes will be committed, those charges will be brought. >> reporter: according to court documents kibby's criminal history goes back to 1988, including convictions on simple assault and breach of bail conditions. he was even in court just last week for sentencing on a charge of criminal trespass. abby had just returned home three days earlier. this morning, we've also learned kibby was recently laid off from his job as a machine operator.
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>> this person, he kept to himself, didn't really talk to anybody. >> reporter: meanwhile, the fbi still searching kibby's property including this red storage container in his yard. some describing it as an above-ground bunker. so at this point it's interesting, his next court date, august 12th. his preliminary hearing, that's when prosecutors must present enough evidence to bind him over for trial. so, at that point, we may learn more about how abbey returned only, and the alleged offenses that kibby committed against her. george. >> ryan, we saw the fbi at his property right now but the police were actually at kibby's house back in march. >> reporter: that's right. related to a dispute that he was having with someone, he actually asked police to come to his house because he had guns in his possession and that it might violate his parole. so according to court documents they went to his house to collect those guns and that was during the time that abigail was missing. >> okay, ryan smith, thanks very much. george, we turn now to this
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incredible near-miss caught on tape. hair-raising video capturing the horrifying moment that two women realize a freight train is coming right at them. abc's linsey davis is here with the story. linsey, this is terrifying to watch. >> yeah, what a close call, good morning to you, lara. what made this so horrifying is that these women, who we now know are in their 30s, just happened to be on the bridge portion of the track at the time the train started bearing down on them and they quickly realized they could not outrun the train. >> get off! go back. >> reporter: watch as this heart-pounding scene from "stand by me" plays out in real life on an indiana railroad. a 14,000 ton freight train hoisted 80 feet above an indiana lake, traveling 25 miles per hour, along a narrow bridge, when suddenly, the engineer spots two women directly in its path. you can hear him apply the brake
7:17 am
right here. but the train keeps going. >> when you have a train that heavy, it took the train only running 25 miles an hour about 1500 feet to come to a stop. >> reporter: both women begin to run but realizing they can't outrun the 100-car coal train they make a split-second life or death decision. the woman in yellow quickly lying down in the middle of the track. the one tripping nearly falling off the side but leaping back on to the track hitting the deck. >> at which point in time the train ran over them and then came to a complete stop about maybe 20 seconds later or so. the engineer thought he had killed two people. >> reporter: but miraculously the women survived by being as flush with the tracks as possible. there's a space of about ten inches between the bottom of the train and the track. >> even if a locomotive clears you like it did these two people, you could still get killed by something else underneath the train. >> reporter: the conductor says when he called out to the women they said they were fine aside from a stubbed toe.
7:18 am
these women very fortunate to be alive. but now they're in trouble after fleeing the scene both women are likely facing charges for criminal trespassing. >> oh, my goodness. >> so lucky. >> i don't think i would have made that choice. >> so counterintuitive to go right where the train is. >> i think i would have jumped off the bridge. they made the smart call. >> i love how we're talking about it as if we would be in that situation. >> next time i -- >> my heart is racing. >> i know. >> it's incredible. >> ginger, your board is on fire over there. >> it is. this is how we like to start this weather. check it out. yosemite, you know that fire is going on. grown overnight but contained to 35% but still many variables coming together for terrible fire weather. so you've got dry lightning possibilities, the red flag warnings in place. gusts could go up to 45 miles per hour. that big wedge out west and dipping. atlanta, a record cold low, ooh, in the upper 50s.
7:19 am
good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. clouds are low but they will taper an hour sooner with high clouds through the warm to hot afternoon skies. likely wind shift starts a slow cooling trend. today, we will be in the 60's along the coast into san francisco. 70's around the bay. 88 in south bay and north bay. 90's inland. seven-day outlook shows
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>> but since we were doing the hypothetical. i don't think i'd jump, 80 feet is too far. in case you were wondering. >> you were just thinking about that. >> i was. i wouldn't do it. >> okay, coming up on "gma," major new developments in the trial of the man accused of gunning down an unarmed young woman on his porch. dan and nancy weigh in live. also ahead, kelsey grammer's emotional confrontation with his sister's killer. we'll hear from him. speaking of confrontations, this one on video. actor orlando bloom going after justin bieber overnight reportedly even throwing a punch at the singer. what set off the skirmish. the youtube star who gave his parents the surprise of a lifetime. some things are worth holding on to. make virtual real. with canon pixma printers and the pixma cloud app,
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good morning. this morning's fire started around 3:30 inside a home at 47th and melrose avenues. the flames spread to the house
7:25 am
next door. there shall no reports of injuries. fire crews say downed and sparking power lines hampered their ability to reach the fire. let's check your morning commute with leyla. how does it look? >> speaking of fires, we have this fully engulfed car fire blocking an off ramp. you can't take that off ramp. berkeley, looks like traffic has thinned out considerably from this morning. we're still seeing heavy delays right to about university avenue from the hopkins split, but the rest of the drive is starting to dissipate as you approach the maze. >> thanks a lot, leyla. mike will check out our forecast when we come back.
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we're back and we're talking baseball. i know we've lost six in a row but there's always today, or tomorrow. today is a day game, 68 degrees. upper 60s with high clouds and sunshine. you'll need the sunscreen. temperatures in the 50s in san francisco, san mateo, half moon bay, santa rosa, napa, the rest of us in the low to mid-60s. sechts and eighty around the bay, 90s inland east bay, 60s along the coast into san francisco. we'll see a minor
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♪ i don't want to live in a world without you ♪ ♪ i don't want to live in a world without you ♪ enrique iglesias' smash hit "heart attack" friday rocking central park. so many people are excited about that. cannot wait to have him live friday morning right here on "gma." >> ginger is very excited. >> i know. i got my old poster out from my bedroom. >> you had a lot of posters in your bedroom? >> enrique -- >> the fan club. >> "goonies." >> hey, also this morning, major new developments in the trial of the michigan man charged with killing an unarmed woman on his porch. a gun expert testifying and we have our expert legal team. dan and nancy will be weighing in live.
