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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. in oakland, these are pictures of firefighters handling a fire at 47th and melrose avenue that now is under control. two homes were burned. so far there are no reports of injuries or how many people are displaced. the good news is the fire is under control. >> we will bring more on that fire on twit twitter, twitter@abc7newsbayarea.
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mike? >> remember the slight chance of a shower year in it developed around point reyes and headed up the coast and moved through cloverdale and falling apart. we have thunderstorms at fresno but they will head to yosemite. waking up to fog in the north bay. we have sunshine by noon. high clouds roll in, this afternoon, from the tropical storm. temperatures are average to above average at 75 to 85 away the bay and 87 in the north bay to 99 inland and in san francisco, 65 to 71. >> is it already 5:00? 37 bart trains are on time and ace train one and three have no delays. we have a report of sheet metal on the road along westbound 80 at american canyon road and we are seeing slowing this as c.h.p. tries to clean it off the road. the rest of the drive is clear headed over to the cartinez and
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benicia bridge moving along at continue speed. walnut creek southbound tail lights are pushing to highway 24 looking like a clear commute from highway 4 to the 24 junction only going to take you ten minutes. forget paper maps, 49er manns can view instructional videos of getting to and moving around the new levi stadium. matt? it took less than five minutes to get here from 101 but game day it will take longer so the 49ers want you to watch the stadium. >> there is plenty of packing short walking distance away from the stadium. several parking lots of available an the stadium and if you prepurchase parking you can find out where you are and getting there the fastest, taking 237 or 101, with instructions on the back of the parking pass. the video is after a rough start
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for the first big event, season ticket holders were invited for the ribbon cutting sermon july 17th. 30,000 showed up, only a fraction of game day crowds, with the stadium seating 70,000. they did not activate their traffic plan and the problem was come pounded by rush hour traffic that will not be present on sundays, when it will be better with the parking lots visible to fans. the first sporting efferent is earthquakes game august 2nd and the first 49er pre-season game is august 17. you can check out the packing video by going do our website at southern california crews are cleaning up a massive broken water main near ucla that is still impacting people in the neighborhood.
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katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest. sunset boulevard is still closed there is no estimated time to re-open. crews work overnight at the scene and firefighters rescued five people who are trapped in cars. they said 200 others were stuck in parking garages. a 90-year-old water break burst yesterday afternoon and water shot 30' into the air and the mess left behind a 15' hole in the street. ucla took a direct hit. the buildings are underwater including the pavilion, including the iconic basketball court that unwent $130 million renovation in 2002. it took crews three hours to shuts off the water. >> it is high pressure maintenance required to have three satisfies shut off done in a certain order and at a certain
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rate so it does not cause further damage to the water system. >> not everyone took the situation seriously. some constitutes were boogie boarding. officials are want against that because the ground could be unstable and the current was strong. it was 75,000 glops -- gallons a minute or eight to ten million gallons of water total lost equal to 15 olympic-sized swimming pools. look at the pictures on twitter, so much water poured into the pavilion the court looked location a lake and the water made it to the men's locker room and thousands of gallons cascaded down the stairs outside of the pavilion. for a slide show go to
5:06 am raiders fan could have a reason to be nervous after word that the team own earmark davis visited san antonio. davis and firm raider from and san antonio mayor are at a texas event july 20th. san antonio wants to lure an nfl team and davis want as new home for the raiders. he said there is nothing to discuss although he confirmed the meeting. oakland is working on details to build the new stadium to replace the coliseum they play at now. amy hollyfield will have more in a report from raider headquarters at 5:30. >> oakland city council will vote on a new garbage collection contract. waste management and california waste solutions are two companies bidding for the contract. city staffers are recommended the city council contract with waste management to handle garbage and recycling for 10
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years. they have reduced a proposed rate hike from 50 percent to 35 percent equal to $125 a year for the average homeowner. another company wants owners to pay a 50 percent hike. >> iraq and afghanistan vets are attending for-profit colleges being investigated by the government including one focusing on the parent company of christian than colleges, which reached a deal with the education department to sell or close 90 campuses across america. it was a top ten schools for receiving money from the g.i. bill during the 2012-2013 academic year. >> a poll finds members are cautious of granting refugee status to children crossing the united states border to flee gang violence in central america. the associateed press fines that 53 percent of americans say the united states does not have a
