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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 25, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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from the heat. leanne is going -- it's going to be a warm weekend. >> reporter: yes. what you see behind me is a sea of orange, well, kind of. there is a ball game tonight. it's going to be a wonderful and beautiful evening. earlier, people did whatever they could to stay cool. charlie foster has a parent-child group called brooklyn forest, encouraging preschoolers to learn from being outside with nature, hiking is an activity, but today a lot of their time was spent in the shade. >> we have a classroom here, there is a little bit of dirt we can mix water and make mud which is also today, cooling us off. >> more than 25,000 have signed up for the sunday's marathon people from around the united states and world are here.
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>> stay hydrated. add extra salt tablets. >> i'm used to heat and humidity from new york. so hopefully this will be a cooler experience for me. just hydrating and resting. you know? just doing what i do. running. >> she is running a double marathonful >> i don't run with water. carrying a water bottle but this year, i am going to run carrying a water bottle i bought a belt to carry water in. and some goo, maybe protein bars >> it will be hot tomorrow. the game will take place at cal's memorial stadium. temperatures are always high in gilroy during the summer. but this year, organizers of the garlic festival have added can y
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yopys and misting this year. and a app to help people find watering stations. >> temperatures slightly lower tomorrow, officials declared it a no burn day at allen rock park. no barbecues or open flames allowed in the park tomorrow. >> yes. let's take a look at the records for today. richmond tied at 87 degrees, san rafael, 99 today. 85 in san francisco. also, a new record. so was a hot one. 100 in antioch and 100 in concord, 94 san jess yeah. around the bay, pretty warm. 89 in oakland. napa, up to 100 in color dale. half moon bay, 68 degrees taking a look at what's happening with wind right now, a nice breeze is coming in.
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gusting to 35 in concord. 21 in mountain view helping drop temperatures down just a little bit. clear skies, looking at live doppler 7 hd. i'll let you know if the weather is going to continue when you can expect relief. >> thank you very much we'll see you again shortly. this heat wave comes when we're all increasingly worried about drought conditions. and conservation efforts have fallen short of goals. in cases dramatically. so can water chers do the right thing while their lawns and kids wither in the heat? david louie looks at that challenge and is live in los gatos tonight. hi, david. >> hi, dan. it's a big challenge. this heat is leaving people parched and lawns thirsty. brown is the new green is something you're going to be hearing a lot starting on monday to reign us in.
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this lawn has brown spots but it's not suffering after sprinkling has been cut back by two thirds the matching formula, according to this landscape expert, reduce the number of water gradually. he says the touch test will let you know. >> after you step or mow it, and the grass doesn't pop up from the step or the mower wheels, that is time. >> still, valley water is pushing the message, brown is the new green. it demonstrates your commitment to saving water. lawn signs are free to residents but there are other ways to cut back, taking a bucket, collecting cold water in the shower until it warms up, then, bucket can be used to water plants what about kiddie pools? takes 40 gallons to fill one. kids do need to cool off. >> it's wonderful to treat your kids to that. after you're done, how about taking water out with a bucket
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and watering plants with it. >> these kids are indulged with a pool. >> we're not refilling it trying to keep the splash inwise. but they still have to get wet just because it's too hot out here for them. >> other families are turning tb public fountains and use recirculated water. this drought is lingering so there are an ad campaign to drive home the message. social media will be tapped. in san jose, abc7 news. >> if you see someone might be a water waster let us know about it. we'll check it out. e mail your video or photos.
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>> people have been ordered out of the water because of a possible has mat situation take a look at a beach. a kayaker called firefighters after she smelled foul-smelling foam in the area as dead fish. firefighters investigated and asked asked people to stay out of the water to work to figure out if it's hazardous and where itvn@ came from. >> something went wrong on interstate 580 today the driver of this car heard an explosion and there were flames, she says there is no answer from 911 but there was a call box nearby. firefighters doused flames before they can spread >> another limo burst into flames. no one was hurt the owner and driver had no passengers when he thought the engine on his car was overheating. well, the car turned into a raging inferno.