7:31 am
and then kelsey grammer's emotional confrontation with his sister's killer. why the actor says he forgives him now. we'll hear all about it. then it's a celebrity showdown and it's caught on camera. overnight, orlando bloom reportedly going after justin bieber at a celeb hot spot. what set off this a-list scuffle. >> a dispute over what it shows. we'll get into that. we begin with the trial of a michigan man charged with murdering an unarmed teen on his porch. the prosecution expected to rest as early as today in this high-profile trial and abc's alex perez brings us the latest from detroit. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, the prosecution is close to resting its case. jurors heard testimony from a gun expert who says wafer had to know the gun was loaded. this morning, more evidence contradicting theodore wafer, the 55-year-old charged with fatally shooting 19-year-old
7:32 am
renisha mcbride, a gun expert testifying the story wafer told police he accidently fired his shotgun is impossible. >> first needs to be loaded, that needs to be chambered and then the safety needs to be taken from safe to off. >> reporter: in this dash cam audio recorded the morning of the incident wafer is heard telling an officer on scene he didn't know his gun was loaded. >> i didn't know there was a round in there. >> reporter: a dispatch operator testified wafer told him the shooting was an accident. but defense attorneys arguing wafer intentionally fired the shotgun fearing for his own life when last november mcbride ended up on his front porch drunk pounding on his door in the middle of the night. prosecutors say mcbride posed no threat to wafer arguing she was drunk and injured after crashing her car before the shooting. one expert testifying this spiderweb crack in the glass likely indicates mcbride's head hit the windshield. >> may be possible for the driver to strike that windshield in some way, shape or fashion, giving those dynamics. >> reporter: wafer has pleaded not guilty but the big question
7:33 am
remains, will he testify? former prosecutor todd flood believes the defense has no choice. >> he basically said he must take the stand in order for the jury to believe him. >> there's nothing in this case so far for a juror to believe anything in evidence of self-defense. >> reporter: and we could know if wafer will take the stand very soon. prosecutors are expected to call the medical examiner to wrap up their case today. clearing the way for the defense to argue their side of all this. george. >> okay, alex. thanks. let's bring in our legal team, chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams and nancy grace host of hln's "nancy grace". nancy, let me begin with you. the prosecution about to wrap up. how have they done? >> i think the prosecution has done an excellent job. and there is recently been quite a skirmish in the courtroom too by the defense to try and allow in some selfies taken by the victim showing her partying suggesting that she was out of line that night, that's not
7:34 am
going to come in. the judge has disallowed it and this is why. i had a case like this very early on when i was prosecuting where the defense tries to argue that the aggressor, in this case, the young girl, had a reputation for violence and here they're trying to say she was basically a mini thug. well, unless the defendant knows of that reputation and then goes into his thinking, wow, i've got to pull my gun and shoot, she's going to kill me then that is irrelevant in the case and the judge has just ruled on that. >> and, dan, you pointed out the defense has had two somewhat contradictory defenses. >> that's the problem here is on the one hand it's self-defense and on the other hand it seems to be a mistake and those are at odds. right? because self-defense means, i intentionally shot someone because i was in reasonable fear for my safety and my life and i felt it was necessary to do it. but that's not what he's arguing here, it seem, at least. so far it seems the defense is going to say, it was
7:35 am
self-defense up to the point of when he fired the weapon. meaning he goes and gets his weapon, he prepares himself and all of this by the way is legitimate, right here, someone knocking on the door. the question becomes on the firing of the weapon, it sounds like he's saying, no, not self-defense, but it was a mistake. meaning it was an accidental discharge 6789 tough to argue both of those things at the same time. >> nancy, where is the defense on stronger ground? >> excuse me? >> where is the defense on stronger ground? >> oh, well, i think the defense is in a very bad position. what they're going to be claiming is that he was so afraid of this aggressor that he opened the door and fired. i think the only way to get any ground, any traction at all -- and i would never do this if i were the defense lawyer -- is to put him on the stand, because he's going to be carved up like
7:36 am
a thanksgiving turkey. i mean, come on. he says he couldn't find a cell phone but he could find his 12 gauge? and like the expert said, you got to load it, you got to cock it and take off the safety and it's a 6.5-pound trigger pull. so this was no accident. he's changing stories and fyi, if either of you two gentlemen end up in the backseat of a patrol car, hello, you're being recorded. everything he said in that patrol car was recorded, it came into evidence and he basically said, hey, who knocks on your door at 4:30 in the morning. i shot her. >> he has to -- >> i'll make a note of that, by the way, nancy, thank you. >> note to self. note to self. >> he has to testify. it's just -- there is no defense without him testifying in connection with this case. so without his testimony, there's nothing -- >> dan, that's their only choice. >> that's right. >> it's thought a good choice but that's their only choice. >> that's it and, look, if i'm the defense in this case i'm shooting to -- shooting, so to speak, to find one or two jurors who will say, you know what, i
7:37 am
think a reasonable person in that situation might have done the same thing. go for a hung jury. >> they've got one other choice. they can attack the state. they can say, sloppy police work. >> yeah, but that's not going to work in this kind of case. >> come look at the door in it may not but when you don't have a choice, you got to go for anything. you have to swing into the air, even if there's nothing there. >> race -- >> nothing on the front door, nothing on the side door, nothing. no mark, not even a dent. >> so you asked about race coming into play. the bottom line is race will not be mentioned in the courtroom and yet every single juror you have to believe will be thinking about it so as a technical legal matter, race isn't an issue, shouldn't be an issue and yet as a practical matter there's no question that race is going to come into play both in terms of the jury makeup and what's going through their minds as they're evaluating the case in thanks very much. let's get the weather from ginger. we are going to begin in michigan because yesterday hail falling and now cool and unsettled behind the system.
7:38 am
the video from between lancing and flint, michigan. look where the cold front brings us today. still unsettled. could see waterspouts along the eastern great lakes. temperature at detroit, 76. marquette, only 69. look at the slightly warmer temperatures ahead. 80 for new york city and where that front will lie will bring cool and damp weather. really cool. memphis, only 74. this would be a high temperature on your thursday. little rock drops to 70 for a high. dallas even into the low 80s so we're really cooling off and adding a little rain showers. our load clouds give way to high clouds up to 73 at the san francisco and warmest inland at metro airport and seven-day forecast show a slow cooling >> all that weather brought to you by macy's.
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that's all i've got together. >> okay. >> nicely done. coming up, actor kelsey grammer's emotional confrontation with his sister's killer. we're going to hear from him. the revolutionary new way to get paid to work out? will it really make you hit the gym more often? i'd say yeah. >> oh, yeah. was a punch thrown? new video overnight of the reported skirmish between actor orlando bloom and justin bieber. what sparked it? into these starburst minis? they built a factory in miniminneapolis.
