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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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one side is asking for a truce. >> soupy conditions at 6:00. doesn't ask me what kind of soup. >> not kicken noodle. >> submit pea? >> sure. it is cloudy around the bay until you get to the south bay and inland east bay where the clouds are less prevalent. we have sprinkles across the north bay and some through the south bay. do not be surprise if a drop or two hits the wind shield. clouds around the bay and 73 with increasing sun and warm and humid 80 by 4:00 and the upper 60's by 7:00. inland we are mostly sprinkles across the north at 7:00, and fading clouds and 83 at noon and stuffy in the east at 82 and along the cost we will have temperatures today in the mid-to-upper 60's with more sunshine this afternoon than yesterday.
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leyla gulen? >> we are looking at heavy conditions over the a pass but no sig-alert to get us going we have plenty of cars to slow you down and we have sprinkles at 22 miles per hour is the top speed as you head through the area in green along 205 along the altamont pass with wet roads there. it will take 45 minutes westbound tracy to dublin and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. we are following breaking news from san francisco with police on the scene of another homicide at a popular downtown hotel. we got an update on the investigation. officers say the stabbing took
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place in the street here at market street next to the plaza across the street from the fairmont hotel. there is a backpack in the street which is evidence. the officers are lying -- trying to put together what happened. someone called 9-1-1 saying a persons with attacked by a group of five or six people at market. a man was found suffering from one stab wound. he died at the hop. no one has been arrested. police are investigating the mive but it is not gang related. they are interviewing witnesses hoping to get a picture of the suspects. >> this area is closed to traffic while the investigation continues. officers are expected to be here for a few more hours. the light will help them look for evidence in the park.
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developing news from san francisco with six people discovering after a van slammed into a taxi at 10:20 on post and jones street much the officers were trying to pull over the minivan and it took off and slammed into a taxi two blocks away. the impact sent the taxi into two people on the sidewalk and a life pole fell on a pedestrian. amy hollyfield has more at 6:30. rockets are raining down on gaza as fighting intensifying. this is three weeks into the latest conflict between israel and hamas but in the last 20 minutes one side is offering a truce. katie marzullo is monitoring the escalating situation. katie marzullo? >> >> breaking from gaza, a senior palestinian official is offering a 24 hour truce in gaza and he says he is speaking for hamas. we have not heard a response from israel. israel took out color targets in
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gaza and this morning more hits. watch what happened to a reporter during a live broadcast. >> this is the scene --. >> israel troops hit gaza strips and only power plants were hit. they hit the home of the former prime minister, top officials, and headquarters of the hamas satellite tv station with reports of a mayor's home was hit in gaza and the mayor is among five dead. israel targeted 70 sites and hit ten terror operatives. at least 100 people were killed in gaza overnight and the death toll stands at 1,120 according to 9 palestinian health ministry
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and another 6,500 are injured. the israel military says five of their soldiers were killed on monday when militants entered the country through a tunnel. the country lost 53 soldiers and along with two civilians and a thai worker. senior palestinian officials are offering this morning a 24 hour truce. >> governor brown plans to talk about immigration reform with latin american religious leaders in mexico city during the governor's throw day trade mission. the governor signed an agreement to reduce greenhouse gases yesterday and requires trucks that cross the border to have improved fuel efficientcy and took a swipe at i governor perry who took national guard troops on the border. >> governor in mexico played musical chairs of acting governors, brown left on sunday
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leaving lt. governor in charge but, today, he is leaving for a special olympics ever vent on the east coast so the senate president pro tempore will be acting governor and he leaves for chicago tomorrow, and another will be in charge for nine hours. the governor returns later in the day. alameda police are looking for whoever is responsible for vandalizing a baseball field to the tune of $10,000 while targeting one league. it happened over the weekend as the baseball diamond at the college of alameda leased by the babe ruth baseball league. someone smashed six sprinklerholds and left them overnight with 100,000 gallons of water wasted in the pitcher's mound and batter's box have to be redone. >> people know where the automatic shut off valve so it is someone who has played here or knows the facility knowing by kick off the sprinkler head it does more damage.