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moral obligation to offer asylum to people would escape violence or political persecution. 44 percent believe the united states does have that responsibility. 57,000 unaccompanied immigrant children have illegally entered the country since october. half of americans say united states laws should be changed so they can be superintendent home quickly without have be deportation hearing. >> governor brown is scheduled to return to california later today after meeting with a dozen religious meters in mexico city. he says the united states needs to find a long-term solution for the immigration crisis in the united states. the governor will wrap up the trip by signing a trade agreement with mexico, california's largest export market. >> in contra costa county mosquito fogging is underway with crews spraying 20 minutes ago and treating an area bordered by the creek, ferry
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street and cartinez strait and the avenue. vector control says mosquitoes have not tested positive for west nile virus but this is a preventive of the because of high number of mosquitoes. a park in the east bay popular with swimmers will re-open today and shadow cliff park in pleasanton has been closed since hafted week because of dangerous levels of e. coli. water test found the levels have dropped significantly. there is toxic algae in a lake in oakland. >> but company of us will want to find a place to swim, right, mike? inland, brentwood will be nearly 100. bodega is 58 and mid-50's for san francisco and half moon bay. the water temperature is above average and another reason why
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we are warmer-than-average this morning in san francisco. normal low is 55 and worry at veteran in many areas and that is cooler than yesterday by a couple togethers. we have upper 50's around san leandro and richmond and american canyon and bowlmont and mid-50's around half moon bay and petaluma and everyone else inland is home 60's unity and palo alto and to santa clara and saratoga, in the low 60's. probably going to have knit arrival delays at san francisco international airport because of low clouds. the next 12 hours, we have clouds opening and 66 at the coast to 84 inland and a big spread by the afternoon with sunny at the coast and 66 and hot sunshine inland and 97 and dry with in thunderstorms this evening. >> westbound 580 headed to tracy and into livermore we are
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looking at speeds not topping 30 miles per hour. 29 miles per hour when 205 merges with 580, and it is still low at the a -- altamont pass. in eastbound direction we have spots at pleasanton and livermore where we have construction crews with the protect lasting until 6:00 this only. looking to the maze, westbound 580 is looking clear and westbound 80 merging with 580, no delays and the toll plaza has a few extra clouds as you make it away from the maze but traffic, still, is clear and accident flow. goodbye of words. the tass need
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. new developments in from gaza. israeli forces have announced a four-hour humanitarian cease-fire that got underway a few minutes ago. an elementary school for girls operated by the u.n. was hit by what is believed israeli artillery fire this morning. 15 people were killed and scores
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more were wounded and the campus was being used as a shelter for refugees in the gaza strip. israel escalated the campaign against hamas in gaza yesterday to the highest level since fighting began weeks ago. >> the ebola crisis is now forcing missionaries to pull out from the west african nation. two north carolina-based groups have ordered the evacuation of their nonessential personnel. 50 employees are leaving and they have not shown any symptoms of the deadly virus. ebola has killed 660 people in west africa, two americans, a doctor and a missionary came down with it and both are fighting for their lives. army sergeant bowe bergdahl could meet with army investigators next week the first time the former prisoner of war meets with the army's lead investigator about his disappearance. he went missing in 2009 in afghanistan and was captured by the taliban and released in may
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in exchange for five taliban members held by the united states military. several veterans and soldiers have called him a deserter and army fact finding investigation found that bowe bergdahl did deliberately leave the outpost but did not say he officially deserted because they did not question hip yet. >> if you are in the market for a small car most of them are getting mixed ratings in new crash tests the. good morning, topping america's money a high impact crash test study about small cars gives the mini cooper countryman "good," and leaf gets "poor" rating. general motors facing a new lawsuit over the faulty ignition switches filed on behalf of 650 killed or injured in accidents involves recalled cars as the g.m. compensation program for victims takes claims on friday.
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>> moms and dads trying harder to hang on that their youth. backpacks sales are up 50 percent among women. today is national cheesecake day with a history going back to ancient greece. and the t.s.a. wants you to rewards up to $15,000 if anyone can invent a bet security line. they are not looking if a rough sketch but a complete working concept much the t.s.a. placed an open call for submiss on the crowd sourcing site. the deadline is august 15 and you could get the gratitude of millions of flying public. president obama is expected to call on congress on close corporate tax loopholes and take
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other action before going on some are break rather than suing him. the president is in missouri last night made a surprise stop at a barbecue restaurant in kansas city and ordered a half slap of. are ibs and beans and a bud lite but was disainpositived to hear the special cold law was sole out and sat down with four who wrote letter including a student and a single mom who is running a business. he did not have vegetables with the ribs? >> french fries are vegetables. >> unless you have corn on the cob...there are so many better places in kansas city, it must be the location. >> the location. >> there are better politicians. >> -- better places. >> you are making me hungry.