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and we're back now at 7:42 with kelsey grammer's emotional confrontation with a man would killed his sister four decades ago. the actor seems ready to forgive but not forget. abc's mara schiavocampo has our story. >> kelsey. >> reporter: this morning, legendary actor kelsey grammer forgiving the man who murdered his little sister nearly 40 years ago. >> i want to believe that you actually have changed your life. >> reporter: the "frasier" actor speaking via video conference to his sister's killer, freddie glenn, during a parole board hearing tuesday. >> i want to believe that you could even find a way to become a useful, productive citizen, flourish. the things you say, i accept a lot of them. >> reporter: glenn was convicted of abducting grammer's sister karen with the help of accomplices when she was just 18 and stabbing her to death. and while grammer accepted glenn's apology, he said he still wants him behind bars for the remainder of his life sentence.
7:44 am
>> she was a terrific kid. she was a wonderful, wonderful person. i miss her all the time and i -- i accept that you actually live with remorse every day of your life but i live with tragedy every day of mine. >> this happened when he was only 20 years old. mr. grammer wanted glenn to know that he was traumatically affected by what had happened to his sister. >> reporter: grammer has known tragedy. on a 2012 episode of "oprah," he opened up about his grandfather, father and two half brothers whose lives ended suddenly and tragically. >> did you think you were cursed did you buy into that, that the family was cursed? >> no, but i did lose my faith in god for a time. >> reporter: but even then his road to forgiveness over his sister's murder was beginning to take shape. >> you still miss her, i can see. yeah. could you forgive them? >> maybe. that's just a maybe. >> reporter: now a new father for the sixth time beginning this next chapter of his life with forgiveness and strength. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new
7:45 am
york. >> got to be so hard and kelsey has said about his sister that she was his best friend and the best person he knew. >> what a difficult early life he had. incredible. coming up, kate is revealing what prince george is learning now that he mastered walking. hear now what she's saying this morning. plus, the father who blamed his stay-at-home wife for their messy home and the tough lesson he learned for all dads. >> uh-huh. and new video overnight of the alleged fight between actor orlando bloom and the biebs, what set off this celeb skirmish. ♪ ncameron, zach, and clementine. we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around, and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table, underneath my work desk, we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair.
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the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz. all right, so we want toet all right, so we want to get to that scuffle between orlando bloom and justin bieber. the movie star was said to throw a punch at biebs at a nightclub in spain. it was apparently over bloom's ex-wife supermodel miranda kerr and some of it was caught on tape. reena ninan has more. >> reporter: take a look at this alleged celebrity skirmish caught on tape. according to tmz that's orlando bloom arguing with pop star justin bieber overnight at a restaurant in ibiza, spain, a clubgoer telling tmz that bloom had thrown a punch at beiber
7:50 am
before the camera started rolling. it appears bloom is walking away then he turns back suddenly and with several men between them appears to speak directly to bieber for several seconds. >> it's well known in hollywood that there's no love lost between orlando bloom and justin bieber. they seem to have the same taste in women. >> reporter: sources telling tmz and "the new york post" the alleged fight was over bloom's ex-wife, miranda kerr, the australian supermodel was still married to bloom when rumors started flying in 2012 after kerr was seen chatting with bieber after a victoria secret fashion show. >> bieber is so sweet and so -- he was really sweet. really charming. and he's obviously very talented and i actually really like his music. >> reporter: overnight just hours after the alleged fight with bloom, bieber posted this picture of kerr on his instagram before quickly taking it down and bloom, he was pictured with bieber's on again, off again love selena gomez just three months ago fueling speculation
7:51 am
not of a love triangle but a love square. as for that alleged fight overnight, there were conflicting reports of over whether bloom actually landed the punch but eyewitnesses say bieber left shortly after to the applause of the crowd. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. yeah, i think millions just wishing we got that earlier picture of the punch itself. >> his stance, he did have that stance, you know. >> i know that stance. i get that stance all of the time. >> oh, boy. it is interesting, the whole miranda -- oh, i don't know. >> always over a girl. so, serena williams also in the news, speaking out for the first time since her health scare at wimbledon. chris pratt will be here, too. ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
a slow cooling trend. >> an accident in santa rosa
7:57 am
blocking one lane northbound around 101. busy across the golden gate. eric? >> the news continues with "good morning america."
7:58 am
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♪ it started with a whisper good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and check this out. inside the moment a major youtube star gave his parents the surprise people can't stop watching. handing them a huge check that changed their lives. ♪ the eye of the tiger and kate speaks out revealing prince george is a real water baby splashing in the royal pool and who said he could be headed to the olympics one day? ♪ i'm on the edge and would you hit the gym more often if you were getting paid to go? the revolutionary new way people are working out. could it change your health and your wallet? ♪ hips don't lie all of that and why shakira is saying these boys' hips don't lie. as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪
8:01 am
and good morning. and cody wise out there in times square this morning. got a big hit out right now. it's called "it's my birthday." they're going to perform it live and they're out with a lot of fun fans this morning. >> yeah. great crowd out here in times square and look who's here, as well, the hilarious, the talented chris pratt. >> he agrees with you. he's hilarious. >> oh, yeah. look at that. >> that was a super hero tweet. >> it's not my birthday. >> he is the star of the brand-new movie "guardians of the galaxy." >> it's not my birthday. >> i know, i know, but you got a big movie. we're going to talk about it coming up on "gma." >> he's a lot of fun. >> that's awesome. >> and guess what, it is "gma's" get out and give this week and this morning we are going inside a charity close to my heart. dress for success and how a simple outfit started one woman on a journey from homelessness
8:02 am
to entrepreneur, the power of a navy suit. >> that's awesome. yeah and so we got in on the act. there's amy in her dressing room giving back. and ginger. everybody can do it. go through, if you haven't worn it, oh, yeah, there's me. getting into that wardrobe. there's always something, right? you know, they say you wear -- >> it makes such a difference. >> they say you wear -- let's see -- 20% of your clothes 80% of the time so there's always something you can give away. >> it means so much. >> how important is that? that one navy suit changed her life. >> yeah. >> i think i wear 10% of my clothes 95% of the time. >> all right. >> thank you. rachel smith here to do "pop news." but let's get news first from amy. good morning, good morning, everyone. we begin with two breaking stories first in the middle east. israel announcing a four-hour cease-fire so humanitarian aid can be delivered into gaza following a deadly attack overnight. another united nations school serving as a shelter for palestinian families was hit by israeli tank shells.