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>> it is pested up someone would destroy all the hard work. >> of all the signs that hang from the fence only those belonging to the league and the sponsors were torn down. insurance and money from fundraisers will pay to the damage. >> a check professor accused of peeping on a do students will be arraigned. the 38-year-old mark landis is charged with numerous countries of invasion of privacy accused of inviting students to his home and secretly recording them while in the bathroom with a camera hidden inside a tissue box. he is out on bail $100,000 bail. representatives from fedex will appear in court after they were indicted for shipping prescription drugs from illegal online pharmacies. fedex could face $1 billion in penalties for condition expiring with the pharmacies and will fight the charges and say they have to invade the privacy of customers to stop the
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delivery. >> supporters of oakland ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage will rally before the city council meet where a rival ordinance is introduced. the initiative raises the minimum wage from $9 an sure to $12.25 an hour next year. however, the proposal does not exempt nonprofits who cannot afford sink a dramatic increase. tomorrow the city council will hear a competing wage plan that calls for more gradual increases in the minimum wage for nonprofits and small businesses. >> city college of san francisco has maintained accreditation at the end of the month and the request will allow city college two more years to come into compliance with the statewide standards coming a year after the state panel voted to revoke the city college accrued dangerous. the city college chancellor fears the school to lose the accreditation without a chance to appeal during the two year restoring process.
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any possibility we will need the umbrella? >> maybe a few sprinkles is it. but there is an isolated shower possible this afternoon. like yesterday, probably will not materialize. an umbrella is not probably necessary. bodega bay is below 60 and down to 59 and we have low-to-mid 60's in san francisco and half moon bay and monterey bay so we have the warm temperatures in the morning if you are traveling to bart upper 50's and san francisco and daly city and san leandro and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60. headed through the afternoon, expect mid-to-upper level clouds from the south with the temperatures at four to seven degrees above average. >> we have 49 trains running on time and ace train run cannot get back to the normal speed at 10 minutes late right now and ace train three is on time and ace train five. san jose was nice and quiet and now we have a couple citizens and the first is on northbound 288 at saratoga avenue with
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possible injuries involved and one lane is blocked as we take it further to the north we have this accident northbound 101 at old bayshore highway and we are noticing slowing at 47 miles per hour pulling away from alum rock and this is the maze approaching 580 and you get to the toll plaza you will sit in a wait and traffic is stacking up at 13 minutes away from the maze into san francisco. kristen and eric? >> visitors to yosemite national park will find another day of smoke-filled air at 6:30 with the latest from firefighters on the ground as necessity battle a fast-moving wildfire and signs of progress in less than three hours. >> where are you right now? >> in a closet. >> a k-9 is on the way, okay? >> a 14-year-old calls 9-1-1 as burglars ransack the california
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home. more of the just released emergency call for help. former giants star cabrera crushes it in boston. this homer ruined one fan's night.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a 14-year-old girl in southern california hid in the closet during a burglary at her home and called 9-1-1. >> the police are outside? >> they are checking. >> i am the second door to the left. i'm scared. >> who wouldn't be, right? the teen and the community did exactly what the dispatcher needd to her to do, stay calm while deputies were on the way. >> it felt like a long time, it could be a few minutes but telling someone like that it seemed like forever. deputies arrested two meal juveniles who jumped over fences into a neighbor's yard.
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the father says the two daughters have been told how to handle stressful situations and he is so glad the lessons sank in. facebook hugeers request not message each other using the main app forcing all phone and droid user to download the stand alone messenger app. they started requiring users in europe to use messenger and now it is rolling out the plan to everyone after seeing positive rules. however, ipad and windows phone and desk top users can still message in their main facebook apps. for now. for the runers who hit the pavement for the marathon, you had a lower risk of i dying early. researchers finds that people would spend any amount of time running reduce their mortality risk by 30 percent compared to non-runners. the benefit of running is the same if all people regardless of
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sex, age, body mass index or smoking status. onable, runners live these years longer than non-runners. "good morning america" will have more on the study at 7:00. cabrera launch add huge blast in boston last night. he now plays for toronto were he homered over the green monster in fenway park. look out below insurance company, how progressive are you? look at the wind shield of this minivan, cabrera crashed interest that and the owner of the car may want to send cabrera a bill. he homered twice and the blue jays rolled 14-1 over the red sox and the giants parted ways after he violated the performance-enhancing drugs policy in 2012. >> we could use some hits like that. right now. >> struggling, no doubt about
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it. we go at it with the boy rats -- pirates. >> if you are traveling up highway 12 through northern napa valley you can see right there a sprinkle and that is where we are going to see that for the next few minutes and as we hook through the north the radar runs are becoming less intense and fewer in number than earlier and same around san jose and no radar republicans down there. we will talk about the winds picking up from the bay bridge through san pablo and into the delta community at 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 southwest wind at 15- to 25-knot so the ferry ride is fairly quiet through the evening hours it will be noisy and possibly we choppy. this is how it looks from the east bay hill with the sun changing the clouds from gray to pink and purple and it is bull.