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i lifted hood and it's just like a poof of flames in the back. and the engine >> by the time firefighters got there, it had gone up. you may remember the limo caught fire on the san mateo bridge 14 months ago. then, ten older women did escape their burning limo sitting in the rossmore neighborhood. >> state nor lelandy and raymond shrimp boy chow were charged under a revised indictment. one accuses yee of soliciting bribes. the new charges are contained in what is called a superseding
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indictment which accuses yee and chow of running a continuing criminal enterprise. >> well, if you can't make it to spain for the running of the bulls organizers of the great bull run are hoping you'll come to pleasanton to experience thrills this weekend. that is running up against fierce opposition. we're live where it's scheduled to happen tomorrow. >> the runners should experience some when they run down this truck with bulls behind them. their safety is not what is at issue. >> this is just something you can't describe unless you're doing it. >> sam has been in the middle of the run with 20 bulls and hundreds of people.
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this is video where the great bull run was held but for the first time it will be held at alameda county fair grounds saturday and animal rights groups are suing to stop it. >> our investigators see the runners will punch or slap bulls when they run by the animals could get entangleed and fall, and break a leg. >> matthew leebman says these photos show the bulls trying to turn and run away from the crowds of runners. >> we've never had a single injury to the bulls. >> the organizer says unlike bulls in spain, where they often fall, these bulls will be running on dirt. >> veterinarian says it's well within the possibility an animal can get hurt. it hasn't happened yet. >> he's expecting 3,000 runners to pay $75 each says there is more risk to humans.
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they have horse racing and people are on their backs whipping or kicking them. >> until the groups can prove that rodeos and horse racing is animal abuse, he says the great bull run will go on. freeway, carmegoddon. >> crews paining the town red the surprise you're likely to get for driving in the transit only lanes >> a couple cancelled a hotel reservation but the hotel charged them anyway. ahead thousand avoid this happening to you. >> technology powering
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dude! tillamook sharp cheddar, tastes better because it's made better. >> breaking news tonight, firefighters battling a 300 acre grass fire near el dorado county border. evacuations under place
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cal fire says the blaze is burning high in the trees making it difficult for crews to knock down. they think a vehicle fire may have started it we'll bring you the latest as it develops here on abc7 and on twitter. >> more breaking news in southern california there is a san mitt siting on the ledge of a highway sign above interstate 5. take a look this, is in commerce. crews placed a large yellow air bag in case the guy falls or jumps it's shut down all lanes of i 5 drivers were talking and now they're being allowed to run to get off i five a negotiator is talking to the man the chp believes he climbed on it and could be a tagger.
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>> if you're one of those drivers who sometimes used marked transit only lanes don't do it anymore. abc7 news is live at church and 15th street with this story. >> as you can see, church is one of the streets that has red transit-only lanes. muni will start clovering the lanes on market street red. the reason is because they access a deterrent against drivers who abuse them they want the results on busy market street. muni makes 63,000 trips these lanes are supposed to make it easier for buss and taxis to move through traffic. other drivers can use them but
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only to make an immediate turn to the next street. many cars ignore the lanes. which are spelled out in big white letters. >> this is every day all day. frustrating. >> maryan is a muni bus operator. >> it's for people to travel down lanes because other lanes are congested. bicyclists don't want to use their own lane. >> starting tonight, muni hopes to change that. and will color the lanes on market. their choice of lor? red like a flag. a warning that it's a place you shouldn't be in. and officer jack wong is looking at video of a van, double parked and blocking the red zone. >> we use video evidence
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>> the plate identifies the owner of a vehicle. muni tried as a pilot program on trance writ-only lanes between 16th and dubois. coloring zones red help muni move quickly. >> helped 222 mill more increase travel times throughñi there by 0%. >> vic lee, abc7 news. >> a maejer storm in phoenix forced arriving flights into holding patterns causing delays they call storms like this a habu. monsoon winds create a wall of just thousands of feet high. right now we head outside and
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sandhya patel looks nice. >> strong wind gusts will create more unfavorable conditions. favorable here in the bay area. if you like clear skies here is the view. just a nice, sunny view. here are the temperatures. 73 in san francisco. beautiful view. kgo roof camera, breezes going. close to 100 degrees in fairfield and concord. so you're cooking out there. and air quality is suffering. spare the air alert is up. and in effect now cooler at the coast and around the bay.