8:03 am
15 people were killed. and new fighting in eastern ukraine today. pro-russian rebels are once again preventing investigators from reaching that crash site of malaysia airlines flight 17. this just one day after president obama announced the toughest sanctions yet against russian president vladimir putin. and in los angeles, some cars remain submerged after an aging water main broke and flooded the campus of ucla stranding drivers and sending water gushing 30 feet into the air. 10 million gallons of water were lost. it took nearly four hours to finally turn off the water. the school's newly renovated basketball arena was completely flooded, but luckily despite all these pictures, no one was injured. and new details in the search for a missing oregon mother. police have released this photo of 38-year-old jennifer huston from a surveillance camera at a rite aid pharmacy. this was right near her home. this was taken thursday.
8:04 am
that is the day she went missing. investigators say she bought snacks and a nonlethal amount of sleeping pills. she has two young sons and police say her husband has passed a polygraph and is fully cooperating with the investigation. well, a close call for this man in texas. pulled over for speeding. take a look as he's waiting for his ticket. a truck comes along, oh, and plows right into his mustang. he reacts as if to say, really? what's next? are you kidding me? the truck driver apparently distracted by a spilled soda in his car. finally, a simple fact of life that turned a little girl into an emotional wreck, and it may be the most adorable thing you will see today. 5-year-old sadie miller was inconsolable when she was forced to face reality, you see, she totally loses it because she just found out her baby brother won't always be a baby. listen. >> i don't want him to grow up.
8:05 am
>> you want him to stay little forever? >> yeah, he's so cute. >> he is so cute, and you see sadie there giving him hugs and kisses and goes on to say how much she loves his little smiles. i have tried giving my kids do not grow pills. so far it has not worked. i feel the same way sometimes. please don't grow any bigger. >> and there will be a video in about ten years of her crying, saying, "get out of my room". >> ain't that the truth? ain't that the truth. >> a ridiculously cute baby. thanks, amy. we're going to turn now to serena williams speaking out for the first time about that frightening exit from wimbledon. she says she's fine right now but still not sure exactly what was wrong. abc's paula faris has her story. >> something is not right with serena. >> reporter: it was a shocking scene from serena williams. >> i consider this dangerous. she should not be playing. >> reporter: unsteady, disoriented, fumbling the tennis ball playing a doubles match
8:06 am
with sister venus at wimbledon. >> she was like, serena, walk off the court! i think she almost punched me. >> reporter: now one month later, serena explaining for the first time how dire that day was as she prepares to return to the court today in california. >> i mean, i was really, really sick, and i just literally the next three days i couldn't get out of bed. >> she leaves the court in tears. her sister's got her hand taking her off. there's all these questions, what in the world is going on. >> reporter: at the time tournament officials said she was suffering from a virus, but her bizarre on-court behavior left many to wonder if it was possibly related to her sister venus' sjogren's syndrome. an autoimmune disorder. >> you know, i've been thinking about a lot of things and i have to get a lot of tests run because of things that do run in the family. >> reporter: and recently her coach ignited the controversy by telling france's "tennis" magazine serena is in a
8:07 am
difficult phase, but i will leave it there. >> she has a history of a blood clot. so she has her own medical history, and she is not going to take any chances with her body or her health. >> it's just like, serena, take your time. you know, you have the rest of your life to keep playing tennis hopefully. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> she should take her time. >> yeah. >> absolutely. no rush. get back. she is a true champion, and i believe that she will be back. >> uh-huh. >> i hope so. >> thinking of her. "pop news" and weather coming up. but let's go to rachel smith with the "morning menu." >> thanks, george. ahead on the "gma morning menu" here in the social square powered by samsung in "pop news," why this picture of leonardo dicaprio on vacation is going wildly viral right now. come over here. plus, the revolutionary new way to get paid to work out. i like the sound of that. and one dad's confession. why he stopped blaming his stay-at-home wife for their messy home.
8:08 am
all coming up live on "gma" here in times square. thank you. hey, all. ♪ give me your heart make it real or else forget about it ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium. new nexium 24 hour, now available without a prescription.
8:09 am
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twizzlerize your summer fun with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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♪ i'm on tonight ♪ the feeling is right the attraction the attention don't you see baby this is perfection ♪ >> welcome back to "gma." that is out of the blue. oxford university's all male acapella group. putting their own spin on shakira's hit "hips don't lie." and it's all for a good cause. awe the proceeds are going to go to -- >> wow. >> they're taking that song to a whole new level. >> it's an unlikely choice for the oxford acapella group, but i love it. >> it is for a good cause. as i said, it's going to a hospice in oxford and shakira liked it a little bit too and gave her stamp of approval on twitter and said she loves their version and now rachel, how about "pop news"? >> for sure. that's the ultimate compliment, right from shakira herself. well, let's move on to "pop news" now. it's been one crazy week for actor daniel radcliffe.
8:12 am
we know him for playing wizard harry potter, right, but popped up on "jimmy kimmel live" on tuesday. ready to work his magic on hollywood boulevard. yeah, look at this. there he is. the actor giving one fan a haircut right there on the street and -- >> whoa. >> he did fess up to him he had zero experience. >> that's not a haircut. that's a buzz cut. >> total buzz cut. >> that's a brave fan, right? >> yeah, brave or -- i don't know. we'll go with brave. and that's not the only time daniel had a little something up his sleeve in recent days. he walked the floor at san diego's comic-con in full-on spider-man attire disguising himself so he could experience the action just like any other fan at the event because there are 130,000 plus fans there so probably a good way to go. right? and here at "gma," we love us some shark week. but there is one man who's even more excited than us, and that could very well be mr. rob lowe.