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we are gray here from the roof camera looking to the bay bridge this morning. chance of isolated shower are possible and less than yesterday. we will be brighter today. more clouds arrive tomorrow but they will be mid-to-upper level clouds and nothing measurable reaching the ground. the temperatures are above average through the weekend. today, quite a spread to the south from 83 in milpitas and 93 in los gatos and morgan hill and 88 in san jose. we will start at 87 if los altos northbound and 82 in san mateo and half moon bay is 71 and warm spot along the coast and low-to-mid 70's downtown and sausalito and dropping to 68 at the beach and 66 in bodega bay and mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley and berkeley and oakland are in the upper 70's and humid and hot inland today mid-to-upper 90's.
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tonight, we are stuffy and low clouds more than this morning and the area of low-to-upper is pulling away from us and that combined with the high over texas is pumping the opinion soon moisture and bringing us a slight chance of a scattered afternoon shower today. tomorrow, what is lot of the tropical storm to the south pushes high clouds our way and we will see more sunshine thursday, friday, saturday and sunday and monday we could drop a degree or two and maybe four inland but it is warm. we have not recovered early delays at ace train one and one minute early ace train three on time and the rest of mass transit across the bay area is looking great but we have this accident san jose northbound highway 101 at old bayshore highway and one lane is blocked. delays, more delays at 38 miles per hour is the top speed and, also, on 280 northbound side this accident has one laned
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blocked trying to push everything to the shoulder and they are green, you can see the traffic is moving smoothly. walnut creek has a drive running without a hitch and we have clear conditions as it rounds away from the boulevard and it is not blocking anything and not clogged approaching highway 24 so it is nine minute commute. >> a little boy get as dinner vice and it is caught on camera. more on the big homecoming vice between the california father and his son. >> if you think it cannot happen to you, you are wrong. >> preventing hot car deaths. "7 on your side" clean -- teams hi. i'm henry winkler. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement.
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good morning, hot car deaths involving children have made headlines this summer. can technology hope parents from making the tragic mistake? "consumer reports" teams up with "7 on your side" to find out. here is michael finney. good morning, 44 children died last year from heat stroke inside cars. accidentally leaving a child ninety in a hot car is happened to parents including a c.e.o. of
6:24 am
a hospital, a vice principal, a preach exercise so many others. fatigue, anxiety, distraction can throw anyone's life off course. "consumer reports" explains the danger and how to avoid it. >> when lynn drives his nine-month-old the change and routine and an emergency phone call led to the unthinkable. rather than dropping off bryce off with his babysitter she left him behind in the car in hour office parking lot and went to work. >> i could not believe i could forget my own son and how it was possible and the next thing i thought was, how am i going to tell my husband i killed his son. >> the high temperature that day was only 66 degrees. on an 80-degree day "consumer reports" engineers found with the ones partly open, the temperature jumped to 110 in eight minutes. "consumer reports" evaluated a car seat that is supposed to
6:25 am
sense a child's weight and alert you when you turn off the car. >> technology not quite there. it is unreliable and this seat isn't even manufactured anymore. >> apps are also supposed to alert parents but "consumer reports" says ideally technology shoulden integritied into the car seat or car. >> we have belled reminding us we are low on gas, why not one to remind us we left our child in the car? >> keep something you need like roar cell phone in the back seat to remind you to check for your child. >> if you think it cannot happen to tell you, you are wrong. i was one those parents. i did. i made the ultimate mistake. >> children are vulnerable to heat stroke because their body temperatures prices these to five times faster than an adult so leaning children in a car for a few moments is very dangerous.