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we're going to see clouds sunday. that will bring in a little bit of stickiness going into monday hot air mass, it's not going anywhere. this weekend heat hangs on inland you'll notice some subtle changes around the bay and more noticeable along the coastline. fog pulls away to a breezier day temperatures falling along the coastline up to a 10-degree drop. around the bay, cooler. mild tomorrow morning low to mid-60s here, temperatures 50s around the coast andñi parts of the bay. afternoon heats up quickly. saturday includes 97 degree day in gilroy. 95 morgan hill. los gatos, 9487 degrees in
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redwood city and mountain view. millbrae, 78 degrees upper 60s near the coast. there is a place to go around this time of the year. that is the coast if you don't like heat. sunset district is 69 degrees towards north bay up into north bay, 90 degrees in santa 80 in oakland mid-80s in castro valley and fremont. sunny skies and sizzling inland. 100 in antioch. 98 differ moor. a look at the accu-weather forecast, more heat for sunday. upper 90s inland. fog going to be expanding on the coast we'll see high clouds moving in. high clouds bringing higher humidity, just a little bit, into monday.
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yes. mid-90s inland. temperatures cooling off around the middle of the week. so there is some relief coming up. >> thank you. >> well, just ahead tonight recession prices at 11 eyes stadium. >> brace yourself for a case of with a new volkswagen turbo.ardd d why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power, but we also like giving you fuel efficiency. like the sporty jetta. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay... and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 jetta se for $199 a month.
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tonight a slump to end wall
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street. dow jones fell to below 17 tho on disappointing earnings results. stock slid 10%, visa based in foster city, lost 3.5% the government dropped an investigation into the initial public offering of face book years ago. >> and san francisco based ride sharing service lift gets a shot tonight at the big apple. two weeksing ao the launch was blocked by state officials but now agreed to operate with new york law. >> the 49ers today revealed concession prices at levis stadium it's not going to be cheap. a 16-ounce beer costing you $10.25, up half a dollar from candle stick. 18 ounce premium beer costing
6:25 pm
$11 a frankfurter will be $6.25 and a soft drink costing other items, $12 for a sandwich or hamburger. # for candy. our media partner calculates cost two of game tickets, two hot dogs, and a couple beers and wow. >> yes. >> big difference. >> i think so. >> thank you. >> there more still to come tonight. just ahead a true american hero forced into limelight on the anniversary of his return from the moon. >> and can people convince
6:26 pm
thousands not to stream across the u.s. border? >> and a mystic that stayed on the books that time. another half hour of news i
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>> some breaking news happening tonight. firefighters are battling a 300
6:29 pm
acre grass fire near the ed door raddo county border. >> look at that smoke. cal fire says the blaze is burning high into the tree tops. and we have heard one home may have burned as a result. this is a live picture where a firefighter is battling a grass fire. we'll bring you the latest on our twitter feed. >> there is an american hero in town this weekend. 45 years ago every person in the world watched every step he took. today those legs brought him to abc for a few minutes with wayne freedman. >> we have a ruchl any visitor
6:30 pm
walking to the front door must sign in. but when it happens to be buzz aldren, we just lit him through. this is the object. >> what is it like knowing your name will be remembered? forever? >> it's a question for what? >> it's one small step for man. >> this week, he followed neil armstrong by only seconds after the first landing. he never saw it but lived with it ever since. >> i want to make clear 24 people reached the moon. >> in 1969 they figured they might have a 60% chance of success we asked this former fighter pilot if he felt scared that
6:31 pm
day. >> fighter pilots in combat we don't feel, we execute. it said we have ice if our vains >> before? >> before. too late then then. >> yes. you can't get off. >> yet, there he was on a crowded moon at the time. population, two. if you wonder if he took a moment, this will surprise you. >> so it said just checking my balance, it said i tested the urine collection device. >> is that first time on the moon? >> yes. >> he heard they planted the flag. >> sometimes better to say less
6:32 pm
than more he will be on the hornet tomorrow night at 10:00 a.m in the morning. i will be there. for more information and prices check our link. >> great event. >> president obama sat down with the leader of three central american countries urging them to help stem the tide of unaccompanied children flowing into the united states the president asked the president of honduras and el salvador to convince their people children will not be met with open arms if they come illegally they are considering a pilot program for children from honduras >> israel is threatening to broaden it's ground operations in the gaza strip.