8:13 am
here he is taking on the ocean. look at that. but wait for it. he's using a couple of great whites. there he is like throwing some rose petals. there he is -- >> not chum. >> and then he's using a couple of great whites as jet skis. he's got a mermaid hitching a ride on the side. clearly he has incredible multitasking skills or -- >> what is that all about. >> i like how he had a fan blowing on him while -- >> he's rob lowe, right? >> was he just making a video in his spare time? >> basically. actually it's a promo for shark week and we're going to have more sneak peeks leading up to august 10th. shark week. it'll be fun. finally rob isn't the only guy enjoying fun in the sun. leonardo dicaprio was spotted enjoying his summer with a super soaker in tow. in italy recently but little did he know that the image would live on for all of us. >> is he grimacing or smiling? >> i think he's smiling. >> it looks like he's in pain. >> he so enjoying life right there. he's like --
8:14 am
>> really? >> really? >> yeah, he's reliving his childhood. basically they have turned this picture into this viral sensation. first the actor breezing by his younger self in "titanic" and then this is pretty clever here. there's a "baywatch" moment. he's running in slo-mo next to pam anderson. >> funny. >> then a golden one losing to matthew mcconaughey. >> ah. >> and check this out. looks like leo has been crashing our summer concerts in the park. >> yeah. >> guys, you didn't spot him? >> getting around. >> yeah. he is. i love it. i thought it was kind of amazing. >> thanks, rachel. that was great. "heat index" coming up. first ginger has the weather. >> oh, yeah, and i want to introduce you to josh. he's from wisconsin. and he does a rubik's cube in as little as seven seconds. okay, go. we're going to time him as i do the weather. let's go ahead and see one forecast and i'll give you an idea of what's happening around. that would be orlando, this morning, temperature, 76. 74 is the dew point. and there you can see that he's -- the rubik's cube is done.
8:15 am
we didn't even make it all the way through weather. nice job. excessive heat warnings in phoenix too. parts of california. so watch out for that as we go through the day. how about we see one more cheer for josh. that was pretty incredible. and let's get a check also a little closer to home. look at this thing. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. clouds are low but they will taper an hour sooner with high clouds through the warm to hot afternoon skies. likely wind shift starts a slow cooling trend. today, we will be in the 60's along the coast into san francisco. 70's around the bay. 88 in south bay and north bay. 90's inland. seven-day outlook shows possibly until sunday to get b >> he's in a competition in new york city. okay. it's your turn. ready, set. let's get inside, everybody.
8:16 am
>> better man than i. i can't do those. we're going to kick off our "heat index" now. some royal news overnight. another milestone for prince george. learning how to swim. kate reveried this on tuesday. the 1-year-old getting prime splash time at the buckingham palace pool. >> i loves it, slashing around. i think everybody sort of loves splashing around. >> you can sort of hear her right there and he's carrying on a royal tradition. turns out that prince charles recently said he used to throw william in the water on many occasions instead of putting it off. prince charles said, it, quote, enthused him. >> it enthused him. >> he loves it. >> that's one way to learn. >> always sounds so elegant. also in "the heat index," a big announcement from our friend maks from "dancing with the stars." just a few weeks after taking home his first mirrorball trophy with partner meryl davis on season 18, the dancing pro told
8:17 am
me yesterday on "the view" that he is hanging up his dancing shoes on "dancing with the stars" to be clear, and it's only as a pro. there's been lots of speculation for the past few seasons as to whether he would or he wouldn't dance again. now he says it's time for him to put the pro to rest. >> he's got a lot going on. >> there's a lot of speculation, a lot of buzz right now that he could come back in some other capacity on the show. >> oh. >> if i'm a betting gal -- >> like a judge? >> that's what i would guess. >> yeah. >> i mean, because hadn't we heard about len possibly maybe stepping down, the travel back and forth from london, so -- >> i like that he's willing to stir things up a little bit. >> he certainly knows what it takes to be good and he would probably be encouraging. i think he would be great as a judge. >> maks loves to shake things up too. >> he does. he was wonderful. it was great to see him yesterday. so relaxed and rested and wants to go out on top as a pro. finally won that mirrorball
8:18 am
trophy so i don't -- don't cry, ladies. i have a feeling we will see him. >> good to know. good to know. well, we have one social superstar who is giving back in a big way to the very people who raised him. it's one of the top stories on our website overnight. the youtube star known as timothy delaghetto, regularly entertains his 2.5 million subscribers with television parodies, but now look at this. he made a video where he surprises his parents. take a look. >> check it out. >> what? >> boom. open it. that's for the house. >> what? >> whoo! [ speaking a foreign language ] >> yeah. >> i love her reaction. >> you know what, he said ever since he was little, he promised that he will pay off their house. they were very worried when he left school to do some online comedy but, guess what, he's really good at it. it's been lucrative and he's followed through, and his parents have worked hard their whole lives and have a
8:19 am
restaurant and he wants them to stop working so hard. isn't that sweet. >> that is paying it forward. what a remarkable young man. >> i love it that the dad asks so the grandkids like he's like when are the grandkids coming? >> relish this moment. >> so sweet. what a great example and what a great son. >> yeah. also coming up, right now actually in our "heat index" it's a new way to motivate you to exercise. it's an incentive too that we can all relate to. money, money, money. it's an app that helps you shape up your body and your bank account at the same time. abc's becky worley has the details. >> reporter: after three babies and two years, tiffany schnook hit her all-time high, 225 pounds. >> i didn't have energy, and i didn't want to get on the floor and play with them, and i was unhappy with myself. >> reporter: but getting on an exercise program -- >> never. i had never exercised in my life. >> reporter: so she turned to pact.
8:20 am
it's an app that uses money to motivate your workouts. >> she has a secret weapon. pact. >> reporter: and it worked. tiffany lost 90 pounds. >> it just seemed like it was just for me. it was made for me, and i realized i could make money at it. >> reporter: you give the app your credit card or paypay information. each week you pledge you'll do a certain number of workouts and you say what penalty you'll pay if you miss one. a minimum $5 fine is assessed if you skip the gym. but if you make all those workouts, your reward money comes from the pot of fines from people who fail to honor their pacts. >> it was a motivator to make sure that i did go to the gym because i told them that i was going to, and they would charge me if i didn't. >> reporter: so how does the app actually know that you've gone for a walk or been to the gym and didn't just say you worked out? >> well, there's two ways. you either have to actually go to the gym and check in with the app, or it can be counted on steps on your fitbit.
8:21 am
>> reporter: the app uses the gps your phone to check in at a known gym and monitor how long you stay. or you can track steps taken with a fitness band or miles run again with the phone's gps. each time you go to the gym, you check in, and it uses the gps in your phone to verify you're really there. tiffany walked away with $41 in her pocket. >> it is nice to have an income where i say, hey, this is mine and i made that all by myself. >> reporter: the money she's gained is great, but the weight she's lost, priceless. for "good morning america" becky worley, abc news, napa, california. >> it's kind of ingenious. >> i love that idea. >> it sounds like a win/win and we wanted to get you in on the act. here are the results of our "gma" flash poll. we asked would you pay for an app that charges if you miss your workouts and only 19% of you said yes, 81% said no. >> so, no one agrees with what we just said. >> we're part of the 19. >> yeah. well, nobody wants to pay because they're feeling a little tired. >> exactly.