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the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. a wail watching journey goes all wrong more than 150 pole were stranded at sea and the overnight effort to bring them to safety. >> good news this morning for home owners chased from their homes after a while fire breaks out near yosemite national park. a speeding car, a taxicab, and a fallen utility pole part of a chain evens that -- events that sent six to the hospital. >> tracking sprinkles with live doppler 7 hd. the forecast is ahead. i am leyla gulen in the traffic center. we have a brand new accident just ahead on the bay bridge toll plaza with significant delays from emeryville.
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[ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ] live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this is traffic on interstate 80 through berkeley near university avenue. you can see the volume is heave
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as is normal at this time of the morning. we are following here things from the bay bridge toll plaza and beyond. >> whatever happened to summer lite? >> it is soupy. there is fog action. maybe sprinkles. >> we have tracked the sprinkles all morning. you probably missed out on this drying friend. it will remain cloudy through 7:00 and warmer-than-average and upper 50's to low 60's and headed through the noon and afternoon we are in the mid-to-upper 60's along the coast with sunny conditions from 74 at 4 to 82 and then more sunshine this afternoon and that will keep our temperatures above average and 60 by 7:00 and if you have outdoor activity inland we are warmer at 82.
6:31 am
we have a crash at grant line road and san jose we have an accident in the clearing stages northbound 101 at old bayshore highway and causing a lot of delays away from alum rock and the 280/680 split. the dumbarton bridge is moving and east palo alto has a little bit of slowing. from the bay bridge camera we have an accident on the interchange off the ramp to the mix. we will have more details on that in a few minutes. we are following breaking news from san jose, a man was stabbed steps away from the fairmont hotel. we are at the scene with new details.
6:32 am
matt? >> the last 45 minutes we learned the victim in the indicate is a man about 33 years old. he was found in the street next to the plaza across the street from the fairmont hotel. you can see the backpack shows the daylight helping officers find it is a backpack in the street that could be key to the investigation. it started with a 9-1-1 call at 2:15 when a person was attacked by a drew of five or six people. the man was found with a stab wound and he died at the hospital. no one has been arrested. there were some ones and they are interviewed at this time. it is unthen how much they saw and whether they saw the stabbing occur or whether they were witnesses after the fact. miss say they are vetting vetting -- investigating the motive but it does not appear to
6:33 am
be gang-related. this is less than 12 hours after a homicide in east san jose. the traffic is closed in the area. officers are continuing the investigation while they now have daylight the it will last a few more hours. veto news in san francisco where a stolen car and escape attempt and a crash suspect six people to the hospital. we are at the crash seen. >> the suspect fled the scene and caught a bus. that is where the police caught up with the suspect and arrested him. this happened or started at 10:15 last night and they tried to pull the driver over for a traffic violation but he sped off, ran a red light two blocks hear and hit a taxicab that spun around three times, hit two people on the sidewalk and a
6:34 am
pole. the pole then fell on to a victim. witnesses say the suspect ran away leaving a woman behind in his car. >> we her the woman screaming in the vehicle. she was crushed. >> she was "help me, help me." they took her by ambulance. >>en was taken to the hospital. one of the pedestrians is bat weeing life-threatening injuries and the other is evaluated. the cab driver and the passenger will be okay but the suspects are also expected to survive. police say the car the suspects were in was reported stolen. police have video from a hotel camera that shows the car speeding and they say when it started speeding they did not pursue it. from boston, a three hour tour turned into a nightmare for
6:35 am
passengers on a wail watching boat that was stuck off the cot of massachusetts year enat thisn minutes into the return trip. it was caught up in a lobster pot. also new, people living near a wildfire at yosemite are getting good news as evacuations are starting to be lifted. people in the town will be allowed bang in their home starting at 9:00 this morning and so far evacuations have not been lifted if those in another town. the fire is burning and has destroyed 2,700 acres and destroyed one home only 10 percent contained. >> a woman is wanted for attacking viciously an
6:36 am