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>> we should have it flown in. >> talking barbecue, it is hot to run the grill. not cooking out lately because of the heat and humidity. we have a form thunderstorm around fresno with the potential to head to yosemite lake. i will widen it out so you can see where it is moving. it is not coming our way. if it was 115 miles more to the northwest we would be dealing with were needed rain in the east bay valley but we not and instead we have fog. the winds are from the northwest across the golden gate bridge and the visibility is slowly being reduced and it will become harder to commute across there as we head through the morning. low clouds become high clouds this afternoon as we turn warm to hot again and the wind shift will bring the democrats back -- temperatures back to average at the end of the seven-day outlook. today, los gatos and gilroy make
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the charge to the 90's and we stay in the mid-to-upper 80's but milpitas is 81. mid-80's on peninsula, cool weather, until san mateo and milbrae you are in the mid-to-upper 70's and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast today with partly sunny conditions so you will see holes in the sunshine from time to time. south san francisco and sausalito upper 60 to low 70's. we jump to 87 in senator ralph and up to 89 in santa rosa and 90 at napa. mid-to-upper 70's berkeley and oakland and upper 70's to low 80's at castro valley and fremont and 86 and 83 and you will be spending the money to stay comfortable in the east bay inland temperatures mid-90's to 100. tonight we fall into the mid-50's at napa and santa rosa and the rest of us in the upper 50's to mid-60's.
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the high clouds went from tropical storm to depression and now it is an extra tropical low pushing the clouds bringing the thunderstorms to fresno and, unfortunately, the higher clouds are backing up but the moisture is not. the seven-day outlook shows wees there a couple of degrees on friday, a couple more open saturday, a couple on monday and back to average with sick at the coast and 80's and 90's around the bay and inland. >> a season of fairs with the solano county running today through sunday and closes around 11 o'clock and starting at 3:00 in the week and starting at noon on the weekend and you can expect heavy traffic delays along i-80 and 37 so right in this pocket through vallejo. sounds like a lot of fun just plan ahead and give yourself a few extra minutes. westbound 80 c.h.p. has located where the sheet metal was located and we have six vehicles
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moved to the shoulder with flat tires. it caused some damage coming through cordelia interchange proceed with caution. northbound 280 away from 17 for delays southbound traffic moving along without any problem. seven anythings to know as you start your day. >> computer screen that can make wearing glass as thing of the past. we will show the amazing technology at work. >> first, at look at work going on right now to repair a ruptured water main near the ucla campus with a human hole caused by the broken water main with millions in damage to the pavilion and other
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>> here are seven things to know. oakland firefighters have a fire that burned two homes is now under control after spreading to a house next door. 18 people, including eight children, have been displaced. >> if los angeles, officials are trying to determine how much damage a huge water main break caused at ucla campus as they tried to shore up the giant searching hole since the 90-year-old pipe ruptured. chevron moving forward with plans to upgrade the richmond refinery last night approving the report for the $1 billion roth and will pay $90 million in community benefits. the mini cooper countryman is the only of 12 small cars to
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get "good" safety. >> the national institute looked at the top cars with leaf and juke finishing worse. >> twitter stock prize has jumped 25 percent after they reported a solid growth among users. the again says the average number of people is up 6 percent due in part to the world's use of the product. revenue is up but they have not turned a profit yet. >> six, we are looking at low clouds and fog and we have fog if there are thunderstorms in the central valley in our way. >> seven, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the cash paying lanes loading up left and
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right and fast track is moving down the middle. we have some debris causing not tires in solano county with the details coming up. the computer screen of the future will not give us eye screen and it will make it easier to read the screen. researchers are being developed to comment for visual problems of a person using the technology with a computer screen. this is video highlighting how it words by adjusting the intensity of the light that comes from a single pixel. >> what i am personally passionate about is now just looking at the display without the corrective lens but being able to go beyond that and able someone to see a sharp image who could not see it with eyeglasses researchers will present the dislay next month at a computer graphics conference. the morning news continues
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at 5:30 with the top stories. >> are the raiders about to be texas-bound? what we are lending about mark davis and the visit to the lone star state. back if court. what is fected for the chinatown leader accused of racketeering and organized
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> in oakland firefighters have the fire under control on 47th and mole rose after working hard on this. two homes were burned. it started after 3:30 this morning. it spread to a house next door. there are no reports of injuries. 18 people, including eight children, were displaced. the fire impacted power lines. pg&e says only 12 customers were
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without power. you can follow us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea with more news. thanks for joining us. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us about the weather. nice to see you. the marine layer is smaller today. it is around 1,200 or 1,300' so we have more moisture and clouds. you will drive into it. we have high clouds at half moon bay. above the cloud layer off to the east are for the bending sunrise it will take us inland, east bay, 93 to nine and the coast and san francisco, sunny at 56 to 73 and the bay is 77 to 88. leyla gulen has the commute. >> we saw the choneup in process in solano county and along westbound 80 court -- south of