8:22 am
that's the whole point and that's why you have to get to the gym. i love it. finalally in our "heat index," one dad who learned an important lesson for all fathers. he learned it the hard way. had a fight with his wife after blaming her for not keeping the house clean. >> oh. >> abc's abbie boudreau shows us what happened. >> them's are fighting words. >> what happened here? >> reporter: kids, they may be small but their messes not so much. just ask any "modern family." >> life is messy sometimes. >> reporter: melody's husband clint admits he once blamed his wife for their messy home. >> my first thought was is that, you know, you got one job. you got one job to clean the house. >> reporter: and like many moms melody edwards said she's so busy, keeping a tidy home can be a challenge. >> it's more important for me to just ignore the housework sometimes and give my kids attention so they feel important. >> reporter: but in a controversial new "washington post" essay called "i blamed my wife for our messy house, i was wrong for many reasons," clint explains how he did a total 180. >> melody and i had a pretty
8:23 am
candid conversation about it and eventually she just said, i can either wash the dishes or i can, you know, help nora learn how to walk. it's either this or that. >> reporter: and while many feel this article is spot on, the edwards have also come under fire. one person writing, "there is never a good excuse for living in squalor or dirt." >> we still vacuum. the kids still have chores. we're not living in squalor. >> reporter: now with clint helping with dinner and laundry, melody says life is easier, though still a little messy. >> i don't look at my house that she's done something wrong. it's evidence she had an important day. >> reporter: inspiring the clean freak in me to take a little break and enjoy what's most important. >> maybe daddy will do the dishes tonight. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> okay. let's talk about this now with ericka souter from the
8:24 am
one of the things he writes about, people generally do blame the wife for a messy home. we cover it all the time in the stir. >> women feel trapped in the same notions about what it means to be a wife and mom. so much on our plate it's just not about cooking and cleaning and making sure there's toilet paper in the bathroom. >> why do you think this struck such a chord? is it that or because women are in many cases working? >> yeah, a lot of cases women are bringing in 50% of the household income or spending just as much time with the kids doing things that are important, and this guy gets it. he gets that we need help and he's speaking out about it. that's not something a lot of men have done. >> no, i agree and i have said this before. i am a neat freak myself, but you know what, i know, and my kids are older and this has to be age appropriate. what about getting your kids to help. as you play, we don't move on to the next thing until we all clean and everybody clears the table and everybody helps with something. >> sounds so good. i like that. i love it. >> but if you do it early on, i really think they feel responsible.
8:25 am
>> yeah, i mean there are lots of things you can do. number one, don't beat yourself up about not having a perfect house. number two, delegate and ask the sitter, ask the older kid, ask your husband to help out and, number three, don't compare yourself to the other mom who seems to have the perfect house. because i guarantee you, she is fretting about something. >> you can incentivize your children. >> you can. >> there's that. >> how do you incentivize? >> their allowance. it's very important to spend time -- >> you don't agree with that? don't incentivize? >> no bribery? >> no. i mean, of course, we do the choars are something they'r supposed to do so they can help out. >> again, that sounds so good! >> before you guys play with them, say, hey, let's clean up. let's put the dishes away, but don't put that before special moments with your kids. >> that's something i have to remember more. we both are such neaties. is that a word? neaties. great story. thank you so much, ericka. coming up, our audience is
8:26 am
all fired up for the new "guardians of the galaxy" movie. there they are outside. chris pratt is all fired up, as well. you're going to have so much fun with him. that's not all. we also have coming up. can hear his new hit single, "it's my birthday." how is this for a deal? tell them, tory. everything. everything for a buck. only for you, our "gma" viewers. tomorrow get your "deals and steals" on thursday's "good morning america."
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. oakland firefighters blame downed and sparking power lines for making it hard to reach an early morning fire. that fire drove at least 18 people out of their homes at 47th and melrose avenues. nobody was hurt. investigators are looking for the cause of the power. it knocked out power to nearby homes. update on the commute with leyla. >> b.a.r.t. is recovering from an earlier problem. still a 15-minute delay on the san francisco line in the east bay direction. that's all due to earlier police activi activity. we have this accident on 101. we are looking at heavy delays as you approach. the rest of the drive though no delays, just watch out far bit of fog. eric? >> thank you very much. when we come back,
8:28 am
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good morning. afternoon game at at&t park. upper 60s. grab the sunscreen, uv index very high. temperatures right now mainly in the sixty, 59 in napa, 79 half moon bay and 59 in san francisco. not sure why that didn't plot automatically like it's supposed to. 68 this afternoon, 70s and 80s around the bay. a lot of 80s in the south bay and the north bay. look at those mid to upper 90s inland east bay. have a touch extra humidity out there also.