6:33 pm
that john kerry announced he has been unable to broker a truce. the plan calls for israel to abandon efforts. israeli aircraft bombed areas today and this missle over tel aviv. >> a word of caution this summer from a bay area couple. >> yes. how can you avoid that happening to you? here is michael finney. >> sometimes the best laid plans go all wrong the couple planned a stay ahead of time. they didn't realize it stayed on the books and they can't undo it. >> we're standing in a castle. >> richard and his wife had a
6:34 pm
lovely time. >> the theme is visiting towns with markets. >> every town has a town square, lit up with shops. >> after a long flight they stayed in an airport hotel, then drove home to walnut creek. >> and that is where the problem came up. >> here is what happened. they used this service. park sleep to book a room and parking space. richard says his wife wanted to compare rates. >> she said make the reservation for a holiday make it for another one we'll see which has the best rate. >> they chose the other hotel and told park suites to cancel the room at holliday inn. after the trip they got a surprise on their bill. >> you didn't show up. so we're charging you for the price of the room. >> holiday inn said the couple never cancelled the reservation they had to pay $150 for the
6:35 pm
room. richard said no way >> i went back to the people that booked it and said i need proof that you have cancelled a reservation they sent me proochl i went to holiday inn with that >> park sleep says it faxed this cancellation after it was booked it says an agent called the front desk to cancel it. richard disputed the charge. holiday inn told the company the guest was a no show and no cancellation was received richard contacted 7 on your side the manager told us the same thing the hotel never got notice. however, the manager decided to refund his money after all. a spokesman said the holiday inn san francisco airport which is independently owned and operated has stated the hotel never received the cancellation. reservation was not cancelled. this issue has been resolved directly with the
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when you use an agency, confirm with the merchant. that way, you know if anything slipped through the cracks. >> coming up next work being done at a unique wildlife rescue center. >> in just a moment how it's become spokesperscard with a new volkswagen turbo.ardd why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power, but we also like giving you fuel efficiency. like the sporty jetta. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay... and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 jetta se for $199 a month.
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a california wildlife rescue center about to get a make over. a dream come true for a center that started it all. it's about to get more room so care for more animals lake tahoe wildlife care helped 24,000 wild animals. it cares for creatures and they don't play favorites. >> everything is special. >> this is the only place in the
6:40 pm
state licensed to care for bear cubs the goal to release every animal back into the wild. the center started by cheryl and tom that run out of their own home. >> we couldn't afford buildings. >> cheryl is a former nurse turned wild animal expert. the backyard is packed with enclosures created with just a peaceful place to recuperate. >> there is a stream of new arrivals every day. this couple just brought in an injured nut hatch. volunteers help with feedings, tiny animals eat only a tiny amount so they have to be fed constantly. this is a two week old.
6:41 pm
when they first moved here this were few other houses. over the years a neighborhood grew up. and there is another issue. >> i am getting old. i want the center to keep progressing and growing >> now, after years of searching it is about owe get a new home. >> it's on a scale of 1-0 it's a 50 >> if going as planned it will move in about two years. first including a new clinic designed by kevin williams. and there be housing for future patients. >> the center has $3 million but
6:42 pm
needs $1 million more to make the move. once you save an animal, you're hooked. >> they're perfect. yes. i still get a thrill out of helping these little guys. the day to see the animals is coming up. to visit or contribute we have a link on abc7 >> great work. >> yes. >> coming up next the technology behind some of the world's fastest race cars >> they rev up for action in sonoma.