87-year-old woman at an a.t.m. investigator released the photos showing the woman suspected in a crime. the victim was get money from an a.t.m. and the suspect knock her to the ground does stole her cash. authorities are not releasing the name of the victim but we have learned she is the wife of a prominent retired california politician and suffered a broken hip. >> she was lying on the ground as though she could not get up and was this for a while. >> terrible. someone's mother, someone's grandmother, someone's sister. >> the suspect is believed to be between 25 to 30 years old and took off in an s.u.v. and that person, possibly was in a ford explorer. >> the alameda board will sign off on a deal to keep the a's at the coliseum after reviewing motions made by the city council the a's owner agreed to a 10-year lease extension to keep
6:37 am
the teach at the coliseum. the extension has been approved by the board at the coliseum authority and will bring in an estimated $20 million to city and,. in the middle east a possible trace between gaza and israel? the side making an office. >> the new royal family photo bomb that got the interpret buzzing. and now to lake tahoe, and we talk to maybe about the weather and leyla gulen with the traffic
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we are back at 6:40. 67 dropping to 62 this evening at game. the system that brought us sprinkles this evening is headed to the north to there is high fire danger. everything is quiet on live doppler 7 hd. it will be more active through the sierra. 79 in lake tahoe and 98 in yosemite the best areas for thunderstorms and 100 through the central valley and low-to-upper 80's through zig oh and los angeles and 106 in palm
6:41 am
springs. >> can you see the transition with flashing lights from the transition? we have a possibly accident and maybe a stall vehicle. it is causing heavy delays as you try to make the transition from 8980 blocking one lane so there is specific tea party slowing. you can see what is going on with a wazer saying it is stopped on the road but at five miles per hour for the top speed. the rest of the river along highway 24 if you need to make it into oakland, no delays. kristen and eric? thank you, leyla gulen, i hope the answer is "no," do you have an unpaid bill to pay to collections. if the answer is yes you have plenty company. >> heart warming story from southern california, a boy would has not soon his father in months gets a dinner time
6:42 am
surprise. >> break news from the crisis in the middle east: one side offered a truce in the wake of dramatic overnight bombings and a
6:43 am
6:44 am
covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:44. the crisis in the middle east:
6:45 am
a triple digit death toll in gaza could be prompting a peace offering. katie marzullo has the breaking development. katie? i have the breaking news and new video from the last 30 minutes in the newsroom. you can see the smoke rising up from gaza and there are rocket strikes. in the last hour a senior palestinian official is offering a 24 hour truce in gaza. he is speaking for hamas, as well. no response from israel this morning. last we her from the israel prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, warns of a would longed campaign. israeli troops hit gaza sites and power plants were bombed. it will take a year to fix. strikes hit the former prime minister of gaza a top hamas official and government offices and headquarters of the hamas satellite tv station and 100
6:46 am
people were killed in gaza and nine were killed yesterday at a park and a hospital was hit. this is the hospital director. [ inaudible ] >> these are human beings. >> 1,120 me dead in gaza according to the palestinians. the israeli military said file of their soldiers were killed on monday and one militant entered the country through a tunnel. israel lost 53 socials and two civilians and a thai worker. recently, democrats and republicans in the united states have sought increased united states military aid to israel. we got word that the sale of los angeles clippers can go forward even if the team's banned owner donald sterling tried to stop it. his wife agreed to sell l.a. clippers to former microsoft
6:47 am
c.e.o. for $2 million and the same court said that she acted properly when she removed her estranged husband from the family trust that owned the team. the nab banned donald sterling for life after a recording surfaced of him making racist comments. >> a southern california boy got a big surprise when dad returned home early from deployment. >> excuse me. jordan? hey, buddy. daddy! what are you doing? >> daddy! >> he was dining last night with his mom at dave and busters in san diego, of could you, and dad shows up and delivered the food. he has been in dubai since december and the boy is now looking forward to going to
6:48 am
>> prince harry photo bombed with two thumb's up. the prince and the others were watching women switching during the commonwealth games in scotland. harry's bomb comes after his grandmother squeezed into the background of a selfie taken by two women last week but she did not give the two thumb's up that would not be queenly. >> she could have done one these ... trading is underway on wall street so we will look at the dow in positive territory and back over 17000 mark. air b and b and uber are going corporate, introducing new versions of their app to appeal to the business travelers. management company want to get into the business travel industry and are hoping booking trips will do that. both companies may have to
6:49 am