8:30 am
accuweather seven-day forecast, a slow modification of the air mass to the cooler side when the wind shift devel ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma spend my money ♪ ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma live pie fantasy ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma live my fantasy ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we got and his teenage protege cody wise performing their smash hit "it's my birthday." cannot wait to hear more from them. one of the hottest songs of the summer. >> it is "gma's" get out and give week. these generous women right here are in line to donate their suits to this morning's very deserving cause, dress for success. their dough nations will help women find jobs and keep jobs. it is such a great organization. women helping women with life
8:31 am
skills and the clothes to look good in. >> how about here on the other side of times square, chris pratt from "guardians of the galaxy." there he is. >> right there. >> having a little bit of fun. >> we knew chris's multitalented and can do comedy and action. we're also learning he can do french braiding and you're -- in addition to right hooks. that's all coming up. >> french braiding, wow. >> so fun. okay, though, one of the big red carpet beauty secret stars have used is called contouring makeup. the secret is out. searches for this trend are up 604% just this month on yahoo! and abc's paula faris is going to show you right now how women are using it to put their best face forward. >> reporter: want j. lo's glow or kim's chiseled cheeks the secret is in the contour. makeup magic ha can slim your face, soften a square jaw or give your eyes an instant lift n
8:32 am
ready for contour? >> let's go. >> i met up with celebrity makeup artist scott barnes to get a crash course in the art of contour. okay. so explain this process because i look at photos and looks like war paint. >> right. >> i get a lot of people talking about this and they say, well, it looks terrible and i'm like, well, but it doesn't -- the after-effect doesn't. >> reporter: started with a palette of three different shades of foundation, light, medium and dark. scott applies the lightest shade to so-called problem areas like underneath your eyes to awaken tired skin. >> we'll pop your cheekbones up. >> pop them. >> reporter: applying the darker color to cheeks, jaws and forehead to help define my stronger features. >> how in the world are you going to blend this. >> you're not. you're just going to leave that and hope for the best. >> reporter: after a few more minutes, voila. >> wow. >> you blended it. >> easy. >> i did not think that was possible. >> contouring kits are popping
8:33 am
up all over store shelves from smashbox to eyes, lip, face which sells for 3 bucks at target and scott says any woman like newlywed katie can achieve this look at home in a matter of minutes. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> very cool tips. thank you, paula. just make sure to blend. >> yeah, please do. >> all right, weather. >> i wouldn't be able to live with that contouring but guess what, we want to live and have a birthday for real when we hear that song singing to what? >> abby. >> the arrow goes up. >> let's check in. how about portland, oregon. we begin this. another warm day. temperatures today will end up in the upper 80s. a nice way to see the sky. out there, of course, we do have a northern california much of oregon would be the red flag warnings. gusts could go to 45 miles per hour. you could see dry lightning especially with the storms in idaho and that poses another
8:34 am
wildfire threat. i'll leave you with a look what cross the nation. that heavy rain, another headline we're watching parts of oklahoma and dallas on alert our load clouds give way to high clouds up to 73 at the san francisco and warmest inland at metro airport and seven-day forecast show a slow cooling trend >> all that weather brought to you by choice hotels. we're enjoying the morning but let's go ahead and head over to amy. >> thank you, ginger. well, it is time now for "gma's" get out and give initiative inspired by disney's summer of service campaign. we've learned about lemonade stands that raise money for people in need and st. jude children's hospital which helps kids brave illnesses and this morning i highlight an organization i love, dress for success, international nonprofit that helps disadvantaged women find and keep jobs they love.
8:35 am
for jennifer, walking into this office in new york city browsing through racks of clothing and shoes is like walking back in time. do you remember yourself first walking in here? >> definitely. it brings back memories. it's just making me think back how far i've come. >> reporter: dress for success is a charity that helps women like jennifer who need a helping hand to get on their feet by giving them professional clothing for job interviews and through career training, the self-confidence to succeed. >> you empower women and strengthen a family, strengthen a family, you really start to mold a nation. >> reporter: for jennifer that's no small achieve many. born in taiwan she came to the u.s. when she was just 12 years old. but it was a hard life. so difficult, she ended up homeless at 16 in new york living in a shelter in harlem. >> you had no home. >> yep. >> you didn't have the own to buy the clothes you needed for the kind of job you wanted.
8:36 am
>> well, i was definitely at a challenging point of life. >> reporter: until jennifer walked through the doors of dress for success. >> i picked out a dark navy blue suit and that was the one that actually i wore to go on one of my first interviews. >> when you got that first job how did it feel. >> like a million bucks. i felt like a celebrity for the day. yay. >> it started with a navy suit. and now five years later it's a young woman with an entrepreneurial spirit who has decided to start her own trucking company. >> do you feel empowered? >> i do. now. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i want to mention that jennifer actually donated that navy suit that she wore to her first job interview back to dress for success. it is truly a gift that keeps on giving. we have with us now angela williams from dress for success to talk a little about how this incredible organization works. it's helping so many women and we want to get everyone involved. we have several women who will be donating their dresses so
8:37 am
come on in, ladies including our own lara spencer, ginger zee, as well and several audience members, so tell me, how can you be a part of this in your community? how can you give some gently used clotheing? >> oh, absolutely. there are countless ways to make a difference in a woman's life. simply go to our dress for success website and find a neighboring dress for success. there's so many different volunteer opportunity, so many different ways to donate and really pay it forward and be -- play a significant role in a woman's life. >> this is women helping women which i just love that concept right there. tell me what you're most in need of right now as women are now looking through their closets to see what they can give. >> absolutely. we are a global organization and we have at this time suited about 775,000 women across the globe. in about i'd say 135 of our affiliates in 16 countries, we are in need of plus size clothing as well as separates
8:38 am
and suits. >> okay, we're going to dig. i went through my closet. i have some things here. i want to add my gently worn clothes to the rack, as well to inspire others. and if you'd like to find out more about dress for success and the work they do we have more on on yahoo! so please check it out. also check this out. coming up, "guardians of the galaxy" star chris pratt here live. stay with us. woah, this k. l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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ah, this k l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
8:41 am
hello there, chris? how are you, dear? >> good. >> how are you? >> good. >> all right, those are audience pictures from this morning. everyone posing with our "guardians of the galaxy" wall. a lot of excitement about this movie and you might just say everything is awesome for mr. chris pratt. fans loved him in this year's blockbuster hit "the lego movie." i love that movie. >> yes. >> now he's about to blast off in "guardians" as an interstellar adventurer looking for a little respect. >> you better stop poking me. >> what is your name. >> my name is peter quill. dude, chill out. >> move. >> why. >>. i have questions for you. >> hey, you know what, there's another name you might know me by. star lord. >> who?