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breaking news you're looking at smoke burning from a house fire. this is the view from our tower camera. the house on monticello road is burning along with surrounding brush. other homes are threatened we don't have information on whether anyone was home when it started. we'll continue to monitor the news coverage right now on
6:46 pm
twitter on abc7 news bay area >> fans gathered to see the world's fastest cars in the drag races. technology makes them just about fly around the track. >> they go fast. of shapes and sizes none goes quite as fast. >> this is sophisticated machine. you know? >> there is a reason these dragsters are called cop fuel. >> the fuel we use is a rocket fuel. >> all you need is a tiny spark. iet opens up butterflies here awill youing airs to go into super charger. >> saying that is one of the biggest advances in race car
6:47 pm
technology. they build to match the weather. he should know, he worked seven years before making the move to the seat. >> you have to forget about it and do a good job. >> no amount of technology no how can prepare you for what it's like to sit in this seat. sean langdon is the defending champion, driving top fuel. >> if nothing happens the same way every time. >> that is why they have this. those on board computers, crews are taking the car apart. >> it went back out a little bit. >> the favorite technology is
6:48 pm
sues that keep drivers >> sandhya patel is here with that. >> we're looking at hot weather inland. eight # in oakland. 74 in san francisco cooler here around the coast and bay. 67 in half moon bay. accu-weather forecast hanging on to heat inland on sunday. and add humidity, and fog. going into throughout the end of the work week. >> we'll be right back with a
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good evening, raiders held practice this afternoon, fitting, it was about 95 degrees in napa today head coach will feel the heat this season. 4 and 12 will not get it done. >> in recent years logic suggested somewhat of the tempered optimism when it comes to silver and bhak fans feel something different
6:52 pm
this year. 4 to 500 of them out here today, catching glimpse of the new look raiders this afternoon. top draft pick looks fast and has veterans around him. justin tuck has got a chip on his shoulder. the guy doesn't like being counted out. >> i'm an under dog story guy, man i rooted for under dog in movies and stuff. and they act like we don't get paid to play football. mind set has to change we hear it. i hear all of the things people say. and i'm in the business of proving people wrong. >> dennis allen, the reason he did an afternoon practice this year is that he wanted heat
6:53 pm
saying guys were awake this afternoon. that will wake you up. >> thank you so much. 49ers known for a stingy, hard-hitting defense there are questions and missing nevarro bowman, expected to miss first half with a knee injury suffered against seahawks. patrick willis knows he's going to have to make more plays. >> to go without them, he's going to be missed. and i look forward to step up to do what needs to be done.
6:54 pm
giants brought up dan ugman. they have both been placed on disabled list, two fresno. a's and rangers might have 100 degrees in this game. another one in the third here. we'll have highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. golf second round senior open championships. rehachling today and laster's open run missed that heing yet
6:55 pm
putt on 18. and where is my bike? lithuania took this stage. 129 miles riding for american garden team. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware >> join us tonight at 9:00, hundreds of chickens free from a life of laying eggs now looking for a home. you can help. >> a usc fire tomorrow. we'll take skills to the middle east. why he feels compelled to zoin the israeli army >> finally tonight, solving what has seemed to be unsolvable a round of violence in gaza claiming hundreds of lives, 800
6:56 pm
palestinians and 35 israelis, mostly soldiers. third war in gaza is much like the first 15 years ago. as before large number of civilians killed is putting israel under scrutiny for the level of its response to palestinian rocket attacks and hamas being criticized for rocket assaults. and operating from heavily populated residential areas. mosques, hospitals and schools. once again, world watches a human tragedy unfold in the middle east and once again, the united states is trying to find a way for both sides to get out. israel says it will begin a 12 hour truce tomorrow to give diplomats time to stop the killing the united nations is hoping for seven days of cease-fire, the outcome of the crisis and the long running and very deep conflict in that part of the world is important to the rest of the world on many levels. what really matters is that both sides come to the table and that
6:57 pm
the united states and other countries continue trying to get them there and keep them there. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. we appreciate your time >> you can see your abc programming go to watch >> have a good night.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. today's contestants are... a senior from valley stream, new york... a senior from south windsor, connecticut... and a sophomore from indianapolis, indiana... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. thank you, johnny. well, ladies and gentlemen, we are less than 30 minutes away from finding out the names of the nine players who come back to our program next week to compete for $75,000. four previous winners from this week, and today's winner, as well, are guaranteed. sam, sydney, and joe, pick up those signaling devices and good luck to you. here we go. categories fare as follows.
7:00 pm
alex: sam, start us. summer olympic sports for $200. joe. what is field? no. sam. what is diving? diving is right, yes. sports for $400. joe. what is long jump? good. let's go with summer olympic sports for $600. this martial art, that involves throwing your opponent, takes its name from the japanese for "way of suppleness." sam. what is judo? judo. correct. sports for $800. sam. what is a relay?


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