improve service and safety to compete. >> do you have a debt in collection? you are far from alone? a study shows 77 million americans are walking in your shoes which is 35 percent of consumers and the median debt is $1,250 and 35 percent is below what the federal reserve found in 2004 when looking at americans with debt in collection. >> clocking the humidity around here, we are really collecting it. >> the humidity is not going arrest, either. it is not translating into rain, unfortunately. >> if we could trade that for the sierra storms which are producing more rain. >> good morning, live doppler 7 hd shows the last hour the radar runs is vanished from the north bay and from the south bay so a
6:50 am
few drops on the windshield wiper is the reason why. the winds through san pablo bay and san francisco bay north of the bay bridge and toward the golden gate bridge we have a wind at 15- to 25-knots from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 into the evening and the wind is from the west at 11 and clouds are lowering so do not be surprised the next hour if the visibility is obscured and check out 280 at 17, right? 280 and 17? that is are we see the sunshine. brighter. a few more clouds tomorrow and temperatures remain above a. to the south we see low-to-mid 60's with 62 in san jose. san francisco is 58. calistoga is cool at 50 and mid-50's around novato and san pablo. the low clouds are here and high
6:51 am
clouds coming in and low clouds fall back to the house by 11 o'clock and fade and the high clouds will fade during the afternoon hours. we will try to drop the cloud cover but temperatures are above average. 78 in santa cruz and mid-to-upper 80's for the south bay and upper 70's to low 80's in millbrae and san mateo and 71 at half moon bay, the warm spot along the coast and upper 60's and low-to-mid 70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley and low-to-mid 80's through the east bay valleys or east bay shore line and mid-to-upper 90's inland. tonight the temperatures are warmer-than-average like this morning upper to middle 60's and mostly clouds along the coast and clouds inland. we will see more sunshine on thursday and friday and hopefully dry air with
6:52 am
temperatures cooling a little bit on sunday and monday. have a great day. >> we will take you to napa where we have a problem at a power pole at fairfield drive and we will see a closing for 12 hours so keep that in mind. we will jump to the amount pass where we have 24 miles per hour peeds and it looks worse than what it actually is because it is 50 minutes to head through the altamont pass into livermore up to the dublin interchange. so like i said it could be were, much worse and if you are traveling through pleasanton, 34 miles per hour and it starts to slow-and-go but to the sunol braid at it will miles per hour and heavy approaching 680 at buchanan. the cameras he the car was an accident or a stall and it has clear and all lanes have
6:53 am
re-opened and now we are just slow into san francisco. coming up, seven things to know before you go.
6:54 am
>> he are seven things to know today: breaking news, san jose police are on the scene of a fatal stabbing with five people stabbing a man to death at 2:00
6:55 am
this morning across the street from the fairmont hotel. >> six are recovering after a van and taxi collided in san francisco. police say the van was running from officers and it slammed into the cab at 10:30. the taxi knocked down a pole which fell on a pedestrian. hamas is asking for 24 hour truce after israel unleashed the most powerful assault in three weeks with 100 palestinians dying just today. earlier the prime minister binyamin netanyahu wanted israelis to prepare for a long war. a drone flying over the sand fire east of sacramento was grouped to keep it from disrupting flights. the pilot was operating the craft for his own enyosemite and officials feared it would disrupt low flying airport. >> the alameda expressers will sign off on a deal to keep the
6:56 am
a's for 10 years which was agreed to by the amendments -- by the a's owner. sprinkles are over. the sun will be brighter dead and a slight chance isolated shower with 66 at the coast to 99 inland. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and heavy backups but only five minutes to get across the water. we have a brand new accident in castro valley northbound 238 at 580 to the shoulder but slow going. can't do a show without a sig-alert. we continue on-line on twitter and facebook and the mobile devices. >> we will see you in 25 minutes the game time forecast? >> 67. a legal warmer than last night. >> hopefully a different result. >> see you tomorrow.
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good morning, america. happening now, new tornadoes touching down. this time right next to one of america's largest airports. shooting debris like shrapnel. flash flooding creates this instant mudslide. >> oh, they all broke. look at the trees. they all broke! and that direct hit in the boston suburbs, thousands frightened by the first ever tornado to touch down there. the major break in that high-profile abduction case. the new hampshire teen, abigail hernandez, back home after nine months. this local man arrested, now accused of holding her against her will. a storage container found in his yard. her message of hope this morning. breaking overnight, this whale watching ship stranded in the atlantic ocean off boston. dozens of families trapped all night long. the propeller tang


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