8:42 am
>> star lord, man. legendary outlaw. [ cheers and applause ] >> how can you say that? who? star lord. >> who? >> star lord is a role that you have been preparing-for-a really long time. since you were a little guy. >> really since my whole life i feel like i've been preparing for this role. yeah, it's -- it's a guy -- peter quill who at 9 years old goes through a very traumatic experience and is essentially abducted from earth brought tout to space and creates this persona of star lord like loosely based on all the heroes of his life like, you know, his pop culture icons -- >> which in real life you -- from a little boy were sort of loving "star wars" -- >> yeah. >> and kind of imagining. i read in your research that you told a teacher at your school that you didn't -- you were definitely going to be rich and famous. >> yeah, i, you know, i was definitely very much a dreamer as a child and it's the same
8:43 am
thing with peter quill and i think given -- if i were given the same opportunity i would probably end up being exactly who he is in this movie. >> and if this movie does as everybody believes it's just a great film and a big hit in the making, you really want to use it to give back. i love that. you got the coat of peter quill and want to go out and become a role model for kids. >> i think this is awesome and all of this is exciting and so cool to be here with you guys. and, you know, all of that is really exciting but i think just like if i was given the opportunity, you know, russell wilson is one of my favorite people. he's the quarterback of the seattle seahawks. and every tuesday he goes to the seattle children's hospital and poses for pictures with these kids and changes their lives and when we were making the movie i was thinking like that's actually potential something we could do as a cast or me as star lord walking in. i think that would be really kind of great to be able to effect -- >> i love that. >> kids' lives that way. >> if you go, you could sing
8:44 am
because you do sing pretty well, i know you sing in the movie and we have a little video of your cast mate from yesterday vin diesel doing a dance. >> ooh. >> i want to show it to you. this is a vine video we shot. it's of vin rocking out to a song that you sing "come and get your love." >> a little bit. >> yeah. >> he never stopped moving when he was here. ♪ come and get your love >> that dude can dance. >> come on, everybody. >> dance with chris. dance with chris. you're also super fit in the film. >> oh. >> you're not afraid to get buff. we saw in "zero dark:30." yeah. >> emmett was pretty ripped in "the lego movie." if you look at the covers of comic books all those guys have a certain aesthetic appeal so i was going for that and trying to look as close to that character
8:45 am
as i could. >> and a superhero who can braid hair. >> yes. >> you are a master french braider. >> i don't know if i'm a mass for braider but french braid the wife's hair every night and i'm getting pretty good at it. >> he's not kidding. i love it. before we leave, a little trip down memory lane across the street bubba gump's. >> right across the treat. that is trippi. >> you were a waiter there. >> 15 years ago i was a waiter at bubba gump's. >> come on in, bubba gump. >> they wanted to -- >> we took a picture. this is so awesome. >> a gift basket celebrating your time with them and your incredible career. >> this is so nice. this would be about 13 grand at the bubba company shrimp company gift shop. it's pretty expensive but totally worth it and go get your own swag here. how about this. want a little bit of swag? >> we're going to pass that out. >> there but. >> that's all you get. the rest is mine.
8:46 am
>> not afraid to share laughs either. great, great job in this film and everything you do. everybody, check out chris in "guardians of the galaxy." it opens this friday. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. coming up, and cody wise will perform their smash hit. is it your birthday? is it your birthday ♪ ♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're back here with seven-time grammy winner with the black eyed peas, the new face, cody wise, their new single "it's my birthday." how did you find this guy? >> i met cody when he was just turning 15 and i signed him to the label and i promised him that we're going to work through to where he's like a songwriter/producer and when he's ready he's going to come out and now cody is ready songwriting. >> you knew he had the tools. >> the guy is amazing.
8:49 am
he used to be in "lion king." >> you have been singing since you were 4? yes, most definitely. >> so what did you learn from will? >> i mean, you know, he's such a creative person and such a, you know -- his talents span across a lot rather than just music so, you know, seeing him, you know, being such a entrepreneurial human being, you know, is a really, really great experience to me so opening me up to a lot. >> very cool. the song is "it's my birthday." and cody wise. >> thanks. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ uh-oh hey ♪ hey ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma spend my money ♪ ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma spend my money ♪ ♪ hey ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma live my fantasy ♪ ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma live my fantasy ♪ ♪ imma turn it up we can turn it
8:50 am
up we can take it higher ♪ ♪ we can burn up we can burn up set this place on fire ♪ ♪ ooh it's hot ooh it's hot damn it's hot ooh baby ♪ ♪ i won't stop we won't stop we gonna get real crazy ♪ ♪ imma spend a dollar dollar dollar we gonna put it down like we don't care ♪ ♪ imma throw my hands up in the air the air the air imma call you mama mami call me papa ♪ ♪ we gonna get down like you know what's up the world don't matter your problem don't matter ♪ ♪ we gonna get dumb ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma spend my money ♪ ♪ pretty lady pretty lady you should be my honey ♪ ♪ lord have mercy lord have mercy pretty baby come with me ♪ ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma live my fantasy ♪ ♪ then we do what we want then we do what we want then we do
8:51 am
what we want ♪ ♪ then we do what we want 'cause it's your it's your -- ♪ ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma spend a dollar ♪ ♪ pretty lady pretty lady won't you let me holler ♪ ♪ holler at you holler at you won't you be my fantasy girl i got you girl it got you ♪ ♪ you look like my destiny mamacita mamacita ♪ [ singing in a foreign language ] ♪ i can speak in japanese ♪ ♪ kawari kawari kawari i want your body ♪ ♪ kawari kawari kawari come with me come with me come with me girl let's go party ♪ ♪ imma give a dollar dollar dollar get it over there and get it over there ♪ ♪ imma throw my hands up in the air air air imma call you baby baby be my baby ♪ ♪ we gonna burn the town get down and crazy time for drinks no time to think ♪
8:52 am
♪ let's do our thing ♪ the thing our thing ♪ imma go spend some dollars go on and scream and holler ♪ ♪ put my hands in the air party like we don't care where the ladies where the girls ♪ ♪ it's a party come with me pretty ladies around the world it's a party come with me ♪ ♪ it's my birthday it's my birthday imma spend my money pretty lady pretty lady ♪ ♪ you should be my honey lord have mercy lord have mercy ♪ ♪ pretty baby come with me it's my birthday it's my birthday imma live my fantasy ♪ ♪ then we do what we want then we do what we want then we do what we want ♪ ♪ then we do it we do it ♪ hey [ applause ] ♪ hands in the hair ♪ good morning, america
8:53 am cody wise ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> you know it. on car insurance?anceu wanty no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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8:55 am
♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! "good morning america" is brought to you by the fire phone from amazon, the only smartphone that includes a full year of prime. >> this guy, and cody wise, great job. >> thank you. >> tomorrow --
8:56 am
>> cannot wait to see what you do next. >> so talented. amazing. >> you both are. what a way to wake up, right? >> you know it. >> hey, tomorrow on "gma," "deals & steals," everything under $10. and julia louis-dreyfus. have a good day.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. we'll start with the game, day game, upper 60s with plenty of sunshine, so have the sunscreen with you at at&t park. we'll have upper 60s along the coast, san francisco, 70s around the bay, and some 80s and 90s inland. in fact, it will be kind of steamy in our east bay valleys. let's look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, and we'll slowly calm this air mass down to seasonal levels. leyla? we have a multivehicle crash along the peninsula on 101 at marsh road, traveling in the northbound direction, you might find it, certainly there is some congestion that's finding it. right now we have a 14-minute delay away from emeryville out of the maze into san francisco.
9:00 am
eric? >> leyla, thank you very much. our next newscast is at midday, announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, scombrudge host of "project runway," heidi klum. nd from the new movie, "guardians of the galaxy," chris pratt. plus your questions and questions on another edition of the "inbox." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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