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the cordelia interchange, the vetoes are getting flat tires from the debris. eastbound 580 between western avenue and central avenue and we are looking at pore traffic building as. >> roach the hoffman submit. the san mateo bridge shows traffic building from hayward up to the peninsula but it is still moving. the radars moved out of oakland once, they could be doing it again? that is the question fans are asking following word that the owner met with local officials on a recent trip to the lone start state. amy hollyfield is add raiders' headquarter in alameda. >> how would the headquarters look deep in the heart of texas? fans are hoping they never find out. however, the raiders' occupy are was there in san antonio with
5:33 am
the former mayor. they were together to honor former raiders' star. officials are not saying much but san antonio have confirmed they are talking about moving the raiders to san antonio and davis toured the dome. there is no decision on what a new coliseum in oakland would look like or how it would be newspapered and some oakland leaders are saying they understand why davis would want to consider moving. the mayor says raiders' fan should not be worried. any good owner of a team is keeping all of his options open but as far as i can toll we have the third largest real estate company this the world and we are in the 6th, not the 30th, the 6th largest media market so we are going to have a deal this oakland. >> the raiders have it made. shopping around is shopping around. window shopping is when shopping. you have to look at all your
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options. >> davis defeated he was "with some of the city officials while in town. i have nothing further to discuss." the oakland leader expires after the football son but the mayor thinks they will hammer out a deal. thank you. plans exist for replace the country home at the coliseum with a privately financed facility. one idea calls for building a stadium with either retractable or transparent domed roof. the raiders prefer to play outside and on grass but paying for the stadium could riff revenue from event that need protection. a new same could host conventions and concerts and basketball games. in los angeles officials are working to clean up after a massive water main break that flooded the streets of westwood and ucla campus. this is a look from our sister
5:35 am
station helicopter in los angeles. the treat is lit up as crews work. more than 90-year-old pipe ruptured is what started it before 3:30 yesterday afternoon and it gushed for three hours. eight to ten million gallons of water overwhelmed the ucla campus pouring down stairs and into an underground parking lot. crews did what they could to divert the flow away from the pavilion but the wooden courts were submentioned under 5" to 6" of water damaging the famed basketball court. >> i have been here so many times, supporting the bruins, win after win after win and it is hard to see this happen to this place. it is the heart of ucla. the pavilion was just re-opened two years ago after $130 million renovation. it is not clear if the floor will have to be replaced but
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damage will be in the millions. katie marzullo will have the latest at 6:00 am. after 2 1/2 hours when millions of gallons of water had gone down the drain the sprinklers came on crass the street. no one realized though were set to "automatic." for more video the incredible pictures go to chevron finally got the green light to move away with the upgrade of the richmond refinery approving the massive million dollar plan to update the century old refinery. changes to the deal included $930 million in community benefits upgrades to carbon and steel piping in crude unit and more sensors and air monitors. chevron wants do renovate the facility while many residents
5:37 am
are opposed. >> the 49ers have packing playbooks to get fans to and from the stadium guiding fans to side streets and off rans and parking lot entrances around the site and says their plan depends on everyone following specific routes. there were serious traffic jams during the ribbon cutting ceremony with 30,000 showing up waiting in hour-long traffic. we will have more at the to which the hour. today, raymond "shrimp boy" chow and five other defendants are back in federal curt to be arraigned on new charges of racketeering and other organized crimes. raymond "shrimp boy" chow is accused of running drug sales and laundering money and selling guns and trying do buy stolen property filed last week part of what is called the superceding
5:38 am
indictment for running a continuing criminal enterprise. 27 have been charged a. >> two of the state's largest wildfires are being gained on by the crews. the fire now is 34 percent contained and officials have lifted evacuations for the town but 45 homes in another town are still evacuated in the sierra foothills the sand fire east of sacramento is 85 percent contained and 66 homes and outbuildings have been destroyed and officials moved the firefighters over to fight the first fire. >> hopefully the weather has been helping out. very hot in the mountains, with the humidity high but it has rained and rain is headed to yosemite but it is coming from a
5:39 am
thunderstorm that could spark more fires. it is a catch 22. at home we have 21 miles per hour wind at pearland and a low level wind this only up to a thousand feet and you can see it headed into the south bay so you may wake up to more cloud cover than year. to the north we have mid-to-upper 50's and even 60 in napa and most of us waking up to the coolest temperatures in the north bay and san francisco and san carlos in the mid-to-upper 50's and were else southeast in the low 60's to 68 in brentwood. we are going to have patchy fog through the commute and the low shoulds will pull back to the coast and high clouds will stream in by noon. 84 inland and 84 at 7:00 and 74 around the bay at noon and 80 at 4:00 and 70 at 7:00 and mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast to low 60's in the evening which is jack coat weather. >> no delays on bart but ace rain is a minute late on one and two minutes late on three.
5:40 am
44 minutes from tracy to dublin westbound 580 long highway four. we have reports from our tweets saying it is busy headed westbound along highway 4 from antioch to concord and southbound 101 from san rafael is 18 minutes to san francisco. 101 pushing to 588 the tail lights in the southbound direction and up to the golden gate bridge soup for breakfast. it is soupy. we have fog impeding the visibility. use low beams headed into san francisco. drive with caution. 5:40. the most popular small cars are put to the cash test. what you need to know if you own one or are thinking of buying one. kin are time danger, frightening cream targeting local pizza delivery drivers and what they doing to fight
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>> covering los altos, petaluma, antioch and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is the face of the young people who received youth service awards to recognize volunteer work. ten-year-old will raced money for the local food bank to provide re-usable grocery bags. children ages five to 18 are eligible to receive $1,000 for
5:44 am
the school or organization where they volunteer with the deadline on thursday. we have more information at police believe the same armed robbers in sunnyvale who targeted two delivery drives from the same domino's pizza franchise. both drivers returned to work and in each case the robbers apporached the drivers after they delivered a pizza. one drover escaped and hid inside a customer's home after fighting off a man with a gun. >> he had a gun. i grabbed the hand. i pushed him and ran. >> we said, get inside. we got him, closed the door and called 9-1-1. >> drivers carry cash and it is an easy way to take advantage them. >> the robbers probably don't realize they don't care much cash.
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>> in san francisco, tenants right advocates held a protest in north beach claiming that the landlord used the remain police active victim tenants and turned the residents ams into vacation rentals. the proposes 50 complaints have been filed with the difficult about illegal cop verses. the supervisor wants more regulation on short-term rent ams and is proposing legislation requiring landlords to take ownership. giants fans hope the team can wake up in the slumber after losing six straight and falling three games behind the dodgers. after the home stand series, 400 fans take part in the slumber party at at&t park the original slumber they want the i didn't ans to take capping out -- camping out and take part in
5:46 am
games and movies. the full run of the ballpark and recorded bedtime story from a player. the event is sold out. sorry. >> it is always a "hit," every year. we could use a few more "hits." mike? >> 28 and 30 at home. and the game today is at 12:45. >> weather will be good. not is cool as it has been at past slum per parties, probably low 60's. fresno has another thunderstorm developing to the east. the last hour it has dropped 12 bolts of lightning and it will head into the high country in mammoth lake and dissipate the smoke and help with the firefighters' potential radar of .03" and around fresno that
5:47 am
could be a daily rainfall record. if i find out it is a record i will let you know, of course. you can see it looks dark from tower with orange and purple and red. the heat is off the beach. low-to-mid clouds and warm to hot from san francisco inland and the wind shift starts a slow coming trend. by the extended forecast, we will be back to average. under the cloud deck you cannot see the top of the tallest buildings in san francisco we will watch sfo to see if there are delays. local 90's in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and mid-to-upper 80's for the let of the south bay and mid-80's to mountain view and los gatos and millbrae and san mateo mid-to-upper 60's. low 70's downtown and south san francisco. petaluma is cool at 86 to 91 in
5:48 am
napa and mid-60's to upper 60's along the coast. the east bay shore, berkeley and oakland, mid-70's and low 80's in castro valley and fremont and mid-80's and mid-90's to nearly 100. it will be hot inland. sonoma county fair starts with 75 and hang around the mid-80's through 3:00 and mid-70's with light breeze at 7:00 and cool 58 by the time it closes at 8:00. upper 50's to mid-sick, another mild night with a lot of cloud cover again around the bay and the coast. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow is the same as today temperature help wise and a slow letting up air out of this hot air mass and by monday temperatures back to average. >> we have a couple accidents and the first is in pleasanton westbound 580 one lane is blocked with no injuries
5:49 am
involved but it is sluggish approaching the dublin interchange. sliding up to the bay bridge tolls the accident is moved to the shoulder. metering lights were turned on early so the status quo is 5:45 each morning but this morning at 5:42. heavy backups along the transition and stopped moving into san francisco. hump day is looking to be busy. from emeryville to san francisco is going to take you 16 minutes. >> one small car around "good," in crash tests conducted for insurance companies the mini cooper countryman looking at how well the driver and passengers were protected when the front end hit a rigid object at 40 miles per hour. worst performer were juke and
5:50 am
leaf and the fiat 500l with the cabins collapsing. you can see the full results at two bay area health giants are a injog forces: what they say it could mean for you. the biggest star causes a ruckus in front of hundreds of fans when he strips off his clothes. we will show you how this ends. at 6:00, what is wrong with this movie picture? outrage that has a movie studio
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>> jerry garcia could bring up
5:53 am
memories of haight-ashbury but one leader wants to remind us he grew up in another part of san francisco. a representative wants to place blacks at billion blacks at a home where garcia lived as a child including on harrington street. they will vote on the idea in accept. we are talking about thunderstorm activity but not here, not locally. >> it is going to yosemite and hopefully help with the fire and smoke. 8 by the end of game with the u.v. index high at at&t park. in redwood city music in the park will be warm and the my 80's and drop to the upper 70's by 8:00. if you are traveling an the states high fire danger to the north and flood watching at mammoth lake or flash flood warnings and excessive heat at
5:54 am
115 to 120. best chance of thunderstorms through the sierra at young and 99 and 100 in the central valley and 80's in san diego. we have an accident at westbound 580 causing a delay. mostly it is over the altamont pass. we have construction in the eastbound direction in a few spots. this is coming away from the dublin/pleasanton interchange and again another section dean livermore avenue. check out the westbound side: packed at 15 miles per hour for a top speed and you are in excess of 45 minutes out of tracy to dublin. two of the top hospitals are teaming up to form a regional health care network and the announcement was made yesterday with the goal to provide better
5:55 am
health care at a low worry cost. the two companies remain separate but equal own and operate the new network. officials say contracts and business machines still need to -- plans still need to be drawn up. >> california faces a major challenge: getting everyone health come up the new federal haw. a study finds 2.5 million adults in california are not unsured. 80 percent do not have enough information on how the act affects them. that is true among latinos. the report also shows that 3.4 million people who did not have insurance before now is coverage after the first open enrollment season. workers at a national laboratory will not is to go to a controversial training class aimed at teaching them how to reduce their southern accents. >> mars are calling the whole thing off after employees
5:56 am
complained that was supposed to last for since weeks at the national laboratory in tennessee. it is a way to boost confidence in meetings when you may need to speak with a neutral accent. the class was called a way to be remembered for what you say and not how you say it. >> we are not going to quit being would we are. >> there was no offense intended and it wasn't the intent to imply anything is wrong with southern action sents. curing to the laboratory one employee requested the class so it was offered for others, too, the laboratory has offered the training for for nationals for years and this obviously surprised some folks. lebron james continues to milk headlines this summer but this could be the most bizarre. >> the star stripped down to his skivies in taiwan.
5:57 am
after climbing out shirtless he takes off the hat and shoes and lows them into the crowd. >> there was hysteria and them to the crowd. >> and biotech company ready to add jobs in the bay area despite massive cuts elsewhere around the country. >> we are following breaking news in oakland two homes are up in flames this morning with an update straight ahead. >> a woman says yes to the dress but it is lost and the chance encounter reuniting her with a prized possession.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. not one but two east bay homes fully engulfed and firefighters are racing to stop the fire with an update from first responders. >> a ten million gallon gusher, a university is cleaning up after a huge water main break. there was severe damage last behind. avoiding game day gridlock with new video to make parking easier at the new levi stadium. good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. on wednesday. we will begin with breaking news in oakland, firefighters are mopping up of a raging fire left two homes damaged starting after 3:30 this morning at a ata two-story home that spread to the house next door. it took firefighters an hour to get it under control and the fire department says that everyone evacuated before craws arrived. at least 18 people, though,


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